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Saturday, November 29, 2008

"Space isn't remote at all. It's only an hour's drive away if your car could go straight upwards." - Fred Hoyle


Some US statistics supporting my theory of interracial dating:

Married Couples in the United States in 2006:
White WifeBlack WifeAsian WifeOther Wife
White Husband50,224,000117,000530,000489,000
Black Husband286,0003,965,00034,00045,000
Asian Husband174,0006,0002,493,00013,000
Other Husband535,00023,00041,000558,000

The data are compiled on Wikipedia and cited from the 2006 census, but I couldn't find it in there. The most I could find was a table which only specified the exact breakdown for Black husband/White wife vs White husband/Black wife, but other data seems to corroborate it.

3 choose 2 = 3 (since 'other' is not a meaningful category), so:

The ratio of Black men with White women to White men with Black women is 2.44.
The ratio of White men with Asian women to Asian men with White women is 3.05.
The ratio of Black men with Asian women to Asian men with Black women is 5.67.

All in all, exactly what my theory would predict.
"A little inaccuracy sometimes saves tons of explanation." - Saki


Baltics trip
Day 12 - 27th May - Tallinn, Estonia
(Part 5)

There were most men with long hair in Riga, but this probably due to the part we visited (the metropolis) being more alive than Tallinn's (we were mostly in the Old Town)

Tallinn Archives. As with every other building it's a national monument (see the mark beside the pipe and under the number "6")

North Gate

"The Soviet period housed the Journalists' Association and later the Tallinn department of the KGB. It was then converted to a children's library in 2007"

Tallinn's 3 Sisters

North gate from other side

Archway. I like the Coat of Arms and accompanying decorations.


Church spire

Cute passageway

"Cinnamon and chilli flavoured Callebaut bitter chocolate fondue, fluffy caramelized cheesecake and green peppercorn ice cream"
Weird dessert


These were probably from a church but I didn't get its name

Founder of Estonian Puppet Theatre. They really like these extreme 3D relief-sculptures


Another famous guy

St Nicholas Church

We then went to an ice bar, where the drinks were served in cups made of ice.


Wench pouring

My cup of kahlua broke before I could drink from it so I got another one (they factor these things in anyway). Kahlua is more than the sum of its parts (coffee and alcohol)

Meeting YC again we went to a a place called "Grandma's Place" for dinner.

Note Grandma's Frying Pan

A dinner table and a display shelf

More of Grandma's things

Grandma's dining hall. Yes it was underground again.

Baked pike perch with leek and cream champagne sauce

Baked pike with cheese

Grandma's Sunday Roast (roast beef)

Rose wine

We then swung by what was supposedly the best restoran in Estonia.

"Restoran Pegasus - Voted best restaurant by Gastronomy Society of Estonia"

At almost 9pm, the best restoran in Estonia had no one

The first and second floors were 1/3 full, but there was no one on the third.

This, in Pegasus Bar, was the earliest piece of Baltic Modernist art.

Strangely, they had as browsing material in Pegasus Playboy Estonia. Gotta love these Europeans.

nw.t had a "Capirinha" (probably a misspelling of Caipirinha). It was very strong but not good; on their menu they'd proclaimed that they had the best cocktails in town (or words to that effect)

"Note! Before use adjust cabinet to vertical position"
Sign on fridge for idiots.

Ugly striptiis girls on poster

Some other adult ad

Back at the hostel I happened to peek into the girls' dorm and noticed it was more luxurious than the boys'. On further investigation, I saw that they had a fireplace and a big sofa. Ah, we live in a sexist society.


[Me: Playboy is a Gentleman's magazine. It doesn't have that much nudity.] Gentlemen have an *something* need to masturbate [YC: Gentlemen don't have an *something* need to masturbate] Gentlemen have a regular need to masturbate.

[Me on Playboy Estonia: This has more nudity than other Playboys I've seen.] Europeans are more horny.

When you see the striptease girls on the poster are ugly, that's a bad sign.

Friday, November 28, 2008

"I have been through some terrible things in my life, some of which actually happened." - Mark Twain


Atheism Only Lasts a Few Days in Rancho Cucamonga - "A billboard in Rancho Cucamonga asking viewers to "imagine no religion" was taken down this week after residents and the city complained about its message. The Freedom From Religion Foundation advertisement was first installed last week causing local conversation and complaints. The pressure quickly built up and the General Outdoor sign company took it down."
Freedom of religion only applies if you have a religion.

5 Household Uses for Flour - "Stainless steel sinks start to loose their luster over time. You can purchase products to bring the luster back or just use flour. Sprinkle flour over the sink and rub it lightly with a dry, soft cloth. Then just rinse the flour away and your stainless steel sink has its shine back."

Top 5 Uses of Long Hair to Cover Nude Breasts

Darwin Awards 2008 - "German Zookeeper, Friedrich Riesfeldt, fed his constipated elephant 22 doses of animal laxative and more than a bushel of berries, figs and prunes before the plugged-up pachyderm finally got relief. Investigators say ill-fated Friedrich, 46, was attempting to give the ailing elephant an olive oil enema when the relieved beast unloaded. The sheer force of the elephant’s unexpected defecation knocked Mr. Riesfeldt to the ground where he struck his head on a rock as the elephant continued to evacuate 200 pounds of dung on top of him"

The pitfalls of Africa's aid addiction - "Where I come from in West Africa, we have a saying: "A fool at 40 is a fool forever", and most African countries have now been independent for over 40 years. Most are blessed with all the elements to help compete on a global stage - abundant natural resources, a young population and the climate and conditions to be a major agricultural force... I have no doubt we have to take responsibility for our failures. We can't afford to keep playing the blame game... Aid has offered legitimacy to corrupt and autocratic regimes, allowing them to hang on to power even when they have lost popularity with their own citizens... Governments that are highly dependent on aid pay too much attention to donors and too little to the actual needs of their own citizens... Another criticism of aid increasingly voiced by Africans, but rarely heard in the West is that it sponsors failure, but rarely rewards success... Small African producers also have to compete with heavily subsided products from Europe and North America."
Lucky they got an African to write this story

Finance Has Lost Sight of Its Role - "The media. and to a lesser degree, society at large has bought into the construct of the importance, value, and virtue of the financial sector, even as it is coming violently apart before our eyes. Why, for instance, the vituperative reaction against a GM bailout, while we assume Citi has to be rescued? A GM bankruptcy would be at least as catastrophic as a Citi failure. but GM elicits attacks for the incompetence of its management and the supposedly unreasonable posture of the UAW (the same free market advocates recoil at a deal struck by consenting adults)... the specter of incompetent, and worse, DISHONEST management elicits far less anger. GM may not make the best cars, but Citi and other banks sold products that were terrible, destructive, that resulted in huge losses and are wrecking economies, damage crappy cars could never inflict... while UAW workers will have to give up on deals cut earlier, in terms of health care and pension promises (entered into, by the way, to bridge difference over wage levels), I guarantee no Wall Street denizen of the peak years will have to cough up one penny of his bonus from those days... times are bad, and any efforts to extract more revenues from customers, even if it is blood from a turnip, or worse, even if it puts a viable business under, is warranted. The idea that the needs of the financial sector can trump those of the productive sector are dangerous and destructive to our collective well being, and need to be combatted frontally."
Author's comment: "Frequent all nighters (I once pulled two in a row) and no catching up. In at 9 AM, seldom home before 1 AM. 8-10 hours of work most weekends. You have no life. When I was at Goldman, all the married women were married to Goldman guys (except one who joined the firm married) because the only people you ever saw were people at Goldman... To give you another idea, when I went to McKinsey, which is considered high pressure, I thought I had joined a country club, the pace was so relaxed"

When will Chinese Democracy reach Beijing? - "It's clear that China is not lurching toward democracy. Understanding why this is so requires poking some holes in underlying Western assumptions... Premier Wen Jiabao, in an unprecedented interview with Fareed Zakaria earlier this fall, unflinchingly claimed that a democratic China will be the endgame... But the Chinese concept of "democracy" should not be conflated with the Western idea of direct elections and using the rule of law to constrain power. The utterance of the term democracy among the Chinese elite has so far meant promoting government transparency and accountability, village-level elections, rule by consensus and consultation, expanding the public sphere, co-opting entrepreneurs and intellectuals into the party—anything but conceding ultimate power to the people. In short, the CCP has nimbly adapted, is populated largely by elites, and is essentially ruled by a nine-member oligarchy in the Politburo"
Hmm, sounds like another authoritarian country we all know and love

Mythbuster: College Roommates - "Girls hate each other no matter what. However, it’s much better to end up hating a girl you just met that year than someone you were best friends with since you were 11. Girls never get along and I’ll tell you why: because they always want everything to be perfect. Most girls hate confrontation with their friends and will do anything to avoid it. Guys? They live for it... You see, girls pretend like everything is okay, then they bitch and moan to their other roommates. Naturally, because they’re all insecure, that’s how they deal with it. In the end, they all end up hating each other... guys can live together, and not end up hating each other: because they work out the little things by being upfront and obnoxious."

The Bikini Accident of Aya Hirano - "Fans of bikini model and occasional seiyuu Aya Hirano are in uproar over the embarrassing clothing malfunction which befell her in a recently published photo shoot."

YouTube - Chicken Head Tracking - "Chickens have a great ability to keep their heads stable. Our bodies use a gyro-like mechanism in our ears which has 3 mutually orthogonal inertial measurement devices. Modern motion processors use something called an Inertial Measurment Unit (IMU). These devices provide movement data which can be used to compensate for the movement. Chickens apparently have the same type mechanism only with a higher update rate."
A whole new meaning to "Chicken Gyros"

Milky Way's sweetness throughout - "A simple sugar that is one of the ingredients of life has been found for the first time in a relatively hospitable part of the galaxy. As molecules go, glycolaldehyde is not an impressive one, but its link to the origins of life make it important. It can react to form ribose, a key constituent of the nucleic acid RNA."
The Intelligent Designer goes further afield!

A Heap of Trouble - "nine naked men just walking down the road
would cause a heap of trouble for all concerned"

Chickipedia - "Chickipedia is the world’s largest web-based, women-based, wiki-based database of hot chicks on the planet. It is entirely user generated, making it the first female-only encyclopedia of the people, by the people, and for the people. All you have to do is have access to the internet, log on, go to our “Add New Chick” link, and voila—you can create a new article, or revise an existing one. Just be sure to do so within our guidelines or risk being spanked. Hard."

California Wild Spring 2004 - Material Girls - "In the inch-long hangingflies of North America, the main benefit to the female of the gift-giving seems to be the child support payment. During the mating period, females basically stop hunting, and males go after larger prey. When a male snags something, he sends out a chemical signal, or pheromone, and females make a beeline for the meal. As the female chows down, the male begins to mate with her. But the female is rather mercenary about the whole affair: Even though they are coupled, she somehow prevents his sperm from entering her body until she has gorged herself for a full five minutes. If, after that time, she has already devoured the insect, she will struggle to free herself from this male--he has offered her too paltry a gift. Time to move on to another one, who might provide a bigger offering."
Prostitution in hangingflies

Turgooducochiqua puts local turducken tradition to shame - "Not for the faint of heart or high in blood-pressure, the turgooduccochiqua starts with a quail stuffed inside a cornish hen, then stuffed into a duck, then a chicken, then a turkey and finally a goose. Oh, don't forget the bacon between each layer."

Switzerland's Suicide Tourists , 60 Minutes II Accompanies German Patient To His Death - "Under Swiss law, assisted suicide is legal, as long as nobody profits from a death. But one Swiss organization is pushing this law to the limits, attracting an increasing number of foreigners who want to take their own lives, and raising serious ethical questions about an act most countries forbid... At the end of the last journey Aschmoneit will ever make is Ludwig Minelli, a human rights lawyer who founded Dignitas as an alternative to other assisted suicide groups in Switzerland. It has more than 2,000 members and is the only group that welcomes foreigners."

Welcome to Cathay - "First Class Entertainment at Economy Rates! At Cathay Cineplexes, there's no such thing as a downturn ... except when it comes to our lower ticket prices! The only "slump" we talk about would be the act of slouching restfully on our comfy seats. And a "slowdown" would mean unwinding at any of our 41 cinema screens island wide."
Who comes up with stuff like this?!

University of Hong Kong Offers CLIT Courses - "CLIT1008 and CLIT1009 are open for eager young students who want to learn a little more culture."

Japan Breaks Record for Largest Orgy - "Japan has successfully set a new world record - having 250 men and 250 women consent to have sex in the same place at the same time, completing the world’s biggest orgy!"

YewNorkBabe: Why You Should Always Check Your Kid's Homework - "When I grow up... I want to be like mommy!"
One comment: I think it's a hatchet! She is probably a corporate raider and does hatchet jobs on lazy personnel in order to become the next CEO.

Ultrasonic Ringtones - the new ringtones that only kids can hear! - "Ultrasonics are great new ringtones that play at a higher frequency than normal tones. This means that they can only be heard by kids and generally can't be heard by adults over the age over 20 or so."
I haven't lost aural perception since my JC days; Another site with a sweeping sine tone, from 22kHz to 12kHz

Thursday, November 27, 2008

"Anybody can win unless there happens to be a second entry." - George Ade


Japan trip
Day 12 - 17th June - Miyajima, Hiroshima
(Part 4)

One of the myths that Singaporean men hold dear is that Japanese girls are all gorgeous. The reason why they believe this is that they watch too much Japanese AV (Adult Videos). I will note that although the variance of Japanese girls is very high (higher than in the Baltics), the mean is still higher than in Singapore. Despite innate preferences though, the mean in the Baltics was higher, especially in Estonia.

Looking at normal Japanese women and walking into a DVD store, you'd think you were in 2 different countries, and I'm not just referring to looks; my theory is that if you're a well-endowed, decent-looking Jap girl, you will do AV or gravure at some point in your life.

Monkeys passing out from the heat

A vending machine sold a can of what was labelled "pine cider" but had a picture of a pineapple on it. GAH.

I didn't feel up to a 1 hour trek downhill, so I took the ropeway back down (I had been overambitious and didn't buy a return ticket - which was slightly cheaper than two one-ways).


Deer on slope. Notice desertification taking place.

Weird box in my car. It's a Y100 "guide machine" for some "annual event". Great, they've a way to get your money even inside a cable car.

"Be careful of a raccoon dog!
Please do not give food.
Please do not approach carelessly."
Weird sign at cable car terminal at hill base (which was a while away from the town)

Deer eating cardboard in front of a motorcycle (yes, they were tearing and chewing). No wonder they used them for pelts (on sale in the shop!)

Very near where the shuttle bus from the cable car station dropped us off, there was a restaurant. Tired and hungry, I decided to lunch there. On reflection, that wasn't the best thing to do, but oh well. The large jug of cold barley tea they gave me made up for it (it's always hot in Singapore but they always give green tea. Bah).

They had an English menu but it wasn't very helpful: "Kaki nabe udon (oyster)" and "nabeyaki udon (udon in claypot)" were the same price. I asked the waiter the difference and he said "tamago" so I assumed there was more variety, so I went for it.

The English menu translated "donburi" as "overrice". At first I saw "overprice".

There was a large group of French-speaking tourists. Hah.

My udon. The oysters were huge (but not very fresh - I'd had fried oysters earlier and they were okay, but these were a bit mushy, but that might have been due to the soup).
Oysters are supposed to be a Hiroshima speciality. I'd asked the receptionist at the hostel and she said it was a winter special, but I could have them at Miyajima (maybe they make an exception for tourists).

When I walked to the shore, I saw the floating torii again:

Only it wasn't floating anymore, at 2:30pm (about the time of low tide). This is why I came early.

Up close

She sells oysters by the sea shore

I saw some women in tudungs. I hope they didn't eat teriyaki.

Assorted sweets

Another smoking and train courtesy campaign poster. I like "It's painful to get caught between the closing doors. Even more so are the eyes of those looking at you."

Wanted/missing signs. I like the auntie who flashed the V-sign.

When I got back to Hiroshima I still had some time, so I went to Hiroshima Castle.

Getting there was annoying, since there were only 2 ways across the moat.


Unfortunately photography was banned, and I didn't have the energy to play games with the staff. There were only 3 things worth taking phjotos of anyway (I transcribed their names).

They gave out fans to use in the castle, since it was damn hot. Although they had rebuilt it concrete with modern technology (like electric lights), they hadn't installed air-conditioning (and the interior didn't approximate the original either, so it was a lose-lose situation). Gah.

They were quite clever, using rivers as a natural defence. When enemies neared the castle, built on higher ground than the surroundings, they would destroy the banks and flood the enemy's camp.

The Samurai had special helmets ot wear when fighting fires ("火事兜"). Wth.

They had this giant 146cm butt plug labelled "網代金箔押唐人笠形馬標" (a MS Paint sketch of my transcription reveals that the first character of the phrase had a different left-hand side but getting it out in kanji is even harder than in traditional Chinese, so). This is one of the few times Babelfish ("Wickerwork gold foil pushing China human sedge hat shape horse mark") does better than Google ("笠形mat gilt馬標people押唐")

They had cute polearms to catch criminals by their sleeves/clothes:
"袖搦" (likewise, I transcribed the first character differently)
No wonder working men in Japan wear business suits nowadays.

Oddly, they had 2 displays, photography of which was permitted.

I think this is a Samurai's house

Merchant house

The castle's masters changed "unavoidable hard work into a form of entertainment": they needed to trample and harden the river banks, so they had a "ryoya odori" (Two night dance) and a "sunamochi kasei" ("sand-carrying help", literally).

View from the top. Bleah.

"Welcome to the Topfloor! Here is a memorial stamp!"
Reward for climbing to the top. I'm amused it's part of the "100 Famous Japanese Castles" category - I didn't think there were even 100 castles left in Japan. Maybe they counted ruined ones.

My reward

Information panel on medicine: "After the mid-Edo period there was a marked trend towards emphasising practical evidence in medicine". One wonders what was emphasised before that. The use of mercury?

The thing about Japanese swords was that whenever the part of the blade that the hilt covers is exposed and I looked at them, I saw words: probably a maker's mark.

I then left the Castle.

8 Immortals Seven Gods of Luck ("Shichifukujin") promoting a restaurant (?)

"Let's 388" Pachinko parlor

I happened to walk past a very discreetly-marked sex shop (I recognised it due to a poster outside I'd seen in Osaka, as well as a heart with an arrow through it and the word "love"). I walked past an old woman watering the plants outside into the shop. Inside, I found no one so while waiting for the attendant I looked around trying to find the Tenga Cup for a certain unnamed someone, but failed (like sex shops in Singapore, this only sold stuff from cheapskate ripoof brands). Then, the old woman who'd been watering the plants outside came in: she was the shop attendant/owner. GAH. (In any case, she didn't stock it, even after I pronounced it in a Japanese way and wrote it down)

I saw 2 Filipinas talking to a middle-aged man outside a hotel ("明月和室"). He gave them money and then got into a cab. Hurr hurr. (This was interesting because you almost never see Japanese prostitutes outside their places of work) Also, down the road was "lutong pinoy" (Filipino food).

Walking on, I found another "DVD" shop with Y100 porn. They had non-adult material ("一般作"), but only 2 cabinets of it. Interestingly, in their bestiality collection the dog's member was not mosaiced. Must be very popular.

Masturbation sleeve dispenser

More shit: perfume, aphrodisiacs, masturbation sleeves etc

"Thank you for your visit. we hope you will come again soon."
Yes. I'm sure I'll, err, come again.

Animatronic crab

Since I had nothing to do, I headed to an onsen. Unlike the sento in Kyoto, this one had minerals in the water. However, these minerals were added into the water - this was not a bona fide onsen.

The shoe lockers were interesting, because the key was a block of wood with 2 numerals on it. My guess was that the blocks of wood were perfectly substitutable, but this wouldn't matter since no one would steal your shoes anyway.

One old man told me: "Boukin y'air" (???)

The changing room had a CCTV. Wth. The female one probably didn't though - this is the land where women keep flushing the toilet when they use it.

The onsen had 2 hot baths (probably the same except that one had a jet from the side and one from below). Besides a cold bath and a sauna, it also had a Chinese medicinal bath with a medicine ball - yes, it's not just for PE! The ball looked more like a rugby ball though.

The hot baths weren't very hot, but they were good. The medicinal bath smelled and looked like Chinese herbal soup. I got in and after a while my nether regions started tingling (like when you use menthol shower gel). The cold bath was full so I ran to sit in one of the hot baths, and when the cold one emptied I went in, and my feet and calves felt like they were about to cramp.

After another rotation of all the baths I attempted to enter the sauna, but the wall of heat that greeted me when I opened the door and the feel of the floor scared me off. I did notice a TV with sound inside though. Amazing, this technology.

While I was sitting in the changing room recovering/drying up (yes, I didn't bring a towel and the small one they gave me was inadequate not least since it was soaked), one old man bought me a drink out of the blue and "talked" a little bit to me. I tried "Energen" which, besides being isotonic, supposedly had anti-oxidants, β-carotene, and Vitamin C & E to raise oxygen consumption during exercise. In the small print anyway. The big print read: "Burn your body fat".

One of the old guys was uncircumcised. Another guy had tattoos on his thigh (maybe that's why there was a CCTV).

Another interesting thing in the changing room vending machine: "Caloriemate Block" which was a meal replacement. Uhh.

Exiting the onsen, I saw the tell-tale signs around me:

Filipina hostesses

New meat

They informed me that, once again, I was in the red light district. I had no idea why Ondo Onsen was in the red light district. Or why I kept ending up in one wherever I went.

This has been translated for me as:

"Hiroshima's oasis

Unified Pricing throughout the country
Compulsory full advance payment"

There was a place called, not very subtly, "New Young". A club, I assumed.

This looks like a maid cafe, but it seems the level of service is here is superlative (see the massage)

"Hoopers The Hustle". Hoopers or Hookers?

I like the ultra-long sushi rolls at the bottom

I needed to sate my appetite but most of the establishments were out of my price range (men are suckers during the afterglow). Luckily I found one place:

Y800 chashu ramen. It'd have been better and cheaper in Osaka but oh well.

The meal was alright though the noodles and soup were a bit alkali.

Dodgy-looking sign

I saw a pharmacy which was open from 1pm to 1:30am (?!). It sold condoms and pregnancy test kits. They also had "Kagl. Peculiar hormones suppository 女性用“

At one "Cheers" bar there was a girl in hot shorts talking on a mobile phone. She opened a ceiling-height window and sat. I thought it was a ploy to get customers but later she closed it and went in.


I then visited an arcade, hoping to see a slice of Japanese arcade culture:

"In Metal Slug 6 and Argos no Senshi and Ghost Squad, in Ibara and 2 Spicy. We even sit there and watch as this fucking dude gets up all the way to the fourth form of the last boss of Guwange, having killed the demon spiders, and the demon caller, and the freaky demon spawn baby, and loses his last life just as the fucking demon guardian spirit thing is about to buy the farm. And what does this guy do? He gets up and leaves.

Why doesn't this guy drop in another coin and just bomb the fucking thing to death? What's a hundred yen worth these days --
can he really be that cheap? Doesn't he want to see the ending? What the fuck is wrong with him?

What the fuck is wrong with every single one of the several hundred fucking people in the two floors of this fucking

Why do they never continue?"

I didn't see that, but there were other interesting things:

Tokusatsu figurines outside

Not your mother's "UFO Catcher".
Just before I took this picture a couple walked away from it. The girl was very happy because she'd picked up a "Goth-loli maid one piece" set.

Play Mahjong Fight Club with Jesus

Super retro corner. With Super Mario, Pac Man and Wonder Boy.

Cutout of a mascot for 'Otomedius' (described as "Boobs + Gradius = Otomedius"). She must have superpowers to prevent her outfit falling apart.

Me love eyelash long long time

I then walked back to the hostel.

A-bomb dome at night

Band underneath bridge near A-bomb dome

Navigating the roads in Hiroshima was hard because only the more major ones had street signs. Also, at intersections street signs hung from lamp posts - on both vertical and horizontal axes, so it wasn't clear which street was being signposted.

There was a "Hotel High Up". Err.

I saw another "DVD" shop. It shocked and scandalised me because not just was only 10-15% of the collection of an adult nature (usually only 10-15% is NOT of such a nature), it was segregated from the rest of the shop by a curtain.

"The movie which a ghost fights, and impress you" (the PG collection)

"pick up Artist. recomens pick up japanese artist music. listen to me this music very best"

"Samurai go to ?
Sexual communication USA + Sex + Bl?
Exchange ?

Sunny Lane
Christine Alexis
Wanted for public defecation. Samurai Boy. US$004 reward. Samurai rushed into woman student's school life... was caught by... to Samurai's.

U.S.A 女子校生
Private Sex in US School Girls Hunt Fantasy"

"Glory Quest. She Male Jam"
Oddly enough there was no shemale stuff there.

"Brain Mansion"

More Japanese Snake Oil. It's supposed to stop snoring. I don't think it works.

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