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Saturday, February 05, 2022

Links - 5th February 2022 (3 - Covid-19)

Tucker Carlson Triggers CNN by Pointing Out Their COVID Death Tracker Now Frequently Goes Missing - "the Wuhan virus case/death tracker CNN kept on display 24/7 under the Trump administration at the very least frequently goes missing or, at the most, has disappeared entirely. It depends on who you talk to and how often the people making the accusations watch the network"

Harry Moultrie on Twitter - "South Africa cancels contact tracing and quarantining, and pivots to mitigation. Good decision."

Video of German Police Using Rulers to Measure Distance Between People Viewed 700K Times

Prof Lockdown's 'apocalyptic' omicron claims undermine faith in vaccines and have fuelled unnecessary shutdowns - "The Covid modellers at Imperial College have begun to back down. About time too. Over the past few weeks, they have made extreme claims about the omicron variant that cannot be fully justified by fundamental science, let alone by clinical observation. Academic etiquette restrains direct criticism, but immunologists say privately that Professor Neil Ferguson and his team breached a cardinal rule by inferring rates of hospitalisation, severe disease, and death from waning antibodies, and by extrapolating from infections that break through the first line of vaccine defence. The rest are entitled to question whether they can legitimately do this. And we may certainly question whether they should be putting out terrifying claims of up to 5,000 deaths a day based on antibody counts... Needless to say, these headlines have spread as fast as omicron itself. Britain is the Covid laboratory of the developed world, and what Imperial says right now has global resonance. Its dire warnings are contributing to some European countries imposing full or partial Christmas lockdowns... “To talk of 5,000 deaths a day is a very high number. It is risky to push apocalyptic scenarios that are highly unlikely to happen,” said Professor Francois Balloux, director of the UCL Genetics Institute. “What I am more worried about is a loss of trust in governments and public institutions for crying wolf. The mood is changing everywhere."... The second line of defence, what really matters for serious illness, comes from B and T cell memory - either from jabs or prior illness. This carries on long after antibodies are no longer circulating in the blood. Cell memory is much harder to measure but is known to last much longer. “Cellular memory is still there for omicron and remains intact,” Balloux said. The first studies from around the world have begun validating the potency of cell memory against omicron, more or less as theoretical science would predict. A team at the University of Cape Town found that double-jabbed patients still had 70pc of the CD4 T cell response against the new variant, and full CD8 protection, despite the mutations. “T cells are holding out against omicron, and the data is very consistent across vaccines,” they told the US magazine Science. “From everything we know about T cells, this is what they do - control a virus once you’ve been infected. So this is their time to shine.” You would not know this from the series of claims in the past few weeks by Prof Ferguson and his team that omicron “largely evades immunity”, even if they are technically within their rights to use this construction... There is an interesting twist to this. The AstraZeneca adenovirus vaccine scores well on cell memory and may ultimately protect better than messenger RNA jabs such as Pfizer-BioNTech, now that we are relying more on this second line of defence. He believes the UK should have stuck with AstraZeneca for mix-and-match boosters. Dix said the political class in the UK - and more broadly in Europe - does not understand the difference between front-line antibodies and lasting cell memory, and is therefore succumbing to unnecessary alarmism... data from Australia is the most “elegant” yet, showing two simultaneous outbreaks of Covid in a well-vaccinated population, one delta, the other omicron. The hospitalisation rate of omicron is roughly half... The high probability is that omicron will disappoint the alarmists and frustrate those of a hairshirt Puritan character who almost seem to want lockdowns as a form of self-flagellation. The rest of us can get on with our lives and leave the antibody modellers to build castles in the air."

Decisive use of AstraZeneca vaccine may have spared UK from omicron crisis hitting Europe - "Dr Clive Dix, former chairman of the Vaccine Task Force, told The Telegraph that he believed the AstraZeneca jabs offered more robust, long-term protection against severe disease and death than RNA-based alternatives made by Pfizer and Moderna. Britain’s Covid death rate has been relatively flat for several months, and there has not been a noticeable surge in Covid deaths due to omicron. However, many European countries have recently seen steadily increasing death rates and have more Covid deaths on a like-for-like basis than the UK... The key, he says, is that although the RNA jabs produce a more obvious and rapid jump in antibody levels in lab tests, other vaccines may be better at priming another part of the immune system: cellular immunity... The only notable difference, he said, between the UK and Europe’s vaccine rollout was the approach to the AstraZeneca jab. While Britain used its ample stock to rapidly inoculate the oldest and most vulnerable people, officials on the continent besmirched the vaccine’s reputation and dragged their heels on its approval, opting instead to wait for the Pfizer vaccine. MRNA vaccines like those made by Pfizer are based solely on the spike protein of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19, and produce highly specific antibodies. But AstraZeneca, and other jabs like those made by Novavax and Valneva, used a more well-rounded approach... The decision to move away from giving a primary dose with AstraZeneca and to only use Pfizer or Moderna for boosters was based on various data, including a major study that showed Pfizer and Moderna to be the most effective. But how these lab results translate into real-world effectiveness remains to be seen. “I think we're getting a little bit ahead of ourselves by just measuring antibodies and neutralising antibody responses in the lab as that doesn't follow through for serious disease and death,” said Dr Dix. “If you look at all the data, there isn't a great correlation between neutralising antibody lab results and protection from severe illness and death, they don't seem to correlate. “And that's almost certainly because the cellular immune response is the important thing to stopping serious illness and death.”"

Omicron up to 70% less likely to need hospital care - "People catching Omicron are 50% to 70% less likely to need hospital care compared with previous variants, a major analysis says. The UK Health Security Agency says its early findings are "encouraging"... It also shows the vaccine's ability to stop you catching Omicron starts to wane 10 weeks after a booster dose... The report comes hot on the heels of data from South Africa, Denmark, England and Scotland which all pointed to reduced severity."
More science for covid hystericists to ignore so they can continue with their moral panic. Looks like covid hystericists are going to be pushing for 5 boosters a year

Effect of Covid-19 Vaccination on Transmission of Alpha and Delta Variants - "Vaccine-associated reductions in transmission of the delta variant were smaller than those with the alpha variant... The reductions in transmission of the delta variant declined over time after the second vaccination, reaching levels that were similar to those in unvaccinated persons by 12 weeks in index patients who had received ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 and attenuating substantially in those who had received BNT162b2"
So to "protect" other people (essentially all of whom are jabbed too), everyone must be forced to get a booster every 12 weeks or less, or they cannot be allowed to have a normal life, and must be fired from their jobs
This won't stop the gaslighting about how vaccine passports are needed and that the vaccines are very effective yet boosters are needed - all to "protect others"

What is the vaccine effect on reducing transmission in the context of the SARS-CoV-2 delta variant? - "the vaccine effect on reducing transmission is minimal in the context of delta variant circulation"
Clearly those who refuse to get vaccinated are plague rats who are harming others
Some vaxholes still claim that having an abortion isn't as bad in terms of harming others as not getting a covid vaccine. With omicron, which has mutated even more, it stands to reason that the effect of vaccines in reducing transmission is even more, since they are even less protective against omicron than delta But let's just assume that vaccination reduces your risk of transmission slightly. Abortion is still a greater harm to life than not getting a covid vaccine (if you assume that the fetus/embryo counts as a life), since:
- the reduction in transmission is only relevant if you are infected in the first place: an unvaccinated person who is not infected with covid cannot transmit it
- given covid apartheid in many places, one can make a case that the vaccinated are more likely to transmit covid than the unvaccinated, since the unvaccinated have less social contact and so are less likely to be infected and in turn to infect others
- the covid IFR is under 1% (median estimation 0.27%)
- people who could potentially be infected by you can get vaccinated, which further reduces their risk
Whereas with abortion, we know that at least one life will be ended

Israel’s ‘calculated risk’ — a fourth dose to fight omicron without data that it works - "‘It’s much more elegant to decide when you have hard data,” Rahav said in an interview. “But it’s true that if we will wait for hard data it will be too late.”... Professor Lawrence Young, a virologist at the University of Warwick in England, said it was difficult to justify fourth shots “in a situation where around 73% of people in wealthy and middle-income countries have been (fully or partly) vaccinated … whereas only 12% are vaccinated in Africa.” Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director-general of the World Health Organization (WHO), said boosters should not be seen as the only way of dealing with the pandemic when other countries are struggling to roll out shots. “No country can boost its way out of the pandemic,” he said at a briefing in Geneva. “Blanket booster programs are likely to prolong the pandemic rather than ending it.”"
Israel should just lock down forever, since by the time you get hard data about a new variant, there'll be a new one
Since the obsession with boosters just delays rollout to the rest of the world, covid hysteria is once against self-reinforcing since you get even more new variants

Israel May Give 4th Dose of Covid Shot, Despite Experts' Doubts - The New York Times - "some scientists warned that the plan could backfire, because too many shots might cause a sort of immune system fatigue, compromising the body’s ability to fight the coronavirus. A few members of the government’s advisory panel raised that concern with respect to the elderly... some experts said Israel’s government had still not made the most of other options, such as vaccinating more of the unvaccinated or giving a third shot to about a million eligible citizens who have so far not received one... There was no clear indication of reduced efficacy against severe illness... “We can sit in our academic armchairs and wait for research from abroad,” said Dr. Tal Brosh, another member of the advisory panel, “but that’s a kind of privilege we don’t feel we have.”... some medical professionals have suggested putting on the brakes. Prof. Hagai Levine, an epidemiologist and chairman of the Israel Association of Public Health Physicians, said that Israel was not seeing a sharp rise in infections yet — daily infections are at around 1,200 a day, down from 11,000 at the peak of the Delta wave in August — and there was no evidence that a fourth shot was needed to prevent severe illness from Omicron... Another vocal critic, Prof. Dror Mevorach, who heads the coronavirus ward at the Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem, also urged waiting for more data. “Just because we led with the third dose does not mean that there should be a fourth dose with no scientific basis,” he said. Decreasing antibodies over time is natural, he said, and boosting antibodies may have limited benefit... At first, many Israelis considered their country’s lead in vaccinating the public to be a privilege and a ticket to a quick return to normal life. But the prospect of a fourth vaccination within a year was giving some pause."
If it turns out a fourth shot really weakens immunity, so much for academic armchairs

Vivian Bercovici: Israeli public wising up to COVID hysterics - "one public health official in the room with Bennett counselled prudence, suggesting that the panel should wait for these results before deciding on a fourth dose. No way, decreed Bennett. He and several other members of the panel preferred alarmist hype, referring to Omicron as a “tsunami”; a “train barreling toward us,” forcing us to make decisions in a vacuum. Bennett further declared that a “paralyzing wave” of Omicron will overwhelm Israel in ten days. Said deluge will be shorter but more powerful than previous waves, he warned, and will last for eight to nine weeks. Exactly what he bases his forecasting on, in terms of actual data, remains unclear... What we are witnessing is a spectacle of political leaders — in Israel and elsewhere — guided by vanity, not principle. They have enjoyed two years of public acquiescence to the unprecedented use of unchecked power in peace-time. They have confused public compliance, up to now, with their brilliance in managing COVID, which they persist in likening, two years on, to the Bubonic Plague... Bennett, and others, have invested a lot of political capital in the doomsday scenario and are determined to be vindicated. So. They keep upping the ante. Another week. Another ten days. Another month. You’ll see. Um, no. We won’t. But, having committed so totally to this disaster scenario. Bennett keeps digging the hole deeper. By mid to late January, when “nothing” continues to happen, he can put on his super-hero cape. Tell us we made it through safely to the other side because of his brave and visionary leadership. Western societies have lost all sense of history, perspective and proportionality. The possibility of rogue cases causing more severe illness — from all manner of garden variety viruses, bacteria and vaccines — will never be eradicated. A rational society operates on the basis of probability, which is determined by an informed assessment of sound evidence. Liberal democracies have become a club of self-affirming hysterics. What the leaders of these countries ought to understand is that their dystopian moment is over. The masses have wised up. Time to get real."
She is so optimistic that people have had enough of covid hysteria

Israel’s plan for a fourth shot runs into a snag — its top health official - "The decision to press ahead with the fourth dose drew criticism from some medical experts, including the country’s public health chief, Sharon Alroy-Preis. She protested at a meeting of government officials and medical experts that a trial at the country’s leading hospital hadn’t yet been carried out"

Britain to consider fourth Covid vaccination as Israel and Germany press ahead with second booster - "They also believe that Britain’s decision to increase the gap between the first and second doses to 12 weeks for both the Oxford AstraZeneca and the Pfizer BioNTech vaccines gave the population longer lasting immunity than other countries. Israel, for example, stuck to the original guidance from Pfizer BioNTech of a second dose three weeks after the first."
If three shots within a year wasn't enough, why would a fourth shot be?

Fourth Covid jab: We can’t vaccinate the planet every six months, says JCVI chief - "Fourth Covid jabs should not be offered until there is more evidence, the head of Britain's vaccine body has said - as he warned that giving boosters to people every six months was “not sustainable”. In an interview with The Telegraph, Professor Sir Andrew Pollard, chairman of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI), said “we need to target the vulnerable” in future, rather than giving boosters to all over-12s. Sir Andrew said there was no point in trying to stop all infections, and that “at some point, society has to open up”. He also suggested that “misinformation” about the risks of the AstraZeneca vaccine - espoused by European leaders including Emmanuel Macron, France’s president, and Angela Merkel, former leader of Germany - was “highly likely” to have cost lives in Africa."
Another selfish anti-vaxxer who just wants Grandma to die
Clearly politicians need to crack down on fake news more

Adverse events of Covid-19 mRNA vaccine booster jabs similar to those of first 2 doses: HSA - "Among the serious adverse events, the most frequent ones were anaphylaxis and other severe allergic reactions. Close to 80 per cent of the adverse events were reported in those younger than 60 years old. HSA attributed this trend to the more active immune responses of younger people."
Apparently getting boosted having the same disadvantages but few and possibly none (especially for the young) of the advantages of the intial schedule means that covid apartheid must be extended to the non-boosted regardless of age. Lucky drug companies

Omicron Cases in Singapore: Two People With Boosters Test Positive - Bloomberg
Clearly Singapore must make a second booster mandatory, otherwise you must be fired.

Turkey starts offering 5th dose of COVID-19 booster shots

Repeated boosters of existing COVID-19 vaccines not a viable strategy against emerging variants: WHO advisers
By the time a booster tailored to one variant is out, there'll be a new variant. So the pandemic will never end, due to mass hysteria and a lack of political will (or, indeed, political opportunism)

Repeat Covid Booster Shots Spur Warning on Immune Response, EU Regulators Warn - Bloomberg - "European Union regulators warned that frequent Covid-19 booster shots could adversely affect the immune response and may not be feasible. Repeat booster doses every four months could eventually weaken the immune response and tire out people, according to the European Medicines Agency. Instead, countries should leave more time between booster programs and tie them to the onset of the cold season in each hemisphere, following the blueprint set out by influenza vaccination strategies... Boosters “can be done once, or maybe twice, but it’s not something that we can think should be repeated constantly,” Marco Cavaleri, the EMA head of biological health threats and vaccines strategy, said at a press briefing on Tuesday. “We need to think about how we can transition from the current pandemic setting to a more endemic setting.”"
This probably won't stop the moral panic over boosters. So it will become a self-fulfilling prophecy - the more boosters people are forced to get, the worse their immunity, so the more boosters they will be forced to get
Weird how so many "experts" tell us that immune system fatigue wasn't real

3 COVID vaccine shots won’t stop omicron variant symptoms - "Indeed, a recent study from researchers at Columbia University suggested that the omicron variant of COVID-19 is “markedly resistant” to the COVID-19 vaccines, antibody treatments and COVID-19 vaccine booster shots"
This won't stop the moral panic about getting everyone boosted and the stigmatisation of the unboosted. Or maybe the "solution" will be to lock down the world again until we get a new vaccine, by which time there'll be a new variant, rinse and repeat, so the world will need to be in eternal lockdown

As U.S. promotes booster shots against Covid, moral questions arise over vaccine equity - "officials and scientists with the World Health Organization and other international public health experts forcefully pushed back at it as "immoral" and "unconscionable." "We're planning to hand out extra life jackets to people who already have life jackets, while we're leaving other people to drown without a single life jacket," Dr. Michael Ryan, the emergencies chief at WHO, told reporters."

Covid booster: Data shows third shots 'not appropriate' at this time, scientists say - "While Covid vaccine effectiveness against mild disease may wane over time, protection against severe disease may persist, the scientists said. That’s because the body’s immune system is complex, they said, and has other defenses besides antibodies that may protect someone from getting seriously sick... They said there are risks to distributing boosters too soon, including the potential for side effects such as a rare heart inflammation condition known as myocarditis, which is more common after the second dose of mRNA vaccines. “If unnecessary boosting causes significant adverse reactions, there could be implications for vaccine acceptance that go beyond COVID-19 vaccines”"
From September. But of course this was no match for covid hysteria

Omicron-Driven Pushes for Boosters Could Prolong Pandemic, W.H.O. Says - The New York Times - "That imbalance, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the W.H.O.’s director-general, said on Wednesday, will give “the virus more opportunity to spread and mutate.” “It’s important to remember,” he said, “that the vast majority of hospitalizations and deaths are in unvaccinated people, not unboosted people.” Later, he added: “No country can boost its way out of the pandemic.”"
This is brilliant. Then covid hysteria can continue on for even longer

WHO Says COVID Vaccine Boosters Will Likely Prolong the Pandemic - "He appeared to agree with dissident doctors and censored scientists when he said, “No country can boost its way out of the pandemic.” All of a sudden, the WHO Director-General sounds more like Dr. Robert Malone and Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche, who have been asserting you can’t vaccinate your way out of a pandemic for months. The WHO statements also echo the advice of authors of the Great Barrington Declaration. They believe we should concentrate on giving vaccines to the elderly and at-risk around the globe to reduce severe illness and death before vaccinating and boosting children and healthy younger adults. Tedros made his comments after both Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Francis Collins tacitly acknowledged recovered immunity’s protective effects... there are emerging reports that the blood tests of omicron patients are not showing the inflammatory markers present in severe disease during initial waves. It seems like an excellent time to hit the pause button on boosters, as Tedros and many other researchers and doctors advise."

I was thrilled to get the first two Covid vaccines. But I won't be getting the booster - " Over the weekend there was hardly a TV bulletin which did not feature footage of people getting their Covid booster jabs and saying how delighted and relieved they were to be doing so. Correspondents barely able to contain a note of hysteria in their voices told us about how important this was in the fight to keep the virus under control, “save” Christmas, etc ad infinitum... I’m not intending to get the booster mainly because I have come to the conclusion that I don’t need it and it has been my life-long and thus far successful policy not to take medicines that I don’t need. The Oxford-AZ pioneer Prof Sarah Gilbert helped me reach that view earlier in the autumn when she publicly spoke out against moving to a policy of general booster shots. Gilbert told the Telegraph in September that vaccine resistance was lasting well: “The immunocompromised and elderly will receive boosters. But I don’t think we need to boost everybody. Immunity is lasting well in the majority of people.” A couple of months prior to that the medical bio-statistics unit at Cambridge University had documented how the vaccines had crashed the Covid fatality rate about ten-fold, down from about one per cent to under 0.1 per cent. Some more recent estimates suggest an IFR of about 0.2 per cent, probably owing to the frail elderly who still form the great majority of fatalities on average benefiting much less than others from vaccination. But that’s still broadly comparable with influenza and I have never allowed fear of influenza to warp my life, nor felt the need to be vaccinated against it either. Neither, as a gym-going 56-year-old, am I frail or elderly. Let alone both... Why then is Health Secretary Sajid Javid – by inclination a libertarian – bombarding middle aged people in decent nick with messages about getting boosters against a disease which is no longer a major threat to them? My theory is that it is simply to “protect the NHS”... Should this argument be a clincher for public-spirited middle-aged people to accept a treatment they don’t need? Ultimately, I don’t think so. Because it misses the profoundly damaging psychological impact of needlessly extending the crisis atmosphere around an epidemic that is over. Broadcasters have barely reported that case rates have been falling for a fortnight or more even though ministers held out against the clamour from parts of the medical establishment and Labour to move to “plan B” restrictions amid alarmist warnings of hundreds of thousands of daily cases pending. Many people currently have a wholly disproportionate fear of being killed by Covid and are leading needlessly compromised lives. Entire economic sectors are still not getting a fair crack of the whip as a result. Rates of depression and other mental illnesses continue to sky-rocket in this doom-laden atmosphere. Well, not in my name. In the absence of a genuinely disastrous turn of events on the Covid front, I say it is time to get over it and give our establishment a bit of room to cry wolf over something else instead"

NHL ‘pauses’ season despite boasting of near-100% vaccination rate
What's the point of getting vaccinated if the world can never go back to normal despite a near-100% vaccination rate? Why don't vaxholes believe the vaccines work?

Tube accidents soar as passengers too afraid to hold escalator handrails - " A London Underground chief has warned falls caused by people not holding handrails “due to a perception they are not clean” is currently one of the biggest safety risks facing the network. There were 12 serious injuries on the Tube network between April and June and 23 on buses, which Transport for London (TfL) said was “a total greater than any quarter throughout 2020/21”... Public hesitancy to touch the handrails on escalators persists despite researchers from Imperial College London finding little trace of the virus on any shared surfaces they swabbed in stations."
More costs of covid hysteria

Depression rates up threefold since start of COVID-19 - "younger adults, people with lower incomes and savings, unmarried people, and those exposed to multiple stress factors were most vulnerable to elevated levels of depression through the first year of the pandemic."

NIH Director Francis Collins Resigns After Documents Reveal Untruths Surrounding Gain-Of-Function Research

Netizens tickled as chatbot on MOH site gives out safe sex advice when asked about Covid-19 - "When the chatbot was asked "My daughter is tested Covid 19 positive what should I do?", it replied: "You should practise safe sex through the correct and consistent use of condoms, or abstinence, for at least the whole duration of your female partner's pregnancy."... As a chatbox becomes more complex and its database of responses grows, the likelihood of it giving a wrong response also increases. A chatbot that cannot provide the correct answers within two or three questions from users reflects badly on a company, Mr Tan added. "I know a couple of companies who had launched their bots and... shut them down two or three years later, because of the negativity surrounding the bots (which) affected their branding." "

Facebook - "Much of Africa, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and the Middle East are dirt poor, have no money to produce PPE gear and sanitizers. They don’t have the high tech hospitals or even enough hospitals. They have sub par medical abilities. Some tried lockdowns in the spring but after citizens began starving to death they realized it wasn’t possible. Most people in these countries are operating as if there is no virus at all. Most of them have seen much worse and simply don’t have the first world luxury of sheltering in place and caring too much about this virus. To them, life is hard, death is common and this virus is just one of many they face. Their countries will be last to receive the vaccine, if ever. If the narrative that herd immunity will result in disaster and these countries have had no choice but to just allow this virus to roll through their populations until they reach herd immunity, then where is the carnage? Where are the millions dead? Where are the mass graves and bodies in the streets? I have spent quite a bit of focus on Sweden (which also does not have mass carnage in the streets) but I’ll be spending more time looking at these poorer nations who haven’t had the luxury to behave like New Zealand or even Europe and the US or even China. They have had to face it and deal with it. And western narratives pushers will have to answer when people start realizing these discrepancies."

Sargon of Akkad - Posts | Facebook - "Why is the Indian variant of COVID19 on British soil ? Thank you Boris, moron extraordinaire."
"Closed borders is now a left wing position."

An0maly on Twitter - "They never tried to help people with anxiety or isolation during the lockdowns. They just shamed you which made it worse. Unbelievable people don't see this. These people in media & politics don't care about you."

Protective immunity after recovery from SARS-CoV-2 infection - "We reviewed studies published in PubMed from inception to Sept 28, 2021, and found well conducted biological studies showing protective immunity after infection (panel). Furthermore, multiple epidemiological and clinical studies, including studies during the recent period of predominantly delta (B.1.617.2) variant transmission, found that the risk of repeat SARS-CoV-2 infection decreased by 80·5–100% among those who had had COVID-19 previously (panel). The reported studies were large and conducted throughout the world... authors of a study conducted among recovered individuals who had experienced mild SARS-CoV-2 infection reported that mild infection induced a robust antigen-specific, long-lived humoral immune memory in humans. It important to note that antibodies are incomplete predictors of protection. After vaccination or infection, many mechanisms of immunity exist within an individual not only at the antibody level, but also at the level of cellular immunity. t is known that SARS-CoV-2 infection induces specific and durable T-cell immunity, which has multiple SARS-CoV-2 spike protein targets (or epitopes) as well as other SARS-CoV-2 protein targets. The broad diversity of T-cell viral recognition serves to enhance protection to SARS-CoV-2 variants... Researchers have also found that people who recovered from SARS-CoV infection in 2002–03 continue to have memory T cells that are reactive to SARS-CoV proteins 17 years after that outbreak... Some people who have recovered from COVID-19 might not benefit from COVID-19 vaccination. In fact, one study found that previous COVID-19 was associated with increased adverse events following vaccination with the Comirnaty BNT162b2 mRNA vaccine (Pfizer–BioNTech). In addition, there are rare reports of serious adverse events following COVID-19 vaccination... Although longer follow-up studies are needed, clinicians should remain optimistic regarding the protective effect of recovery from previous infection. Community immunity to control the SARS-CoV-2 epidemic can be reached with the acquired immunity due to either previous infection or vaccination. Acquired immunity from vaccination is certainly much safer and preferred. Given the evidence of immunity from previous SARS-CoV-2 infection, however, policy makers should consider recovery from previous SARS-CoV-2 infection equal to immunity from vaccination for purposes related to entry to public events, businesses, and the workplace, or travel requirements."
Natural immunity doesn't make anyone any money

Research from Malawi suggests Africa may have reached the pandemic's holy grail - "When the results of his study came in, Kondwani Jambo was stunned. He's an immunologist in Malawi. And last year he had set out to determine just how many people in his country had been infected with the coronavirus since the pandemic began. Jambo, who works for the Malawi-Liverpool-Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Programme, knew the total number of cases was going to be higher than the official numbers. But his study revealed that the scale of spread was beyond anything he had anticipated — with a huge majority of Malawians infected long before the omicron variant emerged... the finding suggests that it has now been months since Malawi entered something akin to what many countries still struggling with massive omicron waves consider the holy grail: the endemic stage of the pandemic, in which the coronavirus becomes a more predictable seasonal bug like the flu or common cold... Similar studies have been done in other African countries, including Kenya, Madagascar and South Africa, adds Jambo. "And practically in every place they've done this, the results are exactly the same" — very high prevalence of infection detected well before the arrival of the omicron variant. Jambo thinks the findings from the blood samples in Malawi explain a key feature of the recent omicron wave there: The number of deaths this time has been a fraction of the already low number during previous waves. Less than 5% of Malawians have been fully vaccinated. So Jambo says their apparent resistance to severe disease was likely built up as a result of all the prior exposure to earlier variants. "Now we have had the beta variant — we have had the delta variant and the original," notes Jambo. "It seems like a combination of those three has been able to neutralize this omicron variant in terms of severe disease." And now that the omicron wave has peaked across Africa, country after country there seems to have experienced the same pattern: a huge rise in infections that has not been matched by a commensurate spike in hospitalizations and death. Shabir Madhi is a prominent vaccinologist at the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa. "I think we should draw comfort from the fact that this has been the least severe wave in the country," he says. The most likely reason, he says, is that — like Malawi — South Africa gained immunity through prior infections... "I think we've reached a turning point in this pandemic. What we need to do is learn to live with the virus and get back to as much of a normal society as possible." What does that look like? For one thing, says Mahdi, "we should stop chasing just getting an increase in the number of doses of vaccines that are administered." Vaccination efforts should be more tightly targeted on the vulnerable: "We need to ensure that at least 90% of people above the age of 50 are vaccinated." Similarly, when the next variant comes along, Mahdi says, it will be important not to immediately panic over the mere rise in infections. This rise will be inevitable, and any policy that's intended to stop it with economically disruptive restrictions, such as harsh COVID-19 lockdowns, isn't just unnecessarily damaging — "it's fanciful thinking." Instead, officials should keep an eye out for the far more unlikely scenario of a rise in severe illness and death."
Weird. The "experts" told us that natural immunity was dangerous and didn't work

Links - 5th February 2022 (2 - General Wokeness)

Meme - "Anne Frank is a perfect example of white privilege. How many of the black victims of the Holocaust got entire diaries written about them? The Holocaust had MANY victims who were BIPOCs but we never hear about them. White folks whitewash history EVERY SINGLE TIME."
For documentation (can't find the record of the tweet anymore), this was posted by "Mary Anstruther" (I can't find the uncensored tweet showing the account anymore) and that is a satire account

The Backlash Against Russell Brand, Explained - "Is the British comedian Russell Brand becoming an alt-right influencer?   Fans began to grow suspicious after Brand’s YouTube account began to embrace hyperbolic, clickbaity titles, with the IMPORTANT words in all-caps, like “Vaccine APARTHEID: Don Lemon’s Covid BOMBSHELL.”... what really seemed to bother the liberal segment of Brand’s fanbase was Brand’s dismissive analysis of “Russiagate,” which, if you remember, reduced reporters to a state of near-hysteria during Trump’s presidency.  This led to a series of tweets declaring Brand to have been poisoned by the alt-right, and accusing him of catering to a certain crowd."
Alt-right = whoever the left doesn't like

Gad Saad on Twitter - "The Holy Trifecta of Wokeness: 1) pronouns in bio; 2) masked face in bio pic; 3) uses the term “non-binary folx.” Disappointed that there are no BLM signs in bio though."

SEA Games gold medallist Anja Chong says racism in Singapore towards non-Chinese is “rampant and explicit”. - "Malaysian Southeast Asian Games multiple gold medallist in ice-skating Anja Chong, who is also a Singapore permanent resident, has said an Instagram story that “racism in Singapore towards non-Chinese is so rampant and explicit.”  In a story which was loaded on 3 October, the 27-year-old tagged Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, Finance Minister Lawrence Wong and social justice warriors Wake Up, Singapore (WUSG)."
This is hilarious. A Malaysian (from a truly institutionally racist country) claiming that there is racism in Singapore based on a landlord preferring white expats, Japanese or Koreans
Good job getting the agent in trouble for being the messenger

Facebook - "Sounds like we should ensure that any rejection of tenants should only happen on the doorstep when the prospective tenant turns up in person to sign and the owner takes one look and exercises his ever-present right to not agree prior to signing contract, and give no reason why.  Everyone will be happier that way really, especially the tenant who wastes her time going all the way until signing day."

Escape The Echo Chamber - Posts | Facebook - "A school superintendent was suspended without pay for 40 days because he wore a costume involving blackface at a private Halloween party 18-years ago. ——-
“The board believed in February of last year and agrees today that Dr. Shively’s performance as superintendent has been above average, if not exemplary, and that the educational experience offered to every pupil in our diverse student population has improved under his leadership”... “Shively also said he’d had conversations with the Black community in Paducah, and he will “embrace” the opportunity provided by his suspension to obtain “professional growth.”...
"Shively self-reported the photo in February 2019.”"

ERLC on Twitter - "Our Savior was born a mixed-race Savior. In his flesh, Christ embodied the racial diversity that would mark his kingdom. His kaleidoscopic heritage pointed to the day when every knee in heaven and earth would bow at his name. —@caseybhough"

Meme - Jermaine Burkhalter @JerBurk: "By this logic, gifted programs should be abolished. I don't see the issue with having different kinds of public schools."
Ida Bae Wells @nhannahjones: "Gifted programs should be eliminated. I agree."
Jermaine Burkhalter @JerBurk: "So in other words, you aren't interested in public schools effectively serving a diverse set of kids. I was in a talented art program in a ps in rural LA. Everybody was working class at best, so that program was a godsend in cultivating a specific aptitude w/o another outlet"
When everyone is equally miserable, you have equality

Escape The Echo Chamber - Posts | Facebook - "The University of Michigan IT Department has created a list of words and phrases that should no longer be used on campus. These include:
• Brown bag
• Disabled
• Crack the whip
• Grandfathered
• Handicapped
• Long time, no see
• Low man on the time pole
• Native
• Picnic
• Preferred pronouns
• Sanity check
• Straw man"

Gad Saad - Posts | Facebook - "This "academic" paper classifies me as "far right."  That's an improvement over others who classified me as a neo-Nazi (an interesting appellation given that I'm a Lebanese Jew).   Science, reason, logic, individual dignity, & freedom of speech = Nazism."

Facebook - "I had a senior administrator confront me a while ago with something to the effect of:  Well, there is a rumour that you are pro-Jewish. My rough rebuttal: Well, I did not know that this was a bad thing and well I'm Jewish. Slowly we inch..." <

a href="https://twitter.com/bit33dotio/status/1393978457516818432">bit33 on Twitter - "There is a simple rule in the Middle East: It is always the fault of the Jews."

Gad Saad on Twitter - "I have to admit, I've been to Turkey many times (wife is Turkish) and love the place. Beautiful country, amazing food etc.   But get any of them started on Isreal, or Jews in general, and holy fuck. It's almost pathological. Not just her family, anyone you speak to. It's insane."
"It is unconscionable what people are willing to ignore that's right in front of their eyes. If I start speaking to someone in Arabic, here is how the conversation usually goes:
Me: Hi, how are you?
Reply: Good, oh and death to all Evil Juice. All. Have a nice day, brother."

Facebook - "“Silence is violence.”
“OK, so what then is 2000 rockets fired over a matter of days?”
“... It’s complicated... “"

Facebook - "remember when you stood in solidarity with black people when george floyd died? i do.
remember when you stood in solidarity with the LGBTQ community when Trump was in office? i do.
remember when you stood in solidarity with muslims during the “muslim ban?” i do.
remember when you stood in solidarity with asians when they were targeted for murder? i do.
remember when you stood in solidarity with jews when they’re being targeted, attacked, murdered, lynched, and terrorized in almost every city in the world? i don’t.
AND THEN YOU ASK WHY ISRAEL EXISTS. 🇮🇱🔯 #StandAgainstAntiSemitism #AmIsraelChai"

Tone-deaf NY Times op-ed argues attacks on US Jews 'a gift to the right' - "There's ridiculous. There's ludicrous.   And then there's this doozy from New York Times columnist Michelle Goldberg. "Attacks on Jews Over Israel Are a Gift to the Right," read the original headline on her recent op-ed. The headline was later changed to something more benign. A gift to the right? Seriously — does everything have to be presented through a lens of political wins and losses, of which party or group benefits the most?   Attacks on American Jews and antisemitism in all its forms should be condemned by Democrats. By Republicans. By independents and libertarians. By the apolitical. The beating of innocents is something we can all be against, just like "puppy mills” or cancer.   Instead, Goldberg laments what the recent street attacks will do to Democrats' efforts to "denounce Israel’s entrenched occupation and human rights abuses."... Liz Spayd was the Times’ last public editor, a kind of watchdog for in-house journalistic ethics. She wrote a great column in 2016, a few months before her position was eliminated. In it, she detailed and criticized how often stealth edits like this one occur at the paper... The real issue, though, isn’t the headline. It’s what Goldberg wrote in her column.   Brazen attacks on American Jews have erupted from New York to Los Angeles and several towns and cities in between. Why the rise in antisemitism? According to Goldberg, Donald Trump – who hasn't been in office and has been relatively out of the public eye for four months – is to blame... Yup, the guy who moved the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, who oversaw the Abraham Accords, and who has Jewish grandchildren, is the reason Jews are being attacked on American streets.   You honestly can't make this stuff up."
Imagine being this twisted. More proof the left only cares about Jews when they can use that to shit on white people
Addendum: This got retitled "the crisis of anti-semitic violence". Comment: "Imagine a headline that said “Attacks on Asian Americans Over China Are a Gift to the Left”"

David M Friedman on Twitter - "In this idiotic piece, Michelle Goldberg pines for a world in which Israel can be called an apartheid state without Jews being assaulted. Sorry, no such “utopia” exists because 1) the accusation is a vile lie, and 2) antisemites don’t discriminate in their hatred."

Gad Saad on Twitter - "Israel should learn about tolerance from the Gaza authorities. While more than 20% of the Israeli population are Arabs who live with full dignity and equal rights in Israel, this is nothing compared to the innumerable Jews thriving in Gaza. Israeli Arabs serve in the Knesset but this is nothing compared to the political roles that Jews hold in Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Lebanon, Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, Yemen, Kuwait, and all other lands where the Noble Faith loves and protects the Jews. Israel should learn about tolerance from their kind neighbours!"

Sargon of Akkad - Posts | Facebook - "US Space Force Commanding Officer Fired after Denouncing ‘Marxist’ Infiltration of US Military"
"If denouncing Marxist infiltration of the US military gets you fired, it implies the people in command of the military are in favour of Marxism."

Sargon of Akkad - Posts | Facebook - "“I am truly free only when all human beings, men and women, are equally free. The freedom of other men, far from negating or limiting my freedom, is, on the contrary, its necessary premise and confirmation.”  ― Mikhail Bakunin"
"By this standard, nobody has been or ever will be free. No pharaoh, no king, no emperor has been free. This is ridiculous."

Ellen DeGeneres: toxic workplace allegations are ‘misogynistic’ - "[She] elaborated on her reasons for stepping down after 19 years. DeGeneres, 63, revealed to the Hollywood Reporter on Wednesday that the The Ellen DeGeneres Show’s upcoming 19th season, which will end in 2022, would be its last, saying the show was “just not a challenge any more”. The announcement came after months of negative press for the daytime host, following a July 2020 BuzzFeed report that detailed allegations of racial insensitivity, sexual harassment and bullying behind the scenes, based on interviews with 36 former staffers... DeGeneres also revealed that she had learned about the allegations from the press. “I had no idea, never saw anything that would even point to that”... several former staff members claimed the host’s “be kind” motto was not genuine – a sentiment reflected by a widely publicized Twitter thread in which the comedian Kevin T Porter crowd-sourced unsubstantiated stories about the host’s rudeness, which received more than 2,000 replies."
Being against a toxic workplace is misogyny!

Ellen DeGeneres claims she was targeted in 1st interviews with Oprah, NBC - "Many soured on her last year amid a string of damning reports about her behind-the-scenes behaviour, including a plan to slash staffers’ salaries at the start of the pandemic. The reports echoed some long-running claims that DeGeneres was notoriously two-faced and “mean” behind the scenes. Several former employees told BuzzFeed last summer that they were fired for taking bereavement days or medical leave, and that they’d been instructed not to speak to DeGeneres or look her in the eye around the set. Current and former employees also alleged that they faced intimidation, racism and fear on a day-to-day basis under her.   In a separate report, dozens of men and women accused three producers on the show of sexual misconduct... She also framed the response to the workplace allegations as personal attacks against her... She also cited the glowing reviews of her celebrity guests"

Ellen Degeneres reveals the hurtful thing Elton John said to her after she came out as gay - "she admitted that she didn't get the reaction she been expecting from the gay community, saying: "Even Elton John said, “Shut up already. We know you’re gay. Be funny”. I had never met him and I thought, 'What kind of support is that from a gay person?' But everybody assumed I was just non-stop talking about. It hurt my feelings.""
Gays don't need to be funny. They automatically deserve support
Too bad this was in 1997. Today she'd be Brave and Stunning

Facebook - "Dear Tucker Carlson, in your chat today with @ggreenwald, you asked him the reason for the delusional focus on Russia as the grand boogeyman. Here is my answer:  It is the foreign equivalent of the domestic "white supremacy" hysteria.  Progressives cannot critique China because they are Noble People of Color.  They cannot criticize anything from the Middle East because they too are Noble People of Color.  The Russians, according to the progressive calculus, suffer from a fatal and intractable disease: Whiteness!  In the same way that the Middle East is rife with historical and endemic Jew-hatred, we are now seeing a similar acceptance among progressive Westerners of a morally sanctioned hatred of  "whiteness." This grants them permission to place all of the global blame on the Evil White Russians.  Any sane and intellectually honest person sees the lunacy of this collective delusion but when one is parasitized by a cocktail of idea pathogens, reason is one of the first casualties. Cheers."

Perma Banned - Posts | Facebook - "Oh congrats Murican comics, Journos can finally celebrate! Murican comics had been so shit for more than a year that they FINALLY made a Top 20 List And..... It was carried by Fortnite...NOT superheroes oof, had to rely on a popular game collab to make the list like a tapeworm freeloader.  And it was complete nonsensical fun with zero political lectures or forced social soapboxing. When that happens, a comic improves.  Really makes you think, maybe the forcefeeding irl politics into your comics even when they can't fit was a bad idea?  Nah, of course not - its stunning and brave"

Meme - "It's homophobic to be against gay marriage or anal sex"
"When do gay men have to wear diapers?... it after ten or five years?"
"This only affects bottoms of course, but 5 or so years. I started bottoming at 16 and permanently had to start wearing adult diapers the day after my 21st birthday. Not sure why you're framing it as a negative though, it is only a minor inconvenience and more than worth it."

Gingerswappingresponse - Posts | Facebook - "No Planet B? There’s millions of livable Planets and unlimited versions of Earth in the multiverse of the DCU. Trying to put real World politics in this stuff is so pathetic."

🟣SOMEBODY’S SON⚙️ on Twitter - "If you find yourself on a committee discussing the needs of a particular group of people but you look around the room and don't see anyone from that group, you should be HIGHLY skeptical of any "conclusions" reached."
Liberal love to "speak for minorities"

Dave Smith on Twitter - "I mean this in all sincerity, if you want to see true racism in 2020 listen to a left wing sjw talk to a brown person who isn’t a leftist."

Facebook - "Take a moment to picture the Bible characters you have heard and seen over the years. What race are they? Despite the fact that these characters are predominately of Semitic and African origin (i.e. people of color), since the Renaissance they have been mostly depicted as white. James C. Lewis, an international photographer, grew up with a Bible that was “whitewashed.” So did I. Several years ago, James began a mission to present biblical characters as people of color. Though his goal was not to reflect precise historical context, the result is often dramatically closer to reality than our traditional Western images. How do you feel when you see these “color-corrected” representations of people from the Bible? James said, “I think it is very important to see one’s self in the Scripture so that it may become real...” While the nation has an important conversation about race, it is equally important for us to have a parallel conversation about the theological implications of ethnicity and race."
Blackwashing Jews is good
Presumably it's a problem too that in China Jesus looks Chinese

Turn the phrase "conspiracy theorist" against the far left : JordanPeterson - "I don't know if you've noticed, but this is their latest play :
    label everything they don't like as "conspiracy theory"
    "crack down" on "conspiracy theory" content (censorship)
They had to change gear because calling everybody a "racist bigoted Nazi" wasn't working any more.
The term "fake news" was originally supposed to fill this role, but it was turned against the MSM beautifully.
Now we have to do the same with "conspiracy theory" : every leftist must be labelled as a "conspiracy theorist".
- "White privilege" - conspiracy theory
- "Cops kill more blacks" - conspiracy theory
- "Muh patriarchy" - conspiracy theory
- "Russian colusion / bots" - conspiracy theory
- "Gender inequality / pay gap" - conspiracy theory
- If they "Peterson is an alt right gateway" - conspiracy theorist
- If they say "hate crimes are rising" - conspiracy theorist
- "There are 67 genders" - conspiracy theory
- "Systemic racism" - conspiracy theorist
- "Race / gender is a social construct" - conspiracy theory
- Calling everything a conspiracy theory is a far right tactic - conspiracy theory
From now on, EVERYTHING the left says is a conspiracy theory. Make it so"

Meme - "The Australian breakfast staple, Kellogg's Coco Pops, is under fire over its 'racist' monkey branding."
SJW: "This racist monkey looks reminds me of black people so we got rid of it for you"
Black person: "D-Do you think we look like monkeys?""

Meme - Blaire White: "If Ariel Can Be Played by a Black Woman Scarlett Johansson Can Play a Trans Woman Y'all Are RIDICULOUS"
"Everything That Comes Out of This Woman's Mouth Is a Dumpster Fire"
Blaire White: "Before I Clicked Your Profile I Knew You Were Going to Have Your Pronouns in Your Bio That's How Predictable Your Existence Is"

Meme - "A big problem in the BDSM community is that neo nazis are using their superior dom skills to recruit women into their ranks and no one talks about it. -you want someone who can really dominate you? The logical step is to get someone who thinks holocaust documentaries are "hot". Next thing you know, you are bound in a leather suit with a k98k up your ass, watching schindler's list while your date makes out with a girl from denmark downstairs.
The future of the kink community will become all nazi if we do nothing about it.
Side hill: kinks don't belong at pride
Source: my life story"

Montreal pride parade : trashy
Little girl at Pride with 2 human pups (men dressed as dogs). If you criticise this as sexualising children, you're homophobic and a kink shamer

Pride photo featuring young girl surrounded by leather-wearing adult men wins 'most aesthetic' award - "Pride Amsterdam chose a photo of a young girl standing outside surrounded by a large group of nearly naked men, wearing leather and rubber outfits as their most “aesthetic” photo to honor 25 years of holding Pride events... Reactions to the Pride organization’s decision to use a photo with a little girl surrounded by grown men wearing fetish outfits were mixed across social media."

Facebook - "I spoke at the Oxford Union tonight. The motion was “This House believes you can’t trust the mainstream media”. I was proposing the motion. I was pretty shocked by what I encountered. There was a notable strain of class hatred in many of the discussions I had. One of the opposing speakers said the good thing about the mainstream media is that it can reach “people whose opinion matters” — ie, the educated elites and the political class. So I swiftly reorganised my speech around the question of whose opinion matters. Only posh, wealthy people lucky enough to have been members of the Oxford Union? I said, “This Union really is as elitist as they say”. Over the course of the evening I had students telling me that expertise is preferable to “ill-informed opinion”, that Sun readers are racist because the newspaper instructs them to be racist, that people only voted for Brexit because of that bus advert promising £350m for the NHS, and that “yeh, everyone's opinion matters, but the question is how we make these opinions less ignorant”. And these students were all painfully woke; they were all completely PC on matters of race and gender, etc. Wokeness is the new elitism. “Correct thought” on identity issues is the disguise snobbery wears. It’s a cover for old-world levels of contempt for those people who have failed to develop “correct thought” — Them, the people who believe what it says on the side of a bus, the people whose opinions do not matter."

Western Twitter Users Misinterpret Indonesian Slang ‘Ngga,’ Meaning ‘No,’ Leading To Controversy Online

Amani al-Khatahtbeh charged at Newark Airport after argument - "Amani al-Khatahtbeh, 28, was escorted off American Airlines flight 2029 at about 9:55 a.m., just as the Charlotte, North Carolina-bound flight was slated to depart. Passengers were temporarily deboarded, according to Andrew Trull, an American Airlines spokesperson... Al-Khatahtbeh said in her video the confrontation with the man began while she was taking off her shoes at the TSA checkpoint inside the airport. The man, she claimed, "forced himself in front of me, [said] 'I'm first class, I'm pre-check,' and because I recorded the entire thing, he complained to the captain I was harassing him." Al-Khatahtbeh said she told the man he could "wait like everybody else," but he instead "ran" through the machine and was not stopped by an employee. Instead, she was told to "cut it out," she said.  Trull, in additional details provided Saturday evening, said both PreCheck and non-PreCheck screening at the airport was consolidated into one open lane.  "Our understanding is that Ms. Al-Khatahtbeh believed the other passenger, who is enrolled in PreCheck, was getting favorable treatment because he was allowed to proceed through security while she was removing her shoes," Trull said. Trull said the verbal altercation between the two continued through the terminal and on the plane, where al-Khatahtbeh "confronted the passenger and began filming him before taking her seat.""
A Muslim woman who harases a white (presumably non-Muslim) man must be a victim

Amani Al-Khatahtbeh Sues American Airlines Over Arrest: VIDEO - "Former congressional candidate and founder of MuslimGirl, Amani Al-Khatahtbeh was arrested in November 2020 on an American Airlines flight.  A first-class passenger allegedly complained Al-Khatahtbeh was making them "feel uncomfortable" so they called the police to remove her from the plane.  On November 14, she tweeted about the passenger who cut her off in line for TSA and then proceeded to tell her to "cut it out.""
Grievance mongering is so profitable. Starting a commotion by aggroing other people and then playing the victim gets all the liberals on your side (as can be seen from George Takei's Facebook page - some of them, even after finding out what she had done, still claimed she was the victim). Hopefully she gets counter-sued but that probably won't happen since we're in Year Zero

Janella Baxter on Twitter - "Stop calling your female colleagues “smart,” or “clever,” or “brilliant.” It’s sexist and infantilising. You would never, ever stress how “truly bright” Brandom is when recommending A Spirit of Trust. It shouldn’t be surprising to you in 2021 that women are capable of thought."
"IMO we should never use "smart," "clever," or "brilliant" to describe anyone. I think these terms are associated with ableist ideas of competence. I prefer to describe people in terms of a growth or effort mindset."
"This feels like a cope for people never calling you smart or clever"
"Growth mindset is growing more and more recognized as an ableist construct too. People with depression, or whose inner worlds are deeply saturated by oppressive power structures, aren’t granted the privilege to enjoy “growth mindsets” the way white-adjacent groups do."
"And this is why I left the academy..."

Talk East Turkestan - Posts | Facebook - "In the last #Uyghur protest I attended in #London there was possibly 15 to 20 people.  This weekends Palestinian protest was massive!  Why is the #UyghurGenocide being ignored? #China 🇨🇳 #Palestine #Muslims"

Here's What's Problematic With Each Of The NFL's 32 Team Names | The Babylon Bee - "We MUST do better. Here is why every NFL team name is very problematic: - "Arizona Cardinals - Too religious. Cincinnati Bengals - It just sounds racist. We're looking into it. Kansas City Chiefs - We suggest switching to Kansas City Wise Indigenous Tribal Elders. New England Patriots - REEEEEEEEEEEE New Orleans Saints - Goes against the constitutional principle of separation of church and sports."

Can Liberalism Be Saved From Itself? - "Affleck was gunning for me from the start. What many viewers probably don’t realize is that the mid-show interview is supposed be a protected five-to-seven-minute conversation between Maher and the new guest—and all the panelists know this. To ignore this structure and encroach on this space is a little rude; to jump in with criticism, as Affleck did, is pretty hostile. He tried to land his first blow a mere 90 seconds after I took my seat, before the topic of Islam even came up... The most controversial thing I said was: “We have to be able to criticize bad ideas, and Islam is the Mother lode of bad ideas.” This statement has been met with countless charges of “bigotry” and “racism” online and in the media. But imagine that the year is 1970, and I said: “Communism is the Mother lode of bad ideas.” How reasonable would it be to attack me as a “racist” or as someone who harbors an irrational hatred of Russians, Ukrainians, Chinese, etc. This is precisely the situation I am in. My criticism of Islam is a criticism of beliefs and their consequences—but my fellow liberals reflexively view it as an expression of intolerance toward people... I want to make one thing clear, however. I did not take Affleck’s hostility personally. This is the kind of thing I now regularly encounter from people who believe the lies about my work that have been sedulously manufactured by Reza Aslan, Glenn Greenwald, Chris Hedges, and many others. If I were seated across the table from someone I “knew” to be a racist and a warmonger, how would I behave? I don’t honestly know.  Kristof made the point that there are brave Muslims who are risking their lives to condemn “extremism” in the Muslim community. Of course there are, and I celebrate these people too. But he seemed completely unaware that he was making my point for me—the point being, of course, that these people are now risking their lives by advocating for basic human rights in the Muslim world... One of the most depressing things in the aftermath of this exchange is the way Affleck is now being lauded for having exposed my and Maher’s “racism,” “bigotry,” and “hatred of Muslims.” This is yet another sign that simply accusing someone of these sins, however illogically, is sufficient to establish them as facts in the minds of many viewers. It certainly does not help that unscrupulous people like Reza Aslan and Glenn Greenwald have been spinning the conversation this way... After the show, a few things became clear about Affleck’s and Kristof’s views. Rather than trust poll results and the testimony of jihadists and Islamists, they trust the feeling that they get from the dozens of Muslims they have known personally. As a method of gauging Muslim opinion worldwide, this preference is obviously crazy. It is nevertheless understandable. On the basis of their life experiences, they believe that the success of a group like ISIS, despite its ability to recruit people by the thousands from free societies, says nothing about the role that Islamic doctrines play in inspiring global jihad. Rather, they imagine that ISIS is functioning like a bug light for psychopaths—attracting “disaffected young men” who would do terrible things to someone, somewhere, in any case. For some strange reason these disturbed individuals can’t resist an invitation to travel to a foreign desert for the privilege of decapitating journalists and aid workers. I await an entry in the DSM-VI that describes this troubling condition. Contrary to what many liberals believe, those bad boys who are getting off the bus in Syria at this moment to join ISIS are not all psychopaths, nor are they simply depressed people who have gone to the desert to die. Most of them are profoundly motivated by their beliefs. Many surely feel like spiritual James Bonds, fighting a cosmic war against evil. After all, they are spreading the one true faith to the ends of the earth—or they will die trying, and be martyred, and then spend eternity in Paradise. Secular liberals seem unable to grasp how psychologically rewarding this worldview must be... At one point, Kristof reiterated the claim that Maher and I had failed to acknowledge the existence of all the good Muslims who condemn ISIS, citing the popular hashtag #NotInOurName. In response, I said: “Yes, I agree that all condemnation of ISIS is good. But what do you think would happen if we had burned a copy of the Koran on tonight’s show? There would be riots in scores of countries. Embassies would fall. In response to our mistreating a book, millions of Muslims would take to the streets, and we would spend the rest of our lives fending off credible threats of murder. But when ISIS crucifies people, buries children alive, and rapes and tortures women by the thousands—all in the name of Islam—the response is a few small demonstrations in Europe and a hashtag.” I don’t think I’m being uncharitable when I say that neither Affleck nor Kristof had an intelligent response to this. Nor did they pretend to doubt the truth of what I said... I genuinely believe that both Affleck and Kristof mean well. They are very worried about American xenophobia and the prospects of future military adventures. But they are confused about Islam. Like many secular liberals, they refuse to accept the abundant evidence that vast numbers of Muslims believe dangerous things about infidels, apostasy, blasphemy, jihad, and martyrdom. And they do not realize that these doctrines are about as controversial under Islam as the resurrection of Jesus is under Christianity.   However, others in this debate are not so innocent. Our conversation on Real Time was provoked by an interview that Reza Aslan gave on CNN, in which he castigated Maher for the remarks he had made about Islam on the previous show. I have always considered Aslan a comical figure. His thoughts about religion in general are a jumble of pretentious nonsense—yet he often speaks with an air of self-importance that would have been embarrassing in Genghis Khan at the height of his power. On the topic of Islam, however, Aslan has begun to seem more sinister. He cannot possibly believe what he says, because nearly everything he says is a lie or a half-truth calibrated to mislead a liberal audience. If he claims something isn’t in the Koran, it probably is. I don’t know what his agenda is, beyond riding a jet stream of white guilt from interview to interview, but he is manipulating liberal biases for the purpose of shutting down conversation on important topics. Given what he surely knows about the contents of the Koran and the hadith, the state of public opinion in the Muslim world, the suffering of women and other disempowered groups, and the real-world effects of deeply held religious beliefs, I find his deception on these issues unconscionable. As I tried to make clear on Maher’s show, what we need is honest talk about the link between belief and behavior. And no one is suffering the consequences of what Muslim “extremists” believe more than other Muslims are... Whatever the prospects are for moving Islam out of the Middle Ages, hope lies not with obscurantists like Reza Aslan but with reformers like Maajid Nawaz."
It's interesting then he then got a very bad case of Trump Derangement Syndrome

Spiderwomen and Green Goblin WTF Cosplay at Gas Station

This features @francety and @kkvsh. But of course, the man isn't credited.

This is what passes for "cosplay" nowadays.

Links - 5th February 2022 (1 - Trans Mania)

Meme - "I had bottom surgery yesterday. Everything went great and now I'm finally done with the whole transitioning phase of being trans. Even bought myself a support shark to help me recover The doctor was very very very clear that this would not be like a cis vagina. And I knew that before I met him. They did mention it could smell a little, But that it would literally fill a room with the smell of poop. And the smell is caused by bacteria and will be there for as long as I live. The thing is the odor is just getting worse and worse. It smells so strongly of feces. When it was healing it had those "normal" wound healing smells. But wounds are not supposed to smell like feces.
But it smells REALLY bad. Its so disgusting and unbearable. Thats the absolute worst part about this, it smells literally like actual poop. And that gaping blackhole down there is the "canal". Its always open like that and the pink part with a wound in the middle is like a cavity in real life. Its hard to see on the picture but you could fit a finger in that cavity. From the side you can see that half of the outer left (on pic) "labia" is gone. that pink part of it is a cavity.
They don't want to help me and just tell me everything is normal. I feel so betrayed and like an idiot for falling for this shit. The entire surgery is just a joke. How can they do this to people?
Yes, 1 had 3 consultations before the surgery and they showed me 3 pics. One of the pictures looked sorta like mine with a huge gaping hole at the bottom and I told him that doesn't look human. And asked him if mine would look like that, he told me I would not. And now I look liked that." - stupidstories

Fuck. : stupidstories - "I'm no longer fine at all. I feel so lonely but at the same time I don't want to talk to people or have friends. I hate life and I hate myself. I wish I never got the surgery. I can no longer have sex, not even anal.
I have no value as a human being and no value on dating market. I even have no value as a cumdumpster. I just want to die. Everything is so painful I hate having the feeling of needing to pee constantly and never being able to get rid of it. And worst of all I hate having a hole just filled with hair. It's just a nightmare. The surgery has seriously ruined my life, up until the point where I found out my inside is filled with hair I had hope. Why did it take me so many months before I put a finger in myself? If I had done it sooner I would most likely already be dead.
They had to put me on medication after the surgery to even keep me alive. I recently stopped taking all my medications. It wasn't even hard to stop taking it, it would even have been hard to kept taking it because of corona there is no help to get. Who needs their useless help anyways? Death is the only thing that helps. They should just refuse to give us any medications or surgeries and just kill us instead. People kill their pets all the time for the most stupid reasons possible. And those pets had more value than we trannies do, so why are we even alive? What the fuck is actually wrong with this world? How can they let us live? We are so disgusting. Killing myself is the only right thing to do."
Trans mania hurts trans people

Meme - "Can't change my gender huh. well excuse me while i change around some definitions. now you're wrong hahah sex is different than gender. go to college"

Meme - "There are literally billions of jokes to make about Jeff Bezos rocket ship without resorting to "compensating" and "tiny penis" jabs. Those types of jokes are based in body shaming and are anti-trans. Punch up, not down."

Transgender children's doll with penis and dress spotted in toy shop sparks outrage - "A doll that appears to be 'transgender' has sparked outrage after appearing on the shelves of a toy shop.  The doll, wearing a dress and sporting a penis and long blonde hair was seen at the 'Planet Of Toys' shop in the Siberian city of Novosibirsk in south-central Russia."

This lecture by a ‘gender specialist’ is completely off the rails - "One of the most influential voices in the pediatric transgender movement is that of clinical and developmental psychologist Diane Ehrensaft, author of The Gender Creative Child. She is the director and chief psychologist for the University of California–San Francisco Children’s Hospital gender centre and as well as an associate professor of pediatrics at UCSF.  For many commentators on this topic, it was watching Ehrensaft’s presentation to 400 attendees at an all-day 2016 conference and continuing education event in Santa Cruz that crystallized our understanding of just how off-the-rails the obsession with gender dysphoria in children has become amongst certain professionals in the field... Ehrensaft is a leader in the “affirming” school of gender transitioning, and rather contemptuous of the “watchful waiting” approach favoured for decades by responsible therapists.  The affirming school believes in letting the children lead the adults. “Listen and act” is their motto, even though Ehrensaft is aware, and says she is aware, that most children will grow out of their dysphoria in time... A toddler who dislikes foreign objects in her hair is giving pre-verbal signs of gender distress? Does that mean a little Orthodox Jewish boy who persistently whips a kippah off his head and keeps throwing it on the ground believes he is a girl? Or no, wait, maybe, maybe he is saying, “I was assigned Jewish, but I know I am really Christian!” Or maybe it could be that both the barrette girl and the kippah boy know that they don’t want anything in or on their hair, gender be damned? Me, I’m such a simpleton, I’d choose the latter explanation."

Democrats 'Cancel' Themselves With Gender-Neutral Rules - "the U.S. House of Representatives passed a new rules package explicitly striking gendered language from the official House Rules. The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) noted that at least 23 of the Democrats who voted for the new gender-neutral rules nevertheless use gendered terms to describe themselves on social media. House Democrats passed the new rules in a partisan vote, 217-206"

Meme - "How to trick a straight man into having sex with a transwoman. "Stealth sex" they call it"

Meme - "oh my god please boost lesbians voices right now our fucking definition wiki states we can like men officially and is locked so we cant change it please fucking boost how upset and enraged we are. our voices are being suppressed abd ignored"

Meme - "Guys I'm officially out as asexual and no one on my personal Facebook seems to care"
This suggests that neo-sexuality is just narcissism

Gender neutral toilets could be mandatory in ALL workplaces in one Australian state - "All employers have an obligation to ensure every worker is protected from the risk of gendered violence and sexual harassment in the workplace, regardless of their gender identity"

Facebook - "THANK YOU to the Singapore Psychological Society for denouncing conversion therapy and recommending evidence-based practices to support the needs of LGBTQ+ individuals! We hope this sends a strong message: conversion therapy is not OK."
Comment (elsewhere): "Gender affirmation surgery is the ultimate conversion therapy."

Trust Fund Terry on Twitter - "I study the habits of the ultra wealthy and one thing I’ve noticed is nobody earning over $800k/yr has their preferred pronouns in their email signature"

Meme - "I'm sexually attracted to unicorns."
"You're unicorn-gendered!"
"I'm sexually attracted to robots!"
"You're a robosexual"
"I'm sexually attracted to biological females that are feminine."

Meme - "Brook @Brook59595849: Suck my girly cock, you cunt.
twat @blackwomenareit: If you have a cock there's nothing girly about you.
Brook @Brook59595849: The fried rice I shat out this morning is more womanly than you'll ever be, gorilla cunt.
LawAbidingCitizen @SyndicateRe...: Wait did you just call a black woman a Gorilla? Ooooh boi. Well she's going to go Ape shit now.
Brook @Brook59595849: LOL. If she If she didn't want to be insulted out then she shouldn't be calling trans women neanderthals."
Trans delusion strikes again.

U.S. Supreme Court rejects challenge to transgender student accommodations
Won't step liberals raging against Conservative judges, since they hate them because they're independent-minded (unlike the Liberal ones)

Front Bums And Seahorse Papas - "There are people — progressive Christians among them — who condemn my work as “alarmist,” and so forth. One woke preacher the other day denounced my book Live Not By Lies as “an utterly unchristian exercise in dehumanization” in part because I do not lament in its pages “the abuse of transgender Americans.” Well, I’d like you to think about that in light of this exciting document produced by a large Canadian sexual education and services non-profit... It’s full of stuff like that — arcane rewriting of language and language usage, which of course is meant to change the way we see reality. It gets even weirder:
'We should avoid the unnecessary and problematic gendering of body parts (for instance, calling ovaries, fallopian tubes and uteruses parts of the female reproductive system). We might also use language such as “people with breasts,” “bodies with penises,” “pregnant people”, rather than “women with breasts,” “male-bodied” or “pregnant women.” For some, however, this may not go far enough.  Words like breast, penis, vagina, uterus, may not be how some trans people refer to their own bodies —some common ways that body parts can be renamed includes breasts being renamed as chests, vaginas being renamed as front bums, penises being renamed as clitorises, but many others are possible... [some] trans people use newly created words, or reclaimed old ones, like zaza, nini and cennend. The reproductive experience of pregnancy can be rebranded as being a seahorse papa, and lactation and chest-feeding reframed as an animalistic, functional process, rather than being quintessentially womanly experiences... “Front bum” and “clitdick” — the medical provider has to use these pornographic words for “vagina” and “penis,” because to fail to do so is bigotry... This goes far, far beyond “compassion.” Now, imagine that in order to become a licensed medical professional, you have to adapt to this way of regarding the human body, and talking about it... I quote a Soviet-born US physician at a major American hospital saying that everyone there already has to practice under trans ideology, in particular giving cross-sex hormones to anyone who asks for them, even if doing so goes against the physician’s best medical judgment in that particular case. You would be a fool to speak out against it, the doctor told me, because you would lose your job.  Did you know that this is part of the way transgender ideology is changing health care? Did you know about clitdicks and front bums and seahorse papas? Of course you didn’t; our media will not talk about them, because it would freak people out. Change language, and you change the way people see reality. This is happening in some places, and expanding as wokeness conquers the professions.  But see, people like me who say, “Wake up! This is crazy, and it’s going to change our lives!” — we are the problems. Unchristian. Meanies. The problem with the world...
Did you know that the Madison (WI) school district has a formal policy to keep the transgender identity of students, even little bitty ones, hidden from their parents? Does your kids’ school district have the same? They might if they followed the advice of the powerful activist group GLSEN, and its suggested trans student policy model. This is what I mean: these institutional elites are psychologically and politically manipulating people, and doing serious damage"
We knew it wouldn't stop at reducing men and women to their body parts. Now the body parts must be renamed too, since virtue signalling means more and more ridiculous propositions must be endorsed

Chase Strangio on Twitter - "Women and girls who are trans are biological women and girls."
Blue check marks strike again

10 Things Amelia Hates About You on Twitter - "I don't have a uterus. But thanks to HRT, the rest of my body thinks that I do. I don't menstruate. But thanks to HRT, my body thinks I should. So once a month, my body does its best to make that happen."
"Science says trans women exist and are valid"

Meme - "2+ years hrt, zero results. FML"
"I don't feel comfortable with the idea of passing only when I put a ton of effort. That still feels like being a man to me."

femmehonnete on Twitter - "How many of these kids making up new sexualities are virgins?"

Mother and son are becoming father and daughter - "  Corey Maison, 15, first told her parents she identified as a girl four years ago, but it was not until last year she learned that her mother also struggled with her gender identity. The pair are now leaning on each other as they transition together...   Eric Maison, who used to go by Erica, said that he was emboldened by his daughter’s decision. He wrestled with different emotions while deciding whether to transition."

"have you considered going to therapy for getting over your aversion to dick? they can help you analyze how that dislike comes from deep prejudice towards trans people. you can't keep posting about how much you dislike dick forever. at least keep it to yourself until you get help. saying you don't like dick is the reason trans suicide rate is high"
redkrypto answered: "i don't like dick -me forever"

Gender studies and sexualised threats - "Students of Gender Studies at the London School of Economics are taught to view sexualised threats against women in public life (if dressed up in the language of “queer”) as something to applaud.
“If TERFs think trans* is an endemic threat to feminism, let us be the threat to feminism… Picture this: I hold a knife to your throat and spit my transness into your ear. Does that turn you on? Are you scared? I sure fucking hope so.”
The paper contributes 30% towards the final mark for the course. Apparently no one in the class found the paper unacceptable, because it was posted with other papers on the conference website. It was praised by two students as “insightful and provocative”, and “poignant, funny and enraging”. Indeed, the author was rewarded with an invitation to present the same paper at another conference in the Department of Gender Studies, organised by doctoral students (held in June 2021).  The paper is worth reading (or listening to) in full to appreciate what passes for graduate-level work in Gender Studies at the LSE.* The paper is a mash-up of postmodern bullshit—far beyond the wildest imaginings of Alan Sokal or Peter Boghossian, James Lindsay, and Helen Pluckrose—and incel resentment. The author decries the “imagined trans* threat” promulgated by “TERFs” like Janice Raymond and JK Rowling. To refute this perceived threat, he promises to “take my knife to your throat” and declares “I am the butcher”.   The author’s chief inspiration is Andrea Long Chu, a sissy-porn enthusiast who defines femaleness as “an open mouth, an expectant asshole, blank, blank eyes”.   If any students taking the course disagreed with such a definition, how openly could they express their views in class? The fact that one student is threatening to knife anyone who challenges him hardly fosters an atmosphere of open discussion, in which diverse perspectives on sex and gender can be freely debated. The Department proudly quotes a former student saying that “LSE Gender was a safe space for me to share my inner voices”, but evidently safety is promised only to those who adhere to one particular version of transgender ideology... One asks rhetorically “Is Letting Trans Children Die ‘Common Sense’?” According to the abstract, suppressing puberty with Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone agonist (GnRHa) “has saved and continues to save lives”. Although the full paper is not available, it clearly does not engage with—let alone attempt to refute—clinicians and academics who have emphasised the paucity of scientific evidence in favour of this experimental treatment or with detransitioners who regret being subjected to it...
“medical and TERF discourses on pathologisation of trans children reveals that they are similarly using childhood protection as a façade to generate moral panic founded on racist, colonial and essentialist understandings of gender.”
The use of GnRHa to suppress puberty in gender-nonconforming children was invented by Dutch clinicians in the 1990s, and so the association of this experimental treatment with anti-colonialism and anti-racism is absurd. The author has been taught to recite slogans rather than analyse evidence."
Modern feminism celebrates biological men violently threatening biological women (many of whom are also feminists)

Deadliest animal in the world is mosquitos, not hippos - "many websites and articles reference an Encyclopedia Britannica article that estimates 500 to 3,000 people die from hippo attacks each year based on “accounts” recording the information"
Murdered, Suffocated And Burned Alive – 350 Transgender People Killed In 2020 - "350 transgender people were killed this year (2020), in a figure that has risen since last year’s total of 331.  The annual global list is released for Transgender Day of Remembrance, held on November 20 each year""
More people are killed by hippos each year than the number of transgender people who are murdered. And that's not even considering that many trans people aren't killed for being trans

Daily Dose of Downey: Deep Diving the Facts and Fiction of Anti-Trans Murders - "The LGBT community believes transgendered people are being “hunted” in the United States. That just isn’t true. Yes, last year saw more trans people “killed” than any other year, but murders are way up across the board. Also, some of those trans people included in the count weren’t murdered, and most weren’t murdered for being trans. Most of the murder cases showed no trans bias at all.  Fact-O-Rama! Gender bias crimes only make up 2.7% of all hate crimes.   A total of 45 transgendered people were “killed” last year, and that number includes six in Puerto Rico. (Out.com stated 44 were “killed violently,” but they missed one. Weird how an evil, straight, white conservative man like me got it right, right?) It also includes 2 transgendered people killed by cops for brandishing knives, one of whom had just stabbed a man to death. It includes 1 person who OD’ed and one who died but was not considered a homicide. It includes a person who was killed when a black man plowed a car into a bunch of protesters in Seattle and one of them happened to be transgendered. It includes a trans prostitute killed by another trans prostitute over a wig. Another was killed by a jealous husband on meth. One OD’ed in jail after hitting another inmate with a brick. Another one was killed in a Puerto Rican prison, with little info reported. I won’t count those in the following data because they were clearly not bias crimes, and I will include a separate set of data for Puerto Rico. That leaves us 32 alleged trans-bias homicides in the 50 states...
 MYTH 1: Trans Murders Are Exploding
There were 26 trans people killed in 2019 (unless there are some that can be weeded out as suicides, OD’s, etc.) and, as mentioned, 32 trans murders in 2020. Fox News reported a nationwide overall 30% increase in murders for 2020. Twenty-six trans murders plus 30% is 33.8 murders, just over the 32 alleged trans-bias murders, which means trans murders didn’t rise as much as the overall murder rate. One of those killed was a cab driver and several were hookers, people we see getting killed fairly frequently. Were they killed for being trans or because of their profession? We can’t say for sure so I included them in the stats.
MYTH 2: Trump Inspires Anti-Trans Violence
Of the 32 remaining murders 16, of the trans people were killed by black men, usually alone but several killers had help. Three were killed by Hispanic males and one was murdered by a Muslim friend. One was killed by a trans hooker over a wig, but there was no report of the killer’s race. There are witnesses to the stabbing of the trans hooker “Lexi” over a blonde wig. Lexi was killed in Harlem. We know it’s a blonde wig, but oddly there is no description of the killer. If NYC wanted to stop anti-trans violence, why not release that description? Aww, you know why. Also, it’s better to blame Trump... If Trump is inspiring anti-trans violence, why weren’t any white men in MAGA hats arrested?
MYTH: Police Don’t Investigate Trans Murders
The murder clearance rate (murders solved) across the U.S. in 2019 was 61.4%. The city of Chicago solves 44.5% of all murders. U.S. police solved 62.5% of the 32 murders we are looking at. Again this doesn’t count the Brazilian man who murdered his trans wife, or the trans people killed by cops, OD’s, etc., otherwise the clearance rate is even higher...  
Kamala Harris and Gropey Joe Biden piped up after a black transgender was killed, as did actress Kerry Washington. None of them mentioned that the “pandemic” of murdered black trans people is the fault of black men. How badly do they want the scourge to end? Not bad enough to point out the black elephant in the room... the trans murder rate is 1.48 per 100,000. This is less than a third of the overall murder rate of about 5 per 100,000, far less than the rate for men in general (6.68), and a mere fraction of the rate for black people (18.8). Also, most of the killings aren’t hate-related. The truth hurts the narrative so much that Andy Ngo was kicked off of Twitter for reporting it. The most inconvenient truth of them all: Black men are killing transgendered people and the left is afraid to tell them to stop."

Trans homicides in the UK: a closer look at the numbers – Trans Crime UK - "Transgender individuals who were victims of homicide in the UK in the past decade (2008 – 2017)
Total = 7 (all biological males)
Homicides committed by transgender individuals in the UK in the past decade (2008 – 2017)
Total = 12 (all biological males)"

Meme - "WHITE PEOPLE CAN'T BE TRANS. Transgenderism is inherently a creation of black and brown culture, Transitioning genders as a non-BIPOC is a toxic form of colonization and erasure."

Meme - "Documentary examining the struggles of Reddit's all-female staff of moderators. *3 sloppy transwomen on couch*"

James Lindsay - Posts | Facebook - "Maybe Imma have to write a little bit about the history of feminism, especially radical feminism, and its relationship with Marxism and how that facilitated the theoretical underpinnings that led us to a place where the Woke became dominant, even though it turned on feminism. Guess who brought in Derrida and fell in love with Foucault... 🙂 Guess where intersectionality came from... (if you guessed lesbian black liberationists taking up and then getting mad at white radfems...) 🙂 Guess who kept Marx burning in social theory in the 50s... Then what happened? The queer theorists, who were the first full-on postmodern feminists, deconstructed "woman" and screwed radical feminism over. Their dragon has turned on them, and I strongly sympathize, but I'm not going to lie about feminism because of their plight. Right on their backs, the intersectionalists called the radfems "white feminists," accused them of rampant racism, and gang-pressed a bunch of them into the service of their ideology under the moniker "intersectional feminism" (third-wave is slightly different). The feminists bred dragons that have turned on them, leaving them--and women, incidentally--in a very bad place by taking their chief tools a few steps further in at least two different directions. Let's talk about TERFs, though. While radfems drive me nuts with their gender social constructivism, they're right about sex, almost completely, and they're under attack. Most "TERFs" aren't even radical feminists. Some aren't even feminists. So go language wargames. I support the TERFs in that I agree that woman is and should be a stable category of person, and that lesbians are women who are attracted to women, and that women's rights are under assault by trans women (who were at some point men). I think this kind of feminism should exist. All the radfem women yelling at me today because I poked a bear can go eat whatever kinds of genitals they prefer. I don't really care about that one way or the other, but we should be real about what's going on here and how we got where we are. This isn't a complicated thing, though. The Trans Rights Activists, who grew out of queer Theory, which grew out of a perversion of postmodernized radical feminism, are absolutely a danger and a menace toward women, and some kind of feminism needs to exist for this. Maybe "feminist" style fighting is what's needed to protect women from TRAs, but I don't think so. Plain old liberal activism that fully acknowledges reality and is capable of cooperating with others will do it if done consistently and honestly. So long as radical feminists want to keep up the pretense that gender is 100% socially constructed in service to systemic power, though, they're more or less incapable of defending themselves against the more extreme social constructivists who take that argument a step further."

Parents should not push their kids into the spotlight of being LGBT advocates | The Post Millennial - "As a celebrity transgender child who was featured on the cover of National Geographic in 2016 accidentally revealed on the HBO documentary Transhood, the weight of being tied down to a decision made earlier in childhood, along with the media demand for representation is simply too much. In a dinner scene, a young boy, who identifies as a girl, lashed out as his mother eagerly discussed his upcoming media appearances saying that releasing a book about his new trans identity years earlier was the biggest mistake of his life.
'Scene from HBO's pro-trans documentary. A young boy ("girl") tells his mom that the LGBT activism she's forcing him to do is "ruining his life." She parades him around to show him off while he is visibly in despair. Here he tries to explain how he feels but she disregards it.'...
There is no rational argument that a 12-year-old should sternly lecture their parents on the correct way to understand complex sexual and gender identities. In the same way, parents should be challenged for imposing complex sexual and gender identities onto their children, especially in public. At the very least a child should be given the chance to grow into or out of whatever they feel, at home, safely and privately until they can truly speak for themselves."


Meme - "Trans Capitalism
2% of US high school students now identify as 'trans' compared to 0.6% of the adult population.
Gender identity is a product of the medical-industrial complex being sold to kids in schools, on mainstream TV and social media. It's marketed as a solution for common adolescent anxieties and generates huge profits for corporate health insurers and big pharma to name just few. Transgenderism turns kids into lifetime consumers of hormones and other drugs they will need to offset the side effects of these hormones and surgeries. Capitalism is the driving force behind gender identity 'medicine' and it's astonishing that a generation of self-professed anti-capitalists have bought it so completely
Coalition for Biological Reality"


Meme - "Keith Woods @KeithWoodsYT: Today we were reminded that the radical left think 12 year olds are old enough to consent to sex with adults, change their gender and be arrested for racism. Do you remember when they laughed at people who said gay marriage might be a slippery slope?"

Meme - "When you glorify Middle Aged sexual predators and prepubescent children getting sex changes, and deny the existence of detransitioners and transtrenders, don't be surprised if people don't take your movement seriously."
"Woah. 15 homeless trans women of color just died because of this!"

Meme - On Wilson Gavin's apparent suicide: Greg Bonetoile: As a Gay guy, I don't have sympathy for homophobes. The fewer the better
Matt Pearce: I'm gay too fyi how was he homophobic when he was gay too?
Greg Bonetoile: he was protesting a drag Queen reading hour. Like that's pretty homophobic, even if it is internalized. Tbh don't know anything about this story besides the headline you posted"

"An implied threat of violence underneath two lies is hardly likely to convince me"
"i promise u you'll get your ass beat if you ever say anything like that about trans people irl"
Posted in "Oh look, the 42% are inciting violence they could never hope to accomplish"

Meme - "Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Dies at 87"
"I'm actually even thinking of detransitoning. Feels like there is no future for women anymore."


How do I get my parrot to stop saying my brother's deadname? : asktransgender - "My family rescued a parrot 3 years ago and he's fallen in love with my brother so much that he calls for him by his deadname. A little over 6 months ago, my brother changed his name and my family has stopped using his deadname since. The problem is, I think it's so engrained in my parrot that I worry he'll never stop saying it. This has damaged my brother's mental health.  Do you think it takes more time? Will he ever forget it?"

Meme - "Elmo is very confused when the cow he gets his milk from reveals she's trans"

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