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Saturday, October 14, 2006

"An intellectual is a person who has discovered something more interesting than sex." - Aldous Huxley


YouTube - every sperm is sacred - "I've got something to tell y'all... The mill's closed. There's no more work. We're destitute... I've got no option but to sell you all for scientific experiments... Blame the Catholic Church for not letting me wear one of those little rubber things... If they let me wear one of those rubber things on the end of my cock, we wouldn't be in the mess that we are now."
This seditious song is even funnier to watch than listen to.

YouTube - cuddles clip robot chicken

The Middle Ages of Reason: It was the medieval world that dragged us into the future, not the reactionary Renaissance - "The Renaissance was a backward-looking movement that hailed the distant past - ancient Greece and ancient Rome - as the only source of enlightenment. Petrarch, a Renaissance writer, wanted to put the clock back and to return to writing in Latin. And not just the Latin that was then current. He wanted to return to classical Latin. The Latin that was then current and still being spoken in the churches and monasteries was condemned as deficient. Rather than reviving Latin, the Renaissance killed it stone dead as a spoken language."

Girls beat Glasto toilet nightmare - "This year, the festival's organisers sought to redress the balance with the introduction of female urinals - or She-pees - guarded by concierges to keep the boys at bay. And two other products were also launched, promising differing solutions to how a girl can get a swift comfortable pee and still keep her dignity. The Whiz is a funnel which allows a woman to go standing up - in the She-pee for instance. Taking a different tack, the Go Bag is a pouch of crystals which turn liquid into a solid gel for easy disposal."

Sweatshop workers who satisfy gamers' lust for virtual power - "The room is crammed with Chinese workers stripped to the waist. Poorly paid and exhausted from their punishing shifts, they chain-smoke and rub their eyes, while their colleagues sleep two to a mat on the floor. But this Shanghai sweatshop is not churning out T-shirts, trainers or children’s toys. Its workers are known in the computer games world as “gold farmers”. They are playing online games and winning virtual gold, which the owners of the gold farms then sell on to cash-rich, time-poor Westerners for real money."

Racist Rev Row - "A driver spent two nights in jail after being accused of "revving his car in a racist manner"."

Dispatches from the Culture Wars: Contraception the Next Big Target? - "The illogical thinking of some of these people is absolutely astounding: "I think it's great that more pro-life people are finally speaking up about it," said Helen Mazur, 27, who flew in from Philadelphia with her husband for the conference, called "Contraception is Not the Answer." "It's always been a touchy subject, but you have to stand strong on your beliefs. Contraception is the root cause of the explosion of the amount of abortions in the world," Mazur said."

Overcoming News Addiction - "A little over 30 days ago, I decided to go on a news fast, using my trusty 30-day trial method. I had already dropped TV news and newspapers, but I still had the habit of checking Yahoo News or CNN every day or two, so for 30 days I decided to drop all news sources and go totally news-free. In this article I’ll share what I learned from this experiment. It went well enough that I intend to remain free of the habit of daily news checking."

Vietnam man handles three decades without sleep - "As songbirds awaken the early risers at dawn on the farm, one resident is already up; in fact, he never slept – not once in the past 33 years."

Boys try to join girls' teams following human-rights ruling - "As two Winnipeg sisters find out Tuesday if they've made the boys' hockey team at their high school, their recent human-rights victory has spurred boys to try out for girls' sports teams. Morris Glimcher, executive director of the Manitoba High Schools Athletic Association, said Tuesday that several requests from boys wanting to play on girls' teams started coming shortly after the ruling was handed down on Friday."

Prostitutes, smugglers a boost Greek economy - "Prostitutes and smugglers will give the Greek economy an unexpected boost as their illicit activities will now be counted in the country's official economic output, a senior official said on Wednesday."

FunReports.Com: Sex games end with electric toothbrush in young man's rectum - "The operating center of the Moscow rescue service has recently received a very strange, albeit a very funny call. A 25-year-old Muscovite called and said that his girlfriend had pushed an electric toothbrush up his anus. The toothbrush was turned on during the process, the young man specified."

Fear of offending Islam spurs hot debate in Europe - "Four canceled performances of a Mozart opera have reignited an anxious and heated debate in Europe over free speech, self-censorship and Islam. By canning its production of "Idomeneo", fearful of security threats because of a scene that might offend Muslims, Berlin's Deutsche Oper provoked front-page headlines across the continent and found itself fending off charges of cowardice."
For archival purposes.

A helping hand - "Specialist establishments catering for carriage groping connoisseurs are certainly nothing new, with this picture of such a train-themed retreat featuring in the book Pink Box: Inside Japan’s Sex Clubs. Yet the Train Cafe club in Tokyo’s Ikebukuro district has recently claimed that by allowing its patrons to casually cop a feel in the confines of a recreated carriage, it combats any similarly tactile transgressions in the real world – or real trains to be more precise."

They cry, pray to Bush and wash out the devil - welcome to Jesus Camp - "The children at the Kids on Fire summer camp are intent as they pray over a cardboard cutout of President George Bush. They raise their hands in the air and sway, eyes closed, as they join the chant for "righteous judges". Tears stream down their faces as they are told that they are "phonies" and "hypocrites" and must wash their hands in bottled water to drive out the devil."

Shortchanged - "In August, two Princeton economists released a study titled “Stature and Status: Height, Ability, and Labor Market Outcomes.” The aim of the paper, by Anne Case and Christina Paxson, was to attempt to explain why tall people generally earn more than short people... Reuters published a story on the paper under the headline “TALLER PEOPLE ARE SMARTER—STUDY.” Within days, Case and Paxson had received dozens and dozens of e-mails from outraged readers. “I have no idea if it was the fact that women had written the study, but half of the ones I got were from short men,” Case said the other day. “Some of them were actually obscene.” Most of the e-mails were hostile: “Shame on you!” scolded one man (4" 9'). “I find your hypothesis insulting, prejudicial, inflammatory and bigoted,” said another (5" 6'). “You have loaded a gun and pointed it at the vertically challenged man’s head” (no height given). “I want to thank you and your colleague for perpetuating the crusade against short people” (5" 6'). “On a personal note it was very nice to be reminded that I really am a loser and will never be held in ‘high’ esteem by society” (5" 4'). “LEAVE THIS ALONE YOU’RE NOT HELPING ANYBODY,” another read."
This is what happens when people argue from emotion. When PC people claim rape is not about power, they mean "you can't blame the victim for the crime". When the PC people claim genetics does not affect intelligence, they mean "biology isn't everything". If only they were able to separate ideology from what is actually in front of them.
July Trip
19/7 - In Transit (Italy-France)

[Ed: With this post, I've 11 days of travelogue left!]

After Italy, France was a refreshing change. Instead of people chattering to me in Italian, which I didn't understand, I had people chattering to me in French, which I didn't understand.

The pen cap of one of the French girls was chewed. Eugh. I thought only boys did that, and only in Primary school. One was reading 'Code de Route' or something, and inside were road signs.

I was warned by my French ex-housemate that Marseille could be dangerous, especially outside of the more trafficked areas. He also recommended Lyon since the people there are very friendly. Maybe another time.

I was thinking whether I should've stayed at Arles for one night, but Nimes had an amphitheatre as well (though maybe it was a bit smaller).

At Nimes, I asked on a lark and found out that there were vacancies on the night train from Avignon to Reims. Either the French don't like the Italians or Italian English is really CMI. Interestingly there were couchettes in 1st Class. Wth.

While buying train tickets I was offered the French <25 discount card which cost €49 and would give me a substantially greater discount (at 50%) than just being under 25 (between 25 and 33%, IIRC). In the end I got it, since the night train already cost €70 and I was getting a headache trying to optimise my utility function. Too bad I hadn't been told about it in Marseille. It required a photo, but luckily I had one with me.

"Reims" was a French word I found particularly difficult to pronounce. The way the woman at the ticket counter and someone pronounced it can best be described as someone sneezing. The woman at the counter eventually kindly humoured me by pronouncing it as 'rhymes'.

It's good to be young in France. You automatically get discounts on domestic train travel and a youth discount card for further discounts on them. Unless you're French, of course, since you'll be unemployed. Maybe the concessions are meant to appease the army of unemployed youth.

There was an "Avenue Franklin Roosevelt" in Nimes. I didn't see Fuck Street beside it.

Outside Paris people are more polite. They bonjour you when you enter their establishment and au revoir you when you leave.

Getting off at the HI bus stop, I bought a can of boisson ('Jemsa! Jus d'orange') at a gas station to fortify myself for the climb uphill. It was the worst vile juice I'd ever had. I should've plumped for Minute Maid. So much for supporting local brands - there's a good reason why they stay local.

A 500+m climb awaited me to get to the HI hostel from the bus stop, but someone driving by in a car gave me a lift. Heh.

The HI hostel at Nimes was modern and big by HI standards - not only was the reception open 24 hours, it used magnetic cards to gain access to the rooms. It was supposed to have internet access too, but the computer was broken. It even had a minibus leaving at 9am which brought guests to the train station. Wah.

The staff were quite friendly - the main ones were a British punk (who asked about my Lewis Chessmen shirt) and a middle-aged French man who kept talking to be in French (so it was hard to communicate).

Consulting with the staff at the hostel, I realised I couldn't do Arles, Nimes and the Pont du Gard in one day ("Do you have a car?"). Such a pity. I decided to drop Arles, since apparently the arena there could fit in the Nimes arena, and this was better preserved as well. Unfortunately, I wouldn't be able to visit the amphitheatre in Nimes because there was a rock concert held there. Damn July!

Since I was already at the hostel, and it would be too much trouble to venture out down the 500+m slope, into town , eat and then come back up 500+m, I decided to eat there. With my pork chop I got 'Pueros' brand 'Poivre du Mekong'.

The temperature was supposedly 33 degrees, but it was noticeably cooler than Italy's 33 degrees. Maybe it was psychological. Then again, Cinque Terra's 33 was cooler than the rest of Italy's 33 too.

I was in the shower when a grasshopper jumped onto the floor (disadvantages of being on top of a hill and close to nature). I whacked it with one sandal but it wouldn't die, so I had to whack it again.

someone: Do you miss us?
Me: Do you want to pay my phone bill?
someone: *I can't believe he said that sound*
Me: Then stop asking stupid questions like that on my [handphone] time!

At the hostel there was a wall where people posted photos of themselves on the countries they came from. Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand were shown, as was Korea and Japan but the rest of Asia wasn't there. There was also a wall of [currency] bills, on top of which people had written things. There was an old Singapore $5 note with the PSA container terminal on it, on top of which was written: "I don't come from this godforsaken country, but I thought I'd demonstrate my wide travels - Matt Hortin (Australia)". At least Singapore has a law against defacing currency (and so cursing the country). We should arrest him if he returns to Singapore!

During the night I was woken up many times by mosquito bites, which had been itching since the night before. Gah.

It'd been a while since I'd read a book, but you know the thing about urgent/important, urgent/not important, non-urgent/important and non-urgent/not important tasks. I would place reading in the non-urgent/not-so-important sphere and so it's usually shunted (I have philosophical disagreements with some people over this). Andrew had brought some book about South African boxing and exchanged it for Neil Gaiman's Everywhere Neverwhere, which I took possession of when we parted.

I'd always shyed away from him because I found his work disturbing; the Sandman pictures alternately scare and repulse me, the story about eating babies is disgusting [Babycakes] and I'm quite sure the story about the boy sitting at the bottom of the swimming pool over the water intake sluice and wanking because the suction stimulated him, until one day his guts got sucked out and he had to leave his intestines behind or drown was by him too.[Addendum: Apparently it's not. Guts was by Chuck Palahniuk, but anyhow it's as disturbing as Babycakes]

Everywhere Neverwhere was alright but probably that's because it was an early work (1996).

I exchanged Everywhere Neverwhere for "A short history of tractors in Ukrainian" which, if nothing else, had the imprimatur of my favourite periodical.

Travel tips:

- If you can travel with a friend, you can watch each others' backs, talk on long journeys and if you want comfort, a double is less than twice the price of a single. Though of course the downside is less flexibility, but in cities you can split up.
- Get 1 Visa and 1 Mastercard, in case the establishment doesn't accept 1 (these places do exist, but I haven't seen a place that accepts neither but does others), and/or one fouls up.
- Don't take Eurolines. Let's Go said Eurolines is the best way to visit one of the countries listed early in the book (they were listed in alphabetical order); I'm not going there until there's a better way!
- Bring photos with you for various silly things. If you're cheapskate you can be like the cock and scan one in and printing multiple copies.
- Bring a lock for lockers, if you have anything you want to keep safe
- Use a packing list
- Be shameless. Crash everywhere with people you (hardly) know
"If people never did silly things, nothing intelligent would ever get done." - Ludwig Wittgenstein


Someone: [the bell curve] is impeding classroom discussion

it makes ppl not want to share and thereby bounce ideas off each other
and create the synergy for everyone to benefit
(ha, i wont' have used the word myself, but a prof i respect actually used it)

forum discussion, too
ppl are reluctant to post stuff because they seem afraid that ppl will benefit off what they say

i mean, i'm doing well by the bell curve so far
and it helps that the majority of nus students are stupid
but it doesn't help things in the long run!

MFM in Chicago where they bell-curve also: no the bell curve doesn't impede discussion here for various reasons:

1) discussion performance can affect your final grade
2) people actually enjoy discussion
3) discussion helps you make a favourable impact on professors whom you my want to write your recommendation letters

I think an important difference is that americans are more extroverted, so they enjoy talking for its own sake

there's not necessarily a curve
there is no definite rule as to when
instructors' discretion
but definitely there are plenty of classes in which As proliferate

The Top Bio Student in NJ in His Year with a current CAP of "no high enough": let me enlighten you on the period-moon thingy

long long time ago, before artificial lights, menstrual cycles go in sync with moonlight
or something like that

and women tend to develop periods at the same time cos of pheromones

so sayeth something i read a while back

Someone: my mother has always been depressed, and she commited suicide before.

Me: she committed suicide before?
are you a necromancer?

Someone else: spgs are damn protective of their guys!
it's so bizarre!

today when i got back i met a bunch of international students
guys, going clubbing, a canadian, an englishman, and a hungarian.
they were sitting on the steps and the canadian had an spg sitting behind him.

since i knew them, i stopped to say hi, and they tried to sweet talk me into going to double o with them
but the whole time i talked to them the spg kept inching closer and closer to the canadian, and draped herself over and gave me the evil eye! i was like wtf?! i'm not even interested!

Me: hehehe
she can't take all 3 of them at once =D
how SPGish was she?

Someone else: mildly. she didn't have flesh falling out from every clothing orifice, but she looked at me evilly enough.

Me: did she have flesh to fall?

Someone else: i dunno. i was trying to ignore the evil glares!
if she looked at me evilly, it must mean i must be decent enough to be potential competition! hahaha!

Me: you didn't say where you got the idea I'm asexual from inthe first place

Someone: you exude it from every pore and hair follicle
you dont try to be attractive to any one sex
you just dont bother

Me: ok
that's a new perspective

Someone else: in my soci tutorial - there was this guy who was asked "what would your life be like if you were of the other gender? (female)" and he said "I would definitely dress in skimpy revealing clothing so that I can use my sexuality to get my dates to pay for me and give me presents

then my teacher asked him back "So do you pay when you bring a girl out on a date?" and he said "No...but that's because I'm too broke."

Someone: you don't even drink
i think in terms of a general tendency to vice you are quite a failure

Friday, October 13, 2006

"A poem is no place for an idea." - Edgar Watson Howe


The real reasons to hate the Pope - "In the past year, I have sat in two Catholic churches thousands of miles apart and listened while a Catholic priest told illiterate people with no alternative sources of information that condoms come pre-infected with AIDS and are the reason people die of it. In Bukavu, a crater-city in Congo, and in the slums ringing Caracas, Venezuela, people believed it. They told me they “would not go to Heaven” if they used condoms, and that condoms contain tiny invisible holes through which the virus passes – the advice their priest had doled out."

U.S. slips in competitive ranking - "The United States fell to sixth place in the World Economic Forum's 2006 global competitiveness rankings, ceding the top place to Switzerland, as macroeconomic concerns eroded prospects for the world's largest economy."
Curiously, wage costs don't appear in the article, despite the constant beating of the "cut wages" drum here in Singapore. Shows you how insignificant wage costs are in the competitiveness rankings. Makes you wonder, don't it?

Bromont golf club - Description: "A Canadian RC airplane enthusiast combined a model airplane, virtual reality goggles and a wireless camera. It works like this: A fairly standard model airplane is controlled normally with a wireless remote control. A pan-and-tilt camera is mounted at the airplane's center of gravity, also controlled wirelessly. Video from the camera is viewable through virtual reality goggles, which have a gyroscope attached to sense the movement of the goggles and control the camera accordingly. When the wearer moves his head, the camera also moves."
Also: A dream come true

The Straight Dope: Do other languages have obscenities like those of English? - Mecagum les cinc llagues de Crist... Catalan. Even more bloodcurdling is Mecagum Deu, en la creu, en el fuster que la feu i en el fill de puta que va plantar el pi"
English just can't compare.

The Straight Dope: Guns don't kill people, frying pans kill people: Is the frying pan the #1 domestic weapon? - "Research suggests women are the aggressors much more often than is commonly believed. In fact, a study published this year in the Journal of Family Psychology indicates that women are more likely than men to commit domestic violence. Of 1,600 straight couples surveyed, 18 percent reported that in the previous year the woman had engaged in one of 11 "violent behaviors" toward the man, versus 14 percent the other way around. What's more, over 7 percent of the couples reported "severe" female-on-male violence, compared to less than 4 percent reporting severe male-on-female violence. The most common female-on-male acts were "threw something" and "pushed, grabbed, or shoved," both at about 12 percent."

Sistic: Event Details - Bulgarian International Recital - I'm very pissed off. The programmes are usually not displayed. I always want to know what's to be performed, since I don't want to listen to Shostakovich et al. I emailed them and the response was along the lines of "they didn't tell us, go ask them if you want to know". Gah. And it's not like the works to be performed have not already been decided months in advance.

The Geek-a-Cycle - "The evidence in favor of exercise is overwhelming. It is absolutely necessary for good health. Now, exercising is easy and convenient, too. Get your daily exercise while doing your daily work. The Geek-a-Cycle - Fitness for the Computer User. The Geek-a-CycleTM: a computer work/exercise station (Computer and model not included)"

Sinful Acts - "Sin is the problem. Salvation is the cure. The preacher is the doctor. And he is no different from a voodoo witchdoctor removing an evil spirit. The christian witchdoctor calls it exorcism. The evil spirits are God's demons and His devil. God allows it all. That is how much God loves us."

Pagan Origins of the Christ Myth > Borrowing, getting started (new version) - "If Reverend Bruce Manning Metzger claims Christianity didn't borrow from Paganism because Christianity is different from Paganism, then you shouldn't believe Reverend Metzger's analysis until you see it applies to other ancient religions. Judaism comes to mind. How does the apologists' difference-proves-no-borrowing rule work with Judaism? Well, the Christian three-headed God is different from Judaism's one-headed God. Christian salvation is different from Jewish salvation. Christian baptism is different from Jewish baptism. The Christian Eucharist is different from Judaism's Eucharist—does Judaism even have baptism and a Eucharist? Apply the apologists scholars' difference-proves-no-borrowing rule to Judaism, and you learn that Christianity is free of the taint of Jewish origins. Which is maybe why you never hear any believing scholar apply the believing scholars' difference-proves-no-borrowing rule to Judaism. Doesn't give the answer they want. When someone gives you a "reason" that only works in the one place it has to work for their theory to be true, and that on other situations gives a completely different answer, you should not believe their analysis."
There also seems to be a new page about how Judaism itself borrowed from pagan religions (which rends the defence that the borrowing was from Judaism and not the pagans).

Why is Singapore in the “Wrong” Time Zone? - "The time zones in Singapore and Malaysia are good examples of how the lines between time zones tend to creep westward over the years. In other words, a place that's near the eastern edge of a time zone is likely to move its clocks ahead one hour, thereby moving to the western edge of the adjacent time zone."

WikiCharts — Top 100 — 10/2006 - "This tool shows the articles from the English Wikipedia that are viewed most."
Fewer are about sex than I thought.

Philips files for patent to force ad viewing - "Philips Electronics has done it again. Flush with heady optimism after successful products such as the digital compact cassette (DCC) and the super audio CD (SACD), the redoubtable European giant has developed a way to keep television free for the masses for the foreseeable future—a patent application for a device which prevents a user from changing the channel during commercials... The fundamental downside to merely forcing commercials to run unimpeded is that the viewer retains freedom of movement which would allow him or her to leave the room, cover the TV with a blanket, or eat or use a product in direct competition with an advertisement. For the propaganda to be most effective, the device needs to work in concert with the couch to prevent any unauthorized activity or movement while a commercial is running. Ideally, all phones in the vicinity would also be put on hold, and it would become impossible to deactivate the TV, even if unplugged."
With this and DVDs where they force you to watch ads, they still wonder why consumers flock to pirated products.

Everyone Loves the Cat - A pussy that consents to be on a leash can't be that evil.

Study: Mice Do Not Like Cheese - "A study made by the Manchester Metropolitan University has found that mice really don't like cheese, debunking the myth that was popularized in the cartoon show "Tom and Jerry.""

Language Evolution in the Digital Age - "Dictionaries are more used than ever and are nowhere near a downfall. It’s just that they’re now often digital as well as print. There are also few new authorities, there are mostly merely transformations of old authorities. (Even Wiktionary includes many thousands of definitions from an out-of-copyright edition of an early unabridged dictionary.)"

Parking is no joke as Italy's women sue over beer ad - "In a scene set a century ago, a young woman struggles to park her horse and carriage, while two beer-drinking, male, bystanders look on, laughing. The action cuts to the present and shows the same woman having trouble parking her car, eventually leaving it jutting into the road. Again she is watched by two smug men swigging from bottles of Peroni beer, as a voice-over remarks: "Fortunately some things don't change". For Italy's women, however, the joke has fallen flat. A group of female lawyers is making legal history by suing the beer company for being sexist and discriminatory."
I remember this ad, it was quite funny.

Monday, October 09, 2006

On sabbatical till Friday.

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July Trip
19/7 - In Transit (Italy-France)

Let's Go said Italian trains were efficient. I don't want to see what they consider an inefficient train system.

I was in the train station before 7am, and in the cafe everyone else was having a coffee (in the smallest plastic cups I'd ever seen - Turkish coffee size but in plastic, which I didn't know they made) or at the most a fruit juice for breakfast. I had a granite. It was a good deal - €1,50 for half a pint (it said so on the cup). The cashier was giving me odd looks. I think all the people were laughing at me, but heck - it was my last granite in Italy.

A stand at the train station was selling: "Top Anal" (the same series that gave us "Top Gay", perchance?), "Prostituta Miliardaria", "Transex incontri" and "Lesbian girls" (the cover looked like it had CG jap girls on it). Even the Pope can't stop this filth!

There was a young couple in the train with an older woman (their older sister?) who took pictures of the both of them. Then the younger girl took the camera and snapped a picture of herself in her seat. Camwhoring is one thing, but this is ridiculous.

A sign on a corridor in the train: "Smoking is not permitted on this train. Smoking is not permitted on all trains. Transgressors will be subject to a 7 euro fine. This provision applies regardless of any other (even contrary) indications that may be displayed in the coaches."

At Albenga, parts of the beach were full of umbrellas and people. I guess it was part of the Italian riviera. The sea was shimmering blue and boundless stretching to the horizon. Its expanse was broken occasionally by a yacht, verdant island or speedboat. I was amazed at how many people were free to go on vacation in July/August. Don't they need to work? Maybe it's too hot to work in summer, and people there only get to enjoy the sun, sea, sand and... swimming for 3 months a year so they seize the opportunity when they can; anyway the concept of a summer holiday doesn't work out in the land of Eternal Summer.

A 14 year old girl was wearing a yellow T-shirt with cap sleeves and the words "Hope. Faith. Love." I should get a customised one which reads: "Prudence. Temperance. Fortitude. Justice."

Most French trains also need to be booked - even non-TGV (TGV is the ultra-quick express line) ones, unless they're the slow or intra-regional ones. Gah. Why can't they be like Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium where you can just hop onto trains? It'd be so much easier to get my brother-in-law to drive me around, and someone might finally come in useful due to French knowledge.

The Italian and French rivieras are pretty much the same, with sun, sand, sea and... swimming. Though the part between Nice and Marseille is nicer, having fewer people. nice brown rock formating (?)

I checked the automated ticket machines at Marseille St Charles, but they were being wonky. I checked out the trains from Marseille to Arles and Marseille to Nimes the next day and later in the day, but they seemed to claim they were fully booked (later I realised "Reservation not possible" meant that seats on those trains were not sold out but rather not reservable). They also refused to accept my credit cards (I didn't have a Eurocard Mastercard, but surely my Visa should've worked!) The train timings were also quite weird, so I decided to skip Marseille (I only really wanted to see the Basilica, and maybe the islands, and this time I'd have more time for Nimes/Arles) and spend 3 nights in Nimes. Oddly enough, the Visa worked at the ticket office.

France was the first European country I'd come across this year with a youth discount on intra-country travel (though for some reason I didn't qualify for it when I bought the ticket in Milan). For the rest, the discount applied only on crossing borders. Conceivably, it *might* be cheaper to buy a ticket to travel further (thus crossing a border) to get a discount for the rest of the trip.

Most European train tickets are so big (airline boarding pass size). The Dutch are the best, having small slips of paper which are environmentally friendly.

2 French girls were doing maths beside me on the train. One was staring at the first page of a textbook that said "lnes" and instructed on how to solve simultaneous equations with 3 variables. Another was annotating a book with a pen. It was July! Why were they so kiasu?

A young French couple went into the area between train carriages and stopped in the gangway and kissed. Then the (transparent) carriage doors closed around them. Tsk.
"Ahhh. A man with a sharp wit. Someone ought to take it away from him before he cuts himself." - Peter da Silva


MFM: the logical fallacies popping up in the calculus assignments I'm grading are driving me nuts. I'm starting to think elementary logic should be a compulsory course for everyone.

Me: wait wait
how does logic appear in calculus?

MFM: proofs

Me: uhh
please give me an example
this is fascinating

MFM: calculus in america is not about calculating

"if x exists when y exists, then y does not exist when x does not exist"

Me: this seems rather abstract
examples would be nice

MFM: er, replace x with lim(x->c)f(x)
and y with lim(x->c)g(x)

don't be silly, it's just the classic negation of the antecedent fallacy

correctly, if x implies y, then not y imples not x
but not x does not imply not y

but really the most endemic problem is to assume the result they're supposed to prove

Me: you need an if and only if somewhere

anyway that's why there're so many science students in my logic class
hurr hurr
they've done the maths version of logic

Someone: i don't trust internet resources
people may have easily come up with some rubbish online to lure people away from christianity
evidence that may not be real

Me: I don't trust internet resources
people may have easily come up with some rubbish online to lure people away from the PAP
evidence that may not be real

[Addendum: Substitute also the Communist Party of China and Scientology]

Someone else on Zwiebel-Sahne Hähnchen: i just realised that u can never get that packet of mix in singapore even though singapore has maggi stuff

stupid halal requirements
singapore's maggi can only be halal
that's like so discriminating

i wanted to buy some knorr condiments for pork but cannot find any
because the knorr we get here all have to be halal too

stupid halal requirement
it's so unfair!!!
it's discrimination!!!

Someone: haha yeah and your standards are too high for malaysia eh.
oh but i seriously cannot stand malaysian pringles. >< thats about the only thing though.

oh yknow there's like a little supermarket in my condo estate. and the pringles, there's one shelf labelled, PRINGLES, and one labelled ORIGINAL PRINGLES FROM THE US.

and the pringles one is always full. but the other one runs out of flavours so quickly. :(

Someone else: i'm off to do more constructive things
­i have an assignment to do
­therefore, i will now proceed to play computer games

Someone: you have a very idea of what postmodernism is, all out of line of really existing postmodernism

then again i don't blame you

99.9% of people who claim to be postmodernists or acquainted with postmod theory in casual conversation have no idea what they're talking about, and give an oversimplified, distorted representation

like "there is no truth
"we can never be sure of anything"

a true postmodernist NEVER claims to be one
like foucault. he insisted he was never a foucauldian theorist

99.9% of christians take that perverted, distorted idea of postmodernism and then claim that postmodernism is destroying the world, etc

simple. the idea that there is no truth... is very threatening to some christians
­that and cultural relativism
­and of course, historicism
that the truth is not literal, that meanings can change and be lost over time, that social translation and triangulation is needed to *interpret* the bible... that is extremely threatening to some christians

Someone else: I tried once
two periods back

Me: wow you're like timing by the moon
women have a strange relationship with the moon :P

Someone else: yeah I know
i was going to say "two moons ago"

someone speculated that women used to cycle with the moon
which sort of connects with the 28 day thing

Me: bah
cock lah

Someone else: maybe when the moon is full special magneto-kinetic forces unite women and the moon in a wonderful blood dripping exercise

Me: blood moon
then werewolves change form too

Someone else: oh oh that's where the werewolf thing stemmed from
it's actually a euphemism for women and periods I suppose

Me: wth

A nick I saw: "support the arts. sleep with a musician."

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Me:2 male friends and I were at the terrace at vivocity
we were practically the only non-couples there

Someone: what is vivocity is it a gay club

Weiyi, HWMNBN and I went to Vivocity last night to watch Scoop. It's obviously not ready for prime time yet. Half the stores are unopened, there're holes in the ceiling and there're dirt tracks on some pillars and floors. I hope it gets better by 1 Dec (their real launch); it's so far from ready it's not even funny.

But then there're some problems which will not (can not) be resolved before then - the laminate of the floor tiles is poor quality (contributing to the dirt tracks), it has the most number of annoying sparkly dots embedded in the floor that I've ever seen and the carpark surfacing is shitty.

The GV there also sucks. We had trouble finding our cinema hall; they have halls 1-12, and the sign hanging from the ceiling says to follow it to reach halls 2-11 and the Europa and Gold Class halls. Actually the Gold Class hall is Hall 1 and Europa Hall is Hall 12. We wasted 2 minutes dawdling because of the damn signage and so missed more of the movie than we should've.

On the up-side, there's free parking.

When Woody Allen came onscreen in the Cock Car, everyone started laughing. See? It's not just me!
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