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Saturday, October 12, 2019

Links - 12th October 2019 (2) (Migrants in Europe)

‘Don’t go out alone’: Swedish police warn women after four rapes in four days - "Police in the Swedish city of Uppsala have warned women to walk in groups and to “think how to behave,” after four women were raped in as many days... Sweden’s rape count has been rising since 2005, and jumped ten percent in 2017 alone."

Volvo CEO laments Sweden’s high crime rate, says company might move its HQ abroad - "The head of the Swedish car manufacturer Volvo has created quite a stir at home, saying that his company struggles to attract foreign specialists due to the lack of public security and may be considering moving elsewhere."

UPS stops delivering to Swedish neighborhood as drivers get attacked in ‘no-go zone’ – report - "Rosengard, a troubled, immigrant-dominated neighborhood, has gained notoriety due to a spike in violent crime recorded in recent years. Gun violence, armed robberies, and other offenses seem to have become commonplace there, according to media reports. The district, plagued by unemployment and poverty, has previously appeared on a list of Sweden’s ‘vulnerable areas’, which some media and local politicians refer to as ‘no-go zones’.The Swedish government has consistently rejected using the term, admitting that while there are difficulties in certain neighborhoods, they are not places in which police and other agencies cannot effectively work. But in 2017, several police chiefs said in a widely quoted article that there were “parallel societies” in Malmo and other cities whose members reject the “basic institutions of [Swedish] society.” They also complained that it was “hard for police to fulfil [their] mission” in these neighborhoods due to heavy gang presence... For some local service providers at least, the words ‘no-go zones’ are taken quite literally. In 2017, the Swedish ambulance union said first responders need military-grade protective gear to withstand the dangers of such areas. Later that year, the government-run postal service, PostNord, halted mail delivery to some addresses near the troubled Stockholm suburb of Rinkeby, where large-scale riots were taking place."

Fewer than 500 of 163,000 asylum seekers found jobs - "Of almost 163,000 people who applied for asylum in Sweden last year, less than 500 landed a job... figures suggest that the gap between Swedes and foreign-born is likely to grow. In April, the unemployment rate among people born in Sweden was at its lowest since before the global financial crisis in 2008, falling to 4.7 percent. The equivalent among residents born abroad was 14.9 percent."
So much for using asylum seekers to solve labour market shortages

Rampant Migrant Unemployment Threatens to Further Raise Swedish Taxes - Forecast - "Sweden, which already has some of the world's highest taxes, may well see them rise further, should unemployment among the "new Swedes" remain at an equally problematic level, national economists have warned. Currently, a staggering half of all newcomers remain unemployed after eight years in Sweden... half of Sweden's foreign-born residents remain unemployed after eight years in the country. For those who only have upper secondary education, it takes even longer: it took an average of 10 years for half of immigrants who arrived in Sweden in 2006 to find a job. At the same time, the general level of unemployment remains comparatively low (7.2 percent) amid a promising labor market, with only 4 percent of ethnic Swedes being unemployed... Unless more immigrants enter the Swedish labor market, the Nordic nation will have to raise taxes, Hedén Westerdahl assured. She also pointed out that in Sweden's rights-based welfare system, which she called "generous," people have the right to healthcare and education. However, it is also required for people to contribute, she stressed; otherwise the laborers will have an even greater tax burden to cope with."

Unemployment Is Haunting Sweden Years After the Immigration Boom - Bloomberg - "The jobless rate is hovering at more than 6 percent, far above the level in its Scandinavian neighbors and in global economic powerhouses such as Germany and the U.S.“Sweden stands out,” said Robert Bergqvist, chief economist at lender SEB AB. “If you look at unemployment, the curve in Sweden has actually pointed upward, while in many other comparable countries it is falling to levels we haven’t seen in maybe 40 or 50 years.”... According to economists the big mismatch between the needs of employers and the skills of job seekers has increased the risk of unemployment turning structural.Reality for the foreign born, which now make up about 20 percent of the working age population, may also be worse than the official statistics suggest.“The newly arrived are required to register at the employment service in order to get their welfare benefits,” said Roger Josefsson, chief economist at Macrobond. “After registering they are considered to be part of the labor force.”"

Sweden wrestles with legality of underage sex - "According to Swedish law, the age of consent is 15 and anyone who has sex with someone younger than 15-years-old can be charged with sexual exploitation of a child, or, in more serious cases, child rape.As a result, even consensual sex between two young teenagers can result in one of the youngsters facing criminal chargesIn late July, a 15-year-old boy was convicted for having sex with his 13-year-old girlfriend.While the boy was acquitted by the district court, an appeals court convicted him of sexually exploiting a child... According to a review carried out by the TT news agency of similar cases involving young teens who have been taken to court for engaging in underage sex, the gender of the alleged offender seems to play a role in how courts treat such cases.“The propensity to think that an attack has taken place is probably greater when it's the guy that is older,” Petter Asp, a professor of criminal law at Stockholm University, told TT.“One explanation can be that it conforms more closely to our image of men's and women's sexuality and our expectations of how a sex crime should look.”In another case, a 15-year-old girl who had sex with two 13-year-old boys was aquitted of all charges after the court ruled that the younger boys actually used the girl to lose their virginity.In another instance, a girl who was charged with rape for having sex with a boy who was under 15 and several years younger than the girl, was acquitted despite reports that she had coerced the boy to have sex with her."

PeterSweden on Twitter - "Sweden. A person has been convicted of raping a 12 year old girl. The attack was so violent that she "tore up" and was bleeding. Guess the sentence... He got 50 hours of youth community service. I want to cry. What is wrong with Sweden??? This is INSANE...
And Sweden calls itself the "worlds first feminist government".Well then. How about throwing rapists in prison and protecting young innocent girls like this 12 year old???...
Just recently a Swedish woman who was being raped, defended herself with a knife.She was arrested for attempted murder.Women get arrested for self defence now."

PeterSweden on Twitter - "A$AP Rocky has been in jail for 20 days after getting in a fight with a man who allegedly assaulted girls while high on drugs. But a foreign citizen who was convicted of raping a 13 year old girl only got 150 hours community service. Sweden is a crazy country.

German public pool closed after HUNDREDS of ‘North-Africans’ harass family - "The Rheinbad public pool was plagued by ugly incidents this weekend, amid a record heat wave in Europe. There was even a large-scale police operation to calm-down rowdy swimmers on Saturday. The explosive situation involved “several hundred” people, primarily young men, the police said.Local media put the number of the rowdy pool-goers at 400, reporting that the crowd primarily consisted of people of North-African origin."

"Everyone Was Afraid to Be Branded as a Racist" - "Mona Walter, age 45, is a Swedish activist from Mogadishu, Somalia. In the early 1990s, she fled as a refugee to Sweden. There, she abandoned Islam and converted to Christianity. The act resulted in criticism and death threats. The mainstream media consider her a person working for religious freedom. Other organizations accuse her of fueling anti-Islamic movements...
When I came from Somalia to Sweden, I experienced a huge clash of cultures, because Islam here is more extreme and fanatical than in my country. What is very important - we were Islamized after 1991, here in Sweden. In these closed areas, immigrant ghettos are deprived of democracy... [Imams] traveled to Saudi Arabia, they studied there and after they return, they became the heads of these areas. They control everything, and above all, women.They preach Sharia in mosques and tell everyone that they must believe in this system and Islamic values. If you do not do it, if you try to integrate into the Western society, in their eyes you become an infidel. They force women to cover their bodies. If you do not, you are regarded as a whore. When I first arrived in Sweden in 1994, we were forbidden to wear our African clothes, traditional Somali dresses. They forced it on us. They said that we were not real Muslims, that we were an infidel country because we had secular law.
Then why did the imams not radicalize Somalia?
In Somalia, extreme imams were put in prison, but here they do what they want. No one controls them, no one checks what they are doing. They build mosques, they take Swedish money. If you live in such a community, then you have no freedoms. This mainly applies to people who rejected Islam. They may even be killed for it -- such things have already happened here. Even I, after rejecting Islam, covered myself with a scarf, because I was so scared. All this is happening in Sweden, in a democratic country where they tell you that you have the right to your body, opinion, free choice of religion... In my community, it happens quite often that girls and boys fall victim to rape from family members or a teacher of the religion. It also happens here in Sweden, and the family and the community are hiding it. These are common cases, but I am not saying that everyone does it. I tried to report it to the social welfare, but no one reacted - everyone was afraid to be branded a racist. The second thing is the teachings they get in mosques, where they are told that they should hate unbelievers. Therefore, they also commit crimes caused by hate. Their parents do not want to integrate and do not allow them to integrate with kafirs (infidels)... children who were born in the 90s are now adults. They went to Islamic schools, were subjected to brainwashing, radicalization, and learned hate for Western society. This teaching begins, when they are three-four years old. For so many years now, I have often talked about it to the Swedish media, but no one was interested in dealing with it, because they were afraid to be called racists...
The Pope is no longer a Christian leader, but a politician and activist of human rights. He is no longer the head of the Church working for the good of Christianity and I do not see him as my guide. What I see when I look at him is a leftist politician. Jesus said we should love our enemies, but not that we should be stupid...
Reformation in Christianity meant returning to the source, relying on the Scriptures. Applying this criterion, Islam has already been "reformed" by Wahhabism and Salafism. It means returning to the original sources and traditions of ancestors -- but this is probably not what we want?"

Undocumented ‘Black Vest’ migrant protesters occupy Pantheon in Paris, demand papers (VIDEOS) - "Undocumented migrants calling themselves the ‘Black Vest’ protesters flooded the Pantheon in Paris and demanded the right to remain in France. The protesters vowed to remain on site until all of the illegals get proper papers... The majority of the protesters, who call themselves ‘Black Vests’ – in an analogy with the Yellow Vests movement – are believed to be migrants of West African origin.“We are paperless, voiceless, faceless for the French Republic. We come to the graves of your great men to denounce your disrespect,” one of the protest organizers said in a statement ahead of the event."

Woman Who Invited Migrants to Camp In Her Garden Wants Them to Leave - "A Belgian woman who invited migrants to set up a makeshift camp in her garden now says she wants them to leave after incidents of aggression and violence.For nearly two and a half years the Simon-Hody family have allowed migrants wanting to travel to Britain to camp out in their garden in the town of Spy, but now, after a series of incidents, they say they no longer want them there... The situation in the makeshift camp is said to have deteriorated so much that the family has stopped all aid to the migrants, saying that alcohol and violence led to the camp becoming more and more dangerous by the day, with one family member stating: “We did not feel safe anymore.”"

Remembering My Best Friend

My best friend passed away recently.

Grieving before his grave I said “Bro, I really missed you. My wife has been pregnant for 8 months now. How bout you reincarnate as my child?”

One month later, my wife gave birth to a big boy.

As my child grew older each day, I realised he looks a lot like my best friend.

I’m really happy that my prayer worked...

(OCRed from Gossip Aunties)

Links - 12th October 2019 (1)

Gen Y Speaks: Why do I still get stared at in Malaysia for dating a white man? - "In Malaysia, it is common to know someone who is in an interracial relationship or see interracial couples in public. Yet it still seems that this is not widely accepted in our culture.I speak from experience as a Malaysian Chinese-Peranakan. In Kuala Lumpur, my relationship with my Caucasian partner has often been the talk of strangers for reasons we find bewildering.I have personally overheard crude conversations making assumptions about my sexual drive or the size of his private parts, my intention to migrate to the West, and sometimes the amount of money he earns. Getting stared at is an everyday thing for us both and yes, we still find it rude... it was refreshing that during our month-long travel in Taiwan last month, we got quite a different reception. The locals there never gave us weird looks nor spoke crudely about our relationship.Taiwanese people, both young and old, were more keen to know if my Caucasian partner was enjoying his travels in Taiwan (locals often assumed that I was a Taiwanese thanks to my fluency in Mandarin).Sometimes, strangers in restaurants would introduce local delicacies to us and tell us more about their cuisine. It has been refreshing and delightful to be treated like humans after what we have gone through in the last two years in Malaysia. We are currently living in Thailand and again, the locals have been nothing but lovely so far. Conversations with Thais would often revolve around where we are from and whether we like living in the Land of Smiles.They seem to be more accepting of interracial couples than Malaysians are. In fact, I believe my experience in Malaysia was not as bad as that of others, going by what some of my friends say. An Indian Malaysian girlfriend of mine once shared her scary experience with such discrimination.As she was showing her partner around Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, she was asked by a group of men she did not know: “What is wrong with Indian guys that you have to date a foreigner? You think we are not good enough for you?”They were not just rude. They came across as threatening. My friend and her partner decided to walk away quickly to avoid any further confrontation from the men"

From South Korea to Malaysia, the ‘smart cities’ hailed as answer to world’s urban ills turn to ghost towns - "Every morning, at 8.30am, an announcement is piped though a speaker in the ceiling of Kim Jong-won’s flat, barking the daily bulletin in a high-pitched voice. The disembodied broadcaster details new parking measures, issues with the pneumatic waste disposal chute and various building maintenance jobs to be carried out that day.“There’s no way of turning it off,” sighs Kim’s wife, Jung-sim, as she prepares breakfast. “I hate technology but my husband is an early adopter. He has to have everything first.”... It claims to have the highest concentration of green Leed-certified buildings in the world, yet it is still entirely car-based, with not even a train line to the nearby airport. To get to Seoul, just 30km away, takes an hour and a half by metro. Songdo may have an “Integrated Operations Centre” – a Big Brother control room where reams of data are funnelled in real time from thousands of sensors across the city – but the physical urban model is no different to any other car-riddled business district. For all its low-energy labels, it is an expensive, exclusive and impersonal place... These new cities are not for rural-urban migrants. They are instruments to attract international investment and make the urban rich even richer... They are billed as a panacea for the world’s urban ills, solving overcrowding, congestion and pollution; yet, more often than not, they turn out to be catalysts for land dispossession, environmental degradation and social inequality... City-making, and the innumerable planning, engineering and technical services that go with it, is a booming industry, and corporations are intent on recycling their ideas irrespective of local context"

It's official: White men don't have a preference for Asian women - any race will do - "Women do prefer brains and ambition while men mostly focus on looks - no surprises there. But then, women reveal a strong preference for men of their own race; East Asian women therefore prefer East Asian men. Male preferences, however, are far less racial; they almost never discriminate on race when choosing a partner. There is no evidence, the researchers conclude, of the stereotype of a white male preference for East Asian women.However, East Asian women tend to discriminate less against white men than black and Hispanic males. As a result, the white man-Asian woman partnering is the most common interracial dating."
A mixed person told me men generally go for women fairer than them, except white men who go for anything

Financial risk facing China worse than in US before global crash, former finance minister says - "The level of risk facing China’s financial system could be higher than was seen in the United States before the global crash, according to a former Chinese finance minister.Speaking at a forum in Beijing over the weekend, Lou Jiwei, now chairman of the National Social Security Fund Council, also described the state of China’s financial sector as “messy”... The country’s financial system had become “severely distorted”, he said, adding that the “likelihood of China generating systematic financial risks is pretty big”.The distortion was exemplified by the high cost of financing in China despite the loose monetary environment, Lou said."
Naturally, he can be dismissed as giving negative comments because he's jealous after being outmanoeuvred

If you’re Chinese, then being a ‘shameless’ savvy saver is likely to be in your DNA - "Hong Kong is packed with a million millionaires, 68,000 of whom have at least HK$10 million (US$1.27 million) squirrelled away... As a popular Chinese saying goes, “The first generation makes the money, the second one holds onto the inheritance, but the third one spends it.” This Chinese proverb serves as a warning and a reminder that sensible budgeting and frugality is not only a virtue but a survival mantra that needs to be etched on the mind. Therefore, our attitudes towards money are shaped early in life by our elders as an integral part of Chinese culture and upbringing. We are told at a very young age that to be a responsible person, we must work hard and save up a nest egg to secure our future and consequently, our family’s future.All Chinese are also familiar with the saying, “To store up grains in case of a famine”. This obviously is the basic principle that illustrates we may be money-oriented but it’s all for good reason... I once came across a biscuit tin that contained a big wad of HK$1,000 bills, a bank book, some old photographs and some identification documents; I later found out the items belonged to one of my aunts.When I asked her why she stored all these valuables in a tin box, she said the items were like her life – the photographs were her past and the money was to support her now and in the future. She thought keeping “her life” in a tin box was the best way to keep it safe, as in the event of a misfortune like a fire, she would be able to quickly grab all of her valuables. Last week, I was having dinner with my girlfriend and when she ordered hot lemon water, I immediately asked the waiter to give her a mug of hot water instead, but with two pieces of lemon for me. The waiter took the order but gave me a funny look. I didn’t even have to explain to my girlfriend, Patty, who is an overseas Chinese, the reasoning behind my order – I wanted to save money. By ordering the hot water and lemon separately, the restaurant wouldn’t know how to charge us – so it would be free. We burst out laughing and both agreed that being thrifty is in our DNA. We may come from very different backgrounds but we are undeniably Chinese when it comes to our views of money... an average Chinese person saves a lot more than many of his overseas counterparts. According to the International Monetary Fund, from 1995 to 2005, the average urban household savings rate in China stood at 25 per cent of disposable income, with some other analysts even putting it as high as 30 per cent"

You Might Not Actually Be Struggling With Depression - "“You’re dealing with depression’s twin cousin. It’s called acedia.” Acedia (pronounced ah-SEED-e-uh) is an old term coined by monks who lived in the desert during the fourth century. Before the Seven Deadly Sins became known to the world, the early Desert Fathers had a list of “Eight Bad Thoughts.” One of the most severe thoughts was that of acedia, which the church eventually rolled up under the sin of “sloth” when the seven sins became commonplace... Acedia was one of the most severe and deadly thoughts because of the despair and absolute disdain for life it produced in a human being. It’s a shame the word has been lost to ancient textbooks and is no longer used, because acedia’s connotations carry far more weight in today’s cultural environment... Work in the morning, but by noon, they despised the repetitive nature of chores or work. After some time in this condition, they felt little zeal for life. Prayer stopped, sleeping increased, and they felt numb. Eventually, they despised life itself as they spiraled into a dark hole... Combating acedia has simple steps that can help you act and combat the feelings of indifference, self-hate, apathy, and keep you from spiraling further. The bad news is that it begins by choosing to take part in little things that may seem repetitive, but make a big difference... most of the activities that helped were repetitive tasks that could be done daily or weekly. Things like serving within their community, writing, journaling, yoga, exercise, cleaning, or several other mundane or repetitive activities"

Empathy Might Not Be the Antidote To Poisonous Political Polarization - "The new rule for empathy seems to be: reserve it, not for your "enemies," but for the people you believe are hurt, or you have decided need it the most. Empathy, but just for your own team. And empathizing with the other team? That's practically a taboo.And it turns out that this brand of selective empathy is a powerful force.In the past 20 years, psychologists and neurologists have started to look at how empathy actually works, in our brains and our hearts, when we're not thinking about it. And one thing they've found is that "one of the strongest triggers for human empathy is observing some kind of conflict between two other parties," says Fritz Breithaupt, a professor at Indiana University who studies empathy. "Once they take the side, they're drawn into that perspective. And that can lead to very strong empathy and too strong polarization with something you only see this one side and not the other side any longer."... Researchers who study empathy have noticed that it's actually really hard to do what we were striving for in my generation: empathize with people who are different than you are, much less people you don't like. But if researchers set up a conflict, people get into automatic empathy overdrive, with their own team. This new research has scrambled notions of how empathy works as a force in the world. For example, we often think of terrorists as shockingly blind to the suffering of innocents. But Breithaupt and other researchers think of them as classic examples of people afflicted with an "excess of empathy. They feel the suffering of their people." Breithaupt called his new book The Dark Sides of Empathy, because there's a point at which empathy doesn't even look like the kind of universal empathy I was taught in school. There is a natural way that empathy gets triggered in the brain — your pain centers light up when you see another person suffering. But out in the world it starts to look more like tribalism, a way to keep reinforcing your own point of view and blocking out any others."

Zodiac shaming is a real thing. Don't do it. - "Please, keep your zodiac sign to yourself. Zodiac-shaming — the practice of treating someone differently and punitively because of their astrological sign — isn't a total joke. You never know when someone will judge you for your cosmic family tree.That's not just my Virgo privilege talking... Not all forms of labelling or grouping are bad. You can still use the zodiac to make judgements about people, Renstrom argues, but they should be holistic, non-prescriptive observations — ones that take people's whole selves into account. Instead of writing people off because they're Scorpios or Geminis, Renstrom encourages people to consider their full, complex characters. Scorpios *might* be hypersexual, but they're also loyal partners. People are their sign, but they're also far more than their sign. Behavior exists on a spectrum. Just because Virgos are thought of as anal doesn't mean they all want a vacuum cleaner for Christmas."
How about shaming people who believe in zodiac signs?

Here’s Why This California Professor Considers ‘The Lion King’ To Be A Prime Example Of Anti-Immigration In Film - "Although some of his students didn’t want to believe that this classic children’s movie could possibly reflect an anti-immigrant sentiment, Professor Martín-Rodríguez provides evidence connecting Governor Pete Wilson’s campaign to the Disney company...
Although the bird, Zazu, is informed that there has been a hyena crossing, the movie never shows you the scene of the crossing itself. The entire experience is summed up in a single sentence, along with a military salute. The audience isn’t given the opportunity to see the journey of the hyenas, including the reason for their crossing, how long it took them to cross and how difficult it might’ve been to cross. The hyenas are not given names, nor stories. In other terms, they are not humanized... Professor Martín-Rodríguez makes a note that the hyenas are kept completely off-screen during the first 15-20 minutes of the movie, which takes away from their qualities as characters. Once they do appear on-screen, their portrayal as characters is only negative.
Professor Martín-Rodríguez analyzes the parallels between the portrayal of the hyenas and the political climate towards immigrants of the time... Professor Martín-Rodríguez argues that in contrast to Mufasa’s small lion family of three, these large herds of hyenas with unidentifiable families are seen as a serious threat, which has also been the case for immigrant families."
Apparently you should have a movie without conflict. Or maybe the only possible villains are the protagonists/their ilk

Trump’s Asia Gamble: Shatter Enduring Strategies on China and North Korea - The New York Times - "As he tries to tackle the greatest challenges to American power in Asia, President Trump is overturning policy toward China and North Korea that for decades was as canonical as Confucian ritual.With North Korea, he is engaging with the enemy in hopes that negotiations will yield a surrender of nuclear weapons. With China, Mr. Trump says the United States must take a big step back from an economic relationship that has strengthened a formidable rival. The shifts were prompted by internal changes in each country, combined with Mr. Trump’s unorthodox instincts and the views of his senior Asia advisers. The administration now has growing bipartisan support in Washington to widen an emerging global conflict with China and build diplomacy with North Korea... the aggressive approach to China has drawn many supporters, including some Obama administration officials and Democratic leaders like Senator Chuck Schumer. “Hang tough on China, @realDonaldTrump. Don’t back down,” Mr. Schumer tweeted in May. “Strength is the only way to win with China.” Since the 1970s, when presidents Richard Nixon and Jimmy Carter re-established relations with Beijing, American officials and experts have contended that economic ties between the United States and China would anchor the relationship between the two nations and, perhaps, coax Communist Party leaders toward Western liberalism.But Mr. Xi, who took power in 2012, has exercised expansive authoritarian controls... One economist who advised Chinese leaders in the 1980s, Janos Korani, wrote this week that Western experts like himself had been Dr. Frankensteins, helping build up China without realizing the eventual consequences for the West. “Now, the fearsome monster is here,” he wrote. Trump administration officials argue that economic engagement without appropriate guardrails created a tyrannical behemoth that could supplant American supremacy. Some call for long-term tariffs to “decouple” the economies of China and the United States by breaking supply chains and other business ties... Former officials and analysts increasingly say diplomacy is the only way forward with North Korea, given that it already has an estimated 30 to 60 nuclear warheads. Longtime advocates of rapprochement point optimistically to the shifting consensus in Washington."
As Einstein supposedly said about insanity...

Friday, October 11, 2019

Links - 11th October 2019 (2) (Democrats in the US)

An0maly on Twitter - "Has there ever been a country that has an entire major political party prioritizing foreign non-citizens who break the law? You really have to ask yourself:
1. Are they banking on illegals to vote?
2. Are they demons?
3. Are they criminals?
4. Are they just really dumb?"

Educating Liberals on Twitter - "Did you know?
2,700,000 kids have a parent in prison.
400,000 kids are in foster care.
And 765,000 kids are separated from their military parents not knowing if they’ll see them again.
But the media focuses on 2,000 kids who are temporarily separated from illegal immigrants."

The Hypocrisy of the Establishment’s Democracy Crusaders - "This brings us to two divergent concepts of democracy, both of which now have their partisans but only one of which is acceptable to globalist leaders. One concept assumes that governments should be controlled by influential elites who make sure Western populations believe what they’re instructed to believe. These elites are connected to a global corporate economy that treats national borders as an archaic hindrance to “trade.” Also favored are the unencumbered movements of populations and goods—and any Western countries that don’t conform to their wishes are pushed around. This ruling class views elections not as a means to determine the popular will but as a ritual for confirming democratic centralist instructions. The Deep State in the United States backs this form of government in Europe because, as in the telling case of Merkel’s Germany, it usually causes foreign leaders to go along with our elites. Our media, meanwhile, fear the possibility that those who deviate from their preferred governmental model might tumble into right-wing authoritarianism.Allow me to criticize two aspects of this elitist model of democracy. One, it is meddlesome and imperialistic and treats the national sovereignty of countries that don’t fall into line as totally insignificant. It also attempts to impose what until recently were radical social projects advanced by the feminist and LGBT lobbies on those who cling to more traditional moral values... one should be appalled by how self-righteous these democracy crusaders have become... One enthusiastically acclaimed speaker at the Democracy Summit, Tony Blair, inflicted on Britain reckless Third World immigration in what he later admitted was a social experiment. Blair also made sure to criminalize hate speech in a country that had once properly been viewed as a cradle of freedom. One might have also asked Stephen Harper and other Canadian attendees at the Summit when Western Trinity Law School will have its license restored, after that Christian institution was stripped of this operational requirement because it didn’t go far enough in accommodating gays and the transgendered. And when will Canadian courts stop bringing criminal charges against Christian ministers who dare to quote the Bible on sexually improper conduct? A recent amusing example of the hypocrisy of our “democratic” elites was found in the shrieks of rage from Western media and politicians when the Polish Diet earlier this year passed a law criminalizing Holocaust denial and trivialization... Neither the State Department nor the rest of our “democratic” elite bothers to notice that the criminalization of open discussion about the Holocaust and a variety of other subjects remains the rule across Western Europe. In “democratic” France, there is also criminalization of any explicit or implicit denial of the “Armenian genocide,” besides the usual garden-variety laws against supposed hate speech"

Pandering To Hispanic And Latino Primary Voters In The Democratic Primaries : Code Switch - "Both were accused of "Hispandering": a mashup of "Hispanic" and "pandering" that means faking interest in Hispanic issues and culture for self-serving reasons.So what counts as Hispandering, and what doesn't? Who decides? Since Latinos are the largest minority group in the U.S., and, as you may have heard, Hispanic voters have the numbers to move the needle in next year's election, we're digging into the history and evolution of a term we'll probably be hearing again."

Beto O'Rourke, Bernie Sanders Complaining About Media Bias - "As president, Donald Trump has had to face a media demonstrating unprecedented hostility toward him. A study released earlier this year showed that media coverage of Trump was 90 percent negative in 2018. Naturally, the liberal media has fawned over the Democrats seeking to replace him in the White House... Yet, apparently, they aren't happy with how they're being covered...
'Top media personalities are firing back at Sanders and accusing him of taking a page from Trump, who routinely attacks major outlets such as The New York Times and CNN as "fake news."'
But Sanders is not alone. According to The Hill, "A top surrogate for former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign lashed out at reporters this week for giving outsized coverage to the former vice president’s recent verbal gaffes."... Perhaps the most amusing thing about this, aside from the fact the media is actively trying to ensure Trump's defeat in 2020, is the fact that when Donald Trump attacks the media for negative coverage, it's a threat to freedom of the press. But when Democrats do it because their fawning coverage isn't enough to satisfy them, it's totally okay"

Why Democrats Don't Agree on Policy in 2020 - "If time travelers from a distant era—say, the 1992 presidential campaign—had dropped in on this summer’s Democratic debates, they’d be entitled to wonder just whose political party they’d stumbled upon. The same could be said for a visitor from 2008 or 2012.Medicare for All? Decriminalization of illegal border crossings? Free health care for undocumented immigrants? Free college and forgiveness of existing student-loan debt? Once-radical notions like these are now at the heart of the major party’s dialogue... “Hillary Clinton’s loss had an exponential effect,” says Robert Boorstin, who was a Clinton White House speechwriter and a pollster for Al Gore in 2000... "it’s also changed what’s ideologically acceptable.”... The party’s leftward drift, Rhodes said, “is both an emotional and intellectual response to Trump.”That phenomenon was on full display during the first two debates, in which the most liberal candidates—such as Cory Booker, Bill de Blasio, Bernie Sanders, and to a lesser degree, Kamala Harris—portrayed both Clinton and Obama policies in a shockingly negative light... “Today’s progressives are more angry at Clinton and Obama than they are at Bush 43... they don’t love those two presidents—which I’d remind everybody are the only two Democrats to get reelected since Franklin Roosevelt.”... for anyone with a memory that extends beyond the advent of the internet, the distance that the 50-yard line has moved left can still seem stunning... Clintonism itself was born of a long-simmering fight for the soul of the party following Walter Mondale’s 1984 shellacking by Reagan... It’s a historiographic axiom that revolutions happen in times of rising expectations, and the Democrats’ leftward drift is no exception. “Obama accomplished a lot of progressive goals, but the nature of the progressive movement is that if Obama advanced the ball this far down the field, we want to advance it further,” Rhodes told me. “You wouldn’t be having a Medicare for All conversation if we didn’t have the Affordable Care Act. Legalization of gay marriage opened up the conversation about trans rights. I do think the strength of Bernie’s 2016 campaign mainstreamed ideas that previously had been on the far left.”... the shift can be unsettling. “It totally does seem like an entirely different party,” he told me, recalling how the longtime John F. Kennedy speechwriter Ted Sorensen used to tell him that he found it amusing on Robert Kennedy’s 1968 campaign that he was considered an elder. “Veterans of the Kerry and Obama campaigns are now sort of seen as these more moderate, old-guardy kind of Democrats,” Frankel said, “and I’m thinking, We’re still in our 30s here! What are you talking about?”"
More evidence for the slippery slope

Think Republicans are disconnected from reality? It's even worse among liberals | Arlie Hochschild - "the wilder a person’s guess as to what the other party is thinking, the more likely they are to also personally disparage members of the opposite party as mean, selfish or bad. Not only do the two parties diverge on a great many issues, they also disagree on what they disagree on. This much we might guess. But what’s startling is the further finding that higher education does not improve a person’s perceptions – and sometimes even hurts it. In their survey answers, highly educated Republicans were no more accurate in their ideas about Democratic opinion than poorly educated Republicans. For Democrats, the education effect was even worse: the more educated a Democrat is, according to the study, the less he or she understands the Republican worldview. “This effect,” the report says, “is so strong that Democrats without a high school diploma are three times more accurate than those with a postgraduate degree.” And the more politically engaged a person is, the greater the distortion. What could be going on? Bubble-ism, the report suggests. Even more than their Republican counterparts, highly educated Democrats tend to live in exclusively Democratic enclaves. The more they report “almost all my friends hold the same political views”, the worse their guesses on what Republicans think. So do they believe in sticking with their own? No. When asked in a Pew survey whether it’s important to live in a place “where most people share my political views”, half of conservatives and only a third of liberals agreed. Although in principle more tolerant of political diversity, highly educated – and mostly urban – Democrats live, ironically, with less of it... In the face of loss or personal crisis – whether a pink slip, a medical issue or political defeat – most of us turn inward toward what feels self-confirming, comforting and safe... Being home surely restores one’s spirits. But in the long run, staying home leads to trouble. It keeps the left from knowing what it needs to know, good news and bad. It further marginalizes it. After all, in the heat of battle, the most brilliant generals are not those who insult the enemy from inside their own tent. It is those who most astutely gauge the troop count, the terrain and quirks of the opposing general."

Opinion | The Democratic Party Is Actually Three Parties - The New York Times - "Democratic Party voters are split. Its most progressive wing, which is supportive of contentious policies on immigration, health care and other issues, is, in the context of the party’s electorate, disproportionately white. So is the party’s middle group of “somewhat liberal” voters. Its more moderate wing, which is pressing bread-and-butter concerns like jobs, taxes and a less totalizing vision of health care reform, is majority nonwhite, with almost half of its support coming from African-American and Hispanic voters... very liberal Democrats are the most engaged and play a disproportionate role in setting the political agenda. The three ideological groups favor different sets of policies. On the left, the very liberal voters stress “the environment, protecting immigrants, abortion, and race/gender,” Khanna emailed me, while the moderate to conservative Democrats are “more concerned with job creation and lowering taxes.”... the group containing the largest proportion of minority voters is the most skeptical of some of the most progressive policies embraced by Democratic candidates like Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris... [This is] Particularly significant — because it weakens the case that mobilization of minorities requires advocacy of very liberal policies across the board... half of the Democratic presidential candidates support the decriminalization of border crossing, making unauthorized border crossing a civil rather than a criminal offense.There is an abundance of evidence that the more liberal Democratic presidential candidates may be pushing into dangerous terrain, taking stands that could prove difficult to defend in the general election... all voters oppose decriminalization by better than two to one, 66-27... It is not as if Democrats are lacking powerful immigration issues on which to run. An April University of Maryland “Study of American Attitudes on Immigration and Refugees” found that the Trump administration’s family separation policies are opposed 64-25, including by independent swing voters (67-18) and even by Republicans whose partisan allegiance is not strong (51-34). Only strong Republicans support the policies, 55-26... Paul Begala, a Democratic strategist, argued that two factors — fund-raising demands and the effect of the social media on candidates and their staff — are turning the nomination contest into “some kind of purity game to see who can be the most leftist.”...
'Democratic Twitter is dominated by overeducated, over-caffeinated, over-opinionated pain-in-the-ass white liberals. Every candidate, and every staffer, checks Twitter and other social media scores of times a day.'
The second and more significant factor is what Begala described as the unintended consequences of “the obsession with small donors.” Democrats legitimately “want to break the stranglehold of big money,” Begala wrote, but
'when the D.N.C. made accumulating small donors a centerpiece to debate eligibility among two dozen potential candidates, that’s when the unintended consequence kicked in. Small donors are often more motivated, more activist, more engaged, more ideological. In short, more leftist'...
Last year’s Democratic governorship and congressional victories, he wrote, “came almost entirely because of gains by center-left candidates. A Gallup poll last December indicated Democrats favored a more moderate rather than a more liberal party.”"

BBC Radio 4 - Best of Today, President Trump's tweets - "I've been a Democrat. I've been a Republican, and I was part of the Democratic Party for a very long time. And we had a particular talent of bringing racial issues to to political campaigns. We did it during Clinton, I mean, that was our talent of, of race baiting. And so I went through that experience. I didn't like that experience. I didn't like, you know, sort of seeing anything through a coloured lens. And now I'm a Republican, and I sort of, you know, there are times where, where I'm uncomfortable as well, where it's more insensitivity than anything else. It's not premeditated as it was in the Democratic Party to, to push some of these racial divides. I think the Republican Party's sort of more, you know, their insensitivity is just lack of, lack of information and lack of knowledge and lack of understanding"

Prejudice has declined among White Americans since Trump’s Election, Study Shows - "There's been a great deal of hysteria, innocent of actual data, about a purported massive rise of racism and prejudice under, and because of, Donald Trump. Trump's divisive rhetoric is deeply regrettable, and may have helped inspire particular violent racist incidents related to immigration, even if the perpetrators weren't Trump fans. Regardless, the overall rate of prejudice among white Americans has fortunately continued it's long-term decline"
This directly contradicts the normalization hypothesis (alternatively, this demonstrates that Trump's rhetoric isn't really racist)

Womp Womp - Posts - "President Trump accomplished something President Obama never did: Legitimize a murderous dictator by visiting him on his home turf."
"Historic meeting between the US and NK that might well lead to a lasting peace, liberalization of NK, increased quality of life, and reduce suffering for millions.  These cunts still found a way to bitch about it. Fuck them all."

Escape The Echo Chamber - Posts - "Trump has trolled his critics again. Numerous articles have been written about the horrors of letting two tanks and two Bradley fighting vehicles be exhibited on the National Mall during Independence Day. Joy Reid called it a threat to Americans. Trump has already spun this reaction as people hating the military - one of the most respected institutions in America...
Blue checked journalist Saira Rao called gay Asian-American Andy Ngo a fascist like Hitler. Once you permit violence against a class of people then the definition is expanded to allow violence against others"

Imam Tawhidi - Posts - "President Trump is the one promoting violence?
1. Cory Booker says he wants to punch the president.
2. Joe Biden says he wants to beat up the president.
3. Maxine Waters says to get in Republicans' faces out in public.
4. Jimmy Kimmel and other late night hosts joke about assassinating the president.
5. Snoop Dog makes a video of a fake assassination of the president.
6. Kathy Griffin poses with a severed bloody head of the president.
7. Johnny Depp jokes about assassinating the President.
8. Madonna says she wants to blow up the White House.
9. Black Lives Matter chants they want dead cops and fry 'em like bacon.
10. Antifa routinely assaults conservatives.
11. AOC calls border agents Nazis and refuses to condemn violence against them.
12. The so-called "Squad" supports terrorists of Palestine and Hamas and routinely spews anti semitic rhetoric.
13. Congress refuses to call out Ilhan Omar for making anti semitic remarks.
14. Rashida Tlaib calls the president a motherf**ker
15. A Broadway play depicting the assassination of the President
16. 3 years of making half of the country believe that the President is a traitor and colluded with Russia knowing that it wasn't true. Calls for his public hanging.
17. 24hrs a day of the MSM calling him every name in the book
18. Leftists giving out addresses of Trump supporters
19. A MSNBC Anchor starts the hashtag massacre McConnell and leftists are now in his yard screaming wanting to stab him and break his neck.
Liberals, Get lost."

Will Chamberlain on Twitter - "Just in the last three days:
- @rezaaslan called to “eradicate” Kellyanne Conway
- @JoaquinCastrotx doxxed his retired constituents for donating to Trump
- @NicolleDWallace falsely stated that Trump wanted to exterminate Latinos
Who needs to tone down their rhetoric, exactly?"

Escape The Echo Chamber - Posts - "I’ve avoided the story about Ilhan Omar perhaps having married her brother to give him legal residency into the United States. The speculation was missing too much data to be convincing.Now I’m paying closer attention to the story. Omar has deleted this tweet from 2013 where she says Happy Father’s Day to a man with the same family name as her possible brother/ex-husband.This still could be a bogus story but this tidbit of information doesn’t help her case."

Ilhan Omar Complains That Americans Say ‘Al Qaeda’ Like It’s Bad - "Rep. Ilhan Omar has been called out for a 2013 interview in which she complained that Americans say “Al Qaeda” as though it’s something negative."

Fact Check: Ilhan Omar Did Not Praise Al-Qaeda, But Minimized It, Laughed, Compared to U.S. Army - "the most shocking claim Omar made in the interview with a local Minnesota television program was that U.S. foreign policy was responsible for acts of terrorism such as the Westgate shopping mall terror attack in Nairobi, Kenya, by the Somali terror group Al-Shabaab, who killed 71 people, mostly civilians.Omar also drew a moral equivalence between radical Islamic terror and “the violence that is done [by] the West,” which she said that the U.S. and other countries had “legitimized.” However, Omar did not actually endorse acts of radical Islamic terror, or praise Al Qaeda or other organizations.Instead, she complained that American Muslims were expected to denounce those acts of terror, and that the Arabic names of terror groups were emphasized.In the course of that complaint, she described a class on terrorism that she took at college. Laughing, she described the posture of her professor when he would say the Arabic names of terror groups, saying that “every time the professor said, ‘Al Qaeda,’ he, sort of, like, his shoulders went up.” He did not do the same when describing “the Army,” she said, suggesting the professor was prejudiced."

Imam Mohamad Tawhidi on Twitter - "Dear @realDonaldTrump,
Now, @IlhanMN and @RashidaTlaib are promoting Carlos Latuff; a cartoonist who drew a terrorist raising the flag of Saddam Hussein’s Ba’athist government, while stepping on a murdered US soldier.
A moderate Muslim wouldn’t do this. They’re both extremists."

Why Can't Ilhan Omar Condemn Al-Qaeda? - "Why hasn’t she put out a statement condemning the Al-Shabaab attack last week that killed TWO Americans? As a reminder, she did put out a statement back in 2013 about the Kenyan Mall attack by Al-Shabaab but it wasn’t condemning Al-Shabaab. Instead her statement was fueled with deep-seated hate for the United States of America claiming it was OUR nation’s fault the attack happened!... Omar was asked to condemn both Al-Qaeda and ANTIFA, two terrorist organizations.  She refused to condemn both terror orgs"

Being Classically Liberal - Posts - "When Ilhan Omar was asked about the American public's fear of jihadist terrorism and how it relates to "islamophobia." She responded by saying,"...our country should be more fearful of white men. Because they are actually causing most of the deaths within this country."So instead of tackling the question head on, she engage's in shameless and racist 'whataboutism' in a pathetic attempt to flip the tables on conservatives.This is the type of person Democrats have decided to stand behind.Note: Black Americans commit more homicide than White Americans, so even her claims about white violence are incorrect. (See the FBI data table referenced below.)"
Whataboutism is good when employed by liberals

Eddie Donovan, Ph.D. 🇺🇸 on Twitter - "New face of the Democratic Party @AyannaPressley asked if she would tell Americans to “stop violently attacking ICE facilities.” She remains *silent* She then *refuses* to condemn Antifa terrorists & threatens the reporter asking her questions"

Rep. Ayanna Pressley: "We Don't Need Any More Brown Faces That Don't Want To Be A Brown Voice" - "
I thought it was racist to expect minorities to speak for their whole community

Liberals Clarify They Only Want Black Voices To Be Heard When They're Saying Liberal Things | The Babylon Bee - "After some confusion was expressed by casual observers of apparent hypocrisy in their denunciation of Dave Chappelle's most recent comedy special, liberals from around the country clarified that they only want black voices to be heard when those voices are saying liberal-approved things... Mollison then offered to send Chappelle a list of the things that are OK for black people to say, such as that white people are evil, that everyone should be canceled for literally anything they tweeted a decade ago, and that Donald Trump is Hitler. "When black people agree with me, I very much want their voices to be heard," said Helga Bannerman, 28, Portland, she/they/her/xen. "When they don't agree with me, they're pretty much just not black anymore. They're basically an evil white person like me at that point. And the last thing we need on this planet is more white people like Dave Chappelle.""

Thread by @jaketapper - "House Democrats appeared unified in their votes this week but I've spent the day talking to a bunch of them and many are extremely frustrated... "The president won this one," said House Dem 1 of the Trump v Squad (AOC, Tlaib, Omar & Pressley) showdown. "What the president has done is politically brilliant. Pelosi was trying to marginalize these folks and the president has now identified the entire party with them."
Another issue: what are Dems focused on? Is it what will help the class of 2018 (largely more moderate than the Squad) get reelected?...
Other House Democrats are conflicted about having to defend the Squad given things they've said and done. House Dems cited: talk of supporting challengers to incumbent Dems in primaries, AOC's use of the term "concentration camps," anti-Semitic comments by Tlaib & Omar... Others noted that this week the House Democratic Caucus stood by a group that is not perceived as standing by them.  "I can't tell you the number of Members who are angry and annoyed about them criticizing us," said House Dem 3."

TJ Waggoner on Twitter - "Opinion: No politician in living memory has been treated as badly as Ilhan Omar"
"Rand Paul literally had to have part of a lung removed last week from a beating. Steve Scalise was shot and nearly died."
Not to mention JFK and Ronald Reagan getting shot. And if you're just talking about criticism, Trump holds the record for being savaged

Escape The Echo Chamber - Posts - "The 8-year-old girl who was parodying AOC has quit. The girl was doxxed on social media and her family has been receiving death threats.The words that go with the picture below:"Every time I plan a visit to the park it’s closed. Can everyone see how sad this makes me?""
Doxxing is good when it helps liberals

AOC sued over blocking Twitter users, following appeals court ruling on Trump - "Former Democratic New York Assemblyman Dov Hikind filed a lawsuit against Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y. in federal court on Tuesday for blocking users on Twitter based on their personal viewpoints, following a federal appeals court ruling earlier in the day barring President Trump from doing the same... "Just today the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed a ruling that elected officials cannot block individuals from their Twitter accounts, thereby setting a precedent that Ocasio-Cortez must follow," he added. "Twitter is a public space, and all should have access to the government officials on it."... Hikind, speaking to Fox News, added that in addition to himself, “several others, including journalists" have been blocked entirely from viewing or interacting with Ocasio-Cortez's tweets. (Twitter also permits Ocasio-Cortez to "mute" users so that she cannot see their responses, without blocking them from viewing her tweets entirely -- a middle-ground option U.S. District Judge Naomi Reice Buchwald had suggested to Trump.)The Daily Caller said Ocasio-Cortez blocked the site in May after it contradicted her claims on the Green New Deal rollout. Additionally, OANN's Liz Wheeler tweeted on July 5 that Ocasio-Cortez had blocked her, even though she was "respectful & civil."... "Ocasio-Cortez speaks in an accent that she never uses while telling a room of predominately black people that there is nothing wrong with them folding clothes, cooking, and driving other people around on a bus for a living," Saavedra wrote.Ocasio-Cortez responded that those "talking about [her] voice can step right off" and claimed she used a similar manner of speech when discussing Brett Kavanaugh and talking at the Women's March. Saavedra reportedly was blocked after finding and posting videos of those speeches that he said contradicted Ocasio-Cortez's claims."
I saw AOC supporters come up with very novel justifications for why she can block people but not Trump, including her not using her account for official purposes and her only not being able to block constituents

'4 horsewomen' of Dem 'squad' poll low amid Trump tweetfest, but their party is doing even worse - "The four Democratic congresswomen feuding with US President Donald Trump are not polling well nationwide, suggesting the president is right that “a lot of people love” his criticism of the women as anti-American “whack jobs.”Only Ayana Pressley (D-Massachusetts) had a positive public perception in an Economist/YouGov poll conducted in the two days following Trump’s Twitter attacks, with a net favorability rating of +4. Fully three-fifths of the 1,500 people YouGov polled online weren’t sure how they felt about her, however... centrists are reportedly not too happy about defending what they consider the radical fringe... Trump, on the other hand, is riding high among both members of his party and the general public, with some polls placing his nationwide approval rating as high as 50 percent"

New poll shows ICE much more liked than any single member of the radical ‘freshmen four’ - "U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement boasts a higher favorability rating than any member of the infamous Democrat “squad.”And this despite ICE being maligned nonstop by the media — and, conversely, the four members of the “squad” constantly being propped up by the media as “heroes” and “queens.”"

Poll: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez defining Democrats among crucial 2020 swing voters - "Top Democrats are circulating a poll showing that one of the House's most progressive members — Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez — has become a definitional face for the party with a crucial group of swing voters... These Democrats are sounding the alarm that swing voters know and dislike socialism, warning it could cost them the House and the presidency. The poll is making the rounds of some of the most influential Democrats in America."

Surge in voters who say race card used against Trump 'for political gain' - “The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 47% of all ‘Likely U.S. Voters’ think Trump is a racist, down slightly from 50% in January 2018. Slightly more (49%) disagree and say his opponents are accusing him of racism only for political gain, up from 43% in the earlier survey”

A Third of Dems Believe That Any White Politician Who Criticizes a Politician of Color is Racist - "If you’re a white politician and oppose raising taxes, you can debate higher taxes with another white politician, but if you have the same debate with a minority politician, you’re racist.Is it starting to make sense yet? This is why Democrats nominated Barack Obama in 2008, Hillary Clinton in 2016, and why you can bet anything there will be a minority on the Democratic ticket in 2020. Minority and women are human shields to the Democratic Party. Jon Del Arroz, a conservative science-fiction author who is Hispanic, summed up this attitude perfectly:
'Racist (n.): A white person.'"

Progressives Refuse To Define "White Supremacy" and "White Supremacist" - "All but a few Americans despise the Charlottesville tiki torch marchers and reject their thinking entirely, meaning that white supremacy’s not rampant in the United States, although it’s still a problem. AOC’s aim is to redefine white supremacy using vague terminology. Unable to provide concrete examples, she speaks mysteriously about viruses and sins that lurk within us simply because we’re Americans. Under her broadened re-definition, all political opponents, or even fellow Democrats who don’t fall in line, can be slimed with the “white supremacy” label. It’s a handy political weapon. We’re now seeing “white supremacy” applied even to those who want to see national borders controlled, a group not limited to Republicans. That’s fine with AOC, who’s already suggested that Nancy Pelosi’s criticisms of The Squad were racially-oriented, without offering a shred of evidence... By suggesting that all Trump voters support a white supremacist—essentially calling them racists—those six Democratic candidates are ditching their prospects of wooing a sizeable number of disaffected Trump voters. The second mistake they’re making is providing a portal through which the alt-right can enter the mainstream. If all Trump supporters at least tolerate a white supremacist, then why can’t the alt-right enter the public square too?"

Ocasio-Cortez Suggests Pelosi Is Targeting Her Because Pelosi Is Racist - "Ocasio-Cortez suggested to The Washington Post on Wednesday that Pelosi was a racist: "When these comments first started, I kind of thought that she was keeping the progressive flank at more of an arm's distance in order to protect more moderate members, which I understood. But the persistent singling out . . . it got to a point where it was just outright disrespectful . . . the explicit singling out of newly elected women of color."... "You have these wings — AOC, and her group on one side —" Lesley responded."That's like five people," Pelosi fired back."

Women Who Don't Believe Israel Has Right To Exist Not Sure Why They Got Banned From Israel | The Babylon Bee

Trump: ‘Only real winner here is Tlaib's grandmother. She doesn’t have to see her now!' - "Rep. Tlaib wrote a letter to Israeli officials desperately wanting to visit her grandmother. Permission was quickly granted, whereupon Tlaib obnoxiously turned the approval down, a complete setup. The only real winner here is Tlaib’s grandmother. She doesn’t have to see her now!"...
Both Tlaib and fellow anti-Semitic Muslim Rep. Ilhan Omar had been planning to visit Israel in the coming days as part of a trip funded by an anti-Semitic group whose members “have expressed support for terrorism against Israel.”When Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu learned of the trip, he promptly issued a ban on their visit, citing both the trip’s shady funding source and the Muslim congresswomen’s history of activism on behalf of the anti-Semitic Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement."

Jack Martens, Greenland Expedition Commander on Twitter - "@RashidaTlaib: "I need to visit my grandma, I love her"
"Okay, but no meeting with terrorists while you're here"
"Well I don't love her *that* much""

Josh Johnson - "Originally, I took the most issue in the way that Trump involved himself on Twitter calling for barring Omar and Tlaib from visiting their terrorist friends in the West Bank. That’s now the second worst part of this entire charade. The worst part is the organization Omar and Tlaib teamed up with to fund their propaganda campaign: Miftah. An anti Semitic NGO that cavorts with terrorist organizations, publishes praise of suicide bombers, including Dalal Mughrabi who murdered 38 Israeli civilians, 13 of them children in a single terror attack, has criticized Barack Obama for hosting a Passover at the White House, and has published papers accusing J*ws of murdering non-J*wish children to use their blood for Passover rituals. This is who Omar and Tlaib attach their reputations to in the name of “social justice”. Two US congresswoman no less. That this isn’t a scandal, *IS*, itself, a scandal. A horrifying one."

Unofficial Artist formally known as Diversity and Comics Yaboiposting - Posts - "In the social justice system, crimes against political correctness are considered especially heinous. In D.C., the dedicated NPCs who investigate these vicious hate crimes are members of an elite unit known as the Reeee Squad. These are their stories."

Hergitpa - Posts - "Things that didn't age well...
"Says Beto O’Rourke wants "open borders and wants to take our guns."
— Ted Cruz on Tuesday, March 6th, 2018 in an audio ad distributed to news organizations"

Beto O'Rourke: 'Hell, yes, we're going to take your AR-15, your AK-47' - "Presidential candidate Beto O'Rourke reiterated his support for a mandatory gun-buyback program of assault-style rifles on Thursday and said, "Hell, yes, we're going to take your AR-15, your AK-47.""

Beto Answers Dan Crenshaw’s Question: Would You Take Down The Border Wall? - "“Yes, absolutely. I’d take the wall down,” O’Rourke responded to MSNBC’s Chris Hayes when presented with Crenshaw’s question. O’Rourke said since a barrier was constructed on the border through the Secure Fence Act, Americans have not “in any demonstrative way” been made safer. However, Crenshaw’s tweet provided data from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), which showed illegal border crossings reduced significantly since the wall was in place. He also provided data showing a similar pattern in other border cities... Crenshaw immediately responded that “at least Beto is honest about his open border policy” since “most [Democrats] claim to support a secure border while simultaneously undermining it at every turn.”... Interestingly, O’Rourke has long argued against a border wall, despite still claiming to be against open borders"

Democrats may now actually believe in open borders. Big mistake - "The implication of their assorted positions and assertions is: Let them all in.While decrying conditions in existing detention facilities, they oppose adding any detention beds or building new facilities. If existing conditions are intolerable, but no additional capacity is to be added, then the only other alternative is to let everyone who shows up at the border into the country. The only concrete proposal Democrats have offered to staunch the flow of immigrants from these Central American countries is to restore and increase foreign aid to them. Democrats’ belief in the ameliorative powers of American foreign aid is, to borrow a Samuel Johnson phrase from an entirely different context, a triumph of hope over experience. In the meantime, the Democratic position seems to be: Let them all in... [Trump] announced immigration raids for those with deportation orders, which never materialized. Democrats denounced them. But if we aren’t going to deport those who have had their day in court and have been ordered out of the country, who are we going to deport? And without deportation, what are the consequences for violating American immigration laws?  If there are no consequences for violating American immigration laws, how is that different from having an open border? At this point, what immigration laws would Democrats be willing to enforce?  Democrats support amnesty for most of those currently in the country illegally. I agree with them. But should our immigration laws be ignored until Congress so acts? In the past, in exchange for amnesty, Democrats have been willing to support tougher enforcement of immigration laws in the future. As well as changing legal immigration from an emphasis on family unification to merit admissions based upon education and skills. At this point, it is no longer clear that Democrats would be willing to make that bargain."
July 2019
If every amnesty is followed by a new amnesty...

Democrats' Open Borders Immigration Policy - "Although Democrats routinely deny that they’re for open borders — dismissing the very suggestion as an outrageous slur — their reaction to Sunday’s violence by some of the Central American illegal aliens in Tijuana suggests otherwise.If Democrats criticize DHS for trying to prevent storming of the border, and for responding to attacks on its agents with non-lethal crowd-control measures like tear gas, then what border-control measures can they possibly be for? The border clash was the culmination of a series of policy choices by Democrats over the past several years, asymptotically approaching open borders. Although things are lousy in Central America, it was the Obama administration’s reaction to illegal immigration from there that created this flow. By releasing into the U.S. Central Americans bringing children with them, as well as releasing “unaccompanied” “minors” from Central America who were brought here by smugglers hired by their relatives in the U.S., the prior administration created a powerful incentive to head north. As a Salvadoran illegal alien who was released by the Border Patrol after crossing into Texas told my colleague Jerry Kammer in 2014: “We were watching CNN, and they were saying that the United States was giving opportunities to women with children. And since some neighbors of ours had come, we decided to try it.” The ruse these illegal immigrants have been using to get released is an asylum claim. Even though the vast majority of the claims are clearly without merit (and half of those released in order to pursue their applications never bother to follow through), the Left, both in and out of government, has encouraged their filing, and the prolongation of cases. Having incentivized the flow of Central American asylum seekers, the Democrats then opposed all the steps needed to prevent asylum from being used as a strategy for illegal immigration — such as amending the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act, overturning the Flores Settlement, raising the bar for a “credible fear” claim (the first hurdle in the asylum process), and funding more detention beds. And the incentives for bogus asylum claims come within the larger context of the Democrats challenging the very idea of enforcing immigration laws. Long before #AbolishICE became a rallying cry for the party’s socialist wing, Democratic bigwigs have been saying that no illegal alien should ever be sent home merely because he snuck into the country or overstayed  a visa. Nancy Pelosi in 2013 put it very clearly: “If somebody is here without sufficient documentation, that is not reason for deportation.” Hillary Clinton said much the same during one of the 2016 primary debates: “Of the people, the undocumented people living in our country, I do not want to see them deported.” Likewise with Bernie Sanders, at the same debate; in response to Jorge Ramos’s question, “And can you promise not to deport immigrants who don’t have a criminal record?” Sanders answered, “I can make that promise.”"

Joe Biden says that 'poor kids' are just as bright as 'white kids' - "Gaffe-prone presidential hopeful Joe Biden put his foot in his mouth during an Iowa campaign stop on Thursday when he told a group of predominately Asian and Hispanic voters that “poor kids are just as bright, just as talented, as white kids.”... Biden walked out of the Democratic primary debates last week red-faced after he accidentally told donors to “go to Joe 30330” when he meant to tell them to “text JOE to 30330″ to donate.On Monday, the befuddled 76-year-old bungled the locations of the El Paso and Dayton mass shootings when he expressed sympathy for the “tragic events in Houston today and also in Michigan the day before.”"

Biden tells Iowans: 'We choose truth over facts' - "Biden has a long record of stumbling over his words. Last week, he invented the term "expodentially" when speaking to reporters.During his second presidential primary debate, he made a number of slip-ups over statistics, phrases, and titles. He incorrectly warned that “ eight more years of Trump,” would “change America” fundamentally, though Trump is constitutionally limited to four more years after his term expires."

Democratic debate: Joe Biden accidentally refers to Bernie Sanders as 'the president' in heated exchange

Biden sparks outrage after suggesting black people don't know how to raise children: 'Put the record player on at night' - "They don’t know quite what to do. Play the radio. Make sure the television – excuse me, make sure you have the record player on at night.”

Pelosi’s House Discipline - WSJ - "Having spent so long defaming conservatives as racists, progressives can’t stop turning the accusation on each other. Two weeks ago Democratic presidential contenders all but called Joe Biden a segregationist. This week Nancy Pelosi got a taste of her party’s poison... The four—in addition to trumpeting socialist measures, flirting with anti-Semitism and using Twitter to criticize moderates in their own party—voted against last month’s emergency spending bill for the southern border. They did so even though three of them have compared what’s happening at the border to the Holocaust. Mrs. Pelosi told the New York Times that these Members “have their public whatever and their Twitter world. But they didn’t have any following. They’re four people and that’s how many votes they got.”... “You got a complaint?” she reportedly said to Democratic colleagues in a closed-door meeting on Wednesday. “You come and talk to me about it. But do not tweet about our members and expect us to think that that is just OK.”With that, Ms. Ocasio-Cortez decided to resort to her default defense. This “persistent singling out,” she told the Washington Post, has reached “a point where it was just outright disrespectful . . . the explicit singling out of newly elected women of color.”And there it is—the old accusation of racial animosity. We should have seen it coming. We’re no fans of Mrs. Pelosi’s politics, but the suggestion that her criticisms had anything remotely to do with the color of these four women’s skin is preposterous.Not that Mrs. Pelosi is above playing the color card herself. Last year the Speaker explicitly called Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell a racist. “When the Republicans took power when President Obama was President of the United States,” she said on MSNBC, “what Mitch McConnell said is, ‘The most important thing we can do is to make sure he does not succeed.’ If that wasn’t a racist statement. That is unthinkable.”... Mrs. Pelosi is exercising much-needed adult supervision over her caucus, as she also has in ducking impeachment. Perhaps she, and others, will also be less inclined to use race as a political weapon now that it has been used against her."

Americans Turned to Trump to Roll Back the Progressive Tide - WSJ - "As one looks upon the people who attend Mr. Trump’s rallies, one sees the faces not of Hillary Clinton ’s “deplorables” but of the proletariat out of which Karl Marx ’s dictatorship was supposed to derive. Yet these people, despite the progressives’ promises to them of free Medicare, free college tuition, and the rest, want nothing to do with Sens. Warren, Sanders, Booker & Co. Quite the reverse: They loathe them. The man who attends a Trump rally turns on his television set and that night’s news leads off with a Black Lives Matter protest in his city. If that city is Chicago, he might recall that this year some 2,619 people have been shot, 475 shot and killed, the preponderance of these being black people shot by black youth gangs. If it is another city, there is a distinct possibility, as fairly often in the past, that the protest will lead to looting of nearby shops. Al Sharpton, nattily turned out, is likely to have flown in for the festivities to remind everyone about the world’s injustice.Our man changes channels and is greeted by a story of a long and happy lesbian marriage. He reads in the papers that people are fired from jobs for remarks that, under the reign of political correctness, are interpreted as racist, sexist, you name it; that students feel unsafe at Yale; that a year’s tuition, room and board at Dartmouth is $74,000. Doubtless before long he will read a story about an 11-year-old who is suing his parents for not allowing him to transgender himself.Oh God, he thinks, make America great again, make America straight again, make America anything but what it is becoming... Trump was chosen as a rebuke to the progressivism that has made life in America seem chaotic, if not a touch mad, and that now threatens to take over the Democratic Party... The pull to the left of the Democratic Party is Donald Trump’s greatest hope for re-election, while Mr. Trump’s behavior is the greatest force pulling Democrats still further to the left. Tariffs, trade agreements, even immigration policy seem slightly beside the point when, as now, not two different parties but two radically different views of the good life dominate public discourse. And so things go, two ends without a middle. The shame is that most Americans find themselves in that missing middle, helpless without a party, hopeless without a leader. Politics has rarely seemed so dismal."

Araragi brushing his little sisters teeth :)

Damn japs

Links - 11th October 2019 (1)

The Trouble With Day Care - "kids who spend long hours in day care have behavior problems that persist well into elementary school. About 26 percent of children who spend more than 45 hours per week in day care go on to have serious behavior problems at kindergarten age. In contrast, only 10 percent of kids who spend less than 10 hours per week have equivalent problems. Developmental psychologists are sweeping this information under the rug, hoping studies will churn out better data soon, argues Jay Belsky, a child development researcher at London's Birbeck College and a longtime critic of his fellow scientists. He contends that the field of developmental psychology is monopolized by women with a "liberal progressive feminist" bias. "Their concern is to not make mothers feel bad," he says... Children in full-time day care were close to three times more likely to show behavior problems than those cared for by their mothers at home... Belsky has been outspoken on the issue for decades. In the 1980s, his studies showed that children spending long hours in day care had higher levels of aggression than those raised by their mothers. Detractors excoriated him then for using bad science to criticize working women... Data from a government study show a strong link between the total hours per week a child spends in day care and behavior problems at age 5. The 113 behaviors surveyed include frequent arguing, temper tantrums, lying, hitting and unpredictable conduct."

Long-term relationships may reduce women's sex drive - "The study found that women who had stayed in the same monogamous relationship over the entire 7-year observation period experienced the greatest decrease in sexual desire.By contrast, women who had found a new partner over the study duration experienced lower decreases in sexual desire.Women who were single at the end of the observation period reported stable sexual desire."

The Big Read: Unable to make ends meet on their own, low-income households find ways to get by - "On average, the bottom 20 per cent of households are each spending S$2,570 a month while having a monthly income of S$2,235, which include regular government transfers such as Workfare. This  means a shortfall of S$335 on average each month. This was the only income group whose income was lower than their expenditure, according to the survey conducted by the Department of Statistics (Singstat) from October 2017 to September last year. Nevertheless, such a situation has persisted for at least the past decade... the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) noted that a number of households in the bottom 20 per cent  “may be semi-retired households who are able to tap on other sources of income” — for example, savings, allowances from children, and Central Provident Fund payouts — for their household expenses.The ministry added that in its Household Income Trends report last year, Singstat noted that about 45 per cent of resident employed households in the bottom decile were headed by persons aged 60 years and above, while some owned a car, employed a maid, or lived in private property... some resort to borrowing from friends and relatives — and end up in a spiral of debt... Asked if he had tried seeking financial assistance, he said that he can still manage for the time being. His neighbours had suggested to him to go to speak with his MP, but he said: “I don't intend to do that, not now. Now still okay.”... Today, a can of milk powder can cost under S$30 and there is a wider range of options compared with two years ago... Freelance dishwasher Rajasheker Narayanasamy, 58, said he spends almost S$1,500 on alcohol and cigarettes each month. This is two-thirds of his S$2,000 wage, which fluctuates because a problematic knee cap leaves him unable to work at times.“I drink so that I can go to sleep at night. Otherwise, the pains in my body will cause me to lose sleep”... the proportions of low-income households and those living in one- and two-room public flats who have creature comforts — namely air-conditioners and Internet subscriptions — have increased significantly compared with five years ago"

Water spat with S'pore mirrors gov't treatment of minorities - "If Malaysia thinks the price of raw water sold to Singapore is too low, why did they not negotiate a higher price in 1987 and then in 1990? Crucially, why did they extend the expiration date to 2061?Whatever the dispute between Singapore and Malaysia, the latest agreement supersedes previous ones. By harping on the 1962 agreement, it gives the impression that Mahathir is trying to shirk his responsibilities.If Malaysians feel shortchanged now, they can only blame themselves. Or rather, they can blame Mahathir because he was the one who signed the agreement. It is rather disingenuous for Mahathir to come out now playing the role of the victim and saviour... The cost of raw water is zero. It literally falls from the sky. Even though Malaysia only gets RM0.03/thousand gallons, it is still pure profit. If not sold to Singapore, Malaysia would make zero ringgit on the water.Furthermore, Malaysia is paying RM0.47 (RM0.50 – RM0.03) for something that costs RM2.40 to purify. In essence, Singapore is effectively subsidising Malaysia to the tune of RM1.90/thousand gallons! As the exchange rate between the ringgit and the Singapore dollar widens over time, the subsidy to Johor will only grow. Furthermore, Malaysia, at times, drew more treated water than the 5 million gallons agreed upon. Singapore still charges Malaysia the RM0.50 price. If anyone should complain about being exploited, it should have been Singapore.If Malaysia can purify water at less than RM0.50, then it makes economic sense to do it themselves but it is unlikely they can do so, ever. Hence the decision to extend the 1962 arrangement until 2061... How the Malaysian government treats its smaller neighbour shows a similar pattern of behaviour with respect to the way it treats its minorities, and it offers insight on how the Malaysian government operates.First of all, they do not view an agreement or manifesto as sacrosanct. Making promises is only a matter of expediency. Shifting goal posts to benefit oneself is par for the course. It shows people they are untrustworthy, fickle partners. A government that is beset by trust deficiency is like a person with a low credit score. It increases the cost of conducting business with and by the government. The bill ultimately goes to the taxpayers... The minorities did the bulk of heavy lifting in developing this country. Without their effort, rain will simply seep into the soil, tin mines remain buried, rubber trees untapped, farms left barren, cities unfounded, schools not established. Today’s menial jobs that are often done by foreign labourers, not unlike the jobs done by the forefathers of the minorities before Independence.The Malay privileged class reaped tremendous benefits on the back and effort of the minorities, kept most of the profits while keeping their rural brethren poor and ignorant. But instead of being grateful, it is the benefactor that is hounded and reminded to be grateful for the “privilege” of creating wealth for the masses. This is a typical mafia, rent-seeking mindset. The recent resurfaced AP brouhaha is a classic example.The agencies created to benefit exclusively the Malays/Muslims like Mara, Felda, Tabung Haji, not to mention the GLCs like KTM, MAS etc, have to be repeatedly bailed out with tax monies. Untold billions syphoned out of the country or hidden in condominiums and bungalows. Yet, it is the minorities who get blamed for the backwardness of the majority.This is still how the Malaysian government operates. This is the Malaysian dilemma"

Malaysians Can Grow Their Own Marijuana with Permission from MOH - "Did you know you can actually grow marijuana in Malaysia for medical and research purposes? The only caveat here is that you need to obtain permission from the Ministry of Health first."

Malaysia’s Chinese independent schools face uphill climb in quest for qualification recognition - "There has been a trend of more non-Chinese sending their children to Chinese-medium schools. This year, close to 82,000 students are studying in Chinese independent schools nationwide. According to 2018 data, about 1.5 per cent of the student population in these schools are non-Chinese.Parents believe the Chinese schools have an edge... Mr Robert, a retired police officer, opined that UEC recognition would give all students a level playing field and have everyone compete fairly... Muslim Consumer Association of Malaysia chairman Nadzim Johan, who studied in a Chinese school, had all his children go through at least a Chinese primary school education. One of his daughters even attended the Confucian Private Secondary School in Kuala Lumpur.“Because we see the benefits from whatever was taught in Chinese culture, we need to take advantage of that to do well in life.“When I was sending my daughter to Confucian, I wasn’t looking at the recognition even,” said Mr Nadzim. “I want my kids to learn cultural traits such as work ethic.”Ms Syamimi Yahaya, 33, who graduated from Pay Fong Middle School in 2005, said her parents saw the value of mastering a second language. Two of her sisters also attended Pay Fong... Her six years in Pay Fong paid off eventually when she was entrusted with important responsibilities at work. She found employment in a shipping company after obtaining a diploma.“Since I have a UEC and I can speak and understand Mandarin, my boss asked me to handle the China accounts,” she said... others say that the UEC is a threat to national unity, while sidelining students that went through the national education system... In fact, the UEC students would be taking up places reserved for the Chinese students who sit for the STPM exams... Prof Teo opined that Chinese mother tongue education in Malaysia - be it the national Chinese primary schools or the Chinese independent schools - is indirectly a stumbling block to national unity.While the students are required to study English and Malay, they speak Mandarin, tend to read Chinese newspapers and watch Chinese television programmes, he observed.“They live a national life that is very much detached from other communities ... In short, living in the ‘Chinese world in Malaysia’ has made these Chinese less national or not national at all, and this is the very way that undermines the status of Malay as the national and official language of the country”... Dr Oh Ei Sun, senior fellow with Singapore Institute of International Affairs, begged to differ. Unity, he said, cannot come at a price of submission and assimilation.“Unity must be based on equality. We must have due respect for all the different cultures and races. Each must have equal standing. Unity at the price of sacrificing one’s own culture is unacceptable to many of us,” he said.Dr Oh, a UEC holder, said characterising Chinese independent schools as a threat to national unity is a biased approach.“Switzerland, for example, has four major languages - Swiss German, French, Italian and Romansh. The people speak their own mother tongue and come together as a country. It doesn't mean that if you have different languages, you are not one country," he said."That is racial supremacy. Students of Chinese independent schools refuse to accept this sort of inequality, this sort of racial, linguistic and cultural supremacy.”"
Apparently it's not unfair that there's a racial quota for STPM

Chinese Schools Actually Promotes Unity, Says Malay UEC Graduate - "The 29-year-old told FMT of her first-hand experience, relating how her primary and secondary school education in Chinese schools had taught her how to interact better with those of other races.
“In a way, it (Chinese school education) taught me the value of acceptance. Instead of demanding people respect and understand my needs, I learnt how to tolerate other people’s points of view as well.”
She also mentioned that her non-Malay friends were sensitive about the halal and haram aspect of her religion and even showed deep interest in the way Malays live... When asked about the common perception of Chinese school students only mingling among themselves, Farah said that it is not true, because everyone in her school mingled freely with those of different races...
“It’s the same as going to expensive international schools, right? Does that mean that international schools do not promote unity by segregating the rich from the poor?“And what proof do we have that national schools really promote unity among the races? “At Foon Yew (Chinese school), they preach the ‘Foon Yew people’ principle, where students are taught not to discriminate against those of other races. Everyone is equal.”"

Smile Makers Launched in Malaysia - "according to a “Malaysian Women Sexual Health and Well-being” survey, 79% of Malaysian women talk about sex in general as well as their own sex lives with their partners and friends...
  65% of Malaysian women are sexually satisfied.
73% of Malaysian women feel they are in control of their sexual satisfaction.
68% of Malaysian women feel sexual satisfaction is important.
9 out of 10 Malaysian women view women who own a vibrator positively and neutrally, thinking them to be open to new experiences and fun & spontaneous...
 58% of Malaysian women have used a personal lubricant, which is higher than other Asian countries.
Over half of women in Malaysia are more open to either using, or the idea of trying out a vibrator than many Asian and European counterparts."

20 Malaysian Sexual Facts Every Malaysian Should Know - "1.Malaysia is the leading producer of latex condoms.
The Malaysian Rubber Export Promotion Council said Malaysia has captured at least one-third of the world’s production, surpassing the one billion mark. . Malaysia is the world’s largest condom producing country and is also home to the biggest condom manufacturer.
The average age of having sexual intercourse for the first time for Malaysians, 23, is among the highest around the world...
39% of Malaysian women confessed that they have cheated on their partners before in the poll which covered 29,000 in 36 countries.The Malaysian women came third behind Ghana (62 per cent) and Thailand (59 per cent) in the worldwide survey carried out by condom producer Durex. In fourth and fifth place were Russia (33 per cent) and Singapore (19 per cent) respectively.
... Malaysia ranks in the bottom eight countries of least sexually satisfied countries.
7. 74% of Malaysians are having sex at least once a week
Facts say that 74% of Malaysians are having sex at least once a week, putting our country in the Top 10 list compiled worldwide ranked according to percentage; to be more exact No. 7 after Greece , Brazil, Russia, China, Italy  and Poland...
Among the Southeast Asia countries, Malaysia ranked the second lowest at 66.7%, after South Korea at 65.0%, where respondents said they had never experienced an unplanned pregnancy.
Global average: 5.5 inches
South East Asian average: 4.3 inches
Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore: 4.5 inches"
The penis size data seems (especially) dodgy

Penis size: the long and the short of it - "If you’re hung up on penis size, here’s the long and short of it: 13.1cm, or 5.2 inches. That’s the average length of an erect penis, according to a new study by researchers at King’s College London"

The Big P - Marie Claire Malaysia - "I have published a study in 1997 on the length of the penis of Malaysian men and found that the average length of the erect penis is 12.11cm (4.8 inches). Men with short penises would therefore be those of an erect length below 8.57cm"
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