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Friday, February 08, 2002

Guess who ....

Update: Huanqian's relief teaching chem in RJC. Fierce girl is relief teaching GP in rj. Circumstances under which i found these out are unusual:

I approached mr. david leong to certify my academic transcripts. He grumbled abt it (previously he outrightly refused to certify some other pple's ones, saying it was very ma fan) and then, seeing huanqian gleefully suggested I get her to sign them (=

I was talking to grace chua at the staircase at the concourse.
Grace: Peggy's teaching here (indicates stairs)
me: Peggy Pao??!! (turn my head to look and see someone familiar; quickly turn back but not before she gives me an odd look)
Grace: She's teaching gp
me: Oops.

Tuesday, February 05, 2002

oh yeah, the green ic is useful, went to see specialist and it was free. yipee!
my fren suggests that we extract our wisdom teeth during our ns, since its free and we get 7 days mc too =)
hmm, no posts for so long.

argh, today marks the end of my 9 day mc from ns. *sigh* i really dont wanna go back there... in any case, i think ill be put out of course for too long an mc...
hopefully i can be downgraded, so my recourse will be as a pes c one...

oh well, nothing much to say actually. just hope i wont get confined somehow during my next few weeks b4 i get posted out.. yeah.

oh, the tripod site appears to be down.
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