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Saturday, March 06, 2004

Israeli rabbi urges pig fat use to stop bombers

"A prominent Israeli rabbi has proposed hanging bags of pig fat in buses to deter Muslim suicide bombers who may want to avoid contact with an "unclean" animal, an Israeli official says."

If it won't stop Jews from taking the buses, why would it stop Muslims from bombing them? This measure is even supported by their Deputy Public Security Minister.

Look what happened, however, in 2001:

"A Thai lawmaker resigned Tuesday to douse widespread anger he caused by suggesting that Islamic countries guilty of harboring terrorists should be bombed with "pork fat bombs.""

Oh well.

I want to read China's "2003 US Rights Violation Record"!

The Rainbow Plucking Orgy

"Pluck me! Blatant Rainbow inuendo... For those of you who don't know, Rainbow was a credible childrens TV show from the 70's and 80's. This clip was actually broadcast and watched by millions of youngans (maybe)."

The more I watch it, the more suspicious it gets, what with lines such as:

"I think Geoffrey is trying to get him up"

"Yes Bungle, do you have a special friend that you like to play with?"
"Yesterday we played with each other's balls. Are we going to play with our friend's balls today?
"Yes, and we can play with our twangers as well."
(to camera) "Have you seen Bungles twanger?"
"Oh I have, I showed him how to pluck with it."

"We could hear you all banging away"
"Banging can be fun."
"Ooooh yes, and I was banging away all last night with Rod and Freddy."
(looking sad) "Yes, but it broke my plucking instrument."
( to Jane ) "Do you want to blow on my pipe while I'm twanging away?"
"Oh no, I was banging away with Freddy last night. But would you like to play with my maracas?"

(full transcript)

Hmm, which pair should I get? Apparently the former is better for those with flat feet (so says the 46SAR Routine Orders. Curiously, 42SAR's was silent on this matter). Poor suffering got both pairs. Bah.
More Search referrals:

Bukit Batok Chinese Medicine Infertility - Chinese Medicine for infertility is more likely to make you *even* more infertile.

are there anymore hentai simgirl games that i can try without signing up - I don't think so.

superhero steven lim - I love Handsome Boy, Steven Lim. Don't you?

"raffles girls" nude - This was followed 20 mins later by: "nanyang girls" nude. Underage Singapore schoolgirl porn sure is popular.

tumbled down factory poser

"infantry jokes" - Here's one. Why was the gay infantry platoon so proud of themselves? Because they were the "Queen of the Battlefield" Har. Har. Har.

sylvester zaogeng - (If it refers to the cat) He's already naked, why do you need him to zaogeng?

medic test american's army game - I don't think that game can model a medic test.

DIY bust enhancement massage - See what they're doing in Thailand.

naked pictures of piqua girls - What are piqua girls?

"pms" and "girls living together" - I think the person was looking for the period synchronisation thing.

Krusty Burger uniforms - See this.

gotong-royong (pot-luck) - Indonesia boleh!

nus blog fuck - I don't think Singaporean students are that open about their sexual liasons just yet.

singapore girls enhance bust advertisement - I wonder if bust enhancement is so popular and in the mainstream elsewhere.

email pictures of xray bottle stuck vagina - Ouch.

underwater tomb at macritchie reservoir - Maybe it contains gold to solve any financial problems Thailand has.

Raffles junior college zaogeng - I'd suggest Kazaa, but it seems Kazaa's dead in the water. I wonder where all the aficionados of S'pore porn have fled to.

Singaporean gays fucking

blog of scgs girls

Can I see Serene's big boobs? - No.

singapore secondary girls naked

gabriel friends - HAHAHA. Ahem.

SAF Ward - A really nice place to be, I'm told. You get to watch TV the whole day. I went there once and it was really spacious and the air was cool.

pussy eating halal - I don't think so. Haram! Haram!

anna hug raffles - ?!

pictures of people eating feces - Eek.

pixel porn gssq.blogspot - ASCII porn I assume

fuck movie chip malay - Chip? V-Chip?

melayu sex weblog

guiness world record for longest earlobes - Should be some Indo-Chinese tribe

forum + "Raffles institution" + gay

samurai swordsmen penis - I doubt they were out of the ordinary.

sword of Gabriel - My sword's rusting due to lack of care. Maybe if I get a good longsword I'll polish it every week.

chio swimwear - More chio than the people in them, at any rate.

"national service" malaysia nude - Birthday suits beat the disgusting blue uniforms anyday!

"plush sushi"

tomoko answers simgirl - Sorry, I didn't manage to complete that game either.

Website of Big Bird and Kermit the Frog Stoned - Bert is Evil has a brother site now?

Erotic elves legolas yaoi - Melding them with the Japanese tradition (and drawing them with gigantic eyes, I assume) is just plain wrong.

"how to" "opt out" eldershield - I doubt my blog's a good source of information on Singapore government policies and mechanics

"travis ho" singapore age - One year my junior.

virus automatically silencing winamp audio

melbourne, muslim housemate

funny girls

nude photos of fucking contests that gets past filters - Filters are pretty easy to bypass.

What is the disease in which females are born with male - Cloacal exstrophy, perhaps? Or Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia? I'm not an expert on intersexuality.

kermit fucks piggy - That'd be a sight. Bestiality!

balanced reports about expats having animals - ?!

I'm thinking of trying NewsMonster but I think most blogs I read don't have RSS/Atom feeds.

Mystery MP3 of the week.

Someone has responded about how Bob Manahan (aka Zordon) died. At least he passed away peacefully in his sleep.

[Addendum: Since the site is now down, here's what it used to say:

"Posted by Rob Petitt on February 07, 2004 at 00:27:05:

In Reply to: Bob Manahan aka Zordon posted by Agagooga on September 28, 2003 at 05:58:07:

: Does anyone know how he died?

How much information do you want? I can tell you that he passed away in his sleep in San Jose, CA. What I had heard from his brother and father was that it was a heart issue, possibly aneurism. Some might list this as a heart attack.

He was a very close personal friend of mine for many years, going all the way back to the late 1960's. I think of him every day."]

The Ultimate Crossover

The Year: 1997

The Place: Earth's Pacific Rim

The Problem: Zedd and Rita have attacked!

The BIG Problem: There's no Zordon!!

Without the Power Rangers, Zedd's first attacks can't be repelled. The Pacific Rim falls victim to a massive air strike, destroying most major cities and forcing the human survivors underground. But don't count the survivors out just yet....

The Ultimate Crossover pulls characters from:

Power Rangers

VR Troopers

Superhuman Samuri Syber Squad


Big Bad Beetleborgs

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Seven Days

Sailor Moon

Stargate SG-1

Masked Rider

The Sentinel

Gundam Wing


Harry Potter

Action Man

Real Ghostbusters

Max Steel

The Ultimate Crossover, a dual-author project between Jennifer Bigley and Ellen Brand, is still in production. Basically, Ellen's waiting for Jen to get off her duff and write the first few segments. Watch for updates in The Castle Times as they happen.

Sounds promising, if they actually get down to writing it.
NSFs - our very own Banglas, if much weaker and grossly less efficient

We just had our third bunk/furniture moving in 8 months. The second was totally pointless, and the first and this only slightly less so. The abbreviated story is as follows: For BMT, the companies didn't have enough furniture, so HQ moved its furniture down, and got double decker beds and new cupboards. After BMT, some people got posted out and though some were posted in, not enough were posted to make up for the shortfall, so there were extra beds and cupboards. Now, we're having a fourth company, so our double decker beds and cupboards are being sent there, and we are getting our old cupboards and beds back. Now, what we did is the most obvious thing to do in the situations we were faced with, but it is hardly the most elegant solution and some of its many faults will be detailed shortly. I am sure that a better solution could have been conceived, for after all, the SAF is famed for its efficiency, ingenuity and logistical expertise.

I think that, if we'd all contributed $3-5 of our own money to a common pot, we'd have been able to hire maybe 30 banglas [Ed: Affectionate term for Bangladeshi Workers] - our modern day Stakhanovites, and pillars of the modern Singapore economy - to do the bunk shifting, instead of using over 100 of us. This would be possible since they are so much better at doing what they do than we are - it takes 6 of us to move a cupboard up one flight of stairs, but 2 banglas can carry the same cupboard up 3 flights without even breaking a sweat. We would even be able to throw in free breakfast and lunch, killing 2 birds with 1 stone, since our rations are always under-consumed. In fact, if the unit had used the money they'd spent on giving us, a few weeks before, notebook covers with the Battalion logo and vision on them, to hire the banglas, we'd all have appreciated this more. If we'd hired Banglas, we would then have been freed of 2 days of meaningless labour and left to do more productive things, to make (marginally) better use of our various talents and skills.

Now, it's not just because we're lazy that we advocated the hiring of the banglas. There is, as always, a more tenable (to the SAF) reason. With all this furniture shifting, a significant amount of the furniture has suffered irreversible damage - many scratches have appeared on the cupboards, drawer keys have gone missing, clothes hooks have broken, metal parts securing cupboard doors have disappeared, wooden beams on bedframes to support the mattresses have broken, some mattresses have lost their bounciness and burst springs and more. If nothing else, with the number of mirrors that were broken, 42SAR will have bad luck for the next few decades. Now, if we'd hired banglas, who are greatly more skilled at such tasks, and further, can be charged for damages, I doubt if we'd have a tenth of the furniture damage that we now have. Thanks to the SAF's shortsightedness, it had now incurred a greater cost for itself - damaged furniture which will have to be replaced sooner.

Incidentally, at one point we were told to put on our shirts because it was a "safety" issue - without them we'd "get scratched". Like the shirts would protect us much against scratches anyway. And what about the greater risk of heat stroke? Would that not have been more of a safety hazard than scratches?

SAF and the Media

FOUR Singapore Armed Forces soldiers were injured yesterday morning when a bullet, jammed in the chamber of a heavy machine gun, exploded in their faces as they tried to dislodge it.

The incident occurred during a live-firing exercise, after the 0.5-inch calibre weapon mounted on an armoured vehicle jammed while a full-time NSman was firing it.

The stuck round exploded while the NSman and a safety officer tried to rectify the problem.

The soldier who had been firing the gun was the most seriously wounded - shrapnel from the exploding round hit his face and eyes.

He is now in a stable condition and is warded at the National University Hospital.

The safety officer and two other full-time NSmen nearby were also hurt.

They suffered minor injuries and received outpatient treatment at the hospital.

All four soldiers, aged between 20 and 24, are trainees at the SAF's Armour Training Centre at Sungei Gedong Camp in Lim Chu Kang.

I was at first pleasantly surprised that this incident was reported in the papers with only minor inaccuracies the following day and on CNA the same day, for even though there has been a welcome move towards transparency recently, I didn't think that they'd be so forthright. Later, however, the real reason was revealed - the press was at the gates of our camp less than an hour after the event. I assume someone had tipped them off.

Now, MINDEF does not like to report this sort of incident for a variety of reasons: the negative publicity and the loss of trust in the SAF, people knowing that it injures its slaves now and then, speculation and (the most charitable explanation) that it is best to wait for the investigation to conclude, to establish the facts definitively.

Negative publicity should not be an issue, for the SAF should be able to defend its actions and practices in public, if it is able. If it is not, no one should be able to censor such news with the excuse that it would cause a loss of trust in the SAF, for then it would be justified.

Speculation is feared for it could lead to confusion and misconceptions arising in the public, especially in the absence of an official, definitive version of the facts. However, speculation thrives best in the fertile ground of uncertainty and silence, and the SAF, in keeping mum about facts until investigations are complete, and holding slaves to silence with ominous and vague threats, is actually sowing the seeds of its downfall, for there is no harm releasing preliminary findings, or even eyewitness reports, for if nothing is said, it is usually assumed that there is something to hide.

Even if we accept the last explanation, it does seem fortuitous that by the time the investigation ends, no one will care about the incident if it isn't too major, and it will be relegated to a footnote in the papers, below a story about how a cat was saved from an angsana tree by brave firemen, and no one will think to question the why and wherefore of the incident, for news is current and immediate, and no one cares about stale news. If we accepted this kind of excuse, all the news we got would be 2 months old, having had to be researched and vetted by a committee ensuring that the "true facts" of the incident were reported.

Furthermore, the public has a right to know how the flower of their youth are sacrificing their eyesight in the name of Our Defense, especially since this is an army of slaves, press-ganged and thrust wide-eyed into a dangerous new world, and not regulars who have made a Faustian bargain, sacrificing their freedom (and much else) for duty, honour, glory and - dare I say - money.

My 8km route march

As part of our training for Exercise Lancer, we had a 8km route march. As usual, I was placed at the front. Why they persist in placing me at the front dring runs, route marches and what not, I do not know, for I inevitably end up at the back, in the "Gabriel detail". What is more, I block all the people trying to overtake me and get prematurely tired out trying to keep up with the rest at first.

By the time the rest of the company had reached the rest point at the 4km mark, I was about 600m behind the rest of them, so they got a little more rest than they would have gotten otherwise. About midway through the 5th (of 6th) round, a clip on my field pack fortuitiously broke while I was taking it off my shoulders. I then brought it all the way to the safety minivan by bear-hugging it and carried on. My load was now lighter, but after an initial burst of energy, it seemed almost as hard as ever to continue, due to my generalised exhaustion and foot pain (both due to blisters and my collapsed arches).

Near the ending of the last round, I felt my strength ebbing and my breathing became more laboured. I tried to slow down. Then the "motivation" started. People were understandably upset, for they'd walked with me at my torturingly slow pace and wasted a lot of time. However, I'd never asked them to walk with me, and would rather have had them go on by themselves.

The lines and insults that people like to shout to "motivate" others never work on me, for they appeal to my non-existent sense of male pride. Nevertheless, in some odd way they do drag my mental state down.

"Are you a pussy or are you a man?"
Now, obviously one answer is meant to have negative connotations, and another positive ones. Not to me, though. Though I have some antipathy towards cats, pussies are cute, sweet, innocent, lovable and soft. And they purr. To be a "man", on the other hand, has connotations of insensitivity, thinking with your gonads, having no empathy, being testosterone driven and placing value in empty things like puerile physical or foolhardy feats. Anyhow, I never asked to be born male, and to expect ALL males to possess certain attributes and characteristics is sexist. If females can be soldiers, it follows that not all males are suited to be enslaved.

"I let you take off your field pack already, what else do you want?"
Interesting question. How about not having a field pack in the first place? How about not doing the route march? How about being in another unit? How about ORDing now? How about not being enslaved in the first place? While we're there, I would also like someone back, a million in the bank, the Cure for Cancer to be discovered and World Peace.

And so, the cumulative stress was too much to bear, and I broke down again, like I did at the 12km checkpoint of the 16km route march last September - crying, screaming, ululation, lying on the road and banging my fists on the tarmac, and I had to be hauled up and led bodily to the end point.

It is also upsetting that some people seem to think that this is all an act. I suppose only the sight of mangled dead bodies would convince them of the truth of the matter. Oh wait. Death need not necessarily be an intention - it could just be an act gone wrong.

In Sungei Gedong

We had stairs training, starting off with SBO attire and just over half an hour of clambering up the staircases. This was considered "light" and already I felt like fainting. This is not looking good. And apparently it can lead to osteoarthritis in 2-3 decades' time, so we won't be able to claim money from the SAF for it.

I swear - nowadays, 75% of the time, one of the two choices of breakfasts we get is either "fried egg noodles" or "fried Hongkong noodles", and I am unable to discern any difference between the two of them. Furthermore, by the time I eat breakfast, there is almost always only one choice left. Namely, the fried egg/Hongkong noodles. Now, I like fried egg/Hongkong noodles, but eating it almost daily is making me sick.

SFI experiments in breakfast foods can go horribly wrong - who can forget such abominations as the "curry pao" and "sardine pao" from Islamic Food Industries? However, one experiment that has come out well is the "vegetable pao", provided by Khong Guan. This is actually a pao which has soon kueh stuffing inside. It might not sound very nice, but it does taste quite good. Incidentally, I suspect that SFI provides its food suppliers with convenient guinea pigs (ie us) to test out new products, since I've never seen the "vegetable pao" outside of SFI cookhouses, nor, come to think of it the "curry pao" or "sardine pao".

A recent tasty cookhouse innovation is the "Eight Treasure" vegetable dish. I tried counting the ingredients and came up with the following: cauliflower, broccoli, two types of mushrooms (one button), red pepper, green pepper, yellow pepper, celery and carrot. That's 9 ingredients. Oh well.

The fourth combat company of 42SAR has enlisted, and is now doing BMT. This puts them out of sync with the rest, but I guess they're supposed to be special. Hell, they even get Vitamin C pills every night - maybe the SAF is trying to train Biologically-Enhanced Warriors. They new company's name has been changed from "Cougar" to "Paladin". This makes slightly more sense in the sense that "P" is closer to "J", "K", "L" and "S", but breaks with the Great Tradition of naming each company after a cat. Thus, I have chosen to call "P" Company "Pussy" Company.

Some things that piss me off:
- being kept away from my workplace constantly because of various stupid activities, and then being expected to perform my job as if I were around all the time. If it comes down to it, I think I've done less than I am expected to do, but more than I could be reasonably expected to
- people stealing my stationery, especially stationery that I've paid and isn't SAF-issued
- people taking my "stores" for granted, yet refusing to help me acquire more for immediate consumption

Medical Centre

Someone was playing with his saliva and making sounds with it, and a big glob fell on the floor. Ugh. I thought people stopped playing with saliva in primary school.

During enlistment day of my unit's fourth company, there was an obligatory tour of the medical centre, and desperate people were peeking through the blinds at the ah lians and aunties. I remarked on this giving negative utility and someone pointed out that they had nothing better to do. I was amused at someone bringing his dog along, though.

Early one morning at about 7:15, I was proceeding to the medical centre to take over as duty medic. My beret was on, and my lightly-laden (for once) bag slung over my shoulder. As I was entering the School of Armour car porch, a platoon-sized group in PT Kit was filing past. Suddenly, one of them turned around and the following exchange ensued:

Guy: Boss (?) tiam! Good morning Sir! *salutes me smartly*
Me: I'm not a "Sir". You can carry on. Thank you.

Their hair was too long for them to be recruits. Maybe it was too early for their brains to be functioning properly, and they needed blood to go to their heads (the classic SAF excuse for knocking people down).

Whenever I'm the duty medic, my grand staff - made of the finest Ironwood and tipped with a circlet of green jade - will appear: the symbol of my power and authority as the Duty Medic. More importantly, it lets me shut the door without getting out of my seat, and also to thwack people on their butts.

I was sweeping the floor while on duty, and must have looked very lousy and pathetic, for some sickbay patients offered to help me if I lent them my charger. Quite a fair quid pro quo, I think, though some people accused me of exploiting them.

People were inoculating new recruits, and I noticed that almost all of the injection sites had trickles of blood flowing from them. Interestingly, my record is about 1 in 20 injections leading to blood flowing from the site.

Misc SAF

My boots were wet during a river crossing, so my favourite Poor Suffering Substantive Third Sergeant lent me his Gore-Tex boots as my parade boots had mysteriously shrunk. It was the first time I'd worn the new design, and I have to say that they're overrated. There's little difference between well-seasoned boots of the old design and Gore-Tex ones.

The various disingeneous ploys used to "encourage" people are interesting to examine if the aren't being used on you. At the start, they tell you that you've just started, and that you can't give up so easily. When you've reached the midway mark, they say that you've finished half of the exercise and should feel accomplised. Only half of the exercise is left! Also, vague threats of remedial training are waved about. Finally, when you're near the end of the activity, you are told that you're almost done and that you shouldn't give up.

Apparently Captains and Majors visit SAF Psychiatrists as well. Oh well.


[On using real SAR 21s for the river crossing] It seems the 'dummy' is mutually exclusive. Either the person organising is a dummy, or the rifle is a dummy. (It seems that only one can be a dummy -)

[Sign on a laundrette door] Anyone who wanna use the laundrate room please seek permission from the COS or CSM (wants to use the laundrette) (Ed: Damnit, it's written on the door above this stupid sign!]

[On cadets] They're still quite nice people. Wait until they get commissioned, then they become fuckers. Can you imagine Swee Soon if he's commissioned? 'Eh. Hello! Hello!'

[Me to a nice guy about to be posted to a company for BMT: I cannot imagine you knocking down the recruits] Neither can I.

[On engineering] It's like a dump ground. Dumping ground.

[On my filing the medical dockets from the previous day] Why you put back? They're going to report sick again today. (did you put them)

[On me and my stick] You look like a Sergeant Major. Medical Centre Sergeant Major. MSM.

Gabriel, you should get a wife. [Me: So I can - stay out?] Someone to take care of you for the rest of your life (?)

[On the finer points of cursing in Hokkien] [Me: When do you say 'lan jiao' and when do you say 'jee bye'?] Jee bye is when you're du lan [Ed: Pissed off] over something. [Me: Lan jiao is...?] Lan jiao is when someone says something wrong. 'Lan jiao lah!'

We need comfort women in the camp. Then people won't mind staying in, I tell you. A lot of people will sign on... FFI for prostitutes.

[Dennis: Weng! Weng! Weng!] Is that Dennis or Ban Xiong? [Me: *points at Dennis* Ban Xiong doesn't make stupid noises] He doesn't make stupid noises. He only makes stupid comments.

[Me on the Lord of the Rings exhibition: You can see Arwen's dress] Arwen's underwear. [Someone: Only tubby will think of this kind of thing]

[Me on some Ah Lian: I see the crack of someone's ass] That's different. That's more elegant.

Friday, March 05, 2004

Got a new pair of earphones yesterday, as the ones included with my MP3 player were getting temperamental (the right earphone wouldn't produce sound unless the tension on its wire was just right).

Accompanied by the redoubtable Poor Suffering ("I have a name!"), I was befuddled by the number of seemingly similar earphones that the electronics companies had on offer. In the end, I picked one with a lucky sounding price of $29.90, a pair of Sony NDR-E931LP "Stereo Dynamic Earphones", which were advertised as being "Stable & Comfortable", having a "Thin housing & slim bass duct", "Twin Turbo (fontopia)", a "Neck-chain", a "silent cap" and a "Gold plated stereo mini plug". All of this was greek to me, of course.

Not being an audiophile, all I know is that the sound is better and more vivid than that from my old pair. The $60 or $70 sets will probably be wasted on me.

ConsoleClassix.com - Hundreds of Console Games STRAIGHT to your monitor

Aren't you distributing ROM images?
No. The way our service works is simple. Our clients log into our service, they then can browse a list of available games. Once a user has selected a game our server locks that image so that no one else can use it. This ensures that we are never using more copies of a game than we own, that would be copyright infringement. If the connection between the client and server is broken the game no longer functions on the client and the server unlocks the game for other players. We allow you to rent our games, not buy them. We allow you to access our ROMs, but we don't distribute them.

So you're basically an internet video rental place?
Exactly. There is no ideological difference between our service and that of any common video rental store. We have simply taken a classic idea and brought it to the web. This will certainly become commonplace as the internet expands and bandwidth increases. We are merely spearheading a small piece of a huge industry.

This sounds very fishy. I suppose back in the days these games were programmed, no one thought to include a clause forbidding unauthorised broadcasting or renting.

The PowerGoth Girls

Someone took a picture as the last of the credits of Mel Gibson's "Passion of the Christ" were rolling.

Interesting, most interesting.
Word of the Day: "blancmange"

Petals Around the Rose

This is the sort of thing my JC class liked to play. I was terrible at this sort of game and only got the pattern once.

People used to be driven crazy searching for the pattern. I, on the other hand, learnt how to ignore this sort of stupid games :)

When I was outfield last year, some people started playing this kind of games. I promptly went to a side and lay down.

And now I shall now break the covenant of the petal (ie give the solution). Muahaha!

"u see right
like lets say, i have a 5 (on the dice)
there's 4 dots at the corner, and 1 in the centre. so how many petals around the rose? 4! :P
if there's a 3 dice, then how many petals : 2! :P
so u simply add up all the 'petals' and u get the answer. :P

if u have

2 5 1 1 3 u get 6 petals la."

In my words: The "rose" is actually the dot in the centre of the die when you roll a "1", "3" or "5". The "petals", then, are the dots surrounding the centre dot. Ergo, a "1" has 0 petals, a "3" has 2 petals and a "5" has 4 petals. The number of petals around the rose is therefore the sum of the "petals" on all the dice.

Alternatively: "my solution is the mathematical expression of your solution
odd numbers are those with 'petals' except for 1 which has none
and i subtract the number of odd numbers to 'get rid' of the middle of the 'rose'"

Was checking a search referral and I found that the Sar-vivor rap is finally online.

Original: The Blinking Bastardos, lyrics
Remix (?): http://www.sfcave.com/sars/, lyrics

Confusingly, the page hosting the remix displays the lyrics of the original. Do not be deceived, for the remix doesn't have the golden line: "SARS is the virus that I just want to minus" or the hordes of people dancing and screaming in the background!

Reservations Of An Airline Agent

80s Cartoons reviews - Centurions, Bravestarr

I was reading Island of the Undead (FF #51) when I found out that the page with paragraph 58 has been ripped out. Argh! Gah! Nooo! Sacrilege! !@#$%^&*()

Sunday, February 29, 2004

Jiamin and I got Geraldine the same present.


It *is* a very suitable present. Guess we know her too well. Or maybe we think alike. Or maybe we walked past the same place in Borders it was prominently displayed.

I also finally saw and played the infamous Chu Chu Rocket that Xephyris and Chinx kept talking about in JC. It was too fast paced for me, but that aside I found it heavily overrated.

There was also this disturbing Japanese game - a 2 player version of a 2D one-plane-against-all-odds scroller, but where enemies you killed cross over to the opponent's screen. Did I mention that your choice of "planes" is limited to flying Japanese manga characters including 4 dustballs, 3 androgynous bishounen on some sort of animal (I forgot which sort) and a chick with a pencil? Oh, and it was set to Japanese Dance Music too. That was the worst thing.

Another sorta funny Garfield. Could Jim Davis be bucking up?

Meanwhile, Foxtrot is always funny. They always find something new to make fun of.
So much for going there by 12pm.

Hair's done - the guy charged me $8. Maybe he thought I was a student. Would still rather have it done in camp by the ah lian though. Besides saving $5, there's the more important factor - saving time!

Most of phone's problems were solved by turning it off and then on, so I can procrastinate my maintenance trip.

1. Why were u in a pub at 3am? which pub?
Altivo on Mount Faber. I was with HWMNBN and another friend.

2. How did HWMNBN meet mr ong?
Mr Ong strolled into BK while we were sipping our drinks and chatting.
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