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Saturday, May 06, 2023

Links - 6th May 2023 (2 - General Wokeness)

Alabama man froze to death in jail after officers put him in freezer as possible 'punishment,' lawsuit alleges - "Walker County Jail officials allegedly placed Anthony "Tony" Mitchell, 33, "in a restraint chair in the jail kitchen's walk-in freezer or similar frigid enforcement and left [him] there for hours," possibly "as punishment for deputies who had ‘had a time with Tony,’" according to the complaint. He died on Jan. 26."
Of course, the media is not going to blow this up. Because he's the wrong colour

Gov. Newsom jabs red states for banning book pulled in California - "at least one of the four identifiable books in his stack — “To Kill a Mockingbird” — had been pulled from the curriculum recently by a California school district. “The woke progressives in California (Newsom voters) banned To Kill A Mockingbird for ‘anti racism’ purposes,” Christina Pushaw, press secretary for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, tweeted in response... in September 2020 the Burbank Unified School District in Los Angeles County dropped “To Kill a Mockingbird,” Mark Twain’s “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn,” John Steinbeck’s “Of Mice and Men,” Theodore Taylor’s “The Cay” and Mildred D. Taylor’s “Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry” from its curriculum... Newsom’s office said Burbank’s action was different than efforts the governor was criticizing in other states because the books were simply taken off the reading list, not removed from classrooms or schools entirely... “To Kill a Mockingbird,” Lee’s 1960 Pulitzer Prize-winner about Finch, a lawyer who defends a Black man charged with raping a White woman in Alabama, has been dropped from school reading lists around the country, including a Seattle-area district earlier this year over complaints of its use of racial slurs. It also has been criticized for a “White savior” narrative and has been controversial at schools in Wisconsin, Mississippi and Arizona in recent years."
Liberals claimed removing Maus from the curriculum was also a "book ban": it only counts as a "book ban" if the "banned books" are "banned" by conservatives.

Student Activists Target Stanford Law School Dean in Revolt Over Her Apology - "Hundreds of Stanford student activists on Monday lined the hallways to protest the law school’s dean, Jenny Martinez, for apologizing to Fifth Circuit appellate judge Kyle Duncan, whom the activists shouted down... The embattled dean arrived to the classroom where she teaches constitutional law to find a whiteboard covered inch to inch in fliers attacking Duncan and defending those who disrupted him, according to photos of the room and multiple eyewitness accounts. The fliers parroted the argument, made by student activists, that the heckler’s veto is a form of free speech... The protest followed a flurry of open letters from student activists, who spent much of the weekend berating Martinez after she and Stanford University president Marc Tessier-Lavigne issued a formal apology to Duncan condemning the students who disrupted his talk and the administrators who stood by silently and watched them do so. The apology also took a swipe at Tirien Steinbach, the law school’s associate dean of diversity, equity, and inclusion, who interrupted Duncan to lecture him about the "harm" he’d caused... The majority of Martinez’s class—approximately 50 students out of the 60 enrolled—participated in the protest themselves, two students in the class said. The few who didn’t join the protesters received the same stare down as their professor as they hurried through the makeshift walk of shame. "They gave us weird looks if we didn’t wear black" and join the crowd, said Luke Schumacher, a first-year law student in Martinez’s class who declined to participate in the protest. "It didn’t feel like the inclusive, belonging atmosphere that the DEI office claims to be creating." Another student in the class, who likewise declined to protest, said the spectacle was a surreal experience. "It was eerie," said the student, who requested anonymity for fear of retaliation. "The protesters were silent, staring from behind their masks at everyone who chose not to protest, including the dean." Ironically, the student added, "this form of protest would have been completely fine" at Duncan’s talk... The Stanford National Lawyers Guild said Saturday that Martinez had thrown "capable and compassionate administrators" under the bus. The law school’s Immigration & Human Rights Law Association issued a similar declaration on Sunday, writing to its mailing list that Stanford’s apology to Duncan "has only made this situation worse." And Stanford Law School’s chapter of the American Constitution Society expressed outrage that Martinez and Tessier-Lavigne had framed Duncan "as a victim, when in fact he himself had made civil dialogue impossible." The groups argued that the students who disrupted Duncan, in violation of Stanford’s free speech policies, were merely exercising their own free speech rights... After Martinez left the building, Schumacher said, the protesters began to cheer, cry, and hug. "We are creating a hostile environment at this law school," Schumacher said—"hostile for anyone who thinks an Article III judge should be able to speak without heckling.""
Good luck if you heckle a "minority", since that's a hate crime
So much for a small, unrepresentative minority being responsible

Steve McGuire on Twitter - "Stanford issues a letter of apology to Judge Duncan:"
The Dark Fiddling Pirate Jussim on Twitter - "Now they need to fire the DEI admin who incited the disruption & suspend the admins who failed to enforce their no disruption policy & suspend the students who disrupted."
Wilfred Reilly on Twitter - "Suspending or expelling the students who do this, once, would legitimately end this new era of disruptive-to-violent demonstrations for at least the next several years. Ivy League-level grad students may be radical, but they're also the most ambitious baby sharks imaginable."

Federal Judges Say They Won't Hire Clerks From Stanford Law School - "Ho's announcement is the latest and most dramatic effort to hold Stanford accountable for its treatment of Fifth Circuit appellate judge Kyle Duncan, who was shouted down by hundreds of students—and berated by Stanford diversity dean Tirien Steinbach—when he spoke at the law school last month. The students called Duncan "scum," asked why he couldn't "find the clit," and screamed, "We hope your daughters get raped." Though Steinbach is on leave, Stanford has ruled out disciplining the hecklers, who by Stanford's own admission violated the school's free speech policy. "Rules aren't rules without consequences," Ho said. "And students who practice intolerance don't belong in the legal profession." Calling the disruption an act of "intellectual terrorism," Ho argued that Duncan's treatment reflects "rampant" viewpoint discrimination at elite law schools, some of which do not employ a single center-right professor. It is no coincidence, Ho said, that the worst free speech incidents have occurred at the law schools with the least intellectual diversity... Ho and Branch, who introduced Ho at the Texas Review event, are 2 of 14 federal judges boycotting Yale Law School over a rash of high-profile free speech scandals, including an incident last March in which hundreds of students disrupted Kristen Waggoner, a religious liberty lawyer who has won several cases at the Supreme Court. The boycott appears to be having an effect: Ho said in his speech that students and faculty at Yale have urged him not to let up, citing an improved campus climate. He's hoping that success will persuade his colleagues to stop hiring from Stanford, whose prestige, like Yale's, rests in part on its clerkship placements. "Imagine that every judge who says they're opposed to discrimination at Yale and Stanford takes the same path," Ho said. "Imagine they decide that, until the discrimination stops, they will no longer hire from those schools in the future. How quickly do we think those schools would stop discriminating then?""

Stanford Law School's Black Students' Group Will No Longer Help Law School Recruit Minority Students in the Wake of Duncan Apology - "Stanford University's Black Law Students Association will no longer help the university recruit black students after the law school's dean, Jenny Martinez, apologized in early March to Fifth Circuit appellate judge Kyle Duncan. The students cited what they described as the "scapegoating" of the school's diversity dean, Tirien Steinbach, for an incident last month in which students disrupted Duncan's remarks and Steinbach egged them on. "The apology was intimately aligned with White supremacist practices," the group's board wrote in a letter to the administration, which was posted on Instagram earlier this month. "We cannot, in good faith, participate in recruiting Black students into a community more concerned with palliating wealthy, White conservative donors than the 'student-focused and community-inspired' legal education [Stanford Law School] promotes." As such, the group said it would "boycott official admit events" for the class of 2026 and encourage prospective students to go elsewhere. It's the second boycott to which the law school has been subjected: James Ho and Elizabeth Branch, the circuit court judges who said last year that they would no longer hire clerks from Yale Law School, earlier this month announced a similar clerkship moratorium on Stanford, citing the school's refusal to punish the students who shouted down Duncan. The law school administration laid the blame for those antics squarely on Steinbach, who at one point took the podium from the judge and told him his work had "caused harm." In their apology to Duncan, Stanford University president Marc Tessier-Lavigne and Martinez, the law school dean, said that Steinbach's intervention was "inappropriate." Steinbach has been on leave since March, and the law school has not indicated when or if she will return... Dissatisfied with the soft-gloved treatment of the hecklers, law professors, politicians, and state bar associations have all joined Ho and Branch's pile-on, using the powers at their disposal to make life difficult for the elite law school. But bowing to that pressure could come at a cost. Like undergraduate admissions offices, law schools go to great lengths to boost minority representation. If Stanford's own students begin undermining its admissions efforts—especially those aimed at African Americans—the school may decide that a clerkship boycott is a price worth paying to maintain its diversity. Black students have "historically contributed an extensive amount of free labor to assist the University" in recruitment, the letter said. "But we are continually overlooked by the administration when it makes significant decisions—as evidenced by the institution's condoning of Judge Duncan's behavior."... The letter also aired a number of grievances that it said predated the Duncan incident. Stanford, the Black Law Students Association argued, had hobbled the group's ability "to create a safe space for its members," and—despite black students' "free labor"—the school's admissions policies "reproduce and reify White supremacy, classism, and colorism." The group also slammed Stanford for allowing "internet harassment" and the "doxxing of fellow students"—apparently a reference to the Washington Free Beacon's reporting, which included the names of several students, such as Denni Arnold, who organized the protest."
It seems anti-racism and diversity are diametrically opposed to freedom of speech and thought

Crime, homelessness test Portland, Ore.'s progressive strain - Los Angeles Times - "The 40-year-old package handler for FedEx said that people have openly dealt drugs and urinated on the sidewalk outside her family’s duplex. They’ve dumped feces and used syringes in her manicured yard, played booming music at 3 a.m. and stripped stolen cars for parts. Shots have been fired behind her children’s bedroom. “We feel abandoned,” Gonzalez said. “We pay our taxes and the police are not watching over our security.” But Juniper Simonis, who rents a home across the street, said she opposed calls for police clampdowns. The 38-year-old environmental biologist and data scientist, whose frontyard features a handmade “DISARM, DEFUND, DISMANTLE POLICE” sign, said Portland officials continued to fail the homeless by underfunding services and “sweeping” camps with callous disregard for people’s dignity and property. An activist who marched downtown in 2020, Simonis said the problem is not that Portland is too liberal, but that it is not liberal enough. “There’s a lack of resources, and I think of being liberal in terms of spending money to provide support services,” Simonis said. “Trying to regulate homelessness out of a city, I don’t view that as liberal at all.” Long hailed as a model of conscientious urban planning and civic engagement, Portland is facing a crisis of confidence. Nearly three years after pandemic lockdowns emptied out the city’s core and protests against police brutality turned a few downtown blocks into a battleground, this city of about 641,000 is dealing with skyrocketing numbers of homeless people, soaring crime and strikingly high levels of public dissatisfaction with what the city is doing about it. Over the last three years, the number of unhoused people in the metro area has jumped from about 4,000 to at least 6,600. Shootings in the city have tripled. Homicides climbed from 36 in 2019 to 97 last year — a record. Lower-level crimes have spiked too: More than 11,000 vehicles were stolen in 2022, up from 6,500 in 2019. “You don’t have to watch Fox News to look around Portland and say, ‘This is not cool,’” said City Commissioner Mingus Mapps, a Democrat and former political science professor at Brandeis University... Conservatives have long branded this city Exhibit A for how liberals and progressive policies have run amok. While many Portlanders roll their eyes at such tropes, polls conducted last year showed only 11% of voters thought Portland was heading in the right direction — a steep drop from 36% in 2020 and 76% in 2000. A backlash is underway. In November, voters passed a measure to overhaul city government and ousted the city’s most outspoken left-wing commissioner, who led a 2020 charge to cut police funds... the model American metropolis was evolving — and the combination of population growth, a housing shortage and the strict urban growth boundary started pricing out poor residents. By 2015, rents were rising more sharply than in almost any other U.S. city. Homelessness began to rise. In 2018, voters in this predominantly white city elected their first Black female city commissioner: Jo Ann Hardesty, a left-wing activist who had campaigned for police reform and reducing city sweeps of homeless encampments... Mayor Ted Wheeler sided with protesters, at one point standing alongside black-clad demonstrators as they were tear-gassed. But many activists booed Wheeler, who would not commit to defunding the police. Six months later, he was accosted and reportedly punched by a social justice activist at a cafe. The vibe of the city was shifting. A mayor who began his first day in office biking to work was now accompanied by bodyguards. In the summer of 2020, Portland’s city commissioners voted to cut the police budget by $15 million — short of the $50 million some demanded — and disband its Gun Violence Reduction Team, which critics had long accused of disproportionately targeting young Black men. It also invested in the Portland Street Response program, which dispatches unarmed paramedics and health workers to help people experiencing mental health and substance abuse crises. The next year, as the city contended with a record number of shootings and homicides, commissioners turned around and voted to increase the police budget. They also set up a new gun violence team with more oversight. But violence continued to escalate. Thousands moved away. After decades of growth, the city’s population dropped in 2021 by 1.7%. The grim headlines did not let up. Last June, an 82-year-old professor died after he was knocked to the ground and beaten in an unprovoked attack at a downtown bus stop. In August, nine people were injured and two people killed by gunfire in one weekend as police struggled to respond to a rash of street takeovers. One incident in particular, involving the Portland Freedom Fund, a self-described “abolitionist organization” that focuses on helping low-income, Black and minority defendants post bail, tested Portlanders’ commitment to the Black Lives Matter movement. In August, the organization posted bail for Mohamed Osman Adan, who had repeatedly attacked and threatened Rachael Angel Abraham, the mother of his children. A week later, Portland police arrested Adan after finding Abraham, a 36-year-old Black woman, in her home strangled to death and slashed in the face with a kitchen knife. John Toran, 47, the Black owner of a construction company... “‘Progressive’ means something different now than when it did when I was growing up,” the longtime Democrat said. “Now, when I think of progressive, I think of extremism.”... there are signs that the pendulum is swinging to a more moderate kind of politics... The City Council did not immediately approve Wheeler’s new plan to create 20,000 new affordable housing units in the next 10 years. During a heated public meeting after the election, a succession of progressive activists criticized the measure. One resident accused commissioners of “putting money into internment camps.” “This is further criminalization of our homeless population”"
If killing witches doesn't stop bad luck, that shows how powerful witch magic is needed and that even more need to be killed

Increase in organized retail theft leads Walmart to close stores in Portland - "Walmart will shutter its last two stores in Portland, Oregon’s largest city, by the end of March after it says they were not meeting financial expectations. The decision comes on the heels of the company’s CEO warning that theft issues could force store closures. The closure of the stores will affect nearly 600 workers... CEO Doug McMillon warned that an increase in theft could force the retailer to either raise prices or close stores if the problem continued... when a clothing shop closed permanently, the owner posted a blistering note on the front door. “Our city is in peril,” the note on Rains PDX store said. “Small businesses (and large) cannot sustain doing business, in our city’s current state. We have no protection, or recourse, against the criminal behavior that goes unpunished.” Store owner Marcy Landolfo told Fox News that after 15 break-ins over the last year and a half, the business could not survive the financial burdens the crimes have cost the shop. “The problem is, as small businesses, we cannot sustain those types of losses and stay in business. I won’t even go into the numbers of how much has been out of pocket”... Nike said it would cover the cost of off-duty police officers to provide security at one of its stores, which has been mostly closed to the public for months."
Weird. How come the CEO doesn't know that insurance can pay for everything?

Meme - "I like how the sunscreen is the only thing not behind protective glass. It's like a joke that God himself wrote"
Greedy companies are even more evil than they are greedy. That's why they waste money putting everything - except sunscreen - behind glass to avoid shoplifting

Meme - Winter Pneuma @Pneumatime: "Funny how, "They lost" only applies to Confederates."
Kenny Akers @KeneAkers: "Just to be clear, Mexicans are not crossing the border; the United States "Crossed," them....... Map of America before the 1846-1848 Mexican American War."

White wing supremacist: swan attacks foreign students - "Warwick University has erected a fence around a campus lake to stop a spate of swan attacks on students. A 4ft tall bird, which boasts an 8ft wingspan, has been accused of behaved aggressively towards foreign students as they cross over a footbridge near its nesting place at the university's Gibbet Hill campus in Coventry, West Midlands. The footbridge is used by hundreds of students everyday as a route between accommodation and university buildings. Undergraduates revealed that the swan only appeared to target students from ethnic minorities... Italian student Albertina Crocetti, 24, who is studying Physics with Business Studies, said: "It's bizarre, she doesn't seem to like foreigners and attacks them to defend her nest. "She's a true right winger that's for sure - they certainly seem to be racially motivated incidents... "The story arose after a student was contacted about something they had posted on social media that they intended to be humorous. "The student is greatly saddened to see how a flippant remark they then made was reported. "The student says that they now both regret and withdraw that remark."
The power of White Supremacy. Another headline claimed this was racist - Italians are now a different race (since it's convenient)

Joe Biden and Democrats' chronic crime problem - "What’s one good clue that President Joe Biden really intends to run for reelection in 2024? He is trying to distance himself from the Democratic Party’s soft approach to crime... Moore appointed a man named Vincent Schiraldi as head of the Maryland Department of Juvenile Services. Schiraldi is a juvenile justice reformer and former New York City official (under Mayor Bill de Blasio) who describes his current job as “fighting for justice, safety and equity.” He is one of a number of people on the left who want to redefine “juvenile justice” to reduce sentences for criminals who commit serious offenses, including murder, before the age of 25. Their claim is that the human brain does not fully develop until 25, so therefore, criminals who rob and carjack and kill should not be punished as adults when they rob and carjack and kill before hitting 25... Schiraldi has argued that prosecuting young robbers, carjackers and killers like adults can set them on a life of crime. His answer is to not convict them of felonies, no matter what they have done, before age 25. “If we can get you past 25 without having a felony conviction, the chances of you ever having a felony conviction drop substantially,” Schiraldi says. Opponents find such thinking crazy — the idea that you can reduce serious crime by reducing the punishment for serious crime — but that is what Schiraldi and some others on the left think... The note cites Maryland State Police figures that there were 269 arrests for any degree of murder in 2020. Of that, 111 arrests were for suspects under the age of 25. Of those 111 suspects, 88 were black, 21 were white, one was a Native American and one was of unknown race. “Black or African American individuals were 79% of arrests for murder in 2020 despite comprising just 31% of the under age 25 population in the state,” the report says. “In contrast, white individuals were 19% of those arrested for murder, significantly lower than their 42% proportion of the under age 25 state population.”"
Frank DeScushin on Twitter - "The Racial Equity Impact Note concludes by reiterating it'll benefit "Black or African American individuals who face arrest for murder at a disproportionately high rate" reinforcing the bill's purpose to charge and sentence young black individuals less if they murder. Equity."
Liberal logic is that more blacks are murdered (and murder) because of under-reporting (ignoring the point that murder statistics are reliable). But when more blacks get murdered, this will be the fault of "racism" and "white supremacy", so even more of the liberal agenda will get rammed through. Brilliant!

Oscars 2023: Tems Responds to Gown Backlash After Blocking View - "Tems' cheeky Instagram post prompted reactions from some household names, including model Naomi Campbell and Tems' fellow Nigerian singer-songwriter Simi."
If you criticise a black woman for being obnixious, you're racist and sexist

'We were wrong': US news rating tool boosts Mail Online trust ranking after talks with unnamed Daily Mail exec - "Newsguard now says the website “generally maintains basic standards of accuracy and accountability”"
Liberals will continue to pretend the Daily Mail is unreliable

Ohio school asks kids to rank people based on race, sexual orientation, ability, faith - "A middle school assignment asking children to play God and choose who gets to live or die—based solely on demographics—has parents demanding an explanation from a northeast Ohio school district this week. The earth is doomed for destruction, the worksheet reads, and only eight people (who are apparently all based in the United States, because ‘Merica) can fit on a spaceship bound for the safety of another planet—which means four must die...
The assignment, called Whom to Leave Behind, asked students to rank the 12 people from "most deserving" (1) to "least deserving" (12). Only eight of the twelve could be saved.
The descriptions of the 12 people are as follows:
An accountant with a substance abuse problem
A militant African-American medical student
A 33-year-old female Native American manager who does not speak English
The accountant's pregnant wife
A famous novelist with a physical disability
A 21-year-old female who is a Muslim international student
A Hispanic clergyman who is against homosexuality
A female movie star who was recently the victim of a sexual assault
A racist, armed police officer who has been accused of using excessive force
A homosexual male who is a professional athlete
An Asian, orphaned 12-year-old boy
A 60-year-old Jewish university administrator...
Parents at Roberts Middle School in Cuyahoga Falls report that their children were, understandably, confused by the exercise, and uncomfortable with making such choices, even as a hypothetical... Concerned families initially expressed outrage to school officials as early as August 20, according to Cuyahoga Falls city councilman Adam Miller, but received no response... Miller posted the worksheet on Facebook, and brought it up in a meeting Wednesday; only then was he able to get a response... FOX 8 did some digging to see where the kooky imaginary bigotry exercise might have come from. They found just two instances of the worksheet’s usage—both at colleges. The University of Houston included the same questionnaire as a part of their Diversity Activities Resource Guide, and Illinois Wesleyan University also published the exact same questionnaire online."
From 2018. No need to worry about indoctrination, of course. Of course since it was 2018 they condemned Trump and called this inappropriate, even though it's standard DEI

I,Hypocrite on Twitter - "Child secretly records his teacher. "You don't have a choice to learn about LGBTQ, it's one of our values and if you refuse to do it, you will be dealt with severely.""

Meme - Doug Ponder @dougponder: "A friend of mine, who works in a public university, sent this to me earlier this week It's p. 1 of the DE! training his department is forced to take, starting w/ an exercise that asks which intersectional identities you'd save and which you'd leave to die. This is demonic.
ACTIVITY: Whom to Leave Behind?
The twelve persons listed below have been selected as passengers on a spaceship for a flight to another planet because tomorrow the planet Earth is doomed for destruction. Due to changes in space limitations, it has now been determined that only eight persons may go. Any eight qualify. Your task is to select the Eight (8) passengers who will make the trip."
What a difference 5 years makes. So much for the "myth" of the slippery slope

Meme - "r/houseplants
Just a reminder for everyone. Your comment will be removed.
Removed plant names:
Tradescantia, sometimes referred to as "Wandering Jew" The term is believed to have originated in a medieval European folk story about a mythical Jewish man who mocked Jesus and was forced to wander the earth until the apocalypse. This story was created and told to place Jewish people in a negative light. Note: the setting does not disqualify the term "Jew" used in isolation.
Croton Codiaeum Variegatum, sometimes referred to by the name "Croton Mammy." A mammy is a historical stereotype that is used to depict black women who serve to worked for white families as a nurse to their children. The caricature is depicted as a heavier set, dark- skinned women with matronly behavior and has long been used as a mechanism to mock and dehumanize black women.
Diffenbachia, sometimes refered to by the name "Dumb Cane". This plant contains calcium oxalate crystals, which can cause irritation of the mouth and GI tract if pets or people chew on the plants. The oral irritation and swelling caused by these crystals could render someone "dumb" - an archaic and ableist of saying incapable of speech. These toxic properties were exploited by slavers in the Caribbean and used to punish the people held as slaves"
Wokeness has overtaken even the plant sub reddit. But of course it's not a problem

Meme - Seamus (FreedomToons) @seamus_coughlin: "Remember in Forest Gump when Jenny's hippy boyfriend hits her and then gives her a non-apology where blames his anger on President Johnson? To this day that's the best satire of left-wing men I've ever seen."

Wokal Distance on Twitter - "South Park did an episode where P.C. Principle beat the hell out of Cartman for saying "spokesman" instead of "spokes-person"...and then lectured him about 'verbal-violence' while punching him in the face. And if that isn't the perfect satire of wokeness I don't know what is"

Meme - Adrienne Morris: "This girl at work had a whole list of what they call white people & I DIED. Ps I thought this list was hilarious and if you don't idk what to tell you. We grown words shouldn't bother you lol"
"Ghosts thugs Flavorless Twinkie's Tater sauce tyrants Sour cream citizens Rice water Lice landlords Great value Europeans Sun bleached citizens Pigment challenged Flavorless Twinkie's Cream cheese Ghost thugs Parchment paper Crack rabbits Sunscreen sucker Aloe apologist Cloud colored creature Bleach whales Possessed salt Seagull droppings Untitled document Elbow ash"
Grown words shouldn't bother white people. But if it's any other race...

A little Elvis

I got a phone call from my son's school today

Hello, is that Mr Jenkins?

Yes, how can I help you?

Hi, This is little Billy’s music teacher calling

Oh, hi

Yeah, hi. I just wanted to let you know it looks like you have a little Elvis Presley on your hands!

Really? Wow! That’s..

Yeah, we just found him dead on the toilet

Links - 6th May 2023 (1 - Women)

Meme - "that hot chick from high school when she is finally ready to give you a shot
*saggy tits*
highly traumatized and medicated"

Should Couples in Unhappy Marriages Stay Together? - "most people who are unhappily married—or cohabiting—end up happy if they stick at it...
Unhappiness is, thankfully, much rarer than people imagine. It affects just one in 20 parents with newborns.
Unhappiness is usually temporary. Staying unhappy is incredibly rare. Just one in every 400 parents in the entire study was unhappy at both time points, soon after their child was born and then again when their child was 11.
Furthermore, we found that the small minority of married parents who suspect their relationship is on the brink have a similar breakup rate—just under 30 percent—as couples who do not think they are on the brink. That’s not the case for cohabiting parents with newborn children, who, regardless of how secure or insecure they are in their relationship, are more likely than married parents to split up during the next 10 years... Happy wife, happy life. Believe it or not, there’s research to support this. It’s much less true the other way around. For example, in one study of 722 older husbands and wives, husbands reported that they were happier with both marriage and life when their wives were also happy with their marriage. Happy husbands didn’t seem to have the same effect on their wives."
When women are unhappy, they make other people unhappy too

Meme - "theguywhoislonely. Junior Member.
New year eve so I thought maybe they more despo and lonely so i swipe a lot. Talk to many of them in their and still so stuck up. Ask what is my horoscope, then say my horoscope not good this and that. Is horoscope really a testament of one real self? Can't they just lower their standards? Mind you those girls i swipe are XL size, so i was thinking maybe they won't be so choosy but i was wrong! How do guys get attached and married in their 30s? A guy in mid life crisis needs help seriously"

Model refused entry to country as she didn't look like passport photo without make-up - "Tatiana Lin, a Ukrainian actress and model based in Taiwan, says she was barred by border control as she looked too different to the snap without makeup."

Meme - "Hey"
"Your not very tall? Tbh. Why include it in your bio?"
"Umm righto because it's like the first thing people asks. So save them the time"
"Oh well you aren't tall enough for me sorry x"
"Jesus fucking Christ you aren't hot enough to have this shit of a personality"

Meme - "Conscious women birthing babies by multiple men are courageously choosing the responsibility of healing multiple bloodlines simultaneously. Women are God's in human form."

Meme - "When you're trying so hard to be good but your body was made for sin *nun exposing breasts*"

Popular Ex-Porn Star Lana Rhoades Says She was Taken Advantage Of While Doing Porn - "In a plot twist that may surprise many, Pornhub’s former “it girl” Lana Rhoades says she no longer supports the porn industry.  Rhoades—real name Amara Maple—has been Pornhub’s most-searched-for porn star for the last three years, and she’s been on the top 20 list for longer than that. Her changed views mean she’s joining with the likes of Riley Reid and Mia Khalifa who have spoken out against the industry even as they still rank high on Pornhub’s most-searched-for porn star lists... “I myself am against pornography now from my own experiences"... it all started when she had a conversation with a guy who made a living off of Instagram and YouTube.  She said, “I had never shot content with him but he was telling me ‘I’m making $15,000 to do an Instagram post for this YouTube ad’, and I was like, well I’m getting paid $1,200 to do this scene, how is this fair?”  “I sort of realized that I was being taken advantage of doing sex work for an amount that people were getting paid way more to just post a picture on Instagram.” Rhoades now says she’s making “more money than she ever did” from porn, and that she’s become a multi-millionaire since leaving the industry."
She was so taken advantage of and it's so bad, she starred in 127 films released from 2016 to 2022 (though she said she retired in 2017) and now has an OnlyFans
If you oppose sex work, you're denounced as a SWERF, so
What are the odds she'd make so much as an influencer if she hadn't done porn?

Alexander James on Twitter - "Some years back my wife and I got into the habit of asking each other ‘do you want comfort or solutions’ when the other was having a bad time. That one sentence can save us from an argument 9/10 times."

Men of Reddit, how would you romantically compliment a stranger (F) that you find attractive? : ask - "It only comes off as creepy if you're old or unattractive honestly"
"Sadly I have to agree. A lot of women won’t admit, but if the guy is super attractive, white, tall and seems to have money, nothing he says sound creepy to a lot of women(not all women ofc), and I’m exaggerating for the sake of the conversation, bc it does depend on what the guy says, but I’m sure you all get the point.  This is my personal experience. If someone knows of a scientific study in this regard, I would appreciate the info."
"I can agree to an extent, I definitely can’t lie & not admit to the benefits of being attractive. Attractive men make me feel safer, & I don’t feel creeped out when being approached, depending on their tone, gaze, & what they say. And yes, being younger definitely plays a part too"
"Thank you SO much for being honest, and not attacking me. This shows your maturity and intelligence. I’ve brought up some similar conversations about both men and women and I have been downvoted, and disrespected by men and women alike. But the way I see is this: it’s ok to have honest conversations, even if it makes us seem shallow. Unless we have some thoughtful, honest conversations about issues, nothing would change. We all have a certain level of superficiality in us, we just need to be aware of it, admit to it, and work on it. That’s all.  Again, I appreciate you🌸"
"Hah i feel like people who downvote or react angrily to these comments just do it for the sake of being "politically correct" most of the time without knowing it. Like you can't say certain things because it paints one group of people in a bad light or something and that's not fair or doesn't reflect equality so it shouldn't be said. I mean idk if that's actually why they downvote but maybe on the reasons.  But like you said sometimes we should be able to speak from our gut even if we don't fully understand it but at least it opens a point of discussion. Damn i feel like im rambling and don't even know if i got my point across"

I work at one of the top ‘breastaurants’ in the US – I make $167 per hour in tips but the makeup rules are ‘very strict' - "Jade (@jadeehaley) is a mom who works at Twin Peaks, a "breastaurant" similar to Hooters.  The official uniform calls to mind a lumberjack outfit, perfectly in keeping with the brand's "mountain lodge" theme...   "So, this is what I make in a day working at Twin Peaks," Jade said, standing in a coat and holding a stack of money.  She counted up bills, and in cash, she made $1,026.  After tipping out the back-of-house staff, her credit card tips came to $143.  Over the course of a seven-hour shift on a Thursday, she made $1,169 in tips alone.  "That's about $167 per hour, which is a win for me," Jade cheered... Jade explained that her restaurant is in Odeassa, Texas, which attracts a lot of customers who work in the oil industry.  "My location is number one in the nation so that has a lot to do with how much we make"... "They don’t allow piercings on the face or crazy hair colors," she said.  Jade also said the chain had "very strict makeup and hair rules," but she didn't mind it."

Thread by @p8stie on Thread Reader App – Thread Reader App - " HOW TO GET A RICH GUY TO DATE YOU EVEN IF YOU ARE A MID: a thread The question of how to bag a rich man preoccupies many women. Some think that rich men are only for very attractive women. This is simply not true.  If you’re looking for the truth about rich men and how to get them even if you’re not that attractive, this thread is for you The first thing to keep in mind about rich men is that many of them are very insecure and don’t do well with women. 9/10 times, if they didn’t have money, they would have NO GIRLS. Deep down, they know this.  (You can very subtly allude to this to make him insecure if needed) This truth about rich men counts for both new and old money.  Old money’s dad got a trophy wife for the money and has weird genetics because of it  new money spent literally millions of hours slaving away to get into the upper class why? Because he can’t get girls another way The first thing to do is insert yourself in rich male spaces. Attend cigar lounges, sit in the lobbies of fancy business hotels, get a job at a golf club, smoke cigarettes at a cafe outside of your local Merrill lynch office, or hang around the rich guy AA Meetings While you’re there work on your manners. The rich never say things like they are, there’s always some kind of passive aggressive syrup over it. Learn how to navigate this.  Always be poised, polite and well dressed He’s used to stupid gold diggers so never directly ask for money. Have your own. You want the diamond ring and the house, right? Not just some random gifts. This is the long game. Don’t act trashy by being too expectant. Let him offer. If you really need something, just hint 9/10 rich men who try to dominate and humiliate and humble other men are SIMPS for women. Look up Napoleon and even Julius Caesar. They’re extremely easy to hoodwink.  Start early getting him addicted to your affection. Give and take away with ease. Flatter heavily then insult Establish yourself as a partner figure. Be intelligent and conniving. He’s used to having no one on his side, women trying to use him, and people just being out to get him. Make him feel like he can trust you and that you’re his equal. Rich men always, without fail, have mommy issues.  Prey on this. Figure out how his mom raised him and what she was like and repeat those patterns. He will be addicted to you without even understanding why. Establish yourself above other women with your BEHAVIOR since you can’t do it with your looks.  Women married to rich men are spoiled like children and have some of the worst behavior problems of all time. You can easily establish yourself above his peers wives Keep yourself in good physical shape and play sports. This will help you both network with other rich people on the tennis court and while playing golf and sailing etc but it will also singal to him that even if you’re mid, you are still healthy and will pass on strong genes It will also signal that you’ll age well and are a good long term solution. Other gold diggers will always be circling him and since he’s a natural simp, he might fall for it if theyre more attractive than him  That’s why you have to educate him on the nature of gold digging women.  If you expose them, he’ll never suspect you’re one of them Establish yourself with some religion or ideology and start policing people and especially other women based on its values.  This highly institutional virtue signaling behavior will help you to control the masses and he knows that The religion or political ideology will also serve as an excuse for you to get whatever you want. You can drag him into the ideology and use its values to lawyer him into doing things for you"

Naked girl enters wrong hotel room, LoL player unfazed - "while staying at a famous hotel in the country, the cosplayer heard a knock at their door. His girlfriend and fellow cosplayer, Sin Xin, stood up, briefly leaving her ongoing League of Legends game to open the door.  Before Sin Xin could react, a mysterious girl rushed inside the room, took off her clothes, and lay in the bed next to Kim Sermchutipas, covering herself in a blanket. Kim claimed that the woman fell asleep on their bed and that he himself was so confused as to what was going on. He tried to sit up but the strange woman wouldn’t let him.  As he laid there, his girlfriend continued playing her game of League of Legends. She didn’t seem to care about the situation and told him to handle it himself.  Things were eventually resolved when he called the hotel receptionist to take the mysterious woman out of the room.  It turned out that the woman had a psychological illness and forgot to take her medicine, which resulted in this incident."

'Hooters for incels' cafe hiring more staff after seeing business boom - "Animaid Cafe waitresses at the Japanese-inspired eatery wear short skirts as part of their manga-style uniform. It was slammed by local councillor Joanne Harding last month who said it made her “flesh crawl.” One customer also dubbed the cafe in Manchester ‘Hooters for incels'... “'A "maid cafe" - No touching or asking to touch the maids. ”We have a gender-based violence strategy and ask "is this ok?”  Many locals agreed with Harding and slammed the venue for its bizarre list of rules. However, the cafe responded to the claims and insisted the touching rules were there to empower the maids."
Weird how having rules about no contact is sexist. It's almost as if feminists want more instances of sexual harassment to weaponise

Meme - Rubyn Warren II @rubyncomedy: "Women will hop online and tell us both of them are beautiful with equal dating options. And be dead serious. *fat woman vs thin woman*"

Meme - Sarah Abdullah: "I got a haircut and no one noticed" *hijab*

ZUBY: on Twitter - "Women: "I want a good-looking man who is ambitious, tall, smart, charming, funny, strong, stable, has his own place, a car, a good job..."
Men: "I want an attractive young woman who is not annoying..."
Society: 😡🤬😡"

Meme - "When you've made so many bad decisions he comes to talk to you in person *Jesus lecturing almost-naked woman in underwear, nipple stickers and heeled boots and baseball cap*"

Meme - "That moment she finally realized why she always gets free drinks at the bar *looking down at breasts*"

Meme - Autumn Wilson: "I got 3 baby daddies .....I can't help that my *pussy* good" DatDamn Brittney: "&&' I got 4"
Shakia L. Mcintye: "Got 5"
They all seem to be black. Theories about why: "the men who knock them up catch prison sentences soon after"
"Also they don’t use contraception of any kind, came from fatherless homes themselves, the woman will try to entrap a man she barely knows by getting pregnant in the hopes his gang banging will support her. Shall I go on?"

Meme - Kimora Wolfe: "Sex workers who have never seen their clients in person should be quiet and listen when full service workers and dancers are speaking. That is all. Carry on."

Meme - "How I look at women after I jerk off for the third time in a day, knowing I have totally nullified their power"

Meme - "Wife: Are you still at Home Depot?
Me: Yeah, just looking at things I want but can't afford. *busty blonde*"

Meme - Cat: "He seems nice but if he keeps licking there he's never going to get the rest of her clean" Meme - "MARRY ME WENCH!"
"Kristen, 29
Just a girl looking for special someone to leave my vagina looking like a punched lasagna. A man who isn't afraid to crack an egg in my ass & fuck me so hard it scrambles. A family focused gentleman who is willing to turn my mouth into a daycare center with his baby gravy. Someone to watch romantic hardcore anal fisting midget porn with."

H. Pearl Davis on Twitter: "A conversation I have often:
Me: “Have you ever been cheated on?”
Girl: “Yes”
Me: “Did you leave when you found out?”
Her: No
Me: When did you leave?
They always say more or less when he stopped cheating 🤣🤣🤣"

Quebec Restaurant Chain Frites Alors! Deletes Smoked Meat Genitalia Post - "It was International Women’s Day on Mar 8 and to celebrate, Quebec restaurant chain Frite Alors! posted and subsequently deleted a picture on Facebook of a smoked meat sandwich that resembles the shape of female genitalia."


who cares on Twitter - "All women are bi. It’s your job to guess whether it’s sexual or polar."

Meme - stoned cold fox @roastmalone_: "gotta apologize to male authors because I just walked down the stairs and it turns out my chest did actually breast boobily
them thangs were thanging
What I mistook as bad writing was actually soul baring honesty"

Meme - "Her: Go on, feel it *flexes biceps*
Me: *grabs breasts*"

Meme - "Erin 23
43 km away
About me: I can't see my haters because I have cum in my eyes"

Meme - "you know I've always found you immensely physically attractive. but with your disability its like youre only half a man to me idk it sounds rude"
"you weigh almost 250lbs its like you're actually two and a half women to me idk it sounds rude"

Meme - "My Boyfriend Got My Mom Pregnant..."
"My Brother Got Me Pregnant..."
"My Mother Is My Sister..."
"My Father Got Me Pregnant..."
"I'm In Love With My Dog"

Meme - "I wish my husband wouldn't sexualize me"
"Wish I could dress comfortably in my own house without having to turn down sex My husband & I have been together 10 yrs, 5 married. We have a toddler w/ autism & are in a good place. I'd like to wear comfy clothes in my own home w/o being sexualized. We have sex 2-3x a week which I feel is decent. I hate having to reject my husband every time. Assumptions are"
"40+ Times People Confessed Their Dirty Little Secrets on Social Media"


Meme - "When he cums inside you and you can feel his dick pulsating *Little Mermaid*"

Meme - "The Greatest Love Story Of All Time
I slept with a homeless man and then let him drown. *Rose from Titanic*"

Meme - "I didn't cum"
"well excuse me we both didn't pay for dinner so we both don't need to cum"

Meme - "Girlfriend, Work, Stress *kick man*"
"Side-Chick *love*"

Meme - "I'm never asking a man to buy me tampons again
So help me out I'm a bit lost here... you planning on hitting sport mode today or are you more a secret agent vibe"

Meme - "Dad : Why is men's day not as popular as women's day ? Because we can't celebrate man's achievement in a single day son !"

Kashyap Kadagattur 🇮🇳 on Twitter - "Happy Women's Day to Alexa and Siri. the only women who listen to men 😂"

Meme - ""Grown men" , why are you still playing video games ?"
"Same reason you wear makeup. Nice lil escape from reality"

Man’s NOT Barry Roux  on Twitter - "If you love a man, you must love everything he loves, if he loves another woman, you must love her as well."

Meme - "girl : *cheats*
boy : *finds out*
girl : *cries*"

Meme - "What do you want to do in the anarcho-commune?
Garden, read stories, cook, clean, play cards, teach kids...
So basically you want to be a trad wife?

Meme - "Why do men stay in the car for minutes after arriving home?"
"To prepare for the stress"

Meme - "Genti 26
Online now
This app makes womar think they're special snowflakes and have an endless bounty of cock to choose but they're all Just used up holes"

Meme - *Pretty woman*
*Man hugs her face to his chest*
*makeup comes off*
*ugly woman*

Thursday, May 04, 2023

LInks - 4th May 2023 (Trans Mania)

Meme - "They took a black woman off of Aunt Jemima pancakes but put a black man dressed as a woman and wearing a blonde wig on Cheezits. We are living in the twilight zone."

Meme - "London Victoria has a Gender Neutral bathroom but when they converted it from a disabled bathroom they forgot to remove the sign saying "not every disability is visible""

Meme - "It's a mental illness"
"When a cis man gives you the, "Sorry, I'm straight" mid chat
Shit cuts deep. I guess hair, makeup, and clothes isn't enough."
"I knew its best just to let it slide and get out of the conversation at that point. But the smart ass in me would want to be like "Oh your trans too." and when they get confused and question it I would say "Well if you can't be with me because your straight and I am a woman, then you clearly must mean that you are also a woman.' then I would toss my drink at them and everyone would start clapping. Then another woman in the bar would interject to let me know that she is trans.. but she isn't straight. Then she would carry me home. (Hey its my daydream)"

Meme - "not called cisformers is"
"So...Arcee is a transgendered lesbian in Transformers canon now. Can't have regular women anymore. Not allowed."

Who is Asya Khamsin? Sam Brinton luggage theft revealed as Vanity Fair features fashion designer's stolen dress - "Nuclear engineer Sam Brinton landed in another controversy. This time, it is after Tanzanian fashion designer Asya Khamsin claimed that Brinton was seen wearing certain custom-made outfits in a Vanity Fair photoshoot that the designer lost at a Washington Airport in 2018.  The allegation came after a Twitter user pointed out that Brinton was seen wearing Khamsin’s dress in an old Vanity Fair article... Khamsin’s bag reportedly contained at least 30 originally designed outfits. The luggage went missing when she was flying to Washington, D.C. for a 2018 event. However, she eventually had to pull out of the show following the loss or theft of her dresses as she was supposed to put the outfits on display at the event."

The witch-hunting of Boyz magazine - "The THT’s decision came six weeks after we had invited our followers on Twitter to watch a webinar by the LGB Alliance, a group that believes in biological sex rather than gender-based public policy. We were clear that people might not agree with the LGB Alliance, but for the purposes of community debate, why not hear it out?... The decision to punish Boyz by not running National HIV Testing Week messages to our gay male readership after a partnership lasting over a decade is unfair, and regrettably political. An HIV charity – whose recently filed accounts show that last year it received £6million from the public purse, made a loss and still paid its CEO a six-figure salary – shouldn’t pitch one community against another. Trans men and trans women rightly deserve and need sexual-health information from the THT and others, but it can’t be right that gay men’s health is put in jeopardy because a publicly funded charity chooses to start policing not only what views gay men might have, but also whether they are entitled to inform their views in the first place.  I have spoken to trans people who are appalled... they know Boyz is not transphobic. We ran a full-page editorial feature four weeks before the Twitter furore on the new NHS Gender Dysphoria Service at London’s 56 Dean Street clinic."
If you violate one tenet of trans orthodoxy, no matter what you've done in the past, you're a transphobic bigot. Free speech is dangerous to cults

Harry Potter's Luna Lovegood actor doubles down on her defense of JK Rowling - "Lynch, who played the whimsical Luna Lovegood in the series, has long described herself as a friend and admirer of Rowling and has defended the writer over her controversial comments which were labelled as being 'anti-trans'."

Meme - J.K. Rowling @jk_rowling: "My thanks to the LGBTQ community. If it wasn't for your "boycott" sales wouldn't have been anywhere near this impressive"
The Game Awards @thegameawards: "HOGWARTS LEGACY has sold more than 12 million copies, the fastest selling @wbgames in history."
Fake but still funny

Fundamentalist Christians Delighted Liberals Finally Agree With Them About Harry Potter | Babylon Bee - "Democrats have hailed the rare moment of unity as a turning point for the national discourse. "J.K. Rowling is more than harmful – her books, Tweets, and very presence are literal violence, and have already killed millions of children since last week alone. She must be ended, or her influence may spread to more.""


Meme - Kaeley Triller @KaeleyT: "These are just a few of the "matches" on my friend's lesbian dating app. Remember when words used to mean things?"

Meme - Noelle @NoelleNoelNoL: "Yeah. One of my local private schools doesn't look like an improvement."
Pronouns: "Vae/Vem

Resumes including they/them pronouns are more likely to be overlooked - "The phantom resume including pronouns received 8% less interest than the one without, and fewer interview and phone screening invitations.  According to the report, over 64% of the companies that received these resumes were Equal Opportunity Employers, something that made the results even more “worrisome.”"
I'm surprised it's only 8% less
We are told that irrelevant information like your photograph should not be put in a CV and this could subject "your would-be employer to a discrimination lawsuit" and your resume can get tossed, and the rejection rate for CVs with photos is 88%. So for just this reason alone, you can see why employers would toss CVs with pronouns

Meme - Michelle Thomson @mscots41: "Excuse me sir but your pronouns are poking out your dress!"

Meme - The Flash (Ezra Miller): "Why are there two of us?"
Alternate The Flash (Ezra Miller): "Because we go by they/them."


🏳️‍⚧️ Dread Pirate Asholotl!! 🏴 on Twitter - "I’m trans. Idc what pronouns you use for me. Idc if you believe me. Who I am is not contingent upon being validated. I am not a victim. I am not oppressed. I do not need support. I don’t need an ally."

Facebook - "Everyone's first-person pronouns are "I, me, my." These are "MY" pronouns, because they are the only ones over which I have complete control, because they come out of MY mouth. When we refer to someone in the second person, we use second-person pronouns, "you, you, yours."  If someone refuses to use those pronouns when talking directly to you, you should probably end the conversation, because that person is speaking a language other than English. (Unless you know the other language, or are interested in learning it, that is.) That leaves the third person pronouns. This is what people use when they are talking ABOUT you to someone else. And since you are not a participant in that dialog, you have no control over that dialog.  Listen, when people talk about me, I prefer that they say nice things, like, "That Johnz is very good looking." "That Johnz is funny." "That Johnz is witty." Etc.  I prefer that they talk like that, but I cannot demand that they talk like that, because I have no authority over other people's conversations, EVEN WHEN I AM A SUBJECT OF THEM."

Meme - "If mental health professionals treated any other delusion this way, they'd lose their license.
Don't let those schizophobes tell you that schizophrenia is a mental iliness. If you belleve in the halucinatlons, then they're scientiffically there. You don't need any help."

Meme - Santa Claus: "OH OH OH. For christmas, i will turn you into a real girl !"
Transwoman: "YEAHHH ! Wait a minute... SANTA CLAUS DOESN'T EXIST ! You are not the real santa claus ! You are a man in a costume!"
Santa Claus: "Well,yes... I am a man in a costume !"
Fat man: -_-

Meme - "80s hair metal band member or Transgender woman"

Meme - Terminator: "Hello Sir. What up, BRO. Hey Mister" Mentally unstable men pretending to be women: *little girl cowering under table*
The guy who posted this said it was created in response to the "grown men cowering because of pronouns" meme

Addison Smith on Twitter - "After spending half an hour trying to make @MattWalshBlog look like the villain, @HunterAA6 says children can consent: “Giving kids puberty blockers after… they’ve consented… that’s actually a good thing.”
Hunter: stupid conservatards think we’re coming for their kids
Also Hunter: Kids can consent and that’s a good thing"

Meme - Auron MacIntyre @AuronMacintyre: "The religious right was mocked relentlessly for correctly predicting the future"
Jack Turban MD @jack_turban: "Also to be very clear having a goal of a child growing up to be cisgender is unethical, as clearly stated by The American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry and The American Psychiatric Association"

Daniel 🦎 on Twitter - "I miss my genitals so much. I haven’t had an orgasm in years. It’s really frustrating to deal with this. #transkid
Someone was asking why I write word orgasm and kid in the same post. It’s because I was a kid when I transitioned. Now I’m 22yo."

Wilfred Reilly on Twitter - "The right actually wins a ton of culture war fights, and is about to win one on "youth gender affirming care." The reason this is less widely noticed is that, when the right wins, nothing happens - things go back to the way they were five minutes ago. #positive_mutations_survive
Same thing with crime: the upcoming center-right victory on policing will mean that cops go back to copping, crime in Black communities and Portlands goes back to normal, and activist social scientists lie about why the surge happened."

‘Why is no one in the DMs?’ TikTok star Dylan Mulvaney looking for love, baffled by lack of interest - "TikTok celebrity Dylan Mulvaney, who shot to stardom with the series 100 Days of Girlhood documenting the male’s "transition" to womanhood, has spoken publicly about the search for a romantic partner since becoming trans.   In an interview with People, Mulvaney explains feeling bemused about the fact that the offers from men are not flooding in and describes feeling impatient for that first kiss after transition. After donning some hair extensions and recently undergoing facial feminization surgery, Mulvaney claimed to be hot enough to steal husbands... On March 13, Mulvaney will celebrate one year of performing womanhood, and in that year, the adult male who calls women’s genitals “barbie pouches” and makes videos about carrying around tampons, has notched up some notable moments.  When not dipping tampons into glasses of water and squealing like an immature child, the celebrity influencer has been invited to the White House to advise President Biden on important issues such as healthcare for vulnerable youth, appeared on the Ulta Beauty podcast with a fellow adult male to discuss the joys of girlhood, and glided down the red carpet at the Grammys in a dress showing off a distinct lack of feminine curves."
Real women keep complaining about unwanted attention, so either way this is revealing

Meme - ETHAN VAN SCIVER @EthanVanSciver: "Here's the tweet that Patreon demanded I delete or lose my Patreon account."
WORKING CLASS ELITIST @EthanVanSciver: "Disney is framing a law that restricts public school teachers from presenting confusing sexual and gender concepts to children between the ages of 5 and 8 as a matter of LGBTQ rights. Hi-octane grooming. Most powerful sociopolitical lobby + most powerful ent. corp vs. Parents."
I am very concerned about this, Patreon threatening to close your account if you don't get in line with their views, in this case they want to force Ethan Van Sciver to stay silent on Disney using their money power to allow grooming in the public educational system. : KotakuInAction

Jeffery Goes on Frantic Delete Spree of Kids Videos (Deleted Videos Exposed) - YouTube
"Jeffrey Marsh deletes all his videos where he "addresses the children" His entire Tiktok is now 18+"

Meme - jaye_simpson: "A girl without a dick is like an angel without wings"
"bleached brows // oat milk // a girl of patterns // a swirl of hair // take one for later // give some for now // it all comes to something almost like a close"
They hate real women so much

Meme - Shae Reloaded @judgementshae: "there's a single stall bathroom at work that's objectively nicer but I use the women's bathroom anyway because I like to intimidate terfs and steal the free tampons"

Meme - Gabriella Flores: "Wow, at least it ain't fake."
Alaina Kailyn Cobb: "My vagina is objectively prettier than every TERFs vagina. Just facts. Got that plush shit, put a lot of money in it. They're out here wearing their original bits their mom gave em. Sad"

Nintendo Faces Backlash After Removing Trans Flag Level from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - "Japanese gaming company Nintendo has been criticized on Twitter after removing a fan-made stage with a trans flag in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.  Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a fighting game featuring numerous well-known Nintendo characters and stages inspired by past Nintendo games. The game includes a feature where fans can create their own stages to battle in.  One user created such a stage, entitled Trans Rights Now, which included a transgender pride flag. However, the stage was removed by Nintendo because it was deemed a “political statement.”"
Liberals politicise everything and if you object, you're not a decent human being

Facebook - "One thing I find amusing is how most of the left is perfectly happy to deadname Ye (and he's said he hates the name Kanye), while most of the right calls him by his current name The exact opposite of how both sides react to deadnaming trans people Apparently, both sides don't want to be an asshole to only those on their side of the culture war."

Meme - MaryCate Delvey @marycatedelvey: "Important announcement everyone!!! I'm coming out as a TRANSWOMAWN!! AFAB Transwomen are valid please follow me here and on TikTok to see my #transitionjourney #trans #comingout #InternationalWomensDay2023"
"GUYS, I'M COMING OUT AS A TRANSWOMAN!! This was REALLY hard to do because of all the transphobia in the world, especially towards ..."

Meme - MaryCate Delvey @marycatedelvey" "I knew when I came out as a TransTranswoman there would be literal violence, this is why us biotransgirls are being genocided!! #transgenocide #dobetter #transphobia #YouAreValid #transisbeautiful #TGirlsRock
kristinII369: What is the purpose for this? Just woke up today and decided to mock trans? Confusing.
marycatedelvey: Excuse you. Wow you're exactly the type of transphobe I knew would show up here to bully a trans girl
kristinlI369: You need serious help.
marycatedelvey: Try not being a bigot. Do better."

Meme - Waddle dee @ BIG R...: "Does this cake scare you *trans cake*"
"Oh man, I've always wanted a cake that will cut itself."

Meme - "What are transwomen again? *Two and a Half Men intro: men men men*"

Meme - Lauren Southern @Lauren Southern: "When you're a tomboy but were born 5 years too early for the school counsellor to recommend a double mastectomy."

Meme - "WOKE PARENTS wont spank their kids but will cut their nuts off."

Meme - "Help! Need a good comeback for a transphobic coworker
[Discussion] So I was in the break room with 7 or 8 of my coworkers, they were talking about 90's bands and Nirvana came up. I said that I always believed Kurt Cobain was secretly a trans woman and one of them says "Why? Because he killed himself?""

Meme - Alex Thomas: "After they start taking the estrogen the girl dick start smelling and tasting like pussy. Not fishy pussy, it tastes like clean and well kempt pussy. Y'all haters are just mad you ain't getting none."

Meme - SpectreOxD: Feeling Angr
I'm not trying to rehash old wounds, but after seeing that not even genocide watch recognizes us as a community that's under attack, I'm just flabbergasted. I just feel like nobody cares about us, and I feel like I'm just sitting here waiting for something terrible to kick off. I'm currently stuck in the deep south. If something happens, I dont even know how to get in contact with other people to protect ourselves. Every time I try to talk about this, it's like everyone just wants to pretend it isn't happening. Sorry, but I had to vent that concern."

A mom's 3:00am thoughts / Ninja Disguise / Before & After Marriage

More ifunny rejects:

"A mom's 3:00am thoughts.. I wish I took it in my ass. *baby*"

T-shirt: "Ask me about my ninja disguise"
*T-shirt pulled up over head and breasts*

Before marriage: *Amber Heard poised, sitting on counter top reading newspaper*
After marriage: *Amber Heard angry in courtroom yelling*

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Links - May 3rd 2023

Meme - "Hey Siri, why don't my relationships work out?"
"This is Alexa."

Facebook - "the setting off of flares from ships at the stroke of midnight is supposedly a maritime tradition observed in many parts of the world including the Eastern Anchorage off East Coast Park for as long as I can remember.  Not anymore.  I arrived at my vantage point on 31st December 2022 two nights ago, set up my cameras, counted down to midnight and... nothing happened.  I was completely shocked and different trains of thought started to go thru my head - did the hundreds of ships moored off the ECP decided to follow the Indonesian timezone this year? Did they all exchange for new flares just before 31 December? You see, one of the reasons the mariners used to give for flare firing on New Year's Day was so that flares with a typical three year shelf life could be expended. Also the tooting of horns and red pyrotechnics lighting the sky was something to behold.  After ten minutes, there was one flare. Then a second. Then that was it. Did all the mariners receive a memo I obviously would not have gotten? For years, I could depend on the ships to do this one thing at the stroke of midnight on New Year's Day but my faith was suddenly shaken.  Immediately after packing up, I did some quick research and realised that the firing of flares off the coast of Singapore was now... you guessed it... illegal... So, flares from ships having been fired during a ten minute window at the first few moments of every new year for the last forty years have not caused any issues to air navigation for an Aerodrome that has essentially the same incoming flight path for same amount of time but in 2021, it was decided that they are now dangerous and will be declared illegal?  And so, a longtime tradition witnessed by many but yet still unknown to some is killed. And we will never be able to make a photograph like this again in Singapore.  Happy New Year Singapore, please treasure what you have and make as many photos as you can, because you never know when it will be taken from you."

Bad taste? McDonald’s vows to remove McCrispy ad next to crematorium sign - "The McCrispy advertisement was placed at a bus stop in Cornwall, England, that is next to a road sign pointing motorists toward the Penmount crematorium... Some online users found the ad’s placement to be darkly comical. One wrote on Facebook saying: “My parents are in this crematorium. My old man had a brilliant sense of humour, so I’m sure he would have chuckled at this!”  Someone else wrote, “Well it got them plenty of more notice didn’t it! Bad placement without thinking humm I don’t think so! I only recently lost 2 loved ones & to be honest if I’d seen that sign near the crematorium I would have smiled. I don’t find it offensive at all.”  Meanwhile, another user said: “Thank God [it] wasn’t advertising Burger King and being ‘flame grilled.’... In 2017, McDonald’s apologized after an ad showed a boy asking his mother about his dead father.  As the mother in the ad described to the child what his father was like, the boy appeared visibly sad over the apparent lack of similarities between him and his dad. However, the day is saved when the mother and son stopped at a McDonald’s restaurant where he orders a Filet-O-Fish sandwich and she says: “That was your dad’s favourite, too.”  Psychotherapists and parents condemned the ad, arguing that it “exploited child bereavement”."

This McDonald's sign outside Yass, Australia. : CrappyDesign - "MYASS. Open 6 AM"

Google is officially a 'dog company' - "Google has enshrined its status as a "dog company" in its code of conduct on its investor relations web site"

Meme - "SGAG. Your turn @mgagmy
How to find good government in Malaysia *go to Singapore*
How to find smart Malaysians in Malaysia *go to Singapore*
How to be a badminton world champion in Malaysia *go to Singapore*
How to triple your income in Malaysia *go to Singapore*
This was in response to (and in the same format as) MGAG posting the same "joke" that they always post, and which got old years ago, but which Malaysians still get very excited about because they know their country sucks, about how Singaporean food is trash

Meme - "RADKID in... NO PAIN, No GAIN
*bulking up in prison*"

Report: Google and Facebook Made a 'Secret Deal' to Dominate Online Advertising

SMRT Feedback page disappears as S'porean Muslim woman says she won't retract police report - "Social media marketing Facebook page SMRT Feedback by The Vigilanteh has disappeared and then re-emerged with a different vanity URL.  This was after the page publicly apologised for a May 21 Facebook post that questioned the loyalties of Singaporean Muslims in times of conflict. The apology was made after a Singaporean Muslim woman, Syazana Yahya, filed a police report against the post, calling its content "seditious"... It later changed its URL to "ahmadandlupcheong"... "I am happy an apology and clarification was put up by SMRT Feedback by the Vigilanteh. I think it’s a smart move and if I was their lawyer, I would have advised them to delete the post and put up a sincere apology as well."  "However, historically, apologies have never absolved individuals of liability and this case should not be an exception""
Police not taking action over post about Singaporean Muslims on 'SMRT Feedback by The Vigilanteh' Facebook page - "a post was put up on the Facebook page of SMRT Feedback by The Vigilanteh, stating that it is understandable that former prime minister Lee Kuan Yew did not allow Muslims to serve in sensitive military positions, except for a few... The post stated that Muslims always prioritise their religion over everything else.  Given Singapore’s relationship with Israel in matters of defence, the Facebook page claimed that Muslims in sensitive military positions dealing with military technology from Israel would have a hard time fulfilling their responsibilities. The post read: “Would his responsibilities as a Singaporean be overridden by his duties as a Muslim?”  Israel has had a longstanding conflict with Palestinians, who are predominantly Muslim. Ms Syazana said in her Facebook that she filed a police report against the post on May 22.  She said that Muslims’ primary obligations are towards their family and country, and such a post would cause non-Muslims in Singapore to believe that Muslims are predisposed to be traitors."
From 2021
This is why Singapore will never progress on matters of race and religion, since these matters can never be discussed
Given that the SMRT Feedback team seem to be majority Malay, this is especially ironic

What does authorities' decision to close the case on SMRT Feedback by The Vigilanteh's seditious post signal to the public? - "In what appears to be a departure from the common outcome in cases concerning racial or religious sensitivities, the authorities have decided to take no further action against Facebook page SMRT Feedback by The Vigilanteh over a now-deleted Facebook post in May, almost two months since police reports were made against it...   Ms Syazana told TOC that she was “quite surprised by the outcome”, as she had anticipated “at the very least, a stern warning to be issued given how similar (and less serious) cases were treated in the past.  “I had also expected the people responsible for the post to be held accountable. Yet, they remain anonymous and continue to live their lives as if they had not enraged the feelings of an entire community.  “The overall response by the authorities was also surprisingly very muted, even though this was an incident which clearly angered the community. I am quite puzzled by this.  Overall, it just feels like an incident swept under the rug with no steps taken to address the wrongdoing.” What AGC and the police have done in SMRT Feedback by the Vigilanteh’s case here appears to be awfully strange, especially given their decisions in past cases involving or relating to sedition... one has to wonder: Why are the AGC and police making what appears to be efforts to obscure the identity of SMRT Feedback by the Vigilanteh’s administrator(s)?  Many have hypothesised that the page is run by the PAP-sponsored internet brigade, or even agents provocateurs allegedly linked to ministries. Could the authorities’ recent action indicate that there is some truth to such speculation?  What is clear now, however, is that the decision to not even issue a warning or name the person who made the post—in contrast to the various other cases the authorities had took action on—has created distrust in the authorities on the public’s end."

A tale of two provinces - "The idea of an Alberta election turning on the future of the Calgary ring road, for instance, is beyond funny—it’s unthinkable. But the listless campaign seemed right for a province that has lost its mojo. The sort of place where the government can fence off cherry blossom trees during Covid and the people don’t just laugh and tear them down. A place where the pedal pubs aren’t allowed to serve beer, which may or may not be related to the fact that there is still a Prohibition-era outfit called “The Beer Store.” Ontario used to bill itself as “a place to stand, a place to grow,” but it feels like it’s been all downhill since the province’s last burst of creative energy in 1976, when it built a really tall tower. Today the province appears to think of growth in terms of ever-expanding sprawl across farmland to keep a mortgage-based economy afloat. It’s certainly no place to grow a family, not in a million-dollar tear-down in the outer suburbs with a 60-minute commute to a grey forest of steel and glass office towers. Viewed from the West, it is not surprising that almost half of the people who left Canada in the first quarter of the year left Ontario. Alberta could not be more different. It is Canada’s youngest province, demographically speaking, and its best-educated—and its politics reflect that. The electorate bristles with the uncompromising vigour of youth and the entrepreneurial impatience of the newcomers who are drawn to it... Alberta isn’t just younger than Ontario, it feels newer and fresher. It feels, dare I say, hopeful... The economy is also booming, thanks to global commodity prices but also thanks to the economic policies Kenney introduced before Covid. And it is, once again, the most attractive province for other Canadians, who are voting with their feet. Alberta overspills with confidence, which is often misinterpreted by self-deprecating (read: self-doubting) central Canadians as arrogance or entitlement. On a recent podcast (it was one of these, I don’t recall which), journalist Matt Gurney suggested that Alberta’s identity is “anti-Laurentian.” This is funny, because Gurney lives in Toronto, a city that has no identity. Toronto prides itself on being a cultural mosaic, you see, which is a worthy ideal—except the point of a mosaic is that when you step back all the individual tesserae meld into a harmonious picture. It has been so long since anyone thought about a united and unifying culture in Ontario that when you step back and look at the bigger picture, the impression is of slapdash patchwork. Sorry, a world-class slapdash patchwork... Where there is energy in a province, there is interest in its politics. Compared to Ontario, Alberta’s politics look like fireworks on acid. On the Left, the Alberta NDP under Rachel Notley is the most radical mainstream party in the country—far more so than the BC NDP under John Horgan or a traditional prairie NDP party. On the other side, the UCP has aggressively pursued conservative policies. It has expanded education options in the only province that already has real school choice, cut corporate taxes and red tape, pushed private health care innovation, and switched its drug addiction policy from addiction maintenance and a culture of death to funding recovery options and a culture of dignity and hope."

Meme - Andrew Looby: "Preparations underway today for burial of IKEA Founder Ingvar Kamprad *coffin assembly*"

Why Is America So Bad at Keeping People Alive? - The Atlantic - "Before the 1990s, average life expectancy in the U.S. was not much different than it was in Germany, the United Kingdom, or France. But since the 1990s, American life spans started falling significantly behind those in similarly wealthy European countries... “Europe has better life outcomes than the United States across the board, for white and Black people, in high-poverty areas and low-poverty areas”... Finding a straightforward explanation is hard, because there are so many differences between life in the U.S. and Europe. Americans are more likely to kill one another with guns, in large part because Americans have more guns than residents of other countries do. Americans die more from car accidents, not because our fatality rate per mile driven is unusually high but because we simply drive so much more than people in other countries. Americans also have higher rates of death from infectious disease and pregnancy complications. But what has that got to do with guns, or commuting?... Europe’s mortality rates are shockingly similar between rich and poor communities. Residents of the poorest parts of France live about as long as people in the rich areas around Paris do... But in the U.S., which has the highest poverty and inequality of just about any country in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, where you live is much more likely to determine when you’ll die... even rich Europeans are outliving rich Americans. “There is an American view that egalitarian societies have more equality, but it’s all one big mediocre middle, whereas the best outcomes in the U.S. are the best outcomes in the world,” Schwandt said. But this just doesn’t seem to be the case for longevity... Europeans in extremely impoverished areas seem to live longer than Black or white Americans in the richest 10 percent of counties... In the three decades before COVID-19, average life spans for Black Americans surged, in rich and poor areas and across all ages. As a result, the Black-white life-expectancy gap decreased by almost half, from seven years to 3.6 years. “This is a really important story that we ought to move to the forefront of public debate,” Schwandt said. “What happened here? And how do we continue this improvement and learn from it?”"
The cope will be that it's due to the poor people in the US, even though this is already contradicted by the data

Facebook banned me for life because I created the tool Unfollow Everything. - "If someone built a tool that made Facebook less addictive—a tool that allowed users to benefit from Facebook’s positive features while limiting their exposure to its negative ones—how would Facebook respond?  I know the answer, because I built the tool, and Facebook squashed it. This summer, Facebook sent me a cease-and-desist letter threatening legal action. It permanently disabled my Facebook and Instagram accounts. And it demanded that I agree to never again create tools that interact with Facebook or its other services.  The tool I created, a browser extension called Unfollow Everything, allowed users to delete their News Feed by unfollowing their friends, groups, and pages. The News Feed, as users of Facebook know, is that never-ending page that greets you when you log in. It’s the central hub of Facebook. It’s also a major source of revenue... you don’t actually need to have a News Feed. If you unfollow everything—all of your friends, groups, and pages—your News Feed ends up empty.  This isn’t the same as unfriending. If you unfollow your friends and groups, you’re still connected to them, and you can look up their profiles if you want. But by unfollowing everything, you eliminate your News Feed. This leaves you free to use Facebook without the feed, or to more actively curate it by refollowing only those friends and groups whose posts you really want to see.  I still remember the feeling of unfollowing everything for the first time. It was near-miraculous. I had lost nothing, since I could still see my favorite friends and groups by going to them directly. But I had gained a staggering amount of control. I was no longer tempted to scroll down an infinite feed of content. The time I spent on Facebook decreased dramatically. Overnight, my Facebook addiction became manageable... Unfollow Everything started taking off. People loved it. Thousands of people got rid of their News Feed using it. Reviews included comments like “I am officially not addicted to Facebook thanks to you!” I received emails from people telling me that using the tool had changed their lives.  A few months after I published Unfollow Everything, academics at the University of Neuchâtel, in Switzerland, expressed interest in using it to study the News Feed’s impact on the amount of time spent on Facebook and the happiness of the platform’s users... Pointing to a provision in its terms of service that purports to bind even former users of Facebook, Facebook also demanded that I never again create a tool that interacts with Facebook or its many other services in any way...   I am far from the only one to face this kind of scenario. Facebook is increasingly using its terms of service to crush not only research, but also tools that give users more control over their data and platform experience. Just last summer, Facebook went after Friendly, a web browser that allows users to switch between their social media accounts, more easily download or repost photos and videos, and filter their feeds by keyword. Facebook’s behavior isn’t just anti-competitive; it’s anti-consumer. We are being locked into platforms by virtue of their undeniable usefulness, and then prevented from making legitimate choices over how we use them—not just through the squashing of tools like Unfollow Everything, but through the highly manipulative designs and features platforms adopt in the first place. The loser here is the user, and the cost is counted in billions of wasted hours spent on Facebook.  If lawmakers and regulators are serious about empowering users to stand up to big tech, they need to address the ways in which platforms stymie user choice, including through terms of service. Platforms shouldn’t be able to wield the threat of lawsuits and account suspensions against researchers and developers who create tools that merely empower users"

Irish man killed by chicken that also attacked granddaughter - "An Irish man was found dead lying in a pool of blood after he was mauled by a vicious chicken, according to reports.  Jasper Kraus, of Killahornia, was killed by a brutal Brahma chicken in April 28, 2022, according to a recent inquest in Ballaghaderreen... A trail led to the chicken house, where she saw one of the birds with blood on its claws and suspected it was the same one that had been sent to live on the farm after it had earlier attacked Kraus granddaughter.  Corey O’Keeffe, a tenant at the home, said he heard Kraus screaming during the attack and saw blood spurting from the man’s leg, as well as a large wound on his calf... he also appeared to have a heart attack at the time of the vicious chicken mauling"

'Singaporean signs are very smart': American linguists so tickled by toilet etiquette posters, they wrote a research paper on it - "When American linguists Keri Matwick and Kelsi Matwick came to Singapore in 2018, one thing that caught their eye was toilet etiquette posters featuring the use of comics.  Dr Keri Matwick, a lecturer at the Nanyang Technological University's (NTU) School of Humanities, says she and her twin sister found these posters "humorous but complex" as they were not common in other countries... Their research led to a paper titled "Comics and humour as a mode of government communication on public hygiene posters in Singapore", which was published in the Discourse, Context & Media journal"

PSLE in the sky: Singaporeans take Pri 6 math test on plane to kill time

Squeegee men, scourge of the '90s, are back in NYC - "Overly aggressive window washers were a mainstay of city intersections in the 1980s and 1990s, squirting car windows at stoplights without permission — and at times terrorizing motorists by threatening to break windows or windshield wipers if they didn’t receive a tip. Giuliani used the windshield cleaners as a symbol of the general disregard for law and order when he took office in 1994 — and made them a focus of his bid to improve the quality of life in the city.  Then-NYPD Commissioner William Bratton deployed New York’s Finest to get the pesky beggars back on the sidewalk... One of the window washers told The Post the part-time gig actually brings in more than the minimum-wage job he once had.  “I make enough. More than minimum wage,” said the man, who declined to give his name. “That’s a fact. I’m a vet, so I get money every month. I had a construction job.”  His partner in grime, who also declined to give his name, said they are generally left alone by cops — and when they are shooed along, as they were by Port Authority police Sunday, they just wait and come back when the gumshoes are gone... A police source blamed 2017 criminal justice reforms for emboldening the rogue rag men.  “We don’t even arrest people for pissing in the street anymore, why would we arrest a squeegee guy?” a police source griped.  “They know they won’t get arrested, so why wouldn’t they come back?”"

Meme - "Final Destination 2 came out in January 2003. It is now 2019, I am 30 years old and EVERV SINGLE TIME i see a logging truck or any truck carrying anything long and round i have a mini panic attack and change lanes. ITS BEEN 16 YEARS, FUCK YOU FINAL DESTINATION"

IsItBullshit: burying a dead body vertically with a dead animal on too : IsItBullshit - "Seems everybody on Reddit thinks they could totally be a super cool murderer if they wanted to, so of course everyone feels the need to share their totally unique advice about burying a dead human vertically and placing an animal on top for false-positives for police dogs. Is it really that simple?" "Bullshit. Too difficult. Once I helped dig a grave. It was in an awkward spot in the graveyard and had to be done by hand, and it had to be six feet deep, and it had to be done that day. We were strong landscapers but had never done this before, getting only some cursory tips and rules from the curator.  It completely exhausted three or four of us including one of the biggest and strongest dudes I've ever worked with. He got the worst of it because after a certain point only he was tall enough to properly toss the dirt up to the loader bucket. We had to dig stairs on the way down, then dig out the stairs and lift the dirt out with hand buckets. Then the last guy in the hole needed help getting out.  We needed or tried shovels, spades, pry bars, post-hole diggers, buckets, rope, tarps, and a front-end loader stretching over the wall. Someone unaccustomed to digging would likely win huge blisters even with work gloves. I know I couldn't do it myself, given all day.  The important point is that the hole was coffin length and still only one person could work in it. You just can't easily dig a narrow hole that's six feet deep. Maybe if you dig a fox hole and buried the body in a fetal position. Maybe if you had a giant auger to drill a hole.  Another point: we were digging among other, much older graves, close enough that the edge of one side of our hole was much easier to dig, I guess because it had already been dug out 50 years before, and you could see it in the stratification of our hole. The other coffin must have been only a foot or so away. The easy digging was still a tell that it was a grave, fifty years later. If I dug up a pet there's a chance that I might notice that it's still easy digging below. People who dig holes have a high appreciation for easy digging."

Commentary: Late-night eating may cause greater weight gain — new research points to why - "eating four hours later than normal actually changed many of the physiological and molecular mechanisms that favour weight gain.  This work adds to other recently published work which has found that eating earlier in the day is more beneficial for both appetite and body weight control."

Meme - "Lady Obama trying to say she's oppressed
You've taken everything from me.
Giga Chad Candace roasting her on TV
No one even cares who you are anymore"

Meme - "So I need about 3 open minded friends down to chill Friday or Saturday. Just hit my DMs - NO WEIRDOS PLS *4 sided dildo*"


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