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Saturday, November 03, 2001

The 21st Students' Council is very free with their digital camera, and in signing up for millions of Geocities accounts.

Apparently Flesh Parade reprised their 'Swing' dance on Open House Day, and pictures were taken! Ooo.

Illustrating what Andrew Ga... Oops. "Someone Else", meant by "Find one without a ponytail" and "It's a 20s thing, the tank tops are [supposed to be] their undergarments".

The earlier ones of Associate Flesh parade from 1999, lifted from the Council's page:

Every cloud has a silver lining. Even the JC Guide thing. My review was partly responsible for my invitation to participate in "Dust In The Eye".

My infamy has spread far. I got asked today, by some Sec 4 RGS girl, "yo're not the one that started the purple uniforms thing are you? just wondering... i think it's a noble cause... i haven't tried it [the uniform] so i wouldn't know right? but yes i hate purple uniforms".

Friday, November 02, 2001

the busker [in the Orchard MRT Underpass] is quite blind, you can't blame him for not knowing how to read the lyrics. that's crippled for you.

This post has been edited by the editor (additions in square brackets) for veracity and correctness, after a request of the poster.
Where the hell is "Ascension Island"? Many many people put it in their ICQ infos. I'm assuming it's not the one near St Helena. It doesn't seem to be a selectable option for the ICQ 'country' box anymore.

Some teachers are displeased with "Improve Your English". Now, I understand why they would be for the RJ review, but this is just a collection, verbatim, of what was actually said.

Today, Chris was teasing me, then I started poking and then chasing him. After a round around the LT closer to the 3rd floor tables near the library, the chaser became the chased when Chris got a Fire Extinguisher. At least they don't get caught now.
Thanks to Tong's noble, munificent sacrifice, scanning now resumes!

Amazing how fast scanning is when the pages have come out. Or maybe that's because I was reading Veblen's Theory Of The Leisure Class while waiting.

Thursday, November 01, 2001

Words of wisdom to live by:
Laugh and the world laughs with you, fart and they leave you alone.
[Ed: Wasn't it something like, "Sometimes...when you cry, no one sees your tears. Sometimes...when you are happy, no one sees your smile. But fart just one time...."]

Or something.

Econs S isn't easy at all. Some people just have the knack, eh, Eli' Tong? I can almost hear you say "See? I have the knack." now.
Didn't get that? *mutter*(Its an old Phantasy Star Online joke. NO one here is going to get it. I don't know why I try.)*/mutter*

The irritating busker - why does he do it? He doesn't look... crippled or anything. (I'm not mean!) If he wants attention, he should busk near the Youth Square in Orchard Road. I can't make out what he's trying to sing. Which gives me an idea... we can sing the gibberish lyrics to Kanno-sama's Cat's Delicacy when we move past him! Here I go:

Ne bra en vrutu ko proshan de fase sevo lu shun ti
Tanda la mando mo a lan du fan du san e de la shantwa

Ano amoi demo atushi padufwi
Anushan duma demu sa vrupru upartwi
En dine rupru en dinashi a fwititu
Seti la pars tu evriende mwa patisha

La La La, La La La, La La La, La La...
Sia, atushio

Ne bra en vrutu ko proshan de fase sevo lu shun ti
Tanda la mando mo a lan du fan du san e de la shantwa

Ano amoi demo atushi padufwi
Anushan duma demu sa vrupru upartwi
Konnina vripru konnina sheta kwateta
Seteba fusku kevete ne ma patisha

La La La, La La La, La La La, La La...
Sia, atushio

Ano amoi demo atushi padufwi
Anushan duma demu sa vrupru upartwi
En dine rupru en dinashi a fwititu
Seti la pars tu evriende mwa patisha

La La La, La La La, La La La, La La...
Sia, atushio

Sevola lu shun te zu to...
Sevola lu shun te zu to...

Note: All words are rubbish-words, and don't make sense at all. Vowels are all short, except for the 'o'. This actually is Merle's image song, from Tenkuu no Escaflown? If anyone actually wants the tune I may up the mp3 sometime. It's quite an interesting composition.
Yeh, Mr Lim visited Improve Your English and he found it quite funny.

We should all be able to laugh at ourselves :)

And I'm always open for people to send in quotes from ME (yeah, my English ain't perfect, I know)

The guy with the irritating voice in Ghim Moh / Buona Vista underpass was singing again, with his guitar and with one foot on the wall. At least he wasn't looking down at the piece o paper scribbled with lots of stuff, presumably his song lyrics.

I think the next time I go into the vicinity of a lousy or irritating busker, I will start singing Mozart's Ave Verum Corpus, and see what happens.

Tong claims Econs S is very easy. Right.

Wednesday, October 31, 2001

Jewish culture is biased against the dogs. Someone sent me a quote translated from something jewish- about a dog returning to consume its own defaecation.
Cats keep themselves clean. Well, relative to dogs. Dogs have a part of their body that's always damp, an infestation ground for bacteria- wet snouts
Yeh! I just realised that my British Museum Lewis Chessmen T-Shirt is high quality - no seam on either side.

Tuesday, October 30, 2001

Uncle Soon Kiat works at RGS, SCGS and the THE Chinese High School school too!
I passed the School With The Most Indecent Uniform in Singapore Bar None today.

I saw 12 people, and only 2 were in full U. The rest were in Half-U or were wearing a jacket.

Some may wonder, why?

One explanation - They are shy, so they cover. Or they do not engage in personal grooming daily. For obvious reasons, few fall into this category.

Another - They have nothing to show, or they don't have the SCGS figure, so they cover.

Otherwise, they feel that it is immoral [since they have no choice of exposure], or that there is no thrill or sense of rebellion because they are forced to be exposed.

NB: I do not have anything for students from the School With The Most Indecent Uniform in Singapore Bar None.
Ooo, Ms Phang is writing a letter to Chee Soon Juan.

Monday, October 29, 2001

My RJC review has been found by the Powers That Be. Erm.
I like dogs. Dogs are nice. Cats are evil. Cats are even more useless than dogs. Cats are not haram.

I like both. Animals can be quite interesting things. Well, except for goldfish (I don't see the point of them.) And cats are not haram apparently because they are so less involved with human lifestyle than dogs are, so no one bothered to make them haram. If they had, they'd probably be haram too.

Tapeworm is quite often used (so I've read) by models in the fashion industry (the haute couture, no less) as a means to keep fit easily. 1 tapeworm, and say good-bye to all your weight problems. See? Useful little things. *chuckles*

Interesting Link of the Post:
Recently found a quite interesting MMORPG. It's in a very early phase, but its artstyle and aesthetics I can't help but like. Anyway, as I said, its very early, and not much besides basic character classes has been implemented, but I feel it has great potential anyway.

Ragnarok Online
For some reason, quite a lot of people love to ask, "what's that" when people send them a file. Nevermind that they will only receive the answer after they choose to accept or decline the file(s). And they end up accepting it on the second send anyway.

Sunday, October 28, 2001

This is scary:

The Findings of Scientific Research Relative to Keeping Dogs

Some lovers of the West in Muslim countries claim to be full of love and compassion for all living creatures and they wonder why Islam warns against this "best friend" of man. For their benefit, we quote here a lengthy excerpt from an article by the German scientist, Dr. Gerard Finstimer, (Translated from the German magazine Kosinos.)

in which the author sheds light on the dangers to human health resulting from keeping dogs or coming in contact with them. He says:

The increasing interest shown by many people in recent times in keeping dogs as pets has compelled us to draw public attention to the dangers which result from this, especially because pet dogs are hugged and kissed and permitted to lick the hands of the young and the old, and what is worse, to lick the plates and utensils which are used by human beings for eating and drinking.

Besides being unhygienic and uncouth, this practice is bad manners and abhorrent to good taste. However, we are not concerned with such matters. leaving them to be addressed by teachers of etiquette and good taste.

Rather this article is intended to present some scientific observations.

From the medical point of view, which is our main concern here, the hazards to human health and life from keeping and playing with dogs are not to be ignored. Many people have paid a high price for their ignorance, as the tapeworm carried by dogs is a cause of chronic disease, sometimes resulting in death.

This worm is found in man, in cattle, and in pigs, but it is found in fully-developed form only in dogs, wolves and rarely in cats. These worms differ from others in that they are minute and invisible, consequently, they were not discovered until very recently.

He continues,

Biologically the developmental process of this worm has some unique characteristics. In the lesions caused by them, one worm gives rise to many heads which spread and form other and varied kinds of lesions and abscesses. These heads develop into full-grown worms only in dogs' tonsils. In humans and in other animals they appear as lesions and abscesses completely different from the tapeworm itself In animals the size of an abscess may reach that of an apple, while the liver of the infected animal may grow from five to ten times its normal size. In human beings the size of the abscess may reach that of a clenched fist or even the head of an infant; it is filled with yellow fluid weighing from ten to twenty pounds. In the infected human it may cause diverse kinds of inflammations in the lungs, muscles, spleen, kidneys, and brain, and appears in such different forms that specialists, until very recently, had difficulty in recognizing it.

In any case, wherever this inflammation is found, it poses great danger to the health and life of the patient. What is worse is that, in spite of our knowledge of its life history, origin, and development, we have not been able to devise a cure for it, except that in some instances these parasites die out, possibly because of antibodies produced in the human body. Unfortunately, cases in which such parasites die without causing damage are rare indeed. Moreover, chemotherapy has failed to produce any benefit, and the usual treatment is surgical removal of the abscessed parts of the body. For all these reasons we should use all possible resources to fight against this dreadful disease and save man from its dangers.

Professor Noeller, through post-mortem dissection of human bodies in Germany, found that the incidence of infection with dogs' worms is at least one percent. In some places such as Dalmatia, Iceland, southeastern Australia, and Holland, where dogs are used for pulling sleds, the incidence rate of tapeworm among dogs is 12 percent. In Iceland the number of people who suffer from the inflammation caused by this worm has reached the rate of 43 percent. If we add to this the human suffering, the loss of meat because of infection of cattle, and the permanent danger to human health because of the presence of tapeworms, we cannot be very complacent toward this problem.

Perhaps the best way to combat the problem is to limit the worms to dogs and not let them spread, since in actuality we need to keep some dogs. We should not neglect to treat dogs when necessary by getting rid of the tapeworms in their tonsils and perhaps repeating this process periodically on shepherd dogs and watchdogs.

Man can protect his life and health by keeping a safe distance from dogs. He should not hug them, play with them, or let them come close to children. Children should be taught not to play with dogs or to fondle them. Dogs should not be permitted to lick children's hands or come to places where they play. Unfortunately, dogs are allowed to roam about everywhere, especially in places where children play, and their bowls are scattered throughout the house. Dogs must have their own separate bowls, and they must not be allowed to lick bowls and plates used by humans. They should not be allowed inside grocery stores, restaurants, or marketplaces. In general, great care must be taken that they do not come in contact with anything which is used by people for eating and drinking.

We already know that the Prophet (peace be on him) forbade mixing with dogs, and that he warned against their licking plates and against keeping them without necessity. How is it possible that the teachings of an unlettered Arab, Muhammad, should agree with the latest findings of scientific research? Truly, we cannot say anything except to repeat the words of the Qur'an: Nor does he speak from (his own) desire. It is nothing other than a revelation sent down. (53:3-4)

Tim thinks if I do too much research into Islam and its various tenets, I might convert. Xephyris is as amused as I am (or even more so) by the various weird prohibitions of Islam.

I like dogs. Dogs are nice. Cats are evil. Cats are even more useless than dogs. Cats are not haram.

I must redouble my efforts to find moderate Muslim websites. I'm sure they do exist.

Do they?

Searching "dogs haram" (sans quotes) also brings up this interesting page: http://members.aol.com/summerbelr/Richard7.htm.

Lo and behold, it's on another of my pet topics.

"A scan of the biblical references to dogs gave an outlandishly depressing picture of greedy, filthy, deplorable beasts, best known for licking up enemy blood from the streets and revisiting their old vomit. They are compared to every sort of person held to be disgraceful, from male prostitutes (Deut. 23:18) to villainous enemies (Psalms 22:16) to false Christians (Philipp. 3:2)... For the final blow against the good dog, from what ought to be the fundamentalist point of view, is delivered in Revelations 22:15. "These others must stay outside (the holy city of God): dogs, sorcerors, fornicators, murderers, and idolaters, and everyone else of false speech and false life." Case closed. No leash law in the New Jerusalem. A cat- lover's paradise descends from the skies."

Gasp. Hrm, his explanation is quite interesting. He thinks that there are 2 plausible explanations - one that "dog" was used in a metaphorical sense, and the other that dogs have changed from what they used to be.

"But dogs are not wholly condemned, being merely the suppliers of the metaphor. It's the things that are compared to dogs that are in deep doo-doo."

And going over to his real topic,
"Homosexual activity is consistently presented as a superfluously excessive indulgence, a dog-like scrabble into unruled sensual grossness. In Leviticus, it is grouped with other aspects of the "uncircumcised"--which is to say, the unrestrained, indulgent and exploitative--Canaanite lifestyle.... Likewise, in Paul's letter to the Romans, people are explicitly referred to as turning aside from their true natures to engage in purely lustful sexual entertainments. Inside or outside of Sodom, homosexual acts provided a metaphor for superfluous sensual exploitation, possibly connected with other follies of self- gratification up to and including the rape of travellers... I would suggest that the quotations on homosexuality thoughout the Bible are directed against something that was very real at the time. The target, I think, was something that would have been much more commonplace than gay/lesbian loving relationships, namely, the quasi-homosexual, exploitative diversions of persons who, if they had engaged the loving aspects of their natures, would almost all have been exclusively heterosexual"

This one's funny:
"Even persons inspired by the Holy Spirit do not always flesh out every potential in every subject. If they did, you would not be able to lift the Bible with a forklift." Hehe.
stop alluding to me via obscure references, gabby. blue tracing paper is soo ten minutes ago, now we're using the powdered-white-tracing-paper from japan! (anthrax, anyone?)

rated artistic quote from friend, back from obs: we had to pee in the bushes, and it was gross 'cause you could hear everyone changing their pads..
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