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Friday, July 31, 2020

Links - 31st July 2020 (2)

Breast implants saved Canadian woman shot in chest

London Young Labour on Twitter - "Today we celebrate 150 years since the birth of revolutionary and theorist, Lenin. His legacy and the legacy of the Russian revolution still inspires millions around the world to fight. For peace and socialism!"
"Guys, Lenin was ACTUALLY quite problematic. Like, remember Robin Thicke was quite sexist? Well Lenin killed people in concentration camps."

The reason there’s still a dry yeast shortage. - "Shortages of dry yeast have been a consistent complaint since business shutdowns and stay-at-home orders have kept most Americans eating in—and hoarding many dry and canned goods to prepare. While some supply chains have begun to catch up with demand surges for certain products, yeast has been one area where they’re struggling to keep up. Robb MacKie, president and CEO of the American Bakers Association, said the industry was unprepared for the run on yeast because there’s usually a lull in demand for bread products and ingredients in the first quarter of the year, while the peak typically comes during the November and December holidays. The pandemic has flipped that schedule on its head, he said, with demand surpassing what producers would expect even in the busy season. As with toilet paper and hand sanitizer and pasta, it’s tough for the dry yeast supply chain to accommodate an astronomical surge in demand... demand for fresh yeast, which the company also produces, has been softening during the pandemic, because so many restaurants have either limited their offerings for takeout or have closed down altogether... a major problem seems to be getting all that yeast packaged... The facility in India where the company gets its jars was shuttered, and materials for paper packets have also run low. The extra staff that the plants are recruiting will mostly be aiding this packet packaging effort, as well as drying the yeast... “Yeast takes a certain time to go from one cell to two cells,” says Sudeep Agarwala, a yeast geneticist who works for the biotech firm Ginkgo Bioworks.* “You can do everything you can to speed it up, but there’s a hard limit to how fast they can double.”... If you can’t find yeast at the store, there are DIY options. As Agarwala outlined in a viral Twitter thread, you can grow yeast by placing old flour, water, and dried fruit (or ale) into a jar. Allowing that mixture to ferment in a warm place for 24 to 48 hours should yield yeast that you can use in baking projects. The resulting product won’t act as predictably and consistently as what you’d buy in a store, but it may imbue your baked goods with a certain distinctive character"

Israel’s pork problem and what it means for the country’s Christian Arabs. - "Pork was so controversial not just because its tasty incarnations are forbidden under Jewish law, but because the nature of Israel’s Jewish character was seen as an issue that would define the young state. Politicians and writers all weighed in on the subject. While Orthodox politicians made their case on religious grounds, even Natan Alterman, a secular poet, saw the symbolic importance of a nationwide pork ban. He wrote in a Mapai party newspaper column, “When a Jewish nation makes a pig a sine qua non, its history shudders.” Yet, many socialist Zionists philosophically rejected basing national dietary laws on traditional Judaism. Secular journalist Meir Bareli, who appreciated the gravity of the pork taboo, saw the cheap price of pork during a decadelong meat shortage as a primary reason to keep its production unrestricted. The story of Israel’s contemporary pork industry dates back 50 years, when the Knesset passed a law banning the production of pork in Israel. The law—considered to be one of the most controversial in Israeli history—was designed with a loophole that permitted raising hogs in majority Christian regions in the North as a concession to Israel’s religious minorities and the young democracy. As a result, Christian-Arab towns became hog country"

Court OKs school's ban on U.S. flag T-shirts on Cinco de Mayo - "The school's approach, according to the appeals court, kept students safe in a climate of racial tension."The controversy and tension remained," a panel of judges from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals said in their opinion, "but the school's actions presciently avoided an altercation."School officials were worried about violence and disruption of school activities "and their response was tailored to the circumstance"... the incident occurred amid "ongoing racial tension and gang violence within the school, and after a near-violent altercation had erupted during the prior Cinco de Mayo over the display of an American flag."The previous year, court documents said, a group of students carrying a Mexican flag had clashed with students who hung an American flag from a tree and chanted "USA" on Cinco de Mayo, a holiday marking a famous Mexican military battle that is often celebrated in the United States"
Imagine hating the country you live in so much, you threaten violence towards people who display its flag. But of course, they are still seen as victimsSWOP Tampa Bay on Twitter - "Tomorrow’s speaker will talk about doing safer sex work during the pandemic. Sex work and disability community unite!"
Comment elsewhere: "What about sex work by non-queer trans whatever-the-fuck folks?Why don’t normal strippers do these talks? Because they’re out there making money doing sex work, not making money talking (read: berating white folk) about it."

Over 500K Zoom Usernames & Passwords Are Being Sold in the Dark Web - "There’s a reason why Zoom has been banned by companies like Google and SpaceX, because of concerns about its privacy and security. Zoom was even banned in Singapore schools after a student’s zoom account was hacked and they were shown obscene images... “Zoom takes user security seriously,” a Zoom spokesperson said in an email.I’d hate to see what happens if they don’t take it seriously."

Making Sense of Ho Ching's Facebook Page - "If you follow her, you can learn about China’s expanding naval capabilities, bricklaying robots, Ipoh’s revitalised hipster cafe scene, and even the temperature of Uranus. (This is not a joke.)Despite being named by Forbes as one of the most powerful women in the world (and certainly the most powerful woman in Singapore), we know absolutely nothing about Mdm. Ho Ching beyond the basic facts. No mainstream media outlet has ever profiled her and she is rarely mentioned in news reports except in PM Lee’s company. We do not know what her political opinions are, what her vision for Singapore’s future is, or even her favourite food.After being CEO of Temasek for 14 years, PM Lee’s spouse and the person responsible for everyone’s monies remains a complete mystery. Except on social media, where she shares often and without inhibition... Unlike PM Lee’s highly-curated feed, Ho Ching’s page is untouched by the invisible guiding hand of media relations. I claim this with confidence because no PR professional could endorse her Facebook feed in good faith. A nice person would call it ‘diverse’ while most would probably describe it as ‘completely arbitrary’... It is, at once, both completely pragmatic and yet, the most ‘human’ social media page by any public figure in Singapore.Look at Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong or Minister Chan Chun Sing’s Facebook page. Truth be told, they tell us absolutely nothing about the respective politicians.They are not Facebook profiles, but press releases wearing the skin of a Facebook profile.Nothing resembling authenticity has survived the public relations post-processing."

Meet The Singaporean Woman Who Went From Corporate HR To Selling Sex Toys - "“Since this virus outbreak, I have been so busy,” Janice tells me as we sit down for a chat in her home. Finding the time for the interview amid this pandemic was not easy—she has been getting plenty of new clients looking for new ways to fill their days... the industry is actually led by ex-bankers, ex-IT men, and ex-PR professionals. Most of them stay discreet, having ventured into the sexual wellness industry because it is becoming increasingly lucrative in Asia... “I discovered a different way of living. I saw people around me growing fruits and vegetables, and I saw them spend a lot of time visiting one another’s homes, getting to know each other, cooking, and making sure their friends and family were taken care of,” she said.On learning to grow her own greens, Janice adds that “there was this joy and sense of fulfillment when you see your baby coming to life. I had never experienced that living in Singapore, especially coming from a corporate lifestyle.”... Janice told the company, “I need to try the products. To do this, I need to believe in them. I’m not doing it for the money.”So she got sent over 40 of their toys, and she quite literally got to work... She started as a store assistant selling VēDO toys at Watsons.“What was it like selling sex toys next to the other Watsons aunties?” I ask.“They were so nice and supportive,” Janice replies. “I tried to give them toys to take home but they refused because they were shy. But when I was away, they would always help me sell by giving my catalogue to clients they thought would be interested.”... “Singapore is a very tight market to penetrate … Every pun intended.”"

Samuel Paul - "I came across this on Twitter...stuntmen and women across the country came together online to make this stay-at-home fight scene."
I saw a power rangers actors version but can't find it anymore

Coronavirus pandemic reveals Germans′ poor cooking skills - "The Federation of German Food and Drink Industries (BVE) said the coronavirus pandemic has exposed poor cooking skills among Germans."We've known for years that cooking competence has drastically declined in Germany," BVE General Manager Christoph Minhoff told the DPA news agency.But with social distancing closing restaurants and keeping residents off the streets, Germans have flocked to grocery stores and gotten back in the kitchen."People are rather dramatically forced to rely on their own culinary skills now that the offerings of fast-food restaurants, French fries stands and the Italian restaurant around the corner are not an option"... many people have grown accustomed to eating pre-prepared food, from fast-food restaurants, cafeterias or bakeries, due to Germany's work-intensive society."

East Germans drink more alcohol, eat better - ""Historical differences in alcohol consumption between East and West Germany might explain the east-west gradient for at-risk alcohol consumption," the researchers wrote, pointing to high levels of per capita alcohol consumption in former East Germany and the social role it played. For the difference in at-risk alcohol consumption between north and south Germany, researchers cited more frequent overall consumption of alcohol in the south, as well as the prevalence of alcohol-heavy folks festivals, such as Oktoberfest, and the role of public consumption in spaces such as beer gardens."

Sandy Kendall Dennis - "UPDATE thanks for all the everyone! Who would have thought my determination to find a humane way to solve my problem would be so popular?
Hornet's nests on the outdoor patio were always a problem until 4 years ago when I crocheted and hung my fake one after reading that hornets are territorial. Not a single one since then!"
Animal rights are subject to the slippery slope too - now insects are included. So much for the 'myth' of the slippery slope

Russia Favored Hillary Over Trump, But Brennan Hid the Intelligence - "Did Russia interfere in the 2016 election in order to help Donald Trump defeat Hillary Clinton? Contrary to the left's favorite narrative, the reverse was true — and known to be true among the U.S. Intelligence Community, according to Fred Fleitz, former chief of staff to Trump's National Security Council. Fleitz claimed that then-CIA Director John Brennan suppressed the truth and put forward lower quality intelligence to claim the Russians backed Trump... Brennan directed the CIA to hide most of the documents seized in the Osama bin Laden raid, because that information undermined the Obama administration's narrative of a "decimated" al-Qaeda, a moderate Iran, and success in the war on terror. Brennan's CIA also presented non-disclosure agreements to survivors of the Benghazi terrorist attack at a memorial service for the victims of that attack, in order to silence them while the Obama administration's response to Benghazi was being investigated. In 2015, more than 50 intelligence analysts complained that their reports on ISIS and al-Qaeda had been altered by senior officials to support the Obama administration's line. Brennan purged information about the religious motives of radical Islamic terrorists."

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About D-Day

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About D-Day | HistoryExtra Podcast - HistoryExtra

"‘What does the D in D day stand for?’

‘I'm often asked about this question. And the answer is it doesn't stand for anything. The truth of the matter is that all operations had a very boring title. No one had really standardised anything, and the D is simply the phonetic alphabet, just as H is for Hour. And this is the way you tie down in military speak a precise time and date for your operation. And it hadn't happened really very much before. And this is really Winston Churchill tying things down... it doesn't stand for deliverance or anything else that people suggest. It's simply the first initial letter of the word Day.’

‘So essentially, it's Day Day’...

'There's huge amounts of debates and we could have hours and hours of wonderful fun debating why and where and how. The Americans want to go early. We realized that the Germans are so tough an enemy. The British policy throughout 1942 and 1943 is to persuade our American colleagues to wait and gain experience and also develop all the craft and tanks and aircraft we need and in the right quantities before we eventually land, because a premature landing would have been absolutely disastrous. That was what Churchill felt at the time. Roosevelt supported him. We have to give a big shout to our Canadian partners, they're often in danger of being left out of the D Day story. And, and it's not only manpower, it's their huge manufacturing capacity that helped Britain in her hour of need. So it all really comes together for 1944. Churchill is reluctant to go ahead too quickly. The Americans eventually get suspicious of this. And so there is a narrative that Churchill was against D Day. I don't think it was so much that he was against D day. His obsession was the Mediterranean, which was really a British sea in those days, whereas the Americans wanted to get on with the main business which they saw as an invasion of France. And eventually it's at the big power conference in Tehran, where Stalin and Roosevelt really gang up on the British and also at Casablanca and we eventually sort of cave in to American and Russian pressure to get on and name D Day as a date and give it a commander in chief who is, of course, Eisenhower.’...

Allied ration packs are very interesting. The British have devised them and they're still with us today. And generally the Briton, Canadian ration packs produce a, a wholesome if stodgy meal that will last for 24 hours and produce about 1500 calories a day. That's more than the civilians are getting. The American ration packs are even much more luxurious. And those are producing something like four and a half thousand calories a day. So much, much more. And are full of things like chocolate that are in short supply for, for the Brits. This is also the arrival of freeze dried coffee for the first time. So you find that in American, Russian packs. And that sets the gold standard. The Germans do have rations, but it's very much based on what they can get from the French civilian population. German home industry producing foodstuffs is really hampered by the Allied sea blockade. So German rations are very, very poor indeed. And whenever they can, they supplement with whatever they can capture from the Brits and the Americans. So there's a huge disparity...

I think more people were killed in the training for D Day than on the actual day itself. And that underlines just how realistic and tough the training was. So this isn't about the blame game. It's the fact that that training was necessary and relevant. And you know, the takeaway from that is if you undertake something that's so crucially important to deciding the future of World War Two, the gloves come off, you will lose people in training. And the very fact that those those deaths never counted before because they crossed different armies, different nationalities, different training areas, and all sorts of different causes of death: explosives that go off prematurely, drowning, there's a lot who died from drowning. All of this adds up to the fact that the D Day casualty bill, if the training hadn't been that tough, would have been double, treble what it was on the actual day. But let's put this in context. The planners of D day were expecting 20,000 people to die on that first day alone. We don't even approach anything like that. So we get away with much, much lighter casualties than we could ever possibly have imagined. And that's an enormous gift to the allies. The campaign itself as it goes on, exceeds our worst planning assumptions with, with casualties, but with D Day itself as a snapshot, we get away remarkably lightly...

‘We tend to think of the Germans fighting D Day as this wonderful war machine. That's only the machine that arrives in the later stages of the Normandy campaign. And so the story of the allies who are superbly well equipped, average age 21, or having undertaken at least a year's worth of relevant meaningful training. We need to contrast with the German defenders - average age 35. Rommel had met a gunner who was aged 58 in a gun emplacement. Most of whom have not done any meaningful training and by comparison of their equipments, they are much less well fed, less well equipped, they have poorer supplies of ammunition, their medical training and resources are, are far inferior. And most of the Germans in Normandy on D Day are reliant on horses and bicycles for their mobility. The Allies don't take a single horse to the Normandy campaign at all. That's the truth of the matter of weighing up the two sides on D Day and we often forget it. Why? Well, we overlook the fact that the Germans are reliant on over 150,000 horses in Normandy, because we look at the newsreels. And this is where the Germans still score very highly in our perception of World War Two today. All the newsreels show German tanks and half tracks and trucks and kugelwagens their equivalent of the Jeep driving up to the front. And the reality is the number of vehicles in the German Armed Forces is tiny, and they're short of fuel, and they risk a great deal by moving around in daylight. So the vast majority of Germans move on foot, reliant on horses to tow all their heavy stuff or bicycles. And that's a huge huge disparity. But today if we are studying the Second World War, we look at those newsreels, the model makers love them to, to reproduce all the different variety of German kit that they see on the newsreels. And the reality is the cameramen were told to turn off their cameras whenever horses came into view.’"

Links - 31st July 2020 (1)

Bill Gates' Q&A with Chris Anderson: Video unveiled - "the key thing you can do to reduce population growth is actually improve health... what parents are doing is they’re trying to have two kids survive to adulthood to take care of them. And so, the more disease burden there is, the more kids they have to have to have that high probability"

Bill Gates Answers Most Frequently Asked Questions - "Q. What kind of role did fate or luck play in your success?
A. I get a lot of questions about my success, so I'll answer several and then reflect on the importance of mistakes, the flip side of success. Luck played an immense role. Some of it came after I entered the business world, but my lucky streak started much earlier than that. I was fortunate to have family and teachers who encouraged me. Children often thrive when they get that kind of attention. I was incredibly lucky to become boyhood friends with Paul Allen, whose insights proved crucial to the success of the company we founded together. Without Paul, there would have been no Microsoft. Our timing in setting up the first software company aimed at personal computers was essential to our success. The timing wasn't entirely luck, but without great luck it couldn't have happened...
Q. What do you think is more important to your success, raw intelligence or hard work?
A. Hard work, without a doubt... I don't mean to discount intelligence. I value it highly, and it is essential to many kinds of success. But even when intelligence appears to be the reason for a success, hard work probably had a lot to do with it, too...
Q. Do you regret not finishing college?
A. I quit college to start Microsoft, and I don't regret that. But I enjoyed college a lot, and I wish there had been time for me to finish.When you hear success stories about people who quit college, it may be tempting to believe that education doesn't matter for the entrepreneurially minded. But unless a person has an idea that's very time-critical, and is concerned that he or she might never have as good an idea ever again, it's probably better to finish. For one thing, it is unusual for a person to be taken seriously in business when he or she is very young. It is hard for a teenager to raise money and hire good people. More importantly, college is full of lessons. Besides coursework, there is valuable learning outside the classroom during the college years. Certainly having a degree can be critical for getting a desirable job later on, For example, even though Microsoft was founded by a couple of college dropouts, it's pretty unusual for us to hire somebody for a key position who is interrupting his or her educational career."
Of course, those who believe in the myth of meritocracy play down the role of luck. And those who believe in the myth of oppression play it up

Christian Life International Softball Shirt Design - Truth or Fiction? - "A search for “Christian Life International softball” suspiciously turned up nearly nothing but links to the image and its description, and we have so far found no evidence that anyone had made the slightest attempt to verify the claim before repeating it on blogs and across social media. We were also unable to find mention of a Christian Life International softball team on CLI’s official Instagram, Facebook or Twitter pages, and a search of their entire website returned no results for the word “softball” at all. If CLI had a softball team, it was a well-kept secret.In other words, one completely unsubstantiated claim on Imgur about an embarrassing Christian Life International softball shirt formed the basis of every iteration of the rumor on social media and blogs. We found no information indicating anyone had checked the story with anyone affiliated with CLI at all, nor any information indicating the church had a softball team. We contacted Christian Life International via phone and email, but have not yet received a response."
On "clit" with a cross as the t

Having Fun Is a Virtue, Not a Guilty Pleasure - "Imagine you had control of another person’s life, and could dictate their activity every hour of the day. Would you condemn them to spend 80 percent of their waking hours at a desk, repeating mind-numbingly boring tasks and depriving them of close relationships? Hopefully not—sentencing someone to such a miserable life would be immoral. And yet, far too many people subject themselves to just such a schedule, and view any break from this slog—an afternoon spent reading, hours at the cinema, or, heaven forbid, a two-week vacation—as a naughty deviation from duties... widespread workaholism in part reflects the misguided notion that having fun is somehow an indulgence, an act of absconding from proper respectable behavior, rather than embracement of life. Thousands of years ago, it was widely understood that enjoyment was a valuable pursuit. Ancient Greek philosophers such as Democritus, Aristippus, and Epicurus embraced the hedonistic theory that a good life involved pleasure... Indeed, Western society only began to shun pleasures, and to view work as virtuous, thanks to Christian ethics. Whereas the Greek philosopher Aristotle thought that work made you a worse person, Judeo-Christian philosophy holds that work is a means of imitating God’s act of creation, and so views work as divine. Millions of people who’ve abandoned theist practices still hold onto the religious belief that work is inherently virtuous... across the world, including plenty of highly prosperous nations, millions of people take six weeks of vacation a year and still manage to produce functioning newspapers, companies, and political systems. And working more than 55 hours a week is the fastest way to get diminishing returns on productivity. Truth is, unless you’re a doctor at an understaffed hospital, there’s rarely an urgent need to perpetually spend every waking hour at the workplace."

I had sex with my fiance’s dad when I was an escort girl and now I’m panicking - "He looked great for his age and had a great sense of style. I’d never felt attracted to an older man before.I had to sit with him through a boring dinner but afterwards he suggested we go back to his hotel.He offered me a wodge of cash so I agreed. The sex was actually very good. He knew what to do to make me feel good and bothered to take the trouble...
ONE in six UK adults has taken part in a threesome and it is one of readers’ most common fantasies.Can you safely involve a third party in your sex life?Would you prefer two women or two men?If it’s something you have never experienced, do you feel you’ve missed out?My leaflet, Thinking Of A Threesome, will help you decide."

Why do Chinese people seem to eat ‘everything’? - "There’s a joke about Cantonese people that my dad likes to tell. If it has four legs and it’s not a table, the Cantonese will eat it. If it flies and it’s not a plane, the Cantonese will eat it. And if it swims in the ocean and it’s not a submarine, well, Cantonese people will eat it.As a Chinese-Indonesian whose grandfather came from Guangdong Province, the birthplace of Cantonese cuisine, it wasn’t so much a joke as it was a point of pride. He came from a place of culinary diversity, and he wanted his children to have an equally diverse palate... My father told me, “You’re not Chinese because Chinese people eat everything.”...
The country is one of the most biodiverse in the world, containing nearly 10% of all plant species and 14% of all animal species...
In traditional Chinese medicine, there is no differentiation between food and medicine. In fact, there is a saying—药食同源 yaoshitongyuan—food and medicine are one and the same...
The Chinese government supported the domestication of wild animals.
Most Chinese people do not follow a religion and have no dietary restrictions."
Internalised racism!

‘Desperate’ for bubble tea: Some shops that remain open run out of pearls within hours of opening - "Within hours of opening on Wednesday morning (April 22), some bubble tea shops at hawker centres here had run out of pearls — the chewy tapioca balls synonymous with the beverage — as queues went into overdrive.Those who did not get their hands on a cup of bubble tea on Tuesday night were sussing out stalls that are still allowed to offer the drink.On Tuesday, the Government announced that bubble tea shops and other standalone food-and-beverage outlets that sell only drinks, packaged snacks, confectionery or desserts would have to shut until at least May 4. This is part of tougher circuit breaker measures to control the spread of Covid-19.Bubble tea shops at hawker centres, coffee shops and food courts may continue to operate... Urging the authorities to “bring bubble tea back”, she said: “(Potentially) six weeks with no bubble tea is quite sad. I feel that bubble tea provides comfort to everyone, especially during this period.”"

Why small home-based businesses in Singapore should not be shuttered - "small home-based businesses in Singapore that require the owner to leave the residential premises or engage third-party delivery services have to cease operations; collection of ordered goods is also strictly not allowed. A $1,000 penalty will be issued for owners and customers flouting the rules... Some owners have also decried the incongruence of banning them from using third-party delivery services, while said services are allowed to continue running and are being used day-by-day by other businesses either way. A local petition has been set-up on Change.org to petition against the Housing Development Board and this new decree. The page calls for home-based food and beverage businesses in Singapore to continue operations in adherence to food hygiene laws, social-distancing measures when arranging for delivery, and for pick-ups to be permitted the way restaurant takeaways are."
Previously, some people defended the ever-changing measures as not wanting to cause panic and getting people used to them slowly. I wonder what they then pivoted to

FiveStarsAndAMoon - "𝗪𝗲𝗿𝗲 𝘆𝗼𝘂 𝗼𝗻𝗲 𝗼𝗳 𝘁𝗵𝗼𝘀𝗲 𝘄𝗵𝗼 𝘄𝗮𝗻𝘁 𝗮 𝘀𝗹𝗼𝘄𝗲𝗿 𝗲𝗰𝗼𝗻𝗼𝗺𝘆? 𝗬𝗼𝘂𝗿 𝘄𝗶𝘀𝗵 𝗶𝘀 𝗰𝗼𝗺𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝘁𝗿𝘂𝗲. Don't want so many foreigners? Want things to be cheaper? Want Singapore to slow down and take it easy? Congratulations - it is all coming true, except that you will find out that you're not going to like it. We're not getting inflation, in fact prices are starting to deflate. This means prices of your investment assets, including your properties and stocks will all fall. Don't like foreigners? Well, moving ahead it is clear that fewer of them are coming in. Who knows how long border closures will continue for? This means some businesses are going to relocate back to their home countries. Don't like Singapore to be busy busy busy? Well, look forward to more time at home! Because the MAS has warned that Singapore will enter a recession starting 2020. Job losses will follow. A DBS Economist has forecasted 45,600 retrenchments happening this year. The whole of Singapore is going to find out rather rudely, what "economy" truly means. It is not about the rich and wealthy. It was never about minister's salary. It was never about "looking good"... It is early yet and this is going to be one long economic winter."
The Communists will triumphantly claim that the worldwide recession that comes from shutting the worldwide economy shows that capitalism has failed

Your COVID-19 Internet problems might be COVID-19 Wi-Fi problems - "If your roommate's laptop is sending an email, you can't get the next packet of your Netflix stream until her laptop's done talking—and, similarly, her laptop couldn't begin to send the email until it spotted a break in between your downloading Netflix packets... If one roommate is watching a 4K show on Netflix, that show will eat up—on average—about 25Mbps. In a house with a 100Mbps cable Internet connection, that doesn't seem so bad.But the same situation can start looking a lot more grim inside the house or apartment itself, when looking at the Wi-Fi. If the router and the streaming device are in the same room, and they're connected on 5GHz, that 25Mbps stream is probably only consuming 15 percent of the airtime. But if they're two rooms apart from one another, the same stream is likely consuming 75-90 percent of the airtime.Although 2.4GHz connections can carry farther, they're slower to begin with. They also have even worse congestion problems—that same higher range and penetration means you're more likely to have your own devices competing with your neighbors' for airtime on the same frequency"

Adam Driver gets 'canceled' on social media as many call him 'Islamophobic' for joining the Marines after 9/11 - "Twitter is a truly strange place. We all know this and every time we start to forget, k-pop stans find a way to remind us.Late on April 20, the hashtag #adamdriverisoverparty started trending on Twitter and it appeared that 'Star Wars' star Adam Driver had become the latest victim of the cancel culture. With a sense of dread, we looked into the tag and found, well, absolute stupidity.So here's what went down. In a 2019 interview with The New Yorker, Driver spoke about how he joined the Marines after 9/11 because he felt a deep desire for retribution against an invisible and unknown enemy."It wasn’t against Muslims," he said. "It was: We were attacked. I want to fight for my country against whoever that is."A lot of Americans felt the same way after the tragic attack and so, for most people, Driver's comments had not an iota of controversy in them. But that didn't stop a bunch of Twitter users from misconstruing them to accuse him of being Islamophobic and launching the now trending hashtag."
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