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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Facebook | People in Central Library should burn in hell and die.

"Description: have u found a seat yet?
no power socket?
die lah..

welcome into Central Library

the largest collection of no-life muggers in Singapore.

Have you ever wondered, where do these people come from? can they just disappear? like fuckoff or something.

this group is for the long suffering students who just wanted a seat and socket at Central Library

Recent News: 24 hours and good to go. lets set up a mama shop and feed the masses.


I can report that the assertions on this hate-mongering, mugger-lynching and atrocity-committing group are totally baseless and untrue. There is currently lots of space and even a power socket or two free in the Singapore-Malaysia collection!

"I told the essay doctor I had an essay to do
I told the essay doctor I had an essay to do
And then the essay doctor, he told me what to do

He said that: Go and do your work lah.

I told the essay doctor I need a thesis too
I told the essay doctor some help would be nice
And then the essay doctor he gave me this advice

He said that: DOODE
take the statement off your nick NOW"

My essay doctor isn't online yet. Boo.
An Economic Analysis of the Protestant Reformation

"This paper seeks to explain the initial successes and failures of Protestantism on economic grounds. It argues that the medieval Roman Catholic Church, through doctrinal manipulation, the exclusion of rivals, and various forms of price discrimination, ultimately placed members seeking the Z good "spiritual services" on the margin of defection. These monopolistic practices encouraged entry by rival firms, some of which were aligned with civil governments. The paper hypothesizes that Protestant entry was facilitated in emergent entrepreneurial societies characterized by the decline of feudalism and relatively unstable distribution of wealth and repressed in more homogeneous, rent-seeking societies that were mostly dissipating rather than creating wealth. In these societies the Roman Church was more able to continue the practice of price discrimination. Informal tests of this proposition are conducted by considering primogeniture and urban growth as proxies for wealth stability."

Why can't we have funky stuff like this in the Premier Institution of Social Engineering?!


"Copying behaviour is not the result of a rational cost-benefit financial assessment – the individual does not copy as a function of a benefit (amounting to saving the price of a CD) which he would compare with a cost (being taken to court and punished), but as a function of a "viral" effect: the individual copies because his peers copy, and the more his peers copy, the more he himself copies. This phenomenon of the circulation of a behaviour from peer to peer certainly explains the
disappointing results of the current policy of suppression in place in most countries...

Three strategies are possible for dealing with P2P:

(1) Suppression (court cases against individuals, reinforcement of legal protection, etc.), which is widely used at present.
Our results call into question not only the effectiveness of this strategy, but also its economic foundations: it is largely based on a hypothesis consisting of a purely substitutive principle which holds that the principal effect of copying is to eat into sales.

(2) Non-intervention, which has historical precedents such as early cinema, and radio competing with records.
The hypothesis is that, at worst, copying has no effect (on the drop in sales) and that, at best, it has a positive impact on the cultural industries. In this case, the least costly solution socially consists in leaving the stakeholders to innovate and negotiate between themselves, while ensuring respect for competition law and privacy.

(3) Tolerance accompanied by compensation (for example based on the model of perceived royalties for photocopying books and magazines).
The underlying hypothesis is that all work deserves payment (idea of the philosopher John Locke, 1690). Our study shows that copiers are prepared to pay the artists, and all the more so because their copying practices cause them concerns of an ethical nature. Therefore, the entire difficulty lies in defining a socially viable compensation mechanism (that is to say fair, feasible and acceptable).

In view of the results of the survey, solutions (2) and (3) are preferable."

Friday, April 13, 2007

"Let he who is without sin cast the first stone," said Jesus.

A large rock zings from the back and strikes the adultress on the forehead, killing her on the spot.

Jesus looks over the hushed crowd. There, in the back, an old woman holds another stone in her hand.

"Mother!", exclaims an exasperated Jesus.

(Adapted from memory and various internet sources)
"Local leaders simply are not as influential as they had been in the past. One well-known congressman, scoffed an observer, 'could not deliver the votes to his wife in his own home wotn.' Another politician in Manila, 'could not deliver his followers to his own father'. A third reputedly powerful urban 'trapo', running for reelection, 'almost lost to a newcomer even though he gave a motorcycle to each of his baario captains'." - Post-Marcos politics : a geographical and statistical analysis of the 1992 presidential election
Fie, I have been defamed!


"Me and Aaron and Shi Rui ate at KFC, and Aaron was totally pissed off by BIshan Gay. Aaron pointed middle finger at him, and he said that Bishan Gay destroyed his appetite although there was a nice Zinger in front of him. Lucky I sat opposite Aaron, so I couldn't see Bishan Gay. If u are wondering how Bishan Gay looks lyk, here's a pic of him...
(Credits to Kevin Chan)
He's a damn hell eerie guy lor. Always looks at boys, no matter RI or SJI or HCI. Got chio-bu in front of him he oso won't see. Stupid fu****. And all the more he was arrested for molesting boys before.
And there's something you probably won't believe. He's a Geography teacher in RI last time. Now a tuition teacher. I think RI probably sacked him because of his molestation offence. Btw, his blog is www.gssq.blogspot.com There got his young tym pic."


They sure don't make RI boys like they used to!
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

s/pores: New Directions in Singapore Studies

This e-journal aims to provide a much-needed multi-disciplinary platform for the dissemination of works investigating different aspects of historical and contemporary Singapore society. Moving beyond statist perspectives, the journal encourages research that opens up space for recalibrating the status quo in Singapore. Possible fields of endeavour include:

1. Re-evaluation and critiques of official historiography and discourses

2. Research on marginalized actors and social classes

3. Engagement with issues of concern, examined through a historical frame

s/pores came about from the discussions among recently recently-returned Singaporean academics, none of whom were trained as specialists of Singapore as such. They were keen to be ‘home scholars’, defined by Thai historian Thongchai Winichakul as those whose works are read, debated, and become, in a sustained manner, part of the scholarly discourse and cultural politics of their home country.

Conversations with like-minded friends, including those already pushing in new directions, consolidated into an electronic journal for the relative freedom from financial outlay and from distribution challenges that the medium provides.

s/pores is an interplay of the short form, the lower case, the plural, the backslash-the informal, the non-elite, the multiple, the oblique. Pronounced ‘spores’, our title also denotes the dispersal of seeds of ideas, some of which should fall on fertile ground. s/pores is therefore simultaneously a declaration of authorial positioning as it is a statement of our hopes for a more variegated Singapore.

The initial issues will be managed by a collective. To get the journal off the ground, their responsibilities at this stage include writing for s/pores and soliciting for contributions. We hope to be inundated with submissions eventually.

We aim to publish once every four months, but expect that s/pores will initially be a semi-annual affair. However, we hope that it will become a regular forum for thoughtful, constructive commentary which will appear bi-monthly or even monthly.

Contributions should be the result of scholarly research, but need not be presented with the full formal conventions of an academic product. In fact, the injunction is that intimidating academic-speak is out. We want to provide room as well for reflective essays, proposals and tentative findings for new areas of research.

Contributors have copyright on their materials, and have the right to use them in other forms or publication. Each author is solely responsible for the views expressed in their contribution, which do not reflect the position of either of s/pores, nor the institution to which she or he is affiliated.

The inaugural s/poreans:

Daniel Goh, Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, National University of Singapore
Hong Lysa, independent scholar since 2000. Currently a visiting fellow at the History Department, National University of Singapore
Kwee Hwee Kian, Post-doctoral Fellow, Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore (until June 2007)
Lim Cheng Tju, history teacher
Francis Lim Khek Gee, Assistant Professor, Division of Sociology, Nanyang Technological University, and member of the civil society group Tangent
Sai Siew Min, Assistant Professor, History Department, National University of Singapore
Teng Siao See, Assistant Professor, Sociology Department, Fu Jen Catholic University, Taiwan


“A Subaltern Perspective on History” (人下人的历史观): reading Fang Zhuang Bi’s (方壮壁 )Memoir , Sai Siew Min


Huang Kaide’s ‘Our memories’, Kwee Hwee Kian

Interpreting National Language Class, Daniel Goh

The continuing saga of Singapore’s Story, Hong Lysa

In Memory of Linda Chen (1928-2002), Tan Jin Quee

Ho Piao: A personal recollection and appreciation, Tan Jin Quee

Event Announcement: Education at Large: An Exhibition on Student Activities and Activism In Singapore, 1945-1965

Thursday, April 12, 2007

"Ever since Marcos's mortal remains has been returned to the Philippines, his body had rested in a specially constructed glass freezer in his native Batac. The cost in electricity of keeping this freezer operative had become a running national joke. Mrs Marcos refused to pay the electric bills." - The Philippines, A Singular and a Plural Place
"Never give up and never face the facts." - Ruth Gordon

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

On PM Lee's statement that he would donate his S$600,000 pay increase to charity for the next 5 years -

With effect from 1 January 2005, Double tax deduction will be allowed for:
1. donations to name IPCs, IPC facilities, events or programmes,
2. donations to name facilities of approved beneficiaries (including artefacts and public sculptures) under any of the other approved donation programmes,
3. donations under any of the approved donation programme where the IPC or approved beneficiary acknowledgesthe donation by including the donor's name or logo in the IPC'scollaterals (e.g. banners, publications, advertisements).
(source: http://www.iras.gov.sg/ESVPortal/others/charities/charities_g1.4.1a_which+donations+are+tax-deductible.asp)

Current salary: S$3.1 mil (Taxable income: S$3.1 mil)
Increase by: S$600,000
Donation to charity: S$600,000
Double tax deduction allocated: S$1.2 mil
Previous Salary: S$2.5 mil (Taxable income: S$2.5 mil)
New Taxable Income: S$3.1 mil - S$1.2 mil = S$1.9 mil

Using a gross personal income tax at a 20% rate (for the income bracket of S$320,000 and above)

Gross income after tax previously, taxable income @ S$2.5 mil:
Total amt after tax: S$2 mil

With donation:
Gross income after tax, taxable income @ S$1.9 mil:
Gross income: S$3.1 mil
Donation to charity: S$0.6 mil
Tax to be paid: S$0.38 mil
Total amt after tax: S$2.12 mil

Without donation:
Gross income after tax, taxable income @$3.1 mil: S$2.48 mil
Gross income: S$3.1mil
Donation to charity: S$0
Tax to be paid: S$0.62mil
Total amt after tax: S$2.48mil

Net Difference with/without donation: S$360,000


[begin feed: Apr 2007]
Counter: MR4
Previous support level set at $1.2 mil.
Positive breakout on 9 April, with a gap up to $1.6 mil. Likely to remain at $1.6 mil for a few years before trending even higher in 2012, following positive electorate news.
Exponential uptrend in the 2000-day Moving Average.
Heavy divergence in the 1000d/2500d MACD from signal line.
Initiate Strong Buy on this counter.
[end feed]

(if you're still in the dark, go look up "MR4" on Google Singapore)
"Spanish accounts record that Filipinos would often sing while working, as was their custom. These songs were not written down because the Spanish friars considered them obscene." - The Philippines: A Global Studies Handbook

"Cemeteries have voted in the Philippines since elections were first held...

In those early years, Marcos was often compared to Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore. If he violated human rights, his dictatorship was excused as not as brutal as some others. Many Filipinos in the business community embraced constitutional authoritarianism, willing to trade liberty, especially other people's, for economic development. But it also became obvious that martial law was a vehicle for Marcos's personal aggrandizement."

- The Philippines, a Singular and Plural Place

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I had an early dinner at Botak Jones Clementi today with Jiannie and had the fish burger.

They barely gave me enough tartar sauce for one piece of fish (there were two), but when I asked for more tartar sauce, I was told it'd cost 50 cents.


[Addendum: A reply I got this morning (ie very quickly):

Hello Gabriel,

Hey, really sorry about the misunderstanding on the tartar sauce. As we make our own tartar sauce and the ingredients we use are top quality, we have always charged when customers ask for extra to cover our costs as the pricing of the fish and chips is very tight, just like all of our menu. Unfortunately, sometimes we screw up, like now, and maybe don't put quite enough on the plate the first time around.

Again, my sincere apologies.]

[Addendum: Picture is of a book - "Women and suicidal behavior / Silvia Sara Canetto, David Lester, editors."]

"erm, someone placed it that way and it certainly caught my glance as i walked past

here's for you, gab."

- From the album: "nus - people and place"


Hit me once, shame on you. Hit me twice...

"The main character in the book and film Looking for Mr Goodbar was a woman who hooked up nightly in one-night stands, in some instances with sociopaths she picked up at bars. Such a person woud be a good example of a victim precipitator...

A victim-prone participant in a therapy group I directed had, with great difficult, exited from a relationship with an assaultive man. Three months after her separation she informed me she was in love with 'a wonderful shy and gentle man.' I saw her once a week on a regular basis. As if in a slow-motion film, she began to report in the group on how she and this formerly 'wonderful' man were beginning to argue... She, being the weaker of the two, was now being regularly abused by her 'lover'. This relationship was the fourth in a series over a three-year period. She had an uncanny ability for finding relationships with men who at the outset were 'kind and gentle' but who rapidly began to victimize her. Her delusionary ability at entry was remarkable. She was able to incorrectly read the real person - who soon turned into her criminal victimizer." - Criminology. Crime and Criminality, L. Yablonsky
Which Disney Princess are you?

You are Dopey. You are beardless and simple-minded. You do stupid things like drinking soapy water and are constantly being told what to do. You blush shyly at everything, nod dumbly and don't talk much. Rather, you walk around looking confused and always trail demurely behind the others - the perfect role for a woman.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Dear friends,

The Asian Film Archive is seeking suitable candidates for three 3-months full-time paid internship positions to assist in cataloguing and administrative work. We welcome undergraduates of all disciplines, who are keen in our serving the community, to apply.

Applicants are requested to send their detailed resume and a letter of motivation of not more than two pages to the Archivist at karen@asianfilmarchive.org. All queries regarding this post may be sent to the same email address. For further information on the organisation, please visit www.asianfilmarchive.org.

Closing date for applications is 14 April 2007. Only selected candidates will be asked to come for interviews. Please feel free to forward to your friends and students who might be interested.

Thank you.


Bee Thiam

What our interns say:

"I am amazed at the amount of things I can learn from my stint; I have also gained a better insight and understanding of the film community; I must say that I am pretty overwhelmed with the guidance and understanding from my colleagues. I felt very much involved and part of the Archive when I was asked to voice my thoughts and opinions about major decisions the organisation has to make. I am glad that I was not seen as just another admin intern who will come and go. I enjoy my stint with the Archive even during stressful moments. I get an immense sense of satisfaction and achievement from my work." - Quek Hui Min, final year student, Nanyang Technological University.

"During my term at the Asian Film Archive as a cataloguing intern, I was given the rare opportunity to view, catalogue and categorise a substantial number of local as well as Asian films around the region, for the purposes of setting up the AFA Film Collection at the Esplanade Library. As part of the process, I liaised with filmmakers, production houses and government agencies like Singapore Film Commission to ensure proper archiving was done so that these films would be accessible to the general public. Such exposure to films and their makers have earned me a deeper appreciation of the artistic pulse of regional filmmaking as well as the organisational structures supporting them, both of which shape the film industry in integral ways. With regards to the work environment at AFA, it suffices to say that I find great meaning going to work each day because I know that my colleagues will always make decisions for a cause higher than personal interests, to save, explore and share the art of Asian cinema." - Pauline Soh, candidate for masters in film studies, University of London.

1. Cataloguing Intern

The Asian Film Archive is seeking suitable candidates for a 3-months full-time internship position to assist in cataloguing work.

Job duties

* Accession films / related materials into archive and record it into accession registry
* Assign temporary label with accession number on both casing and film medium & on related materials
* Document existing available pieces of information on film onto data template
* Prepare forms for sending films / related materials
* Send films / related materials to film vaults for archival and for duplication (if necessary)
* Contact filmmakers if necessary to acquire related materials (eg.stills, posters, scripts, storyboards, etc)
* Collect materials from filmmakers
* Research for missing information on film
* Watch films to catalogue for subject headings, (Synopsis, cast list, crew list, duration, etc if not available)
* Catalogue related materials with a description
* Scan related materials for archival
* Label reference copies

Recruitment Criteria for Cataloguing Intern

. Interest in Asian films
. Ability to apply some interpretative skills when watching films
. Capable of picking up important/significant points in films necessary for catalogue
. Good language skills and strong grammar for coherent writing
. Online research ability
. Alert to details and meticulous

2. Admin Intern

The Asian Film Archive is seeking suitable candidates for a 3-months full-time internship position to assist in its admin and outreach programmes.

Job duties

* Provide Admin, secretarial, accounting and volunteer management support to the organisation.
* Coordinate logistical and administrative arrangements for film acquisition, collection and cataloguing.
* Coordinate logistical and administrative arrangements for outreach film projects.

Recruitment Criteria for Admin Intern

. Interest in Asian films
. Self-motivated, independent and with initiative
. Systematic and good organizational skills
. Alert to details and meticulous
. Handle stress well.
. Advanced skills in Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint.
. Knowledge in Frontpage, Photoshop and Illustrator will be valued.

Check our new revamped website at www.asianfilmarchive.org

Visit the Asian Film Archive Blog at www.asianfilmarchive.org/blog.

Moving Minds Outreach project for educators and students: http://www.asianfilmarchive.org/education.htm

Free delivery of Singapore Shorts or Royston's Shorts if you order it online at http://www.asianfilmarchive.org/shop.htm. (For delivery in Singapore only).

Contact us
Address: Asian Film Archive c/o Library Supply Centre, 3 Changi South Street 2,
Xilin Districentre Building B, #02-00, Singapore 486548
T: 6777 3243
F: 6543 1643
E: info@asianfilmarchive.org
W: www.asianfilmarchive.org
"CIA, cited in Hutchcroft 1991: 448, cited in Jorgensen, 2006" - I hope no one cites me.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

"We can't all be heroes because somebody has to sit on the curb and clap as they go by." - Will Rogers


Someone said that while she was relief teaching, one student drew her classmates in superhero garb, and the Malay girls claimed their religion was insulted because their legs were showing (even though everyone was drawn the same way regardless of race, language or religion, and their legs were showing in their school uniform), scolding her and making her cry. An issue that didn't have to be racialised was racialised, and offence was sought where none was intended. This is what happens when you have only tolerance, and not acceptance/understanding. In contrast, another friend came from SJI, and the Chinese half of the school made fun of the Indian/Malay half, and vice versa, and no one took out parangs and started killing the others.

Someone was interning at a Ministry and he had hair shorter than mine is now. I'm told that a boss who wasn't even in charge of his division actually sent out emails complaining about his hair, as if that had anything to do with his work performance.

Gah, Lenovo sucks. My IBM keyboard got changed when I sent it in for servicing, and now the W and E keys keep popping out when I type. This didn't happen with my old keyboard; I got 5 popped keys in one day, as many times as keys had popped with the old keyboard in 2 years, 4 months of use.

A friend points out about Dante: "right now i'm wondering - is dante's work banned in sg? it might be taken as seditious that the prophet muhammed is condemned to hell...". I asked him to dig up all the seditious verses in The Divine Comedy for me so I could make a report to MHA requesting that we organise public burnings of this seditious book. We would then crucify an effigy of Dante because of his pathetic attempt to undermine our harmonious and racially-cohesive society through the committing of atrocities, Muslim-lynching and hatred-mongering!

Friend: "1 in 5 Girls would consider Plastic Surgery. 3 in 5 need it."

Someone on seeing both Gandalf's staff and Harry Potter's wand: "Gandalf's staff was more impressive than Harry's wand, but Harry is closer in age. (I can't believe I just said that.)"

Seen in the Shitty Times: "Papa's in jail. How to break the news to the kids". Ah, how sexist. This implies that only men go to prison, and perpetuates unhealthy stereotypes, contributing to the demonisation of men.

Seen in someone's status message: "girls in 1st year - rbr, girls in 2nd year - closed stack, girls in 3rd year - lowest floor. torn and tattered." He said he heard it from a girl, and 4th girls are like 3rd years.

Tim once lamented to me that there was very little Chemistry in Chemical Engineering. Similarly, there isn't that much Economics in Economics, and the more Economics I learn the less Economics I know (distinct from the less Economics I realise I don't know) (Pig 83 says she realised this in Year 2 and I'm slow).

I went into a lift and this near-bald guy inside said that he used to have long hair like me and had a little ponytail. I asked what happened and he said he grew old and started balding.

Someone had a survey about vanity in guys, and under hobbies someone wrote 'watching porn'. Someone else wrote 'surfing the internet', and on being queried clarified that it included watching porn.

There's a psychoanalysis module offered in NUS, but it's under Literature and not Psychology. How appropriate, in more ways than one!

Some PRC (presumably exchange - 'We are the students from PRC currently doing a survey') students were doing a study on academic stress in NUS students. Hurr hurr.
Some extracts from the indie documentary, The God Who Wasn't There I'd been meaning to post since last May:

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Robert M. Price; Fellow, Jesus Seminar: Well, in the case of someone like Caesar Augustus, around whom many of the same myths clustered, we know there nonetheless was a Caesar Augustus, because he's intricately tied in to the history of the time and many secular historians talk about him. You can't rewrite history without Caesar Augustus.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
But at the very two points Jesus appears to be locked into history, these stories are either still mythical, like the Slaughter of the Innocents derived right out of the book of Exodus,

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Or they contain outrageous improbabilities such as the Jewish Supreme Council meeting on Passover Eve to get rid of this guy. That's just out of the question.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Or Pontius Pilate letting go a known killer of Romans and insurrectionist Barabbas and letting Jesus be thrown to the mob after, however, trying to get him off the hook as if he has to have a vote on it. It just defies any kind of historical verisimilitude and then when you realise:

Well, you know there were other Ancient Jews and Jewish Christians that believed Jesus had been killed a century before under King Alexander Jenius (sp?). Or in the Gospel of Peter, it says that Eric (sp?) had Jesus killed. How could this be a matter of such diversity if it was a recent event that people remembered? It just begins to make you wonder: is this man really part of the historical timestream? Or does it begin to look like someone is trying to put a figure originally mythical into a historical framework and made various stabs at it?

Interviewer: Can you give me an example of a story that started as fiction, that's known to have been fiction and then it became considered real with the addition of details?

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Barbara and David P. Mikkelson; Urban Legends Reference Pages, snopes.com: Oh, well we've seen this any number of times in, say, glurge stories where stories have stories have started out as actual works of fiction. Where they were written by identifiable authors. They were written and provided as works of fiction. And they have since gained a life and a spread of their own.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Where they are now told and relayed as true stories. As 'this really happened' tales. And are believed as such...

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Jesus' life does conform to the hero pattern. It's a hero pattern with so many incidents.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Alan Dundues; Author, 'Holy Writ as Oral Lit': Regmund gave a score. He took... the Oedipus of all things as the model. And then gave other heroes scores as to how many of the 22 points they had in their lives...

His mother is a royal virgin, his father is a king, often a relative of his mother. The circumstances of his conception are unusual, five, he's also reputedly the son of a god. Six, at birth an attempt is made, often by his father, to kill him. But seven, he's spirited away and eight reared by foster parents in a foreign country.

Nine, we're told nothing of his childhood but ten, on reaching manhood he returns and goes to his future kingdom. And eleven, after a victory over a King or a Giant or a Dragon. He marries a princess, twelve. Thirteen, becomes king.

Fourteen reigns uneventfully but fifteen prescribes laws. Sixteen: later he loses favor with his subjects. Seventeen he is driven and thrown from the city. Eighteen he meets with a mysterious death. Nineteen often at the top of a hill. Twenty, his children if any do not succeed him. Twenty-one his body is not buried but nevertheless, twenty-two he has one or more holy sepulchres.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
So Oedipus gets 22 points out of the 22. Theseus gets 20. Romulus 17, Hercules 17, Perseus 16 etc. I don't remember off the top how many Jesus got but it was high

Robert M. Price: There are other similar savior figures in the same neighborhood, at the same time and history. Mithrias, Attis, Adonis, Osiris, Tamuz (sp?), and so forth. And nobody thinks that these characters are anything but mythical and their stories are so similar. Most of them, in fact, having some kind of resurrection or another, sometimes with celebrations after three days and so forth that it just seems like special pleading to say: "In this one case it really happened".

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
"When we say that Jesus Christ was produced without sexual union, was crucified and died, and rose again, and ascended to heaven, we propound nothing new or different from what you believe regarding those whom you call the sons of Jupiter." - Justin Martyr, church father...

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Sam Harris: "Our religions are the area in which we tolerate dogma completely uncritically. To deny that the Holocaust ever happened or to assert that you're in dialogue with extraterrestrials is pretty much synonymous with craziness in our culture. And it is so because we challenge people when they believe things strongly without evidence, or in contradiction to a mountain of evidence. Except on matters of faith."

A flawed critique of this flawed documentary (which of course has a response, to which there is a reply, neither of which I didn't even bother to scan)
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