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Thursday, September 18, 2003

I passed my driving test - really a miracle that i did, you should have seen how i drove.

Spilt diet coke with lemon flavour over my computer keyboard last nite (reached home at 10+ and was trying to eat dinner, make a phone call, drink fluids - donated blood yesterday, write email - all before 12 so i could have a good night's rest b4 long day in uni). So the keys got stuck, then more and more of them wouldn't work, and it's practically non-functional now ... gonna have to get a new one. Well, lesson for me: stop eating at the computer! (you should see all the food that finds its way into my room)

Sydney holiday plans rapidly undergoing re-organisation due to change in circumstances.

gabriel i was wondering, are you carrying yr handphone on roaming?

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

No won't be posting much.

Internet at this youth hostel in York costs 5 bloody pounds an hour. And it's damn slow too.

Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Hi again,
Im sure gabriel will be posting v. often from england telling of the things he sees (and the things he wishes he didn't). In the meantime (i mean, while he's in the aeroplane/asleep) you'll have to put up with me....

Most of the videos available on kazaa are music videos/movies/television show episodes/anime. I couldn't find a single clip of ballroom dancing! (the nearest i could find was a clip labelled "akazukin chacha ballroom"). Im lookign for resources for ballroom dances- looking to refresh my charlestons ... anyone know where i can find video clips, music downloads to dance to, breakdown of routines? Looking in particular for lindy hop (swing dance)... also the other ones- cha-cha, salsa merengue, mambo, rhumba, samba, rock n' roll etc... And while im on the topic are there any dance studios in singapore near my area (West)/ or any that don't charge exorbitantly? The only ones i know that do lindy hop are ymca and jitterbug- both in orchard. I find that ppl who read this blog are generally a well-informed and knowledgeable bunch so if u could help me out....

I just learnt the shim sham! It's awfully cute and easy to pick up!

Taking my driving test tomorrow morning. 20 minutes of perfect driving....!!!

I'm going to sydney next week! Taking off on friday evening after class, coming back on tuesday (i have a week's holiday). Any suggestions what to do there? Suggestions i have received so far revolve around food/eating... asked my brother and he said "I can't really remember what happened when i was in sydney... did i go to this place or that.... walked a lot...." and it wasn't so long ago- just 3 years.

Sunday, September 14, 2003

This will be my last post in Singapore for 2 weeks. I will spend the next 2 weeks being driven around the English Countryside looking at houses and gardens. Toodles.

It seems that this week, I was much happier and more at peace. Much of my rage and despair has morphed into pity and disgust.

Perhaps it was the 2 Medical Appointments on Monday. Perhaps they were busy preparing for the Army Half Marathon, so they couldn't bother me. Or perhaps it was the impending Overseas Leave: at 6:50am on Sunday I'll be off for 2 whole weeks, and I'll return to a week's block leave - 3 glorious weeks away from 42SAR!

The program for HQ Company obese personnel has been introduced - basically the one they planned for me, except that the "power walk" has been moved to 7pm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. And since it lasts 2 1/2 hours, allowing for the usual SAF cockups, we'll only be done at 11pm. Gee. I sure hope no one is free enough to supervise this ridiculous farce.

I was in a taxi and the radio was tuned to the BBC. How rare.

This probably breaks the record for shortest bookout post ever! Now it's back to dreary packing. Gah.


My girlfriend is my computer

[Me on a briefing I didn't need to go for: Why am I wasting my time here?] You already wasted 1 1/2 years of your life her... Nevermind, waste 2 1/2 years. At least you won't easte your life, like those regulars.

[On my trip] Go there [and] look at big boobs. [Someone: Most of them don't wear [a] bra]
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