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Saturday, October 13, 2001

60 days of freedom left for me, to the day/time period I've been dreading since Lower Primary.

And they have the cheek to wish me a "pleasant" and "memorable" experience.

I should update the essay I wrote in Sec 4 about the evils of Slavery soon.

sigh........i wouldn't mind going for ns, provided i didn't have to have periods. trust me. - Felicia
I wonder.
Ahaha. I'm on ICQ 2001b now.



and now not anymore. File sharing's ridiculous - they only let you share one folder which they've chosen.

Friday, October 12, 2001

The fabled Original RJ Back Gate was open today. Wah.

I have come to the conclusion that the Blue Scented Pen is Yakult-scented. I was letting people smell it during the History essay-discussion and someone sayd, "Yakult!" and it suddenly all made sense. (Mengchuan claims it's Blueberry, but then maybe he was deceived by the Blue colour)

I asked some J2 Councillor I saw drinking Apple Yakult if the pen smelt like her drink, but she declined and offered to let *me* smell her Yakult. Ah well.
Testament to the difficulty of the exams? Hrm.

The page is up (with the stuff in!)
Though it's but 85 pages.


Shawn said this sounds good only in theory. Ah well.

"i think pple want the thrill of their own yearbook". Oh well. This is better than nought.

Perhaps the most incisive comment:
screw the blurb lah get to the GALS.
To clarify the matter:

Our gep batch was apparently practically the last one to have the same final-year exam papers across the gep schools. Remember the teachers mentioned something abt dunman setting their own paper one year? That's because the teachers there had trouble using the same standards as the other schools to test their kids... they couldn't complete the syllabus or something on time. At the focus grp discussion, the gep teachers (from rgps, ri, ...) said that now, with so many schools having the gep programme, they never co-ordinate mass things, e.g get-togethers like those maths trails, MEGA, chinese camp, etc. There's now also a policy that each gep school sets its own papers unless the teachers decide to combine with other schools. Results in different standards but it's very difficult to co-ordinate the examinations for 400+ students per batch (anyway the gep teaching in each school is starting to develop distinct sub-cultures).

(One example was a final year exam, same paper given to RI/RGS/ACS/Dunman. There was a predictable normal distribution of distinctions/passes/failures in the 1st three schools, but most of the dunman kids taking it flunked or did pretty badly. Since it was pointless letting kids sit for an exam which most of them would fail, the teachers decided to set their own paper aimed at the student's ability level)

I suspect dunman also sets some of its own papers.
Nominee for the School With The Most Disgusting Uniform in Singapore:

He2 Gu3 Zhong1 Xue2
also known as Li Hua Secondary School
Oh well. The THE Chinese High School School's plots have struck again. I wonder what's the effect of the brain drain on RI and Raffles Guys since The THE Chinese High School School and The School With The Most Indecent Uniform In Singapore Bar One got the GEP Programme. Oh wait. TTCHSS already had its own GEP Programme, which had goals remarkably similar to MOE's but which curiously focused on Maths and Science only. And we wonder about creativity and the Arts.

I found more screwed up scented pens today! Green (Apple) and Light BLue (Off-apple? Couldn't identify the scent)

Elf Gone Wrong tied her hair in 2 pigtail braids today. Eee!

And Michelle was startled when, when showing me the Art projects and interpreting them for me, I told her what "Number 3, Number 5" et al have in common.

Thursday, October 11, 2001

rgs has been relegated to an extension of 'the' chinese high - most papers are set for gep students to take collectively (save for communist nygh) and tch has just about its badge and name emblazoned across half the front cover of each paper. seems like your reference to raffles guys might make sense after all.
Andrew Gan sends word that his J1 ACJC friend Juanhui has *not* yet been lured to the dark side of Hot Socks.

Wednesday, October 10, 2001

Yeh, New Zealand's Natural is in Singapore. Mmm.

We're up to page 67. And I've signed up for http://rgsyb.tripod.com/.

Anyone want to design the page while I slave away at the scanner?

Tuesday, October 09, 2001

Kairen suspects my motives:
do you wank over the books or something? there's got to be an ulterior motive for the shit you're doing.

And if anyone knows where to get Rubber Chickens, do tell me so I can buy Andrew (Gan) one for his birthday to hang outside his house.

I was at Ikea today and I saw 100 Tea Lights for $5.90. If I buy them, I can give 1 each to 100 people with the blessing of "this is to light up your life"

Monday, October 08, 2001

What are codgers? "codg�er (kjr) n. Informal. A somewhat eccentric man, especially an old one. " Chi-ku-pek?
I thought only celebrities have strangers recognise them from photos
RGS girls in general aren't "little" in any sense of the word. I wouldn't presume anything about the latter.

Hi everyone, I'm assuming all of you reading this know who I am. My birthday's coming up on 19 October, and due festive gifts such as
a) Skate scooter
b) Crate of "Jolly Shandy"
c) A stable email address that doesn't start charging users/ go down all the time
d) Handphone (monthly subscription being part of the gift, of course)
e) All back episodes of "Babylon 5", "Frasier", "Will and Grace" on VCD/DVD
f) a good idea what to get for my class come grad nite. Better yet, 23 things to give my classmates.
g) The latest Dune prequel novel- "Dune: House Corrino"
h) The chance to eat some sinful food without the calories.
i) Meal at "Original sin", holland V.
j) Lesson on tying friendship bands

will be appreciated, and acknowledged some time in the future.

btw, I came across the word "preppy", and asked my brother what it meant. He tried to explain it in terms of American high school-culture, and I suggested the AC family being the equivalent in Singapore. He started laughing , and was very amused how i put it in "andrew-speak".
Andrew Tan on being sent page 41 of "my book" (1999 - Class 401):

are those guys?

The response:
yeah, Raffles Guys :)

And he asked for the whole 2 pages of 402'99, and wants the GEP classes too. Ooo. What evil deeds has he in mind?

I once asked someone why RGS yearbooks were so popular
he said
"either they're looking for people they know, or they're looking for little lolitas to f*ck"

Andrew Tan disagrees:
but RGS girls are too smart to get tricked into that sort of thing, and not particularly good looking. (or so ppl say. I beg to differ lah.)

And HJ/M is scathing:
is that all these guys ever think about? f**k? desperate, horny bunch of codgers...

And someone who would kill me if I put her name here said:
hmmph toodledoos, little lolita has to call a friend for the answer key
Your fame has spread far, then. Amazing how good a memory some people have, or how bored they are. Or how little you've changed? Paul Wong says my facial features are the same as in Primary 3.
I wonder how much I can scan in sub-half-an-hour a day. Maybe I should outsource. I just did 6 in, 20? 25? minutes.

Sunday, October 07, 2001

rgs yearbooks are not to be trusted, i'm still sighted around moelc by people who recognise 'me' from the photos - and i dropped french two years ago.
oh and i was just peering through my brother's ri yearbooks today for inspiration on how-to-draw-house-pages, spotted some really incriminating pictures. ;)
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