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Saturday, January 28, 2006

For the first time in years (or indeed living memory), the TV was not switched on during Reunion Dinner, and this seemed to lubricate the flow of small talk (even if its quality was not much improved). There was a CD, however, of elevator music playing in the background. I think it was Richard Clayderman, but everything on the CD cover was in Chinese, so I'm not sure.

The relatives were taking bets on how long I'd keep my hair out, eventually agreeing that it was a phase I'd grow out of, especially if prompted to do so by a putative girlfriend. I wonder how they'd have reacted if I'd sprung the customary line on them in response to their predictions.


Someone: those damn ri choir boys are always spontaneously breaking into song in place of speech
don't you know any ri choir boys
they have a flair for the hyperdramatic
(also all flaming gooses, but still)

... well about 60% of those in my year were so gay it was blinding

ok since *** has turned into hyper christian i guess he's not that flamboyant any more
but *** are you kidding me. *** is a total diva
he's going to be an english teacher, oh dear god.
they totally shaped my impression of ri choir boys

... haha
OMG pokpok alimpako

we used to HATE acjc for singing it
every. single. bloody. time.

Me: it sounds like something you'd hear in hell

Someone: uh no. the devil woudln't stand for it either

Someone on Potong Pasir: my mom really wants him to win says the property prices in my neighbourhood will shoot up if he becomes MP

my mother is er malaysian
and doesnt give a hoot about democracy or politics
your typical auntie-auntie type

Me: yah lah
that's why singapore is doomed



Pursuant to my earlier post about why I don't use RSS, I was flirting again with RSS the other day and realised that many site feeds (mostly Blogspot ones) don't let me see the number of comments on each post. For these feeds, the URL to the post in question is not provided, so if I want to leave a comment, view existing comments or link to the post, I have to visit the site and manually scroll down (which defeats the point of using RSS in the first place).

Meanwhile, the feeds that do provide links to the posts load the whole page template, which results in each post taking a hideously long time to load (cumulatively, longer than if I had just loaded the page in my web browser). Again, this defeats the point of RSS.

There is also the problem, still, that not all 20 blogs I follow semi-actively use RSS, so once again I have decided not to use it. For now, I have moved my blogroll to my personal toolbar folder, making it easier to check and whittle down piecemeal.

Despite my eschewing of RSS, I read my LJ friends list most days. Partially, this is because if not, I'll be overwhelmed, but also this is because there's a comments count on each post, I can comment from the same interface and it strikes a middle way in complexity and functionality of interface, stripping the crap layout from people's LJs without making the interface as barren, spartan and functionless as a normal RSS feed.

I think the only good thing about RSS is that you can see your backlog (how many posts are unread), and you don't have to read the new posts from a site all at once lest you forget where you stopped.
"Never have children, only grandchildren." - Gore Vidal


7 days to Utrecht!

I am divided as to whether to buy textbooks in Singapore or wait till I get there. Some Law students tell me that Law textbooks are cheaper in the UK than here, but then many are written and published there, so that's not going to be an option.

When I visited the friendly NUS coop, they didn't have the one book I asked for (even though according to the PDF course descriptions on the NUS website it's used in one course). I could try Clementi Bookstore or Bras Basah, but there's the baggage allowance problem. I must call up my favourite airline to plea that I am but a penurious student who nonetheless flies them most loyally, and thus deserves a higher luggage allowance. Meanwhile, if that fails, my parents are only visiting in March so I can't piggyback on their allowance.

Alternatively, I can wait till I get there and buy books over the Internet from Bangladesh or India (even cheaper than in Singapore) - I'm told even air mailing a 2kg books from there costs but $7.

Finally, since the grades aren't counted I could always heck care and forget about buying textbooks. Yay.

Sister: why do u need to buy textbooks? i hardly bought any when i was an undergrad.

Me: You slack what. Anyway PS doesn't use (m)any textbooks. Economics does.

Royal Netherlands Embassy, Singapore

"Opening hours Embassy: Monday - Friday 09.00 - 12.00 and 13.30 - 15.00 hours.
Office hours Embassy: Monday - Friday 08.00 - 12.30 and 13.30 - 16.30 hours."


Someone: "that is kind of fucked up."


I think I know why Wikipedia is always so damn slow and needs so much money for hosting costs. Searching for "institution anthem" "Auspicium Melioris Aevi" (a modification of a search referral), I counted 36 different domains (I'm excluding SGWiki) which seem to be mirrors of Wikipedia, most of which seem to have been set up merely to harvest Google Adsense money. Damn spiders, just leeching for all they're worth.

I don't know why people like to label "a cappella" a musical genre. I'd classify it as a technique rather than a genre, since a cappella can be used to sing anything from Gregorian chant and motets to madrigals and folk songs to jazz and pop.

"All generalization are false, including this one."


Q. Why do most women pay more attention to their appearance than improving their minds?

A. Because most men are stupid but few are blind.

I like this one! Just like Mother Teresa, it manages to offend everyone.

Me: how come no one is ever accused of misoandry

Someone: cos all women have it
it's not unique anymore
it'll take something for a man to hate women though

Friday, January 27, 2006

Why does Mac suck?: Why switch?

"The 10 reasons that Apple must think is imperative for making the change from a PC to a MAC can be found on their website. Of course if you have the time to read through all of them you realise that these 10 features or reasons have been standard with the PC a long, long, long time. Some of the reasons are just plain myths that Apple invented. Probably because they ran out of fabricated facts.

1. The Mac... It just works

The mac owner will also tell you that with a system from Apple you will never have to think about drivers, upgrades or anything. A mac is perfection itself when delivered. Atleast according to their standard. Many mac:s can't even be upgraded. So what you buy is what you get. Expect your system to be outdated within 1-2 years...

It took an operating system based on someone else's technology to get a Mac multitasking and not behaving like an oversized pocket calculator from 1985.

2. It doesn't crash

Yes it does! And it does it alot. The difference between a pc based on Windows crashing and a Mac is that on the pc the crash is in 99% of the cases caused by badly coded third party software, when the Mac just has a faulty operating system. Why else would Apple themselves run their india website on Linux RedHat?

10. It's beautiful

Who wants a computer that look like a remnant from the 70's like the one on my right. You could probably achieve the same state of hallucination if staring long enough on this iMac, that you could by inhaling large amounts of heavy drugs."


God-Man: Danger in the Dorm

God-Man: Fear not! I'm he- you?!

FP MM: Ah, I knew you'd take the bait!

God-Man: Not you again...

FP MM: Yes! Your arch-enemy -- Freshman Philosophy Major Man!


Malaysia plans 'crooked' bridge

"Malaysia says it will go ahead with controversial plans to build a crooked bridge across half the strait it shares with Singapore... The Malaysians are calling it the "scenic bridge", but say if the Singaporeans want it to be straight and less scenic they will have to come back to the table and agree to replace the whole causeway with a single span.

One Malaysian politician told the Star newspaper that the shape of the bridge would be a reflection of relations between the two countries.

Singaporean sources told the BBC that this statement implies the Singaporeans are straight while the Malaysians are crooked."


Maybe their sources studied at the PLU school of Public Relations. Alternatively, they could be playing the parlor game again.
Boy wins fight over right to wear a skirt to school - "A ban on a New Jersey schoolboy wearing flowery skirts to school has been overturned after the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) claimed his rights were being violated."

Why allow topless dancers in Singapore? - "How are we to protect our girls if topless dancers are allowed here? How are we to protect our husbands not to watch such dancers? Where is the value of women if such shows are allowed? Please protect the values and dignity of women."
This "concerned Singaporean" would flip if she found out that prostitution was legalised and regulated here.

Video dance game to be used in schools / West Virginia taps Konami's system to help fight obesity - "State and school officials there have struck a partnership with Redwood City's Konami Digital Entertainment Inc. to use its Dance Dance Revolution in all of its 765 public schools, Konami announced today. The innovative plan, the first statewide program to employ the dance video game, is intended to attack West Virginia's youth obesity problem."

WebBlocker must be one of the most powerful pieces of web filtering software ever. It blocks many proxy servers, and even if you manage to find a working proxy, it can sense your use of it and then blocks you. Hell, it even blocks The Coral Content Distribution Network. As someone puts it: "Oh god, I'm not dealing with a firewall, I'm dealing with Obi-Wan Kenobi."

First-ever Blogging Competition in NUS - "Do you blog? If you are one of those with a love for blogging, then watch out for “BlogFest 2006”, the first-ever blogging competition in NUS!"
Someone: "ur faculty club cannot make it. u cannot win one lah. bitch about nus"

ETHNIC CLEANSING THE GAME - "The most politically incorrect video game ever made. Run through the ghetto blasting away various blacks and spics in an attempt to gain entrance to the subway system, where the jews have hidden to avoid the carnage. Then, if YOU'RE lucky.... you can blow away jews as they scream "Oy Vey!", on your way to their command center."
Uhhhhhhhhhhhh... Besides having a repellent premise, it looks like a truly awful game gameplay-wise.

A Girl's Guide to Geek Guys - "Why Geek Dudes Rule: They are generally available, Other women will tend not to steal them, They can fix things, Your parents will love them, They're smart."

Instructions to Remove Blogger Navbar - "Remove the Blogger Navbar- Hide the blogger navbar with CSS, How to Turn Off Blogger Navbar and why you should remove and disable the blogger

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Skull (symbolism)

"In a first-century mosaic tabletop from a Pompeiian triclinium (now in Naples), the skull is crowned with a carpenter's square and plumb-bob, which dangles before its empty eyesockets (Death as the great leveller), while below is an image of the ephemeral and changeable nature of life: a butterfly atop a wheel— a table for a philosopher's symposium."

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us


Great: they just revamped the USP Advanced Curriculum. More flexibility is great, but they should allow the Year 2s to follow the old framework as well. Now I've got to replan everything. Gah.

It occurs to me that one reason why conspiracy theorists have less support than they otherwise would is that no one is trying to sue them or shut them down, giving them no real cause to allege muzzling or a coverup. In this case, repetition of an untruth makes it less credible. Indeed suppression of the lie (through legal means or otherwise) would make it *more* credible.

I think if Hard Gay had visited Yahoo! Singapore, they'd have called the cops. No more funny video.
"Classical music is the kind we keep thinking will turn into a tune." - Kin Hubbard


The Stirrup Controversy - "The question remains, did the stirrup cause feudalism?... In essence he notes that effective infantry, as exemplified by the Roman legion, relies on strict discipline and teamwork with each person subordinating himself to the needs of the group. This is only possible in a society that promotes it. In contrast, the Germanic invaders, including the Franks, were supreme individualists who insisted on fighting as independent heros. He argued that is only natural for such warriors to shift to the weapons system that would provide them the most powerful means of individual combat, a means that would also enable them to enhance their individual superiority over the civilian masses."

Saddle, Lance and Stirrup - "... the general assumption that the high-backed saddle is what made the charge with couched lance possible - as if a charge with couched lance bareback were not possible. Unfortunately, many of the historians and archaeologists (amateur and professional alike) who study the era have little or no training in equestrian skills, and almost none have any training in mounted combat. Instead they use metaphors and analogies that they and their readers can understand. Equating the impact of the charge to being hit by small automobiles. They even use the formulas of physics to predict the force of the impact of horse and rider on a target. MASS (of Horse and Rider) X VELOCITY = FORCE OF IMPACT."

http://demo.fb.se/e/girlpower/retouch/retouch/ - "Almost all photos selling something have been touched up: magazine covers, fashion articles, advertisements, record covers and so on. You'll see here how easy it is to alter someone's appearance."

Geek Parents Using Cooling Technology Instead of Medicine to Lower Fevers - "Geeks familiar with using technology to solve their problems have turned to advanced cooling solutions instead of pharmaceuticals to lower fevers in their children."

The Evolution of a Programmer - "High School/Jr.High 10 PRINT "HELLO WORLD" 20 END""

Internet encyclopaedias go head to head - "An expert-led investigation carried out by Nature — the first to use peer review to compare Wikipedia and Britannica's coverage of science... revealed numerous errors in both encyclopaedias, but among 42 entries tested, the difference in accuracy was not particularly great: the average science entry in Wikipedia contained around four inaccuracies; Britannica, about three."

The annotated budak: Reply to Dr. Andrew Loke - Goodness. This was posted on 15th November and as of the time of writing, has 140 comments, the most recent of which was posted on the morning of 24th January (last response by Andrew Loke - 18th January).

A Force More Powerful : A Century of Non-Violent Conflict - ""In a contest of violence against violence," the philosopher Hannah Arendt observed, "the superiority of the government has always been absolute." When confronted with nonviolent resistance on the part of the downtrodden, however, governments have often crumbled--witness the fall of South Africa's apartheid regime and the ousting of Slobodan Milosevic in Yugoslavia. The worldwide spread of democracy in the 20th century, documentary writers Peter Ackerman and Jack DuVall maintain, "would not have come to pass without the power of ordinary people who defied oppressive rulers not by force of arms, but by nonviolent action." By way of example, they cite the collapse of the Argentine military regime following peaceful protests by the mothers of men and women who had been murdered by the secret police; the eventual undermining of the Polish Communist regime by the nonviolent Solidarity labor movement; the refusal of the Danish people to comply with the laws of their Nazi occupiers during World War II; and the exemplary work done in India (and, earlier, South Africa) by Mohandas Gandhi, who took pains to emphasize that nonviolence does not imply passivity."
Slight change = Political Instability = Collapse = Racial Riots = Foreign investors fleeing

Like a virgin - "Forget Botox, liposuction or breast enlargement. The newest trend in plastic surgery for American women is vaginal reconstruction, including hymenoplasty, which offers patients new virginity. "

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Someone has suggested to me that I organise a contest to predict search referrals. Submissions are thus welcome for the period from now till the next time I publish the referrals (roughly a month). Winners will get to use this space for their purposes (declarations of love, coming out of the closet, used underwear sales and the like).

Things you learn: When you see the letters "x" and "o" in various permutations, "x" represents a kiss, and "o" represents a hug. My source: "guys... dont know much about such stuff". Uhh.

I'm still trying to figure out what the 17/23 correlation is.


A Playboy photographer: "In those days," he recalls, "there were picket lines outside the hotels where we did the shoots, and the students were really radical. People would say that we were taking advantage of women." Mecey had to face the press and the picketers and respond to their accusations. "I told them that women can make up their own minds about what to do with their own bodies, and that it's empowering for women to make that decision themselves."


Someone: what should I say to people who come up with fancy divine explanations when I discuss abortion with them?

On occasion I feel like grabbing them, shaking them hard, and shouting "Do you really expect me to believe that you care for babies that much? Since you care for people so much, why do you continually torture me with your idiotic views?"
"A chess genius is a human being who focuses vast, little-understood mental gifts and labors on an ultimately trivial human enterprise." - George Steiner


A friend was complaining that her boyfriend would not say "I love you," even if explicitly asked to do so. The only exception, she said, was when they were in fact in the act of making love. Then, if asked, he would say the sacred words.

I suggested that she should not take too much comfort in the exception. When making love, I explained, men will say anything.

"He'd tell you he's the Easter Bunny if that's what he thinks you want to hear," I told her. The conversation rattled on from there.

A couple of weeks later, she related the following. "We were in bed, making love and I said, 'Tell me you love me'."

He said, "I love you."

I said, "Tell me you're the Easter Bunny."

He stopped for a second, and said, "I'm the Easter Bunny."

"So I slapped him."

The poor guy probably still doesn't know what happened.

The above is a joke, not an anecdote.

Someone: and this is surprising how?

it is a direct consequence of two factors:
1) men think about sex all the time
2) men cannot multitask.

feel free to deny

hgwt # unknown: constantly obssessing over why their boyfriends/fiances/husbands will not say "i love you" to them.

Me: my preferred explanation:
women are weird and ask for irrational things, which men give because they don’t want to lose. unfortunately, like the question "am I fat", there is no correct answer to it


" " - the Doomsday Tag - "" "'s exact method for infecting pages has not yet been discovered. Whether it is transmitted through a network connection, between pages sharing the same host, or through unprotected cybersex is uncertain. What is certain is that it is spreading rapidly throughout the World Wide Web. If current trends continue (see graph below), within six years, over 99% of network traffic will consist entirely of " "s and surfers on the information superhighway will find themselves waiting as long for pages to load as real-life surfers have to wait for a decent whitecap to come rolling up I-85."

Michigan man jailed on assault charges after handshake sickens 3 people - "During a Dec. 21 court appearance on a traffic charge, John Ridgeway pulled out a vial of an unknown liquid, rubbed his hands with the contents and insisted on shaking hands with the three people, authorities said."

Silicone satisfaction - "In an attempt to get the low-down on this burgeoning business, Dacapo magazine sent two intrepid students to try out the service. First up, so to speak, was 21-year-old Hiroshi. Opting to watch a racy video beforehand to get himself in the mood, he was disappointed to find that, “After I undressed her, I was upset to see that her head hadn’t been properly screwed on.” This inauspicious start set the tone for Hiroshi’s rubber rendezvous, and despite a few tender moments, the experience wasn’t an especially good one. “I felt something, but it also gave me something of a guilt trip, and I was asking myself, ‘What am I doing here?’ and I guess at that point I got completely turned off.”"

What art is hiding on your microchip? - "More than 10 years ago, Michael Davidson went looking to capture the beauty of microchip circuitry in photographs. In among the transistors and wire traces, he found something unexpected: Waldo."

http://www.ie7.com/ - IE 7 leaked!

Internet Explorer 7 Build 5299 (Beta 2 Preview) - First Firefox wanted to look like IE, now IE wants to look like Firefox. Complete with Search Box, Live Bookmarks (same icon at that), a cleaned up navigation toolbar and "Sanitize Firefox" option.

Collegecuteness.com findings correlate with shirt slogan - "The University of Chicago has never been known for the beauty of its student body. But now, thanks to the website CollegeCuteness.com, those who bemoan the lack of eye-candy may find some solid evidence. In a study of freshman girls from 10 schools nationwide, the U of C ranks last in terms of physical attractiveness, according to a study conducted by Aaron Puri and Jason Scimeca, both second-years in the College... through statistical analysis, Puri and Scimeca determined that only the University of Puget Sound had more than a five percent chance of rating lower than Chicago."

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

"Event Title: Non-bloggers research participants wanted
Organizer: Department of Psychology, NUS

Description: The experimenter invites all undergraduate students to participate in a study that examines the blogging phenomenon. Upon successful completion of 4 short sessions, participants will get a reimbursement of $10... ONLY PEOPLE WHO DO NOT HAVE BLOGGING EXPERIENCE can take part. Interested non-bloggers, please email the experimenter at blogging_experiment@yahoo.com for more details and to sign-up."

I'm almost tempted to sign up and see if they recognise me.

"Event Title: Actually U - A Specially crafted event to meet your special someone!!!

Organizer: Science CBLC and Graduate Students' Society

Description: Actually You are special.. "Actually U" is a two-part initiative for you to make more friends and meet people you least expected. "You" can be someone whom you see all the time in campus and wish to acquaint, but never got the chance to do so. "You" can be anyone- a best friend, lover or even business partner. So, through this Valentine's Eve event, take the opportunity to make merry and form meaningful relationships! Step one enrolls you to an online community where you form a mystery identity for yourself and start conversing with people in suspense. Vote for he person of opposite gender to have dinner together! Step two puts you in a cozy setting to enjoy dinner with your "date(s)". Dining boasts big poofy cushions in a Japanese-tea-house meets Spanish-tapas-bar with a great dinner set menu. This night event highlights creative games for all, ensuring amusement and maximal social interactivity. Fabulous prizes to be won too and complimentary gifts for participants! Tickets drive on Jan 18/19/20/23 at GSS room (YIH) Ladies: $25 Gentlemen: $30 Hurry before tickets are sold out!!!!

Date/Time: Dinner at 13th February 2006, 6.30pm

Venue: Essential Brew at Holland Village

Contact Person: Find out more at www.gss.nus.edu.sg/valentine/ or contact Zhong Hong 96428496"

Some questions I have:

- I'm still not sure how they'll solve the "more guys than girls" problem
- How will they prevent picture exchange (or do they want to prevent that in the first place)
- How will they stop people exchanging Instant Messaging ids and chatting, dispersing the "suspense" (who will want to login each night to the special portal?)
- Do they cater to alternate sexualities?
Subject: How Girls...


all those are TRUE

83. Having a compulsive, morbid fascination with the colour Pink
not only pink but white, light blue, purple, orange--not a mix of these colours but a combination of different shades of a single colour mentioned.

+matching the green school skirt with a loud red bag/jacket

+rolling up the sleeves(in RJC and RGS)--to differentiate from the guys? i thought the skirt would do.

+(both males and females)call hard-working ppl are "muggers", frown upon them; whine when they fail and "muggers" top the class.

+similarly "pon" lectures/tutorials to go out with frienz/boyfriends/girlfriends and when test comes complain about lack of time

+arguing for equal status as the males but constantly posing as "a girl who needs your help"

+initiate a break up and regret in one day/minute

+keeping a look out for friends' eyecandies and remind their friends"he's coming this way!/he's behind us now!"

+spending half the time of lectures/tutorials commenting or disseminating info on the teacher's voice/speed/teaching style/look(including everything top to toe)/relatives/significant others/children blah blah blah

+use a "cute" notebook to record down sms/emails/mails etc with their sweethearts

+my classmate runs around screaming ----a human surround sound system

+run away from the crowd with weighing balance during PE lesson---to make sure others can't see the figure

+similarly jumps madly/skip meals/don't drink water and dehydrating themselves...just to weigh less

+still the same occasion-hesitate between changing to PE attire or remain in school U----some want to weigh and see which outfit's lighter

+whine for buying expensive birthday presents while wishing others to give them gifts as expensive as possible

+swinging between 2 (or more?)extremes

+buying weird toys, eg.monkey/dog with long limbs. claim that they love animals while torturing the poor toys, eg.twist and turn and bind the limbs of the dog together.

                 A RJCian (Female)
I had a nightmare (again) last night (of the disturbing, not wake-up-in-cold-sweat-screaming-in-horror sort) where I was duped into slavery again under false pretences, and was on what was presumably the Island of Doom, awaiting what slaves have done to them on the first day of their indenture.

A certain someone (let's just call her "J") was there (again) to torment me as well. Luckily Krusty was nowhere to be seen.

When will these shadows of the past cease disturbing me?

Monday, January 23, 2006

"Last night I dreamed I ate a ten-pound marshmallow, and when I woke up the pillow was gone." - Tommy Cooper


In view of the sex-education talks that Christian fundamentalist organisations are carrying out in Secondary Schools and JCs, an associate and I are interested to know just what goes on during them. If anyone has recordings (video or audio), they will be much appreciated.


Shianux: u sure you don't harbour political aspirations?

Me: nope
they'll dig out my skeletons haha
cf catherine's short story

Shianux: lol
what skeletons you have man

Me: probably ones I didn't know I had :0

Shianux: gssq had a 13 yr old fangirl!
and he didn't sleep with her!!!
must be gay!!!
which is unlikely to be really a big issue by the time we're of political age

Me: haha!
allegations of pedophilia and homosexuality together
you think society will progress so fast?
remember 2001 [: A Space Odyssey]

Shianux: unless the fundies have taken over the world by then
in which case, I'm migrating to mars
I'll start my lil martian free love colony


Someone: why din ask if u could quote me?
if u were going to quote me i would've phrased it better lor
now i sound like some SACSAL *shudder*

Someone (2): have you seen the honda ad that's been going around
i bet half the choirs in singapore will be dying to try it before the year is out

Me: wah underground ah
ACJC will lead the way

Someone (2): lol
i bet nelson will try it first
it's too cutesy for him to ignore

Someone (3): u get turned on my guys already, i'm not surprised by u getting turn on by non skimpy clothings. heeheehee... :P

Me: huh
I get turned on by guys meh

Someone (3): going to ma... maybe u have been psychoed so much that u may have taken up a liking for guys

Me: ...
thanks ah

Someone else: mr god.. just read about the "masturbation is wrong" post in tomorrw

Me: what's the world coming to
CNA interviewed one AJ kid
he said people didn't accept the lesson since it had a high and mighty tone

Someone else: oh good
i had some similar talks when i was in RGS

total bullshit
there was one on total abstinence
and another on abortion. plus one on homosexuality by leslie lung himself
mostly by FOTF, i think, if i am not wrong
it definitely had a christian agenda

they are trying to brainwash the young
but seriously... masturbation?
that is going too far

Me: haha
and the condom FUD

Someone else: oh yes
i hate these self-important religious bigots
the number one thing they always condemn is any kind of sexual desire

Me: mmm

Someone else: yes
esp with homosexuality.
but i hate what they have done to the world with that superior-to-thou preaching of theirs

millions of catholics in third world countries, listening to the words of the Pope, do not use contraception. the result? Aids and overpopulation
senseless discrimination

Me: a catholic justified that to me by claiming that those were the consequences of their choice
like that I can start killing people because the wages of sin are death

Someone else: seriously, the whole "you-get-aids-because-you-deserve-it' attitude is crap
many women contract aids from their husbands and boyfriends!
even those who sleep around... do they deserve a certain, slow death?
*shakes head*

Me: yeah. kyrie eleison my foot

Someone else: and of course, you can't forget abortion
the eternally divisive issue

the church's stand on it, is immature, at the best
while i agree that indiscriminate abortion is unethical
what about the women who really did not deserve it? the women who were raped? those, if they carry their babies to term, will be in great danger?

i am esp riled abt this issue, because a close friend of mine was raped by her father (yes, her father)
it was a catholic family
the priest advised her to keep the child! can you imagine that?

my qn is... where was the church when the devoutly catholic father raped her daughter? they only come in when she is pregnant, confused, and downright depressed, and preach to her about the value of life.

Me: yeah
most anti-abortion people only care to make sure you don't abort the child
they don't care to help you support it
or stop you from getting into a position where you would need one

Someone else: i read a statistic... 70% of anti-abortion leaders are men
100% of them will never be pregnant

notice most religious leaders are men too. not all, but most
orthodoxy favours men

Me: that's cos women are oppressed by religion ;)

[On oppression of females in religion and feminist theory] You guys feel oppressed in any way, in your religion?... Getting the shorter end of the stick. Not really? That's the point right.
Someone tried to irritate me by claiming that I was against freedom of speech because I got upset when he posted a post on *my* blog, including quotes identified as being from me which I had not authorised for release, after I specifically told him not to, and when idiots were flaming me on the issue. I said it was akin to calling someone homophobic for getting upset when two gays were having sex in the person's bedroom after he told them not to do so and the khalwat squad was 2 minutes away.

I asked some people if they thought the Marxist "Conspiracy" could happen today, and almost no one knew what I was talking about. Gah; the power of almost 2 decades of official silence.


"Asian values" in Hong Kong - "went to hong kong in the summer and boldly wore a black halter top in the streets. big mistake. i got a lot of stares from guys on the streets--young, old, middle-aged. it wasn't a good feeling to be so noticed. hello, have you never seen a woman before? not only that, but when i went over to a lingerie store to ask if they sold any bras for the halter top, the saleslady said, "oh, no we don't...the girls in hong kong don't wear halter tops! it's only those women from the west who wear such revealing clothes, coz you know, they're very 'open'.""
Repressed individuals are often very perverted in private.

Fundies are invading our schools are screwing up the minds of our young with religiously-motivated, misleading, moralistic or simply eroneous sex "education" talks/lessons, and some even get government funding. I wonder what the future holds for Singapore with the stealth invasion by the fundies - hopefully our teen pregnancy rate won't rise.

The Return of the Puppet Masters - "Some scientists believe that Toxoplasma changes the personality of its human hosts, bringing different shifts to men and women. Parasitologist Jaroslav Flegr of Charles University in Prague administered psychological questionnaires to people infected with Toxoplasma and controls. Those infected, he found, show a small, but statistically significant, tendency to be more self-reproaching and insecure. Paradoxically, infected women, on average, tend to be more outgoing and warmhearted than controls, while infected men tend to be more jealous and suspicious."
Whither free will?

Hot for Teacher - Students rate profs online—and vice versa - "Visiting ratemyprofessors.com yields similar assessments of thousands of professors at nearly every college across the United States and many in Canada. The forum isn't as flattering to all its subjects. Notorious defense attorney Alan Dershowitz gets several glowing reviews from students at Harvard Law, but also a "Horrid—a name dropper and cares for nothing except for his own personal self-aggrandizement.""

NTU Chronicle - Students frown on “legal squatting” on campus - "Legal squatting is cheap. For $20 a month, a student can stay in an occupied hostel room and use all hall facilities."
Goodness, NTU is so much more progressive than NUS! The joys of not having to be the Premier Institution of Social Engineering...

RAPE: High Risk behavior - "Even a common sense question about the victim's pre-rape behavior will provoke an outraged tirade of "you are trying to blame the victim!" Extreme ferocity on the part of many victim advocates is often unnerving to those merely asking an honest question about foolish behavior. It is important to remember: Any extreme is bad. The truth usually resides somewhere in the middle. No woman ever deserves to be raped. But certain behaviors will put a woman in danger of being raped. It's like playing on the railroad tracks and then being outraged when injured by a train... The advocates would have you believe that you can have power and control over your life until something goes wrong. Then it is all someone else's fault. That is a critical flaw in their ideology."
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Sunday, January 22, 2006

The Geylang Methodist Secondary School uniform and badge look surprisingly like ACJC's. In fact, at first I thought some students I saw from the former were from the latter.

"Donut house pop idol" in Basement 2 of Takashimaya informs customers that their "products and frying oil contain ingredients of pork origin". I wonder how their products taste.

At Kallang MRT, the Chinese translation of the station's name as "add cold".

My sources inform me that Jamie 'Despot' Han applied to NIE, but was summarily rejected. Odd, considering how desperate they usually are for teachers.

I was complaining that lawyers only know how to think in terms, and in the framework of the law. For example, they consider only whether something can be argued to be legal, rather than if it should be legal in the first place (someone else characterises it as their seeing the law as an elaborate game which they then try to worm their way into winning, rather than questioning the game itself). Someone remarked that that's why they make them study something else first in the US.


The Myth of Male Power - "Men who make their way through the interminable subtitle and embark on this orignal and significant study will find that they haven't lost the ability to cry after all. While some feminists may assert that it is an attack on women, the book attempts to show areas in which males operate at a disadvantage without claiming that women are responsible for their plight. Psychologist Farrell stresses economics, pointing out that the 25 worst types of jobs, involving the highest physical risk, are almost all filled by men. He also considers warfare, in which virtually all of the military casualties are men; the justice system, where sentences for males are customarily heavier; and sexual harassment, which has become a one-way street. He concludes with helpful advice on "resocializing" the male child, adolescent and adult."

Pornography, Rape and Sex Crimes in Japan - "Despite the absence of evidence, the myth persists that an abundance of sexual explicit material invariably leads to an abundance of sexual activity and eventually rape (e.g., Liebert, Neale, & Davison, 1973). Indeed, the data we report and review suggests the opposite. Christensen (1990) argues that to prove that available pornography leads to sex crimes one must at least find a positive temporal correlation between the two. The absence of any positive correlation in our findings, and from results elsewhere, between an increase in available pornography and the incidence of rape or other sex crime, is prima facie evidence that no link exists. But objectivity requires that an additional question be asked: "Does pornography use and availability prevent or reduce sex crime?" Both questions lead to hypotheses that have, over prolonged periods, been tested in Denmark, Sweden, West Germany and now in Japan. Indeed it appears from our data from Japan, as it was evident to Kutchinsky (1994), from research in Europe and Scandinavia, that a large increase in available sexually explicit materials, over many years, has not been correlated with an increase in rape or other sexual crimes. Instead, in Japan a marked decrease in sexual crimes has occurred... The upbringing of sex offenders was usually sexually repressive, often they had an overtly religious background and held rigid conservative attitudes toward sexuality"

Catherine Lim on Singapore politics - "So what the Government has been doing quietly is to develop a strategy by which it can simultaneously achieve two objectives that appear to contradict each other: on the one hand, reassuring the electorate through a generous slew of opening-up measures; and on the other, making sure that nothing has changed. The first objective can be made as overt as possible; the second is necessarily covert. The result is a dual model of managing political dissent that is unique to the PAP leadership. It comprises both the soft, gentle, consultative approach of the Goh Chok Tong rule and the hard, stern no-nonsense approach of the Lee Kuan Yew rule; the soft approach being at the forefront, open for all to see, and the hard approach being in the background, hardly visible but clearly the prevalent one."
"History suggests that when non-exclusive faiths are challenged by exclusive competitors, in a relatively unregulated markets, the exclusive firms win. They win because they are the better bargain, despite their higher costs" - Rodney Stark, The Rise of Christianity

(as transcribed by visceral)


Sent at 12:13PM:

"Dear USP Students

You are invited to a talk by Mr Philip Yeo, Chairman of A*STAR, which is at 2.30pm TODAY.

Do join in the session!"



Someone: "the sound fidelity on the default ipod earphones suck
they are possibly the worst you could use
it's an apple scam
you make you have to upgrade to the more expensive ones
they are so crappy, the contacts aren't even gold... and within 2 months guaranteed one side will give out"

Someone else on SNAILS vs SLUGS: "at least snails have a shell
conclusion: snails better than slugs
we snails... got our own home...
slugs..dun feel a sense of belonging enough... essentially..dun have a home

i felt out of place in law... just walking there
like my geog module says.. social spaces define spacial boundaries
it's a place i avoid like the plague
i dun feel that way in science or biz or even med

i felt ok in the med library
i think it's worse than med
though science students might beg to differ
med to them is like law to us, i guess

but as my friend put it..
doctors are respected, lawyers are hated"

Elia Diodati on false dichotomies: "it should be obvious to anyone who's played any computer game in the *craft genre that an enemy of an enemy is not necessary your friend"













... physicists

(from voctir)


Welcome to Ambigram.Matic! - "Ambigrams are words or phrases that can be read in more than one way or from more than a single vantage point, most commonly right-side-up and upside-down. Ambigram.Matic is the world's first and only online Ambigram Generator! Flip any word, different words of the same length, or even an entire (symmetrically spaced) sentence on its head, and read it both ways!"

How Chemically Compliant Are you? - "Back in high school, I discovered that my name could be put together from symbols of the elements in the periodic table. Ever since then, I've tried it out on various people's name with very little success since most names are not PT-compliant (Periodic Table-compliant). I finally got tired of scanning through the periodic table manually and wrote this script. Enjoy!"

The Epoch Times | Henan Man Impossible to Photograph - "On January 6, 2006, Henan Province's Dahe Daily newspaper reported that the local police department was unable to take an ID photo of Ye Xiangting from Yelou Village in the Yangzhuang Township of Wugang City, Henan Province. No image of Ye Xiangting showed up in the computer photos, and there is still no clear explanation for the result."

Epoch Times Commentaries on the Communist Party - Part 8: On How the Chinese Communist Party Is an Evil Cult - "The CCP evil cult essentially rules in opposition to human nature and the principles of heaven. The CCP is known for its arrogance, self-importance, selfishness, and brutal, unrestrained acts. It consistently brings disasters to the country and the people, yet it never admits its mistakes, and would never reveal its true nature to the people. The CCP has never hesitated to change its slogans and labels, which are regarded by the CCP as the means to maintain its control. It will do anything to keep in power with total disregard for morality, justice and human life."
You say I evil cult, I say you evil cult. Actually everybody also evil cult, hey!
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