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Saturday, January 23, 2021

Moral Maze, Islamophobia

BBC Radio 4 - Moral Maze, Islamophobia

"‘Not since Dr. Guillotine was supposed to have been topped by his own invention has someone been so stitched up by what they've created? It's not absolutely certain that Trevor Phillips first came up with the word Islamophobia, but he certainly popularized it in an influential report calling for government action, long before he became the founding head of the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

Now it's him of all people that's been accused of Islamophobia by of all organizations, the Labour Party, that's been unhappily mired for years now in allegations of the parallel prejudice of anti semitism. Mr. Phillips has been suspended from the party, to protect his reputation, its General Secretary says. The allegations are complex. Mr. Phillips has publicly worried about the lack of integration of many Muslim communities and their attitudes on issues like women's and gay rights and blasphemy. Legitimate concerns his supporters say. His detractors say free speech is a cloak for generalized stigma and bigotry.

What seems to have brought this to a head is Mr. Phillips’s opposition to the idea put forward by an all party parliamentary group and urged on the government that Islamophobia is a form of racism. Mr. Phillips maintains that Islam is not owned by any ethnic group, and this would blur the line between the unacceptable hatred of people and the legitimate criticism of ideas. The other vexed issue is how Islamophobia should be measured. By how the recipient experiences it? Or how the perpetrator intended it? Islamophobia, how should it be defined? Who should decide what it is, and at what point should the law intervene?'...

‘Criticism of Islam is part and parcel of the history of Islam. When Muhammad peace be on him first introduced Islam, he was criticized, Islam was criticized, not just criticized, he was ridiculed, and it is part of our journey to reply and to respond to those criticisms. And that has to have a place in society. But when we criticize something or someone, it's the context and the language that we use is very, very important. So once one is criticizing Islam, if they use language that demonizes the followers of Islam, then that borders on Islamophobia. In some cases, it will become Islamophobia.’

‘Well, you say demonize the followers. Demonization of people is always bad. But you say that criticism of Islam is necessary. But isn't it the case that Islamophobia is designed to prevent criticism of Islam. I man the point about the phobia bit, it's not accidental, it makes it into something which is totally, totally impermissible in any circumstances.’

‘I hope that Muslims will not use Islamophobia as a means of preventing and stopping criticism of Islam. I think as believers, we ought to be open to being criticized, to being questioned, to be challenged about our beliefs and our actions and how we live our lives. Absolutely, and I would not want us to hide behind the veil of Islamophobia’

‘Right. So do you think that people who say that Sharia law is incompatible with Britain's democracy, it’s bad, it shouldn't be allowed, that it has problems with human rights. Do you think that that criticism is legitimate or Islamophobic?’

‘And people have been able to say that within our free, liberal society-’

‘Do you think it’s legitimate or Islamophobic?’

‘I think there are aspects of Sharia. How they are implemented within Muslim ruled countries would not fit and sit well within our own democratic structures. And there is no room for that. But there are aspects of Sharia which do not infringe on other people's rights and which would fit perfectly well within our democratic pluralist legal system’...

‘You have to look at the context of the individual saying it. The problem in our society today is they take one statement of a person, say who's worked for 30 years in race relations, and then you say, oh, look, he’s Islamophobic. Do you know what that is doing to our society? I can tell you, I've worked for 20... It's damaging our society.’...

‘Are you happy with non Muslims discussing and debating Islam? How comfortable are you with that?’

‘Hi, Tim, it's a really insulting question. So I'm actually not going to honour you with a response to me if I, if I think it's, come on, are you for real? Are you actually asking me if I think non Muslims should be allowed to discuss Islam?’

‘I’m not asking if they should be allowed to. The point I wanted to make is that there are a number of contentious issues within Islam that are debated within Islam and I want to know if non Islamic societies’

‘Entire Islamic departments’

‘Right, exactly, exactly…. So all I'm asking is that there are, there, there are contentious issues within Islam, which-’

‘Does it trouble me that these departments discuss these issues? No, it doesn't. Can we perhaps discuss the fact that 70% of Muslims in the UK according to the HRC, reported they experienced religious based prejudice in the last year’...

‘You've made it very clear that you believe that Muslims are targeted on the basis of their religious identity. Can I just ask you… whether you think that there are any criticisms that are legitimate of Islam, and if so, what they might be?’

‘I, again, I'm not going to dignify that question. What I will say and I'll repeat what I-’

‘It seems to me that you don’t want to answer questions you cannot answer so we can draw our own conclusions. You've come on to answer questions and you're refusing to answer the questions.’...

‘As I said already to your colleague, Tim, I actually really don't care what you want to have to say about Islam. You can say whatever you like, as far as I'm concerned. However, what you cannot do is use, is use your prejudice’

‘Hang on, who are you accusing of prejudice, and on what basis?’... 

‘What I have an issue with is as a society we seem unwilling to recognize, despite innumerable studies in this area, that Muslims are the targets of prejudice, that discrimination is happening. And that in fact we need to take action-’ 

‘Sorry to interrupt you. You have made that point three times now’... 

‘Can I ask you about the controversy over what are called the rape grooming gangs, which as you know, are overwhelmingly perpetrated these offenses by men of Pakistani Muslim heritage? Do you think that it is legitimate to draw attention to that fact as a sociologist, that there is a disproportionately high number of a particular group committing a certain type of offense?’

‘As a sociologist, if you felt that those issues were relevant to the crimes at hand, you absolutely should raise them. And so that's why I'm going to raise the fact that just under half, that's 40%, 47% of religious hate crimes offenses were targeted against Muslims last year, which means that actually instead of perhaps discussing, maybe it could bes, might bes, we should discuss the very real bes of the fact that Muslims are being targeted. And perhaps we should question is as a society what role some of the conversations we have play into Islamophobia. When we question-’

‘Okay, okay’

‘You're telling us that these are happening, we are very much feeding Islamophobia. And I'm sorry, but to have a debate over Islamophobia, when that's a very real thing in our society and to just be-’

‘I think, I think you've made that point several times now’...

‘You're using the word Islamophobia. I think you're using it to mean anti muslim bigotry or anti muslim prejudice. But that wasn't the original 1997 Runnymede *something* which was wider’...

‘It seems to me at the core, generally speaking of most anti Muslim rhetoric, is actually not a critique of the prophet or of the Quran. But it's a critique of the way in which Muslims use religion. Therefore, it's a critique of a group of people, and therefore, it's perfectly reasonable to describe that group of critique of a group of people as being racist.’

‘Well, the problem with using the word racist is that the man in the street, the one thing he knows about Muslims correctly is that Muslims are not a race. So now sociologists use the word racism in a different way. And to a sociologist, in principle, you can be racist to people who play chess, but that isn't how the man in the street will understand the word racism.’

I thought sharia in the UK was a paranoid right wing conspiracy theorist myth
So if you criticise Muslim homophobia (a critique of the way in which Muslims use religion), this is racist. And if you criticise the way in which white people use punctuality or meritocracy, it's a critique of a group of people and it's racist, presumably

Links - 23rd January 2021 (Star Wars)

Eric Curran's answer to Why do people like Kylo Ren but dislike Rey? - Quora - "Kylo has a fully realized, natural character arc, and shows many different shades of humanity, good, evil, and neutral, almost at the same time at certain points. His conclusion makes sense, and makes for a very moving scene.On the other hand, Rey is cool, but it’s only in “The Rise of Skywalker” when we finally start to get a deeper idea of who she is, what she struggles with, and what drives her, vs being a nice young lady who can kick butt at the same time. She just doesn’t have that IT factor that really makes you empathize with her like Kylo does. And sadly, in TRoS, her potentially dynamic arc is stuffed into a very crowded movie and is rushed along, to where we don’t have near as much time to take it in like we did with Kylo.In the end, Kylo is better liked because he FELT like a real human being the whole time. I believe ultimately, he will be seen as by far the best and most memorable character to come out of the sequel trilogy."
Or just blame "misogyny"

Meme - "When you leave the cinema and realise JJ Abrams ended the entire Skywalker Saga on Palpatine successfully using love to manipulate, corrupt, hurt or kill every single Skywalker across three generations, ultimately resulting in the total eradication of the Skywalker, Solo and Amidala bloodlines, whilst Palpatine's heir lives on and claims the Skywalker name and legacy"

There's a Low Chance Oscar Isaac Will Play Poe Dameron Again in 'Star Wars' - "The Rise of Skywalker made some fans happy but didn’t satisfy everyone. Different actors have explained their dissatisfaction with the script or end as a whole. Oscar Isaac, who played Poe Dameron, has been vocal about where he would rather have seen his character go, and that might affect whether he comes back to Star Wars again. And now he’s set the record straight on how low those chances are... even back in December, there were rumors that a Poe Dameron series could come to Disney+. But Isaac already wasn’t interested in being a part of, even if they offered him $3 million an episode"
When even the stars can see what a disaster the sequel trilogy was

Daisy Ridley Will Not Return to 'Star Wars' After 'Episode IX'
From 2017

Star Wars: Rey Won't Return in Future Sequels Without Finn & Poe
From 2019

Rise of Skywalker Stars Not Interested In Disney+ Star Wars Return - "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker actors John Boyega and Oscar Isaac are not interested in reprising their characters for a Disney+ TV show"

Gingerswappingresponse - Posts - "I was just at a grocery store wearing a Star Wars sweater.
Cashier: “I love your sweater! Which movie is your favorite?”
Me: “The Last Jedi. And yours?"
Cashier: "Oh I hated that one. It was so *censored*"
Me: "Cool, I'd like to speak to your manager about your behavior."
Of course his profile is now locked. Ironically in his profile he says he wants "to spread positivity"
It isn't any surprise that a The Last Jedi fan is toxic

The latest Star Wars film satisfies the right wing. Will the left start trolling? - The Washington Post - "The most visible Star Wars fan media is made by white men. For example, until 2018, the Star Wars website included links to fan podcasts, which I collected for past research. Thirty-eight of the 56 shows had male hosts. Only one had a person of color as a host... Websites specializing in right-wing popular culture expanded their Star Wars coverage to capture anti-TLJ audiences. These platforms also helped right-wing Star Wars outlets grow a new audience. There is no comparable left-wing media ecosystem where anti-TROS feeling can thrive and be monetized to the same extent... Dislike for Reylo has become an all-purpose argument against women’s participation in fandom."
This is your brain on identity politics - it is impossible to dislike bad writing that the woke (pretend to?) love without being morally suspect

This is how you explain your hate for the sequels to people who don’t get it : saltierthancrait - "Imagine purchasing the rights to Lord of the Rings from the Tolkien estate and then decanonizing both the Hobbit and the Silmarillion along with the remainder of Tolkien’s notes. And then promptly replacing Frodo with a 2 dimensional female protagonist and bringing Sauron back for a sequel even after the Ring is destroyed. Also Frodo is now a wizard/demigod like Gandalf because the real power was within him (now her) the entire time. If that version of LOTR angers you, you now know what the “Toxic Star Wars fan base” feels. Because Disney did this to Star Wars."

‘Star Wars’ Box Office: ‘Rise Of Skywalker’ Won’t Top ‘Rogue One’

Box Office: The 92% Plunge For ‘Star Wars: Rise Of Skywalker’ Was Unprecedented
The merchandise sales are doubtless even worse

Washington Post Publishes Article Claiming Star Wars and John Williams Score "Reproduces Harmful Prejudices in Pop Culture" - "The Washington Post published an article written by co-host of The Global History Podcast, Jeffery C. J. Chen, that claims John Williams and his Star Wars score “reproduces harmful prejudices in pop culture.”Not only does Chen take issue with Williams’ score, but he goes after the entire film franchise claiming in his article that “Star Wars is shot with “Orientalizing” stereotypes — patronizing tropes that represent an imagined East, or the Orient, as inferior to the rational, heroic West.”...
“Basically what this is, is the SJW will take anything you write, anything you say, anything you create, and transform its meaning into something the SJW would like to respond to. And they respond to it in a way that is intended to paint themselves as some social justice folk hero fighting a variety of social injustices"...
Chen doesn’t even point out that Williams’ score introduced millions of people to this type of music that they now regularly enjoy.  It’s even possible upon discovering the origins of the music, they decided to delve in and discover more of that type of music."

Oney on Twitter - "Looking at Rise of Skywalker's depiction of gender, race and sexuality"
"In a space fantasy, this really is what you should be paying attention to"

Michael Eisner on Twitter - "#RiseofSkywalker is an acceptable film, a lot of story and fan delights but somewhat emotionless, while #TheMandolorian on @disneyplus establishes show creator @Jon_Favreau as the new George Lucas which @RobertIger had the foresight to declare."
The former CEO has spoken!

Bastila Shan-core - Posts - "Fucking mad lad."
"'You're still a misogynist'
'And you're an idiot.'"
"'as a black woman im fucking ashamed that someone like you represented us in star wars'
'You obviously don't know the diffrence between a fictional world and reality.'"
"'Do you still have a crush on Daisy then?'
'Star Wars is a movie not a documentary."
John Boyega was on a roll!

John Boyega Mocks Social Media Attempts to Shame Him for Star Wars Shipping Joke - "Despite the waves of criticism, Boyega did not bow to the mob and apologize for his joke and instead responded by telling his dissenters that “two consenting adults can lay down whatever the hell they want” and that Daisy Ridley “doesn’t give AF” about Boyega’s humorous reference to a fictional character."

Politically Incorrect D.Va II: Gamers Never Die - Posts - "So John Boyega pointed out how stupid was the "romance" between Rey and Kylo since it doesn't make any sense (on top of the movie being pure visual diarrhea) and what was the response of the so tolerant Disney consoomers? Turning on him, cry and call Boyega a misogynist for some reason and in response he's been making fun of them.Not only he no longer cares about Star Wars, he's absolutely right, as everyone with 2 functional brain cells could tell, the interactions between the two characters was just Kylo kidnapping and torturing Rey and then fighting and arguing, that "romance" angle was cringe fanfic tier just like the entire sequel trilogy.He's earned my respect."
""Liked him better when he kept his mouth shut and knew his place."
"Really thought he was one of the ood ones."
Remember kids, we are the racists here"
"Reylos are the same people that loved 50 shades and twilight and getting choked out."
"Dear Disney. You should know you fucked up so bad when even your actors are trolling your """"""""movie""""""" and your so called fans."
"Wait, she fell in love with a guy that tortured her? Talking about Stockholm Syndrome"
"Which means these Reylo shippers are probably the same people who wanking at Joker-Harley 'relationship' in Suicide Squad."
"Well I mean look at it from his perspective. He signs on for a new Star Wars trilogy where his character is a Stormtrooper that goes rogue, he probably assumed he was gonna be the next Han Solo. Then he gets sidelined so Rey can be in a relationship that makes literally zero sense and the producers continually tell everyone that he's probably gay. I'd fuckin give up too"

How ‘Rise Of Skywalker’ Failed To Learn From DC Films’ Early Mistakes - "It isn’t catching The Last Jedi ($620 million), and whether it reaches the heights of Rogue One ($532 million) and/or The Lion King ($541 million) will depend on how it legs out during a comparatively quiet January. At worst, it plateaus like the last Hobbit movie (1.17x its end-of-third-weekend total) for a $517 million finish. Fair or not, that would be disappointing. I actually saw the film again yesterday, sitting dead center in the second row of a Dolby Cinema auditorium. What stood out the second time was A) how patched together with scotch tape the movie felt and B) how much it tried to mimic previous successful “big” movies without doing the work. Adam Driver has, after the prologue, maybe three lines of dialogue without his helmet. There are countless scenes where characters outright tell the audience what is happening and/or what needs to happen, which means that either the footage itself didn’t successfully tell the story or someone was worried about modern film criticism whereby any action or choice that isn’t outright explained (like a bad Saturday morning cartoon or even a good preschool toon like Dora the Explorer) is written up as a “plot hole.” I don’t know what did or didn’t happen behind the scenes, but this is the first time, by far, where a Star Wars film’s behind-the-scenes turmoil is glaringly apparent onscreen. Warts and all, Force Awakens, Solo and Rogue One still look and feel like coherent movies that tell their stories via character interaction, periodic exposition and visuals. Rise of Skywalker looks and feels like a series of disconnected sequences that are loosely tied together with one-the-nose exposition (Maz Kanata’s main lines of dialogue are all essentially telling the audience what is going on). Say what you will about Justice League, but that (mostly coherent) film had plenty of scenes where our would-be Super Friends talk to each other, learn about each other, and become a surrogate family in between resurrecting Superman and saving the world.  Rise of Skywalker tragically puts plot over character and emphasizes the abstract over the specific... when the ghosts of the Jedi speak to Rey to get her to “rise up,” it’s an abstract concept because she barely knows (or has even heard of) any of these folk... It’s the difference between the abstract (Batman and Superman are meeting up!) and the specific (Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man and Chris Hemsworth’s Thor are meeting up!), a lesson that DC Films eventually figured out. Come what may, Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn, Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman, Zackary Levi’s Shazam and Jason Momoa’s Aquaman have all earned fans for their specific cinematic interpretations of those characters. Rise of Skywalker’s nostalgia-baiting traded the specific arcs of Rey, Finn, Poe and Kylo for generic tropes and fan service, including characters and beats that meant more to the audience than the characters, at the expense of whatever story threads had been developed in the previous two episodes"

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Glorifies Abuse and Assault Against Women - "Their interaction ends with Kylo approaching Rey and then assaulting her by tearing off the necklace she is wearing, thereby destroying it. Using Bancroft’s work, this scene qualifies as depicting physical abuse. According to Bancroft,
    “Physical aggression by a man toward his partner is abuse, even if it happens only once. If he raises a fist; punches a hole in the wall; throws things at you; blocks your way; restrains you; grabs, pushes, or pokes you; or threatens to hurt you, that’s physical abuse” (p. 128)"...
The most dangerous part of the film, unfortunately, masquerades as a happy ending. Kylo Ren inexplicably ‘sees the light,’ so to speak. He decides to change his actions and comes to aid Rey in her fight against Emperor Palpatine. The battle ends in their embrace and kiss. Strange writing aside, the decision to portray Kylo Ren first as an abuser and then as someone who has changed his ways feeds into the myth—and yes, it is a myth—that abusers can easily change to become loving, respectful partners"
When you use a feminist lens, men are always evil. A feminist movie sounds like it'd be awful - it'd be obliged to star women, but unable to have them overcome a meaningful antagonist (since that antagonist will almost certainly need to be male)
Of course women sexually assaulting men is a good thing (e.g. Rose on Finn, Rey on Finn at the end of The Force Awakens)

Nolte: 11 Ways Kathleen Kennedy Killed the 'Star Wars' Golden Goose - "To understand just how big of a failure this is, you have to remember what the original plan was: to turn Star Wars into the next Marvel, to expand the Star Wars universe into two blockbusters a year, all of which was more than possible. After all, we are talking about the most beloved film franchise in history — one with endless possibilities and a devoted fan base that includes a talent pool of some of the best filmmakers and storytellers in the world. Most of all, though, there was all that goodwill. Millions and millions and millions of fans wanted this franchise to succeed… Do you know how rare that is?And they squandered it.Well, not they…She... it’s important to first dispel a myth going around — this myth that Star Wars fans are hopelessly divided, that the fans now live in two different camps and can never be brought back together. You see, one camp is filled with toxic fanboys who only want their nostalgia G-spot rubbed. The other camp wants more affirmative action for Mary Sue characters like Rey and Rose Tico, more superfreaks like Solo’s pansexual (I don’t know what means and I don’t want to know) Lando Calrissian.This myth is part was created by sycophants in the entertainment media to defend and excuse Kennedy, to pretend there was nothing she could do to satisfy everyone, so none of this failure is her fault.Do you want to know what proves that myth a lie?The Mandalorian.Everyone loves The Mandolorian, the Disney+ TV show... here’s a list of the main things that Kathleen Kennedy got so horribly wrong
1. No Continuity of a Singular Vision
Kathleen Kennedy is supposed to be Star Wars’ Kevin Feige... Kennedy couldn’t do it. She wasn’t up to it. Because Last Jedi was such an unfocused mess, Rise of Skywalker felt like a reboot, especially when it came to re-establishing the relationships between the three main characters. Instead of Rey, Poe, and Finn working together like veterans forged in battle, after two movies, they were like strangers still getting to know each other.Worse, they had no real chemistry.
2. Feminist Politics
This awful woman actually thinks it’s sexist for a man to grab a woman’s hand as they attempt to outrun people looking to kill them... The worst came in Last Jedi, where Kennedy allowed the only character with any real potential — Oscar Isaac’s swashbuckling Poe — to be turned into an ignorant, sexist pig who gets his comeuppance at the hands of the The Girlzzzzz.  Not only was it terrible storytelling, it killed their most charismatic character, the only one who came close to the original stars, the one with the most potential to shine in Skywalker.
3. Affirmative Action Hires
It used to be that when women and minorities showed up in movies, the public thought nothing of it. But now that Hollywood is advertising how awesome they are to embrace “diversity” and “inclusion,” it undercuts all of this because instead of merit-based actors and characters, we see an affirmative action hire, which is insulting to the audience and to the actor.
5. Too Much Like the Original Trilogy
6. No Character Growth
This, to me, is the most fatal flaw in the new trilogy. Unlike the original trilogy, where were watched Luke, Leia, and Han evolve and mature in ways that were both surprising and satisfying, this new trio — Poe, Rey, and Finn — are the same people at the end of the trilogy as they were when we first met them
7. Too Many Death Stars
9. Mary Sue
10. No Romance
Romance is a storytelling device that goes back to the beginning of time (for a reason) that allows characters to develop, not only as individuals, but in their personal relationships."

Phil Szostak on Twitter - "Star Wars Mythbusters
Darth Vader is from the German (or Dutch) for “Dark Father”
1. “General Vader/Imperial Commander” appears on an early-1974 list of potential character names by George Lucas...
2. “Darth Vader, a tall, grim-looking general” appears in the May 1974 The #StarWars  rough draft
3. Darth Vader is not Luke Skywalker’s father until the April 1, 1978 second draft of #EmpireStrikesBack
4. “Darth” doesn’t mean anything in Dutch or German
The wampa attack on Luke Skywalker was written into #EmpireStrikesBack to explain Mark Hamill’s scars from his 1977 car accident
1. In Empire story notes, George Lucas wrote “Luke crash in beginning (scar on face)” to explain why he might look different.
2. By the November 1977 #EmpireStrikesBack treatment, Luke is “bashed in the face by a snow monster”.
The final Millennium Falcon design is based on a hamburger with a bite taken out of it and an olive
1. In an interview, likely from 2006, George Lucas said “I thought of the design... flying back from London [in November 1975]: a hamburger.”"

The Mandalorian Delivers On George Lucas' Star Wars Underworld Vision - " The Mandalorian isn't just the spiritual successor to Star Wars Underworld; it's also a fitting tribute to Lucas himself. It's important to remember that Lucas always believed Star Wars should be adapting and changing, pushing boundaries. In fact, he was disappointed with Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which he felt didn't have anything new to it. In contrast, The Mandalorian is one of the boldest experiments to date. It's essentially the flagship TV series of the Disney+ streaming service, a show that's been made with a budget well beyond anything networks would have cashed out in 2005 or even in 2010. It would hardly be a surprise if the rumors of Lucas' high level of involvement were true; this is just the kind of thing he'd be delighted to see made."

‘The Mandalorian’ Already Feels More Like ‘Star Wars’ Than Any Of Disney’s Sequels - "Disney made a mistake from the very beginning by placing the Dark Side back into a position of overwhelming authority (casually erasing Luke’s massive victory), reverting the Rebellion back to plucky underdogs, then echoing the structure of the original trilogy, with a cold, corporate glaze of fan-service slicked over the surface."

Gung-Ho Geeks - Posts - ""Women barely have any lines in this show!"
Bish, the main character barely has any lines!!!"
Maybe feminists are upset at The Mandalorian precisely because it is successful - while feminist attempts aren't

Gingerswappingresponse - Posts - "So far there aren't any women in the Mandalorian so most Star Wars fans should love it"
"The Mandalorian review. 1/10. No female lead role, and there's to much violence"
"19:45. Length of time before there's a female speaking role in the first episode of The Mandalorian."
"Imagine destroying one of the most valuable franchises of all time just to appeal to a demographic that turns on you the second there isn’t something female-centric?"
Comment: "Apparently Gina freaking Carano doesn't count as a noteworthy woman. Who knew?"
"Weird, a franchise whose audience is predominantly men would cater to men. Strange."
"those people are racist. they said zero women in the second episode, but I guarantee you some of the Jawas were female.  Guess they just all look alike, right racists?"

Sophia Narwitz on Twitter - Anita Sarkeesian: "Am I extremely tired or is there not a single female speaking character in the first episode of #Mandelorian?? I've gotta have missed something right???"
"The lead of the most recent trilogy is a woman. The lead in its 1st spinoff film was a woman. Star Wars has loads of women. Stop being a disingenuous twat you pseudo-feminist fraud. Women dont need to be jammed into every orifice. You dont want equality,you want control. Buzz off
How miserable it must be to only watch things to see how many genders are found. When I consume media all I care about is whether it’s good. There’s all female media & all male media that rocks. Quality/writing determines what’s good, not how many identity boxes are checked.
If we set quotas for cast diversity, then films stop being art. It turns into assembly line waste. It’s the Model T method of film. Sure, it runs & passes time, but it’s the exact same as what came before. It’s boring
Make characters that fit a story, not ones that fit an agenda
Fun bit of trivia:
Sarkeesian’s bad twitter hot take has more replies than Feminist Frequency has views on their recent YouTube uploads. Never mind they have over 200,000 subs.
Methinks nearly everyone is tired of their shit."
Dank Star Wars Memes Cantina on the above: "When a transsexual gaming journalist (perhaps the most protected of classes) tells you "Girl, sit down and shut up, Star Wars/Tv has plenty of girls, prepare to be educated" you KNOW your 15 minutes of fame are just done!"

Werner Herzog on ‘The Mandalorian’ and Why He Hasn’t Seen ‘Star Wars’ - "Do you watch any television?
I do, I watch the news from different sources. Sometimes I see things that are completely against my cultural nature. I was raised with Latin and Ancient Greek and poetry from Greek antiquity, but sometimes, just to see the world I live in, I watch “WrestleMania.”
An unexpected choice.
You have to know what a good amount of the population is watching. Do not underestimate the Kardashians. As vulgar as they may be, it doesn’t matter that much, but you have to find some sort of orientation. As I always say, the poet must not close his eyes, must not avert them."

New Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Trailer Reveals Possible Ties to The Mandalorian - "there's a sequence in the spot in which Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) is fighting an alien or beast of some sort. In the background, fans can see a yellow blaster bolt — something long-time Star Wars fans will recognize as the color oftentimes used by Mandalorians. Usually, you have the red, green, and blue bolts used by the Empire and Republic — and their respective predecessors and successors — in both weapons and vehicles but very rarely does a group outside of the fabled Mandalorians use the color. You can see the moment in question around the 0:13 in the spot above, but you might have to go frame-by-frame as it happens in the span of seconds.  With the popularity of The Mandalorian taking social media by storm, it's likely wishful thinking from those involved"
Out of all the reaching articles on these fandom sites, this is a new low

Disney uses Epic's Unreal Engine to render real-time sets in The Mandalorian - "The Mandalorian is not the first film to use a game engine in production. Favreau utilized Unity for previous work in The Lion King and The Jungle Book. Additionally, directors Steven Spielberg (Ready Player One) and Denis Villeneuve (Blade Runner 2049) used Unity to help achieve their VFX.."

Disney's Baby Yoda Mistake Could Cost 'The Mandalorian' Franchise Millions - "Many aggrieved children (and adult children) know by now that an officially licensed Baby Yoda plush toy won’t be under the tree for the holidays. It’s scheduled to arrive in March 2020, so the Easter bunny will have to take care of that instead.Disney didn’t want the “real” star of The Mandalorian to be spoiled by revealing the toy details. But how exactly was that decision made? And just how much money is Disney leaving on the table with the delay? The delay of Baby Yoda might be the ultimate expression of trying to control spoiler culture"
Another theory is that Hasbro got burnt by unsold The Last Jedi toys and was reluctant to produce Baby Yoda ones

Op-Ed: 'The Mandalorian' Isn't Thin - It's Measured - "Modern cinema has taken to overloading their audience with a constant deluge of adrenaline in their adventure stories. A scene which was once the culmination of a movie, the action-packed conclusion, was a singular beat in the movie.The movie was a slow build-up, with tiny pieces revealed over a series of events, with the final explosion revealing all of the plot seeds planted in the first scenes. The movie’s climax was the thing which drove the movie into memory.The very first Star Wars was such a movie, with the destruction of the Death Star immortalizing the movie forever in your memory, if you saw it the first time when it happened.Then the context of that climactic scene had to change, because after Star Wars, to keep adventure movies interesting, there had to be higher highs, even earlier in the story, and what were once plot elements now became action scenes, layered with a bit of exposition.Those plot elements were two thirds as emotional as the explosion at the end of Star Wars. Our expectations of how movies are supposed to feel had been altered. We demanded a greater sensory experience, our movies were louder, ruder, with more energy in every scene... This show does take its time. Yes, it also doesn’t have much time to work in, so it is economical when it needs to be, but lingers when it is making a point. The Mandalorian’s ship is stripped by Jawas. One would think Jawas aren’t much of a threat, but even he learns there is a bit of respect which needs to be put on their name when he needs to negotiate (not shoot and kill) the Jawas. This show builds its characters – all it’s characters. Even ones we didn’t respect earlier. Like Jawas. It doesn’t cast them aside."

Meme - "The Mandalorian is about an elite bounty hunter who must fight to survive after a job goes bad"
"The Mandalorian is about a single father who must battle homelessness and a criminal past to provide the best life for his adoptive son"

Is The Mandalorian Disney’s Biggest Betrayal Of Lucas’ Star Wars Vision? - "Lucas wasn't a fan of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and he damned Star Wars: The Last Jedi with the faintest of praise. But, after a couple of missteps shortly after the Lucasfilm acquisition, he's largely settled for keeping his own counsel. It may be just as well, given Disney CEO Bob Iger recently revealed that there was a non-disparagement clause in the contract Lucas signed when he sold Star Wars over to the House of Mouse... Disney+'s Star Wars content appears to have gone the extra mile in order to make Lucas happy. The versions of the Original Trilogy included on the streaming service are the final, 4K restoration that Lucas conducted before he sold Lucasfilm; and yes, that means more changes to the infamous "Han Shot First" scene... until he began work on the Prequel Trilogy he seemed to treat him as a unique being rather than a member of an alien race. In fact, when questioned Lucas once quipped that Yoda was the illegitimate child of Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy. The early Expanded Universe was actively discouraged from exploring Yoda in any way, with Lucasfilm pulping the entire print run of a trading card depicting a group of Yoda-like beings worshiping an idol."

Todd Vaziri on Twitter - "An actor's subtle, spontaneous, spur-of-the-moment decision during take 16 becomes forever immortalized on film creating cinema history.
1977 interpretation of this micro-moment: Obi-Wan is emotionally preparing himself to tell a boy how his father was murdered.
1983 interpretation of this micro-moment: Obi-Wan is emotionally preparing to obfuscate the truth about a boy's father's turn to evil.
2005 interpretation of this micro-moment: Obi-Wan, remembering how he left the boy's father for dead, readies himself to obfuscate the past.
(a potential reality: Marcia/Hirsch/Chew/George chose a take with AG hesitating. AG hesitated because he momentarily forgot his line.)"

The Yaboiposting - Posts - "I am a princess. I lead others and keep them safe *Princess Leia on Tantive IV"
"Poor scene choice... they all died."

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Director Rian Johnson Admits He Didn't Care About Star Wars Canon And History - "He didn’t care about the legacy of Star Wars. It was all about the single movie, the “two hour long experience for an audience to have in the theater.”That’s not how movie series work. That’s not how a trilogy works. And it’s ultimately why the Disney Star Wars films are an utter disaster story and character wise."

Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker May End Box Office Run Just Behind Joker - "the fact that a highly anticipated franchise movie was bested by a film that few predicted would be a success is certainly a bit of an eyebrow raiser. While both films proved to be divisive, it seems as though audiences may have reacted to the mixed reception to each in different ways.Joker benefited from the controversy surrounding its portrayal of the DC Comics villain’s origin story. The film’s passionate fans rallied behind it, and helped drive the film to its unexpected box office dominance. And surely, some curious moviegoers checked out the film to see what all the fuss was about. On the other hand, the general consensus that The Rise of Skywalker failed to meet expectations seems to have put the kibosh on the passionate fanbase’s support."

Months After Release, ‘The Rise Of Skywalker’ Is Still Trying To Fix Its Plot Holes - "Much like a smug tweet from Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling, it’s a late addition to a poorly thought-out story, an attempt to smooth over the cracks; Elijah Wood’s cold response says it all.The tweet perfectly illustrates why The Rise Of Skywalker felt so shallow - it’s a film fueled by momentum, that falls apart the moment the viewer stops and considers the details. The retcon that resurrected Palpatine might have brought back the wonderful Ian McDiarmid, but it sparked a series of questions that the film didn’t even try to answer... there shouldn’t be so many plot holes in the first place.Star Wars fans have to do research to understand the main storyline of this film, which is silly; additional world-building is one thing, but basic plot points should be in the script.The Rise of Skywalker was seemingly made with the assumption that the audience doesn’t care to know why things are happening, and is only watching for the spectacle. It’s a strangely condescending attitude toward a fandom that has always craved complexity, that yearns to know the details behind every blaster, lightsaber, and background character seen on screen... I think it might be time for J.J. Abrams to retire his famous “Mystery Box” storytelling technique; there’s only so many times an audience can open an empty box before they feel shortchanged."

The Mandalorian Season 2 Casts Rosario Dawson As Ahsoka Tano

Dank Star Wars Memes Cantina - "Leave him or we'll never make it"
"His fate will be the same as ours..."
"Dies on Death Star" x3

star wars cast being done with the rise of skywalker - YouTube

Star Wars Best Scenes: Anakin’s sand speech in Attack of the Clones is good - "“I don't like sand. It's coarse and rough and irritating — and it gets everywhere.”Then he runs his hand up Padme’s back and compliments her by basically telling her she’s the opposite of sand. A lot of people read this scene as an ultra-cringey combination of bad acting and bad dialogue. I, however, invite you to think about it this way: How good were you at flirting when you were a teenager? Were you smooth? Did you know how to talk to someone you thought was hot? Let alone someone you’d thought was hot for 10 years?... What you’re feeling there, my friends, is second-hand embarrassment. Embrace it."

Star Wars Sithposting: Special Edition - "I’ve seen a lot of hate for TRoS (The Rise of Skywalker) since its release, but I feel like no one has really sat back and given grace to the full levity of the socio-cultural importance of that special kiss at the end (and idk, maybe it’s because of some genuine homophobia???), so I’ll be honest. I clapped. I clapped when Commander D’Acy kissed her lesbian love. I was touched that such a mainstream media source such as Star Wars would so willingly make the prominent characters of Commander D’Acy and Female Resistance Pilot partners. When the first brick was thrown by Marsha P. Johnson on the 28th of June, 1969 at the Stonewall riots, they envisioned a world in which 3-Dimensional, main characters would have an openly homosexual relationship on-screen. And that is exactly what we got. Two beloved, well-known Star Wars characters sharing their love with the entire world (except Singapore, regions of China, Russia, and the Middle East), normalising homosexuality. As a prominent member of the LGBT community (I’m Commander-In-Chief of Heterosexual Liaisons) I cried. I cried and I clapped. My hands started bleeding from all my clapping (I haven’t clapped that hard since I saw all of the Star Wars ships enter Exegol - you see I am A HUGE Star Wars fan, so I got the reference) as I cried, standing up on my cushioned, I-Max seat - my friends asking me to sit down simply because they weren’t as big Star Wars fans as me, nor did they understand the significance of such prominent Star Wars characters sharing a homosexual moment. I clapped, but more than that, I understood and I cried."
"It looks like the most awkward kiss as well"

José Octavio Motta's answer to Who is stronger, Rey or Kylo Ren? - Quora - "If The Last Jedi is to be believed, Rey is far more powerful than Yoda at the height of his power. While Yoda struggles to lift a few pieces of heavy machinery, Rey is able to do so without exerting herself, with such easy that she surprises even herself. The first time she ever held a lightsaber, she was able to easily defeat Kylo Ren.Anakin, after 9 years of training with some of the very best Jedi Masters at the prime of the Jedi order - receiving training, not as an ordinary padawan, but as the chosen one of Prophecy - wasn’t able to hold his own against Count Dooku and was soundly defeated, losing an arm.However, this can be as easily attributed to the poor writing and worldbuilding of the sequels and not as some kind of canonical super power... John Boyega correctly states that Anakin is far more powerful than the entire Sequel trilogy cast...
on-screen, she appears to be much more powerful than the entire Jedi order combined. This has more to do with poor worldbuilding than anything else.
EDIT: Addressing a comment regarding Rey’s superb use of force powers, it’s not just about lifting rocks. Han and Luke only with great effort are able to shoot down for TIE Fighters with the Falcon’s guns. Rey is able to shoot down much more TIE fighters, of a more advanced variety, in a shorter time, and is even able to shoot down three TIEs with a single shot! It has even become a meme"

Why The Empire Strikes Back is overrated - "it seems obvious to me that the best film in the Star Wars series is, in fact, Star Wars... Then came The Empire Strikes Back – a gloomier film, admittedly, but also a slower, stodgier, more contrived, convoluted and repetitive one. Again, I’m not being perverse here. In 1980, several critics were underwhelmed, including Vincent Canby of the New York Times, who stated that the sequel wasn’t “as fresh and funny and surprising and witty” as Star Wars. It was, he believed, “a big, expensive, time-consuming, essentially mechanical operation”. I wouldn’t go that far, but let’s be sensible about this. The production design is clearly not on the same level as Star Wars. The Rebel base on the ice planet looks roughly what you’d expect a Rebel base on an ice planet to look like; the plain white plastic corridors of Cloud City could have been salvaged from the studio bins after a Star Trek film had wrapped. These shortcomings are disguised by Peter Suschitzky’s atmospheric cinematography... Key events in Star Wars include Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) being knocked unconscious by a wilderness alien; Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher) being captured by Darth Vader (Dave Prowse’s body paired with James Earl Jones’s voice); Luke learning about the Force from a Jedi master in a remote cave; a lightsaber duel that ends badly for the good guys; a ‘scoundrel’ abandoning the Rebels before having a change of heart; and a protracted battle between the ranks of the Rebel Alliance and the heavily armed Empire. Switch around the order of those events, and you’ve got The Empire Strikes Back. And while the screenwriters, Lawrence Kasdan and Leigh Brackett, did a clever job of revising and reshuffling our favourite scenes, that hardly compares to Lucas’s achievement of dreaming up those scenes in the first place. But here’s where things get tricky. My grievance with The Empire Strikes Back isn’t that it sticks to the winning formula established by Star Wars: that’s what most sequels do, after all. My grievance is that it also betrays Star Wars, trashing so much of the good work that was done three years earlier. My un-Jedi-like anger bubbles up even before the first scene – at the beginning of the ‘opening crawl’ of introductory text, to be precise. “It is a dark time for the Rebellion,” says this prose preamble. “Although the Death Star has been destroyed, Imperial troops have driven the Rebel forces from their hidden base and pursued them across the galaxy.”... The Empire Strikes Back asks us to pretend that Star Wars didn’t happen... Watching Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back one after the other is like watching a hijacking: you’re seeing a juggernaut being held up and driven in another direction. You can sense that Lucas and his team aren’t focusing on the current film any more – they’re setting up the third part in what would now be a trilogy – and they are no longer interested in wars in the stars. Despite its title, The Empire Strikes Back is rarely about the Alliance v the Empire, it’s about who is related to whom and who is in love with whom (the two sometimes overlap). It twists the saga from the political to the personal, from space opera to soap opera. Is it possible to say whether the Empire is better or worse off at the end of the film, after all that supposed striking back? Not really. None of that matters, apparently, compared to the booming declaration: “I am your father!”If The Empire Strikes Back had been a one-off, I could have forgiven it by now. But what about all the many films that have used it as a model – all the films that have tarnished Star Wars by contradicting its mythos and obsessing over its family trees? All the tiresome dramatic revelations which have tried and failed to be as mind-blowing as the one about Luke’s lineage?"

Star Wars: How The Clone Wars Redeemed the Prequel Trilogy - "The Star Wars prequels were never going to be able to do true justice to the Clone Wars conflict, given the scope of that conflict and the fact that we only ever see the very beginning and very end of the war in those movies. The Clone Wars was conceived as a way of fleshing out those missing years in between Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith and showing us how Anakin Skywalker evolved from promising young Jedi to Dark Lord of the Sith.It certainly succeeded in those goals. Anakin was one of the series' main protagonists across all seven seasons, and The Clone Wars brought a depth of characterization that was sometimes lacking in the movies. Voice actor Matt Lanter channeled Hayden Christensen while making the character his own. The Anakin seen in The Clone Wars is a generally more likable and charismatic hero, with even a dash of Han Solo's roguish charm for good measure. On the flip side, many episodes chronicle the simmering darkness within and the growing divide between Anakin and his Jedi comrades.Nor is Anakin the only prequel character given new life in The Clone Wars. Padme Amidala arguably benefits more than anyone else. The Anakin/Padme romance certainly feels a lot more genuine in the animated series than it does in the films. But beyond her relationship with Anakin, Padme is given more opportunity to stand on her own in The Clone Wars. We learn more about her past on Naboo and see the critical role she played in trying to bring a diplomatic end to the war."

'The Phantom Menace' used the most miniatures of any 'Star Wars' movie - "    Filoni: "Which 'Star Wars' film has the most practical miniatures in it of any of the films, including the new ones?"
    Knoll: "Episode 1."
That's right. "Star Wars: Episode 1 - The Phantom Menace," the movie that most of us are convinced is nothing but heavy-handed CGI wizardry, has the most miniatures in it than any other movie in the franchise. A big example of that is the pod racing scene. A still image included in the "Disney Gallery" episode shows that the massive outdoor arena where young Anakin Skywalker raced for his freedom was a miniature... In fact, all the prequels feature lots of miniatures. Industrial Light & Magic effects veteran Lorne Peterson noted in a deleted scene for the 2011 documentary "Sense of Scale" that more money was spent on miniatures for "Star Wars: Episode 3 - Revenge of the Sith" than for any "Star Wars" movie to that point."

Rian Johnson Made The Last Jedi to Undo the Trilogy Claims Star Wars Editors - "Editors Maryann Brandon and Mary Jo Markey have been discussing The Last Jedi, communic

ating their feelings about the movie as gently as possible, but ultimately they both have some rather harsh things to say about Rian Johnson's approach... Markey meanwhile does not hold back, even stating that The Last Jedi felt like an attempt to undo the story laid out in The Force Awakens, rather than build upon it... It does seem to be that Brandon and Markey are in denial ever so slightly though with regards to their opinions on the third movie in the trilogy The Rise of Skywalker, as many fans also felt that the J.J. Abrams-directed installment tried too hard to back-track on the decisions Rian Johnson made in The Last Jedi and thus undo that movie. So, the new trilogy is really just a series of revoking and overturns. It might have been a good idea to plan the trilogy out from the start, eh?"

REVIEW: 'Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian' shows making of the series - "The most surprising thing about it: The show used large screens on the sets that double as the backgroundI'm sure this series is going to delve deeper into the technology of the show in future episodes, but the behind-the-scenes footage showing how large curved screens displayed the background of the scenes the actors were in was wild to look at. I would not be shocked if that becomes the new norm of CGI-heavy sets. Instead of actors working in bland green colored studios, with the big screens they now have a little more aesthetic to feed off of."

Star Wars actor Anthony Daniels ‘fell deeply, deeply asleep’ watching Rise of Skywalker for the first time - "the sci-fi veteran said that he “fell deeply, deeply asleep” while watching the poorly received film in director JJ Abrams’s private viewing theatre... Jake Cannavale, who starred in the Star Wars spinoff The Mandalorian on Disney+, called Rise of Skywalker the “hands down the worst Star Wars movie“, adding that it was “an absolute f***ing failure”.John Boyega, who plays Finn in the recent Star Wars sequels, has also admitted to “some disappointments“ with the film."

How Kathleen Kennedy has Turned #Lucasfilm into a Naked Mole Rat Colony - "These are all the directors so far selected by Queen Kennedy suitable to mate with and birth a Star Wars Film. What’s missing? With the exception of J.J. and Howard, experience is missing. Recently Ridley Scott commented that Star Wars movies should be created by more experienced directors. And why not? Why not let some of Hollywood’s best director’s have a crack at Star Wars?Because they are not easily controlled. And as we’ve seen over the last year, if you don’t follow the orders of Queen Kennedy, it’s off with your head.Can you name another producer who has “parted ways” with 2 (really 3) directors in the span of a year? During filming? It’s unprecedented. Lord and Miller were supposedly fired for not keeping to the script. Trevorrow was fired for reportedly being “difficult”. The reality is they asserted creative control over their films, and Queen Kennedy was having none of that. Rian Johnson however, followed the Queen’s orders to a T. That is why he was rewarded with further breeding opportunities, a new trilogy, before The Last Jedi was even released. Also unprecedented. What else do you notice about that list of directors? No women. 6 named directors and not a single woman. Why would Kathleen Kennedy, epitome of feminism and breaking the glass ceiling in Hollywood not have hired one, two or even all female directors for her female driven Star Wars Trilogy? Because in the Lucasfilm Mole Rat Colony, other females are not allowed to breed. They are restricted to the Lucasfilm Story Group where they can nurture and groom Queen Kennedy’s babies. The story group is also comprised appeasers like Leyland Chee and Pablo Hidalgo (who has tirelessly defended the Queen and #TheLastJedi on Twitter even though he is fully aware of it’s failings). It’s hard to imagine (after reading his defenses) that Pablo, upon reading the Leia flying through space scene, is the type of man that would have stood up in the room and told Queen Kennedy “That’s not how the Force works”. Instead he was happy to feed the baby and tell it how good it is, rather than provide any true guidance or discipline. The Last Jedi has Kathleen Kennedy’s fingerprints all over it. She’s a Berkley educated liberal-feminist who was groomed by Hollywood men, told she had good ideas and was given powerful positions without having to do all that much… kind of like Rey.All the men in The Last Jedi are cowards, failures, inept, or suffer from toxic masculinity. The women know better then them must save the men from their masculinity. It’s the mindset of an arrogant woman who for years has put up with the men around her (remember Hollywood is a cesspool) and believes herself to be some beacon of feminine light in the darkness. Burning the tree of the Force is setting fire the the patriarchy. The subtext of The Last Jedi is very deep and very post-modern. It’s a reflection of Queen Kennedy. It’s also why they had to destroy what Star Wars meant to us and why half the audience hates this film."

VIDEO: Cops Assault, Arrest 'Stormtrooper' for Carrying Toy Gun in Promotion - "A girl cosplaying as a “Stormtrooper” in a store promotion for May the fourth–relating to Star Wars–was arrested by police in a dramatic video as she carried a prop gun as Canada recently bans assault rifles. According to Lethbridge News Now, Alberta police were called out to two 911 firearms complaints–which later turned out to be the a toy blaster."

Gung-Ho Geeks - Posts - "WARNING: Stormtroopers on patrol. Blasters may be plastic"
"Is this the real life?
Is this space fantasy?
Caught in a cop car,
No escape from stupidity."

‘Star Wars: Duel of the Fates’: Concept art for Colin Trevorrow’s Episode IX script - "The leaked script — an outline of which was first shared on Reddit — would have been much different than what we got with “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.”"

Anna Wang's answer to Why was Hayden Christensen cast for the role of Anakin despite being such a terrible actor? - Quora - "Hayden Christensen’s acting and George Lucas’s writing as Anakin and for Anakin was wonderful in AOTC, and even greater in ROTS. Why, you may ask, if his lines were horrible and his nature was “too creepy”?The entire purpose of Attack of the Clones was to make it obvious that Anakin was super immature. Many people mistake this for bad writing or bad acting on Hayden or Lucas’s part. This is a misconception that gets around too much.Before I go on, I just want to point out -Revenge of the Sith Anakin had a more hatred vibe than Attack of the Clones. Angry Anakin in AOTC was more whiny and angry than hatred Anakin from Revenge of the Sith... This tragic flaw in Anakin Skywalker - his arrogance and naive nature - is portrayed exquisitely by George Lucas and crew, because we can see how from Attack of the Clones to Revenge of the Sith, throughout the Clone Wars, Anakin’s character development. His arrogance and ambition, yet maturity due to Ahsoka, that grew during the Clone Wars led to his ultimate demise.This is the point that I’ve been trying to tell many prequel haters from Attack of the Clones. He was supposed to be immature and a brat, and a bit “creepy”.Hayden clearly portrays the conflict in Anakin through raw emotions. And this is exactly what George Lucas wanted, but some fans still do not fully grasp the understanding of what Anakin was really supposed to be."

Dank Star Wars Memes Cantina - "Prequelhub: Top Categories - Asian, Big Tits, Babysitter, Anal, Cartoon, Celebrity, POV, Hardcore, Fetish, Handjob, Old/Young, Wookies"

So Rey didn’t want Finn to hold her hand when he was trying to save her life on Jakku but is willing to hand over her hand to the guy that kidnapped and attempted to forcibly mind read her and also injured Finn and killed Han in front of her? : saltierthancrait
Women like bad boys

Peter Kapitola's answer to Who do you think is the most overrated character in Star Wars? - Quora - "Yoda said a lot of things that turned out not to be true.
“Do or do not. There is no try.”
As many have pointed out, this is complete bunk. There is very little in this galaxy or the one far, far away that we can't accomplish without trying and failing and trying again regardless...
you would think at least Yoda could redeem himself by doing something awesome in battle. Well the first time you see him fight ever (4 movies in) against Count Dooku, it is pretty impressive. However it's not long before you realise that he's not actually doing anything but jumping around like a rabbit on steroids. He probably could have cut Dooku's legs clean off at least 5 times. Then Dooku manages to leave by toppling a large piece of scenery on Yoda's friends. Yoda takes an inordinate amount of time and straining to stop and move this - clearly he had not yet taken his own advice that "size matters not".The only other time he fights is against Darth Sidious, and fairly ineffectual he is...
Yoda stands there while Darth Sidious telegraphs his attack...
Darth Sidious: Your arrogance blinds you, Master Yoda. Now you will experience the full power of the dark side. ... before blasting Yoda with force lightning that inexplicably catches him completely off guard...
I have no idea how Yoda became so esteemed a player on the Jedi council, and he certainly hasn't shown any reasons how he got there. Perhaps so wise because of his speech patterns he does seem."

Why Finding the Original 1977 ‘Star Wars’ Verges on the Impossible - "Lucas has ensured the “original” is a tampered-with version he now sells riven with edits and festooned with computerized effects. To see his original vision, one must dig... When people sit down this summer to take in a Shakespeare in the Park performance, they can’t expect the play, any play, will be the exact iteration of the play from when it was first performed 400 years ago. People may have a notion of Hamlet, but the play has evolved across many different forms and configurations. First editions of books, like movies, feel like a set medium. But they, too, take on new additions and subtractions through different releases... When news of Disney’s $4 billion purchase of Lucasfilm went through, rumors ran rampant that the original versions would finally be packaged and sold. Finally, the Mouse could override Lucasfilm’s intransigence! Alas, Disney still doesn’t own Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, or Return of the Jedi — 20th Century Fox does. Until Fox decides to give fans a glimpse of the spark that started the fire, we’ll just have to enjoy the galaxy far, far away in whatever way we can."

John Boyega on Twitter - "I feel like Finn was robbed. He should have been a Jedi.I'm sorry, but you don't promote a movie with pictures like these and end up making the featured character a relatively unimportant character that loses more and more of his importance with every new film."
"Wow this post actually warms my heart. Thank you all for supporting me. I’ll fight for what you guys want to see me do in my next projects! Don’t worry guys we are cooking! Over 10 projects to consider!"

The Yaboiposting - Posts - *Post from Socialist Star Wars Sithposting*
"The whole group is patting themselves on the back for not being racist but almost no one can actually say something they like

about Finn. Imagine virtue signaling for a character you don’t even like."

In Star Wars: Rise of the Skywalker, flashbacks show that Child Rey had the same hair and clothes as Adult Rey. This was a subtle way of showing how little character development she had over the series. : shittymoviedetails

Star Wars Memes - "Star Wars fanboys can't stand strong female characters and that's why they don't like Rey"
*Hera Syndulla*
*Cara Dune*
*Asajj Ventress*
*Ahsoka Tano*
*Princess Leia* Jyn Erso too

Feminist critics of 'The Mandalorian' are being harassed online
SJWs will never be appeased
I like how correcting poisonous bullshit is framed as "harassment"

Mandalorian Theory Explains Why The Empire Wants Baby Yoda - "in 1977’s The Making of Star Wars: The Definitive Story Behind the Original Film, Lucas described that certain individuals have more Midi-chlorians in their cells thus giving them a higher awareness of the Force."
So much for the prequel ruining The Force

Dank Star Wars Memes Cantina - "The new Star Wars movies are problematic"
Rey: "What's your hurry thief?!"
Finn: "What?!"
Rey to Finn: "Stop taking my hand!"
*Rey takes Kylo Ren's hand*
Finn: "You got a boyfriend, cute boyfriend?
Rey: "None of your business!"
*Rey hugs Finn*
*Rey kisses Ben Solo*
"Who are you?"
"I'm Rey"
"Rey who?"

Dataracer on Twitter - "SJW's are freaking out over Marvel's Bounty Hunters #4 because Boba Fett killed a woman. They're now traumatized saying Star Wars "hates women.""
Feminism and equality means you can't kill women

Star Wars' Daisy Ridley says there were a lack of job offers after trilogy
Presumably "sexism" is to blame

Talking Like Yoda Because A Legendary Geek You Are - Posts - "Pleased to meet you. I will cut off your legs and leave you burning. Then, I will steal your first born son and teach him to kill you and destroy everything that you will ever struggle to build during your pathetic life"

Dank Star Wars Memes Cantina - "White man caught on-camera assaulting disabled Black man, elderly white man watches, laughs"

Sheila, Queen of the Slut People on Twitter - "I really fucking hate racists."
"you retweeted someone calling white people “mayo monkeys” like a week ago."
"That ain’t racism, that’s funny"
As usual, anti-racism is just hating whites

Anita Sarkeesian Plays The Victim After Receiving Pushback From Women Against Disingenuous Complaint of ‘Boob Armor’ In The Mandalorian - "Anita Sarkeesian has once again sparked a wave of discourse after the notorious feminist media critic cried foul and played the victim after receiving pushback against a complaint she made against ‘boob armor’ in The Mandalorian... Unsurprisingly, Sarkeesian’s take received massive amounts of pushback, with many fans noting that the armor wasn’t boob armor, but rather just armor made specifically for the female body, and asserting that the critic seemed to just be looking for an issue to be upset with... In response to one user who sarcastically replied to Anita “Yes, it’s terribly sexist to cater to women’s needs in combat armor”, author and US Army Iraq War combat veteran Ryan Leigh Dostie noted how in real life, the “real problem” for female soldier’s gear is, in fact, how “the sappy plates are flat and smash against our breasts and flatten them and it’s so uncomfortable.”... Sarkeesian would then launch into a tirade against those who disagreed with her armor-related complaint, strawmanning her critics as “grown ass children” who “throw these embarrassing temper tantrums when a woman has even the slightest critique on the mainstream, corporate media they feel ownership over.”... “Sorry to burst your bubble but the jig is up y’all,” she continued, claiming that “Star Wars isn’t some niche exclusive tree club where you hang up a “No Girls Allowed” sign and dictate the terms of the discourse. It never was and that is not changing any time soon,” despite literally no one criticizing for her gender and criticism being focused exclusively on her bad faith complaint. Unfortunately for Sarkeesian, audiences across Twitter, particularly women, once again disagreed with her arguments... Twitch streamer Belet-Seri would recall how her “mom was a Star Wars fan from the get go” and she “been a Star Wars fan since I came to this country.”“Star Wars has always been inclusive,” said Belet-Seri. “It’s people like you , notorious agitators, who try to antagonise and demonize fans that are the problem.” “Girl this is so embarrassing,” declared @teethlikearms. “this is the kinda shit that takes the credibility from feminist discourse.”"
Of course, if you're a woman who says that Star Wars has always been inclusive, you just have internalised misogyny

Body armor for female cops: What’s next? - "Soft body armors designated as female differ from male and gender-neutral vests in that they can incorporate curved or shaped protective panels to accommodate the female bust. Flat male or gender-neutral models may be suitable for female officers with smaller busts. Depending on design and materials, they may not be suitable for those with larger busts, as the busts push the front armor panel forward, enlarging the underarm gap and therefore lessening the area of coverage between the front and rear panels.Manufacturers have a variety of methods available to them to create bust cups, including cutting and stitching the material, or darting the material to form bust cups... “Additionally, there are comfort factors that impact the wearability of armor, and if an armor is uncomfortable, it is less likely to be worn, leaving the officer unprotected”...   Estimates of the number of female law enforcement officers in the U.S. vary between about 12 and 20 percent. In discussions, body armor issues expressed by some female officers include improper fit, riding up or shifting out of place, skin abrasions, bust cups too large and bust cups too small."
Of course, feminists hate armour which has space for the breasts, since they think politics is more important than practicality and realism.

Graduate Thesis Or Dissertation | Design criteria of type IV body armor for women - "The comic strip (Figure 1) and the statement below it on Town Called DobsonTM‘swebsite caught my attention. It is a conversation of complaining about the current bodyarmor from two soldiers killed in a battle. The statement below addresses that the bodyarmor which are used in battles still have defects, especially for women. Women in themilitary are ordered to wear the body armors that fail to fit them. The reason for thefailure is that the body armor they used, called InterceptorTM, is only made for men’sbodies (GlobalSecurity.org, 2000). This protective vest is composed of ballistic wovenmaterials and inserted flat plates. When it is worn by a woman, a gap between breasts andthe front plate is created. The gap can be big enough to stick a grenade inside and is anextra danger for the women soldiers (Town Called DobsonTM, 2007). Moreover, it isdifficult to breathe as a result of the pressure from the plate in the bust area. These factorsraise the risk of battle injuries while women are wearing this kind of body armor... SAVVY Armor, LLC. addresses three technologies that make their vest the mostadequate products for women: 1) thermal forming, 2) Radial offset pleating, and 3)advanced draping. The thermal forming shaping technology uses heat and pressure tocreate the customized bust cups to fit the women’s different body shape... The researcher became aware of problems with the body armor vest fromconversations with friends who were serving in the military and a comic strip (Figure 1).Female soldiers encountered the fit problem when wearing the vest, especially wheninserting the ceramic plates into the vest. Female soldiers who had bigger bust size experienced a pressure at the bust area that makes breathing difficult when wearing thevest with plates... The biggest problem for the front plate is the length of the plate and its flat shape.From the questionnaire we found the average height of the participants is five feet and sixinches, which is a standard height of women. The average bust size for the women in ourstudy had a Bust of 36C. The C cup size can be estimated to project forwardapproximately 3 inches. Using these body measurements and a calculated bust level of 8inches it was determined that a plate needs to project out at the top approximately 3 to 4inches"

Dank Star Wars Memes Cantina | Facebook - "First: Sacrificing yourself is badass
20 minutes later: Sacrificing yourself is bad
20 minutes after that: Sacrificing yourself is badass"
On the incoherence of The Lat Jedi

DuGMcFug on Twitter - "Bill Burr as Mayfield had a better ex-stormtrooper arc in 15 minutes than Finn got in three entire Star Wars movies."

Clifton Duncan: Tall Nail. on Twitter - "Audiences don't hate diverse characters. What they hate is being slammed as bigots for rejecting bad work from pretentious, unskilled activists posing as writers. If the demography of your characters becomes more important than the story, your story will probably suck."
"Remember how no one was like, Blade is a black vampire slayer and he is BLACK it was just organic and awesome and everybody loved it"
"I was slammed for complaining about Doctor Who shoving POC in large numbers into the background of Elizabethan England. That's lazy "diversity". There are millions of great potential stories out there. In a great story you just care about the characters not their characteristics"
"We love characters that are actually fleshed out or given a proper reason of why they became who they are in a steady pace.We just hate "Token" characters."
"I agree and I see that in games lately too its just a way to Mask bad writing. And 9 times out of 10 the "bigot" card is played as an Excuse to Avoid looking at the fact you could have tried a Lot harder then you did."

"Are you going to kill me?"
"Strike me down!"
"Do it. Kill me!"


Star Wars Author Pablo Hidalgo Claims Luke Skywalker Was Supposed To Die In Episode VIII - "this claim actually contradicts what Mark Hamill stated about his character in an interview with IGN back in 2018.Hamill explained, “I happen to know that George didn’t kill Luke until the end of [Episode] 9, after he trained Leia. Which is another thread that was never played upon [in The Last Jedi].” Not only did Hamill detail that Luke wasn’t supposed to die until Episode IX, but he also explained that George Lucas had written an overall arc for the trilogy, something he says Disney did not do."

'The Mandalorian' fans want Gina Carano fired for "mocking trans people" - "The Mandalorian star Gina Carano has been accused of “mocking trans people” after putting the words “boop/bob/beep” in her Twitter bio in lieu of pronouns.The actress who portrays Cara Dune in the Disney+ Star Wars series was asked by fans whether she would add pronouns to her bio to show solidarity with the trans community... One user tweeted to Carano that her co-star Pedro Pascal had included them, while also accusing her of “liking tweets that mock” the act of adding pronouns... “I don’t think trans people would like all of you trying to force a woman to put something in her bio through harassment & name calling EVERYDAY for MONTHS. Such as ‘Racist Transphobe’ ‘Bitch’ ‘Weirdo’ ‘I hope you die’ ‘I hope you lose your career’ ‘your fat, you’re ugly’.”"
SJWs only like "strong women" who parrot liberal boilerplate. Harassing women is only bad when it's not done by liberals

The Mandalorian: Fans Want Gina Carano Fired and Replaced with Another Female Lead after Social Media Fire Storm - "The Mandalorian‘s Cara Dune is a badass character on screen – a tough, female presence on the show – says what she wants and does what she wants. Gina Carano, who plays Cara, is similar to her on-screen character, saying exactly how she feels and, this time, it’s about the election and voter fraud."

Favreau Faces Backlash Against Gina Carano and Luke Skywalker - "It would appear that the authoritarian side of the culture war is out for blood with Gina Carano, and they’re not going to stop until there is a knockout. I’m told that the feeling inside Lucasfilm is generally disdain for Carano as well. The problem for all of those who hate Carano based on her worldview and political positions is that Jon Favreau isn’t publicly political… and word on the street is he doesn’t care one iota for the divisiveness. If Carano was employed in any other part of Lucasfilm, she’d be gone, and she would have been let go long ago. The question now is whether or not Favreau can protect her — she’s an integral part of his series, and firing her would essentially indicate that conservatives can be purged from Hollywood in a step beyond what we’ve already seen (blacklisting)... Mark Hamill is as left as they get. He’s like Gregg Popovich left when it comes to insulting conservatives, Republicans, and anyone who doesn’t see the world like him. Yet, he loves Luke Skywalker, he loves the reaction to Luke Skywalker… and simultaneously, many in Lucasfilm associate Luke Skywalker with conservativism, the patriarchy, male dominated narrative, etc. It’s a really weird dynamic. And believe me when I say, there is intense pressure to dump the Luke Skywalker / Baby Yoda storyline planned for multiple series... there’s one group that only wants to see Mark Hamill associated with Star Wars in any fashion if he’s buying beard butter to prep for another green milk guzzling session of Jake Skywalker depression scenes... what are the chances that segments of fans and segments of Lucasfilm are successful in associating a heroic Luke Skywalker with insurrection, toxicity, and chauvinism? Well, I don’t know. If money and views are the barometer, then Disney has next to zero incentive to allow that to happen. What happens if Mark Hamill decides that heroic Luke has become a beacon for the “fandom menace”? I don’t know. And I don’t think that either of those narratives would be true, or helpful, or beneficial for anybody. But I can tell you right now there is immense pressure to ditch Luke Skywalker from the Favreau-Filoni plan."

🦋Patry🇨🇺️‍ on Twitter - "Mark Hamill is really out there validating the alt right and calling them "true fans". This is why Rian Johnson cooked your boomer ass in The Last Jedi"
"So... liking Luke in The Mandalorian = is a member of the alt right!?"
"How is he validating the alt right? More like he is validating Luke Skywalker fans? How are you connecting the two in your mind?"
"Hmm, that's two reappearances for Mark Hamill since TLJ and zero for Rian Johnson. Still looking forward to his "trilogy"? Don't hold your breath!"
Liberal virtue signalling hasn't saved Hamill from being slammed by other virtue signallers

Rumor: Disney and Lucasfilm Employees “Livid” Over Return of Luke Skywalker, Seeking To Block Future White Male Leads - "Luke Skywalker’s cameo in The Mandalorian has apparently become the subject of controversy at Disney and Lucasfilm, as a new rumor suggests that employees at both companies are outraged that the white male lead was both portrayed in a heroic light and well-received by fans... Pablo Hidalgo’s recent mockery of a fan’s reaction to Luke Skywalker’s recent cameo, the negative sentiment of which the Star Wars author claims was unintentional, was “just the tip of the iceberg,” as “Behind the scenes, large swaths of Kathleen Kennedy loyalists are messaging back and forth about their disdain for Luke Skywalker – a Caucasian male – being brought back in any valiant form.” “In fact, I’m even told that individuals at Lucasfilm have been reading articles here on Pirates and Princesses, as well as watching videos on Clownfish TV, and are now actively planning on how they can roadblock the retcon attempts of Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau to make Luke Skywalker a hero once more,” the outlet added. “The Hidalgos of Lucasfilm are not about to let Star Wars go back to what it once was.” According to Pirates & Princesses sources, unhappy employees are planning to “introduce ideas and narratives that would make a Luke redemption difficult” and are “reportedly working in private messages to sabotage attempts by Filoni and Favreau via minor mediums such as graphic novels to push The Last Jedi narrative even harder.”... “there is additionally a rumored movement from within Lucasfilm and parts of Disney that are pushing for the cancellation of any Caucasian male leads in any future feature length films for the foreseeable future.” If true, Disney and Lucasfilm would have to make significant changes to a number of upcoming productions, ranging from franchise titles such as Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and Obi-Wan Kenobi to stand-alone productions like The Last Duel and Indiana Jones, in order to satisfy the racist demands of their employees."

Star Wars Author Pablo Hidalgo Apologizes For 'Unintended' Mockery of Emotional Fan Reaction to Luke Skywalker Cameo In The Mandalorian - "Disney Star Wars author Pablo Hidalgo has apologized for tweeting a comment regarding fan emotions after his comment sparked a wave of controversy across the fandom. The controversy began on December 26th, when Twitter user @fellawhomstdve tweeted a screenshot of a recent video from YouTuber Star Wars Theory, in which the YouTuber can be seen getting emotional and shedding tears of happiness while viewing the action-packed return of a heroic Luke Skywalker in The Mandalorian’s second season finale.Based on their own later explanations, it’s assumed that the picture was initially posted to draw mockery towards Star Wars Theory’s recording of his emotional reaction... This tweet eventually caught the attention of Hidalgo, who wrote in a since-deleted tweet on his privated account that “emotions are not for sharing.”...   “Pablo Hidalgo is chiming in on this thread which is making fun of me for being emotional over Luke Skywalker,” Star Wars Theory explained to his followers. “I don’t mind trolls, but I can’t see what he’s said, and I’d hate to believe he would join in as a Lucasfilm official.”... Bafflingly, Hidalgo then proceeded to change his Twitter header to a screenshot of his controversial tweet, which prompted Star Wars Theory to question “How is this acceptable from someone high up at Lucasfilm?”  “You’re telling people it’s not ok to have emotions about the work your company produces, and you make fun of them for crying?” he asked. “Not ok.”"
Feminists claim they want men to be able to express emotion. But the only emotions feminists allow men to feel are shame and disgust for being male.

Behind the Doors of Kathleen Kennedy's Lucasfilm - "One of the first things that Kathleen Kennedy did after taking charge of the company was hire Kiri Hart to run the Lucasfilm Story Group which would be in charge of Star Wars narrative moving forward. However, as a matter of how the Story Group would actually operate, the individuals brought on board for it were actually less interested in Star Wars and more interested in quotas for sex and race for narrative moving forward. This was to such an extent that Kiri Hart’s very first action as head of the newly-formed Story Group was to make sure only women were allowed to guide Star Wars. One of the implications of this was that Star Wars gurus at Lucasfilm were kept out of major decisions from 2012-2015, essentially the nascent development time for the sequel trilogy. Dave Filoni was completely kept out of any significant guidance. Instead, writers with no Star Wars background like Carrie Beck and Rayne Roberts were brought in to have campfire discussions with Hart about how to bring in female characters to the new Star Wars. Meanwhile, this was pitched to Disney executives as a way to bring girls into buying up Star Wars merchandise — and Disney was all too happy to believe that they could double Star Wars toy sales if only little girls would buy those instead of dollies. The problem was that not only did Lucasfilm’s femme force want to insert sex, gender, and racial quotas into their new Star Wars products, but they also wanted to discriminate against Caucasian males. Despite this being the majority of their consumer demographic, the Story Group and new Kathleen Kennedy hires wanted nothing to do with the old Star Wars. Their ridiculous and petty hatred of people groups went so far as to have them drawing a giant red X on Luke Skywalker (their main protagonist and hero of the franchise) in posters at Lucasfilm. Luke represented the patriarchy and male dominated narratives, and for that reason, Mr. Skywalker would just have to go. JJ Abrams was brought in to do The Force Awakens with Lawrence Kasdan assisting in writing. The guidance given to them from Kathleen Kennedy and the story group was simple: make New Hope for a new generation, make its protagonist a woman, and make Star Wars look like our world... the director for Episode 9 needed to know what the heck was happening in Episode 8 before he could even get started on formulating ideas. With Abrams and Kasdan blind to what Johnson and the Story Group was doing, it was Trevorrow who would receive an outline first for The Last Jedi. What he saw shocked him, and immediately he started making calls. “I can’t make Episode 9 without Luke Skywalker,” he told them. “I have to have Luke Skywalker. The fans are going to go berserk if there’s no Luke Skywalker.” The answer back to him from Kiri Hart and Kathleen Kennedy was a resounding “no”. He would have to use the current Last Jedi concepts to finish the trilogy. Confused, he reached out to Mark Hamill to gain leverage, but Hamill had zero influence with this group… and Hamill himself was disgusted with his role in Episode 8. So Trevorrow began working on a different idea — one to essentially resurrect Luke Skywalker, explain the Force Ghost concept, and have all the old Jedi join together to help Rey defeat the Sith forever. But upon finding out that Colin Trevorrow wouldn’t let Luke Skywalker go, Trevorrow was told it was he who would have to go. Then came the fall of Lucasfilm. With the release of The Last Jedi, while they attempted to steer the narrative online and through influenced reviews by access media, the fan reaction was quickly realized. The Last Jedi had not only divided the fans, but it had failed financial expectations dramatically. The new talking point was put out that Empire had seen a lower box office haul than New Hope too… but that ignored that New Hope was in theaters months and months longer than Empire at a time when theaters often only had two screens. It also didn’t stop the negative feedback. Quickly the tides turned on Stars Wars and Lucasfilm… talks of a Rian Johnson trilogy became mostly just Rian Johnson talking about a trilogy. The California elites of Lucasfilm began to blame the fans – surely it was the bumpkins in Nebraska, Idaho, Texas… flyover country that were hating this film. And surely it was only because of chauvinists, Trumpsters, and other deplorable white males... But the damage was done. While Bob Iger had signed off on The Last Jedi, he immediately recoiled when he saw the reaction to Episode 8. This was different than anything he had seen from Pixar or Marvel… this was mass disgust from consumers. Simultaneously, the director of this film was disparaging the consumers, attacking viewers, etc. While the public presentation of protecting Last Jedi by Disney continued, the writing was on the wall behind executive closed doors. As Solo also lost its directors (fired by Kennedy), Iger’s confidence in Kennedy had come to an end. She was scrubbed from his autobiography and Iger reached out to Jon Favreau to begin righting the ship... Favreau wanted someone who knew Star Wars inside and out, and since he wasn’t interested at all in the Story Group, Filoni would do. Kennedy was busy with the big stuff, and a series on a streaming service was below her and her attention. Little did she know Iger and Favreau had cooked up a very big idea. But after the public reception failure of The Last Jedi, after the DVD and Bluray sales tanked, after Solo’s directors were fired, and after Solo became the first-ever Star Wars film to lost money… Kathleen Kennedy’s reign was over. Yes, she was still the figurehead, and yes she had a contract extension. However, Bob Iger went to such a degree that he even publicly killed expectations of future Star Wars releases in the near-term after the sequel trilogy would conclude. For Disney, that was unheard of. But Kennedy was allowed to stay on – bitter and mostly powerless – as removing her was deemed too potentially damaging from negative publicity, and nobody in Hollywood wanted to take her place after the industry fallout that would result. As toy sales crashed, video game revenue cratered, and Rise of Skywalker barely made half of The Force Awakens’ box office revenue, Disney execs began working with Favreau more and more. Kennedy would help develop some minor Star Wars properties going forward, even while her first original animation series (Resistance) was dismally received. Favreau, and his Star Wars guru Filoni, were given the green light to go big with their series The Mandalorian. For Burbank, this was the Hail Mary. If The Mandalorian failed, Star Wars was likely to be unpopular for years. If The Mandalorian failed, Disney+ was likely to limp out of the gate. A rare move was made to give Favreau complete power over The Mandalorian; Kennedy could only provide him with notes, she could not dictate anything about the series. In one set of notes, she recommended going with Boba Fett as the lead character right out of the gate. Favreau overrode. In the midst of all this, Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland had opened in late May of 2019. Whereas Iger had announced to the world that crowds would flock to the expansion without even any advertising, whereas Disneyland had gone multi-million dollar renovations to handle the increased crowd sizes… Galaxy’s Edge was an incredible flop. Attendance to Disneyland actually dropped. The destruction of Star Wars was complete... While Kennedy became embittered over the success of the one Star Wars property she had no control over, her Story Group had essentially been gutted. In 2019, Kiri Hart fled Lucasfilm as a consultant to join Rian Johnson’s T-Street Studio… which has not produced a single success in two years. Don’t count on them getting a trilogy anytime soon either. Kennedy continued to work on more series within Star Wars, but she would have no theatrical releases, and Favreau had complete control over whatever he wanted to do with the brand... But the ultimate catastrophe for Kennedy came in early 2020. Just as the global pandemic was getting ready to strike, Kennedy lost yet another director… this time for her only theatrical release she had in the quiver: Indiana Jones 5. This one was a stinging rebuke because it meant the man who had originally brought her into the fold had abandoned her. Kennedy’s first major role had been as Spielberg’s assistant on the original Indiana Jones. Now decades later, she had lost his confidence. James Mangold would be brought on as a replacement, but it would be he who would write the script with input from Harrison Ford. The movie might not even come out while Kennedy was still under contract with Lucasfilm. Some say there is a civil war at Lucasfilm. Others deny it and claim it’s all a grandiose lie. In reality, behind the doors of Lucasfilm is a fractured studio of three ideological divisions. There are the old-timers who remember the days of George Lucas. They are the apolitical, non-ideological artisans. For those, most have kept their heads down and tried to keep themselves from being fired or disparaged by the Kathleen Kennedy crew. The KK Crew, on the other hand, are the hires since 2012 – the ones who held the keys to the sequel trilogy, but now have been relegated to comic book releases and young adult novels. The third group is the Favreau-Filoni bunch. This new group is comprised of Favreau loyalists brought in and generally work outside the confines of Lucasfilm proper. They get to bypass Kennedy and the KK Crew, and their budgets come straight from the top of Disney."
Comment (from elsewhere): "For those who don't know, WDWPro, the person writing this article, is a known insider.He/she has been sharing proven insider info for years now on the WDWMagic forums. Forums mostly dedicated the Disney Parks.WDWPro works somewhere inside Disney and is the person who, among other things, leaked the information about the creation of Galaxy's Edge (SW Land), the "Rise of the Resistance delay and the pictures of the "baby-Yoda"/Grogu puppets many months before anyone else knew. So keep that in mind before dismissing what this person says."

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