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Saturday, January 22, 2022

Links - 22nd January 2022 (2 - Migrants)

Gad Saad - Posts | Facebook - "Some Noble Immigrants: Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, let me settle in your country. Infinitely generous country: OK. Welcome to your new home.
Noble Immigrants: My new home is a s**thole of systemic racism & oppression. Destroy it for justice!
Our politicians:  You know what we need to do.  We must INCREASE in a suicidal manner the entry of Noble Immigrants who exhibit the latter bent. This will show that we are progressive unlike those bigots suffering from white fragility."

Sargon of Akkad - Posts | Facebook - "The 16 year old teenage Migrant who died in the channel didn't exist.It turns out he was a 28 year old man who had decided not only not to settle in any country from Sudan to France, but applied for asylum in France, but did not want to wait.He Then decided to buy a mouth inflated dingy and some shovels from a supermarket.He and a friend then tried to paddle the entire channel to the UK, his shovel punctured the dingy and he drowned.His friend lied to French, the French told that lie to the British press who ran with it."
On Abdulfatah Hamdallah

4 Afghans charged with arson for fire at Lesbos refugee camp - "Four Afghan migrants have been charged with arson for alleged involvement in fires that destroyed most of a large refugee camp on the eastern island of Lesbos... The government maintains that the fires at Moria were set deliberately by migrants protesting confinement after the site was locked down due to an outbreak of COVID-19"
So much for blaming the "far right"
Too bad those who usually champion migrants also favour lockdowns

NGO: Half of Migrants on Paris Streets May Be Coronavirus Positive - "The risk of migrants catching and spreading coronavirus has been a major issue in other European countries, particularly in Italy, where newly arrived migrants have tested positive for the Chinese virus.In August, Italian Minister for Regional Affairs Francesco Boccia inadvertently revealed that as many as 25 per cent of the coronavirus cases at the time were foreigners.Another issue facing the Italian government has been not only finding space to quarantine migrants who arrive, but also dealing with migrants who attempt to or successfully escape accommodations under lockdown."

Quarantined Migrants Grow Angry, Set Fires in Italian Hotel - "The Villa Sant’Andrea hotel, located in the town of Valderice, has been used to quarantine migrants to prevent the spread of the Wuhan virus."

Refugee teen charged with rape of social worker after finishing course on how to behave with women - "A 16-year-old Afghan refugee, who had recently taken a course on how to behave towards women, has been charged with raping a female employee at a refugee shelter in Belgium. The center’s spokeswoman told RT he had had “an eye on her for quite some time.”... Friday’s incident was just one of the latest in a string of sexual assaults linked to the Europe’s ongoing mass refugee influx.On December 4, four male refugees living in a shelter in Norway raped and beat up their 19-year-old female friend, who was later taken to a hospital in serious condition. The culprits even recorded a video of their crime, which ended up becoming key evidence in the case.In another incident last December, an Iraqi refugee raped a 10 year-old boy at a swimming pool in Vienna, Austria, after which the victim, who suffered severe internal injuries, was admitted to a children’s hospital. Following the assault, the assailant simply remained at the pool until he was detained by police, to whom he explained that that he had had a “sexual emergency,” as he had not had sex in four months.A wave of public indignation was also caused by a series of sexual attacks in Germany on New Year’s Eve... According to police documents, the suspects were mostly men of migrant origin, although the majority of them had been living in Germany for some time, and were not recent arrivals."

Swedish girl, 17, was decapitated 'by Iraqi-born boyfriend' - "Wilma Andersson vanished on November 14 last year and police found a 'body part' two weeks later - which was later revealed to be her head.Her ex-boyfriend Tishko Ahmed Shabaz was arrested at the time and has now been charged with her murder, which he denies... Shabaz is accused of hiding Wilma's head in a travel bag where it was wrapped in tape and aluminium foil.Police also found blood on the floor of his apartment and 'traces of Wilma' on a large kitchen knife... It is also claimed that neighbours heard screaming from the apartment and that Shabaz lied to Wilma's parents by claiming she had left the flat alive.However, Wilma's coat and handbag were allegedly still hanging in the closet, raising doubts over Shabaz's claims.Shabaz denies all the allegations, telling investigators: 'You forget that this is a girl that I have loved and that I have lived my life perfectly.'"

Rape jihad in Denmark: More than half of all convicted rapists have immigrant backgrounds. Iraqis, Iranians, Turks and Somalis dramatically overrepresented… - "100 percent of convicted rapists in Oslo have non-Western background. According to the Oslo police, non-Western immigrants rape because they are brought up with a view of women that makes them more likely to become rapists. It would be more precise to say that they just follow their religion, which allows them to rape non-Muslim women.In 2010, 51.5 percent of all convicted rapists had immigrant backgrounds:Translated by Nicolai Sennels, BT July 22: “Every second convicted rapist has an immigrant background“"

Merkel backs faster deportation for migrants who commit crimes in Germany
From 2016. Together with her admission that no go zones exist (though it doesn't stop people today continuing to deny that), it's surprising the left still loves her

Merkel backs faster deportation for migrants who commit crimes in Germany : europe - "Talked to a lady who had been volunteering at a shelter for years and couldn't take it anymore.As a women you often get treated like a second class citizen. No handshake, no respect. Female doctor? Hell no!Refugees are often first class assholes. You put in a lot of effort to get them new clothing and strollers for the kids. - "Meh, I don't like that, get me a different one."You organize donations for christmas presents. Reaction: "Christmas? What's that? Oh, a Christian holiday? I won't take any presents from Christians."Trying to teach them to be generous: Could you donate 1€ for the clothing you just received? - "I'll sue your ass you cunt, you ain't taking my money."And it's getting worse, in the beginning it was mostly richer Syrians who spoke English and so forth. Now it is scum from all over the world, they often even refuse to take their once-a-week mandatory German class. "I demand a translator"...They steal a lot, even from staff, they broke into the storage room, then started fighting each other for the contents until police arrived. The whole area is littered with human poop.There were nice moments and extremely nice people too. But the lady couldn't take the shit anymore, especially the new waves of scumbags. Seeing the desperation in this really nice woman was scary as hell.I mean, what do our politicians expect? The whole Arabic world creates the same amount of patents as our federal state of Hessen. The reasons why these regions are so far behind is deeply rooted in their societies. It's not simply oppressive leaders or former colonialism. We are not enriching our culture, we are importing humans who'll likely be a burden on society for many decades."

Why Sweden Is Deporting High-Skilled Labor Migrants - ""Large numbers of global talent that have come to Sweden to work and contribute to Sweden’s welfare have been deported by the Swedish Migration Agency due to trivial mistakes. These mistakes are usually petty and are rarely committed (intentionally by the migrant)."... The Kompetensutvisning problem dates back to the so-called "New Law" of 2008, which sought to address a disparity in the famously-complicated Swedish labor system. Up until this point, high-skilled labor migrants could expect to receive a permanent residence permit on entering the country as employees. This was considered unfair to lower-skilled migrants, who had far fewer opportunities to enter Sweden and often worked under poor conditions when they did. The New Law was brought in to make sure all migrants came into Sweden on the same terms, regardless of their skills, salaries or professions."It was a way to make it equal opportunity for all, and this meant conditions were more tailored towards the low-skilled," said Henrik Emilsson, a doctor in International Migration and Ethnic Relations at Malmö University. "They introduced a lot of new control mechanisms so the low-skilled wouldn't be exploited on the Swedish labor market. (And) because we treat every labor migrant the same, the high-skilled also had to go through these extra controls."... the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce issued a report outlining the difficulties Swedish business is facing in attracting skilled labor."Workforce shortage has reached record levels in Sweden," said Andreas Hatzigeorgiou, CEO of the Chamber. "It is noticeable across the entire country."... "I thought Sweden was my home, and I got deported from there twice, even though I started a business, paid millions in taxes and even hired people in Sweden myself. I contributed as much as I could during my time there, but two deportations left a really bad taste in my mouth, in terms of how far away they are from humanity.""
They should just claim asylum instead
Once again, trying to prevent "exploitation" just makes people worse off

'Don't like to see little girls in veils? Move out of Sweden': Muslim teacher & Muslim politician clash on live TV - "Two Muslim women with opposing views on a headscarf ban in schools clashed in a fierce TV debate in Sweden. The teacher told the politician that people uncomfortable with the veil should just leave the country.The heated exchange between Naouel Aissaoui, a school teacher in the Swedish municipality of Skurup, and local politician Loubna Stensaker Goransson was over a ban on veils in public schools, which Goransson and other council officials enacted in December. The decision angered many educators, and Aissaoui is among those leading the pushback... Both women are Muslim and of immigrant background, but have opposing views on what the headscarf represents and whether it has a place in modern Sweden. During the debate, Goransson said people could not expect to "come to a country that is secular and equal and live with medieval values.""

Syrian man who circumcised 9 boys with SOLDERING GUN in Sweden gets suspended sentence & fine - "A Syrian man, who claimed to be a doctor and performed circumcisions on nine boys using a soldering gun has been given a suspended sentence, community service and a $10,000 fine.A resident of the city of Gavle, he is said to be in his 30s, he was charged with assault, causing bodily harm and violating Sweden's law on circumcision... A board member from the Bilaal school, who served as a go-between, has since been suspended and is facing deportation. The school was shut down in December last year by the municipality over a failure to meet the requirements of Swedish education laws. According to local media, law enforcement also found connections between the school’s management and an extremist network operating in Soderhamn."

Police: Suspect in church stabbings has criminal history - "A man suspected in the fatal stabbings of two people and the wounding of three others at a San Francisco Bay Area homeless shelter has a history of domestic violence and had been deported at least three times, officials said Wednesday.Fernando Jesus Lopez, 32, was on probation in San Joaquin County for felony domestic violence and was wanted in Santa Clara County on a misdemeanor domestic violence charge when he allegedly stabbed five people Sunday at San Jose’s Grace Baptist Church, San Jose Police Chief Eddie Garcia said.After his arrest in June in Santa Clara County, a judge released Lopez despite the fact that he had violated the conditions of his five-year probation out of the San Joaquin County and Santa Clara County had received a detention request from Immigration and Customs Enforcement... Garcia said the deaths were preventable and pointed to the county’s so-called sanctuary law that limits cooperation with federal immigration authorities... San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo echoed Garcia’s frustration with the judge’s decision to release Lopez “over the strong objections of our district attorney.”“This suspect had a long record of domestic violence and drug use, and he should have been in jail, in federal custody, in drug treatment, or in jail in his own country but not on the streets in our community,” Liccardo said.Liccardo has been pushing Santa Clara County to reconsider a policy that ignores federal hold requests for felons, urging officials to treat violent criminals in the country illegally differently from the rest of those who entered the U.S. without legal permission.“These failed policies are all within our control to change and we need to change them,” he said. The Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors voted last year to retain the county’s policy of not holding immigration suspects unless ICE agents present the county with a warrant or a judicial order despite pressure to change it after the February 2019 slaying of 54-year-old Bambi Larson.Police arrested Carlos Eduardo Arevalo Carranza, an immigrant from El Salvador and self-admitted gang member with a long criminal history in the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles, in Larson’s killing. Arevalo Carranza had been on the radar of ICE since 2013, when officials said he failed to show up in immigration court."

Crime and Immigration: Evidence from Large Immigrant Waves - "This paper focuses on empirical connections between crime and immigration, studying two large waves of recent U.K. immigration (the late 1990s/early 2000s asylum seekers and the post-2004 inflow from EU accession countries). The first wave led to a modest but significant rise in property crime, while the second wave had a small negative impact. There was no effect on violent crime; arrest rates were not different, and changes in crime cannot be ascribed to crimes against immigrants. The findings are consistent with the notion that differences in labor market opportunities of different migrant groups shape their potential impact on crime"

Understanding the Impact of Immigration on Crime - "Almost three quarters of Americans believe that immigration increases crime. Yet, existing academic research has shown no such effect. Using panel data on U.S. counties, this paper presents empirical evidence on a systematic, but small impact of immigration on crime. Consistent with the economic model of crime this effect is stronger for crimes motivated by financial gain, such as motor vehicle theft and robbery. Moreover, the effect is only present for those immigrants most likely to have poor labor market outcomes. Failure to account for the cost of increased crime would overstate the “immigration surplus,” but it would not reverse its sign."

Crime rises among second-generation immigrants as they assimilate
They're almost the same as natives overall. So among some subsets of immigrants, it's pretty much a fact that they commit more crime than natives

BBC Radio 4 - From Our Own Correspondent Podcast, From Our Home Correspondent 19/01/2020 - "Being a foreigner who doesn't speak English to a high standard means he can never be part of what he calls mainstream British society. For him, the fact that he's still in the UK offsets all the hardship, uncertainty and humiliation he's been through over the years. This is something that I, as a fellow Chinese, am still unable to understand. Like many undocumented Chinese immigrants here, he's worked in Chinatown restaurants. Now, you might think that doing this, he would have found his community. But in fact, the opposite was the case. He tells me that one of the ways men in Chinatown restaurants compete with each other is to report to the authorities when their rivals employ undocumented workers. One day he was caught out by this practice, and was then put in the detention center awaiting deportation. But Gary is cunning. He knows the commonly used device for many illegal migrants. That is seeking asylum. How did he do that? Well, he claimed that he had been an ardent Christian since his childhood. And if he was deported to China, he’d have faced religious persecution there. So as soon as his immigration lawyer stepped in, he was released and went underground once again. This is how he managed to stay in the UK, and the result of his asylum case is moot"
So much for nobody leaving home unless home is the mouth of a shark, and a philosophy functionally equivalent to #BelieveMigrants

Scottish Greens bid to give refugees right to vote - "Refugees and asylum seekers could be given the right to vote and stand as a candidate in Scottish elections under new proposals."
Doubtless they want open borders too. So...

76% of Muslims in Denmark want to ban criticism of Islam - "Almost eight out of ten Muslims living in Denmark want to make criticism of Islam illegal, according to a report from Denmark’s Ministry of Justice released called "Freedom of Speech in Denmark"... only 59 percent of people in the same group would welcome a law that would prohibit the introduction of sharia law in the country.However, putting the results of the study into a broader perspective, only 18 percent of Denmark’s population, including migrants from Muslim countries, would support banning criticism of Islam.As Voice of Europe reported, Dutch researcher Ruud Koopmans, who has been analyzing Muslim migrants living in Europe for more than 20 years, came to similar conclusions. His report from last year showed that two-thirds of Muslim migrants in Europe consider sharia law to be more important than the laws of the European country they reside in.Other studies in the past have shown other worrying results from Denmark, with four out of 10 Muslims in the country saying that Danish laws should be at least party based on sharia law, and over 10 percent even said Denmark's laws should be solely based on sharia law.Other countries like France have shown similar results. There, a survey showed that nearly half of Muslims support sharia law in the country. Danes are increasingly migrating to anti-immigration parties over concerns about Denmark's changing culture. The government also instituted a ban on burqas in 2018 and a petition to ban circumcision in the country received the 50,000 signatures required for a vote in parliament."

Why vaccine passports won't slow COVID spread, will hurt the poor and threaten medical ethics

Prescient, from October 2021:

Opinion: Why vaccine passports won't slow COVID spread, will hurt the poor and threaten medical ethics

 "1. What is the intent and what are the end points? Vaccine certificates impose a significant burden on the population. There will be ongoing costs to taxpayers to maintain this system, and businesses will bear costs for implementation and oversight, and may be subjected to fines. The additional uptake in vaccination rates in those who are either unvaccinated or without natural immunity from previous infection is unclear. Moreover, it is unclear whether vaccine certificates will impact those at greatest risk of severe disease either directly with increased rates of vaccination or indirectly with reduced rates of hospitalization and death, especially in hard-to-reach groups. In a rush to implement this system, governments have been unclear about how they will measure efficacy, which implies there may not be a clear plan on when to scale back; perceivably, this program could be in effect for years to come. With the precedent for vaccine certificates established, there may be a desire to include other seasonal viruses, excluding increasingly larger segments of society from “non-essential” services.

2. Can we stop transmission with vaccine certificates? Probably not. The latest data suggest that vaccination reduces transmission by around 50 per cent at six months with evidence of further waning thereafter. Vaccines may help to slow spread of the virus, but they will not achieve the kind of herd immunity we see with such diseases as measles. Vaccine certificates may offer a false sense of reassurance to those who are vaccinated, if the belief is that they cannot contract or transmit the virus. The data is clear that vaccines offer a substantial reduction in risk of serious illness and death. If the goal of the certificate program is to provide further protection to those already vaccinated, this both underestimates the substantial protection already afforded and overestimates the efficacy of the vaccine in reducing transmission. Vaccine certificates for “non-essential” services will not touch industries hit hardest in previous waves, such as warehouses and factories. Implementation of targeted approaches in at-risk workplaces makes more sense, with the deployment of mobile vaccination units, regular point of care testing and protected pay for those with symptoms or high-risk exposures.

3. What are the logistical considerations of such a program? Those who are fully vaccinated may be amongst those denied access if they do not have a printer or mobile device, or if they have forgotten their documentation at home. This will especially impact the poor, those who are homeless, those with developmental delays or those who suffer from cognitive impairment. Newcomers will be subject to another set of vaccines if those approved in their home country are not recognized here. Businesses will be asked to deny services, sometimes to long-standing, loyal customers, at the expense of lost income desperately needed after months of forced closures. In addition, we can expect the workloads of numerous providers (ie. doctors, religious leaders) to grow exponentially with the additional tasks of proving vaccination status or providing exemptions. This demand will almost certainly strain relationships at a time when rapport could facilitate positive decision-making around vaccination.

4. What are the unintended consequences? Let’s take the example of fitness gyms, which have been deemed “non-essential.” One of the most important risk factors for severe COVID-19 illness is obesity. Many people rely on gyms, especially during the winter months, to access physical activity and maintain their ideal body weight. Those who live in apartment dwellings may not have access to green spaces for exercise. Thus, by barring access to gyms, we are restricting physical activity, which in turn contributes to increasing rates of obesity and greater risk for severe disease.   Ironically, by excluding the unvaccinated from common social institutions, we run the risk of congregation of unvaccinated individuals outside of these institutions. When this does occur, it is more likely to be without mitigation measures. COVID-19 is spread through social networks, meaning that this action could increase the number of infections circulating amongst unvaccinated people, increasing adverse outcomes.

5. Why are people vaccine-hesitant? While it is easy to dismiss the unvaccinated as conspiracy theorists and selfish, this is overly simplistic and frankly inaccurate. The unvaccinated are disproportionately of lower socio-economic status, ethnic minorities and children. Many minority groups have legitimate reasons to distrust the medical establishment, based on a long and sordid history of racism and classism. Some are unable to get vaccinated because they cannot afford time off work for vaccination and post-vaccine side effects. It is imperative that we understand the unintended potential health equity impacts of vaccine certificates on specific population groups, and that we target our efforts to vaccinate these populations in a way that is respectful, accessible and meaningful. Perhaps the greatest oversight with vaccine certificates is the lack of recognition of natural immunity. Those who have been previously infected may not wish to receive vaccination. This conviction is supported by recent data that natural immunity is as good or better than vaccine-induced immunity. If this is true, why are we excluding those with durable protection from society? Moreover, a lack of acknowledgement of protection by way of natural immunity may serve to reinforce the optics of pharmaceutical involvement in policy-making.

6. Are vaccine certificates ethical? One of the most sacred principles in medical ethics is autonomy, meaning that an individual has the right to decide what happens to their body. Those with underlying health conditions may genuinely fear vaccines could worsen their overall health; a belief which requires empathy and education. Even the most well-informed individual cannot provide informed consent if their “choice” is coerced. Vaccine certificates render the individual in an impossible place of having to choose vaccination or loss of employment and exclusion from society. This impossible “choice” forces the hand of those in this predicament and ultimately results in consent under duress. While population-based data are reassuring in terms of overall vaccine safety, side effects do occur. How will we respond when vaccine-hesitant individuals experience a serious adverse event, claiming that they did not “choose” to have vaccination in the first place? Loss of trust in the medical establishment can lead to poor health outcomes, as patients may avoid care and be less receptive to medical management. Given that we have exceeded numerous vaccine targets and offered protection to those at greatest risk, we should make every effort at this time to maintain patient autonomy and guide with openness rather than exclusion.

Public health interventions need to take into account not only the immediate threat before us, but also the downstream negative effects that may occur as a result of our actions. The introduction of vaccine certificates threatens individual autonomy and societal norms, and runs the risk of further isolating marginalized groups without clear metrics to assess efficacy. The sacrifices that have been made throughout this pandemic are astonishing and we have achieved great success with excellent vaccine uptake overall. After a long and lonely battle, we need to remember, “we’re all in this together”; now, more than ever, we need to unite as a society."


Links - 22nd January 2022 (1 - General Wokeness)

Facebook - "So, now that we're tearing down idols to the unacceptable, I'm looking forward to never seeing a Che t-shirt again, given that he put gay people in camps as 'agents of imperialism'."

James Lindsay, a better human on Twitter - "The Democrats constantly tell us they're the ones fighting to end systemic racism, but when given a simple opportunity to stop ongoing (not "historical") discrimination happening TODAY against Asian-Americans, Senate Democrats did a party-line vote to maintain systemic racism."
On university discrimination against Asians

Sean Last on Twitter - "A challenge: is one person from the Editorial Board of @JConIdeas willing to state publicly that they agree with the content of this article? If not, why exactly did they publish it?"
"Social scientists have become so conformist and status quo pushing they they literally can’t understand the very idea of publishing controversial work if you don’t openly agree with it. Attitudes like this would be funny if they weren’t doing so much damage to science."
On the Journal of Controversial Ideas publishing an article on Cognitive Creationism (i.e. Liberal Tabula Rasa)
Replies: "The social sciences wield immense power (not least, as teachers & advisors of our politicians), but are hardly more knowledgeable of society than were the medieval clergy, trapped as they are in a pre-Darwinian dark age."

Meme - "I have the same opinions as every major tv news channel, newspaper, and social media giant.
I have the same opinions as every major corporation
I have the same opinions as the UN and almost every state and local government in the world.
I am a rebellious, free thinking renegade who is impervious to propaganda"

Good Samaritan Church Pinellas Park - Posts | Facebook - "We worship a man of color murdered by keepers of the law"
Jews are people of colour? The outrage squad is going to descend
Not to mention the conflation of the judicial process with murder. Then again, liberals believe that, so

℃hris™️ on Twitter - "•Holocaust was legal
-People who hid Jews were criminals
•Slavery was legal
-People who freed slaves were criminals
•Segregation was legal
-People who stood up for equality and justice were criminals
Our government and laws aren’t a guide to human decency and morality." But of course liberals love laws they agree with

Cotton picking lesson leaves Black middle school students reeling in Spokane - "It’s been almost a month since Emzayia and Zyeshauwne Feazell, 14-year-old twins, have stopped attending classes at Sacajawea Middle School in Spokane.  That’s when, they said, an activity in their 8th grade social studies class left them feeling hurt, angry, and traumatized. The class was in the middle of a unit about industrial economics. As part of a classroom activity, their teacher pulled out a box of raw cotton and told the class they were going to do a “fun” activity to see who could clean the cotton the fastest.  Emzayia and Zyeshauwne, who are Black, said their teacher’s activity made them feel uncomfortable... The twins were the only Black students — and only students of color — in their social studies class that day... What happened to the Feazell girls at Sacajawea Middle School is just one occurrence of a larger trend of using problematic activities to teach students about slavery.  In 2019, a fifth-grade teacher in New York was accused of holding a mock slave auction. In March, an official at a middle school in Mississippi apologized for an activity that asked students to pretend they were enslaved and write letters that glossed over the reality of enslavement."
It doesn't pay to try to plan creative, hands-on lessons, since grievance mongers are everywhere
Maybe the moral of the story is that schools should be segregated again so minorities won't be triggered

Amiri King on Twitter - "I don’t know who needs to hear this, but visiting Mount Rushmore does not make you a racist. Neither did using a particular pancake syrup. You all have diminished the meaning of that word. That word is about as useful as a rape whistle on Epstein Island."

Brian 🇩🇴 on Twitter - "You racist Latinos are worst than racist whites. At least they’re privileged...you just wish you were."
Since anyone who disagrees with a liberal is racist...

Michelle Byrne on Twitter - *Straight pride sign* "Homophobic hate on show in Waterford City again tonight - covered the place in ‘straight pride’ posters. This follows the burning of a Pride flag and the cutting down of the replacement Pride flag in just over a week. #Pride"
Does this mean gay pride is heterophobic?

Breitbart - Posts | Facebook - "Millionaire Hollywood Elite Anthony Mackie says taking on the role of Captain America was humbling but difficult because America prevents black men from succeeding."
"Marvel Star Anthony Mackie: America Keeps Black Men from Seeing Their Potential"
Comment (elsewhere): "Two hyper-privileged millionaires pretending to be victims. My pet theory is the easier someone got to their privileged positions in life (let's be real acting isn't as tough as most real jobs or say being born a royal/children of rich people) the more likely they'd want to assuage their guilt from feeling they are unfairly lucky via creating imaginary oppression and oppressors."

No, the British government is not 'white nationalist' - "the Guardian... published an interview with Halima Begum, head of the Runnymede Trust, a ‘race equality’ think tank, in which she accused the UK’s Conservative government of pursuing a divisive ‘white nationalist’ agenda – one which supposedly prioritises the white working classes at the expense of non-white ethnic minorities in a bid to consolidate the Tories’ newfound support in Labour’s traditional heartlands. She also criticised government ministers for failing to respond meaningfully to the ‘seismic shifts’ represented by the Black Lives Matters (BLM) demonstrations and the disproportionate effect of the Covid-19 pandemic on BAME communities.   In many ways, Begum’s intervention is not surprising. It just further confirms how the ‘anti-racism’ industry is being colonised by ideologues intent on keeping non-white people locked into a perpetual state of grievance and victimhood. The reality of the matter is that some of the most severely disadvantaged communities in the UK are predominantly white. These communities can be found in Britain’s long-abandoned post-industrial and coastal towns, which have suffered from long-term economic decline, and political and cultural exclusion – thanks to decades of free-market globalism and liberal cosmopolitanism. To suggest that devoting greater political attention to these neglected communities is a form of white nationalism is exactly the kind of hysterical identitarianism that undermines the broader anti-racist cause. Begum is right that the BLM movement has caused seismic shifts in British society. But these shifts do not represent progress. A recent poll by Opinium found that a majority of people – 55 per cent – believed that BLM has actually increased racial tensions. This view is also shared by a plurality of ethnic-minority Brits (44 per cent). Labour voters were also notably more likely to agree than disagree with the view that BLM has heightened racial tensions in British society. These survey results show how BLM has undermined social cohesion, and sown division and antagonism. No government in a multi-racial democracy should seriously entertain ideological movements which are clearly willing to sacrifice social solidarity on the altar of radical identity politics.   But the liberal left has not just embraced BLM’s racial identitarianism over the past year. It has also racially weaponised Covid. In other words, the gravest national public-health crisis in the postwar era has been exploited by the anti-racism lobby in order to paint the UK government as a racist administration which does not care about its own ethnic-minority citizens. Yes, it is true that the pandemic has exposed very real socioeconomic disparities between the UK’s ethnic groups. But to ignore the myriad factors at play here – from geography and housing, to occupation and lifestyle – and blame such disparities on ‘structural racism’ is an especially crude and dangerous form of victimhood politics. Indeed, government adviser Dr Raghib Ali, senior clinical research associate at the MRC Epidemiology Unit at the University of Cambridge, has stated that structural racism is not a reasonable explanation for disparities between ethnic groups, and that focusing on factors such as occupation and housing would be more helpful...   Begum’s labelling of the government’s policy agenda as white nationalist is a case in point. Racial nationalism, remember, is an ideology that frames national identity in racial terms. To be racially nationalist, as Begum claims the government is, is to want to preserve the ‘racial purity’ of a nation by facilitating the repatriation of existing racial minorities and halting flows of inward migration of other races. In the British context, white nationalists attempt to root ‘Britishness’ in racial identity, so that one can only be considered British if one is white. This reflects one of the key pillars of white nationalism internationally — namely, the commitment to the idea of the ‘white ethno-state’. The government can be accused of many things, but it hardly makes sense to suggest it is committed to forging a white ethno-state. After all, this is an administration with an Indian-origin home secretary, who recently created an immigration route for millions of Hong Kong residents wishing to flee from Chinese state oppression and start a new life in the UK."
Liberals: Racial minorities aren't more prone to crime. It's poverty. You need to adjust for confounding factors
Also Liberals: Covid hitting racial minorities more is proof of white supremacy
Since to liberals whiteness = success, maybe anyone promoting success is a white nationalist

Black Hammer Group "Liberates" Colorado Land For CHOP Commune - "The Black Hammer communist and virulent anti-semite group has “liberated” 200 acres in Colorado for their own new and improved commune... Woohoo!! The ultimate DREAM! Food, water, and housing will magically appear while the Covid Wuhan lung rot will magically disappear! The land is amazing and all who reside there will magically thrive... Hate to burst their bubble, but burst it I will. Two hundred acres of high mountain land in Colorado is rocky, it’s full of clay, and definitely not easy ground to work with while building an earthbag home or planting a garden. Furthermore, the planting and growing season in Colorado is VERY short. Oh, but wait, perhaps they’ll be as successful as the CHAZ/CHOP kiddies were in Seattle with their garden!"

How could anyone hate Anne Frank? - "Black Hammer, which calls itself a “revolutionary organization” working for “all colonized people worldwide,” tweeted monthly statements condemning the most famous victim of the Holocaust as a “colonizer” and a “bleach demon.” In one video, Gazi Kodzo, the founder of the organization, says “Anne Frank is white, and white equals colonizer.” He later calls her a “parasite.” Another post features a photo of “The Diary of a Young Girl” next to a fire, implying it will be burned... Anne Frank “benefitted from the looting of stolen land,” colonialism and slavery by virtue of living in Europe, and that “Anne Frank is literally amerikan propaganda used to silence colonized people on the harm yt jews are doing today to colonized people.” (The spelling errors were theirs.)... While Anne herself was in no way a colonizer, the fact that school systems, museums and public figures so often prioritize her narrative over those of people of color is troubling. Why is Anne’s diary so ubiquitous on school syllabuses when, for example, Toni Morrison’s work frequently makes the American Library Association’s list of the Top 10 most banned and challenged books? (Anne’s diary has been challenged but not banned.) Why is her face so widely recognized and her story so fully known, when those of nonwhite children in war-torn Syria or Gaza or Afghanistan tend to disappear in a numbing flood?... It’s worth noting that a bill expanding Holocaust education passed almost unanimously in the House of Representatives, and was signed into law by President Trump in 2020 — the same year he signed an executive order forbidding the teaching of critical race theory and “divisive concepts,” including depictions of sexism. Something has gone wrong if the diary is taught widely while our current struggles with racism are verboten in schools... She recalled the controversy when the U.S. Holocaust Museum was being planned and built in the 1980s, long before the museums of Native American and African American culture and history that now also stand on the National Mall.  “People said, ‘Why are you focusing on that instead of focusing on American racism?’”"
By the logic of intersectionality, who is the victim here? The Jew who got killed in genocide or the Black Communists?
I like how they imply that it's a false flag, then mention similar logic. Clearly the sentiment is genuinely held by many
I like how Holocaust education is supposed to be the same as Critical Race Theory
Whataboutism is only bad when liberals use it as a slur

James Lindsay, intentionally unendurable intellect on Twitter/a> - "The left is overflowing with conspiracy theories that they don't think are conspiracy theories because they think conspiracy theories are only right-wing phenomena. Same as with authoritarianism"
"A large percentage of educated adults believe one fifth of women are raped while attending college, and that students faculty and law enforcement are all colluding to cover it up."
"Obama's White House, with Biden as Veep, not only promoted this conspiracy theory actively, they wrote it into terrible policy, largely by Biden's hand. It took Trump's DoEd three years to do anything with it. The intention is to get back to that program, possibly amplified."

Rachel Klein on Twitter - "“Judeo-Christian” isn’t a thing. It a) positions Jews & Christians against Muslims, is Islamophobic b) elides Christian oppression & murder of Jews over more than 1000 years & c) ignores Jewish civilization worldwide & facts of  key Jewish developments in Middle East & N Africa."
"Yup. The concept of “Judeo-Christian” is white supremacy, and buying into it as a Jew is a symptom of a naive hope that your proximity to western whiteness will somehow protect you, despite the historical data that suggests it never will."
All the Jewish turkeys voting for Christmas. But then Marx was anti-semitic too

Mysa Mami on Twitter - "Being a woman and dressing up in 1896 looks exhausting"
"They did all this work to go outside and terrorize black people"
Liberals claim that they want people to be taught history. But really they mean indoctrinating people into hating their country and white people

Gambia President: LGBT stands for leprosy, gonorrhoea, bacteria and tuberculosis - "Jammeh’s was speaking to mark the 49th anniversary of Gambia’s independent from Britain.  “We will fight these vermins called homosexuals or gays the same way we are fighting malaria-causing mosquitoes, if not more aggressively”... He was responding to threats by Britain and other countries to stop aid to any government that passes anti-gay laws, as other African countries like Nigeria and Uganda introduced harsher laws for homosexuals recently. Jammeh said his government would not give into this pressure...   “As far as I am concerned, LGBT can only stand for leprosy, gonorrhoea, bacteria and tuberculosis; all of which are detrimental to human existence.”"
Will liberals engage in cultural imperialism?

Friday, January 21, 2022

Links - 21st January 2022 (2 - Trans Mania [plus: 'females'])

Jordyn Jay on Twitter - "If you are LGBQ+ person, you have stable income, and you are able to live proudly in your truth, donations to Black trans women should be a part of your monthly budget. If you are a cis man and you have stable income, you should be donating to Black trans women as reparations."

AMAB friendly period tracker? : MtF - "As someone who does not menstrate, I am struggling to find a good period tracker that does not assume I bleed. It can be really difficult for amab transwomen to track their periods because we dont menstruate. Ive been feeling like utter shit for a few days and just now realized i am on my period again. Does anyone know of a tracker app that is amab friendly? Everyone talks about flow, but that app assumes you are afab. It does not seem to have any options for trans people who do not menstruate.
EDIT: I am assuming this got down voted by a bunch of uneducated shitheads thinking they know shit. Yes, trans women have periods. Look it the fuck up you smooth brains. The fact that I need to write this disclaimer on this subreddit is fucking alarming. Educate yourselves on your bodies ladies."
Trans mania is founded on a delusion after all

Meme - "When someone calling you by the wrong name causes you to have a breakdown and seeing yourself in the mirror causes unending mental anguish but you definitely don't have a mental illness so the solution is to cause irreparable harm to your body through mutilating surgeries and hormone injections"

‘Non-Binary’ Singer Sam Smith Gets Insanely Creepy Tattoo of a Little Boy in High Heels and Underwear - "The tattoo, done in simple black line art, features a very young boy in his underwear and high heels while looking in the mirror. Of course, this disturbing imagery is being celebrated and cheered on by the liberal media — who are doing the whole “stunning and brave” bit while claiming this rubbish is some meaningful art about his “gender identity.” Though the fawning media class was quick to assign deep sentiments about the half naked child art, Smith himself has not actually commented on his motivations. Page Six even went as far as referring to the little boy in the tattoo as a “short-haired person” to apparently avoid misgendering a tattoo."

Brown Sugar Rarely a trifle utterance utterer on Twitter - "Misgendering kills. ️ Castration, infertilization and mastectomies of teenage children is okay. 🏽"

The Yaboiposting - Posts | Facebook - "Halle Berry says she won't play the role of a transgender man following criticism"
"The 41%ers think this is a win for them, win in reality it means another piece of their propaganda never making it to the bigscreen. I’ll take it!"

Facebook - "#RedditHatesWomen Reddit has delete 7 years of women’s voice and content because it’s not trans inclusive. THEY REMOVED SUBREDDITS FOR PCOS BECAUSE HAVING AN OVARY AND THE PAIN AND COMPLICATIONS THAT ARISE FROM PCOS IS NOT INCLUSIVE. And yet they kept subreddits like r/strugglefucking which is all about rape. This is censorship. This is an erasure of female bodies. This is misogyny. Go on the men sub reddit and delete them too because they mention the male anatomy too. Nah man and when women speak up about this they are cancelled by the mob. Well cancel me bitch because I’m not afraid."

Satiria - Posts | Facebook - "Gay rights activism has historically focused on lobbying for gay people to be allowed to do gay things with their own bodies. This differs radically from modern trans rights activism, which, critically, demands that the transgendered person have access to other peoples' bodies; from being able to use bathroom facilities reserved for persons of the opposite sex at one end of the scale, to 'trans women' (men) demanding sexual intercourse with lesbians for no reason other than that they, the 'trans woman', identifies as a woman. Whereas gay rights have been fought for solely to combat exclusion, trans rights may be being fought for in order to require compliance. That this outcome is possible makes the trans rights movement a narcissistic sex cult, intent on committing a sexual assault by deception on our civilisation while demanding that we willing surrender ourselves and subjugate our own preferences and orientations to those of trans activism, when and how trans activism demands it. Discuss."

Transgender prisoner attacked guards after razors were taken away meaning she could not shave - "Marcia Walker, 47, a child rapist formally known as Mark Walker, is legally recognised as female by the prison authorities but has been in a long-running dispute over access to gender realignment surgery. Durham Crown Court was told that Walker reacted angrily when prison officers from Frankland jail objected to her having razor blades. She claimed being unable to shave herself worsened her gender dysphoria and, when prison officers entered her cell, spat at one and told him: "I have Covid." During the same incident, Walker also made a specific threat to kill the prison's custody manager, Michael Roachford, as well as threatening another inmate. The court heard that Walker was already angry that copies of National Geographic magazine – sent into jail by a charity – had been confiscated from her cell because they contained pictures of naked children."

¿jordan¿ on Twitter - "misgendering sucks, but what feels even more violent is when people get my pronouns right and i can tell they still perceive me as a man"

Meme - "I'm a type 1 diabetic. The insulin that keeps me alive cost thousands of dollars a month. When trans people say their hormones are "lifesaving' it's an ableist insult. No, trans people will not LITERALLY die without hormones. I don't care how much they will "hurt" or want to ell themselves, they will ACTUALLY survive. Check back in a month, and their bodies will still be functioning. Type 1 diabetics will physically and undeniably be dead. And not only dead, but will have died a HORRIFIC and preventable death. These two claims are not and will never be the same."

ayybates on Twitter - "not wanting to date trans women stems from y’all not viewing them as “real” women... so yes your “preference” is transphobic."
"Man, we went from "someone else's sexual preferences are none of your business" to "shut up and take the dick, lesbians" real fast"
The "myth" of the slippery slope strikes again!

Meme - "RAPE CULTURE Is When MEN Feel Entitled to Sex From a Woman! This Is Oppressive! And Women Don't Owe You Anything!!!
Also if You're a Lesbian Who Won't Date Me Because l'M a Non-Binary Transtren- I Mean Transwoman Then You Are a TRANSPHOBIC BIGOT and You Should Feel Bad for Rejecting Me!"

‘Bitty Bug Soft Packer’ Crocheted Penis for Young ‘Trans' Children - "A transgender crafter is advertising a pattern for a crocheted prosthetic “penis” that can be worn by young “trans and non-binary” children. Bethany Amborn describes at knitting and crocheting website Ravelry the “Bitty Bug Soft Packer” is for use by children, while the “Lil’ Bug Soft Packer” is “for use by trans and non-binary folks, or as an anatomical model.”"

YOUTUBE.COM / VITO on Twitter - "The transgender community has declared that purchasing Cyberpunk 2077 is an act of transphobia. They are asking everyone who purchases the game to donate $70 to a transgender individual as a form of reparations. Will you be donating?"

EPIC: Some Michigan Residents Use Transgender 'Logic' to Go Maskless - "“A lot of people are using the phrase, ‘I identify as fully vaccinated’ and taking their masks off,” Kerry Ott, public information officer for the Luce, Mackinac, Alger, and Schoolcraft (LMAS) health department told Michigan Radio. “I’m not kidding …They’re not vaccinated, but they’re going to take their masks off.” So? What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, right? When so many buy into the idea that if you feel like you’re a woman when biologically you are a man, there’s no justification for saying one can’t identify as “fully vaccinated” when they are not."
Of course liberals will claim that you hurt people if you're not vaccinated but claim you are, ignoring the fact that even the added risk of not wearing a mask is conditional on being infected, and the added risk isn't even that much, as well as ignoring how biological men in women's sports hurts women

Megan Rapinoe slams Caitlyn Jenner after trans athletes comments - “"You were an exceptional athlete. You’re not an exceptional politician.”... Speaking from her private Malibu airplane hangar, Caitlyn Jenner also praised Donald Trump as a “disruptor”, and whined that her super-rich friends were leaving California so they don’t have to see homeless people."
Exceptional politician = one who agrees with liberals

WOKE WATCH: Caitlin Jenner not the right kind of trans pioneer - "They said she was “stunning and brave.” But now that Caitlyn Jenner is poised to make a run for California governor on the Republican ticket, the state’s LGBTQ community has gone ballistic."

Meme - "The Left when Caitlyn Gender decides to run for Governor of California as a Republican
"First trans governor"
"Vote blue no matter who""

Caitlyn Jenner faces backlash amongst LGBTQ community over campaign for California Governor

Caitlyn Jenner Slammed for ‘Blatant Transphobia’ After Reposting Donald Trump Jr. Meme Mocking Dr. Rachel Levine
You're not allowed to criticise trans people, even if you're trans. But if that person isn't a liberal that's good.

PinkNews - Posts | Facebook - "We need to fight the stigma around menstruation. All menstruating people must be considered in the conversation around period care, including trans, non-binary and intersex people. ️"
"Not all women have periods and not all people who have periods are women"
Top comment: "By TERF logic, a kid who starts their first one at age 11 is automatically a “woman” and that’s a line of logic that gets incredibly dark incredibly fast. There aren’t many groups of people with the best interests of children at heart who perform that amount of mental gymnastics to pretend that preteens are indistinguishable from adults to them."
Ironically, it's a good bet that it also claims that only incel call women "females"

If you call women "females", I will automatically and correctly assume your a virgin - Raw Confessions
So much for "inclusive language" being good.
Objectification of women is bad. Unless you're calling them people with vaginas and literally reducing them to their body parts because trans women are bigger victims than women in general

Is “female” as a noun misogynistic? : AskFeminists
Apparently 1 year old girls are "women" too

Why do incels/niceguys call women "females"? : NoStupidQuestions

Here's HARVARD MEDICAL SCHOOL referring to women as "BIRTHING PEOPLE" - "'The webinar panelists used the term "birthing person" to include those who identify as non-binary or transgender because not all who give birth identify as "women" or "girls." We understand the reactions to this terminology and in no way meant for it to erase or dehumanize women.' Yes, they now call women "birthing people" so as to not offend any women who may identify as men. "Not all who give birth identify as 'women' or 'girls,'" they say. This is not Huffington Post or stinking Jezebel; This is Harvard Medical School. This is real life, this is our world now."
Of course, we are told that only misogynists call women females

Barbara Kay: The complicated truth about transwomen in women’s prisons - "tected single-sex spaces like sport, abuse shelters and prisons have been compromised. That this double-cross of women is happening with the full-throated complicity of policy-makers who call themselves feminists is especially confounding... It is now government policy that men who identify as women — or say they do — are permitted to request transfer to women’s prison, where conditions are more pleasant, since violence there is not the issue it is in men’s prisons. These natal males are not required to undergo sex reassignment surgery, as used to be the case, which set a numerically low limit to those qualifying, or even required to embark on a hormone program. Amongst those natal males who have been permitted to transfer to Canadian women’s prisons have been a serial pedophile, a serial sex offender, a contract killer, a child killer and a murderer... According to Pierini, and not disputed by CAEFS, in a room of more than 60 women — mostly CAEFS directors, staffers and regional volunteers — Kathy’s story was met with stony silence. She was ushered from the room in tears. After she left, comments began to buzz, such as: “I’m sorry for what happened to her, but you don’t need a vagina to be a woman”; and “I am concerned about the transphobia in this room.” The discussion reverted to the need for full support of transwomen from CAEFS, as though Kathy had not spoken at all. The meeting ended with CAEFS adopting a blanket resolution of trans inclusion that, among other things, would come to mean supporting the transfer of any trans-identifying males from men’s prisons to women’s prisons. Before it was passed, a number of staffers and volunteers attempted to insert an amendment that would exclude prisoners with a history of sexual assault, and that would maintain female-only spaces. But they failed, and the resolution passed with a solid majority. Afterward, Pierini told me, regional advocates with whom she had up to then enjoyed warm relations, snubbed her as they left the room. The discussion reverted to the need for full support of transwomen from CAEFS, as though Kathy had not spoken at all. The meeting ended with CAEFS adopting a blanket resolution of trans inclusion that, among other things, would come to mean supporting the transfer of any trans-identifying males from men’s prisons to women’s prisons. Before it was passed, a number of staffers and volunteers attempted to insert an amendment that would exclude prisoners with a history of sexual assault, and that would maintain female-only spaces. But they failed, and the resolution passed with a solid majority. Afterward, Pierini told me, regional advocates with whom she had up to then enjoyed warm relations, snubbed her as they left the room. It was a pivotal moment of disillusionment for Pierini and a cadre of other CAEFS staff and volunteers, who stepped down from CAEFS involvement. A resistance movement coalesced and, under the leadership of Heather Mason, an outspoken former prisoner/activist (who brought me this story), materialized in a June 2 open letter to the CAEFS executive director and board members, signed by 22 CAEFS dissidents with prison experience, in which Kathy’s humiliating experience was described as a tipping point in their dissatisfaction. The letter’s most powerful lines are these: “We think back to the situation for women in the 1930s when a tunnel was built between P4W (Prison for Women) and Kingston Penitentiary so that women could be carried underground, to be sexually abused by male prisoners. What has changed? The tunnel is now ideological, and all it takes is a transfer.”... Mason cites a May 2019 meeting between stakeholders in the male-transfer issue with former Deputy Commissioner for Women, Kelly Blanchette, who “reported that of all transfer requests from men’s prisons, 50 per cent came from sex offenders who offended as men (accounting) for 20 per cent of the male prison population overall.” (Sexual crimes are attached to about two per cent of women prisoners.)... Elizabeth Fry would have known that limits to “inclusion” for natal males must be set at the point where women start paying for trans inclusion in fear, heightened risk and abuse. And so should any organization that bears her name."

Newsom needs to halt transgender mixing of prison populations, women advocates say - "A California law allowing transgender inmates to pick the prison gender of their choice has come under fire from a women’s rights group citing abuse of females by men. In a letter to Gov. Gavin Newsom, the Women’s Liberation Front accused the state of violating the constitutional rights of incarcerated women by allowing men into their living quarters to “prey on women.” Since the law took effect on Jan. 1, WLF has received numerous complaints of assaulted, abused, and traumatized women at the hands of male inmates transferred into their prisons"

California women inmates decry being housed with male prisoners - "At medical clinics inside the Central California Women’s Facility, newly available resources suggest that women housed there should anticipate a heightened risk of being raped... Posters displayed in these medical clinics advertise a variety of options for “pregnant people” who might become pregnant while in prison. The methods available to female inmates to prevent pregnancies are condoms and the emergency contraception Plan B. Yet these measures were only deemed necessary after the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation started allowing men, who claim a gender identity other than their biological sex, to be housed with women earlier this year... three out of the four trans-identifying men that she wrote about are HIV-positive, according to a CIW officer. The department’s push to distribute condoms to the prison population for the purposes of avoiding liability was too late... In 2015, access to condoms became law in the Golden State. It was the second state in the nation, after Vermont, to allow all state prisoners to have access to condoms even though sex between prisoners is unlawful... “What kind of human being would intentionally cause harm by placing a number [of] HIV-infected, anatomically male prisoners among the female prisoners?” she asked, adding that the general public is not aware that this is happening... "We have male officers who have to announce their presence when they even walk down the hall! In case we're undressed! Yet, now men can share our showers.”"

Meme - "It's easier to come out as gay now than it is to come out as a Conservative"
"And that's because there's nothing wrong with being gay..." When you prove the point

Jasmine('s boobs hurt) on Twitter - "Can't understand guys that don't want a trans girlfriend. Like bro, you could have had a girlfriend that wears lingerie AND plays Smash Bros with you, but you had to be transphobic, smh 🤦🏻‍♀️"
Normally this sort of sentiment would be misogynistic, but since trans women are above cis women in the progressive stack...

Meme - "@MairuFox: Whoever said "you can just be a girl" is a fucking liar. I've been on hrt for 7 years. 7!!! When the fuck does the girl happen?!?!"

Mark Sparrow в Twitter - "Just a friendly reminder that u should call ur animals by gender-neutral or multiple pronouns. They CAN understand you and YES it is possible for an animal to be trans. Your cat having a penis does not make it male. It is straight up animal abuse to deliberately misgender your pets so please do not do it."
"Please don't misgender your pets. Choose a gender-neutral pronoun for them."

Todd the white man 🇿🇦 on Twitter - "I'm just saying. There's absolutely no way a 12 Yr old knows for sure that she's a polyamorous, androgynous, gender Nuetral, non binary, pansexual, demi boy who's pronouns are Xim/Xer. She got that shit from tumblr and the grown adults grooming her there. Take her phone away."

Physical fitness differences between prepubescent boys and girls - " The purpose of this study was to analyze in which physical capabilities boys and girls are closer or distant. An additional objective was to find which of the body fat, physical activity, and somatotype factors have a greater effect on prepubescent children's physical fitness. This was a cross-sectional study involving 312 children (10.8 ± 0.4 years). The physical fitness assessment employed sets of aerobic fitness, strength, flexibility, speed, agility, and balance. The boys presented higher values in all selected tests, except tests of balance and flexibility, in which girls scored better. Gender differences in the physical fitness were greatest in the explosive strength of upper (p ≤ 0.01, η(p)(2) = 0.09) and lower limbs (p ≤ 0.01, η(p)(2) = 0.08), although with a medium-size effect of gender, and smaller in the abdominal (p > 0.05, η(p)(2) = 0.007) and upper limbs (p > 0.05, η(p)(2) = 0.003) muscular endurance, and trunk extensor strength and flexibility (p > 0.05, η(p)(2) = 0.001). The endomorphic (p ≤ 0.01, η(p)(2) = 0.26) in the girls, and the ectomorphic (p ≤ 0.01, η(p)(2) = 0.31) and mesomorphic (p ≤ 0.01, η(p)(2) = 0.26) in the boys, had the high-sized effect on the physical fitness. The physical activity in the girls, and the endomorphic and body fat in the boys, did not have a significant effect. These findings can help in the planning of activities that take into account the success and motivation of both boys and girls and thus increase levels of physical activity and physical fitness at school. However, in prepubescent children, one cannot neglect the influence of genetic determinism, observed from the morphoconstitutional point of view."
I saw a liberal claiming that there was no justification for banning trans girls in high schools from playing in girls' leagues, even though he grudgingly accepted the science on adult athletes
Note that this is for prepubescents - post puberty biological males' advantages would only grow

Ðimitri on Twitter - "Non-binary is basically when a spectrum of mental illness intersects with a spectrum of attention seeking."

James Lindsay - Posts | Facebook - "The dialectical moves from the radical left are calibrated to provoke responses that further the dialectical goals. "All men are created equal" (an older variant of "all lives matter") is the dialectical target of "black lives matter."
See how it works yet?
They say "black lives matter," negating by implication (in both directions) "all men are created equal." People reply "all lives matter," a rearticulation of "all men are created equal," and they argue it explicitly erases black lives, and the dialectical process continues.
This exact same trick is utilized in gender affirmation. If you affirm gender, biological sex (and sexual relations) are negated. If you don't, you're "literally erasing existence," and the negation continues morally.
They're making young people mentally ill to effect this too.
The fact that they're literally driving young people into mental and spiritual illness to achieve a deconstruction of society to prop up their ambitions is evil. Sick and twisted. The radical left isn't liberating the youth; they're using and destroying them, and they don't care.
The reason you can't have a conversation with the radical left is because conversation requires seeing both partners as equals in some regard. No conversation is possible when one side sees itself as wholly superior. That's domination and participants are in bondage."

DEBUNKED: Trans health care isn’t being 'rolled back' by Trump - "Every few months, the media rolls out a new scary headline about LGBT rights being removed. You may remember the claim in 2017 that the CDC was banning the word “transgender” from their work, or in 2018 when the narrative was Trump taking away the ability for people to legally change their gender. None of these things actually happened, but the entirety of the LGBT community seemed to believe these media headlines, and never corrected themselves when they didn’t come to pass...
The claim: The Trump Administration has overturned an Obama-era protection for transgender people in health care. This will lead to transgender people being denied health care for not only elective surgeries relating to transition, but also for serious health conditions.
The truth: The transgender protection that everyone is hysterical about being revoked was ruled against in court before Trump was even president. It was never law; therefore it is impossible for the Trump administration to revoke it. The mandate was struck down in 2016 before Trump was inaugurated, which means Obama was still president...
In fact, as Director of the Office for Civil Rights Roger Severino puts it, transgender people are already protected by various statutes that prevent discrimination in health care... It is notable to state that the gravity of emotional manipulation on the LGBT community at the hands of the media. The media chose the four-year anniversary of the Pulse Nightclub shootings to blast this story out, causing mass hysteria and heartache"

Meme - "Chayse update. She has informed me today that she would rather stay a boy. I am confused and not sure how to take it. She told us when she was 4 that she wanted to be a girl. We supported her no matter what. Has anyone else experienced this?"
Addendum: Trans kids are like vegan cats. We know who's making the decisions

I escaped war in iran and immigrated to america just for my son to play dress up and kiss boys watch online

Meme - "Due to it being #Pride2021 felt safe to come out. Today is the day lam #TransRacial. I am now a black woman, I have successfully went White-To-Black. I am able to say nigga and other slurs blacks may reclaim. More info down below! #ALM #PrideMonth2021 #Pride \ ~"

Meme - "Ashley Sinclair @Ashley4Kxxx- Due to it being #Pride2021g8 i felt safe to come out. Today is the day i am #TransRacial. i am now a black woman, I have successfully went White-To-Black."

Virginia girl slams school board for trans locker room policy - "A 14-year-old Virginia girl has lashed out at her school district — claiming that its policy to allow transgender children to use female locker rooms is “dangerous” and “rooted in sexism.” “Two years ago, I was told policy 1040 was just an umbrella philosophy and you weren’t going to allow boys into the girls’ locker rooms. But here you are doing just that,” eighth-grader Jolene Grover told the school district... The teen, who was wearing a shirt that read “Woman is female,” defiantly told the board members: “Everyone knows what a boy is — even you.” “Your proposed policies are dangerous and rooted in sexism,” she added. The middle schooler then argued that “modern identities” are only “superficial.” “When woke kids ask me if I was a lesbian or a trans boy because I cut my hair short, it should tell you these modern identities are superficial”... “Now, boys are reading erotica in the classroom next to girls and you want to give them access to girls’ locker rooms and you want to force girls to call those boys ‘she,’” Jolene told the board. “You do this in the name of inclusivity while ignoring the girls who will pay the price. Your policies choose boys’ wants over girls’ needs”"

Judge apologises after calling transgender woman a man in courtroom - "Allahra Aziz, who stole the wallet from a private area of the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, appeared at Oxford Crown Court via videolink from prison on Thursday after admitting charges of burglary and fraud... During the outburst, she also claimed she had given birth to a son and that she had been the victim of rape during her stay at HMP Wormwood Scrubs in London... After hearing of the difficult time faced by transgender women in men’s prisons, Judge Pringle sentenced Ms Aziz to four months for burglary and one month for fraud to run concurrently."

Transgender Teen With Pattern of Violence Against Women "Anxious" to be Jailed With Women - "18-year-old Barbie Kardashian made threats of violence against two individuals... The teen, whom Gript reveals was named Alejandro Gentile at birth, has demonstrated a pattern of severe abuse against women."

Transgender Dad Grooms, Rapes His 3-Year-Old Daughter, Receives 18 Months in Women's Prison - "A 33-year-old man who self-identifies as a woman was sentenced to 18 months in prison after repeatedly raping his own three-year-old daughter."

Freight Tran Lia on Twitter - "Some of y'all aren't ready to hear this but it's transphobic for gynecologists not to treat pre-op transfemme patients under HRT. My girldick is as much a feminine organ - that my body treats just like a vagina - as the next girl and deserves specific, woman-oriented healthcare."
Catering to mental illness means the demands grow ever more brazen

Ridiculous Zuccs: Selling

In this example, we can see that someone got zucced for saying "yea, if he starts selling the value would change even."

Presumably this is meant to target investment/crypto scams but is so crazy broad that it covers mere talk of selling anything.

It seems like even talking about economics or financial markets can get you zucced.

Links - 21st January 2022 (1 - Covid-19)

Omicron Will Change the Risk Landscape for Vaccinated People - The Atlantic - "Back in July, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky announced that COVID had become “a pandemic of the unvaccinated,” an unfortunate turn of phrase that was soon picked up by the president. Now the flaws in its logic are about to be exposed on what could be a terrifying scale. Unvaccinated Americans will certainly pay the steepest price in the months to come, but the risks appear to have grown for everyone. The pandemic of the vaccinated can no longer be denied... For Saad Omer, the director of the Yale Institute for Global Health, that’s enough evidence to justify changing the CDC’s definition of full vaccination... anecdotal reports already suggest that large indoor gatherings of fully vaccinated people can become super-spreader events in the age of Omicron... cases are almost certain to increase in highly vaccinated areas and undervaccinated ones alike, and bring with them a host of disruptions to daily life. Schiffer suggested that in areas with sufficient political will—mostly highly vaccinated ones—high case rates could spur local leaders to institute new shutdowns. In any event, fully vaccinated people are still required to isolate for at least 10 days after a positive test, and anyone they’ve been in contact with might have to stay home from school or work. A positive test in a classroom could send dozens of kids into quarantine, and keep their parents out of work to care for them. Jon Zelner, an epidemiologist at the University of Michigan, told me that massive disruptions caused by surging Omicron cases this winter could force Americans to reconsider these sorts of procedures."
It's weird how the people who don't believe the vaccines work (since they continue to obsess about case counts and push lockdowns despite high vaccination rates) keep pushing them and accuse others of being ignorant and anti-science

The Pandemic Isn't Over Until We Stop Isolating People for COVID - "Before vaccines, we were afraid of getting coronavirus because of the risk for serious illness and death. Now, for those who are vaccinated and otherwise healthy, those risks are quite minimal. Now we're afraid of getting coronavirus because of how disruptive isolation is. So, when can we stop isolating? It is months away? Years? To answer that question, we need to think about what isolation attempts to achieve. Let's be clear: Isolation does nothing for the individual who is isolating. A person who tests positive today will need to miss at least six standard workdays if they are unable to work remotely, and not everyone is eligible to recoup lost wages. They will be encouraged to separate from their loved ones, use a separate bathroom, and eat in a different place if possible. They will need to cancel planned vacations. The downsides are quite large, on the individual level — which explains why some vaccinated people with mild symptoms are choosing not to get tested. Why would they? It's likely their course will be mild. What's in it for them? It's clear then that the benefit of isolation must accrue to society. How does this work? Well, by taking an infected person out of society, we reduce the amount of circulating virus, preventing secondary and tertiary infections and so on. But here's the thing. Given the high transmissibility of SARS-CoV-2, particularly the Omicron variant, it is very likely that every single person on the planet who has not already been infected or vaccinated will become infected eventually. It's just a matter of time."

‘You Dirty Rat’: Experts Posit That Omicron Hatched in Rodents
Looks like we need to vaccinate all animals to prevent new variants, so the pandemic will never be over and lockdowns, boosters and demonising those who haven't gotten the 900th booster will be an annual ritual

Beware the modellers bearing bad news - "the modellers have an unenviable task trying to pick their way through all the variables. And it gets worse, because it seems they weren’t even asked to model the possibility that Omicron is inherently milder. Spectator editor Fraser Nelson has reported on a Twitter exchange he had with the co-chair of SPI-M, Professor Graham Medley, which revealed that the modelling teams weren’t asked to look at the possibility that Omicron has lower virulence. In effect, it looks like the modellers only generate bad-case to worst-case scenarios. This seems like a self-fulfilling prophecy that pushes decision-making towards more extreme action. As Nelson points out, modellers at JP Morgan did indeed model a scenario where Omicron is milder and came to conclusions that were far less pessimistic."

EDITORIAL: Staying healthy during COVID-19 | Toronto Sun - "One of the great mysteries of the past 20 months is why there has been practically zero discussion of keeping healthy from our officials — whether they are politicians or public health officials... In some cases, officials are openly hostile to the idea of healthy living. Former federal health minister Patty Hajdu lashed out during a discussion about vitamin D as a tool to combat COVID-19, by calling the whole issue “fake news”... The United Kingdom government, for example, has been delivering four months of free supply of Vitamin D to seniors to specifically help them get healthier during the pandemic. If only Canada had done the same. There’s been little acknowledgement that the overwhelming majority of persons who are winding up in the hospital with COVID-19 struggled with weight and metabolic issues... Dr. Kwadwo Kyeremanteng is a healthcare hero who has been treating hospitalized COVID-19 patients in Ottawa hospitals. He’s been a powerful voice for healthy living and a more balanced response to the virus. “Just a reminder, poor metabolic health (obesity… hypertension) has been the common thread in our COVID-19 ICU patients,” Dr. Kyeremanteng posted to social media, back during the height of the third wave. “ Let’s promote healthy living, staying mobile, avoiding processed foods. Take the power back!”"

Facing COVID passport mandate, more Swedes get microchip implants
So much for that "conspiracy theory"

Twitter to Penalize For Saying Vaccinated Can Spread COVID - "Twitter will begin imposing penalties on users who claim that vaccinated people can spread Covid-19, according to a change quietly added to the website’s terms of service. “When tweets include misleading information about Covid-19, we may place a label on those tweets that includes corrective information about that claim,” the website notes in a section detailing its rules about Covid-19 misinformation. “We may apply labels to tweets that contain, for example… false or misleading claims that people who have received the vaccine can spread or shed the virus (or symptoms, or immunity) to unvaccinated people.” Users can receive penalties up to a permanent ban. The change was made on Dec. 2, according to Wayback Machine archives retrieved by Reclaim the Net. The policy contradicts the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidance, which notes the “risk for SARS-CoV-2 infection in fully vaccinated people cannot be completely eliminated as long as there is continued community transmission of the virus.”... Twitter’s new guidance comes two weeks after former CEO Jack Dorsey’s Nov. 29 announcement that he was stepping down to focus on cryptocurrency, leaving Parag Agrawal as his successor. Agrawal raised eyebrows among critics a day after his ascension with another sweeping change to the rules... UPDATE: After the publication of this story, Twitter amended the language in its terms"
Weird, we are still told that no one denies that vaccines don't stop covid spread

Facebook - "COVID: *kills obese people at an exponentially higher rate* The federal government: *FDA tweet promoting pizza dipped in chocolate*"

claudilla on Twitter - "no offense to my husband, but there's NO WAY our wedding will be the best day of my life, my covid vaccine anniversary will always be more important"

Theresa May demands full release of data behind Covid-19 decisions - "Theresa May accused Boris Johnson of choosing data to fit his coronavirus policies, as she insisted the Government must reveal the economic cost of lockdown... “It appears the decision to go towards this lockdown was partly, mainly, to some extent based on the prediction of 4,000 deaths a day. “Yet, if you look at the trajectory showing in that graph that went to 4,000 deaths a day, we would have reached 1,000 deaths a day by the end of October. “The average in the last week of October was 259, by my calculations. Each of those deaths is a sadness and our thoughts are with the families, but it’s not 1,000 deaths a day. “So the prediction was wrong before it was even used. “And this leads to a problem for the Government – for many people it looks as if the figures are chosen to support the policy rather than the policy being based on the figures... Mrs May also raised concerns about a lack of data on the cost of the Government’s Covid-19 decisions, including on mental health, domestic abuse, non-Covid-19 treatments, “possibly more suicides” and to the economy. She told MPs: “Jobs lost, livelihoods shattered, businesses failing, whole sectors damaged. What sort of airline industry are we going to have coming out of this? What sort of hospitality sector? What sort of small independent shops will be left? “The Government must have made this analysis, made this assessment – let us see it and make our own judgments.” On public worship, Mrs May added: “My concern is that the Government today making it illegal to conduct an act of public worship, for the best of intentions, sets a precedent that could be misused for a Government in the future with the worst of intentions.”... Conservative Philip Davies (Shipley) warned that lockdowns “cost lives as well as livelihoods”, adding: “People are not stupid, they can see that the rules do not make any sense, and that is why they, like me, no longer have any faith in the people at the Department of Health and Public Health England who are making these decisions. “I never thought I would see the day a so-called Conservative minister would stand up and urge Parliament to further sacrifice our most basic of freedoms, collapse the economy and destroy jobs – all to pursue a failed strategy.”"

Omicron wave appears milder, but concern remains - "The study in Scotland has been tracking coronavirus and the number of people ending up in hospital. It said that if Omicron behaved the same as Delta, they would expect around 47 people to have been admitted to hospital already. At the moment there are only 15. The researchers said they were seeing a roughly two-thirds reduction in the number needing hospital care, but there were very few cases and few at-risk elderly people in the study... Meanwhile, another study in South Africa also points to the Omicron wave being milder. It showed people were 70-80% less likely to need hospital treatment, depending on whether Omicron is compared to previous waves, or other variants currently circulating... An analysis of Omicron by Imperial College London suggests Omicron's mutations have made it a milder virus than Delta. The researchers said the chances of turning up at A&E would be 11% lower with Omicron than Delta if you had no prior immunity. However, that now applies to relatively few people due to high levels of vaccination and infection. The same analysis said that accounting for immunity in the population meant a 25% to 30% lower risk of visiting A&E with Omicron and around a 40% reduction in needing to stay in hospital for more than a day. "
The covid hystericists will just ignore these and laser focus on the studies saying the risk is the same or higher

Chao Wang on Twitter - "Case fatality rate in South Africa will soon be lower than UK. It would be funny if it is not vaccine, treatment, but a variant that will finally end this pandemic."

Laura on Twitter - "My child is almost six years old and has no memory of ever attending a friend's birthday party. Things stolen from my children."

Dr. Eli David on Twitter - "Omicron: Never in history were so many people so afraid of something causing so little harm"

Kelantan wants study to be conducted on Covid-19 vaccine to ensure its Shariah compliance - "Malaysia is in the priority list to receive the Covid-19 vaccine from China, however, it has caused controversy among Muslims who doubt the halal status of the vaccine."

ilana horowitz on Twitter - "The staff at my hospital who chose to do weekly testing rather than get vaccinated, but then were forced to get vaccinated, are really enjoying learning that now we will also have to do weekly testing and wear N95s for all patient contact regardless of diagnosis or vax status...
They were apparently catching asymptomatic infections in other hospitals, so with that in mind, it’s understandable. But here’s the thing. If we turn up positive, but are asymptomatic, we can still come to work. So what exactly does this prevent??"
"It prevents a return to normal Because there will still be more "hospital outbreaks" and more boosters and more NCW's sent home to isolate when exposed, and more testing... It will happen, if it hasn't yet, once a COVID Karen realizes that positive people are working..."
"It also still isn't coming to terms with the fact that Covid is endemic and we are all going to get it. We can't disrupt society constantly for one virus."
"Well, evidence indicates "we" can in fact disrupt society for one virus. A not very deadly one at that..."

Ben Shapiro on Twitter - "POTUS: “I know vaccination requirements aren’t popular… but my administration didn’t put them in place to control your life, they put them in place to save your life.”"
"The administration's take on obesity is going to be fascinating"

Brits will need 3 jabs for vaccine passports for nightclubs, footy & travel from as early as February, Sajid Javid says : unitedkingdom - "This is absolutely fucked. Like genuinely what is this? Is this life now, having to get a booster every 3-6 months in order to participate in society? People said this would happen about 6 months ago and they were downvoted and called conspiracy theorists, yet here it is 6 months later…" "Honestly a lot of things the anti lockdown people were saying at the start have ended up being true."
A vaxhole claimed that boosters were no different from the annual flu shot. I pointed out that you don't get fired for not getting a flu shot, and he called me an anti-vaxxer and blocked me. Vaxholes really hate facts

Scientists Endorse Covid Boosters, But to a Point - The New York Times - "Where does this end? Are we to roll up our sleeves for booster shots every few months? Humbled repeatedly by a virus that has defied expectations, scientists are reluctant to predict the future. But in interviews this week, nearly a dozen said that whatever happens, trying to boost the entire population every few months is not realistic. Nor does it make much scientific sense. “It’s not unheard-of to give vaccines periodically, but I think there are better ways than doing boosters every six months,” said Akiko Iwasaki, an immunologist at Yale University. Other strategies, she said, could “get us out of this forever-boosting kind of a situation.” For starters, persuading people to line up for shots every few months is probably a losing proposition. About 73 percent of American adults are fully vaccinated, but so far just over a third have opted for a booster. “This doesn’t seem to be a sustainable long-term strategy, for sure,” said Deepta Bhattacharya, an immunologist at the University of Arizona. Just as important, there are no data to support the effectiveness of a fourth dose of the current vaccines. (The calculus is different for people with impaired immune systems, who might well benefit from a fourth dose.)... already preliminary studies are showing a decline in antibody levels just weeks after a third dose. And even at peak antibody levels, the boost does not uniformly prevent infection with Omicron, which is less vulnerable to the body’s immune defenses... simply allowing more time between vaccine doses might also strengthen immunity, a lesson scientists learned in fights against other pathogens. Many experts were initially opposed to the idea of a booster shot at all. Some believed the original vaccine regimens were enough to keep most people out of the hospital, and that this should be the true measure of a vaccine’s success... Omicron has made it clear that preventing all infections is a lost cause... If the vaccines prevented infection and spread of the virus, regular boosters might make sense. “But with Omicron, what’s the point?” Dr. Nussenzweig said. “The endgame is keeping people out of the hospital.”... In order to prevent infections, booster shots must be exquisitely timed to a variant’s circulation in the population. Many people who got a third dose early in the fall, for example, were left vulnerable to Omicron because the immune boost had already subsided... Lessons from flu season also suggest that frequent vaccination is unlikely to be helpful. Giving the flu vaccine twice a year “has a diminishing return, and so it may not make sense to do vaccination so frequently,”... Some experts have raised concerns that getting boosters too often — as some people are doing on their own — may even be harmful. In theory, there are two ways in which it could backfire. Most immunologists now dismiss as improbable the first possibility, in which the immune system is exhausted by repeated stimulation — a condition called “anergy” — and stops responding to coronavirus vaccines... The second worry, called “original antigenic sin,” seems more plausible. In this view, the immune system’s response is tailored to the first version of the virus, and its responses to subsequent variants are much less powerful. With more than 50 mutations, Omicron is different enough from previous variants that antibodies made for the original version of the virus struggle to recognize the latest version... if the pandemic slows in most parts of the world, it may limit opportunities for the virus to emerge in a radically different form. And that’s an argument for helping other nations immunize their populations rather than boosting our own"

Measles surging as COVID-19 curbs disrupt vaccinations

Europe looks to booster shots, possible Christmas lockdowns as cases of COVID-19 surge - The Globe and Mail - "Europe has become the epicentre of the pandemic again, prompting some governments to consider reimposing unpopular lockdowns in the run-up to Christmas and stirring debate over whether vaccines alone are enough to tame COVID-19. Europe accounts for more than half of the average seven-day infections globally and about half of latest deaths, according to a Reuters tally, the highest levels since April last year when the virus was at its initial peak in Italy."
So much for all the gloating about how the US failed

Eric Brakey on Twitter - "COVID, like terrorism, is real. Also like terrorism, your perception of the danger it poses has been manipulated to generate fear and enable the powerful to expand their control."

ZUBY: on Twitter - "60 million people die every year and this has been the case for a long time. Nobody cared. Most don't even know this stat. Yet people now use ~4 million Covid related deaths in 18 months to blackmail, threaten, and defend stupid policies. Didn't care 'til the TV told them to."

'Too gentle': COVID test fans love getting deep nose-swabs - "A new subgenre of autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) videos — wherein creators gently whisper and play with objects in an attempt to relax the viewer — have also cropped up featuring mostly young women role-playing as masked nurses administering nasal swabs and discussing the novel virus"

The time has come to declare an official end to the Covid crisis - "Warnings of cases inevitably rising to 100,000 per day, probably reaching 200,000 per day, possibly 300,000 per day, along with hospitalisations rising to an absolute minimum of 2,000 per day and plausibly as high as 7,000 per day, made only a few weeks ago, have proved embarrassingly wide of the mark. Cases peaked in July, just as almost all formal restrictions were removed, despite the Government’s decision to go ahead with that being denounced as a “dangerous and unethical experiment” in The Lancet and Sir Keir Starmer saying that “Boris Johnson’s recklessness means we’re going to have an NHS summer crisis”... asking – like a king asking his people to rally to his standard – is a policy tool as much as laws or taxes are. And if such asking is to be effective, it cannot be forever. Things have been asked of us, and that time of asking should, at some point, be officially terminated. With the back-to-school wave at an end, that point has well and truly come."

Japan town sparks debate after building giant squid statue with Covid-19 relief fund - "A remote Japanese fishing town has sparked debate after spending coronavirus relief funds on a giant squid statue that cost more than $300,000 in a controversial bid to boost post-pandemic tourism."

Australia Considers Charging Unvaccinated Residents for COVID-19 Hospital Care - "A suggestion by Australia’s most populous state to charge unvaccinated people for COVID-19 medical costs has received widespread criticism. The New South Wales proposal has angered doctors and some federal politicians, who argue that health care in Australia is free and universal. The New South Wales government has said that unvaccinated patients being treated for COVID-19 have been irresponsible and have burdened taxpayers with “very substantial costs.” And they could be forced to pay for their hospital care... The Australian Medical Association said the proposal was “unethical,” and it doubted that it was even legal. The president of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, Dr. Karen Price, told the Australian Broadcasting Corp. that it would affect disadvantaged communities. “We might make all sorts of judgments on people who smoke or have an unhealthy lifestyle, and the unvaccinated would be a large cohort of those people who might have low health literacy, and we know in some of our Indigenous communities where vaccination rates are low, this would be an unethical procedure to implement”... Western Australia has become the first jurisdiction to introduce mandatory COVID-19 booster shots for certain sections of its population."

GRANT: Vaccines will never eliminate COVID, so it's time to pivot our response | Toronto Sun - "When COVID started, I was convinced that we wouldn’t have a vaccine. This wasn’t simply pessimism, I based my opinion on our experience with other Coronaviruses. Specific attempts to create vaccines for SARS-CoV (the original) and MERS-CoV had been complicated by what’s known as “antibody dependent immune enhancement ” — a fancy way of saying some people had worse disease after vaccination... The initial promise of a vaccine with sterilizing immunity (ability to stop infections and transmission), brought the prospect of disease elimination tantalizing close. Now, in the late fall of 2021, it is becoming obvious that while vaccines are still incredibly effective at stopping severe disease , they are less so at stopping transmission... The only option is to change to an endemic approach, which changes the emphasis on vaccination and prevention efforts. This means that for people at risk of severe disease, vaccine is now more important. However, the incessant drive to an arbitrary percent of the population being vaccinated has ceased to make sense: It is not how many are vaccinated, but whom that matters. For example, vaccinating 100 people over the age of 65 is likely to prevent 3 hospitalizations, while vaccinating a 2000 member high school or university class is unlikely to avoid any. Time and effort need to go to identifying communities of high-risk unvaccinated people, understanding their reasons for hesitancy and working with them towards acceptance of vaccines. The next pivotal change is to stop counting cases and concentrate instead on outcomes with personal and social impact. Testing everybody with a cold is expensive and ultimately futile if we all eventually end up infected. Hospitalizations and deaths become the only metric that matters. Politicians need to abandon the quixotic quest for COVID zero, making many of the interventions intended to stop virus circulation irrelevant. Public mask-wearing, social distancing etc. were only going to defer, not eliminate, transmission... Society also needs to shift how it sees the unvaccinated. The prevailing opinion, including among many of my colleagues, is that the unvaccinated pose a threat to others. Since the vaccinated are still likely to be infected and transmit disease, with similar viral loads as those who are unvaccinated, this is not entirely true. We want high risk, non-immune, people to be vaccinated for their own protection and to reduce the impact on hospitals and health care systems. However, the unvaccinated are not a threat to patrons at a supermarket or ski hill . In fact, it is the unvaccinated who are at risk in crowded situations. This means, at the very least, that the use of vaccine passports beyond the very limited recommendations of public health read more as moral panic, or vigilante justice, than a public health intervention. Finally, we need to think very carefully about how we approach vaccination in the very low risk parts of the population, particularly children. The FDA deliberations included significant concern about applying the same criteria to this very low-risk population as is applied to older groups. If we assume that everybody gets infected, and that young people almost never end up in hospital, the need to limit youth activities with mandates or exclusion becomes less defensible. We need to stop penalizing the young for being young, even in those who are unvaccinated. Youth need to socialize, engage with their peers and develop their physical and mental abilities."
Covid hystericists still gaslight us into thinking that no one said they could stop transmission
This is prescient, written before the moral panic over omicron

Pandemic civil liberties abuses most popular among Lib voters: Poll | Toronto Sun - "A disturbing new national poll shows just how many civil liberties abuses Canadians — especially Liberal voters — are willing to inflict on their neighbours in the name of battling COVID-19. Only 29% of Liberal voters “strongly oppose” the police entering Canadians’ homes without a warrant to enforce pandemic rules. But that number shoots up to 47% and 46% respectively for Conservative and NDP voters. When it comes to jailing or fining people for “spreading disinformation” about the virus, almost three quarters (71%) of Liberal voters support the law clamping down on those who are “questioning the existence or seriousness of COVID” by making claims such as “it’s just the flu.” Although on a national level, 59% of Canadians still support such measures. Liberal voters are also most likely to support the police breaking up families in the name of public health, with 36% giving family separation the thumbs up. Support is not minuscule among other voter intentions, though, with 25% of Conservatives and 21% of NDPers OK with it... One of the few measures that is opposed across the board is the government compelling cellphone companies to provide individual location data to facilitate the enforcement of pandemic rules. “Surprisingly, 37% of Canadian voters support such actions by the government,” the poll release reads. While the poll shows the greatest support for civil liberties abuses by Liberal supporters, the total numbers reveal that Canadians in general are fairly split on the need for greater authoritarian measures... The numbers show support for these measures is highest in Quebec and the Atlantic provinces and opposition increases in Ontario and further west. When respondents are asked directly whether or not they support suspending civil liberties and rights, 52% of Canadians say no, with only 38% supporting it. It’s an interesting exercise in cognitive dissonance to see that while only about a third of Canadians answer yes to a theoretical question about suspending civil liberties, when they are presented with actual scenarios — separating families, entering private residences without warrants, and jailing people for having unorthodox views on COVID-19 — they are far more likely to offer support. These numbers present a truly disturbing picture of the almost carte blanche approach Canadians are willing to give their governments in the fight against COVID-19. While jurisdictions across the United States are loosening their restrictions as case numbers decrease and becoming more targeted in their response, Canada — which is also seeing decreasing cases — appears to be getting more blunt and regressive in its response to the virus."
From Feb 2021

CFIB statement on lockdown extensions in Toronto and Peel - "Almost every other province opened schools and businesses—or didn't close them in the first place—while COVID-19 numbers continued to fall. In fact, Ontario businesses—particularly those in the GTA—have been locked down longer than the vast majority of jurisdictions around the world."
From Feb 2021. And it got even worse

Gruelling lockdown that never ends has Toronto businesses at the breaking point - " Politics are a significant factor too, according to Nelson Wiseman, a professor of political science at the University of Toronto. Ford got high marks from voters for decisive action early in the pandemic. He’s fearful of being seen as overruling the advice of the medical community, Wiseman said. Toronto’s top doctor, Eileen de Villa, has been a consistent advocate of strict measures including indoor dining bans."

GUNTER: Canada rides the Trudeau Wave of COVID ineptitude | Toronto Sun - "The majority of those shunted into hotels have been Canadian snowbirds returning from their winter homes – even ones who received two doses of vaccine while in the U.S. That means the quarantines have been more about showing how tough the Liberals are, rather than how serious they are about stopping COVID. Nearly 180,000 more travellers who have driven into Canada have been waved through the border so long as they promise to isolate when they get home."

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