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Saturday, February 08, 2003

Muahaha. I have configured Blogamp successfully.

It looks a bit odd still, though. No matter - I trust I will tweak it to perfection in time.

How come girls always complain about their periods but guys never bitch about wet dreams? Hmm.
"how come u understand me so much better than Hwa? i think u better be my BF" - Sister.

Oh whee. MIW.com.sg has now teamed up with Neopets!

Thursday, February 06, 2003

Yeah, baby, yeah!

... Geraldine let Kenneth throw away my present. Bah. I'm not buying her anything next time!

Acronym of the day: NSIFU - National Service Is F-ing U!
Things you learn:

John Philip Thompson, former chairman and CEO of The Southland Corporation, now 7-Eleven, Inc., died Jan. 28, 2003, at age 77 of brain cancer... During his tenure, the company introduced the Slurpee, launching the frozen carbonated beverage (FCB) category in 1967. Fresh-brewed coffee-to-go was first offered in 1964, and the Big Gulp soft drink was launched in 1980.

7-Eleven was originally named for its operating hours: 7:00 am to 11:00 pm.

Monday, February 03, 2003

Short notes before nipping off to meet The Great One at Westmall:

Just finished The Shadow of a Shadow of a Dream by Catherine Lim today. Interestingly, it was first published in 1987, and republished in 1999 - the same year after she won the "1999 South East Asia Write (sic) Award".

Catherine Lim is perhaps the most touted of local writers, but "Local Flavour" isn't really much of a draw for me and I am not all that fond of her style. It is rather readable, but not overly exciting ; I did not get the "one more page syndrome" while reading this book. Perhaps that is the point, though - to convey images in an understated way. Many of the stories don't end satisfactorily or conclusively, and there is something missing ; the reader is left hanging. Perhaps that, again, is the point.

There are subtle anti-government jibes here and there, and the SDU and the "problem" of graduate women not marrying is mocked. The sardonic way government officials spokesmen are quoted and what they say is really amusing. Heh heh.

Also read: Iron Man, by Neivelle Tan. A rather typical story of redemption.

The Pizza at Pastamania isn't very good. I think I have a new rule about Pizza places: If I can finish a pizza from there, odds are that it isn't good.

Mysteries of life: Whose English is worse? Fann Wong or Jackie Chan? (Re: Today's viewing of Shanghai Knights, during which, iirc, not a single handphone sounded! Except for Jackie Chan's during the bloopers segment.)
Life as an instructor on the Island of Doom (Pulau Tekong - Obedience School) is pretty good! You get:

- A 3 week instructor preparatory course. Off every night, nothing but lectures, lan gaming andn soccer in the afternoons
- Yes. Lan Gaming. In the Instructor's Mess. They've got Warcraft, Ghost Recon, CS etc. And it's unlimited play
- Non-duty instructors can stay out (might vary from company to company)
- You get 1 to 3 days off a week

No wonder I never saw my instructors...

Why we need Chinese, according to a Minister's son:

To talk to taxi drivers, shop keepers, hawkers and if you get married to someone whose parents speak Chinese

Corrected link: How to insult, swear and curse in 67 languages

It seems I've a fanclub, of sorts:

"hey. i. went. to. your. homepage. and. i. love. it. so. much. i. have. shivers. brr. rrr. rrh. But after 1/2 hour in there (WHAT?! I only have 6 days of freedom!!) i suddenly panicked and left. What's going on?! Are you Tim AND Gabriel? Why do you share the same blog? If Agagooga is Gabriel and the Associate is Tim, doesn't that make me a confused reader? (yes it does) So is Balderdash a joint effort by Tim and Gabriel to overrun the internet? Or is it a covert operation by the AlQaeda to discredit all the English speaking peoples of the world? One suggestion: display a website directory tree that will help your readers orientate themselves so they won't fall off their chairs and sanities. OR just take the damned site down (no chance of that i bet). It distresses average denizens of the web like me.

Anyway, from what I gathered during my random lunges and gropes during the 1/2 hour i spent *there* we have a lot in common. Tim (perhaps just one of the many mainfestations of deity agagooga, or the Associate. or Osama) likes gamebooks, is catholic, and came from tc(cat)hs. JUST LIKE ME! Gabriel... well he thinks the world of himself. and I think a world of gabriels would be a mighty fine thing indeed. for dying painfully in.

Amazing how much effort it took to write that last paragraph. I had a few ideas going on in my head but it came out like burning demon from a human cervix. IE it hurt. Writing is an awfully painful thing if people are watching. Watching to see if you fall down painfully on your face with a grammatical error or a word speld incorekly. Anyway. I think that anyway is a good word for pulling yourself out from an embarassing loss of focus in a conversation. So... ANY-WAY.

I'm sure I had something worthy to write about but I lost it. Perhaps I just wanted to convey excitement about finding personalities that were cloned from mine on the web. Yes. Tim and Gabriel were cloned from my genes. They are also a year older than me. PS I love Lonewolf. but I only have 5 books. I like the whole Stornlands idea, a fertile plain torn apart by relentless civil wars and petty ambition and crawling with humanoids and talking rats. In fact, I think that the whole Stornlands thing is very similar to "the Empire" in Gamesworkshop's own universe. I think they just copied each other back in the 70s and 80s. If you understood what I was talking about then we must be soul mates. Or twins separated at birth. Stab yourself now and I'll post if i feel pain.


why was I even typing this. anyway.

*hello whats your name I actually have to time to talk gtg.*

Oh yeah. I'm sorry to hear you went to RJC. The whole Raffles thing sucks doesn't it. The name of the school itself inspires images of girlie guides selling ticket-things. Me? I'm from High Class JC, just like the owner of this board, so don't try to retaliate with a post with more wit and subtle malice aimed at my school and discreetly glorifying yours. I HATE RJ. DIE!!!!"

And someone else:

"Cuz seriously, everybody knows that the JC to be in is ACJC. Naha.

And agagooga's obsession with RGS scares me quite a bit. That girl's picture with the eyes blanked out with the black rectangle? I knew her. We were in the same CCA.

And frankly, someone who has that much time to actually scan in the whole damn RGS yearbook has got to have quite a sad life.

That being said, the rest of the site is actually rather entertaining."

Sunday, February 02, 2003

1. Why do you blog?
I try to record the ephemeral threads of my life (those not too private for my diary), some to share with friends who visit and some just for fun, so I can look back years later and laugh (or grimace). Mostly, it's because I'm bored lah.

2. What do you blog about? Why?
Anything and everything. Life, the Universe and Everything (the third best of the quintet, really). Cliched, but true. Anything that catches my fancy or piques my interest.

3. Who is your primary blogging audience? Why?
Friends. And people who search for "zaogeng" or "nude mgs girls" :P

4. What is your blogging philosophy? Why?
Anything goes. Let loose. Join in the fun or be dazed by the inanity of it all. I'm already in enough trouble, so this makes little difference :)

5. Have you ever stopped blogging or considered ending your blog? Why? What happened?
Oh lotsa times. Things I write were misinterpreted or used against me, contrary to the spirit in which they were written *shrug* Been there, done that. I will survive. Tralala.
Bishops seek saint for Internet

The Home Despot - Shop. Destroy. Rule.

Eeeek! A scene besting the most horrific of those found in any horror movie.

[I'm told this is from the last RGS nite when she sang "Phantom"]
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