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Sunday, November 25, 2001

A choking miasma lingers in the air of my house, a fetid stench. Belachan. Ugh. I'm choking.

Elizabeth says she's giving up on History 7 - "too much to study". I could say the same for Econs S :) "Econs S is worth studying" - Tong. I think there'll be a Pareto improvement if I allocate my time to studying History 7 instead. Actually, there'll definitely be a Pareto improvement if I stop looking for Power Ranger skins for Winamp (found them already). No one had the FULL Power Rangers In Space theme on Audiogalaxy, so I had to find it on Morpheus :) But she'll do well. Then again, people say that of me.

Gah, another pair of flourescent shorts just split. I'm gonna have to plunder the going out set soon.

Audiogalaxy has just gone up in usefulness. They now let you browse other users' shared files! Whee. This means I don't have to upload files Tim wants to Tripod (since his ICQ can't receive files, probably due to Connection Sharing with his brother).

I got invited to this classical music group - Lucianapopy. A lot of people speaking Spanish in it. I'll see how it goes. Maybe I'll hire Jessica Tay to translate (she learnt Spanish in 3 months at the start of last year, and did quite well in the exam too)!

And I found out what the icon of a user getting zapped by lightning means - User Is Online.

Am currently acquainting myself with Britten's Simple Symphony and A Young Person's Guide To The Orchestra (Variations and Fugue on a Theme of Purcell).

Argh, finally rebuilt mp3 playlist. It's irritating, after Windows freezes, I rarely remember to "reload" the playlist when I next run Winamp so it gets stuck with the playlist it had the last time it closed properly, so if I'd added or removed entries, they won't be reflected, then the next time I save over the old playlist it will wipe out the changes I'd made.

Also, got rid of 3-5 corrupted files by deleting them in DOS. One with a DOS filename including the "=|" (one character) character was deleted by moving all the files into another directory, deleting the directory with the corrupted file, and the recreating the directory and moving files back. So I've lost my Takcas and Janacek (however they're spelled) songs. Heck. I'll get back Notturno another time. Must Spinrite my HDD.

Sometimes I'm perfectionist in the "wrong" ways.

OUCH. I just overwrote the playlist I'd made, with the old one. !@#$#%^&*().

To add insult to injury, my computer froze after that last line was posted, and Blogger is damn slow now. The corrupted file names *may* be due to an overzealous NDD.

Some of the (badly ripped, with pops) MP3s I ripped from Quanxing's CD : Mozart - the Last 5 Symphonies, have disappeared. Maybe He wants me to study :)

Teaching David how to use Audiogalaxy. He doesn't want to share files because, "dun want to
troublesome and freaky to have pple come in any time of day to grab sth from my comp"

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