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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Jiekai's biggest feat of cockitude

In a Herculean feat of cockitude surpassing anything he has yet done or will ever do (at least for the rest of this academic year), Jiekai last night dropped the Anvil (or grand piano, if you like) which breaks the camel's back.

With his unequalled powers, he managed to make a 128MB CF card containing all my Paris photos and some of my Salzburg ones disappear into the bowels of a Turkish-run Internet cafe in Munich (the one from which I am typing this post, incidentally, in the foolish hope that my card will have reappeared somehow).

He was trying to transfer my photos into his Creative MP3 player's hard disk, and was trying to insert it into the slot of the card reader in the terminal. He slipped, cursed and the memory card was suddenly gone. The man at the counter at first pretended not to speak English, after shouting at us not to touch the CPU, but eventually kindly consented to open up the casing.

Miraculously, the memory card was nowhere to be found in the case. With his singular and unsurpassed powers of cockitude, Jiekai managed to cause a 128MB CF to disapparate, and it is probably floating somewhere in the Astral Plane now, in the dimension where lost memory cards go. He would certainly make my brother-in-law proud.

Moral of the story: Never travel with Koh Jiekai and even more especially, don't let him touch anything of yours.

The bigger idiot in this case is of course me, for consenting to travel with Jiekai in the first place.

Monday, April 03, 2006

I have a plausible answer to the eternal mystery: Why do all women want to go to Paris?

Perhaps I will find the solution to more of life's mysteries in Vienna.
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