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Saturday, January 26, 2002

A few notes before my usual bookout post:

My sources tell me that my wake is rather visible:

"The econs hod seemed rather angry about it though. She told us that all palmtops were banned, because a student had written "bad things" on it.. was she referring to you?"

"He made reference to this 'terrible, terrible review' on the internet, (although in a rather amused sort of way) and seemed rather disappointed when no one appeared to have read it."


I'm rather dazed now, so the bookout post will still not be posted. Yet.

Another snippet:
" The life of an RJCian sucks.

I shall not elaborate, because of the infamy associated with you in RJ. In the sense that I don't want random people from RJ or RJ teachers coming here and reading about my real thoughts. No offence by the way. You're a very nice person. :)"

I presume this refers to me :)

From the same place:
"'I'm currently reading the last of the Alexander the Great trilogy by Valerio Massimo.' (which I really am reading, I'm not shitting you here.)"

My sister bought me the first book of that. But I think I might not get through it in the near future. Herodotus is sitting in my cupboard at camp, barely touched since I brought it (I'm in the middle, maybe, of Book 5 [of 8]). I'll try to keep up with The Economist first, so I know what's happenning in the world.

Sunday, January 20, 2002

Heard from his mother that gabriel's still in confinement, dunno why.

I just came back from KL malaysia, spent last last friday to last thursday there. Stayed with relatives in ampang. I tried to contact zhe hui and ended up talking to his sis(?) in malacca- he's in KL studying A levels, will take the UCLES exams in may/june this year. Currently corresponding with him via email .
Spent my time with my relatives in the ampang area (and a hectic night with 3 juvenile cousins- aged 5,7,9 respectively. Fortunately, the next night they went off for tuition.) Aunty also drove down to Putrajaya- the new government centre off KL- grand architecture, giant mosques. Pavilions, parks, most of the gov. HQ stuff moved down there already.
I wanted to see the Paya Indah wetlands and the hippos there, go cycling, horseriding, trekking, nature-viewing but it was too late in the afternoon to take the tram and all that.
Then my cousin brought me down to ampang point- bought lotsa movie vcds. Also found things like spirited away and "the colour of paradise" (an iranian film- i'm obssessed with them). Wanted to buy Asoka ($20 ringgit in a legal CD store) but it was in hindi with malay subtitles.

Went to KLCC and walked around on my own... saw shops, got a RM$30 haircut, read harry potter in Kinokuniya.
My aunty's maid helped me dye my hair... it was a tube of ruby red dye, supposed to turn it brown, but ... it's orange. I like orange, but .... Do tell me whether it's noticeable if you see me round.

Since Utopia recently took a break, my cousin's onto another online web medieval strategy game that necessitates his logging on at odd hours to check on his kingdom.

Hey this is interesting, half the people who went to
used google.com to search for the keyword "creative writing rjc". (manic grin) Publicity! Email me at marshmall0w@yahoo.com if you'd like to know more- or if you'd like to know some dastardly secrets of the J2s (heh heh heeee heee)

Most common keyword on search to my links page is QLRS, the toh hsien min web/print quarterly literary journal. If you go there you'll see at least one p-HO-to (look among the photos taken at the launch in book cafe)

*gasp* Even Giordano is selling hot socks now!

Andrew gan
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