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Friday, July 21, 2006

Current location: Nimes

After Italy, France is a refreshing change. Instead of Italians chattering at me in Italian, which I dont understand, I have Frogs chattering at me in French, which I dont understand.

For some reason I cant edit the time of this post, which shoumd be 20 July, 6:58pm.

(1234567890 on French keyboards without modifier keys)

Funky characters are nice but they make it hard to type.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Does anyone know the significance to this song? I heard a bunch of (query sephardic?) jews singing it while standing in a circle in a kosher restaurant in the Jewish ghetto in Venice today (saturday, i.e. shabbat).

We want shayak now,
We want shayak now,
We want shayak now, and we dont want to wait!

andrew gan

and whats shayak?
footnote: visiting the jewish museum on a saturday is a bad idea- it Will be closed. Duh!
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