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Monday, November 26, 2001

Why is everyone quoting "eatmejusteatme"? It's never been so popular.
Oxford is taking forever to reply. I'm sure there must be something better for me to do than check my letterbox twice a day.

Just finished chem option (transition elements) the paper i consider(ed) the "easiest" 'cos it's very short (1.25 hours) and there are only 2 sets of notes to study for. Of the 4 questions two were on iron, one on copper and one on cobalt. Strong suspicions that something was fishy (no it wasn't amines)- a question on the relative "oxidising abilities of iron (II)" in the absence/presence of hydroxide ions. Now everyone knows that in the Cambridge a level syllabus, iron (III) has different oxidising powers depending on whether hydroxide ions are present. Iron (II) ions may have the ability to be oxidised to iron (III), or to oxidise other elements by itself being reduced to iron (0). Unfortunately the latter case is irrelevant as redox occurs in aqueous solution.

Do battlerealms or CivIII require 3D cards? I stopped buying computer games for 2 years (weren't any good ones anyway beyond a certain shoot-em-up). My 5-yr old computer (which has had almost every part replaced) doesn't have one. I know the harry potter advenutre game requires one (go play at the website).

Gah. My cousin's spending her holidays in Jurong library collecting comm service hours, as are hordes of other JC students. J2s: CCA records out, collect yours today! . Dr. Chan is really great- he gave me membership points for alchemy and enrichment points for its activities. Even though he liked to make cracks abt me disappearing most of the time.

My church's having a youth camp in dec. in camp sarimbun. One hopes the casualty rate does not exceed the 80+ people who have broken legs, gashes, fevers, sprained limbs, flus, asthma attacks, every year during RI's orientation.

Considering the following work options before I go into uni:
a) Temp office work in a place where I get paid at least $8 an hour
b) Temp teaching job in RI. (applied to teach with lit topping my list of preferred subjects). Comes with the perk of having a valid excuse to kapoh at choir.
c) Church's SERVE programme- full-time attachment to church ministries for a short period. Get paid.
d) Temp job in my relative's company in KL. In any case, going to KL for a "pilgrimage" to Niketown, KLCC and Philharmonic orchestra.
e) Sales assistant in Giordano outlets. $5.50 an hour. The only reason why I'm considering it: staff discounts on brand clothes.
f) Internship at Singapore Press Holdings
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