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Wednesday, November 28, 2001

AHH. A LEVELS ARE OVER! Now I've 15 days to set my affairs in order.

The busker was there today! And his voice was especially irritating. I sang, not entirely pacing correctly. A bit off, but otherwise it was okay. I think I pissed him off. People were looking at me weirdly - "Now they're 2 irritating people singing!". Actually I cheated. I started the instrumental introduction at "B" instead of "D". Ah well.

My mother chopped 8 of my sister's 4 year old basil plants this morning and she was crying. She claimed that she didn't know that, unlike bougainvilla (is that spelt right?), basil plants die if they have no leaves left. And she didn't even apologise. (...)

I think I know why YC's Gah + Crap Place gets so many hits - misspellings.

einam_z has been sending me lots of songs on Audiogalaxy. Paul Mauriat - Love Is Blue (So now I know the name of that lounge music hit! :0).

Kairen offered me $50 yesterday to take off my shirt from my table at Prom and shout "National Service is National Slavery". Ms Bala said could I please not do anything that'd get me thrown out :)
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