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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Let's see who has the stamina to get through the latest list of...

Search Referrals:

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homosexual websites by singaporean students

rebonding benefits risks hair japanese - Erm. Don't tell me your hair might drop off.

secondary 1 malay boys naked(handsome) - History of Circumcision is the top search result for this.

how to tie a toga fitted bed sheet

picture of singapore chij girl touching another girls ass - In comparison to this, "chij student fuck porn" is pretty tame.

sensual butt plug

Pictures of Haram food - - Mmm.

"kinky phrases" - They should look at my earch referrals.

"manta ray in my pants" - <______O>;;;;;;;;

men with boobs

article on sumiko tan

monk "pasta primavera" - Not all monks are vegetarian.

bagpipe course in singapore

tanks logo hari kebangsaan malaysia - ?!

make a fake lightsaber out of a toothpaste tube

SDP POWER RANGERS - They'll always be defeated by Emperor Grumm.


brand of kate beckinsale bathing suit in coke commercial

why is there so much space inside a bag of potato chips? - Good question.

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Carth erotic fanfics

What were the performers of the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music wearing?

female genital mutilation video

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sheena's uniform fetish sheena's d cups - Ho ho ho.

Millions of people doing Google Image Searches and looking for pictures of Jodie Marsh (This is a description, not an actual search referral) - I have no idea why

hot 16 year old teens with ankle sock fetish

mini dissertations on job insecurity in steel industries

raffles credit card rafflesian - We have our own card?! The ORA VISA?! http://www.rafflesian.com/event/attach/Rafflesians'_Card.pdf

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photo gallery of curly hair Indian girls

what happened to life in mono blog?

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"long service award"laughter gift
"long service award" is insult by the employer - I totally agree.

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gabriel's cooking school
gabriel's funeral home - It's a franchise, like NTUC Income

BreadTalk should tap local Muslim market. - Nooooooooo...

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Jacob's Ladder Tekong

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"toilet queue" + desperate

Academic study in the phenomenon of cosplay

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bookbinding exam and quiz questions

've noticed a recent trend that is growing more and more rampant among posters and it's been bugging the (be)jesus out of me: posting Bible verses on your page. So, not wanting to feel left out of the loop, I have decided to do the same. Except mine are so

singapore army general demoted for wrong sexual conduct

take down ns cmpb doctor weblog
"gabriel seah" blog singapore "SAF"
"gabriel seah" blog singapore "SAF" court - wth?! !@#$%^&*()


defenestrating eggs - I must try that some day.

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"Bad Choirs"

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The Speculum Story Page

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naked singaporeans teenager girls bra panties pictures sexy breasts firm - Yeah right. I thought they all need/wear Wonderbras. At least those in NUS Arts do.

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difference between rgs girls and scgs girls

sajc zaogeng - Oddly enough, I know of a more suitable site to get such, but I shall not disclose its location.

is it normal to look at scgs girls

If you got all the way here, congratulations. You deserve a cookie.

I last posted such a list 2 months ago. Perhaps I should post them monthly so each batch will be shorter.

Friday, April 15, 2005

The tooth fairy teaches children that they can sell body parts for money. - David Richerby

Random Playlist Song: Virginia Kegel - I want a Boob Job for Christmas (Han points out the significance of the name "Virginia Kegel". Sorry, I'm TSAF.)

Every Christmas morning, underneath the tree
Lots of lovely presents, are waiting there for me
And though I'm quite delighted, it's hard to get excited
Who needs another sweater? Hey Santa
There is something that I'd like a whole lot better!

Are you listening, Santa?
I've been a good girl this year
And there's only one thing that I want

I want a boob job for Christmas, big old knockers out to here
It would make me proud to be endowed like the Playmate of the Year
I want a boob job for Christmas, make them big and make them wide
The only blimps as big as these say "Goodyear" on the side

Male chorus:
Heaving hefty happy hooters
Squishy gushy g'lactic shooters
Loads of curvy cleavage on display

Woman: Woo!

Male chorus:
Lusty busty watermelons
Each as big as Mount Saint Helens
That is what she wants this holiday

Woman (speaking):
Santa, give me this one gift.
It's not my spirits that are sagging, it's my boobs that need a lift!
Oh Santa, you know this Christmas season, give me a pair of juicy jugs
And you can be the first to squeeze em!

I want a boob job for Christmas, spongy silicone balloons
Who needs a boat? I can stay afloat with my bulging chest pontoons.

Male chorus:
Bursting beeping bouncing bozos
Wild and wiggly whopping waldos
Nestled in a cup that's Double D

Woman (speaking): Yee hoo!

Male chorus:
Massive milky meaty mammaries
Big and 'nuff to feed 2 families
Santa won't you listen to her please?

Woman (shouting): Santa, please!

Male chorus: Brr!

I want a boob job for Christmas
And when you've done that Santa dear
If it's okay, send my way
A nose job come next year

[Addendum: Thanks to Prowl for suggesting the word "pontoons".]



"You can pimp me in any way you like. I'm very cheap and sellable."

Thus saith he.


The furore erupting over the blog of a certain racist PSC scholar "Cheng Zhan" is disturbing and reminiscent of a vigilante lynch mob.

The sort of witch hunt is counter-productive. Replying to venom with venom doesn’t solve anything. Plus, you just drive this sort of sentiments into the ground, where it doesn’t disappear, but merely festers.

This is beginning to look like McCarthyism.

Another voice of reason: "I’m scared much more by the vitriol in some of these responses than what the guy actually wrote.

Comeon, the boy is an undergraduate, 21 at most, writing in a personal blog. Maybe some of his attitudes are screwed. Maybe he needs a lesson in anonymity or political correctness… but calling him a retard, a piece of excrement, a bastard who needs to be shamed, deserving of incarceration in an asylum?

I honestly doubt he’ll go anywhere in the civil service (in any modern work environment, for that matter) with this attitude. Let him learn his lessons in the real world; he’ll either get burnt and we never need to worry about him again, or he’ll move on as a better (or at least more sensible) person."


On the problem of defining predators and parasites:

"Well, the real problem here is that you have been exposed to too much science as defined by physicists and chemists. They look at the world in a peculiar way and come up with clear-cut definitions for things like speed, energy, work etc... Then they built a body of theory around those definitions. In the end they are really proud about how clean their world is and don't realize that it is an artificial simplicity that is of limited value (e.g., physicists have yet to figure out how to predict where a tennis ball will come to a rest if I were to throw it with a certain velocity against the wall of SR6... So, what use are all these clean definitions?).

Biologists live in the real world that is messy and where exact definitions frequently fail but they realize that it is nevertheless useful to categorize phenomena. They tend to characterize the extremes and state that there is a gradient in between. Try that approach for "predator" and "parasite" and your confusion will vanish."

Heh heh. I wonder what the physicists and chemists would say... Inter-disciplinary rivalry!

My brother in law was trained as an electrical engineer (a paper engineer only, though) and claims that Biologists are failed Chemists (since Biology is "just" a sub-discipline of physics and chemistry, describing the chemical interactions), and that Chemists are failed Physicists (since Chemistry is "just" a sub-discipline of Physics, since at the atomic level it's all Physics).

So I told him that Physicists are failed Mathematicians. He conceded that, and said either that or they want something more tangible to work with. I then said that everyone is a failed farmer, but he failed to get my point...


Someone: if only programming lecture had mendelssohn's sonata as BGM [Ed: BackGround Music]
i love webcasts :)

Me: then what BGM does it have

Someone: girls slapping boys on their backs
there's a better way of saying that but i don't care really

it's true though. you asked what BGM mah. and some suppressed giggles, and a lot of handphone vibration noises

Me: got slap meh
that's not BGM what

Someone: got. silly girls. talk too loudly, slap so hard.


Thursday, April 14, 2005

Trying to reduce teenage pregnancy rates with abstinence-only education is like embarking on a large scale weapons buildup to stop an arms race emerging, or encouraging gun owenership to reduce crime. Which does tell you a lot, really.

Human females have the largest breasts relative to those of other primates, and human males have the longest penises (though their testes are second in size to chimps). More interesting implications for Natural Law Theory.


"Dear students,

It has been brought to the attention of the Economics Society that a student has been selling “solutions” to past exams just outside tutorial venues.

For the past two weeks, the Economics Society has been conducting a similar sale outside LTs and along AS1 corridor, but never outside tutorial rooms.

We would like to warn that this student is not part of ENS and he has not obtained the approval of the Economics Department to sell the “solutions”. We would also like to warn that the Economics Society shall not be held responsible for the “solutions” sold by this student, should there be any mistakes in them.

Only the solutions on sale at our booth are genuinely produced by the Economics Society."

That's rich, considering that the solutions are the same, and that the notice promoting the sale of the original solutions reads:

"Please note that these solutions are only meant as references in your preparation for the exams. They are NOT model solutions provided by the lecturers concerned.

The solutions are compiled by former students independently without consulting the lecturers concerned.
Any memorization of these solutions and/or blind use of them in exams could potentially hurt your performance."

Translation: "The Economics Society shall not be held responsible for the “solutions” sold by us, should there be any mistakes in them."
"An intellectual is a man who takes more words than necessary to tell more than he knows." - Dwight D. Eisenhower


I think I shall post occasional LJ friends-only entries in future; past LJ friends-only posts are in the memories folder.

I don't know why some people are so fond of "how to blog" lists or directions. If it's a personal blog (ie Not an official blog), the only rule should be that there are no rules. Be as with the wind.

[Addendum: Even if the lists are of 'tips' rather than rules, I'm not so sure not only of their efficacy, but of their point. Popularity is nice, but when your style gets cramped that's a different matter.]


YES!!! I've finally found new stuff on Asian Prince aka Wo-hen Nankan aka Tuan Anh, thanks to Yahoo (Google somehow doesn't pick these up).

- RangDong Entertainment - Tuan Anh Gold - Xiet Anh Trong Vong Tay

Label / Production: Tuan Anh Productions
Sale Price: $11.99

(Samples available, registration required)

- Vietnamese biography (anyone care to translate?)

- More incomprehensible Vietnamese

- CD covers with pictures that plausibly could be of him (You've heard of 'Where's Waldo'. Now let's play 'Where's Wo-hen?'!)

- An analysis of his songs (key, style)

- A poster of a past performance he took part in: "Trump Plaza Night, Atlantic City
11:30 PM Saturday, July 24 2004 Duration: 3:00"

- Comments on "Lam Truong's wife" - "Seriously, I thought all the male viet singers were gay too and "Tuan Anh" or something is their homosexual daddy."

Alert readers will notice that I've joined a fanlisting (see sidebar). Maybe I should set up an Asian Prince fanlisting.

And maybe I should ask the Vietnamese professor in USP whether he's heard of Asian Prince...


Stop The Ribbon Campaign!!!

"Pick up yr anti-ribbon here, put it on yr page, & protest the self-righteousness of webmasters who go out of their way to put together a cause on their page so that everyone who links to that cause links to the page of the webmaster who initially thought of the cause and decided to use the trigger mechanism of 'feel-good' and of ribbons to promote that cause.

the reason is simple.

when a person thinks that by doing something like putting a ribbon on his or her web page, he or she is suddenly helping to make the world a brighter place, they are absolving themselves of actually doing anything of import in the future, it is much the same as people who give money to their church and then ignore the starving and the homeless because they have already given to charity.

the very act of using ribbons whores the cause the ribbon is supposed to be representing.

so capture yrself a ribbon from up top, & link back to this page by capturing the URL off yr browser, & let the world wide web know you aren't taken in by their ribbonshit."


'Freakonomics': Musings of a 'Rogue Economist' - "A professor at the University of Chicago, Mr. Levitt uses statistics to examine matters of everyday life: His subjects range from abortion and crime to game shows. Some of the chapter titles from Freakonomics illustrate Levitt's wide-ranging curiosity: "Why Do Drug Dealers Still Live with Their Moms?" and "How Is the Ku Klux Klan Like a Group of Real-Estate Agents?" are two."

MIW [Ed: Mindef Internet World, not the Men In White] has set up a blog. They've got to be joking. Anyhow, as I expected, comments on the blog are moderated. I highly doubt my comments will be approved, since they likely will want to white wash the blog, as they do in all their PR efforts. [Addendum: They actually approved the comments that me and Mr Miyagi left. I still don't agree with comment moderation, but at least there's something to be said for this PR effort now.]


Someone on why it seems everyone in NUS (or at least in Arts) is attached: "the sacsals are all attached to the bengs
you have hormonal 20 smthgs who are startin to break free of mommy and daddy roaming wild. and skimpily dressed arts girls. i think it makes sense"

Someone else on the same: well, i guess its what u call "the fallout"
its just a term
its when everyone 'finds somebody' at the end of their freshman year
that'd be just about now lah

so yep, i'm not surprised

Me: science is different right haha

Someone else: hahahh... nolah, its a very common observation
in fact, songs have been written on it
"Are you ready for the fallout?" by Fastball for example

i spent some time pondering over why there's this fallout phase
i think its mostly to do wif insecurity.. like u noe, ure not really in the school unless ure attached to someone else in the school kinda thang

Me: but no one wants to be "in" NUS

Someone else: hahahh.. they may not say that, but everyone wants to "belong" somewhere and since they're in nus..

Me: ahh
your wisdom is an inspiration to light all ages

Screwed Up Girl on more ways that NUS is the Premier Institution of Social Engineering:

"Gabriel always said that NUS was THE school of social engineering, and in more ways than one. No, it's not JUST because there are lots of couples walking around NUS, and they think people will get attached there, with all their bashes and societies.No, it's not JUST a place where people of different races can get together and racial harmony. No, it's much more.... subtle.

Because all the guys are two years older than the girls, somehow there is more of an invisible "I'm senior, thus I know more than you, thus I'm smarter, thus you should shut up, and my grades matter more than yours because I need more job opportunities yadayadayada" Most of the time the guys I interact with don't even realize that that's what they're doing. But they are. It's like, when a guy speaks up in class, nobody interrupts him. But when a girl speaks up, somehow she will get interrupted by a GUY and then the guy just completely takes over the point. I mean like wth?!

Maybe it's just that there are lots of rude guys around but no rude girls because girls are all brought up to be sweet and nice and POLITE? (not that all my girl friends are like that. But most are.) Maybe NS made guys impolite."


Someone else commented that NUS pays well, since all the NUS professors have bloated from the pictures used in the module feedback exercise.

Ever since the censoring of the NUS Webcast incident, the webcasts have been reformatted so the real URL of the feed is unavailable, at least using IE (Those using Gecko-based browsers, at least, are not similarly affected!). Grr.

For pedagogical reasons, they should let us S/U (Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory - the module doesn't count towards our Vital Statistic, our cumulative grade) all modules taken in excess of graduation requirements.

Apparently the lab reports of USP and non-USP Science students are very different. Supposedly this is due to all the essay writing we do, but perhaps it's because those in USP are already better at such before entering the program.

Just over a quarter of the people taking the 'Foundations for Econometrics' module are from Science or Engineering. No doubt they're taking advantage of a loophole and using it as a breadth module (one outside their faculty). Which is quite sneaky really, since Statistics is hardly something foreign to their faculties, especially the Science students.

[On instructor evaluation] The product you sold me is defective. I'm returning him for a full refund.

[On handing up stuff] Who will take this mighty responsibility upon their shoulders? Thanks ***, I knew you would.

Some mandatory draught (momentary drought)

[On instructor evaluation] I will vanish into the shadows, before all the cursing and the 'Dr *** is a big fat...' [start]

[On a counter] The reception, there. The 'ding ding' bell, there.

Not even mun'ly (monthly)

[On error values in regression] Everyday you have tsunami, right, how do you estimate GDP?

I don't know what USP is. That's why I come here. (didn't, came)

Monty Python game, or something (Hall)

Some very in'tyou'tive (intuitive)

Phua song distribution... 'Phua song' is French for 'fish' (Poisson)

I'm just differentiating. Moronic thing.

Hello, are you talking again? Pay attention. It's coming out. You don't believe me? Ahh!

Okay, I give you one minute to talk while I look for the transparencies.

This is what you have for the subsidy... *flashes graph* Nice or not?

You should come and see me... When I see your name and your marks are at the borderline, one mark for an A Star. I can give you one mark. You must have a personal relationship with me. So you must come and see me. What was I talking about?

You might have to go through a few I-T'ray'shions (iterations)

[On a National Geographic clip with no sound and only Old Chinese subtitles] Now you guys speak Mandarin, so you should be able to read this. Mother tongue specialists: start translating.

If you had a life before this module, which I don't think you had, it was boring and seriously misguided... After this module you see the world in a new way.

[On playing Devil's Advocate] You can have an essay... Last sentence: 'I don't think any of this makes sense'... You get 5 points for amusing me.

[On the unique feature of human females compared to other primates] What's unique here? [Student: Erogenous attachment to mammary glands.] That's a very technical term. To put it bluntly - large breasts.

30% of Filipinos believe that children are god-sent. They have no idea children come from sex.

Your pigeon: your pigeon knows Picasso. Your pigeon also knows how to walk upright. So it must be closely related to us.

[Student on laughter in humans indicating interest: She can laugh all she wants but in the end say: 'We're only friends'] [Everyone: Aww!] This is false signalling. Next time that happens to you tell the woman: if you laugh, it means you must be interested in me.

[On uniquely human features] Big breasts: that's basically it.

[Professor: There's been lots of surveys showing women dind't think a longer penis mattered in sex.] LIARS! *Raucous laughter* [Other male student: {He speaks from} Personal experience]... The nerves in the vaginal lining only extend 3 inches in] [Female student: How does he know these things?!]

The larger penis size in humans is not very well understood. Here's an essay topic for you guys.

[On penis size] Anomaly. We must put it on our list. But it's not like Intelligent Design can explain it either.

Rare view of the module (review)

In Singapore a lot of people learn about Evolution not by learning about it and forming reasoned opinions about it.

[On ID proponents] It often comes from non-biologists. Chemists, physicists. Talking about things they probably shouldn't be talking about. Just like I shouldn't be talking about quantum physics.

They're offering a full ger'mutt (gamut)

Tray leers (trailers)

core don off (cordon)

What's the ray'sh'yearn'nell for this? (rationale)

A monopoly will generally lets to lower quantity and higher price (lead)

You are donning what [sweater] - Chelsea? [Student: This is RJC]

David Beckham has a hairstyle that looks like a grasscutter mowed him over.

[On his Indian and Chinese groupmates] Of course you can make out which of the 2 is Gundeep and which is Lina.

Lina wants to earn me (own)

[On budget hotels] They charge a daily rate of 40 to 80 dollars. Or a two hourly rate of 40 dollars. So they just - yah, you know.

Summer tay'vern compared with... better box (Tavern, Betel)

[On hotel room designs and budget hotel product differentiation] Yesterday's newspaper - [Mount] Fiji there. [Other student: Fetish] Other hotels: Underwater. [Other student: Even weirder fetish]

[On places other than Hotel 81] They don't have the 2 hour rule, so they maintain a clean image.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

"Is sloppiness in speech caused by ignorance or apathy? I don't know and I don't care." - William Safire


Someone I asked about Marshall's Curse (see below): aren't u supposed to be the purveyor of all obscure information?


Hate mail on the previous poem:

Xenophiyl: "ur critisizing ur ex schl? how loyal, bastard. as bastardy as the idiot hu wrote it"

Response: "Quite apart from your inability to write properly, not only do you not get the point of the poem, you seem to have fallen prey to the curious conflation popular in our country that criticism and attack are necessarily the same thing; loyalty, patriotism and slavish adherence to the propagated line are treated as one and the same thing.

Indeed, often it is through spirited criticism aimed at improving the general condition that we show our loyalty."


The Associate: i generally hate lawyers

the SACSAL quotient in SMU is considerably smaller. lots of bananas who either can't afford to really go overseas or are too fucking dysfunctional to leave.

nw.t: i realise that i have a lot of friends who have reached out and made their dreamsof what their lives to be into reality. one of my oldest and best friends is now a technology writer for PCMagazine. another is a teacher. still another is ajournalist.

but i've been conditioned by my parents and my family my whole life that i have to slog and suffer in order to achieve something. do the hard sciences or the economics; avoid the arts subjects. study hard. don't bother about girls. which is part of why i chose my current career path. my cousins and i sneer at people who do artsy stuff as wimpy liberals "following their path" as opposed to discharging their responsibilities

looking back i have a lot of anger at being forced to be what i am, and,e ven worse, being not quite there either

Me: well
you were the one seduced by tapas
blame them not
we are all pressurised by society

He Who Must Not Be Named: true
oh well

Me: I was expected to apply to law or even engin
yet I eschewed that

it's part of the sinister chinese culture about doing only 'productive' things
following your pre-ordained path, filling your pre-ordained place

which I suspect was one reason why the Chinese got left behind after the Ming


More lessons that we, in National Education, can learn from the Fall of Singapore to the Japanese:

"What I find bitterly ironic is that National Education draws a militaristic, nationalistic lesson from WWII and the Japanese occupation of S'pore. It is ULTRA-NATIONALISM and the idolatry of the nation-state over the individual that produced the aggressive foreign policy of Japan and led to countless atrocities. Nationalistic fanatism was the force behind the evils of WWII, at least in the Pacific theatre of the war. But what does the govt do when they recount the events of 41-45 to our school children? "We must ourselves defend Singapore, do you want this to happen to you, we must have NS, blah blah blah blah"."

Ed: This was from YR.


Another guestbook entry that makes me go "what the hell?!". If anyone can figure it out, please tell me:

Name: Another Azn
Email: No Matter...@Hotmail.com
Homepage: Let c u find it..!
Where are you from?: My mother

Comments: Wow man u say alot... shit is that all hand typed.?. J/ wanted to giv u PROS for the site... Needs more picture... Live it up for Asianzzzzz...We here 2 stay!!!! U Da Man


Amusing review of Eye of the Dragon, the first "new" Fighting Fantasy book released in a decade (actually a previously written adventure by Ian Livingstone):

"Fighting Fantasy 21 - Eye Of The Dragon.

He's willing to tell you all the details you need to find this dungeon, and the treasure within. The catch? All you need to do is drink this vial of slow acting poison (to which he has the antidote) so he knows you'll bring him back a share of the treasure by way of reward instead of just absconding with the lot. Now at this point, anyone with half a brain would have stopped and thought "hang on, he's expecting me to drink poison?" and promptly told Henry Delacor where to get off. Not so with the hero in Ian Livingstone's latest below par tale. Nope, you take the poison and gulp it down without a second thought. No wonder you're always so short of funds if you're this stupid.

... In fact, a good portion of the book involves nothing more inspiring than simply wandering along very mundane corridors and deciding whether or not you want to open a perfectly ordinary door. Ho hum. You can see just how Mr Livingstone writes so many books. He just uses the same ideas over and over again. And they're not even particularly good ideas.

Push open a door and you find a whole variety of unlikely people and places beyond. One room even has a merchant. A merchant? What, he decided to set up shop not in a city but in a dungeon inhabited by hordes of monsters underneath Darkwood Forest? Yeah, right… Actually it was nice meeting the merchant because at least it introduced me to someone dumber than an adventurer who willingly drinks poison.

Other rooms contain pretty standard adventuring fare: a throne which adds a nice little boost to your SKILL if you sit on it*, dozens of items which seem to serve no little purpose and the usual monsters to kill. There are a few NPCs from time to time but their dialogue is so poorly written that it often seems like they've been replaced with cardboard cut outs while you weren't looking.

* An amazing magical device which can actually boost the fighting abilities of someone who sits upon it just so happens to be found in a dungeon beneath Darkwood Forest? Apparently so.

RATING: 1 out of 10"

Someone else: "EotD is a damn sight better than Crypt of the Random Trivia and Armies Of Pie-Eating. Let alone SkyLord. And it makes a change from yet another Chaotic threat that will destroy the world unless you make a LUCK roll."


(Translation: The young girl who eats cockroaches - 2)

OMG WTH. Just when I thought the Japs couldn't get any wackier... This means that there was a part 1...

Someone: what is mars spirit...some sort of Jap fear factor, I guess...

japanese and koreans are alike...they try to attain the ideal for "Oriental Land of Manners" on one hand, and entertain more perverse entertainment than any other nations on Earth...

The most perverse film I saw last year was South Korean...they're good man...
Korean movies have very sadistic tendencies...the movie was OLDBOY, it featured incest, hammer-assisted teeth pulling, sliced off tongues, live squid eating and drug-induced hallucinations involving ants...


http://penisland.net/ - "Welcome to Pen Island, the best place to get custom made pens on the internet! "

eBay item 5566217149 (Ends 26-Mar-05 23:53:38 GMT) - Haunted Possessed Disney Stitch Teddy Dangerous? - It went for US$11,100.00.
Courtesy of phelan

14-Year-Old Learned How to Burgle Watching CSI - "A 14-Year-Old in Florida admitted to breaking into houses and breaking into over 100 cars - most of them in this week. When asked how the youth had learned his art he replied he watched CSI: Crime Scene Investigations to study up on it."

A little less cheer in those cheerleading routines, please - "Representative Al Edwards of Houston proposed last week to bar "sexually oriented" performances during sporting events at Texas schools. "The way they're moving their bodies, it's not twirling or doing the splits. Those majorettes are doing things that are sexual," said Edwards."
Associate Flesh Parade isn't popular in some quarters, it seems.

How to Blog Safely (About Work or Anything Else) - Unfortunately, safe blogging tends to vary inversely with honest blogging.

Singapore Model United Nations [Conference] - I notice they do not have the support of the United Nations Association of Singapore (UNAS). Why, I do not know.


One of the ways the Economics Society raises money is by selling suggested solutions to past exams. Each set of answers is 2-4 pages long, costing them 5-10 cents to produce (assuming they are charged the normal photocopying rate), and is sold for $1 each - a fantastic level of profit, ignoring labour costs (zilch, since helpers are paid in ECA points). At least one entrepreneurial businessman (there might be more) saw a chance to erode the supernormal profit of this monopoly, and pirated the solutions - instead of 3 sets of solutions for 3 dollars, he sold 3 sets for a dollar, still making a profit. In the end sales were about half last semester's. A pity they didn't apply to real life the lessons they learnt in class :)

I think I'm becoming used to SACSALs. I don't even notice dyed hair anymore, and I doubt that's because the trend has ended, or that the sun has faded the dyes. "They speak with the damn China/Beijing accent. Nonstop... now I have to deal with a cacophony of fugly ah-lians, with voices like banshees in heat." - Azrael on SACSALs.


[On peer review] Don't let me give you your essays back. That's a classic Dr *** move.

[To me] Your hair looks different everyday

[On someone illegally zapping exorbitantly priced exam solutions for sale at a lower price] He's the pirated VCD seller... [charge a] two-part tariff.

The same as firm's one (firm one's)

[On Galton discovering that tall fathers have shorter sons, and vice versa] This is something that I can verify [personally] *laughs* You are making your own hypothesis already.

[On error terms in regression analysis] Why am I telling you these stories about the History of Science? Because that is my hobby...

I think everyone should know who Alfred Marshall is. If you don't know you should leave the room, you shouldn't be doing economics. *someone stands up* Just kidding, just kidding.

[On something about putting Price on the Y axis instead of the X axis, as it should be, since it's the independent variable] This leads to all sorts of misery for students today, and we call that Marshall's Curse. [Ed: Anyone who can clarify what Marshall's Curse is is invited to contact me.]

This word here is homo'scare'dare'city. If you find that hard to pronounce, blame Karl Pearson. (homoscedasticity)

Remember our ep'sai'lorn? (epsilon)

[Me on Screwed Up Girl] Girls making fun of a girl liking pink - what does that tell you?

As China assess to the, join the WTO. (accedes)

The pencil-sized battery in India. It was seven bucks. [Professor: Seven bucks?] Seven Indian rupees.

The government simply bills you out (bails)

[On the US and the Middle East] Either they try to be on good terms with those countries, or they attack them, for the oil.

You are supposedly to grant every nation 'Most Favoured Nation' [status] (supposed)

They could be buying hwheat (wheat)

If all the developing countries are in this shoe, this framework (situation)

Monday, April 11, 2005

A poignant poem by the_fell_bat, based on the song "Ti Tian" (Rice Fields) by Jay Chou:

理圣, 啊

没关系, 慢慢来
RI 的一间间间课室

莫名其妙在 NUS 的我
不会写词, 不像个诗人

(哦, 亲爱的同学啊...
哦, 跑到哪儿去啦...)

恋, 也是我另一项参展作品

靠着回忆, 写个文章, 拿个奖状, 有个啥用

考试成绩, 被待为画, 挂在墙壁上

(哦, 亲爱的同学啊...
哦, 跑到哪儿去啦...)

修读文学, 没什么用
破坏人生的生态, 会不会很累
这样, 对还是不对

拿数字, 给下一代, 给下一代, 回味
可怜, 可悲

闻不到绿意盎然, 只享受到乌烟瘴气

我不能教训你们, 我不是你们老师
我不是校长, 也不能给你们一巴掌

我就是要写, 你们可能永远不能体会
显微镜底下的我们, 会更现实, 更自私


Rough translation by the_fell_bat:

"Lisheng, ah,

By the time you come back
My love affair will have been over and done with
It's alright, take it slow
I'll do this song by myself
Talking about secondary school days
The classrooms, one after the other, in RI
Are the ugliest sight I've ever seen"

And so I watched you all go to the best universities overseas
And I, strangely enough, the one in NUS
Can't write lyrics, don't seem like a poet
And I, the one who takes a public bus to school
Watching the passing trees and grass outside
It's a feeling of being without care that can't be expressed

(oh my dear classmates
oh where have you all gone)

All our dreams while growing up are left there
passing the time of innocence,
we receive our exam results;
Everyone's sweat and toil contains also satisfaction and happy laughter
It's a scene that I look back on now, unwilling to relinquish
Love, too, that's another one of my exhibits

Depending on memory, write an essay, get a prize, for fuck?
To encourage you guys to reminisce more?
I'd rather tear it up, give it all up
How come my friends have all gone?
Sitting in a hotel
Sitting inside
Watching Western movies

Exam results, treated as paintings, hung up on the wall
A symbol of our country's ever-progressing progress
A bunch of tourists
Sometimes want to experience Singapore's sights and sounds
But can only see a hotel
Taller than the one they stay in

(oh my dear classmates
oh where have you all gone to)

Delving into Literature, it's useless and ineffective
Useless - is that right, then?
Selfish Man, quite despicable isn't he
Making life unliveable, does it cause fatigue
Putting the sciences and mathematics on a pedestal
And denying what's bitter about life
Like this, is that right then?

You say it's for the country
I say, what the fuck do I care?
Is it that only a calculator can
Make a record of life
The numbers, pass them on, pass them on, to our descendants
to reminisce over
Pitiable, execrable
Life and the speakings of the heart are not even worth a documentary

Can't smell the green freshness, and can only enjoy smoky air

I can't teach you all a lesson, I'm not your teacher
I'm not your principal, and I can't give you all a tight slap
(phonic pun) nor a long-winded dissertation

You don't want to listen
I know full well
But I can't help it
I'm writing this anyway
You may never be able to understand
Under the microscope, we will all seem that much smaller, materialistic and self-absorbed
This sort of attitude
is really difficult to


Sunday, April 10, 2005

"Eternity's a terrible thought. I mean, where's it all going to end?" - Tom Stoppard


I missed Mehta's performance. Damn.

This is what happens when your concert kaki flies to Canada and you don't bother to check what concerts are coming up...

Now my mother's blaming me for not helping her type out her exam papers - even though she never asked me to help. Why do I live in this house?

Saturday's Straits Times had an article about racism, and it seems many people gave their comments. Maybe I shan't be so skittish next time (the paragraph about the dumb blonde jokes had its points supplied by me, so at least something I said got used).



You tend to think quiz results are amazing, and are constantly stunned by how much they reflect your inner being. What they really reflect is how ridiculously gullible you are. Go back to school, you nincompoop.

Finally! A spoof of online quizzes!


A review of RI:

"RI has a little bit of a split personality. Sometimes, it behaves like it is a faux Victorian public school, hence the teak furniture in the library, the silly ceremonies with gowns and ties, the Houses, the boarding school, the sanctioned abuse of younger boys by older ones, and the inflated sense of its own importance (I shall pass over the buggery and that sort of thing, but I suppose that fits in quite nicely with the public schoolboy theme). At other times, it thinks it is a junior wing of The Government, and most particularly, Mindeath. This explains the militarism, the Morning Assembly with silly drill commands, the Big Brother-like atmosphere, the obsession with regulating everything, the will to power attitude with regards to everything from school league tables to sporting triumph, the glorification of the physical over the mental..."

Also on that blog: the amusing observation that "FFI" stands for "Free From Injury" - how fitting!


Why so much fuss about ‘a piece of clothing’?

"Up to the age of about sixteen, most children merely reflect the religious views of their parents. Most children do not have sufficient education and knowledge at early ages to make an informed belief choice. Their parents should be restricted from imposing religious attire on them. For children the veil is not a matter of choice. If they are veiled, it is their parent’s decision, not theirs. Banning the veil for children is similar to banning child labour, and protecting children from abuse and providing them with access to education. What seems often to be overlooked in discussion about the French ban is that dressing children in religious attire imposes a belief system upon them, and is therefore a form of indoctrination. Do we support the rights of parents and schools to indoctrinate children or do we uphold the rights of children to be free from indoctrination?

It has been argued that “freedom of belief includes the right to manifest your faith in public and Muslim girls should be free to choose whether to wear the veil or not." The key question however is this. Whose freedom is being exercised? For many girls and women living in Islamic communities, it is the Islamic regimes, sheiks and mullahs; the elders, or husbands, fathers and male relatives who decide for them; they have virtually no freedom of personal expression outside the home - and young girls none at all. For women from Muslim origin everywhere, the veil is a symbol of oppression and religious domination. Contrary to what apologists claim, their veil is anything but a choice. Veiling women and the Koran’s and Sharia’s edicts on women separate them from any right, and brutally violate their basic human liberties. Women have ‘accepted’ the veil under an enormous pressure, and often through acid-throwing, threats and intimidations. Few women have the real freedom not to wear the veil. The very same Islamists who brutally impose the veil on women and girls through acid-throwing, flogging, imprisonment and torture in Iran, Iraq, Algeria and Afghanistan, oppose the banning of veils for young girls in schools in the West, and call it a restriction of freedom of expression. This is utterly hypocritical."

I'm not so sure about the last part, since plenty of women in developed non-Islamic countries wear it voluntarily.


Dear Store Owner,
You would make me and plenty of fans mighty happy if we could come in and get our hands on some of the great Happy Tree Friends products.

Did you know they are available direct to retailers? You could have stuff like DVDs, Apparel, Toys, Accessories, Stationery Products and more -- right in your store!

You can just visit their online store to see all the cool products and place your wholesale order today! It's easy! Just go to http://happytreefriends.com/wholesale/

If you need more information, just call 415-865-2700 x210 or email wholesale@mondomedia.com.

Someone should bring Happy Tree Friends to Singapore!


Fabled Lands #1-6 are on sale on eBay... and the top bid is 48.50 pounds. Ouch. I already have #1-4 though...

So Universities Hire Liberal Faculty--This Is News? - "Conservatives are lonely on American campuses as well as beleaguered and misunderstood. News that tenured poets vote Democratic or that Kerry received far more money from professors than Bush pains them. They want America's faculties to reflect America's political composition. Of course, they do not address such imbalances in the police force, Pentagon, FBI, CIA and other government outfits where the stakes seem far higher and where, presumably, followers of Michael Moore are in short supply. If life were a big game of Monopoly, one might suggest a trade to these conservatives: You give us one Pentagon, one Department of State, Justice and Education, plus throw in the Supreme Court, and we will give you every damned English department you want... Conservatives seem unconcerned about the political orientation of the business professors. Shouldn't half be Democrats and at least a few be Trotskyists?... Once the right to decide the content of courses is extended to students, the Holocaust deniers, creationists and conspiracy addicts will come knocking at the door--and indeed they already have."


Earn $10! (For NUS students only, I think):

Do take time off to complete this survey from the Information Systems Departmemnt (sic) of SOC.

Below is the URL of the online survey form: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.asp?u=26890980875

There will be $10 given as a token of appreciation for completing this survey, which would take approximately 20mins to complete.

Upon completion, please send an email to David Phang with the date
and time of survey completion. His email is phangcw@comp.nus.edu.sg.

The deadline for the survey is this coming Friday (15/4/2005), 11:59pm.

We were given a self-evaluation form for our essay asking us how we thought we could improve it.

But if we thought we could improve our essays, we would've improved them already. Why wait for the self-evaluation forms?

My sources inform me that there are a not insignificant number of NUS/NTU girls working in bars, though they're mostly SACSALs - "they're ah lians - in thinking and character and behaviour. just that [for the few of them from NUS law] their primary mode of communication is english (although they can speak mandarin as and when, of course)". I wonder what form of employment the guys undertake.
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