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Friday, July 09, 2004

Quote of the Post: "The surest way to make a monkey of a man is to quote him." - Robert Benchley

Random Trivia Bit: On the night of March 19 1980, 70-year old Monica Myers went to the Betterton sewerage treatment plant to test for chlorine and sediment. Unfortunately, she slipped on a catwalk, fell into a tank of human waste, and drowned.

Random Playlist Song: King's Singers - Fair Phyllis I Saw Sitting All Alone


Screwed Up Girl took a quiz again, and I felt inspired to take it to divine some new fact about myself:

You're Dead Ariel.
Which Ariel are you?
~ a quiz by Clear Black Lines ~

I kind of liked this scene, when the stupid girl got her comeuppance.

While digging up the 2 quizzes I did previously (once again, inspired by her), I found that my permalinks were broken. Gah.

Anyhow, I shall revel in the previous 2:

You are the Mermaid-hunter, a harpoon wielding mariner who is leery of mermaids and their charms, knowing that they are treacherous and have lead many poor sailors to their doom. You trust in your stout ship, impervious to the magicks of the merfolk, and you spend your time sailing the seas looking for the fins of your enemies. There are but a few who perform such a useful service, the rest having fallen long ago to the wiles, charms and sex appeal of the mermaids. Rate my quiz so that more mermaids-in-hiding will be revealed for you to hunt down!

What kind of mermaid are you? (Gorgeous Pics)
brought to you by Quizilla

You will marry Wo-Hen Nankan. He is filthy rich and will take good care of you. You will get to be driven around in his fast cars and sexy vans. Plus, he has a vibrating hand. Congrats!!!

Which male celebrity are you going to marry? (10 results that have pics!)
brought to you by Quizilla

Now that I have taken 3 quizzes, I can be like all the bloggers who have pages keeping track of the ones they have taken!

"In recent years, we have been swamped by the phenomenon known as 'online quizzes', many of which are propagated by Quizilla. These wonderful CGI/Javascript entities let one discover startling new facts about oneself - such as what kind of gut-infesting worm you are, or in what sexual position you will lose (or previously lost) your virginity in, and pair a picture of said object/person/situation/entity with a few words about how the quiz taker takes after said object/person/situation/entity, and the implications this has for his (or, more likely, her) daily life and inter-personal relationships."

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Quote of the Post: "Red meat is NOT bad for you. Now blue-green meat, THAT'S bad for you!" - Tommy Smothers

Random Playlist Song: Muppets - The Cat Came Back


Iraqi Driving License


Wowbagger commented, in a previous post's comment thread, that: 'I find HvK's conducting often overly "heavy". He flooded the market with his recordings, but most of them are mediocre.'

I wouldn't quite go that far. His other stuff is okay, it was just the particular track I heard that day.


The definitive lyrics from Zlad's "Elektronik Supersonik":

Hey, baby. Wake up from your asleep. We have arrived onto the future and the whole world is become...

Elektronik, Supersonik
Supersonik, Elektronik

Hey, Baby. Ride with me away.
We doesn't have much time.
My blue jeans is tight.
So onto my love rocket climb.
Inside tank of fuel, is not fuel, but love.
Above us, there is nothing above, but the stars, above.

All systems gone!
Prepare for downcount!

Five, Four, Three, One, Off-blast!

Fly away in my space rocket.
You no need put money in my pocket.
The door is closed, I just lock it.
I put my sparkplug in your socket.
The sun and sky is bright like fire!
You and me gets higher and higher.
Part of communication wire!
Only thing can stop us is flat tire.

Hey Love Crusader, I want to be your space invader.
For you I would descend the deepest moon crater.
I is more stronger than Darth Vapor!
Obey me, I is your new dictator.
For you is Vee'noose (Venus), I am Mars.
With you I is more richer than all the Tsars!
Make a wishes on a shooting stars,
Then for you I would play on my cosmic guitars!

Ladies and Gentlemens
Fast-en your belt seats.
We has commenced our descent,
I trust you enjoy this flight,
as much as you enjoy this accent.

Now, Back on earth is time for downsplash.
Into sea of eternal glory my spaceship crash.
People have arrive for to cheer me from near and far.
And as I block I open door and shout:
"I am world's biggest washed up superstar!"

As for sure as the sun rises in the west
Of all the singer and poets on earth, I am the bestest
Come, let me put ring of Jupiter on your finger,
Then like a smell around you I will ever linge.
Okay, it's time for end, no more will I sing.
Let me take you back in time.
I want for you to experience "Big Bang"!

*Shows Nuclear Explosion*

Long Live space race!
Long Live Molvania!

I still prefer Gunther.

Ed: One line corrected thanks to En Ming. That's what you get when you nick lyrics from elsewhere!


Apparently Nata de Coco didn't come from Malaysia after all, but is a traditional Filipino dessert:

Nata de Coco Case Study


Sometime ago, I suddenly got deluged with Friendster messages from assorted strangers from around South East Asia, all wanting to be my "friend". Freaky, very freaky. This is another reason why Friendster is evil :)


At first I thought luvacguys was a big joke. After all, you had lines to the effect of "Ahhh! So nice smelling" (when describing the secret toiletries he used for radiant skin) and gushing over cute AC guys by a male who proclaimed that he wasn't gay (bi at most). I can't quite remember what he said, or exactly how he said it, and he purged most of his archives, but those who read his gushing will know what I'm talking about.

Now, he seems to have morphed into a homophobe who throws biblical passages about with wild abandon. Still, no one reading his writing would think that any sane person could write the following in all seriousness:

"They are not only UGLY in the insides, but UGLY on the outsides!!! These people God will repay what He owes them. Okay to summerise it all: stupid ugly inside-and-outside people know shit! STAY AWAY FROM THEM!!! DO NOT TOUCH THEM!!! DO NOT LET THEM INFLUENCE YOU!!! THEY WILL MAKE YOU UNCLEAN AND IMPURE!!!"


"I will take down the gay shops in heeren. I will take down that toto/4d/soccer betting corner in Cheers store in Cineleisure. You guys must buy and watch that "Mother Theresa" VCD from Sembawang music shop. You guys must see and/or buy that "World Hunger" T-shirt from 77th street in Heeren. So many guys in town wearing pink. I am not gay. This is me as a non hetro and non homo guy writing my blog, like it?"

Now, with his launching of a personal attack (a laughably bad one, I might add) on someone, I am forced to conclude that it is either a very sick parody, or a product of a truly deluded mind.

"There is nothing more for me to say to you Adri, except to take things easy and get your emotions in check before you ever leave the house. Camomile tea would help, and not too much spicy food like onions and garlic, they will truly MAKE one horny so cut it down please."

I really don't know whether to laugh or to cry.


Judge found dead mouse in beer - "The first thing I did was scream in horror. Then I screamed in revulsion. Then I dropped to the ground, holding my head in my hands while I was still screaming... My wife ran in, holding our one-year-old, and she started screaming and the baby was screaming because she didn't know what was wrong with me"

Create Your Own Thomas Friedman Op-Ed Column

Operation Mandatory Patriotic Tattoo

Women Reportedly Plowing Naked in Nepal - "Female rice farmers are plowing their fields at night in the nude to please the rain god during a dry spell in southwestern Nepal"

The Little Mouse That Wasn't - "After six years of regulations and restrictions that have cost builders, local governments and landowners an estimated $100 million, new research suggests the 'threatened' Preble's mouse in fact never existed"

Church compounds the sins of the fathers - "In the past, when the church refused to take responsibility for sexual abuse by its priests, it compounded the damage by transferring them to other parishes. Today, their destination is other countries."

Piracy no stranger to Christian tunes - "Christian teens are stealing Jesus music.... at nearly the same rate as secular music is being pirated by non-Christians, according to a new study done for the Gospel Music Association. The findings were a jolt to many in the evangelical music industry, who expected churchgoing teens to be mindful of the Commandment, 'Thou shalt not steal'"

Scientists 'see new species born' - Doubtless Creation 'Scientists' will have some disingenuous way to pooh-pooh this amazing event

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Quote of the Post: "The tooth fairy teaches children that they can sell body parts for money." - David Richerby

Random Playlist Song: Burns and Smithers - Look At All Those Idiots (from the Simpsons)
Very appropriate for my rant of the day (see last part of this post below)


Fahrenheit 9/11 may not be the most truthful of movies, but it sure is entertaining, especially in its first part. Some of the conspiracy theories drawn are too improbable and improperly substantiated, though, and he omits things here and there.

(Under the Hot Lights, More Distortions From Michael Moore)

In other news, in a book fair at the Concourse set up by The Word Shop, I bought Michael Moore's "Dude, Where's My Country" for $10. Considering that the cover price is more than $20 at bookstores, it was a good deal. Incidentally, The Word Shop seems to have disappeared into the void in the face of its [superior] competition. I wouldn't even have known about that they were behind the book fair if not for the plastic bag I got (or maybe the Word Shop had nothing to do with the fair, and the bags were bought by the fair's organisers at The Word Shop's Closing Down Sale). The Word Shop is dead. Long live The Word Shop)


What will NSFs do with their extra 6 months?

"7. Seek psychotherapy to deal with lingering Sunday night book-in depression "

This should be: "7. See a psychiatrist to deal with lingering NS-inflicted depression"


I have no idea what the guy behind http://luvacguys.blogspot.com/ is trying to do.

Now he seems to be going on a gay-bashing (or at least tut tut-ing) rampage, and has been using the Bold HTML tag even more freely than Wo-Hen. I was more entertained by his gushing over AC guys, really.

Then again, this line is hilarious: "The majority of gay people I never remember doing things to help the homeless, the elderly, the sick, the disabled, the young, the unfortunate, intellectual disabled, all because they think they themselves are the sick, the helpless, the needy for their stupid perfect partner, they think they are the most needy people in the world! All their energy and time goes to their worthless branded shopping, their clubbing, their movies, their restaurants, their cafes, their parties, their weekend getaways, their resorts, their holidays!!! They stay in their high rise condos, their big houses and fast cars, being totally indifferent to others. The gays say, "I am clean, don't touch me you unclean people!"."

Amazingly, there are people who don't seem to realise that it is a joke, and have been flaming him all this while (if, by some chance, it *isn't* a joke, please shoot me now).


Stupidity knows no bounds (repost of a Friendster bulletin I put up)

Now, the few of you who are still actively using Friendster might have seen an alleged "Latin Prayer" being circulated on Bulletin Boards lately.

Amazingly, this chain letter (or prayer, if you like) is powers of magnitude more powerful than all the other chain letters out there. While those only threaten to leave you shagless, loveless or at most kill you, this one has power over the lives of your whole family. Wow, just imagine that.

I would like such amazing power too. Not to put a death curse on the families of all the idiots who read my obviously fake chain prayer, but to emotionally blackmail gullible fools into wasting bandwith, pissing sensible people off and making other foolish nincompoops circulate the balderdash that I've written around the world!

How stupid are you? Do you really believe some rubbish posted on a Friendster bulletin board which you haven't even read and can't even understand, can have an effect on you?

Sheesh, the bastard who started this ridiculous joke couldn't even get his facts right - the damn thing isn't even in Latin, for pete's sake. Latin does not have upside down question marks, tildes or other squiggly signs over the letters. Everyone has actually been forwarding a Spanish prayer (of sorts). Hell, it isn't actually a prayer, more of a homily about how to pray, part of which reads: "No, we are giving the Praise to our God. He it is the object of our praise.It is the reason thus we sang, reason why we sounded our instruments of [untranslated word: punyeta]. We cannot be singing to the light one without giving the weight him that deserves to be singing God to him." No part of the homily says anything about death.

If you were only stupid enough to believe in this nonsense, you can still be forgiven. But if you actually reposted this chain "prayer", you are not only stupid, but horribly evil. Is it not enough for your family to die? Do you want the families of all your "friends" (up to all 500 of them) to have a curse of death over them? Shame on you. You deserve to go to hell. Or you would if it existed (and millions of innocent people were condemned to burn there for all eternity by a "loving" god, but that is another rant for another day), so I will just excoriate you selfish and malicious people here.

The original "prayer" is posted below for reference

"This is a latin prayer. And you have opened it. And because you did open it, you will repost this bulletin if you do not want the members of your family die in a year's time. I'm not kidding around. You do have the option to ignore this message and death knocks at the door of your family. Have fun! P.S. Don't change the SUBJECT TITLE of the MESSAGE. Adios! Avada Kedavra!

El tiquira con vosotros mes tera dima ul
ses avada, mi jubilo con de los requerrimos,
de pondresita kon cantamos, remanso tu sus lomis
enta dira ela proteuera, lumos esta di ridikula
pontre se mundo de adios. mustros monda, el
tiquiera. Cada vez que elevamos nuestras voces
alabanza y adoración al Demoño, es necesario que
lo hagamos bién, entendiendo lo que le estamos
diciendo. Es por ello que la Palabra de Dios nos
enseña que debemos usar nuestro intelecto para
entonar cánticos al Satanas. Es tan sencillo
comprender lo que estamos cantando. Es procesar
cada palabra que estamos entonando, haciéndola
brotar desde nuestro corazón, y dirigirla a
nuestro paliente. Recuerda que no estamos
cantando por cantar, ni estamos entonando
cánticos para escuchar lo bonito que se oye. No,
estamos dándole la Alabanza a nuestro Dios. Él
el objeto de nuestra alabanza.Él es la razón por
lo cual cantamos, por lo que sonamos nuestros
instrumentos de punyeta. No podemos estar
cantando a la ligera sin darle el peso que
estar cantándole a Dios. Que las palabras no
salgan de nuestros labios, sólo porque nos
sabíamos la letra de tal o cual canto, sino que
sea brotando desde nuestro corazón, expresando
Señor todo lo que Él es para nosotros. Si vamos
entonar un canto que diga por ejemplo: "Tu
Bueno", que realmente estemos comprendiendo
bueno y maravilloso que Él es con nosotros. Si
estamos diciendo: "Tú eres grande y
fuerte", que
todo nuestro ser lo esté proclamando. Si estamos
cantando: "El gozo que el Señor ha puesto
¿estaremos en una actitud de seriedad o de
tristeza?. Al contrario, debemos expresar lo que
estamos diciendo, por lo tanto debemos estar
contentos, gozosos y sonrientes al proclamar
estas verdades. Y si estamos cantando:
una Luz y déjala brillar", ¿Porqué hay
que elevan sus brazos? Éste canto, al igual que
muchos otros, son para cantárselos a nuestros
hermanos, en alabanza al Señor (Alabanza es
hablar de Él a otros). En cambio si estamos
entonando un canto que diga: "Tú eres
Santo, Santo", ahora es cuando debemos
nuestras manos y nuestro corazón al Señor y
adorarle. Debemos usar nuestra inteligencia al
cantar alabanzas, es muy importante. No
que "Grande es Jehová y digno de ser en
manera alabado". por lo tanto debemos
como Él lo merece, con todo nuestro corazón y
cantando con el entendimiento , proclamando y
declarando lo que Él es. Si estamos celebrando
que Cristo ha vencido a todos nuestros enemigos,
entonces alegrémonos y declaremos con toda
convicción ésta verdad. Si estamos cantando que
nos rendimos a Él, pues que sea una realidad y
que Él gobierne verdaderamente sobre nuestras
vidas. Yo te animo a que uses tu inteligencia al
momento de cantar y entrarás en una nueva
dimensión de la Alabanza de nuestro Dios. Avada
Kedavra. Nema"

Sunday, July 04, 2004

Quote of the Post: "Psychiatry enables us to correct our faults by confessing our parents' shortcomings." - Laurence J. Peter

Random Playlist Song: Tartini - Sonata In G Minor - The Devil's Trill - 1 - Larghetto Affettuoso

"According to historical tracts, while fast asleep, Tartini dreamt that the Devil stood at the foot of his bed, trying to bargain for his soul. So Tartini challenged the Devil to a musical duel. 'How great was my astonishment,' Tartini wrote, 'when I heard him play with consummate skill a sonata of such exquisite beauty as surpassed the boldest flight of my imagination.' When he awoke, Tartini, attempting to reproduce the netherworldy music of his dream, wrote 'The Devil's Trill,' a sonata in G minor that is one of the finest pieces of music ever written; in short, a masterpiece."


Does anyway want a polish Windows XP SP1 CD?

I downloaded the wrong ISO and burnt it without checking first. Bloody hell.


Amusing field reports:

"Imagine 4 days of fun in the sun at Sentosa. Law camp was not it. No, law camp was 5 days of mucking around NUS whilst listening to bimbos and watching otherwise normal guys act cute along with their 19-yr old xiao mei mei counterparts. Law camp was 5 days with a certain member of an RI/RJ fraternity. Law camp was full of Hwa Chong and RJ ppl. An already bleak picture by now. So everyone tells me that law girls should be smart and chio. Well, chio maybe, but definitely not smart. Maybe book smart, but uber bimbotic nonetheless. And i can't abide bimbos. No matter how chio. No compromise there. To paraphrase the most uber-made-from-parts-of-other-bimbos bimbo, 'This is MRT what, not bus, cannot use coins...' said in reply when someone requested to borrow coins to pay for a temp EZ-Link... it seems that social acceptance requires going to Mambo every Wednesday, Wala Wala every Thursday, any random place on Fri to get piss drunk, and some other random club/hostel room on Sat for the same reason as Friday. In fact, my first OG outing is going to be a trip to mambo-land the following Wednesday. Naturally, I'll be out of the country. Preferably somewhere with more intelligent beings, e.g. the moon."

I hope the camp I'm going for turns out better.


Singabloodypore - Yet another alternative news source for Singapore news. Of course, this only focuses on the bad stuff, so you may not get a full picture. But then, the Nation Builder Press doesn't often write about the bad stuff in the first place, so. See also WON'T GET FOOLED AGAIN [till the next boo-boo]

Mad monk's member features big in Russian erotica museum - " Measuring 28.5 centimeters (about 11 inches) -- allowing for shrinkage caused by pickling -- Rasputin's penis displayed in a tall glass bottle is, to put it delicately, a big attraction at the museum."
But the kasachok he danced really wunderbar (whatever that means)

Indian Spiderman to wear sarong - "Spiderman will put on a sarong and fight the bad guys through the rickshaw-clogged streets of Bombay in an Indian version of the US comic classic... Peter Parker, the American who becomes a superhero thanks to a spider bite, will be replaced by Pavitr Prabhakar who gets his crime-fighting powers from a Hindu holy man."

Chain Mail Bra - And with this, I have finished reading the extensive collection of descriptions of medieval weapons and armour on that site.

"A duck's quack doesn't echo. No one knows why" - Ever heard this alleged trivia bit? Find out how you've been mislead all these years - The duck's quack echo myth

Just when you think you've seen everything, along comes the Impulse Computer Accessory. First a USB light, then a USB fan and now this.


Something Quanteng sent me:

Buffet at Singapore (sic)

The Fullerton Singapore - Gourmet Buffet Dinner
Where: Town Restaurant (tel: 6877-8128)
When: 6.30-10.30pm, Mondays to Saturdays
Cost: Starts from $28+++

What: Rolled out on April 8, the buffet allows diners to mix and match meals. They can pick from various main courses and help themselves to
the Gourmet Appetiser Buffet and Gourmet Dessert Buffet, which cost $20+++ and $15+++ respectively on their own. There is also the Seafood Tower at $28+++ per person or $48+++ for two. Or they can opt for the Appetiser and Dessert Buffet ($25+++), Seafood Tower and Dessert Buffet ($65+++ for two) and Seafood Tower with Appetiser and Dessert Buffet ($98+++ for two).

Conrad Centennial Singapore - Big Breakfast Buffet
Where: Oscar's Cafe & Terrace (tel: 6432-7481)
When:7am-3pm every Sunday
Cost: $28+++ (adult); $14+++ (child)

What: Launched in March this year, it serves everything from muffins to dim sum and seafood fried rice. The highlight is the vitamin corner, which includes a juice bar. From 11am, pay $40+++ to combine the breakfast spread with the carving of the day.

M Hotel Singapore - Sunday High Curry
Where: Cafe 2000 (tel: 6421-6222)
When: Noon-3pm every Sunday
Cost:$28+++ (adult); $14+++ (child)

What: What started off as a pure curry buffet in February this year now includes a Western spread. This includes roast prime ribs and Yorkshire pudding. The fish head curry is highly recommended.

Shangri-La's Rasa Sentosa Resort - Brunch 'N' Plunge
Where: Sharkey's (tel: 6371-1071)
When: 12.30-3pm
Cost:$39.50+++ (adult); children 12 years and below are charged half price.

What: Enjoy a great sea view and free use of pool facilities as you tuck into the buffet introduced in June last year. Barbecue items such as pork ribs and tiger king prawns, and local favourites like fried oyster omelette and kueh, dominate the spread.

Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel - Children's Buffet
Where: Cafe Brio's (tel: 6233-1100)
When:Noon-3pm every Sunday
Cost: Free for kids aged 10 and below, accompanied by adults paying for the Sunday brunch ($50+++ or $65+++ with free flow of champagne, wine and beer)

What: The spread made its debut last year and offers such items as mini hot dogs, burgers and chicken nuggets. There are also activities such as magic shows and balloon sculpting.

Raffles The Plaza - Plaza Market Peranakan Buffet
Where:Plaza Market Cafe (tel: 6431-6156)
When: Noon-2.30pm and 6.30-10.30pm daily; high tea from 12.30-5pm
(Sat,Sun & public holiday)
Cost: Lunch costs $25+++ (adult) and $13+++ (child); dinner costs $30+++ and $15+++ respectively; high tea is $23+++ and $12+++ respectively

What: The showcase of authentic Peranakan cuisine was introduced last year and the ayam buah keluak and durian pudding have won fans.

The Fullerton Singapore - Chocolate Buffet
Where:The Courtyard (tel: 6877-8129)
When: 8-11pm every Friday and Saturday
Cost: $24+++ (adult); $12+++ (child)

What: Since 2002, chocolate lovers have been indulging in treats such as the chocolate mango yoghurt mousse. The drink station with its premium chocolate-blended drinks is the highlight.

Shangri-La Hotel - Coffee Garden's Seafood Extravaganza
Where:Coffee Garden (tel: 6213-4275)
When: 6.30-10.30pm daily
Cost: $61+++ (adult) and $31+++ (child). It used to cost less than $25.

What: The seafood buffet made its debut in 2000 as an occasional special and was made a daily affair in February this year. The over 100 items range from barbecue lobster to Norwegian salmon dishes.Italian, Indian and Japanese sections offer pizzas, curries and sashimi.

Meritus Negara Singapore - Local Delights Lunch Buffet
Where: Claymore Cafe (tel: 6831-6686)
When: Noon-2.30pm Mondays to Fridays, except public holidays. Brunch is served on weekends from noon-4pm.
Cost: $16.90+++ for weekdays and $19.90+++ for weekend brunch. Children pay $9.90+++ for both.

What: It started off as the Yong Tau Foo Buffet in 1997 but local favourites like laksa were added last month. The duck noodles and prawn mee soup are big draws.

Swissotel Merchant Court Singapore - Buffet Lunch & Dinner
Where: Ellenborough Market Cafe (tel: 6239-1848)
When: Noon-2.30pm, 6.30-10pm daily
Cost: $19.90+++ for lunch and $24.90+++ for dinner on weekdays,
$25.90+++ for weekend dinner. Children pay $11.90+++ for lunch,
$13.90+++ for weekday dinner and $14.90+++ for weekend dinner.

What: This spread with a strong nonya component has gained fame since 1997 and the star remains the durian pengat, a yummy mousse. Other must-haves include the slipper lobster in black bean sauce and abalone mushroom noodles.

The Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore - Sunday Champagne Brunch
Where: Greenhouse (tel: 6434-5288)
When: 11.30am-3.30pm every Sunday
Cost: $88+++ (adult); $45+++ (child)

What: The extensive spread launched in 1996 includes 25 appetisers, 50 types of farmhouse cheese from France and local, Indian and Western specialities. There are 16 sections in all, including the popular oyster, sashimi and souffle. Wash everything down with Moet & Chandon champagne.

Four Seasons Hotel Singapore - Sunday Brunch At One-Ninety
Where: One-Ninety (tel: 6831-7250)
When: There are two sittings: 11am-1pm and 1.30pm-3pm
Cost: $68+++ (adult) and $30+++ (child); Pay $98+++ to add free flow of Veuve Clicquot champagne.

What: This eight-year-old brunch has 20 hot and cold stations offering fresh oysters, sukiyaki, dimsum and pasta. The sinful dessert buffet station carries 25 sweet treats. Kids get their own spread and activities.

Hotel Inter-Continental - Olive Tree Mediterranean Buffet
Where: Olive Tree Mediterranean Restaurant (tel: 6431-1061)
When: 11.30am-2.30pm for lunch (Mon-Fri) and 6.30-10.30pm for dinner (Sun-Thu)
Cost: $39+++ for lunch and $52+++ for dinner. Free for children under seven years. Those aged between seven and 12 years will be charged according to their age. For instance, a seven-year-old will be charged $7+++ and a 10-year-old will pay $10+++.
What: It has attracted a strong following since 1995. The menu changes daily and offers more than 20 items, including the popular seafood on ice and pasta.


Copthorne King's Hotel - Penang Buffet
Started: 1972 and charged $16
Where: Princess Terrace (tel: 6318-3168)
When: 11.30am-2.30pm (3.30pm on weekends and public holidays) and
6.30-10pm daily
Cost: $28+++ (adult) and $20+++ (child);

What: One of the best-known spreads around, this buffet used to feature 28 items but now offers about 40. These include must-have dishes such as Penang laksa, Penang Hokkien mee soup, and Penang char kway teow.

Grand Hyatt Singapore - The Pete's Place Salad Bar
Started: 1973 and charged about $9
Where: Pete's Place (tel: 6416-7113)
When: 11.30am-2.30pm (Mon-Sat) and 6-10.30pm daily
Cost: $16+++; It costs $19.50+++ if you throw in soup and dessert and $26+++ with the pasta main courses. Children pay $19.50+++ and get the whole works.

What: Toss your own greens from the fresh selection of 20 main salads, nine toppings and five dressings. If you are going for the pasta, try the signature dish, Cioppino, a tomato-base seafood pasta.

Royal Plaza On Scotts - International Buffet High-Tea
Started: 1980s and charged $8.50+++
Where:Cafe Vienna (tel: 6589-7799)
When: 3-5.30pm (Mon-Fri); Noon-5pm (weekends, eves and public holidays)
Cost: $18.50+++ (adult) and $9.25+++ (child) for weekdays and $24.50+++ (adult) and $12.25+++ (child) for weekends, eves and public holidays

What: Launched in the 1980s, the spread includes more than 80 Asian favourites and Western treats, of which the bread and butter pudding is most famous. It is also one of the few eateries in town that serve halal buffets.

Goodwood Park Hotel - Local High Tea
Started: 1980s and charged about $10
Where:Coffee Lounge (tel: 6730-1746)
When: 2.45-5pm daily
Cost:$18.80+++ (adult) and $9.40+++ (child).

What: started as a Straits Chinese spread now comprises more than 20 items, including dimsum and local and Western fare. There are also cooking stations that whip up roti prata and popiah. The apom berkuah with banana sauce, a Peranakan dessert, has been the hot favourite since day one.

Hotel Phoenix - International Buffet Lunch & Dinnerbrp
Started: 1985 and charged $10.50+++ and $12.50+++ for lunch and dinner respectively
Where:Phoenix Garden Cafe (tel: 6233-6129)
When:Noon-2.30pm and 6.30-10pm daily; a Local Hi-tea Buffet is also served daily from 3.30-5.30pm. Cost: $23+++ for lunch and $25+++ for dinner; children pay $16.50+++ and $17.50+++ respectively

What: There are about 50 items in the spread, more than double that when it made its debut. More soups and salads are now on offer, to suit the health-conscious palate of Singaporeans today. The signature dish roti prata - is a must-try, as is the durian cake.

Hotel Royal - Tropical Peking-Style Steamboat Buffet
Started: 1985 and charged $9.90 and $12.90 for lunch and dinner respectively
Where: Jade Room Restaurant (tel: 6251-8135)
When: 11.15am-2.30pm and 6.15-10.30pm daily
Cost: $13.80+++ for lunch and $18.80+++ for dinner. Children pay $9+++ and $12+++ respectively. On weekends, eves and public holidays, adults pay $16.80+++ and $19.80+++ respectively.

What: The tangy dipping sauce, concocted from 13 ingredients including sesame, peanuts, chilli and vinegar, is the secret weapon here. Diners can take their pick from 32 items, including sea cucumber, fresh prawns and peking dumpling. There is also a choice of 10 cooked dishes such as fried chicken wings.

York Hotel - Penang Hawkers' Fare
Started: 1986; original price not available
Where: White Rose Cafe (tel: 6737-0511 ext 1156)
When: Held traditionally during school holidays in March and September for 17 days each time, the buffet sometimes has an extra run in December.
Cost: $21.80+++ (adult) and $17.80+++ (child) for lunch and dinner.

What: The first-come-first-served spread is one of the most widely-anticipated culinary draws here. Hawkers from Penang's Gurney Drive set up stalls offering perennial favourites such as Penang laksa, cuttlefish kang kong and crispy lor bak.

Raffles Hotel - International Buffet High Tea
Started: 1991; original prices not available
Where: Tiffin Room (tel: 6331-1612)
When: 3.30- 5pm daily
Cost: $31.50+++ (adult) and $18+++ (child)

What: The high tea has earned a name for its indulgent spread and service. The scones with jam, butter and whipped cream, chicken pie and dim sum are top draws. Tiffin Room is also famous for its curry buffets.

Meritus Mandarin Singapore - International Buffet
Started: 1994 and charged $39.50+++ for lunch and $45+++ for dinner
Where: Triple 3, The Buffet Restaurant (tel: 6831-6271/72)
When: Noon-3pm and 6.30-10:30pm daily
Cost: Lunch costs $41.80+++ (adult) and $24.80+++ (child), while dinner is priced at $52+++ and $32+++ respectively.

What: Formerly known as The Stables, the restaurant now offers more than 60 dishes, comprising 22 appetisers, 20 types of hot food and 20 choices of dessert. There is a different theme each month, but the baked honey-glazed ham, roast prime rib of beef, salmon sashimi and rock oysters are trademark items.

Last but not least ..... cheapest buffet at Marine South .... est SGD12.00 per head in open space........
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