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Saturday, December 01, 2001

My box feels old.

An Important Lesson Xephyris has Learnt in Life:
Never swallow Listerine (intentionally or otherwise) when you gargle.
Followup Important Lesson Xephyris has Learnt in Life:
Never drink the fruit of a citrus fruit (orange, lemon, or both mixed together) after the above event has occured.

I've finally ordered Dark Age of Camelot - it's shipping in 3 days. I can't wait.

[Editor's note: This was the last time Xephyris posted for a loooooong time (and as of writing, 11/03/02, he still has not returned to this humble home we call Balderdash), as he retreated to play Dark Age of Camelot day and night until he was enlisted on January 7th. After his 1 week PES E BMT, he returned to indulging in the game which so fascinated him :) Send him your regards!]

There's a strange taste in my mouth.
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