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Sunday, February 24, 2002

Mmm, root beer.

*Takes long refreshing sip of ice cold A&W Root Beer*

I've not drunk it for a long time. The smooth, creamy taste, with the froth, is really invigorating. Too bad I don't have a glass mug to frost in the freezer. I don't think I'll be able to finish the 1.25L bottle today though.

I once saw in A&W Clementi [or Holland Village, I can't remember which], on one of the papers they cover trays with (now what are those called?), a promotion of their Root Beer. Apparently it is brewed from "300 natural ingredients". Ptooey. More like 300 chemicals in a factory. Anyhow, it still tastes good.

Bundaberg Root Beer is nice too, but it has a more refined taste. Which means it's not as suitable for guzzling.

No more Root Beer when I return to camp. Oh well. At least we'll get to come out to collect our A Level results (hopefully on Friday night, and we'll book in Saturday night), conveniently letting me escape part of Confinement Weekend.

I like Cranberries. Sorry, not the raw ones (I've actually tried them before - yeech), but the juice, flavour, etc. So I'll use the Cranberry Socks template.

Ringing endorsement (of sorts):

"Ruimin - don't get pissed I won't write any more bad stuff about RI prefects ... but now RI Guys. Hmmm. Check out this site - it'll probably give you an indication of how free they are."

I am told that I am only "5%" as jovial as I used to be. I don't think it's quite that little. And also (according to the same person) I am apparently very "sian" all the time now. Sigh. I don't really believe her, though.

32 days to POP on March 28th! I can't wait.
Grr. I have, with my headache, to type more rubbish for my mother. An "Assignment Worksheet". So much for the taxpayer's money spent sending her for Microsoft Word courses.

And Microsoft Word keeps screwing up my formatting.
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