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Saturday, May 11, 2024

Links - 11th May 2024 (2 - Trans Mania)

Meme - "Come on, guys. It's like you're not even tryn...
*Rachel Levine, Dylan Mulvaney, Sam Brinton*
American trans Vs Asian trans"

Do all human fetuses begin as female? - "By Andrea Rodrigo B.Sc., M.Sc. (embryologist). Last Update: 02/02/2017
No, that is not true. The sex of humans is determined from fertilization, that is, as soon as it becomes a zygote: if it is XX, it will be a female, while, if it is XY, a male. However, at the beginning, human embryos have the precursors of both female and male gonads."
So much for all men being trans

Meme *she/her*
Woman: "i CAN ACCOMIDATE THis , iT's NO BiG DEAL!"
*MTF vomits out "Lesbians must have sex with me", "admit me in sex specific support groups", "elect me to women's positions", "let me play women's sport", "give me women's awards", "make me a moderator for your online group", "let me on WLW apps", "put me in women's prisons", "give me rights to women's change rooms"*
When people say that there's no harm using preferred pronouns and it's all about respect. Of course, though we've seen the "myth" of the slippery slope in action, this will be denied

The Heretical Liberal ๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿณ️‍๐ŸŒˆ on X - "One of my favorite stories under the 'Things That Make You Go Hmmmm' banner is that time back in 2018 when UCLA researchers discovered that there may be brain scans to diagnose ACTUAL gender dysphoria. At the time it was hailed as a godsend to the trans community, b/c now we could easily diagnose true dysphoria and show who is (and crucially, who isn't) actually dysphoric. Problem solved!......right?!  But the huge study UCLA planned was shelved due to explosive and unexpected pushback from the trans community.  Now why would THAT be the case?๐Ÿค”  Can you imagine cancer-advocacy groups aggressively pushing back on a much more effective way to diagnose cancer?  What could POSSIBLY be the reason they would find this so offensive that it had to be stopped before it could even be studied? ๐Ÿ™„"
The Heretical Liberal ๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿณ️‍๐ŸŒˆ on X - "๐Ÿ™‹๐Ÿผ‍♂️I'll take "It's the AGP's for $800 Alex""
FEMALIST on X - "From the little I’ve seen from poking around on reddit theres loads of them that will happily admit they’re woman simply because they want to be, no dysphoria, nothing. Pure male entitlement."
Anything that threatens the TRA agenda is a threat to trans people's "mental health"

Meme - "Christians saying you can't change your gender because biology is a fact."
"Christians when you tell them virgin birth in humans isn't real because biology is a fact."
TRAs keep admitting that trans logic / gender ideology is magical irrationality like religion

Montana 14-year-old moved to Canada after gender identity custody dispute, parents say - "A 14-year-old staying in Wyoming for gender transitioning treatment has allegedly been relocated to Canada without their parents’ consent, the parents told The National Desk (TND).  Krista and Todd Kolstad say they lost custody of their child this month after a trip to the hospital for suicidal thoughts revealed the teen had the desire to change genders. The child was later taken from the parents by Montana Child and Family Services (CFS) and relocated to a residential treatment facility in Wyoming specializing in gender therapy... The parents say they have only been given small details about their child’s treatment and that their teen is continuing to be transitioned and referred to by a different name and pronouns.  “They’ve had since August until now to completely brainwash and transition our child. She’s not the same now,” Todd said."
I remember when left wingers were claiming it was a far right conspiracy theory to say the state could seize your kids if you did not support them mutilating their bodies ("misinformation" was not a left wing buzzword at the time)

'Framed as a bigot': NY father loses custody of son after questioning gender transition - "A New York father says a court stripped him of custody of his child after he objected to their gender transition.  Software engineer Dennis Hannon, 32, told The National Desk (TND) Monday the Erie County Supreme Court stripped him of all but visitation rights to his nine-year-old son, who had been living as a girl on days he stayed with Hannon’s ex-wife.  While the transition has allegedly been occurring since the child was two, Hannon said he wasn’t informed until the time his son was five when he received a letter from their kindergarten classroom... “I was shocked. I was just floored when I read that they had assigned my son a new name,” Hannon said. “I was essentially the last to know.” Hannon said he later found out his son had been seeing a gender therapist specializing in adolescents who kept no notes of their sessions together. This therapist had referred Hannon’s son to an endocrinologist, who recommended him as a candidate for puberty blocking drugs.     We had a treatment plan before diagnosis. He was never formally diagnosed,” Hannon said. “They had fast tracked my son to puberty blockers without me even knowing.”  Hannon said he then stepped in with legal counsel to prevent his son from using puberty blockers. While the move worked, he said the repercussions were immense.  “I was framed as a bigot. I was framed as I was intolerant and I wouldn't accept my son for his gender identity and that was not the case,” Hannon said. “I simply questioned it and what it seemed like what they wanted me to do was not question it, but just accept it blindly.” Hannon says the court went on to rule against him in later proceedings, demanding he pay for the child’s $145-per-session gender therapy. When these sessions still did not yield a diagnosis of gender dysphoria, Hannon requested his child be discharged.  When the court responded by removing his medical authority, Hannon says he appealed the decision, first to a family court, then to two county courts and finally to the Erie County Supreme Court. Hannon says the three-day trial resulted in him losing custody of his son, being only allowed to see him occasionally during the week and on alternating weekends."

James Esses on X - "Wow. Internal job applicants at @stjohnambulance are asked to share their pronouns. If they refuse, text pops up chastising them and pressuring them to “reconsider”. If they still refuse, they are told to explain why they won’t share them. This is ideological harassment"

Meme - Gimli: "The trans women want to be accepted as women, but they look so much like men, it's nearly impossible"
Aragorn: "It's the beards"
Eowyn: *laughs*

Meme - "1990s Comedy *Jim Carrey Female bodybuilder (Vera de Milo)*
2020s Reality *Lia Thomas*"

Meme - *Women's toilet*
Woman with broom: "GO ON, GIT, SHOO!"
MTFs and soyjaks at Men's toilet: "OH MY SCIENCE! A G-G-GENOCIDE!"

Meme - Shark with hammer strapped to head: "How could you tell I'm trans?"
Hammerhead shark: *annoyed*

Meme - Genevieve Gluck @WomenReadWomen: "There is a disturbing trend among middle-aged men who decide to take estrogen wherein they seem to fetishize age regression, claim to be younger, and escalate their public display of paraphilias"
"One year in, 9mos HRT, was 52 a year ago, now turning 33!"

British Museum Claims Some Birds, Dinosaurs May Have Been Queer In New Exhibit - "A museum in the United Kingdom is facing mockery after claiming that some dinosaurs may have been queer. In its latest exhibition celebrating LGBT history, a pamphlet handed out to guests speculates on the sexuality of dinosaurs.  The LGBTQI+ History exhibit was founded in 2021 by the Hastings Queer History Collective, which consists of members of the gay and transgender community interested in Queer History and demanding representation in museum collections... In addition to theorizing the sexuality and gender identity of dinosaurs, the pamphlet also claims that pheasants are queer because female pheasants change their sex when they stop laying eggs.   “Despite Queer behavior in the animal kingdom being observed as far back as the 18th century, it is often ignored or hidden from the public. One example is of female pheasants changing their sex when they stop laying eggs and turn their brown feathers into the brightly colored feathering typical of males.”  “Pheasants feature some of the earliest European studies of Queer behavior in animals,” continues the pamphlet. “In 1780, naturalist John Hunter (1728-1793) shared his observations of ‘sex changing pheasants’ in an Account of an Extraordinary Pheasant.”  Concluding, the excerpt on pheasants adds: “With queerness visible in the natural world, the argument that it is somehow unnatural begins to unravel.”   Despite the museum’s bold claims, Dr Emma Hilton, a biologist and board director of the gender-critical campaign group Sex Matters, decried its statements about pheasants as “nonsense”  “The only vertebrates that change sex are all fish. Birds do not change sex,” she said. “Often in the process of aging, female animals can produce male features as a result of hormonal changes, we can also see this in humans following the menopause, but we would not say that older women had changed sex if they have a bit of a mustache. These kinds of claims can be very wearying.”  In addition to the exhibit highlighting several other gay historical figures, the pamphlet also asserts under its description of a Samurai Suit of Armor that 18th-century colonialism is to blame for “the destruction of many ancient gender systems in countries around the world.”"

Meme - Trans Woman Support: "It's in my DNA"
This is not a parody page

Bernard Lane on X - "In the week that brought the Cass review's verdict on the experimental treatment of children with puberty blockers, Australia's human rights commission was arguing in the court case of Tickle v Giggle that sex is "not a biological concept", that it is not binary and that it can change. https://fedcourt.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0006/112299/Submission-of-the-Australian-Human-Rights-Commission.pdf  @AusHumanRights  @RCHMelbourne  @salltweets   #TicklevGiggle #CassReview #AusPol  In the 2013 Family Court case re Jamie, involving a 10-year-old seeking puberty blockers at the gender clinic of the Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne (RCH), the commission argued that blockers were "reversible", the risk of a wrong decision to give a child blockers was "low" and the outcome of a wrong decision would not be "grave". https://austlii.edu.au/cgi-bin/viewdoc/au/cases/cth/FamCAFC/2013/110.html  There is no good evidence that puberty blockers are reversible--for one thing, even the RCH gender-afirming clinic has (belatedly) acknowledged that the effect of blockers on the still-developing brain of an adolescent is simply unknown. https://genderclinicnews.com/p/cognitive-challenge  In the 2017 case re Kelvin, involving a teenage girl seeking testosterone drugs to masculinise her body, the commission supported the successful argument of the RCH gender clinic that "advances in medical science" on gender dysphoria meant that minors should have easier access to irreversible cross-sex hormones. This outcome was hailed as a victory for human rights. https://austlii.edu.au/cgi-bin/viewdoc/au/cases/cth/FamCAFC/2017/258.html  The Family Court judges relied on a draft version of the 2018 gender-affirming treatment guideline from RCH for their conclusion that hormonal treatment of distressed minors represented a great leap forward in science--and that there were not any alternative treatments for gender dysphoria. https://rch.org.au/uploadedFiles/Main/Content/adolescent-medicine/230242%20RCH%20Gender%20Standards%20Booklet%201.4_Nov%202023_WEB.pdf  But there was no such scientific advance and no good basis for the claims made by RCH and the human rights commission, judging by the results of several independent systematic reviews (one of them involving Ken Pang, head of research at the RCH gender clinic).  https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/29514975/  In 2015, only two years before this supposed advance in science was welcomed, a landmark Dutch study surveyed the world's leading gender clinicians and concluded there would be no consensus on puberty blockers because there was so much disagreement about their use and so little long-term data on their effects. That conclusion still looks right. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/26119518/  This week Cass confirmed that the evidence for puberty blockers is so poor that they should be confined to ethically controlled clinical trials & cross-sex hormones for minors should be used only with "extreme caution". https://cass.independent-review.uk/home/publications/final-report/  Cass also had the RCH treatment guideline independently evaluated. It scored 19/100 on the key measure of the rigour with which the guideline was developed. The only treatment guidelines approved by Cass were from Finland (51/100) and Sweden (71/100), both of which recognise the experimental nature of puberty blockers.   The RCH guideline is used by major gender clinics across Australia's public children's hospitals. At the Queensland Children's Hospital, Jillian Spencer, a senior psychiatrist with an unblemished record, raised concerns about the evidence and safety for puberty blockers and hormones given to minors in line with the advice of the RCH guideline.  https://genderclinicnews.com/p/watch-out  Queensland's health authorities responded by suspending Dr Spencer (a troubled teenage patient had complained of "transphobia") and quietly began a review--not into Dr Spencer's concerns about the gender-affirming model, but rather into whether or not the gender-affirming clinic gives treatment according to the gender-affirming RCH guideline. https://genderclinicnews.com/p/politicians-promise. The government brief says the review will also "consider international practice relevant to Queensland services", which might mean only mean "consider what overseas gender-affirming clinics do".   That would be very different from a review considering the best recent international evidence--which would be the systematic reviews since 2019 by Finland, Sweden and Cass showing that the evidence for the gender-affirming treatments promoted by RCH is very weak and very uncertain.   The RCH guideline, which is presented as the 2023 "updated" version, has a reference list of 70 studies--and not a single new study since 2018 among them.  The Queensland review is supposed to report this month. What will guide its findings--the best recent international research (the systematic reviews in Europe) or the RCH guideline?
Meanwhile, what is to be said about the conduct of Australia's human rights commission?   For years now, it has been a partisan advocate for fringe gender ideology and the gender medicalisation of minors. The commission burns public money making absurd or inaccurate claims about matters of science and medicine, where its only interest appears to be to impose an activist interpretation.   When its record becomes more widely known, it may suffer a heavy blow to its reputation and credibility. Is it already beyond reform?  Meanwhile, the commission has the gall to set itself up as the arbiter of "anti-trans misinformation", including in the fields of healthcare and the law.  https://humanrights.gov.au/have-your-say/"

Ontario resident wins public funding for unusual genital surgery - "Ontario has been ordered to pay for surgery for a resident who is seeking to have a vagina constructed while leaving their penis intact.  Denying the procedure would infringe on the person’s Charter-protected right to security of the person, an Ontario court said in its ruling.  The unanimous decision by a three-member panel of judges of Ontario’s Divisional Court could expand access to a novel “bottom surgery” for people who identify as non-binary, meaning neither fully male nor fully female. The Ontario resident, identified in court documents as K.S., has been locked in a legal battle with the Ontario Health Insurance Plan since 2022, when OHIP denied a funding request to have a penile preserving vaginoplasty performed at a clinic in Austin, Texas.  The surgery, which is not available anywhere in Canada, involves creating a vaginal canal, or opening, without removing the penis... OHIP denied her request for funding, arguing that the procedure is not included on its list of sex-reassignment procedures, and is therefore not an insured service.  K.S. appealed OHIP’s decision to Ontario’s Health Services Appeal and Review Board, arguing that forcing her to have her penis removed would invalidate her identity and be akin to an illegal act of conversion therapy... The court said the appeal board’s conclusion was also consistent with the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) standards of care — influential guidelines that received a scathing review this week by a massive British report into gender-affirming care."

Coddled affluent professional on X - "My meta take on the trans issue is that a lot of libs ended up in a bad place because they relied on well-worn heuristics without taking the time to carefully think through the evidence and logic.  To reverse course now they would have to admit their heuristics (which they mistake for ‘values’) failed them.  However, they are loathe to do this given both their self regard and how invested they are in their heuristics (which is way more than they are invested in the actual trans issue)."

Thread by @Artofhunger75 on Thread Reader App – Thread Reader App - "While researching I found this study on the TRANSITION between juvenile crime, it’s DESISTANCE factors and it’s BINARY relationship with regard to the TWO SEXES. Mini thread ๐Ÿงต This sounded VERY familiar to me. “Most juvenile offenders desist from offending as they become adults.” You mean to tell me there is some psychosocial and physiological reasons why teenagers/pubescent humans act differently than adults and it’s not permanent? Shocking! Not only that but science doesn’t know all the variables of why teenagers behaviors desist for most but persist for others? And they especially have no idea what these factors are for women! Why don’t they just make up a treatment and try it for a decade? Duh... What they found was juvenile referrals, especially for serious crimes were predictors of adult recidivism in the MEN. But not for the WOMEN where they found the predictors were Adverse Childhood Experiences, family violence, trauma, abuse and parental divorce. Sound familiar? The severity of male criminality seems to be a predictor in and of itself, though I suspect there is unknown traumas and factors such as developmental issues, IQ and endochrine issues. Acting out in teenhood for girls seems to be socialized from ACE inclusion. Now take these young girls, add in things like autism spectrum disorder, and body issues, and block their natural hormones and mega dose them with testosterone. A direct binary mirror treatment to what they do for confused boys. Sound reasonable from what all other studies say? It seems in criminal studies the conclusion is to treat girls/young women differently from boys/young men. Sex matters in law, policy and healthcare so why do gender clinics treat these two demographics the same? Affirmation, block natural indigenous hormones add endogenous drugs. Lacking evidence based analysis/quantitative syntheses, lacking data, no follow-ups (68% of the gender clinic services users’ outcomes were unknown/ refused to be given to the Cass Review) didn’t seem to slow the Gender Borg rollingvover the globe as best practice healthcare. Fin"

Thread by @Artofhunger75 on Thread Reader App – Thread Reader App - "The Curious Case Of Carly Gregg and HARM-aceuticals ๐Ÿงต Another teen girl who identifies as she/they and was on pharmaceutical medication went on a shooting rampage. Her trial started this week past.  What we know so far is Carly, 14, was upset with her mother, who was also a teacher at her school, for taking items out of her bedroom. She grabbed a gun that was present in the house and killed her mother.  She then took her mother’s phone and texted her stepfather asking when he would be home. He replied “in about 45 minutes.” In the interim Carly invited a friend over asking “ever seen a dead body?” She showed her friend her mom’s body and the gun. When her stepfather came home she shot him, while her friend hid in the backyard, but only hit his arm. The man was able to wrestle the gun away from his stepdaughter. She screamed and ran away. The stepfather called police and Carly was picked up a mile from her home. So far the only indication, beyond mom removing items from her bedroom, for the extreme violence was that the young girl, who went by she/they pronouns, just changed her SSRIs and other unnamed meds.  There is a youth mental health crisis in the post-industrial world. The correlation between these rapid onset gun deaths and SSRIs has been dismissed by many, including Pharma companies and anti-second amendment lobbyists. Also ignored is the sudden uptick of female perpetrators. Many disturbed or chronically depressed female children today are also being prescribed massive doses of testosterone, a controlled substance, either instead of therapy or on top of SSRIs and other medications. This seems like a dangerous cocktail.  We already know that the majority of crime is done by males. Testosterone seems to be a factor even in those men who suppress it through hormone treatments, and there’s rising evidence exogenous hormones impact female aggression and impulse control issues.  The current studies on TiFs are self described as having a bias, no control groups, reliant on self assessments and that “further research is needed.” They found an increase in aggression in 57% of the studies. Even if these effects diminish over time/age after what damage done? The problem w/ self assessment surveys is that of course young depressed girls feel good if you shoot them up with T. They call it gender euphoria I call it being high. Do we treat depressed women with cocaine? “97% of CokeWomen say they feel better than before! Listen to them!”  While male criminality and possible links to increased female crimes may be influenced by testosterone, see one of the many exceptions who continue male violence despite “transitioning out of manhood” below, I found an interesting study that reminded me of the sex binary...  There is no current proof that just bc Carly had adopted she/they pronouns that she was using any hormone treatments. It seemed the abrupt change in SRRIs might’ve been enough to turn a 14 yr old girl into a violent matricidal maniac. Anyone think Testosterone would’ve helped? We can guess “No.” but don’t know by scientific study. They didn’t think to study any of this stuff before they started giving it out like candy in the US and to autistic kids in the UK (see Cass)... Here’s a longer thread linked to another thread by Leor Sapir on Jack Turban and access to synthetics and GnRHa. Testosterone is harder to get bc it’s a controlled substance (they give teens) but not impossible. REMEMBER many TRAs want all of it over the counter, no restrictions. Affirmation only treatment and the OTC cure-all of the “gender healthcare” band aid seems to be interfering w/ exploratory holistic therapies for children w/ many co-occurring disorders. Those that are slipping through the cracks are harming themselves and others. Dangy “Nex” Benedict, a troubled young girl who was abused by her own father, who had just been re-arrested, was on medications as well before she died of an overdose. Ideologues want us to think it was ONLY bc of transphobia that never was proven to havevoccurred. Every single clinic that performs these interventions would have heard Benedict’s uncomfortableness w/ her own body and would absolutely have ignored her trauma of abuse from her own father and gave her testosterone on top of her SSRIs for depression and anxiety. Every one!   That is what the “conversion therapy ban” legislation wrought all over vulnerable children’s healthcare options. Exploratory therapy is transphobic. You don’t hate your body bc your dad was an inhuman demon, no it’s a boy inside your body. You need boy hormones! This is madness. We are seeing the results of this madness in real time. Let’s end this institutional rot. We are affirming the socially and mentally infirm. Affirming their delusions, their narcissism, ignoring the sources of trauma and pathology. We’ve become mad ourselves. End this.

Police: Rockville student had manifesto to 'shoot up school' - "In a joint investigation with the FBI, Montgomery County police said they discovered a manifesto written by Andrea Ye, 18, of Rockville, whose preferred name is Alex Ye.  Authorities said the writing was about committing mass shootings at two Rockville schools: Wootton High School, which Ye had attended online, and Lakewood Elementary School, which Ye attended.  During a bail review Friday afternoon, prosecutors declared there is no greater threat to community safety than Ye, and the judge agreed, denying bail."
The more trans shooters there are, the more the TRAs need to gaslight

Meme - "Gender is so much more than XX and XY. There are rare genetic disorders with other combinations, and that's why I, a man without those disorders, am a woman. *Lia Thomas*"

gender is harmful on X - "Someone just asked me for some examples of extremism from within the pro-gender camp... apparently, she knew of a few who were claiming it never happens. Of course, I passed some examples on to her to use. Here is a reminder of their violence. 1/8"
Why are TRAs so violent?

Elizabeth I may have been non-binary, claims Shakespeare’s Globe - "“I know I have the body but of a weak and feeble woman,” Elizabeth I once said to rally her troops to face the Spanish Armada, “but I have the heart and stomach of a king”.  And was a non-binary person too, according to academics working for Shakespeare’s Globe, who have cast doubt on the gender identity of one of England’s greatest queens. Elizabeth I has been presented as possibly non-binary in an essay published by the theatre, which refers to the female monarch with the gender-neutral “they/them” pronouns.  The essay was written by a “transgender awareness trainer” in defence of the Globe’s decision to stage a new play featuring a non-binary Joan of Arc, but both the play and the essay have raised concerns that famous females are being written out of history... The essay defends Shakespeare’s Globe announcing a new play titled I, Joan, in which Joan of Arc is represented as non-binary. The teenage warrior, famed for leading the French against the English in the 100 Years War despite being a woman in a patriarchal society, has been given the pronouns “they/them” in Globe promotional material for the production. Dr Hayem’s essay for the theatre argues that while historians have stated that Joan wore male armour out of “practicality” during her campings, “they” may have had “deeper motivations” related to “their” identity.  Author JK Rowling signalled her bemusement that Shakespeare’s Globe would be portraying Joan of Arc as non-binary by liking a Twitter post which read: “Coming next: Napoleon was a woman because he was defeated at Waterloo.” Feminist thinkers have raised concerns that casting doubts on the womanhood of prominent women because they defied gender norms, and did supposedly “manly” things, will effectively write many famous females out of history.  Philosopher Dr Jane Clare Jones said: “This is a really great example of the inherent gender conservatism in gender identity ideology. Traditional gender conservatism says that men must do ‘manly’ things, and women must do ‘womanly’ things."
Misogyny is progressive

The People Setting America on Fire

The People Setting America on Fire

"Over the past several weeks, Americans have witnessed what has seemed like a mass outpouring of support for terror on elite college campuses. At Columbia, Yale, Princeton, NYU, UCLA, Northwestern, Texas, and elsewhere, masked mobs have occupied schools with tent encampments, established self-proclaimed “autonomous zones,” clashed with police, harassed and threatened visibly Jewish students, and issued demands for their universities to divest from Israeli “genocide.” Politically, moreover, the protests have displayed an incoherent mix of campus progressivism, hardcore Islamism and Arab nationalism, and revolutionary anarchism and communism, including open praise for North Korea. The only unifying thread would appear to be opposition to Israel and its alleged imperial patron, the United States...

But students are not the only, and perhaps not even the most important, faction active in the campus protests. As in the “mostly peaceful” Black Lives Matter protests of the summer of 2020, “outside agitators”—professional radicals and organizers, black bloc antifa thugs, Marxist-Leninist revolutionaries, and Palestinian and Islamist radicals—have played a central role in organizing and escalating the campus protests, just as they have organized and escalated the wider anti-Israel protest campaign that began almost immediately after Oct. 7. This largely decentralized network of agitators is, in turn, politically and financially supported by a vast web of progressive nonprofits, NGOs, foundations, and dark-money groups ultimately backed by big-money donors aligned with the Democratic Party.

The first hint that the protests are not entirely organic is their striking resemblance to previous rounds of organized far-left agitation, from the “uprising” of summer 2020 to the rolling antifa vs. Proud Boys brawls of 2016-17. The creation of “liberated” or “autonomous” zones on campus, for instance, is a hallmark of anarchist organizing familiar from Seattle’s Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone and New York’s City Hall Autonomous Zone four summers ago. Familiar, too, is the governance of these zones, with masked security details prohibiting filming from outsiders and directing reporters to trained media representatives. During clashes with police or with counterprotesters, students and their allies have deployed classic “bloc” tactics, covering their faces and dressing in matching outfits to promote anonymity, linking arms to interfere with police attempts to conduct arrests, and attempting “de-arrests”—i.e., the coordinated swarming of police officers—to rescue apprehended comrades. At Yale, student activists doxxed the police officers sent to clear them out of the encampment—another harassment tactic frequently deployed by antifa.

These resemblances are no accident. All of these tactics require a degree of instruction and training. Footage from Columbia showed the professional “protest consultant” Lisa Fithian, a veteran of Occupy, BLM, Standing Rock, and Stop Cop City, teaching students at Columbia how to barricade themselves into Hamilton Hall. Recent video from inside the protest encampment at UCLA, meanwhile, showed masked men leading a hand-to-hand combat training. When police cleared out encampments at the University of Texas-Austin and Columbia and the City University of New York last week, roughly half of those arrested—45 of the 79 in Texas, 134 of the 282 in New York—had no connection with the university at which they were arrested. Some, like the 40-year-old anarchist heir James Carlson, arrested at Columbia’s Hamilton Hall, had protest related rap sheets going back two decades.

“What you’re seeing is a real witches’ brew of revolutionary content interacting on campuses,” says Kyle Shideler, the director for homeland security and counterterrorism at the Center for Security Policy in Washington, D.C., and an expert on far-left domestic extremism. “On the left-wing side, you have a broad variety of revolutionary leftists, who serve as rent-a-mobs, providing the warm bodies for whatever the leftist cause of the day is. And on the other side you have the Islamist and Palestinian networks: American Muslims for Palestine and their subsidiary Students for Justice in Palestine, CAIR, the Palestinian Youth Movement. We’re seeing a real mixture of different kinds of radical foment, and it’s all being activated at the same time.”

The far-left groups active in the protests include antifa and other anarchists: Anarchist literature has been distributed in the encampments, and antifa websites have published dispatches from “comrades” on the inside. They also include various communist and Marxist-Leninist groups, including the Maoist Revolutionary Communist Party, the Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL), and the International ANSWER coalition, a PSL front group that worked with several Muslim groups to organize the Jan. 13 March on Washington for Gaza, at which protesters flew the black jihadist flag. On April 29, for instance, shortly before masked assailants stormed Columbia’s Hamilton Hall and barricaded themselves inside, The People’s Forum—a Manhattan event space affiliated with the PSL and funded by Neville Roy Singham, a wealthy businessman who “works closely with the Chinese government media machine and is financing its propaganda worldwide,” according to an August profile in The New York Timesurged its activists to rush up to Columbia to “support our students.” Similar calls for an “emergency action” were distributed throughout radical networks in New York City. 

These groups, Shideler says, typically operate in a decentralized manner, using successful tactics drawn from decades of anarchist organizing and spread through left-wing activist networks via word-of-mouth, as well as through formal trainings by professionals such as Fithian or the nonprofit “movement incubator” Momentum Strategies...

In fact, it is a mistake both to view the campus protests as a “student” movement and to regard the outsiders as “infiltrators” or somehow separate from the movement. Rather, student activists have been working together with outsiders, with whom they are linked via overlapping activist networks and nationwide organizations. The “student” revolts, in turn, exist on a continuum with the broader anti-Israel protest movement... Calls to participate in the “A15 Action” were disseminated widely in anarchist and far-left networks, while Palestinian and Islamist groups—SJP, AMP, CAIR, and Within Our Lifetime—simultaneously called for an April 15 “Strike 4 Gaza.” Given reporting that nationwide campus “liberation zones” and “encampments” were planned as early as November 2023, it seems likely that the timing of the university protests was decided by “the movement” well in advance.

The “movement,” in turn, while it recruits from among students and other self-motivated radicals willing to put their bodies on the line, relies heavily on the funding of progressive donors and nonprofits connected to the upper reaches of the Democratic Party. Take the epicenter of the nationwide protest movement, Columbia University. According to reporting in the New York Post, the Columbia encampment was principally organized by three groups: Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP), and Within Our Lifetime (WOL)...

JVP is, in essence, the “Jewish”-branch of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement, backed by the usual big-money progressive donors—including some, like the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, that were instrumental in selling Obama’s Iran Deal to the public. JVP and its affiliated political action arm, JVP Action, have received at least $650,000 from various branches of George Soros’ philanthropic empire since 2017, $441,510 from the Kaphan Foundation (founded by early Amazon employee Sheldon Kaphan), $340,000 from the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, and smaller amounts from progressive donors such as the Quitiplas Foundation, according to reporting from the New York Post and NGO Monitor, a pro-Israel research institute. JVP has also received nearly $1.5 million from various donor-advised funds—which allow wealthy clients to give anonymously through their financial institutions—run through the charitable giving arms of Fidelity Investments, Charles Schwab, Morgan Stanley, Vanguard, and TIAA, according to NGO Monitor’s review of those institutions’ tax documents.

SJP, by contrast, is an outgrowth of the Islamist networks dissolved during the U.S. government’s prosecution of the Holy Land Foundation (HLF) and related charities for fundraising for Hamas... Both AMP and SJP were founded by the same man, Hatem Bazian, a Palestinian academic who formerly fundraised for KindHearts, an Islamic charity dissolved in 2012 pursuant to a settlement with the U.S. Treasury, which froze the group’s assets for fundraising for Hamas... several of AMP’s senior leaders are former fundraisers for HLF and related charities, according to November congressional testimony from former U.S. Treasury official Jonathan Schanzer. An ongoing federal lawsuit by the family of David Boim, an American teenager killed in a Hamas terrorist attack in 1996, goes so far as to allege that AMP is a “disguised continuance” and “legal alter-ego” of the Islamic Association for Palestine, was founded with startup money from current Hamas official Musa Abu Marzook and dissolved alongside HLF...

Today, however, National SJP is legally a “fiscal sponsorship” of another nonprofit: a White Plains, New York, 501(c)(3) called the WESPAC Foundation...  fiscal sponsorships [is] a “convenient way to mask links between donors and controversial causes,” according to the Capital Research Center. Donors, in other words, can effectively use nonprofits such as WESPAC to obscure their direct connections to controversial causes...

Within Our Lifetime (WOL), formerly known as New York City SJP. Founded by the Palestinian American lawyer Nerdeen Kiswani, a former activist with the Hunter College and CUNY chapters of SJP, WOL has emerged over the past seven months as perhaps the most notorious antisemitic group in the country, and has been banned from Facebook and Instagram for glorifying Hamas. A full list of the group’s provocations would take thousands of words, but it has been the central organizing force in the series of “Flood”-themed protests in New York City since Oct. 7, including multiple bridge and highway blockades, a November riot at Grand Central Station, the vandalism of the New York Public Library, and protests at the Rockefeller Center Christmas-tree lighting. In addition to their confrontational tactics, WOL-led protests tend to have a few other hallmarks. These include eliminationist rhetoric directed at the Jewish state—such as Arabic chants of “strike, strike, Tel Aviv”; the prominent display of Hezbollah flags and other insignia of explicitly Islamist resistance; the presence of masked Arab street muscle; and the antisemitic intimidation of counterprotesters by said masked Arab street muscle.

WOL’s role appears to be that of shock troops, akin to the role played by black block militants on the anarchist side of the ledger. WOL is, however, connected to more seemingly “mainstream” elements of the anti-Israel movement. Abdullah Akl, a prominent WOL leader—indeed, the man leading the “strike Tel Aviv” chants in the video linked above—is also listed as a “field organizer” on the website of MPower Change, the “advocacy project” led by Linda Sarsour. MPower Change, in turn, is a fiscal sponsorship of NEO Philanthropy, another large progressive clearinghouse. NEO Philanthropy and its 501(c)(4) “sister,” NEO Philanthropy Action Fund, have received more than $37 million from Soros’ Open Society Foundations since 2021 alone, as well as substantial funding from the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, the Ford Foundation, and the Tides Foundation.

Tides, you might have noticed, is a name that keeps coming up again and again. The Tides Nexus, of which the Tides Foundation is a part, is one of largest progressive dark-money networks in the country, controlling upward of a billion in assets; its list of major donors is an all-star cast of left-wing billionaires and foundations, including Soros, Peter Buffett and his NoVo Foundation, eBay founder Pierre Omidyar, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, the Ford Foundation, and the New Venture Fund, controlled by another Democratic dark-money powerhouse, Eric Kessler’s Arabella Advisors. A pioneer of what critics have called “charitable money-laundering” through the use of fiscal sponsorships to obscure money trails through multiple layers of bureaucracy, Tides, through its donations and fiscal sponsorships, has emerged as a major backer of the anti-Israel protest movement across the country.

Indeed, scratch a pro-Palestinian radical organization, and you are likely to find Tides’ involvement somewhere...

Whether Tides itself is selecting these organizations for donations, or whether it is merely acting as a pass-through for large donors who would prefer to avoid the spotlight, is difficult to know—which, one might say, is the entire purpose of Tides’ byzantine corporate structure. But we are left with the fact that wealthy donors have been subsidizing months of rolling disruptive street protests by a grab bag of revolutionary and anti-Israel radicals. That leads naturally to a question: To what end?

“The way I typically see it,” says Shideler, “is that these foundations, nonprofits, slush funds, fiscal sponsors—I think of them as the gas pedal and the brake. They don’t necessarily control the content, but they can control the size and scope and the amount, just by controlling the amount of money that flows. When they want things to speed up they can increase the amount of money they contribute to all of these different revolutionary elements, and when they want to slow it down they can decrease the amount of money. They don’t really steer the ship; these guys are committed revolutionaries, they believe what they’re saying and they’re taking the money because it’s helpful to them. In that sense they’re not controlled. But, obviously, you can determine when and where they do things based on how much money you give them.”

This is not the first time that elements of the progressive establishment have sided with—and lent financial support and political cover to—similar networks of radicals. Many of the same philanthropic organizations have heavily funded disruptive “direct action” climate protesters, including Just Stop Oil! and the Sunrise Movement—leading directly to concessions from the Biden administration such as the creation of the American Climate Corps. Big-money progressive donors, including Tides and Soros, poured money into Black Lives Matter and various associated bail funds during the violent summer of 2020, and sympathetic federal prosecutors dropped charges or sought reduced sentences for far-left radicals who committed violence during the BLM riots, even as they threw the book at every two-bit shaman who wandered into the Capitol. In 2022, Democrats again leaned on radicals to organize street protests against the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision.

But this is the first time that these donor-funded radical networks have gone to war with a Democratic president. Shideler speculates that whatever the ultimate goal of funding the anti-Israel protests, it is to be found closer to home than Gaza. “It has more to do with domestic politics, and we can see this by the language targeting Joe Biden explicitly, even though he and his administration have already handled the conflict in an exceedingly anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian way.” One reason to target Biden is that it provides his administration cover to ignore a weakened but still influential block of pro-Israel Democrats—allowing the president to claim, in essence, that his hands are tied. But it may also reflect a power struggle within the party, between what was formerly an insurgent progressive fringe—now backed by a murderer’s row of billionaire donors and energized by young cadres rising through the professional-managerial cursus honorum—and what remains of the teetering old Clintonian establishment. Or, rather, it is a display of force by the faction that has already won, complete with a message for the losers: This is who we are now. Get in line or be destroyed.

It is here that the outsize role of Tides in funding the protests may be especially significant. More than any of the dark-money giants on the left, Tides has become tightly integrated with the ascendant Obama faction of the Democratic Party...

Maybe it is a coincidence that a dark-money philanthropy empire tied to Obama would be bankrolling a protest movement designed to undercut American support for Israel’s war on Hamas—which just happened to be the White House nickname of one Ben Rhodes, the man responsible for building the media-NGO echo chamber that would initially sell the Iran deal and later be repurposed for domestic political warfare during the Trump years. Perhaps it is a coincidence that an Israeli victory in this war, which started with a grisly terrorist attack planned and sponsored by Iran, would deal a crushing blow to the Obama-Biden project of realignment with Iran, which remains the current administration’s real but unacknowledged policy in the Middle East. That realignment has in turn required seeding the generally pro-Israel and anti-terror American public with the idea that Israel isn’t actually a friend but rather a sectarian ethnostate with a pushy domestic lobby bent on dragging American boys into another pointless Mideast war, all so the Jews can continue kicking around the poor Palestinians—just like those bitter whites in flyover country who vote Trump because they want to kick around the Blacks and Mexicans. Which seems, in what is no doubt another coincidence, to be precisely the message of the protesters, who explicitly liken Zionism to domestic white supremacy. 

Thus do we find ourselves in a regular lattice of coincidence.

There remains, after all this speculation, another basic question. Is all of this really legal?

Judging by the laws on the books, the answer would seem to be “no.” As Joseph Simonson of The Washington Free Beacon has reported on multiple occasions, the rules of the Internal Revenue Service explicitly prohibit 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(4) nonprofits from engaging in “planned activities that violate laws” or “induce the commission of a crime.” IRS Rev. Rul. 75-384 states explicitly that even an “antiwar protest organization” committed to “world peace,” if it sponsors “demonstrations in which demonstrators are urged to commit violations of local ordinances and breaches of public order,” would not qualify for tax-exempt status.

When I asked Shideler for his opinion on why not only the IRS, but federal and local law enforcement, seemed reluctant to act against what seemed to be clear violations of the law, he offered me a quote from The Wire: “If you follow drugs, you get drugs and drug dealers. If you follow the money, you don’t know what you’re going to get.” Many of the professional agitators involved in lawbreaking are quite literally on the payroll of big-city political machines, or provide important services such as get-out-the-vote organizing and phone banking during low-turnout Democratic primaries. As mentioned above, Abdullah Akl, the WOL organizer popping up across New York calling on “Abu Obeida” to “strike Tel Aviv,” is also an employee of Linda Sarsour’s MPower Change, and Sarsour herself has appeared at various protest encampments and New York City direct actions. But her Arab American Association of New York, which co-organized an Oct. 21 “Flood Brooklyn for Palestine Protest” with WOL, has received $6.8 million in New York City taxpayer funds since 2010, according to a review of records by the New York Post.

A sense of the uncomfortable questions that might be raised by any serious attempt to go after these groups can be gleaned from a 2023 grand jury indictment in Georgia, where prosecutors brought state RICO charges against several dozen anarchists and revolutionaries involved in the “Stop Cop City” protests against the planned construction of a police training facility in Atlanta. The indictment identified a network of fraudulent nonprofits, fiscal sponsors, and bail funds that were, in reality, front groups controlled by three anarchist roommates, who used millions in tax-exempt funds raised for ostensibly charitable purposes to further what prosecutors allege was a violent criminal conspiracy involving the illegal occupation of public land, planned confrontations with police, and organized doxxing and harassment campaigns targeting police and private citizens working at construction companies contracted to build the facility. The “Atlanta Solidarity Fund,” for instance, was a bail fund used to support arrested Stop Cop City protesters, while the “Forest Justice Defense Fund” reimbursed “Forest Defenders”—i.e., the group’s officers and their antifa comrades—for the purchase of tents, camping supplies, surveillance equipment, shortwave radios, drones, and ammunition.

Where did the money come from? From donations solicited through left-wing fundraising and organizing networks. One of those networks was the Climate Justice Alliance (CJA), an umbrella group for more than 80 “community organizations,” including the Grassroots Global Justice Alliance, which organized an illegal anti-Israel protest in the Capitol Rotunda in December at which more than 50 activists were arrested. CJA’s website promotes a grab bag of far-left causes, and includes a “Free Palestine” page proclaiming that “the path to climate justice travels through a free Palestine.” To this day—eight months after the Georgia RICO indictment alleged that the Forest Justice Defense Fund was a fraudulent charity paying for ammunition purchases in furtherance of a criminal conspiracy—CJA maintains a Stop Cop City page urging readers to donate to the Forest Justice Defense Fund and the Atlanta Solidarity Fund. CJA also endorsed a “statement of solidarity” with Stop Cop City, which claimed, by the inexorable logic of intersectionality, the fight against “gentrification and police violence” in Atlanta as part of the fight against climate change.

CJA is a subsidiary of the Movement Strategy Center, a California-based 501(c)(3) that has received funding from the Ford Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Tides Foundation, and various branches of the Open Society network. But it has another financial supporter, one that may come as a surprise: You, the American taxpayer. In November, the Environmental Protection Agency announced that it was entrusting $50 million in federal grant money under the Inflation Reduction Act to the CJA, to be distributed in sub-grants to fund “environmental justice” projects by “community-based nonprofit organizations.”...

[Harris] says her administration is “ensuring critical resources to fund environmental justice projects across the country reach the organizations that know their communities best.” What she means is that the federal government is funneling tens of millions of dollars of public money to a group that understands “environmental justice” to imply the abolition of policing, the perpetual struggle against “white supremacy,” and the liberation of Palestine.

It’s remarkable what one can find from pulling on such threads. Which may be why, to date, there has been very little political will to pull on them."


Weird. Everyone knows that antifa is only an idea, because Biden said so.

Neville Roy Singham is Sri Lankan-Cuban. Does "every single time" apply if left wingers are bashing Israel and terrorising Jews?

The terrorism supporters still condemn Biden for supporting "genocide". You'd think he'd wise up and realise that they will never be mollified by anything short of Israel's destruction. But maybe he knows he'll lose the election anyway so he might as well push the left wing agenda as much as he can first.

Strange how "the resistance" seems to be part of the Democratic establishment. Looks like the "disinformation" squad is going to try to shut down Tablet Magazine now.

Links - 11th May 2024 (1 - Feminism)

Richard Hanania on X - "Korea got western ideas without any of the antibodies. Western men can brush aside the rants of deranged feminists. As an Arab I have to work hard to take women seriously at all, but I'm making progress all the time. Korean men seem to get genuinely hurt by them."
Elections reveal a growing gender divide across South Korea - "They grew up seeing girls in their class enjoying equal opportunity and getting better grades than them, he says.  "Men feel they are falling behind in competitions. And they also have to serve in the military at an important time of their life. But the Democratic Party and the liberal side were only talking about discrimination against women," Jeong says.  He found in a 2019 survey that nearly 70% of men in their 20s think discrimination against men is serious. Many point to mandatory conscription as an example. All able-bodied men must serve for at least 18 months, but not women... Young men see efforts for gender parity as unfair, she adds, because of the zero-sum thinking that women's gains come at men's expense... During his election campaign, in a bid to attract young male voters, President Yoon Suk Yeol said structural sexism no longer exists in South Korea and pledged to abolish the ministry for gender equality.  He has failed to implement the pledge due to resistance from the main opposition Democratic Party, which holds majority control. But in February, two months before the parliamentary elections, he accepted the resignation from the gender equality minister that he had sat on for five months. He did not appoint a replacement.  Meanwhile, the distance between men and women is growing, not just politically but also emotionally.  In a 2021 survey conducted by South Korean news magazine Sisa IN, over 66% of men in their 20s said they cannot accept feminists as neighbors, colleagues, friends or family.  Pollster Jeong Han-wool, who participated in designing and analyzing the survey, found that anti-feminist sentiment is increasingly determining 20-something men's voting behaviors. Their view has even spread to men in their 30s and 40s."
Clearly, if 50% of management roles are filled by females through a quota, this is not at men's expense because feminism and "equality" are good

Matt Walsh on X - "The WNBA salary discourse is the dumbest thing I've seen on this website so far this year. The league has been in existence for 30 years and has never once turned a profit. None of the idiots complaining about the salaries actually consume the product. The league is a charity case, kept afloat by the NBA which generates well over 100 times the revenue and gives some of it to the WNBA so that we can all feel good about the fact that a women's basketball league exists, even though none of us have any interest in watching it.
What is a "fair share" of zero dollars in profit? Someone go ahead and do the math for Biden here."

Sydney Sweeney slams claims she was objectified in Rolling Stones video - "Sydney Sweeney is clapping back at critics who claim she was objectified in the Rolling Stones' "Angry" music video...   In a new interview with Glamour UK, the Anyone But You star said of her starring role in the video: “I felt hot. I picked my own outfit out of racks and racks of clothes. I felt so good in it.”"

Meme Woman 1: "OMG, GET LOST DWEEBLE. YOU'RE SUCH A DWEEB" *nice neighbourhood*
*votes for feminism*
Woman 1: "THANKS FOR WALKING US HOME DWEEBLE" *rough neighbourhood*

A new type of feminism doesn't turn back the clock but insists on common sense - "A new movement of young British and American women is challenging liberal feminist orthodoxy, exposing its inconsistencies, contradictions, and downright harms. Two prominent members of the movement, Mary Harrington and Louise Perry, published books in the last year and a half, each different in focus but with similar themes. In Harrington’s Feminism Against Progress and Perry’s The Case Against the Sexual Revolution, both authors—one a Gen Xer, one a Millennial—explore the challenges with being a woman in the early 21st century, from the failures of consent-based sexual ethics to the commodification of female bodies (or the erasure of them)... any feminism for which the goal is to deny sex difference, whether in dating, the workplace, or parenthood, fundamentally fails women...  in general, women neither want to have sex like men, nor benefit from it.  Perry’s focus on hook-up culture, the harmful impact of pornography, and the inadequacy of consent for sorting out the appropriateness and potential harm of a given sexual encounter are uncomfortable to confront. For women raised to be good liberal feminists, freedom trumps everything. We’re supposed to think of women involved in prostitution and pornography as empowered. To question their choices (or coerced “choices”) is to question their personal autonomy.  But Perry deftly confronts the reader’s discomfort, drawing on powerful research to show that real, meaningful differences between most men and women—their preferences, their physical attributes, and the power dynamic that results—make the harms caused by a libertarian approach deeply unethical. Perry’s response is not mass vows of chastity, but a practical (if rarely heard) call to women to get to know men before having sex with them and to seek out loving marriages... Harrington aims her critique at capitalism and the commodification of the female body. She pulls no punches, calling out companies offering employees egg freezing, the exploitative treatment of many birth surrogates, the proliferation of daycare for all, and the medicalization of so-called “gender-affirming care.” In her view, the aim of liberal feminism is to extract labour and money from female bodies, with no concern for the interests of women themselves. This despite the clear desire many women have to prioritize motherhood, even if they choose to work. Harrington attacks these trends, blaming technology and classism, explaining that wealthier women perpetuate liberal feminism because they have the means to avoid its downsides while lower-income women suffer its dehumanization... Evocative examples of the hypocrisy we live with, which champions women’s rights but stands idly by while female bodies are sold for sex, which calls out #MeToo-style sexual harassment but allows natal male violent offenders in women’s prisons, and which champions #girlboss feminism but seeks to split women off from pregnancy and mothering, treating children and motherhood as inconvenient inefficiencies... no reader will put these books down thinking the old orthodoxy, that women should just behave more like men, and that if we try hard enough, we can erase problematic sex differences and set women free, isn’t sorely lacking."

Gina Bontempo on X - "I was talking to an OBGYN today who said that, as uncomfortable as it is to admit it, when he has to deliver teenagers and women in their early 20s, they usually have a much easier time with birth, never tear, and tend to fly through labor. Their bodies are just equipped to handle birth so much better.  He also said one of the reasons there are so many C-sections now (of course in addition to many doctors just scheduling them or prematurely performing them) is because women are simply having babies much later than ever before. This has an impact on how they labor.  It was a fascinating conversation. Biology is not politically correct.
I also interviewed a midwife recently who has been delivering babies for 20+ years, and she said the women who are giving birth later in life generally perform much better during birth and recover much better if they started having children at a younger age, like early 20s. She said in her observation, the earlier you start, the easier it is. Another midwife she knows posted this same sentiment once on social media and lost work because of the rabid backlash. She said even the crunchiest midwives aren’t allowed to share their most honest observations without getting mauled by the online mob. Fascinating."
Patriarchy is so powerful, it affects biology

Shay ๐ŸŒˆ๐ŸŒธ✨ on X - "I’d love for Nike to explain why male and female athletes can’t wear the same kit but adjusted for size. Why do the female runners cheeks and genitals need to be half out?"
"They tried to sell the women and men the same stuff, and the men and women said no. Girls want to look pretty, men want to look strong."
"The difference is we got dicks and balls, since apparently you don’t know about anatomy let me tell you, we have these things that protrude from a body while you guys lack that specific part of genitalia so the clothes and the form fitting that you wear are completely different."
"Do you like running with a wedgie? I don’t know about you but I have thigh fat and a shapely rear end, when I run it’s going up my cheeks regardless. Just say you’re shaped like SpongeBob and move on."
Katie Moon on X - "Hey! Athlete that wears the kit here! Totally understand your frustration and love you defending women, but actually we do have the option to wear just that if we want to ๐Ÿค— with all the top and bottoms they send us we have at least 20 different combinations! For reference please look at what Laulauga Tausaga wore when she won the discus ๐Ÿค—"
Anatomy and athlete preferences are sexist

Wilfred Reilly on X - "For everyone ranting about "sexism" and - for some reason - "porn," these uniforms are usually designed by/in consultation with the athletes."

Richard Hanania on X - "Major happiness study finds that women enjoy taking care of children more than working. Media reports this as people are miserable when taking care of children, ignoring that work does worse."

Alex Contreras ๐Ÿ‰ on X - "Men who mock women for enjoying astrology are gross. Men who mock women for enjoying various things are gross. Let people live.
The people who are QTing this are mostly men mocking women for enjoying astrology. Once again, mocking women for enjoying things is an entry point to misogyny and gross. If you're a man and your first reaction is to mock women as a whole for enjoying astrology, that's a problem."
julzzz says ceasefire now๐Ÿšฐ on X - "not gonna lie, as a woman and longtime hater of astrology, I deeply resent astrology’s contemporary rebrand as this special space of sanctity and reprieve for women and queer people, which inevitably has the effect of putting it above criticism"
Of course, the fact that men get mocked all the time doesn't mean misandry is a thing, because power relations means never having to say you're sorry

US astrology influencer worried about eclipse killed partner, baby: report - "A US astrology influencer worried about the recent solar eclipse stabbed her partner to death, then pushed her two children out of her moving car before fatally slamming the vehicle into a tree, a report said Wednesday.  Danielle Johnson, who peddled weekly “aura cleanses” on her website and offered online zodiac readings, told followers that Monday’s total solar eclipse in North America was “the epitome of spiritual warfare.”  “Get your protection on and your heart in the right place,” she wrote on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, on April 4 under her online pseudonym Danielle Ayoka."
Damn misogyny!

Christina Hoff Sommers on X - "Want to close wage gap? Step one: Change your major from feminist dance therapy to electrical engineering. #NationalOffendACollegeStudentDay"

Jack On All Trades on X - "Women really saw their husbands come back from 12 hours of work, tired and miserable, and thought gee I want to do that too."

Meme - "Say women belong in the kitchen and feminists lose their minds. Say men are better chefs than women and feminists lose their minds."
Feminists always lose their mind, so

The Feminist Rediscovery of Artemisia Gentileschi - The Atlantic - "historians have found that such trials were common in early-17th-century Rome, and Gentileschi’s experience “strongly follows a sort of formula.” (She maintained a relationship with Tassi for several months after the assault, and to the court, his offense was refusing to marry her, rather than the rape.) In other words, we should not impose modern ideas about sexual consent onto the situation in order to turn Gentileschi into a modern feminist heroine. “She was probably in love with her rapist,” Germaine Greer wrote of Gentileschi in her book on female artists, The Obstacle Race. “He was a dashing figure, handsome and black-bearded, often to be seen on horseback and sporting a golden chain.”... allowing an artist’s biography to dominate her critical reception—finding the Judith paintings more interesting as an expression of revenge than as a work of art—concerns Treves. “There is no question that her personal experiences, like any artist’s personal experience, shape the making of their art,” she said. “But I also think just to look at these paintings in that vein, it’s not particularly helpful. It diminishes her artistic achievement.”  So when does feminist celebration become patronizing, an implicit silver medal? (Isn’t she good—for a woman?) As rarities and exceptions, women are often defined by their biography. Never mind the talent—how do we feel about her? Feminist rediscovery risks saving women from obscurity only to conscript them into a reductive triumphal narrative. Gentileschi is such a striking example of this debate that we could name the dilemma after her: the Artemisia Problem. Is she good—for a woman? Or good enough to deserve a place in the canon, regardless of her sex? The danger of “rediscovery” is an implicit demand that women must be good people, inspirations, role models, trailblazers—people worth rescuing—something that is not asked of lecherous Picasso; violent Caravaggio; or Francis Bacon, the sadomasochist. A related version of the argument insists that women who reach high office are worth celebrating only if we agree with their politics. At its worst, well-meaning feminist rehabilitation can create a new prison to replace the old one. The quest to reverse our condescension toward muses, the novelist Zadie Smith has argued, resulted in off-putting biographies that were often “unhinged in tone, by turns furious, defensive, melancholy, and tragic.” These underdog narratives “kept the muse in her place, orbiting the great man.”"

Derailing Australia’s Campus Rape Panic - "new regulations were introduced by a number of universities to establish committees and secretive processes to investigate and adjudicate sexual assault. These reversed the burden of proof, denied the accused normal legal rights, and required only a “balance of probabilities” to secure conviction. Many other universities have apparently made plans to proceed down the same path.  This followed a campaign orchestrated by activists who have spent the last decade successfully convincing the media that young women are unsafe on our campuses. As a result of their lobbying, the Australian Human Rights Commission spent a million dollars on a survey intended to uncover evidence of this alleged rape crisis. However, the survey found that only tiny numbers experienced sexual assault (an average of 0.8 percent over each of the two years studied), even when a broad definition of sexual assault was applied that included touching by a stranger on public transport to campus. The main finding was low-grade sexual harassment (mainly unwanted staring) which the universities then promoted as alarming levels of “sexual violence.” Despite this setback, the higher education sector continued to toe the feminist line, setting up new measures to respond to the perceived crisis. Our university regulator—the Tertiary Education, Quality, and Standards Agency (TEQSA)—swiftly issued a “guidance note” advising universities to provide evidence of how they respond to sexual assault. This was widely interpreted by universities as a requirement to get involved in the criminal law business.  The kowtowing of key players to activist demands has been extraordinary... A video shows bureaucrats squirming as Stoker points out that the resulting university regulations contain barely a word about ensuring proper legal rights for accused young men...  a university administrator admitted in private correspondence with a student representative that his university had assumed they might still proceed with a misconduct hearing to determine the guilt of the perpetrator even if the accused had been found not guilty in criminal court. The reason? The university had a lower standard of proof, he said. That’s the point of this whole exercise—to use “victim-centred” justice to ensure more rape convictions... That was widely acknowledged as the goal in 2011 when President Obama required all publicly funded universities to establish tribunals to adjudicate rape on campus. This led to over 200 successful lawsuits against universities for failing to protect the due process rights of the accused —rights the Trump administration is now seeking to restore. Given that recent history, it is extraordinary that our higher education sector has allowed itself to be led down the same path. Universities Australia has just commissioned a new survey on sexual assault intended to cook up more impressive rape statistics after the failure of the AHRC to produce the desired results... I’d made a complaint to the university about key organisers of the Sydney protest, providing hours of video evidence and numerous witnesses to show they were breaching the university’s bullying and harassment regulations. After an investigation that lasted over 8 months, the university finally took action, suspending the key organiser, Maddy Ward, for a semester. Ward is a serial troublemaker who already had a strike against her following a notorious protest at which she exposed her breasts to an anti-abortion group. Ward proudly took ownership of the protest against me but was outraged that I had succeeded in “weaponising the university codes of conduct” against her. It was the authoritarian Left that insisted on regulating behaviour on campus, but they do not, it seems, like being held to the standards they impose on others."
From 2019

Meeting The Enemy: A Feminist Comes to Terms with the Men's Rights Movement by Cassie Jaye (Transcript) - "In 2013, I decided to meet my enemies. I was a 27-year-old, award-winning documentary filmmaker and a proud feminist. And I was determined to expose the dark underbelly of the men’s rights movement. At that point, all I knew of the men’s rights movement was from what I’d read online, that it’s a misogynistic hate group actively working against women’s equality... when I learned that no one had ever documented the men’s rights movement in a film before, I saw it as an opportunity to continue fighting for women’s equality by exposing those preventing it.  So for one year, I traveled North America meeting the leaders and followers of the men’s rights movement. I spent anywhere from two hours up to eight hours, interviewing each individual men’s rights activist, also known as MRA, and I filmed 44 people total. And there is an important rule in documentary filmmaking. As an interviewer, you do not interrupt. So I’m asking questions, and I’m getting their full life story. And in the moment, I didn’t realize it, but now looking back I can see, that while I was conducting my interviews, I wasn’t actually listening. I was hearing them speak, and I knew the cameras were recording, but in those moments of sitting across from my enemy, I wasn’t listening. What was I doing? I was anticipating. I was waiting to hear a sentence, or even just a couple of words in succession that proved what I wanted to believe: that I had found the misogynist. The ground zero of the war on women...  I was typing out every word meticulously, and through that process, I began to realize that my initial knee-jerk reactions to certain statements weren’t really warranted, and my feeling offended did not hold up to intense scrutiny. Was that statement about men having built the skyscrapers and the bridges anti-women? I thought, well, what would be the gender-reverse scenario? Maybe a feminist saying: Just look around, everyone you see was birthed by a woman. Wow! That’s a powerful statement. And it’s true. Is it anti-male? I don’t think so. I think it’s acknowledging our unique and valued contributions to our society. Well, luckily, while I was making The Red Pill movie, I kept a video diary which ended up tracking my evolving views, and in looking back on the 37 diaries I recorded that year, there was a common theme. I would often hear an innocent, valid point that a men’s rights activist would make, but in my head, I would add on to their statements, a sexist or anti-woman spin, assuming that’s what they wanted to say but didn’t... I couldn’t keep denying the points they were making... It’s not a contest. But I kept making it into one. Why couldn’t I simply learn about men’s issues and have compassion for male victims without jumping at the opportunity to insist that women are the real victims.  Well, after years of researching and fact-checking, what the men’s rights activists were telling me, there is no denying that there are many human rights issues that disproportionately or uniquely affect men... most people can’t name one because they think, “Well, men have all their rights; they have all the power and privilege.” But these issues deserve to be acknowledged.  They deserve care, attention, and motivation for solutions. Before making The Red Pill movie, I was a feminist of about ten years, and I thought I was well-versed on gender equality issues. But it wasn’t until I met men’s rights activists that I finally started to consider the other side of the gender equality equation. It doesn’t mean I agree with all that they’ve said. But I saw the immense value in listening to them and trying to see the world through their eyes. I thought if I could get my audience to also listen to them, it could serve as a rung on the ladder, bringing us all up to a higher consciousness about gender equality. So in October 2016, the film was released in theaters, and articles and critic reviews started to roll in. And that’s when I experienced how engaged the media is in group think around gender politics. And I learned a difficult lesson. When you start to humanize your enemy, you, in turn, may be dehumanized by your community. And that’s what happened to me. Rather than debating the merit of the issues addressed in the film, I became the target of a smear campaign, and people who had never seen the movie protested outside the theater doors, chanting that it was harmful to women. It certainly is not. But I understand their mindset.  If I never made this movie, and I heard that there was a documentary screening about men’s rights activists that didn’t show them as monsters, I too would have protested the screenings or at least sign the petitions to ban the film because I was told that they were my enemy.  I was told that men’s rights activists were against women’s equality. But all the men’s rights activists I met support women’s rights and are simply asking the question: “Why doesn’t our society care about men’s rights?” Well, the greatest challenge I faced through this whole process, it wasn’t the protests against my film, and it wasn’t how I was treated by the mainstream media – even though it got pretty disgusting at times. The greatest challenge I faced was peeling back the layers of my own bias. It turns out I did meet my enemy while filming. It was my ego saying that I was right, and they were subhuman. It’s no secret now that I no longer call myself a feminist... if we want to honestly discuss gender equality, we need to invite all voices to the table. Yet, this is not what is happening. Men’s groups are continually vilified, falsely referred to as hate groups, and their voices are systematically silenced.  Do I think either movement has all the answers? No. Men’s rights activists are not without flaws, neither are feminists. But if one group is being silenced, that’s a problem for all of us. If I could give advice to anyone in our society at large, we have to stop expecting to be offended, and we have to start truly, openly, and sincerely listening. That would lead to a greater understanding of ourselves and others, having compassion for one another, working together towards solutions because we all are in this together."

The Distracted Boyfriend Who Took Over the Internet Is Deemed Sexist in Sweden - The New York Times
When the demand for sexism is higher than its suppl

Lucas Lynch - "Some self-professed radicals want Billie Eilish to stop trying to look traditionally sexy, because this is somehow vaguely 'harmful'?  Why not force her to put on hijab then, honestly? Coming from a different angle, the motivation is the same.  This faction would find it less objectionable that she were cast in a violent movie where she cuts men and women's heads off than she dare consent to display her body in a traditionally sexy way. The Puritain's lament may not repeat itself, but it rhymes down through the ages, always wrong for the same reasons.   Those arguing that the sight of the female body is harmful - and even worse, somehow responsible for the harm that comes to others that have one - are inevitably on the wrong side of the debate, and on the wrong side of history. At some point, in some enlightened society in the future, men and women will stop penalizing women for simply existing. The Saudi clerics would have it be otherwise, and this is exactly the reason why anyone who professes to give a damn about freedom and an enlightened society should choose otherwise.   'My body, my choice' seems to come to a screeching halt when that choice involves choosing to be traditionally sexy. This contradiction should be obvious to anyone intelligent and well-educated, and yet it is often the intelligent and well-educated who choose to intersect with the clerics on this very mistaken point."

Meme - "Women: Schrodinger's little victim and empowered adults at the same time!  Reddit(and the Left tbh):  "16 Year olds are adult enough to vote!"  also  "20 year old women are CHILDREN!""

Urban Dictionary: Schrรถdinger’s Feminist - "A woman is simultaneously a victim and empowered, until something happens. Then she chooses which state benefits her the most…"

Meme - "Chennai. Vellore Institute of Technology

Why the Life Expectancy Gap between Men and Women Is Growing - "In 2010 women were projected to live 4.8 years longer than men. By 2021 this gap widened to 5.8 years, the largest disparity since 1996. During the 20th century, heart disease was the main cause of death that created the difference in life expectancy among women and men. But now COVID fatalities and a growing number of drug overdoses among men are to blame"

Meme - "r/sexworkers. want to hear what leftist "ally" guys really think of you? read how they describe Melania.
there are plenty of ways to say that she sucks, or that Trump sucks, without bringing up her former modeling/escorting career. but for some reason that's the first thing they reach for. every dumb joke, cliche, crude stereotype and insult gets trotted out, but it's okay because she's married to Trump.  look I can't stand this woman either. that has nothing to do with her being an escort. I'm just tired of men who make an effort to be "socially conscious" good guys dropping the mask when they get a chance to make a funnee whore joke"
"I'm quite liberal politically, and I hate it when people denigrate Melania for her nude modeling. I even hate it when people make fun of Trump for being fat. There are endless legitimate reasons to criticize them both. No one should need to resort to superficial attacks."
"It is the same way they talk about MTG and her appearance where they mock her for looking like a man or something. And they justify saying shit like that by saying she deserves it for her politics, but there's tons of things you could say negatively about her without mentioning her looks. It just shows that all these values they supposedly espouse are hollow."
How about (female) feminists? (if you believe men can't be feminists - only allies)

Friday, May 10, 2024

Links - 10th May 2024 (2 - Hamas Attack Oct 2023: College Campuses)

I was treated like a criminal for being Jewish. The Met chief must go - "At Aldwych, we came across the pro-Palestine protest and we started to cross the road as the front of the march got to us. Suddenly I felt hands on me. I looked around to see a police officer who was shoving me onto the pavement. He said: “You are quite openly Jewish, this is a pro-Palestinian march. I’m not accusing you of anything but I’m worried about the reaction to your presence.” The march came towards us and after a few minutes the crowd got thicker, people stopping and shouting abuse at us: “Disgusting”, “lock them up”, “Nazis”, “scum”. There were people there, right there, who were expressing as loudly as they could how much they hated me for looking Jewish, and not a single person was saying: “You shouldn’t do that”, or “I disapprove”. Instead the police officers said that I would be escorted out of the area or, if I chose to remain, I would be “causing a breach of peace” and arrested. They added that my presence at the march was “antagonising”. I didn’t understand. I didn’t have a flag or a placard or anything that would in any way mark me out from any other normal Londoner except for the fact that I was wearing a skullcap. I was so indignant. How dare he pick me out because I’m Jewish — and tell me where I’m allowed to walk? There were people around me, with their faces covered, shouting repeatedly: “Scum, scum, scum, scum, scum.” Why wasn’t there any problem with their behaviour? Why don’t they have a crowd of police around them, or even one officer telling them to move on? By the actions of the Metropolitan Police, it’s not just that central London is a “no-go zone” for Jews, as has been said previously, but a police-enforced Jew-free zone... a protester stood right next to me and a police officer and said: “I’m not afraid of your effing people. Wherever you go, I’m going to monitor and record your movements, not because I support you, but because I’m against you.”... In the months since the marches started — since October 7 — we have just seen the police making excuse after excuse, telling us that there is some kind of context in which calls for jihad do not mean violence, where swastikas on a placard can be somehow contextualised, where people waving the flags of terrorist organisations haven’t had any action taken against them. What happened to me is the inevitable outcome of an approach to policing that sacrifices the rights of law-abiding Londoners to appease lawless mobs. The incident itself was disgraceful. But what is an absolute stain on the reputation of the Met is the way the force has handled it since I complained... Someone said to me recently, is it really the end of the world if Jews just have to stay out of central London for a few months on weekends? Yes. It is the end of a world that has existed since the Battle of Cable Street in 1936, when British Jews and their allies saw off the British Union of Fascists, and ever since we have been able to live and thrive as equals in this city. If we just accept that we are no longer welcome on the streets of London, it is the end of that world."
Weird how the protesters didn't get the memo that they were "anti-Zionist", not anti-Semitic

Met chief backs officer in Gideon Falter row as protesters arrested - "a clip emerged that appeared to show a Metropolitan Police officer threatening Gideon Falter, a prominent antisemitism campaigner, with arrest after claiming that his “openly Jewish” presence at a pro-Palestinian march was “antagonistic”. The standoff, after months of protests in which antisemitic placards and support for Hamas have been evident, prompted Falter to call for the resignation or removal of Sir Mark Rowley, the Met commissioner. Falter argued in The Sunday Times that Britain’s most senior police officer had “lost control of the streets”, as well as the confidence of Jewish Londoners. His call for Rowley to go was echoed by Suella Braverman, the former home secretary, who has previously described pro-Palestinian protests as “hate marches”. A week later, however, Rowley remains firmly in post and, it can be revealed, has spoken directly to the sergeant involved in the standoff with Falter, 40, to offer his personal support. Not only has the commissioner praised the officer’s “professionalism”, but has told him he is free to return to public order duties... Stephen Kapos, 87, a Holocaust survivor from Hungary who lost 15 relatives at Auschwitz, appeared at the head of the protest, running from Parliament Square to Hyde Park. Kapos said: “The right wing has been claiming that these marches create no-go areas for Jews. But the opposite is true. It’s not dangerous for Jewish people to be associated with these protests.”... the Met had confirmed two arrests. They included a man seen carrying a placard with an image of a swastika and another man who had “shouted a racist remark” in the direction of the pro-Israel counter-protest. The alleged victim of the abuse, Hayley Ace, a Christian priest from north London, believes she was targeted because she was wearing a baseball cap with a Star of David. Ace, 43, said: “The man shouted at me ‘Where are you from?’ F*** off, Jew. F*** off back to Poland.”... A plan by Falter’s organisation, the Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA), calling on supporters to descend on the pro-Palestinian march and “walk where they please” was called off on Friday after the charity said the Met had not done enough to guarantee participants’ safety... Falter’s tense exchange with the Met sergeant who referred to him as “openly Jewish” came at an earlier protest on April 13. Snippets of the incident were originally released by the CAA as part of an eight-minute film in which Falter said Jews were no longer able to go about their normal lives, declaring “enough is enough”... In the CAA footage, Falter, who was wearing a kippah skullcap and carrying his prayer shawl in a bag marked with a Star of David, tells the officer he wants to cross the road at Aldwych, which would involve stepping into the path of the fast-flowing protest... The Met subsequently apologised for the officer’s comments, but said opponents of such protests “must know that their presence is provocative”. This poured fuel on the row and led to the force having to retract the statement and issuing a second apology, in which it said “being Jewish is not a provocation”."
Of course, only the "right wing" can "weaponise" "token" "minorities" by using them as "mouthpieces". When "pro-Palestinian" marchers are violent towards Jews, it's the fault of the "right wing"
Yet another example of a Jew who is anti-Israel

Initial story about ‘openly Jewish’ incident not full picture, says ex-senior Met officer - "a longer version of the same exchange has since emerged on Sky News, showing the officer explaining that his concern was that he had seen Falter acting in a way that led him to believe he was trying to provoke a confrontation with marchers... “Personally, if I was policing that march, I would have been inclined to have arrested [Falter] for assault on a police officer and breach of the peace.”... Addressing Babu’s comments, Falter said: “A former chief superintendent has even outrageously suggested that I assaulted a police officer and should have been arrested. This has now gone far beyond victim-blaming. These tactics are desperate, but they reveal the Met’s priorities.”"
Good luck to a police officer who tries to prevent a scantily clad woman from walking into a crowd of drunk, rowdy men, or who suggests that she shouldn't do so for her own safety. And if a Muslim is in danger from provoking participants in a "far right" protest, no prizes for guessing who will be arrested
Weird how, in contrast, those who protest the "far right" are not in danger, since we know the "far right" are super violent and dangerous

Jewish Londoners are afraid, Baroness Casey tells Metropolitan Police - "Jewish Londoners are afraid, according to Baroness Casey of Blackstock as she criticised Scotland Yard’s “absolutely horrific” handling of a row sparked at a pro-Palestinian rally... Casey, who led an independent review of the Met after a serving firearms officer kidnapped, raped and murdered Sarah Everard in south London in March 2021, said her “heart sank” when she watched footage of the incident... During her 45-minute session, Casey compared the Met’s clumsy approach with how the force handled the vigil held in Everard’s memory on Clapham Common — days after the 33-year-old’s body was found in woodland near Ashford, Kent. Officers were seen dragging away dozens of mourners as they sought to clear the bandstand."
Time to keep Jews safe by locking up the "far right" without trial

Meme - mirax @miraxpath: "Same people will deny that there are no-go zones in London."
Nula Suchet @nulasuchet: "I'd like to ask Gideon Falter and friends why they needed to walk through a pro-Palestine march when there must have been any number of alternative routes."
StillJill ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ฑ on X - "I’d like to ask Nula why she thinks that any streets in London or indeed anywhere in OUR country should be off limits to anyone that doesn’t encourage the Jew haters to pollute our streets."
Michael de Monte on X - "I'd like to ask Rosa Parks why she got on the bus, when she could just as easily walked or cycled"
Tim Skellett on X - "I'd like to ask Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. why he felt forced to walk through Birmingham, Alabama, @nulasuchet. Same energy. Justify racism much, do you?"
Lakesman on X - "Why do Hamas supporters need to lock down London every week when the war is thousands of miles away? They are not looking for a peaceful solution."
Joo๐ŸŽ—️ on X - "To prove a point that was subsequently proved."
Dont Be Fooled ๐Ÿด๓ ง๓ ข๓ ฅ๓ ฎ๓ ง๓ ฟ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง on X - "I would like to ask the pro-Hamas supporters why seeing a Jewish person should enrage them so much? I thought they just wanted peace for people on the Gaza Strip and by that count surely everyone - is there something else at play here ?"
AVE☕️๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ—ฝ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿฅณ on X - "Why it is an issue, when there is apparently no antisemitism ๐Ÿค”London’s streets are for EVERY religion, culture & skin colour…"
Jim Bob Levy on X - "Because these disgusting “marches” -aka Nazi rallies - are full of screaming criminal Jewhaters who call for the genocide of millions of Jews. They must be banned."
Suzi Cointreau ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿค๐Ÿ’š on X - "If those weren’t antisemitic hate marches, why would Gideon have been in any danger from the crowd? I’d like Jewish people on these marches to say whether they are welcome wearing the Star of David or a yarmulke."
OutsideTheVillage on X - "Why is the presence of a Jewish person a provocation with a peaceful protest?"
Chade Fallstar - ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง Free & Sovereign on X - "Down this road leads to asking young women why they needed to wear a short skirt when they could have chosen a long skirt or trousers. This is nothing but victim shaming Nula. Do better!"
Melindi Scott on X - "You mean Jews. You'd like to ask Jews how very dare they walk with the same freedoms as everyone else."
DOTSM. Standing with ✡️ on X - "Nula sounds nice, doesn’t she? How dare those pesky Jews want to be free to do what they want!"
Rachel on X - "Why should being Jewish restrict your right to go anywhere, at any time? Those that threaten violence are the problem, not those that highlight the violent threat."
Inc.Monocle on X - "My word what a profoundly arrogant person you are. Where free citizens decide to walk (as long as they’re breaking no law) has zero to do with you."
Theorised on X - "Hi Nula - We live in a place called the UK, where we are free to walk where we may in the public space and not be subject to harassment and intimidation. This forms one of the cornerstones of our liberal democracy. Hope that helps."

‘Openly’ doing all Jews a disservice - "The matter is quite simple. If the police believed that the sight of a clearly identifiable Jewish man would cause the marchers to harm him, or to create a disturbance, then the march should not have been permitted."
"Growing up one of the very few Asians in a seaside town in the 1970s and 1980s, even as a child I knew to avoid the seafront on a summer bank holiday, as I would be targeted by the hordes of skinheads and punk rockers intent on carnage. This act of self-preservation was made in the full knowledge that the police were unlikely to be sympathetic to a non-Caucasian."
There was a Jew criticising Falter. Presumably he would've criticised an Asian who insisted on "provoking" racist skinheads and punk rockers too

It's time to stop giving the pro-Palestine protestors the benefit of the doubt - "At a scrum on Monday morning, Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland was asked about the protests on Parliament Hill over the weekend where pro-Palestine protestors chanted “Long live October 7” and “October 7 is proof that we are almost free.” As Jews were preparing to celebrate our liberation from slavery at the Seder table, and with over 130 hostages snatched by Hamas still unaccounted for, Freeland could not muster a clear condemnation of those who would celebrate their murder, torture, rape, and kidnapping... A few hours later, after gathering her talking points, Freeland issued a statement expressing “shock and disgust” at the protests. But the fact that she needed time to consult with her comms staff before doing so is evocative of a much bigger problem. Imagine a crowd cheering in approval of the lynchings of Black people. Can there be any doubt that Freeland wouldn’t have found herself similarly muzzled in her response?  As protestors were jubilantly celebrating the October 7 pogroms as proof of their imminent freedom in Ottawa, campuses in the United States have been similarly roiled with increasingly tense pro-Palestine encampments... erstwhile defenders of the youth simply expressing noble, if somewhat naive, pacificism, are missing the clear lust for violence on display at these protests. As much as I support free expression, the level of support for terrorist tactics like October 7 at these protests is a threat to liberal democracies that cannot be dismissed as mere peaceful protests by naรฏve youth.  There were cut-and-dry legal wrongs being committed: assault, including where Jewish students and faculty who merely committed the sin of being visibly Jewish were encircled with human chains and physically blocked. There was a young masked blonde woman who carried a sign menacing a group of pro-Israel counter-protestors as “AL-QASM’s NEXT TARGETS,” referring to the armed wing of Hamas that led the October 7th attacks and arguably a direct incitement to violence and clear grounds for expulsion under Columbia’s code of conduct. A Jewish woman, Sahar Tartak, was poked in the eye with a Palestinian flag and had to go to hospital.   But the most loathsome aspect of the weekend’s horror shows on both sides of the border was the unanimity with which pro-war, pro-eradication of Jewish and Israeli life, and pro-terror slogans were embraced by the crowds. The whole crowd joined in on chants of “Go back to Poland,” and “Burn Tel Aviv to the ground.”   Two weeks ago in downtown Toronto, a “ceasefire now” pro-Palestine protest let its mask slip when, upon hearing a loudspeaker announcement that the Islamic Republic of Iran had sent 300 drones and missiles to Israel, virtually all those present, including children, hooted and cheered in delight.   And, of course, in Ottawa, practically the whole crowd went along with gleeful chants in support of October 7.   These protestors are not for peace, they are for violence— seemingly even beyond the borders of Israel and Palestine. When they say death to America and death to Israel, I believe they mean it.  This truth which is apparent to anybody with eyes and 30 seconds to watch a social media clip is frequently being downplayed as a few bad apples. Special Representative on Combatting Islamophobia Amira Elghawaby tweeted that the “problematic speech” of a “few individual protesters” is unacceptable and contrary to our shared values but then added she was concerned about “deliberate efforts to smear all protesters with one brush. It’s difficult to square Elghawaby’s assertion that it was only a “few individual protestors” when clearly the hateful chants were coming from the whole crowd on Parliament Hill. Moreover, the pro-Palestine movement has repeatedly failed to purge itself from its continually prominent hateful elements. Not every Columbia student might have been onside with marking Jewish students as the Hamas Al-Qassam Brigade’s next targets, but there has been no public disavowal of this conduct, nor of violence against Jews and Israelis generally. As Bret Stephens noted in the New York Times a few weeks ago, “The mark of a morally serious movement lies in its determination to weed out its worst members and stamp out its worst ideas. What we’ve too often seen from the ‘Free Palestine’ crowd is precisely the opposite.” This is no accident. It follows from the ideological foundations of the movement which are plain for anyone to see... In the settler-colonialism ideology, which was spoon-fed to the students at the same elite institutions now scrambling to contain its fruits, any critical assessment of the colonized’s means of resistance—apparently, up to and including rape and torture, and slaughter of innocents—is an unacceptable imposition of white colonizer standards.  Alarmingly, this ideological framework also extends to rejecting the basic premises of a free society governed by laws. Yesterday, Students for Justice in Palestine tweeted out “WE REFUSE TO BE SUBSUMED INTO A LIBERAL FIRST AMENDMENT FRAMEWORK!”  What they mean is that they don’t want to be accommodated within a liberal society, they want to burn it to the ground. We’d best listen and act accordingly."

Moroccan asylum seeker guilty of murdering stranger in rampage told officers it was 'for the people of Gaza' - "Ahmed Ali Alid, 45, attempted to kill his housemate, a Christian convert, stabbing him in his bed as he slept.  He then prowled the streets of Hartlepool until he came across Terence Carney, 70, who was out for a morning walk, attacking him and stabbing him to death.  He told police the attack, a week after the Hamas attacks on Israel, was "for the people of Gaza" and he had wanted to kill more victims. At the end of his police interview, Alid attacked two female officers, yelling "Palestine" and "Allahu Akbar" - meaning "God is great" - as he grabbed one of them and wrestled her to the ground, causing his solicitor to dial 999. The court heard Alid, a former pastry chef, had travelled from Morocco to Spain in 2007 and spent time in 13 different European countries before arriving in Britain.  He spent 13 years living in Italy, Germany - where he was denied asylum - and Spain, before arriving in Middlesborough by ferry from the Netherlands in 2020.  He claimed asylum and spent the next three years living in a hotel in Hull and then state-funded accommodation in a terraced house in Hartlepool, waiting for his claim to be processed. Alid's housemate had alerted police that he was an "extreme Muslim" and said that he would sit in the kitchen with a knife and give him "bad looks" after realising he had converted to Christianity.  Javid Nouri, an Iranian asylum seeker, described how he found Alid laughing and "watching terrorist news" on his phone in the kitchen following the 7 October attacks by Hamas. Nouri told the managers of the hostel he believed Alid was a "terrorist" and went to police on 13 October, but was told there was nothing they could do unless Alid was carrying the knife around the house or using it to threaten his housemates.  Two days later, Nouri was woken around 5am when Alid broke into his bedroom, brandishing two kitchen knives and stabbed him in the chest.  Nouri, a former bodybuilder, described Alid shouting "Allahu Akbar". He managed to kick Alid away and run for the door but was then attacked from behind and stabbed in the face, before grappling with Alid and getting him into a headlock.  One of his housemates, another Christian convert from Iran, helped bundle Alid out of the room and sat with their backs against the door as Alid kicked at it, attempting to get back in... As he was taken to the police station on suspicion of terrorism offences, Alid was shown on bodyworn footage talking in Arabic, translated for the jury, in which he said: "For the people of Gaza inshallah [god willing].  "Inshallah Gaza will return to our country. I am Arab, I am Arab, I am Arab, it will return to Arab country. I am the son of Arabs, in the name of Allah." During his police interview, Alid, a fitness fanatic and fan of mixed martial arts, told the officers through an Arabic translator: "The whole issue is for the independence of Palestine. To have two dead victims is better than more.  "It is between the Zionist entity and Hamas movement. They set a specific time for shooting and if this Zionist occupation does not leave, here in Britain there will be [a] flood, unrest." Asked if he intended to kill more people, Alid said: "I swear by Allah if I had a machine gun and I had more weapons that they would be in thousands.  "I was going to contact someone to get me a machine gun and I would have done more and then that person told me to carry on with the knife."... In court, Alid withdrew his confession and claimed he had acted in self-defence after going into Nouri's room to confront him about arguments in the house and getting attacked himself.  He claimed that he had then walked the streets shouting "free Palestine!" in a "loud voice" when he came across Mr Carney who told him to "go back to your country and stay there"."
If this gives you any concerns about migrants, you're racist and xenophobic
The only way to stop this is to destroy Israel, since knowing they would invade Gaza in the future forced the migrant to kill people

Sky News: Moroccan asylum seeker guilty of murdering stranger in rampage told officers it was 'for the people of Gaza' : r/unitedkingdom - "The thing that people said wouldn’t happen, happened"
"Quick blame brexit"
"Austerity and Britains lack of youth centres radicalized him even in Morroco"
Sky News: Moroccan asylum seeker guilty of murdering stranger in rampage told officers it was 'for the people of Gaza' : r/unitedkingdom - "Our asylum system is actively dangerous to public safety. The far right couldn't come up with stories like this in their wildest dreams. This is a man who hails from Morroco which is a destination for european tourists, not a disaster zone. His asylum claims are rejected in numerous european countries. He finally enters Britain in 2020 and since lived in tax payer funded accomodation for years before commiting a horrendous Islamist murder.  What on Earth are we doing?"
Sky News: Moroccan asylum seeker guilty of murdering stranger in rampage told officers it was 'for the people of Gaza' : r/unitedkingdom - "Probably still some lefty numbskull will try and stop the deportation plane.  Our broken immigration policies once again is the reason a British citizen has been murdered."

Military veteran Michael von Berg slams Victorian group Teachers 4 Palestine's vow to 'dismantle' Anzac Day as a 'slap in the face' - "An Australian Defence Force hero has hit back at a group of teachers who want to 'dismantle the Anzac legacy'.   Pippa Tandy, a spokesperson for Victorian group Teachers 4 Palestine, said she wants to change how Australia's history is taught in schools because she is 'sick of having to do ideological work for arms companies and the government'.  But veteran Michael von Berg MC OAM told Daily Mail Australia it was a 'slap in the face' to those who had defended the nation and that 'if the Education Minister had any guts, he would come down on this'... Teachers and School Staff for Palestine Victoria said this week it won't be 'glorifying Australia's military history this Anzac Day'. Mr von Berg said the day is about commemoration of the tens of thousands of Australian and New Zealand troops who were lost, injured or gave their lives on the battlefield to protect the nation and those who returned mentally scarred.  'It is a sacrosanct day in the Australian calendar.  'The ignorant and apathetic position taken by Teachers4Palestine in boycotting Anzac Day is a slap in the face of all who have served and a total disrespect for those who have spilled blood.'... The Teachers for Palestine Victoria group, which has connections with hundreds of schools across Australia, has linked Anzac Day to the plight of Palestinians including Israel's violent retaliation to terrorist attacks carried out by Hamas on October 7.  It has released a teaching booklet focusing on 'the frontier wars, mistreatment of returned soldiers, Australian war crimes in Afghanistan, and the perspectives of Palestinian academics and advocates'... 'These woke teachers want to redesign a syllabus to suit their own bias.'... 'The Middle East situation is a result of empires carving up territories. Just as the scramble for Africa was,' she told the 3AW host.  'Anzac Day is being used for ideological purposes, it's not simply remembering sacrifices.'  Mr Elliott fired back, asking Ms Tandy whether, in her view, countries dragged into those wars had a choice.  'Are you saying in WWII we shouldn't have opposed imperialist Japan or Nazi Germany?' he asked.  'If you study Anzac Day it's anti-war, it's not saying war is wonderful, it's saying it's terrible but sometimes it's necessary... 'The vast majority of Australians believe Anzac Day is worth commemorating. You're in the minority here.'  Ms Tandy said she knew of hundreds of teachers who had the same views as her.  'We are sick of having to do this ideological work for arms companies and the government.'"
Weird how they are against "ideological work", but want to push ideology themselves

'Some staff' suspended after Jewish father applying for a UK passport for his five-month-old daughter had his birth certificate returned 'defaced' and with his birthplace of 'Israel' scribbled out - "Some staff have been suspended after a Jewish baby's birth certificate was returned ripped and 'defaced' with her father's birthplace of Israel scribbled out.  Israel, the father of five-month-old baby Ronnie, was horrified when he discovered his daughter's birth certificate had been returned from the Passport Office defaced.  The engineer, 32, and his wife Dorin, 29, said they felt as though they were living in '1930's Germany' after the incident occurred... the father-of-three, who lives in Edgware, North London,  said the incident had left his family no longer feeling safe within the UK."
More suppression of "pro-Palestinian" speech!

Jewish group calls for end to funding for Edmonton Pride centre - "The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs argues that the Pride centre, which received $138,000 from the federal government in January, should have its funding revoked. It argues that the non-profit has violated the federal anti-racism strategy, praised attacks by listed terrorist entities and “issued written support for the sexual violence waged against Jews.”  On Oct. 21, three weeks after 1,200 people were killed in a surprise raid carried out by Hamas and other terror organizations, the Edmonton Pride centre’s volunteer-run Instagram page posted, “We at PCE stand against apartheid, genocide, colonization and state violence.”... Kravetsky found that her views on Israel had ruptured some of her relationships within the broader LGBTQ community.  “I was accused of hate speech, perpetuating hate speech, because I said, like, don’t use genocide as a word to describe what is happening because it’s harming people in our community,” Kravetsky said. Hamas, in its founding charter in 1988, calls for the destruction of Israel and is nakedly antisemitic... The centre, along with dozens of researchers, academics and other organizations, was a signatory to the controversial Nov. 30 open letter that urged “Canadian political leaders to end their complicity in the ongoing massacres and genocide in Gaza.” The letter, which alluded to “the unverified accusation that Palestinians were guilty of sexual violence” during the October 7 attack created a firestorm of controversy in Edmonton and led to the firing of the University of Alberta’s Sexual Assault Centre director, who was a signatory to the letter... For Kravetsky, who says she’s Edmonton’s only Jewish drag performer, it’s tough to say if the relationships within the LGBTQ community can be healed.  “I removed myself from all of the drag community here in the city to protect myself…. I’m a social pariah at this point,” she said. “If there’s going to be reparation, I think it’s going to be a long process…. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to feel safe in a queer space again.”"

Coddled affluent professional on X - "It’s only a couple years later and >90% of people don’t care COVID escaped from an NIH funded lab, killing 1 million Americans. So if you think the war in Gaza is anything more than a meaningless social media spectacle that will be instantaneously forgotten you’re delusional."

Conor Friedersdorf on X - "A challenging hypothetical question for progressives who oppose ever calling the police on nonviolent protesters: The year is 2026. Abortion is the hot-button issue of the moment. One night, in a coordinated action, pro-life student groups at Harvard, Columbia, Princeton, UC Berkeley, and UCLA break into administrative buildings and establish an occupation. Their demand: citing complicity in mass death, they won't leave until their respective medical schools stop teaching how to perform abortions. Attempts at negotiation fail. They won't budge even after being warned of potential disciplinary and legal consequences. They aren't doing any damage to the building or threatening anyone's safety, but their presence is a significant disruption to administrators and a minor disruption to students and faculty. In that case, do you still believe that administrators ought *never* call the police in order to clear the building, no matter how long the occupation lasts?"

Andrew Fox on X - "It’s almost as if there are two wars being fought over Gaza, that bear almost no relation to one another. First there’s the actual war and the serious debate and commentary surrounding it. Then there’s the insane, childish, performative, American culture war-style bollocks where they shriek “genocide” and “apartheid” and wear keffiyahs and generally make fools of themselves. For the left, Gaza is just another way to cosplay and virtue signal in total ignorance of what’s actually happening there."

Oli London on X - "Princeton students dressed in Islamic attire announce they are going on HUNGER STRIKE. “We will abstain from all food and drink except water until the following demands are met.”
• Divest from Israel
• Cultural Boycott
• Complete Amnesty from all criminal charges"
Isn't it cultural appropriation to put on not just the keffiyeh but other Arabic garb?

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