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Saturday, February 29, 2020

New blog picture - 29th February 2020

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Thursday, February 27, 2020

Links - 27th February 2020 (2)

Teacher Accused Of Assaulting Student For Wearing 'Women For Trump' Pin - "A 16-year-old Michigan high school student told police she was assaulted by a teacher who tore a “Women for Trump” pin off of her shirt.Sadie Earegood told police the incident occurred on Dec. 5 when a media technology teacher, Paul Kato, approached her during a class at Mason High School"
Love Trumps Hate. Where Love means beating up Trump supporters

Mike Webster's answer to Can someone stay illegally in Canada by overstaying the visa? - Quora - "Nope. If you did, you could not work, you could not go to school, could not rent a place to live, could not open a bank account, could not get a driver’s license, could not access healthcare, could not access any government supports or services, you could not even get a library card. When (not if, when) you caught, and it could be as simply as getting stopped for jaywalking, you will be arrested, detained in custody, deported from Canada and banned for 5 years from coming back. After the ban expired, you would stand almost no chance of getting another visa to return to Canada and Canada would share that information with countries such as the US, the UK, Australia and New Zealand and you would stand almost no chance of entering any of those countries either. Don’t even think about it."
Apparently US liberals don't know about the 'fascism' that takes place to the north

Jeremy Hymes-Balsley's answer to Does Canada actually deport illegal immigrants? I know someone who overstayed on a visitor visa and it is over five years now. Does immigration actually follow up on anyone who just overstayed their time? - Quora - "Two nice Canadian Border Service Agency men will show up, possibly with Royal Canadian Mounted Patrol escort, to kindly and politely ask you to come with them. They have an airplane they want to put you on, and it is heading to your country. There’s not much you can do, because one way or another, you’re getting on that plane.Canada is a friendly place, for sure, but when you overstay your visa, you invite Canada to become far less friendly to you. Please don’t do this. In fact, don’t do it anywhere. The US is in the condition it is because people decided they were too good to follow our rules. This empowered a very angry, bitter, and hateful segment of our society, which thrived in the already cut-throat US culture. Canada is the US’s nicer ‘twin’. I’d hate for you and others like you to empower the nasty people up there who are counterparts to our nasties here."

Richard Houle's answer to I applied for a green card to the United States and was approved in November 2015. Why is this taking so long? It's been four years and next year five. - Quora - "4 years is just the beginning. You should readThe Visa Bulletin, it will give you a hint about how long the queue is and an approximate wait time there is. If you applied today, (November 2019), the wait line is between 12 years and 21 years long, depending on your country of birth. So in your particular case, you might still have 8 to 17 years to wait.The reason why it is so slow is the way the system works. There are 23,400 green cards emitted per year in that particular category. And there are approximately 200,000 people that applied before you, waiting like you. Within a category, it works with a first come, first serve philosophy."

Steven Haddock's answer to Is it uncomfortable to live in Toronto because of the snow? - Quora - "Snow isn’t the issue... Toronto is the slush capital of Canada. In normal parts of the country, snow pretty much stays frozen for the whole winter. If it melts, it melts slowly or all at once. In Calgary, it’s either -15 or +15 so you either have “snow” or “water”. In Vancouver, snow is followed by heavy rain. In Toronto, it’s either -2 or +2 and you get light rain in winter so - slush.Slush fills the sewers in Toronto and clogs them. It can turn underpasses into lakes in short order. Unlike water, where gauging depth is easy, a slush puddle could be 2cm deep or 15cm deep"

The execution of Pofma | Bertha Harian - "So the fake news law has been invoked four times, each as insipid as the next. I had thought the first few salvos would be clear-cut examples of what is true or false, something that we can all get behind. Also, I had thought it would be about false statements that will rattle society to its foundations.But no...   I would have thought the G would be savvy enough to point out fake news that no one can argue against, such as fake photographs of collapsed buildings or a bomb explosion somewhere in Singapore take never took place – at least for the initial cases. Even a health scare that some food item is tainted would have made it into my books. Instead, the four correction directives are more akin to the G’s usual “right of reply” – but backed by law. Recall that the Newspaper and Printing Presses Act was amended in the 80s to compel foreign publications to run the G’s side of the story to any of its offending or erroneous articles – on pain of circulation restrictions and blanked-out advertisements. They had to run the replies in full.  The strategy was about hitting the media in the pocket. The late Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew was upfront and honest about his intentions.  Pofma, however, has been portrayed as a necessary weapon to protect the public from fake news purveyors . We were fed information about how misinformation had led to some really terrible outcomes in other countries.  And then we have these four limp/lame cases targeted at opposition politicians and parties… it is important for the G to be scrupulous in its use of Pofma – lest more cynicism builds up over the “real” reason for its use and we begin to behave like the people who ignored The Boy who cried Wolf."

Am i doing this right? : Tinder - "Call me june because i'll alwayscome after May"
"I hope you like single mothers"
"They are my favourite kind"
"I actually don't have any kids I have no idea why I said that"
"Im actually not a fuck boy i dontknow why i opened that way"
"I'm not a fuck girl either but if I get my heart broken I'll fuck your best friend"
"Jokes on you i dont have friends"
"My ex had feelings for my Aunty our whole relationship"
"Your aunty must be smoking"

Dank Star Wars Memes Cantina - "My pussy when you talk about Star Wars *cactus in desert*"

wizengamos - "[Harry Potter] very neatly describes the way liberals see the world and political struggle. Lots of people complain about the anti-climactic ending, but really I don’t think it could any other way [sic]. I’d like to imagine that there’s some alternate universe where Rowling actually believed in something and Harry was actually built up as the anti-Voldemort he was only hinted as being in the beginning of the books. Where he’s opposes [sic] all the many injustices of the wizarding world and determines to change their frequently backwards, insular, contradictory society for the better... But that would require a Harry that believed in something, and since Rowling is a liberal centrist Blairite that doesn’t really believe in anything, Harry lives in a world drought [sic] with conflict and injustice: a stratified class society, slavery of sentient magic creatures, the absurd charade the wizarding world puts up to enforce their own self-segregation, a corrupted and bureaucracy-choked government, rampant racism, so on and so forth. But Harry is little more than a passive observer for most of it, only the racism really bothers him (and then, really only racism against half-bloods). In fact, when Hermione stands up against the slavery of elves, she’s treated as some kind of ridiculous Soapbox Sadie. For opposing chattel slavery. In the end, the biggest force for change is Voldemort and Harry and friends only ever fight for the preservation and reproduction of the status quo. The very height of Harry’s dreams is to join the aurors, a sort of wizard FBI and the ultimate defenders of the wizarding status quo. Harry doesn’t even beat Voldemort, Voldemort accidentally kills himself because he violated some obscure technicality that causes one of his spells to bounce back at him. And this is really the struggle of liberals, they live in a world fraught with conflict, but aren’t particularly bothered by any of it except those bit that threaten multicultural pluralism. They see change, and the force behind that change, as a wholly negative phenomenon. Even then, they can only act within the legal and ideological framework of their society"

The University’s New Loyalty Oath - WSJ - "Seventy years ago the University of California introduced a loyalty oath, requiring employees to swear they were “not a member of the Communist Party.” After a contentious period in which 31 faculty were fired for refusing to sign, the requirement was reconsidered. An eventual consequence was the current Standing Order of the Regents 101.1(d): “No political test shall ever be considered in the appointment and promotion of any faculty member or employee.” This is a statement of principle. No one will be denied a position at the University of California based on political beliefs. No communist, no conservative, no progressive, no liberal.Now the university appears to be abandoning this principle. In the past few years “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion” statements, in which applicants for faculty positions profess their commitment to these social goals, have become required on eight UC campuses and at colleges across the country... I have become increasingly uneasy with the use of DEI statements in faculty hiring. This spring the university issued guidelines instructing each campus to develop and use a scoring system, called a “rubric,” for applicants’ diversity statements. No longer will faculty hiring committees use their own judgment about how best to create a diverse and inclusive environment in their fields.  Instead, each candidate’s commitment to diversity will be assigned points. To score well, candidates must subscribe to a particular political ideology, one based on treating people not as unique individuals but as representatives of their gender and ethnic identities. A rubric from the Berkeley campus, singled out because it is available online, specifies that job applicants who describe “only activities that are already the expectation of Berkeley faculty (mentoring, treating all students the same regardless of background, etc)” will score poorly (1 or 2 points out of 5). A low score in this or other areas will disqualify a candidate. This system specifically excludes those who believe in a tenet of classical liberalism: that each person should be treated as a unique individual, not as a representative of an identity group. Rather than helping achieve inclusion, these DEI rubrics act as a filter for those with nonconforming views. Earlier this year, I was invited to submit an essay to the Notices of the American Mathematical Society, the most widely read journal in mathematics. I decided to express my view that these required statements have become political litmus tests, and that this should worry us all. My submission provoked an intense controversy—confirming that this has become a dangerously politicized issue. Social media posts called my views disgusting, condemned the American Mathematical Society for publishing the essay, and called for my public shaming. Mathematicians were urged to steer their students away from studying at UC Davis, where I teach, and to contact the university to question my fitness as chair of the math department. A letter misrepresenting my views attracted hundreds of signatures... I received more than 150 emails, overwhelmingly supportive, many from leading mathematicians in the U.S. and overseas. Some recalled similar required statements in Soviet bloc countries, which they encountered earlier in their careers. Some pointed out that the diversity statements tend to be formulaic, with many candidates coached on how to write them, and that the content often emphasizes ideology over accomplishments. Others noted that the statements disadvantage foreign applicants and candidates from low-income groups, who may not have opportunities to participate in voluntary activities that demonstrate a commitment to diversity. Many emails contained a disturbing theme, typified by this line from one of them: “Some day I, too, hope to speak out on this issue, but it is simply too dangerous at present.” This is a frightening sentiment to hear in academia"
So SJWism has infected mathematics too
Liberals will continue to claim that it's a myth that they are threatening academic freedom

Study: STEM profs should give easier grades in order to draw more women into the field - "the researchers, examining administrative and course data from the University of Kentucky’s archives from 2012, found that students both spent more time on STEM courses every week—about an hour—and that they also got lower grades in STEM classes than in others. Notably, the authors determined that women in the sample data, though possessing higher grades overall than the men, were underrepresented in STEM classes. Their contention? That “harsher grading policies in STEM courses disproportionately affect women”... The proposed solution to draw more women into STEM, Higher Ed reports, would be to “[require] the same mean grade across classes,” in effect grading on a curve...
'Grading along a curve — any curve — is itself a controversial idea. Some professors say it’s bad pedagogical practice. And it’s hard to see how to get professors across fields to agree on a grading scheme without an administrative directive to do so. That, in turn, would likely spark concerns about academic freedom, as teaching, including grading, is widely understood to be the domain of the faculty.'"

Opinion | The Tyranny of the 63 Million - The New York Times - "Again and again, histrionic Republican congressmen equated hatred of the president with hatred of themselves and hatred of the sacred 63 million... We face the horror of Trump because the structure of American democracy gives disproportionate power to a declining demographic group passionately convinced of its right to rule"
It's ironic that in other contexts, liberals are so obsessed with protecting the "minority"
I guess the talk of "deplorables" and "flyover" country were imaginary
As usual, the Facebook comments betray a profound ignorance about basic civics

The Power of Cognitive Dissonance

B: Flat earther dies trying to prove earth is flat.
BBC News - 'Mad' Mike Hughes dies after crash-landing homemade rocket

Me: The last time his rocket launch failed the media claimed he was trying to prove the world was flat

He angrily posted that he just had enthusiasm for rockets

Likely the same is true this time. But he's not around to dispel fake news now

'Mad Mike' wasn't trying to prove 'flat Earth' theory on ill-fated rocket launch

"Following this tragic accident, a common notion has reemerged in the media. People are saying that Hughes was launching to "prove" the Earth is flat, as Hughes is openly a believer in a number of conspiracy theories, including the flat Earth theory. But, according to Hughes, there was no tie between these conspiracies and his love for launching rockets.

In a 2017 documentary about the daredevil entitled "Rocketman: Mad Mike's Mission to Prove the Flat Earth," Hughes stated, "I'm not going to take anyone else's word for it, or NASA, or especially Elon Musk with SpaceX," he said. "I'm going to build my own rocket right here and I'm going to see it with my own eyes what shape this world we live on."

However, in the interview with Space.com, Hughes clarified, "although I do believe in the flat Earth, this was never an attempt to prove that."

"This flat Earth has nothing to do with the steam rocket launches, it never did, it never will. I'm a daredevil!" he added. He additionally shared that he wanted to launch "to inspire people.""

A: I dont believe that Hughes was a flat earther. He was a pilot, pilot accept that compasses work. Flatearthers do NOT accept them. Those idiots think were fling around in circles, and not in a straight line. Flat earthers....dumber than antivaxxxers.

Me: What do you think "I'm not going to take anyone else's word" refers to?

Or better, "I do believe in the flat earth"

A: He cant have if he was a pilot, for the reason i gave above. But if its even a real quote, we can write it off to his ceing a flakey guy anyway. Flakey people often say crazy things.

Me: Uhh

B: Hughes even has the the words on his rocket in the pic!

A: If true, explain how he could be a pilot?

I myself proved the world is round...twice. I flew east from Sg kep fling, and arrived back in sg. And I also did it the opposite way. Flat earters, who dont accept compasses, say i just flew in circles. Do you really think Highes, as a pilot himself, didnt accept compasses?

B: I dunno, some kind of cognitive dissonance?

Me: clearly we can see cognitive dissonance at work here

A: By Hughes, right? And all flat earthers.

Links - 27th February 2020 (1)

SWEDEN: Migrants Beat, Rob, Urinate in Boy's Face
If it'd been the other way around...

Landmark case: Swedish court fines man for not deleting hate speech on Facebook - "Patrik Markström, one of the administrators of the Facebook group Stå Upp För Sverige (Stand Up For Sweden), faced court for not deleting eight "grossly insulting" comments made by other people in the group."

Muslim Officer in Charge of Minority Recruitment Drive Busted in Child Rape Gang Case - "Amjad Ditta, 35, is among 16 men charged with sex offenses against children including rape and child trafficking.
In 2016, the BBC reported on Amjad Ditta’s appointment as a “positive action coordinator” tasked with boosting the numbers of black and minority applicants to the West Yorkshire police force... The men arrested as part of the sex trafficking bust include Vaqaas Abbas, Nadeem Adalat, Sajid Adalat, Vaseem Adalat, Amjad Ditta, Christopher Eastwood, Metab Islam, Mohammed Rizwan Iqbal, Ishtiaq Latif, Asad Mahmood, Arfan Mir, Younis Mohammed aka Younis Khan, Nadeem Nassir, Shahzad Nawaz, Shazad Nazir, and Sohail Zafar."

Ontario school board provided sex work and extreme sex act resources to students - The Post Millennial - "With just a few clicks from the Family Resources section of the UCDSB, someone could access soft porn that included information about anal sex, scissoring, fisting, and sex work among other things. After this meeting, he received a letter outlining why the school board believed that access to such materials was within their mandate... Not to be dissuaded, Kiar responded with a letter of his own and pointed out that Public Health Ontario’s Infectious Diseases Advisory Committee on Communicable Diseases categorizes “Higher Risk Sexual Behaviour” as “sexual practices that may cause bleeding or abrasions, resulting in blood to blood contact between participants.”  He argued that because this kind of high-risk behaviour was being promoted by Youthline, the site was not safe for any child and therefore should not be accessible through the UCDSB website...
"Graphic descriptions of sex are not appropriate in an educational setting involving minors. Topics like consent, contraception, and STIs are important, but it’s inappropriate and unnecessary for children to be exposed to them in the context of sex work.”
A family located in another Ontario school district contacted me earlier in the school year. They were in a state of shock because one of their child’s classmates had presented a book report on the 18+ graphic novel/movie “Blue is the Warmest Colour.” It’s a romance story about two lesbians and contains several sexually explicit scenes. This was in a Grade 5 class; the kids are 9-10 years old. It wasn’t that long ago that minor children with knowledge of sexual activity considered to be “beyond their years” were a cause for concern—even reason for a phone call to child services.What would have happened, I wonder, had the content of the story been a heterosexual romance with, according to the reviews, “lots of explicit sex”? If we remove the opportunity to shame others for being “homophobic” and look at the evidence objectively, what do we learn?... there’s a social cost to these lessons that is only just beginning to be understood, and it’s being borne by kids. In whose best interest is it to promote to children through our public education system that everyone has a gender identity, for example? No one understands why the rate of adolescent girls being referred to gender clinics is increasing at an exponential rate across the western world. Yet teachers are using resources in their classrooms that are known to promote medicalization of gender non-conformity... The purported objective of Ontario’s Inclusive Education Strategy is to create schools that are safe and inclusive for all. There’s growing evidence, however, that Inclusive Education is not at all about tolerance and acceptance of those who are different, but instead is being used to impose a new social justice mandate by stealth or, once parents start waking up, blunt force.  Parents are not informed of these lessons because they’re delivered under the guise of “inclusive education.” Teachers don’t have to document lesson plans because these kinds of lessons are considered “teaching moments.” If the teaching objective is acceptance and “inclusivity,” then the message and teaching resources being used would focus on anti-bullying and kindness. Instead, the lessons and variety of teaching tools used in my daughter’s classroom were clearly designed to reprogram the children’s sense of who they are: their personal identity.  There’s a great deception going on."
Once again, sex education is really sex instruction

Children as young as SIX are to be given compulsory self-touching lessons - "Children as young as six are being taught about touching or ‘stimulating’ their own genitals as part of classes that will become compulsory in hundreds of primary schools.Some parents believe the lessons – part of a controversial new sex and relationships teaching programme called All About Me – are ‘sexualising’ their young children.One couple told last night how they were so disturbed they withdrew their sons from lessons at a school where the programme is already being taught.All About Me is being rolled out across 241 primaries by Warwickshire County Council and could be adopted by other local authorities next year as part of the Government’s overhaul of Relationship and Sex Education (RSE).Family campaigners and religious groups warned that vague guidelines issued by the Department for Education meant schools could soon be providing sexual material to young children that many parents would consider inappropriate. Even politicians who had supported the RSE legislation expressed concern...
The sex education consultant behind the All About Me programme is also likely to raise eyebrows with his views on marriage. On the blog section of his website last July, Jonny Hunt, 37, criticised draft Government guidelines for relationships and sex education for highlighting the importance of wedlock."

‘Wokeness’ has made us the laughing stock of the world - "Which of the following headlines is a spoof? “Schools to teach children there are ‘100 genders or more’”, “Boys can have periods too, children to be taught”, “Schools to give happiness classes”, or “Children as young as six are to be given compulsory self-touching lessons”?The answer is, of course, none of them. It’s a lunatic-initiative-a-day here in barmy Britain – with that last one just the latest to be announced... “parents will not be able to withdraw their child from Relationships Education in primary school or secondary school”... the likening of masturbation to “picking your nose” is likely to leave us all bemused... when it comes to lunatic education-related diktats, Britain is leading the charge. In the US – long and unanimously considered to be the epicentre of liberal PC madness – six-year-olds are not being taught about stimulating their genitals. Girls are not being banned from wearing skirts and primary school children are not, by and large, being told that there are “more than 100 genders”. And, by the way, those headlines went around the world. As for Europe, they have rejected all but the odd fleck of gender-mania – leaving us, Britain, to take the PC baton and run with it. Of course, many of the seeds were sown in the US, but they haven’t been unquestioningly and slavishly adopted there as they have here. At my daughter’s French school, where they refuse to get bogged down with such nonsense, there were only two boxes to choose from when it came to describing her gender... it’s also about a fractured, secular country, one that has “banned” both Christmas trees and The Lord’s Prayer (four years ago, three of the UK’s leading cinema chains refused to show an advert by the Church of England featuring the prayer, citing fears that it could “offend” people); one that has lost its moral compass in an attempt at achieving some kind of artificial hyper-morality... At a kids’ party on Saturday, I couldn’t help noticing how many of the discussions on the parental subjects du jour were permeated with pauses. It wasn’t just that people weren’t sure what they were allowed to say, but that they weren’t sure what they were supposed to think anymore."
This is where local autonomy in the US has its benefits - liberal madness can't be imposed on the whole country

Are grade 4 pupils ready to learn about sex and masturbation?
In South Africa. Grade 4 being the year they turn 10

The giant Venezuelan rodent that tastes like fish, and other obscure Lenten delicacies. - "Capybara

Crusader Kings Devs Cave To Outrage Mob, Remove 'Deus Vult' From New Game - "Swedish developer Paradox Interactive told fringe-left internet magazine RockPaperShotgun that they would not be featuring the historical Latin phrase “Deus Vult” in Crusader Kings 3 because of political concerns... Paradox’s decision has drawn backlash from gamers and praise from censorship advocates on social media."

Speechphobia - "It’s no longer surprising but still has the capacity to shock: an attorney for a state university in Texas lost her job because she quoted a verboten word during a discussion of free speech. In a doomed effort to explain that language widely considered hateful is constitutionally protected, she said: ‘It’s impossible to talk about the First Amendment without saying horrible things. “You’re just a dumb nigger and I hate you.” That alone, that’s protected speech.’She was out of a job in less than 24 hours, despite immediately offering an abject apology... refusing to distinguish between using an epithet and merely quoting one, especially during a discussion of free speech, is not anti-racism – it’s anti-reason, denoting a gross failure of critical thinking. Discussing racist speech is simply not the equivalent of trafficking in it. That used to be obvious, even to left-wing critical-race theorists who helped initiate the current crusade against free speech some 30 years ago. Back in 1993, law professor Mari Matsuda, who advocated banning bigoted speech, suggested making exceptions for people who quoted it for purposes other than ‘hate-mongering’, like ‘news reporters who repeat racist speech in reporting the news of its utterance [or] law professors who repeat racist words in hypotheticals for class discussion of the First Amendment’.  That was then. Today, language phobias abound, making the mere sound of certain words presumptively traumatic, regardless of meaning or context. Is this assertion of extreme emotional fragility sincere or simply a power pose – a tactic framing censorship as an act of virtue, not a self-serving assault on individual rights? Perhaps it’s both. I suspect that many have been convinced by woke culture of the damage done by the mere utterance of certain syllables, but that they also recognise the power of their presumptive fragility. From the always aggrieved Donald Trump to the denizens of woke culture, the self-proclaimed harassed and oppressed effectively employ the political uses of victimhood... I was accused of committing an act of racial violence for quoting the racist language of Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn during an academic discussion of free speech, literature and law. I was also condemned for quoting the word ‘cunt’ instead of referencing ‘the c-word’, (which, from my perspective, is ‘censorship’). I exacerbated my sin by defending it, instead of apologising. But if we’re not allowed ever to utter words deemed racist, sexist or homophobic, even to condemn their use or explain free-speech law, why should we be able to say ‘c-word’ or ‘n-word’, calling the unspoken words to the minds of our listeners, effectively asking them to traumatise themselves? Soon, progressive censors may condemn and cancel us for making any coded references to verboten words. Given their speech phobias, and the power those phobias confer, why shouldn’t they?"
Written by a former ACLU board member. No wonder she's no longer with them
Given that the left loves Harry Potter so much (or used to, anyway, until JK Rowling got deplatformed for supporting science and freedom of speech, i.e. being 'transphobic', it's curious that they have contempt for Dumbledore's wisdom: "Always use the proper name for things. Fear of a name increases fear of the thing itself"
But then, if increasing fear of the thing itself is the object...

Diversity Council: Replace 'Christmas Parties' with 'Holiday Season Drinks' - "Diversity Council Australia is urging employers to drop “Christmas parties” in favour of “holiday season drinks” so Muslims and other non-Christians “feel included at this time of year”... Diversity Council Australia has previously advocated banning the word “chairman” and innocuous expressions such as “you guys”."

How Diversity Council of Australia advocates an end to Christmas parties and words 'mum' and 'guys' - "The Diversity Council has previously called on workplaces to avoid serving alcohol without food as part of 'tackling Islamophobia'... The council's chairman David Morrison, a former Army chief and Australian of the Year, two years ago launched a crusade again the idea of funny signs being put up in workplace kitchens.  In a video, he demanded an end of memos next to dirty dishes that read: 'Clean up after yourself. Your mum doesn't work here.'... He also made another video suggesting calling colleagues 'guys' at work excluded women.  Its Words at Work guide also deems the word 'chairman' to be sexist.   The Diversity Council last year reaped almost $2.6million from corporate sponsors and in membership fees... Mr Latham, a former federal Labor leader, called on the NSW government and public companies to stop paying the Diversity Council of Australia to hold workshops for their staff.  'They're funded not just by big businesses who are wasting their money and should have better regard for their shareholder value - they're actually funded by a whole bunch of government agencies'... Dr d'Abrera said the Diversity Council's identity politics agenda was a threat to the foundations of Western civilisation, which regarded everyone as being equal under the law."

Father Christmas 'should be banned to make it more gender neutral' - "A mother has said that she has been criticised online for saying Father Christmas instead of Santa because it is not gender neutral... 15 per cent – said they felt Father Christmas should become gender neutral."
"The Left: The War on Christmas is a Far-Right conspiracy theory"

Town removes Christmas from its winter celebration due to citizen complaints - "A New Hampshire town will be downgrading their annual Christmas festivities, as the city moves to “remove religious overtones” from holiday celebrations. The event, which will be renamed from the “Annual Tree Lighting” to “Frost Fest” will do away with their lighting ceremony, and St. Nicholas will no longer be driving into town on a local firetruck, as he once did in previous years. Christmas wreaths on city lamp posts will also not be present this year, as they once were.  City councillor Sally Tobias says the changes were made after complaints by people who “had always had a problem with the Christmas tree.”"
Presumably the War on Christmas is still a right wing conservative myth and conspiracy theory

Please don’t wish me ‘Merry Christmas’ - The Washington Post - "It’s impolite and alienating to assume I follow your religion... When you are from a minority religion, you’re used to the fact that cabdrivers don’t wish you an easy fast on Yom Kippur. But it’s harder to get used to the oppressive ubiquity of a holiday like Christmas. “This is always the time of year I feel most excluded from society,” one Jewish friend told me. Another told me it made him feel “un-American.”... “We’ve already got a reputation for being miserable f---s,” one Jewish commenter wrote, “let’s not make it worse.”"
Someone needs to tell the Japanese that they're secretly Christians
I wonder if she gets triggered if in the Middle East someone greets her: "As-salamu alaykum"
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