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Saturday, May 03, 2003

Hello little people~! Andrew's making an appearance again ... requesting you to look at pretty pretty earrings (and possibly consider purchasing them) at:


before he forgets.
And so you don't look like an *ignoramus. it's bats- eat - spiders (they do, they do!) ... not back-street spiders or bat-sy-spiders.
Argh they're showing Lost Galaxy on Channel i.

When will they bring in Time Force, if ever?

I crave my MMPR fix!
This is an unusual paragraph. How quickly you can find out what is so unusual about it? It looks so plain you would think nothing was wrong with it! In fact, nothing is wrong with it! It is unusual though. Study it, and think about it, but you still may not find anything odd. But if you work at it a bit, you might find out! Try to do so without any coaching!


Friday, May 02, 2003

Blogger was just down for an ungodly amount of time.

I swear - it's become infinitely worse since Google bought it.

I went down to Canon Technical Support today, and my A70 miraculously worked there. Grr.

It was suggested to me that I try a USB hub, or settle for a CompactFlash card reader. Gah. More outlay.

This one's a killer:

"Professor X's Bald Head" - LOL

Thursday, May 01, 2003

I've finally managed to install the wretched WinXP. Everything's looking good.

I've been missing out on all this for the last year and a half!
Do you know your ABCs? - Memorable and, erm, fun way to learn your alphabet.

"well after F it got a bit gross"

Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson and Usama bin Laden have a lot in common. Take the quiz and see if you can identify statements by each of these "leaders."

Falwell-Robertson-Bin Laden Quiz

Fun tales of subversion

I just burnt a CD.

I feel empowered.

Sunday, April 27, 2003

"Good Bye Ladies...

Sorry Ladies, I'm now taken by the most beautiful princess in the world. She is so hot, that she is even hotter than I am. I think that is good in a relationship. The girl should be the prettier one, or else she'll feel insecure. I'm usually the prettier one. It's been a long and hard search, but this prince is now taken.


Does anyone want the pictures and html code to my sexy site? Just e-mail me.

My online diary

Be sure to check out Il Superficiale, they are hosting my old site!

Also, check out www.thenoel.org, they too are hosting my old site!"

Noooooooooooo! I want Tuan Anh updates...

Laudatory review: "Hello Ladies... (The Asian Prince)

He's a musical genius in search of a Princess to take to the backseat of his heavily modified van. He's an excellent lover, likes to live dangerously, has a lot of money, and is generally regarded as a bad ass. He can also vibrate his hand (listen to the recording if you doubt me).

I think this site is fake; the main page says the guy's name is Wo-Hen Nankan, which sounds like "I am very ugly" in Chinese. After a little research, I found that the pictures are of a Vietnamese singer called Tuan Anh."
Assorted thoughts from today:

I saw a bus with those stupid Army ads today. "Who has the firepower?". Bah. I should spoof them. One might read: "Who has insufficient firepower?" and show an AMX-13 beside an M1A2 Abrams or T-90. Another might read: "Who implements mindless regimentation?" and show corporals marching to their cookhouse. A third might be tagged: "Who wastes your time?", with a picture of men doing area cleaning.

I think the Holland Village NYDC's mudpies are smaller now than last time. Evil! Evil!

I saw Crystal walking in Holland Village with what I thought was her friend. It turned out to be her mother. Her world famous funky mum!

The staff on the DBS helpline are very helpful and friendly, but their voices are sickly sweet!
The 'minestrone' soup that our cookhouse gives us gets more and more disgusting by the week. Now, it has loads of chili and noodles, and a gooey texture reminiscent of toxic sludge. The lumps in it don't make it any more palatable, either. Ban xiong pronounces it 'faeces gone wrong'.

Before leaving for his medical appointment, Wang was presented with his gift - an action figure of Gollum from Lord of The Rings, which hisses "My precious" when you press a button. Hee hee hee. 15 of us chipped in to buy it for him (speaking of which, many haven't paid yet!). "Why did you buy me this? I don't look like Gollum". Someone suggested later that we could make a doll of Kiong which would make the Kiong noise when its button was touched, and it would sell like hot cakes :)

Image courtesy of Junxiong

So many people are ORDing - this time, the earlier JC batch. The winds of change blow yet again.

I saw a poster at Serval - "Traditional Chinese word. 'Listening' - Ear + yeyes + king + one heart. One listens with his eyes, ears and heart as if listening to the king." Right. Point? Just because the ancient Chinese thought something does not mean that we should follow it. For example, the original pictogram for a woman showed the woman bowing and servile. Later she changed to a kneeling position and the modern character has the woman strutting confidently. Also, the one pictogram representing a politician supposedly shows a fat man sleeping inside a building.

On Jonathan's recommendation, I tried black socks. They're not bad - a little softer than the green socks, so I've taken to wearing them instead. Yeh. A sign of individuality (as far as that's possible) and rebellion (for what that's worth)!

We had contact sparring during Unarmed Combat, and this time everyone had to take their turn at it. Since there was no one within 30kg of my weight (supposedly), the instructor sent 2 people at me! They kept coming at me, and I had no time to retaliate, cornered, surrounded and overwhelmed as I was. Despite my allegedly comical attempts to fend off blows, I was struck repeatedly - where I had no padding, beaten to a pulp and at the end, staggering after the momentum of a few incoming kicks, toppled and rolled over, coming to rest on my stomach. I still have my internal injuries at my left thigh and left shoulder areas.

We were having a little wrestling session in bunk during commercials for the Duke of Mount Deer 2000, and I decided to join in. Not unexpectedly, I was the person who made all the difference by pinning people down, and Melvin and Yong Siang were, in turn, trapped beneath me while the other tickled or otherwise abused them.

Later, Yong Siang went to bathe, so Melvin, Andrew and I hatched a dewious (sic) plot. I suggested that, since he likes powder so much, we should give him a powder bath. So we took 3 packets of SAF powder - cast aside by all in favour of the vile Prickly Heat or, in Yong Siang's case, 'Holiday On Ice', and filled a container with them. We decided to ambush him in the toilet because it would be easy to clean the powder up (later experience proved us wrong). I then went to wait in the cubicle beside the one Yong Siang was bathing in, and Andrew and Melvin waited outside to hold him while I crept up behind. Or at least that was the plan; in my excitement, I stood in the antechamber of the shower cubicle. After an interminable wait, I decided to peek underneath the wall separating the cubicles to see what was holding Yong Siang up - only to see him staring back at me! Laughing, I exited the cubicle to confer with the other two, while Yong Siang peeked out of his cubicle, half soaped, and tried to find out what we were planning. We went outside and closed to toilet door, planning to throw the powder in his face when he opened it, as he was the only one in the toilet. Someone suggested that he wasn't so dumb, so I decided to wait behind a wall and throw it in his face. Only, when we opened the door, Yong Siang said that he'd seen what I was caring. Scrapping our carefully plotted plans, I just threw the powder on him, and over the door lintel of his the shower cubicle when he retreated back in. The three of us then ran out of the toilet like the wind, leaving a bewildered broom-holding Mark, who had come in to talk to Andrew, behind. Mark was then attacked by Yong Siang, over his futile protests that he was an innocent bystander.

Misleading naming: "Pulpy C" by Pokka has no pulp in it at all. Evil! Evil!

My forum letter got rejected (again!), but I'm still happy because 2 better letters got in. I think I really must try to curb my verbose instincts and get to the point succinctly, in order to tweak the noses of idiots.

Some doctor revisited the "NS for women" debate by suggesting that women train medically after JC. Right. So they're only good for nursing - is that what he's trying to say?

The Fish & Co at Jurong Point gives a blasphemously little amount of lemon butter with their Seafood Platters for Two. Gah!


[Me on psychiatric cases: Why do we have so many 'P' cases? Can I become a 'P' case also?] I also want to be a 'P' case. I'm sick and tired of this place.

[On SARS] If you go out you'll see some people jogging in masks. That's quite freaky.

[Powerplant slide on SARS] My gf is [a] nurse at TTSH, should I dump her?

[On SARS paranoia] Don't drag your friend down to the medical centre to report sick. You don't want to know what I'll do to you.

[On his slides] On the right you see 2 surgeons decked out in hip 3M masks.

If you decide to chew on your oral thermometer, you will swallow your mercury

Of course you can go to your friendly neighbourhood clinic

[Powerpoint slide on home quarantine] Webcams issued - smile at the camera

There's no need to avoid karaoke girls, right, but I'm not endorsing it.

[On SARS] Now is a bad time to be a medic right.

Tell me, which malay doesn't smoke? Which malay male doesn't smoke?

[On the 'remarks' column] If the fucking food is fucked up, write down there - 'the food is fucked up'

[On being beaten up during UC] If I were you I'd go and sit on him and give him one tight slap... I don't care

[On Yaodong running] I hope he gets caught for not wearing his shirt
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