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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Luckily Screwed Up Girl reminded me about the module preference exercise, or I'd have missed it. I just put 3302 and 3304 down since planning my last (projected) Economics module would've been hard in an oasis in the middle of a slum in Naples. If it can be preallocated, it probably can be had for 1 point anyway.

Unfortunately the USP one was extremely short as usual, and over more than 2 days ago.

Oh well. Time to whack hapless Year 1s with my points if I take a fancy to any of these 4:

UAR2205 Narrative and Play in Interactive Media (yeech)
UPC2305 Singapore Studies: Transportation Planning in Singapore (done my Propaganda module already but this is fun)
UPI2201 Negotiating Moral Issues (I've only heard good things about this but it may be a touch boring for me since I know something already about epistemology)
UQR2209 Game Theory (Ooh)
SNCF lets me book the night train ticket I want online, even giving me a car and seat number. Yet the woman at the counter at the train station claimed there were no seats available.

Maybe they have a quota for each category.

I'd book my ticket online but it needs to be mailed to an address.

There seem to be no beds in Avignon (I suspect the July festival is on at that time) and the camping site has a hideous flash applet for its website, and a stupid PDF that takes forever to load and crashed the browser. I'm going to sleep in Nimes for another night - it's only 1/2 hr from Avignon or so.

At any rate Reims is now out of the question. I've had a church overload already and will see some more along the way, anyhow. Perhaps I can do Chartes and Reims when I return to the Unparalleled Gardens of Versailles without the Unparalleled Idiot.

I wonder how those who travel in July not knowing where they'll be the next week survive.
It's over, got a police warning. Not going to be charged in court. End of story. Somewhat. I probably might be going back to blogging, but well, it'll be a while. A pretty long while. Till then, I guess.

Friday, July 07, 2006

The SNCF site is wonky and though they let me book the night train last night the woman at the train station claimed there were no seats (Rome seems even less English-friendly than Paris, goodness). There is a 00:25-05:06 one to Culmont-Chalindrey that I could try. Hopefully no one else is dumb enough to take such a shitty train. But Cinque Terra-Venice is already going to be a crazy night, so I might not want to torture myself some more.

Or I could skip Reims, sleep in Avignon for a night, and go straight to Bayeux. I've seen lots of churches here already, and Reims could be seen in the future with Chartes. The extra rest would be good.

I guess it depends on whether the ticket is available.

It rained last night and is now too, so the weather in Rome's almost tolerable. Wow.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Due to my delaying due to wanting to save on transaction costs by booking both my night trains (Riomaggiore [Cinque Terra]-Venice; Avignon-Reims) at the same time, and waiting till Andrew was here so everything is confirmed, it seems both night trains are fully booked, so we'll have to change our plans for the first and I'll need to change mine for the 2nd. Moral of the story: book early, especially at high season.

Actually the SNCF website just let me book the Avignon-Reims night train, so there might be a miscommunication. I hope they still let me queue up. If not there's always 6:30am tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Oh my feet. My poor feet.

I think I'm suffering from a church overload. I think I'll just go for St Peter's to wrap it up. Then again, after a Roman overload a church might be nice.

No of gelati today: 1. I got ripped off and did't feel like another.

Slices are not a good way to measure pizza consumption since they differ in size. Hell, some places sell them by weight, with prices per 100g portion.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

My only major regret about today is that I didn't manage to see the paintings at the Capitoline Museum. I found a locked door in front of me at 7:35; closed at 8pm my foot.

Ah well, I've seen many paintings and will see many more.

Number of gelati today: 2 (Visiting Rome in July makes you realise why the Italians invented gelato)
Number of pizza slices today: 4

Monday, July 03, 2006

Current location: Rome

It's damn hot, but what the hell, I've spent 22 years in Singapore and 4 months on the Island of Doom.

Then again I arrived at 5+. Noon'll be a whole new ballgame.

My hostel gets me 15 mins a day free at this Internet cafe nearby. Heh heh. Much cheaper than clubbing too, even if I exceed the free time.
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