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Wednesday, November 28, 2001

Also started on my bibliophile pilgrimage. To Kino with ralph, then to Borders (will have to go back to Kino again but i don't like the atmosphere as much as borders). Much tempted to watch Magnolia that En ming ranted about. Purchased a Naxos collection of assorted Verdi opera choruses. When lyn foo asked how come it was so cheap, i told her that Naxos employed east european musicians at low wages. Ralph was wandering around looking for a place that sells original CivIII- don't know if he managed to purchase it in the end. Then walked over to Far east plaza for 2ndhand bookshops (i think sunny's still the best) There's an upcoming one that supposedly imports cheap books from India- stock coming in in 6 weeks (Angel Bookstore [Ed: Angel is expensive.], quite secluded). Right now they don't have much in store (shopkeeper-"you see, worst fantasy collection ever here.")

Ended up renting a Babylon 5 technomage series book, Plath's Bell Jar, a Peter Wimsey mystery by Dorothy Sayers, and rama revealed. Next target: Attempt to obtain terry pratchett discworld series and rest of Rama series. Ran out of energy, returned home to blog. And update homepage. Which i will publicise when i'm satisfied with it.
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