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Wednesday, November 28, 2001

Woo hoo!!! The A-levels r finally OVER! wooooo!

Now I'm tasked with the fun job of typing a LOT of essays b4 i get enlisted... sheesh.... i have over 20 essays to do in the 13 remaining days... I _must_ do 2 a day, but I havent managed to reach that efficiency yet =(

Hehe, went to school early today from Julian's place today, cos I'd promised my teacher the day b4, not realising i would be staying over at a friend's house... ended up sleeping at 3 am, waking up at 6, and wandering around till 6:45 b4 making my way to school... *growl* living close to school is so useful.. i would have taken 1+ hour to reach school... i think Julian's mum must be curious how I appeared at his house once at 7:15 am, then this time, disappearing even b4 7 am... hehe... anyway, my trip to school to discuss mouse with my teacher ended up being a 3h debugging session on a PAE program... =) it was interesting cos i was over-writing the database, not realising that possible rj-enthuiasts may have submitted their stuff to the database... when we checked some time later, there was 1 record of someone... i wonder how many i destroyed by the debugging... =)

Argh, so many things I want to do.. like work on MetaMud, work on my terrain generator, work on my directX library, read books, go out, play Battle Realms, idle, idle some more, sleep etc.. ARGH and I have to type all the essays some more.... *growls some more*...

Okie.. enuf rabblings by me... have fun enjoying the holidays b4 ns! =)

NS Countdown: 13 days
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