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Saturday, October 06, 2001

Kenneth Kwan says:
"my yearbook is in the hands of sum rg girls..."

Looks like they return the favour... :)
Argh, progress is slow. 10 pages today, and a very boring 10 pages they were.

And I think I'll have to recondition the book after a few scans by putting weights on it.

Friday, October 05, 2001

blin's funny! I wish my science teachers had his sense of humour.
PSC probably didn't "just assign" him Supreme court law- he must have impressed the pants off the Cambridge interviewers And the PSC interviewers to be on such a hot career track.

For all yr reading/blackmailing pleasure,

Taken off an oooold RJC debates page:
1. At the Individuals Speaking Round (part of the World Debating Championships) in Israel:

Debating the motion, "This House welcomes the next millenium", Michelle, on being asked in a POI what she would do in a next millenium with no men:
"What do you think fingers and vegetables are for?" (in front of an international community no less)

2. On watching the JC 1 tryouts, over the motion "This House fears China", and being told that Tibetan nuns were forced to erm, mate, Senthil noted:
"Copulation equals population.", to explain the large population in China

3. On debating a serious motion, over "This House believes that the legal system has betrayed us", Ashraf gives us a serious and current example:
"The jury system today is corrupt and easily manipulated: the MAFIA wins them over easily - look at Al Capone for example." (Too many Godfather movies, too little reading!)

4. Lim Jianyi, trying to prove to us that "The ideals of Sports" are not dead:
"Even in the villages, African women run around bouncing pumpkins."

5. Ashraf, trying to justify in the same debate the huge sums of money that
athletes get:
"Athletes need a lot of money to buy their expensive sports shoes. This is very important because without the proper sport shoes, they will get foot fungi and blisters..." (proceeds into an intimate examination of foot fungi and blisters)

Webkeeper's Note: Some quotes have been withheld from publication due to obscene content
Rationale for yearbook project:

RGS yearbooks are the most popular ones in RI (definitely) and ACS (apparently). All the hotbloods borrow RGS yearbooks and trade them like hot commodities, and the books are lost. Or, the students forget who they lent them too.

I got 1995 and 1996 from Huijun today, but I'm too tired from my frolick with my class (Pork knuckle at Marche! then "America's Sweethearts" at Cineleisure) that I don't think I'll get any scanning done today.
if you're referring to that pet yearbook project of yours, you might want to take this suggestion of soliciting little favours from those who don't want their photos up; i'll be most happy to pay a fee to keep that 1999 snapshot off cyberspace. why are you doing it anyway, rgs actually loses out by a wide margin to other schools in the pretty girl stakes.
diabolical teachers. "it's really demoralising to see fluffy sheep drawn all over your examination essay script, but at least i'm not so mean as to write FLUFF on it." - blin, snickering.
Musings scribble during Farewell Assembly:

They played "You're the Inspiration" during Farewell Assembly. I thought that that song was appropriate only in VJC, where half the school's attached to the other half.

Agagooga's daughter was sitting 2 rows in front of me - her pimples have cleared!
There was an unhealthy fascination with the World Trade Center attack - it was mentioned both by the Principal and the Guest Of Honour.

The story Mr Kwek Mean Luck (erm, what a name!) told us about an old woman asking him, when he was 18, what he wanted to do - be a Lawyer, Doctor or Banker, sounds horribly engineered. His claim that he "didn't know" also sounds suspect as PSC probably would have asked him that question when they gave him his interview. Julian suggested that PSC assigned him to their choice of department if this was really the case.

Why did everyone laugh at the pronunciation of "Chua Huiyi Jay"?

I didn't know Puppy was in Air Rifle!

I didn't know #3 was in Hockey. Up till last week, I didn't know #5 was in Softball - I thought all Councillors have to quit their ECAs.

The ORA plug was quite shameless and no attempt was made to conceal it. It's quite sad that they only have about 3000 members. RGS and RI have 400 over students graduating each year, and RJC has ~340 non-RI/RGS pupils graduating each year. Although it's not quite as I suggested in Sec 1 that there were as many members in the ORA as the years that RI was old (for which I was scolded by Ms Santha).

It seems everyone was taking pictures, and I was nearly blinded by the flashes.
Katie told Puppy that I think she looks like a Puppy!

Staff Room 2 smelled of Pork Floss (apparently it was Coffee. I wonder what goes in their Coffee)

David Lin took a picture in front of the vending machine with the guy who looks like him (and in the same pose too - throwing a frisbee)
Yeh. Killer has changed her previous disgusting way of tying hair.

Yesterday I found this ultra screwed up pen in LT3 - a purple grape scented pen.

Thursday, October 04, 2001

For my latest project, I'm 10% (22 pages) through 1999.

Hrm. Which webhost should I use? Considering how many hits the site might get.

Tuesday, October 02, 2001

Once they get to wear less indecent stuff, they stop the jackets thing. You have to take notes in the first 3 months. But then, those who come to RJC are supposedly of a certain type.

Tan lines? Why would there be tan lines, except for lines running down their back? :) And those who don't have tan lines running down their back probably don't have to worry about any sort of tan lines.

RGS merchandise is adolescent-neuroses? I thought just bad style. Nanyang's beat Hualalalala :0 Maybe they'll break RI and Raffles Guys' near-monopoly of the top two.
Wobbly arms? Richard Fish from Ally Mcbeal calls it "tricep waddle". If you look carefully at the TV screen you can even make out the full report he did on it.

Anyway, there's a chem teacher who comes to school once a fortnight in a practically-see-through blouse (not that it accentuates her appearance very much). Avert my eyes every time it occurs. At first thought she wore a petticoat underneath, but apparently it's very thin/translucent too.

Wonder how many scgs girls wear jackets in school... wonder if there Are any.

Sleeveless scgs blouses also means those who have tans better make sure they don't have visible tan lines... which would mean much more of them should be rolling up their t-shirt sleeves. Nanyang-ers generally aren't that tanned... except for the basketballers of legend, and they're a different breed.

Ms. Selfridge: American high school-sassiness meets british chic.
RGS merchandise~ loyalist endorsements meets adolescent-neuroses. Been wearing badly-designed t-shirts in RI (think: uuugly student-designed House t-shirts; eca t-shirts with slogans like "just sing it"; mandatory wearing) too long already. 20th anniversary one was pretty bad.

Nanyang girls' high has been going up up up the last few years. Some of their prelims are tougher than supposedly top schools, they even pushed out chinese high. Their seniors are very proud of them. A relative of mine said a contingent of educationists from chinese high/nanyang GH went over to malaysia and impressed the pants off the chinese schools there.

Been falling for Shostakovich's music. Marvellous. His stuff is the key to the 20th century.

By the way, my offer for monkey island still stands.

Tidbit: Mr. Nah goes to St. Andrew's Cathedral.
And dr. chan was sniggering thru chem s session today because he set the question that, like, almost nobody passed. So many got 0 /20 for his question that he started drawing funny shapes with the zeros- I got a bean-like thing.

The RGS line of merchandise has grown to encompass a ridiculous range of items. Is it trying to establish itself as the brand for the New Age RGS girl?

What do they sell?

Jackets, shirts, towels, mugs, pads, tissue paper, pens, screwed up pens, socks, sling/duffel bags, diskettes.
for the want of better contributions by i to this blog gabriel, i see you've resorted to quoting my rather absent-minded reply to your scgs uniform query:) to address your issue: while sc is dominated by those tall, tanned, thin types, i do see some rather ploddy ones that need major image overhauls on the public buses. or maybe just a shaver and a jacket (i think my aversion to flabby arms must have stemmed from having a particularly excitable, wobbly social studies teacher with a penchant for sleeveless numbers). hmm. fully agree with the ditzy impression they make though.
the rafflesian jacket ins't just ugly, crys; it warrants an 'obscenely butthideous' tag. oh and interesting fact: my rgs socks (given during orientation!) have shrunk in the wash, emerging as rgs Hot Socks. which means, paradoxically, that i can't even wear them to school;)

Ed: [Posted in Reblogger by Crystal: wear lah, watch them try to book you *gleefully.]
NB: she's wearing the RGS jacket because the orange one's in the laundry. Don't flatter yourself (=

Monday, October 01, 2001

Charmian says:

looking at your class photo now
so many chio bus...

I have just confirmed the existence of one more Vegetarian Support Group member - Mr McConnel. So there are now 3.

And Huijun wore her Raffles Guys jacket today after some remarks by me yesterday on how they two never wore the trademark jackets anymore, sparked off by seeing some J1 in the aforementioned jacket.

[Posted in Reblogger by Crystal: those jackets are ugly! :(]

Sunday, September 30, 2001

Comments on The School With The Most Indecent Uniform In Singapore Bar None:

1. hahah
hmm i'm not really sure
scgs? nygh? mgs when it's raining?

hmm i'd agree but i haven't really seen any good looking scgs girls
and their head prefect from our year agrees with me
maybe the uniform is some devious plan to get guys gawking at their bare flesh :P

2. cool wad
sexy cool rite

3. Their school uniform isn't that indecent, though.. given what some people wear on weekends . (Ed: If it's not, then why do you always see them in jackets or PE T-Shirts?

There are 2 main reasons for this. One is modesty. Another is that being indecent because you are compelled to is unethical for those who like to be indecent, and so they have to wear more on the top)

4. well....bad design...

5. woah... i learnt something new today. :)
haha, what do i think about it? i mean, considering i had to wear it for what, 10 years...?
let's just say that i couldn't wait to change into my jc uniform even though it's really quite ugly.
well, it was just a few aspects i guess, u know the fact that it's really sheltered and some people could really be uppity, attribute it to my inferiority complex if u will, but for what it's worth, i did have some fun while i was there and i made a coupla really gd friends too.
yes, that's one thing, everyone comes out alike. esp the ones in RJ. sigh, u better not let this get out because someone'll prolly send a hired killer to kill me or something for saying something like that. lol.

it's only exposed cuz there are quite a number of u know... snotty and bitchy people there.

6. i think the school is catty but the individuals from there tend to be really nice but a bit gu1 niang. [sc i mean]

i don't know many. seem to be two factions, the nice ones and the pretetious-arty-farty wannabes

7. what, river valley? haha
sc girls generally speak well but they're all very ditsy why
sc girls yah lah speak well but they're all sluts really

oh okay... so they can take it off when they want
so they have a choice of indecency

slutty aren't they
some are a lot worse than others

8. hmm.... i don't really know... i think the scgs uniform is pretty okay...

9. oh. haiyah whack them all or something
dunno. kan bu shuang

10. oh...well...
i think it's quite practical wat....very cooling =)
er...besides that...me thinks it's indecent too...
at least it's not white...=)

11. i like it. used to like it. before... never mind.
SCGS girls have the feminine thing going on for them. The "sit-properly" etiquette allure that the savages from RGS can only dream to emulate. They rate the highest in the bitch factor though - if there's a rumour going around about how some girl/guy/goat broke your heart/condom/wallet, it probably originated from Sincerity Courage Generiosity Service.

as for looks, are you fuggin kidding? there are *way* many sc lookers. that's why they all "act cute", it's innate in their culture because a large proportion of them look so good. ever saw a plump sc girl? nada. ever saw a slim nanyang girl? nay.

there. fodder for quoting. mmm. ;)

i was fond of scgs. generally i'm still fond of it.

12. during my time, they were the swankiest girls around

13. i think flabby arms shouldn't be seen. and girls should shave.

14. oh i think the uniform's nice
i told u it makes them skinny right?
coz fat girls look mutherfuckingly ugly in the sc uniform so they're more or less forced to make themselves thin!

15. heh... some girls from there quite pretty... heh.
harr... i think most girls from there are highly extroverted... seems like..

16. sc girls are the biggest source of jc culture shock for any rgs girl because they're so completely different from each other
A sample of the most probing questions that PSC is asking applicants:

Why on earth do they need to know whether I was converted or born into my religion, and what year I was converted if it was the former?

The degree of myopia question is suspect too. I wonder what difference someone's eyesight makes to PSC. And the height and weight. Sheesh, maybe they're trying to weed out anorexic girls for fear of them dying while they are on a crash diet?

My parents are practically forcing me to apply. "Look at Kheng Hwa... he has a personal assistant".

Oh no, I'm becoming angsty.
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