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Saturday, February 23, 2008

"Liberty without learning is always in peril; learning without liberty is always in vain." - John F. Kennedy


Preoccupations: 'I speak Spanish to God, Italian to women, French to men and German to my horse' (attributed to Charles V) - "Some commenters deplored the inflectional complexity of the German language. I find the complexity reassuring rather than offputting, because it means that you always know where to find the functional parts of the sentence. The lack of inflectional complexity in English is made up for by its much more complicated structural form. English word order is nuts"

Disable Annoying Vista UAC popups with TweakUAC (free!) - "You keep all the positive effects of UAC, such as Internet Explorer operating in the protected mode, applications starting without the administrative privileges by default, etc. The only thing that gets changed is that you will no longer see the infamous “Windows needs your permission to continue” messages whenever you attempt to make a change to your Vista configuration, or when you run a program that needs administrative rights."

The nasty history of supermarket-bashing - "There is a peculiar paradox that while Nazi Germany is held up as a symbol of evil today, many of the core ideas and beliefs associated with Nazism, such as the mystical worship of nature and hostility towards Enlightenment modernity, are increasingly commonplace amongst today’s radical middle classes. And nowhere is that clearer than in their hang-ups about supermarkets... Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, Eton-educated cook and organic farmer-cum-campaigner, alongside numerous broadsheet columnists, argues that the supermarket’s cutting of prices ‘undermines the true value’ and ‘meaning’ of commodities. In truth, it seems that cheaply available goods undermine these campaigners’ own sense of moral worth and social status... The ‘Blood and Soil’ ideas of Walter Darré, for instance, which were hugely influential on Nazi thinking, considered humans to be best suited to a simple existence living close to the land, and argued that urbanisation and industrialisation were so decadent and corrupt that ‘stultifying cities’ would weaken a nations’ ‘racial stock’. Darré’s ideas also influenced the Nazis’ belief in the virtues ofKultur, which embodied the folk traditions and craft skills ‘over the essentially empty products of Western civilisation’. Does this sound familiar? Is it really so very different from the complaints of countless commentators today, about mass-produced commodities, the destruction of nature by greedy mankind, and the emptiness of Western civilisation?"

Biology at Work: Rethinking Sexual Equality - "Does biology help explain why women, on average, earn less money than men? Is there any evolutionary basis for the scarcity of female CEOs in Fortune 500 companies? According to Kingsley Browne, the answer may be yes. Biology at Work brings an evolutionary perspective to bear on issues of women in the workplace: the "glass ceiling," the "gender gap" in pay, sexual harassment, and occupational segregation. While acknowledging the role of discrimination and sexist socialization, Browne suggests that until we factor real biological differences between men and women into the equation, the explanation remains incomplete. Browne looks at behavioral differences between men and women as products of different evolutionary pressures facing them throughout human history. Women's biological investment in their offspring has led them to be on average more nurturing and risk averse, and to value relationships over competition. Men have been biologically rewarded, over human history, for displays of strength and skill, risk taking, and status acquisition. These behavioral differences have numerous workplace consequences. Not surprisingly, sex differences in the drive for status lead to sex differences in the achievement of status."
One comment: "Yes ladies; from the male standpoint, it REALLY is about sex. Really. Women do not have a male sex drive and cannot fathom the lengths that a man will go to just to do...it. So they make up tall tales about men in power seeking to have sex with female subordinates in order to assert male authority."; Amazingly, this review costs more than the book itself!

The Secular Outpost: An empirical test of the existence of sensus divinitatis in atheists -
"But if there is really an innate universal belief in God--or a natural direct perception of God, a sensus divinitatis, a mental faculty that allows direct basic knowledge of God's existence--it seems to me that we should be able to find much stronger empirical evidence of it... Fales presents three arguments based on empirical evidence which cast doubt on the existence of a sensus divinitatis--first, the divergence of claims and beliefs by those who claim to have one (lack of reliability, even within Christian sects). Second, the lack of a demonstrated superior moral life by Christians versus non-Christians (similar comparisons can be drawn between Christians and nontheists). Third, the presence of Bible verses--accepted by most varieties of Christian as authored by men inspired by the Holy Spirit, presumably with their sensus divinitatis functioning properly--in which "God performs, commands, accepts or countenances rape, genocide, human sacrifice, pestilence to punish David for taking a census, killing David's infant to punish him, hatred of family, capital punishment for breaking a monetary promise, and so on"?"
One comment: "BTW, what if you conduct this experiment on adults in societies where children believe in Santa Claus, and it makes adults say that they really still believe in Santa?"

Toddler's Elmo Doll Makes Death Threats, Family Says - "A Lithia family says a cuddly, programmable Elmo doll revealed its dark side yesterday after fresh batteries were installed. Instead of singing songs or reciting the favorite color of its 2-year-old owner, James Bowman, the doll started making death threats, the family says. With a squeeze of its fuzzy belly, the Sesame Street character now says, in a sing-song voice, "Kill James.""

BOILER - "In world culture there exists quite a number of works of art, which if desired (and here we have the desire and time for this) can be attributed to child pornography. In painting, for example, the theme of Venus and Cupid (mother and son) is presented rather ambiguously. The child is either present during his mother’s sexual games, or takes part in them. It is suffice to recollect the well-known masterpiece by Agnelo Bronzino “Venus and Cupid” (1540), in which the son is caressing his mother’s nipple. In Velasquez’s painting “Venus before the mirror” (1648), the child is forced connive at his mother’s exhibitionism. Despite the fact that until the present day the issue of whether children should or should not see their parents naked is still disputed in psychiatric and pedagogical literature. And the idea that parents’ nakedness can shock or confuse a child is very popular in the society. “Cupid” (1602) by Caravaggio does not cause objections among moral advocates, though the nude boy falls under the stereotype of sexual abuse of children. Imagine Cupid without wings and you will receive an example of child pornography in the Internet. NAMBLA activists are brought to trail for such pictures."

Tetrapod Zoology : Traumatic anal intercourse with a pig - "A 62 year old male Bulgarian farmer suffered from abdominal pain, and it was eventually discovered that the cause of the pain was a 0.5 cm ragged tear of the rectal wall. This was repaired and the patient recovered without event. But how exactly had he received this unfortunate injury? Despite early reluctance to discuss it, he later admitted that the injury had been received during sexual intercourse with a boar."

No Surrender Japanese Holdouts After WWII - "World War II did not neatly end with Japan's surrender on September 2, 1945. At its height the Japanese Empire was more than 20 million square miles of land and sea. Soldiers in isolated regions fought on for years after the surrender some unaware the war had ended, other refusing to believe. Some hide in the jungles alone, others fought in groups and continued to make attacks and conduct guerilla warfare. These men were called Japanese Holdouts, or Stragglers and their stories are some of the most fascinating human interest stories of the 20th Century."

Suburban Legend - Weird News Story Archive - "Ohio Rep. James Traficant is worried about the Internet. He is urging Congress to protect kids from sexual content online, and says he now has proof of its dangers: a letter from a constituent who says she got pregnant over the net. “That’s right, pregnant,” he ranted, telling how “Frances” was impregnated via e-mail by a boyfriend 1,500 miles down the wire. “It’s time for Congress to act,” he claimed. “The Internet needs a chastity chip” to protect online users from “immaculate reception.”"
The desecration of Great Art:

'Las Meninas' ('The Maids of Honour'), Diego Velázquez, 1656

'Las Meninas', Pablo Picasso, 1957
"Every major horror of history was committed in the name of an altruistic motive. Has any act of selfishness ever equaled the carnage perpetrated by disciples of altruism?" - Ayn Rand


Facebook | Scholars for Obama!

I got invited to join twice. Bah.

So I went to join:

Facebook | Stop Barack Obama (One Million Strong and Growing)


PRESIDENT'S JOB: To manage the world's largest economic empire AND give leadership.



GOVERNOR OF ARKANSAS: 11 years; 1979-81, 1983-92
LAW PROFESSOR: 3 years; 1973-76


RESULTS: An economic boom, NAFTA, a budget surplus of $122,700,000,000 and a 78% approval rating (Great job Clinton!!)


GOVERNOR OF CALIFORNIA: 8 years; 1966-74
PRESIDENT OF THE SCREEN ACTORS GUILD: 6 years; 1948-52, 1959-60
MILITARY CAREER (domestic): 8 years; 1937-45
HOLLYWOOD ACTOR: 28 years; 1937-65
CUBS RADIO ANNOUNCER: 5 years; 1932-37


RESULTS: Ended the Cold War with the Soviet Union, put a stop on stagflation, created job growth, stimulated our economy, low inflation, and won the 1984 re-election 525-13. (Amazing Job!! Here's to you Reagan!)

*US SENATOR: 2 years; 2005-Present
*STATE SENATOR: 7 years; 1997-2004
COMMUNITY WORKER: 3 years; 1993-1996


RESULTS: Created a bill that congress cannot accept meals bought by corporate lobbyists UNLESS THEY EAT THE ACCEPTED MEAL WHILE STANDING.

*A Senators' job is to persuade and vote, no sole decision power is granted to our Senators neither state nor federal."

Addendum: One might note that when Bush Jr was campaigning he said he'd be a "untier not a divider", was a "compassionate conservative" and have a "strong but humble" foreign policy.
"Men always want to be a woman's first love. Women have a more subtle instinct: What they like is to be a man's last romance." - Oscar Wilde


Someone: i cant wait for rampant rabbit to come

arrive i mean

freudian slip

MFS (in America): you love to msg me at 5.45 a.m in the morning to ask me weird ass questions... that's what i notice

Someone: generally you spend more time making sure you don't dirty hte bedsheets

you mean the guys don't worry about whether they can satisfy the girl? oh wait, that's only in the movies... real guys aren't so thoughtful.

Me: pfft
no wonder you turned to women

Someone: hahaha

Someone else: i mean i m not ur gentle kind of gal wat.

actually working with guys are hmmm less politics

i was discussing XXX with my grp mates when this grp of gals beside me was like bitching abt one of their grp mates
how she tinks she is damn zai etc etc

like u noe gals r jus more _____
whereas guys jus, chop chop, get e werk done

Someone: i dont think uni girls look for uni guys
most of the ones i know are not dating guys in uni
most are working guys

Me: anyway nowadays the [Nobel] peace prize is a joke

Someone else: hmm
why do you say so

Me: what does global warming have to do with peace
planting trees

Someone else: Yunus did help lift some people out of poverty

Me: what does that have to do with peace

Someone else: I think its not so much peace, as in the no-war sense, but more of improving the human condition
at least, that's the impression I get from what they give out the peace prize for

Me: that's not peace

so the WTO should get a peace prize too
globalisation has lifted millions out of poverty

there've been years when the peace prize was not awarded

Someone else: that's true, but if the WTO did get the prize, there would be mass protests around the world

Me: it's not some catch-all 'good deeds' award

Someone: so you think XXX likes me?

he can be so manipulative
which confirms what you said about men being manipulative.

that women fall for men who know how to manipulate them

Frigid Girl: stupid gays

it's bad enough women do this shit [evading the qn because your idiocy has been uncovered and you want to avoid confirming the idiocy]
can they not join in the carnage

Me: oh well

what would guys do

Frigid Girl: explain the relevance
and if it still isn't relevant

they'll try to understand
and admit if they're wrong

Female Friend: how do you describe someone who loves me but refuses to get into any relationship

Me: smart.

Friday, February 22, 2008

"Youth would be an ideal state if it came a little later in life." - Herbert Henry Asquith


Pictures from Buaya-Buayee, coming more than a week after it ended (see also: "Oh My Love, Ruhan"):

Publicity poster

"My heart wilts like a dying flower without your love"

"*Dagger* I'd DIE for you"

"*Voodoo Doll* My heart bleeds for U. Never again will I look at anyone else but U"

"Please please please please please please. You reject you die"

"*Pig tied up with belt* You can run but u can't hide"

3D poster

"Kenneth is my GOD"
Altar with pig (and knife), jelly, fruit juice, chrysanthemum (?) and flowers

"I died here for Kenneth"

"Brandon ♥ Pussies
Pussies ♥ Brandon"

"I'd dip my stick in you"

"*Hangman* Don't leave me hanging"

MC room door with assorted posters

"Everyone is a blur to me with you around"
I particularly like this

"Kayjal gives me Xtra pleasure" (this is from a publication that I hope to be examining at some time in the near future)
"You are my lollipop lolita"

"I want to see Kayjal Naked"

"Helen doesn't hold a candle to you *ships*"

I ♥ YI TENG" (words cannot describe what was done to this, so see the picture)
Recycling is the name of the game. God knows we killed the earth enough


A photo-mosaic - hands-down the most high budget item produced in the 2 weeks

Postits on the MC board

Poor tree

"I'm glad I'm not an asymptote or I'll never get to touch your curves..."
We need some Economics jokes...

Wire figurines

"Natalie, Roses are red
E'clairs are filled with goo
I bet you are yummy
I would eat you"
Damn low-budget

"I give you a ziploc bag
It is as expensive & transparent as our love
Promising durability
A love that lasts

And those dedicated to me (aww!):

"a gabriel a day keeps the doctor away~"

"Boobs and long hair... Everything I lust (& love)
The Seven Sins... GSSQ!
G-spot. Anal. Boobs. Role-playing. Incest. Erotic. Lust.

"I WANT your undies! GABRIEL SEAH" (I don't wear undies like that)

I know California Girl did the first 3, but I still don't know who did:

"If I debit you my love, would you credit me your heart? I've attached a knife here in case you want to take me up on my offer. (Aren't I thoughtful?)"

"Each time you don't think that Gabriel seah is the hottest thing on earth, Darth Vader kills an innocent bunny. Save the bunnies, spread the Gabriel love today!"

"Father is dear, Mother is dear, but dearest of all is Chairman Seah. Have you bowed to/worshipped the glorious leader today?"
"Save a Horse, ride an iGabriel" (I don't get it)

"10 reasons to ♥ Gabriel Seah
1. Gabriel is sexy
2. Gabriel is sexy
3. Gabriel has fab hair
4. Gabriel is sexy
5. Gabriel is very sexy
6. Gabriel is sexy
7. Gabriel is really sexy
8. Gabriel is sexy
9. Gabriel is sexy
10. Have I forgotten to mention that Gabriel is totally sexy & had great hair?"

Lastly, mine:

"*Mosuqito* Natalie smells so sweet... ASIAN ASIAN ASIAN ASIAN"

"Give me a Bukkake!"
Murali: 'That's damn sick'

"You are my prince"

From soft copy (I didn't take pictures before they got torn down):

"Albert is so MEATY!"

"Eisen gets me WET"

"I wanna PIECE OF YOU"

"Clement makes my day"

"She climbs a tree and scrapes her knee
Her dress has got a tear
She waltzes on her way to Mass
And whistles on the stair
And underneath her wimple
She has curlers in her hair
I even heard her singing in the abbey
She's always late for chapel
But her penitence is real
She's always late for everything
Except for every meal"

"your ass is a beautiful sight
your teeth are pearly white
you're so manly and strong
please write me a song
you one bad mother
come lay me, brother
then take me away your private jet"

Thursday, February 21, 2008

"When you encounter seemingly good advice that contradicts other seemingly good advice, ignore them both." - Al Franken


Search Referrals:

ramly burger banned at singapore in magazine

ladycare for menopause negative feedback - Wth. I'd complain too (it's a magnet).

Pictures and environment of 5 species of Evolution of Man

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lyrics Yeess, darling I'm confessing (that I want you, I want you)


Body Height Measurement For Air Stewardess Malaysia

"nick cohen" "paul feldman" - One is an American bagel salesman. The other is a British political commentator. I have no idea what this is.

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"Faith must trample under foot all reason, sense, and understanding." - Martin Luther


Originally I was going to cook something semi-wholesome for lunch.

But then there's no point spending time in food preparation, cooking, cleaning up and STILL getting yelled at later.

So I'm having junk food instead.

Moral of the story: get a better box


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

"The trouble with weather forecasting is that it's right too often for us to ignore it and wrong too often for us to rely on it." - Patrick Young


Besides the privileging of animals over plants (to say nothing of insects [pest control is genocide] and cellular organisms) and how being vegetarian kills more animals than eating meat, another problem with one of the common arguments for vegetarianism is that if one treats animals as moral beings equal to humans, we should apply the same standards to them, which is ridiculous - we don't imprison a bear for life for attacking another bear.

If one says that animals are not morally equivalent to humans, but we nonetheless have moral duties to them, the extent of these have to be problematised (hurr hurr). If killing them for food is wrong, what about culling animals in areas around farms with disease outbreaks? Is killing chickens near where there's been a bird flu outbreak genocide? Is sterilising stray cats as bad as eugenics? The example of pest control also comes up.

Meanwhile, one of the justifications for giving animals (unequal) rights but not plants is that animals feel pain. Putting aside the fact that plants can react to stimuli, what, then, of a human whose nerve centres are damaged and can thus feel no more pain? Is he a morally permissible meal? What about animals genetically engineered to feel no pain?

Also, I'm willing to put my money on essentially all vegetarians who invoke that argument supporting a woman's right to abortion, privileging animals above proto-humans, which is bizarre indeed.

(More on the idiocy of biocentrists and ecocentrists may follow in future weeks)
"Everyone is born with genius, but most people only keep it a few minutes." - Edgard Varese


Some cute pictures from indexed, courtesy of Lynnette:

"bacterial and will destroy you: Necrotizing fasciitis
viral and will destroy you: 2 girls 1cup (sic)"

"Hot sex, great rates, cash transfers: Spam email or Prostitution"

"Lust and Sloth: Quickie
Gluttony and Pride: Fat Men in Speedos
Sloth and Wrath: Passive Aggression"
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