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Saturday, March 30, 2024

Links - 30th March 2024 (2)

Niagara Region declares state of emergency - "Niagara Region has declared a state of emergency ahead of the solar eclipse. Niagara will be one of the best places in Canada to view the total eclipse on April 8, and as many as one million people are expected to converge on the region."

Saudi Arabia allowing their contestant to compete at Miss Universe without a hijab : Damnthatsinteresting"
On Rumi Alakhatani. Pointing out Saudi hypocrisy is Islamophobic

Kate Middleton dubbed 'chaos-bringer of humiliation and mockery' as 'shining star' fades - "The Princess of Wales Kate Middleton has been dubbed a “chaos-bringer of humiliation and mockery”.  From the way the disappearance of the Princess of Wales has been handled to the chaos over the heavily-edited Mother's Day snap of Kate taken by the Prince, the Royal Family appear to be going from one chaotic mess to another.  And with King Charles dealing with his own cancer diagnosis and treatment, a leading critic has raged over the entire saga and claimed that Kate's normally spotless image has been tarnished."

Pierre Poilievre's Conservatives have found a winning message - "Some of the anger from Canadians toward the federal government is stemming from a sense of betrayal. Justin Trudeau’s 2015 campaign line about “being there for the middle class and those trying to join it,” was a highly effective mantra. Millions of Canadians responded positively to it. In fact, it’s a key reason why he won a majority government. Trudeau’s precipitous drop in public opinion polls lends weight to the betrayal hypothesis. While Poilievre’s communications and policy are key drivers of his own support, there’s the accumulating picture of an effete, out-of-touch prime minister who hasn’t lived up to his promise as a champion of the middle class. Poilievre’s early warnings about inflation, famously predating Bay Street and the Bank of Canada, has given him a huge advantage—namely, real credibility—on these issues with ordinary voters. He was speaking about inflation and the now-present housing crisis before business, the media, and, of course, the Trudeau government started to. Just as important is the communications revolution powered by social media, which is enfranchising all kinds of new voters... His stance on increasing competition, especially in protected sectors, suggests a readiness to disrupt the status quo for greater service and affordability, and could potentially include leveraging the tax code to encourage foreign investment and competition. It’s well known in Ottawa that the Business Council of Canada, whose members are the CEOs of Canada’s largest companies, can’t even get a meeting with Poilievre. Rather than the council’s CEOs, Poilievre has said he’ll gladly meet with the employees and workers of the companies themselves. If that’s not a wake-up call for those who run these companies, I don’t know what is."
The left are going to be upset, since they want to tax private companies out of existence. And they hate American big business more than local oligopolies

The authoritarian legacy of the Remain campaign - "Much time and energy has been expended over the decades discussing whether Die Hard qualifies as an actual ‘Christmas film’. The reason it does qualify is not just that it is set during Christmas – it’s also because it’s a true feel-good movie... There is no moral equivalence or ambivalence in the film, tropes that have been a familiar presence in movies ever since the Spaghetti Westerns of the 1960s. Despite having violence, gore and swearing in abundance, Die Hard is the very opposite of a Quentin Tarantino film."

Meme - Man to streaming services: "hey do you guys have this movie?"
Man to more streaming services: "what about you guys?"
ManL "well can't say I didn't try"

Meme - Christopher Moore @TheAuthorGuy: "Having a really tough time not buying this Xmas book for a friend's kids. It's about a tow truck and a snow blower, but still, the parents face on Christmas morning would be priceless."
"Hookers and Blow Save Christmas"

TikTok video of couple celebrating drama-free relationship emerges after he was arrested for her murder - "The followers of TikTok personality Ana Abulaban are looking at her old videos in a new light following her death and the arrest of her husband for her murder.  Husband and murder suspect Ali Abulaban has almost a million followers across social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram... Ali Abulaban had secretly installed a listening device on his five-year-old daughter’s tablet, and when he heard his wife and another man talking, he went to her apartment and shot them to death... Mr Abulaban, 29, is a TikTok star known as JinnKid, with more than 940,000 followers on the social media app... Many TikTok users noted that social media is often used to show a false narrative to gain praise from strangers and acquaintances alike. Some questioned the couple’s supposed happiness from just a few months ago.  “Absolutely nothing on social media is what it seems,” one TikTok user noted. “You never know what goes on behind closed doors.”"

Meme - "That's no UNICORN - it's a DONKEY with a DILDO on its head
Mum's fury at birthday treat fiasco
Keen to prove what a good parent she is, Marjorie Phillips spent £700 hiring a "unicorn" for daughter Meghan's third birthday party.
It's old, most likely fake. but nonetheless hilarious"
It is indeed fake, from Sunday Sport

Meme - "When I bumped into someone, I apologized. When my smoke hit your face, I said nothing."
Meme - "Not standing up to offer my seat, I just sat there trying to think up an excuse.
Meme - "It's painful to get caught between the closing doors. Even more so are the eyes of those looking at you."
Meme - "When someone walks a step away from me, maybe it's a silent complaint about the cigarette in my hand."
"The fire disappears beneath his shoe. Unfortunately, the butt still remains."
"Sit down with your legs spread out wide and the free space next to you disappears."
"A lit cigarette is carried at the height of a child's face"
Japanese train etiquette

Meme - "Who are you, warrior? *chess pieces to buttplug*"

Illinois 'super mayor' Tiffany Henyard's spending out of control: sources - "Self-styled Illinois “super mayor” Tiffany Henyard has spent gobs of cash from her debt-ridden small town’s coffers — burning thousands on unapproved ice rinks, constant parties and luxurious travel, and upwards of million dollars on pay for local cops serving as her personal security detail.  “The spending has become unbearable for the residents. It’s parties and a lot of events. It’s resources in reference to making it look like something is being done, but we really can’t afford it,” said Dolton, Illinois, trustee, Kiana Belcher.  Mayor Henyard, a failed burger joint boss, has come under fire in recent months for her outlandish antics and questionable spending — including hiring a DJ to punctuate her points during government meetings, and co-opting cops to dance in her music videos — which have left residents and local leadership alike outraged... A small village of about 20,000 people just south of Chicago, Dolton now fnds itself drowning under $5 million in debt — which trustee Jason House said started piling up shortly after Henyard took office in 2021.  She explained how her inaguration party cost $15,000 which Henyard initially said her campaign would pay for, but instead charged to the village...   The rink was built in the fall of 2022 when Henyard allegedly went over the heads of the village board and ordered it to be built on public land at a cost of $115,000, putting down a $10,000 deposit.  When the board found out they halted the rest of the rink payments, so Henyard went around them again and ordered a rink from a separate company which successfully installed it.  That rink was completed days before a crucial election for Henyard, according to Illinois Answers. During a grand opening for the rink, the mayor published a video mocking the town board.  “Remember: when all five of them trustees said no, look what God did!” she said, cackling.  Residents and local leadership have not been as amused.  “It’s no transparency. You ask questions and they don’t want to give you the information. As the legislative body, we pay the bills,” said Belcher, who complained that the rink only ever gets used when Henyard allows it.   In September 2022, Henyard and the town board voted to donate $10,000 to her own foundation, which purports to support cancer patients — a foundation which was chartered with the state the very day the donation was voted on, according to documents reviewed by Illinois Answers Project and FOX 32.  A month later, Henyard organized a 10-day walk and bike ride across the state to Springfield in the name of her foundation, but charged most of the trip to the Dolton credit card.  In total, the trip cost about $11,000 in hotels, restaurants, photographers, DJs, and supplies, according to FOX 32, and utilized an armada of town-owned vehicles to escort the walk.  Additionally, records showed the town spent over $17,000 on branded sweatshirts and t-shirts just a week before the walk, but then refused to disclose what the merchandise was for. During the walk, Henyard gave away branded foundation sweatshirts and t-shirts, which were also available for about $30 on the foundation’s website...   Henyard’s spending has gotten so bad trustees have sued her, accusing her of forging checks and withholding financial records.  The mayor admonished the trustees over the suit in a fiery townhall last week and accused them of attacking her for being black — even as many of them are black themselves. “You all should be ashamed of yourselves because you all are black. You all are black,” Henyard said at the meeting. “And you all [are] sitting up here beating and attacking a black woman that’s in power.”  Henyard also serves as the Thornton Township supervisor. Between her two positions, she pulls a salary of about $285,000...   Before taking office, Henyard ran a burger joint, Good Burger, in the South Suburban College cafeteria, which went out of business. As of last spring, she still owed the college about $1,500 in unpaid bills related to the venture, according to FOX 32.  In 2016, she was arrested and charged with criminal trespass to vehicles, according to Chicago Police records. It is unclear what became of the charges and enquireies went unanswered"
Damn anti-blackness and racism!

Collin Rugg on X - "JUST IN: FBI is reportedly investigating "super mayor" Tiffany Henyard for abusing her position of power.  About time.  Henyard has gone viral for comparing herself to Jesus, shutting down businesses who don't donate to her, using money for music videos, hiring a child r*pist as code enforcement officer, proposing a law to cut the salary of any mayor besides herself to $25k, spending taxpayer dollars on Las Vegas trips and much more.  Business owner Lawrence Gardner, who continuously donated to Henyard, says she shut his business down after the donations stopped.  "I made the payment. Then every year, she started coming and required the same thing, and we had a problem about that."  After he refused to give more money, officials claimed he was illegally selling alcohol and shut him down.  Henyard has sent her small village of Dolton, Illinois into $5 million in debt."

Meme - "I don't mean to be racist... but I can't help but notice that Indians compulsively lie at work (and to their gfs) and try to replace employees with their Indian friends... asked my termianlly online right wing colleague and he said that Indians are 'brown Jews'. I can't unsee it...
This post has been deleted."

How porn habits of millennials differ from their parents' generation - "Pornhub has also revealed that millenials watch 144 per cent more Hentai than the older generation, disclosing also that the top category of porn watched by the younger generation is Lesbian... As video game devices usage goes, the handheld Playstation Vita is used 213 per cent more used by millennials.  However, older age groups use the Playstation 3 almost 60 per cent more."
Basically they like virtual porn

Inquisitive Bird on X - "Large demographic shift in American TV series staff. According to Writers Guild of America West data, between 2011 and 2020, staff writers moved from 35% to 63% women, and 72% to 44% white."

End Wokeness on X - "The NYPD now has its own dance team"
Marc 🇺🇸 on X - "NYC crime at an all-time high… people being murdered, shops looted, drugs flooding the streets, homeless crisis and the city is being overrun by illegals… The solution? NYPD Chief: Dance!"
Oddly, none of them have dancer bodies

Mwenewazvo on X - "😭😭😭 A Redit guy told his parents he was gay to avoid arranged marriage. They were quiet for 1 month because they were collecting men for him😭😭😭😭."

Meme - Jessica Evans: "Can not believe I used to complain about school.. 9-3 every day, no weekends, 6 weeks off for summer, Easter hols, bank hols, inset days, seeing my friends every day. I was living the absolute DREAM and I didn't even realise"

Meme - "Captains are heroes
Captain America, Captain Planet, Captain Haddock, Captain Marvel, Captain Harlock, Captain Scarlet, Captain Mar-Vell, Captain Caveman, Captain Kirk, Captain Picard
Doctors are villains
Doctor Sivanna (Captain Marvel), Doctor Doom (Fantastic Four), Doctor Octopus (Spider-man), Doctor Mindbender (Gl. Joe), Doctor Eggman (Sonic the Hedgehog), Dr Hugo Strange (Batman), Doctor Faustus (Captain America), Doctor Evil (Austin Powers), Doctor Light (Teen Titans), Doctor Claw (Inspector Gadget)"
Comments: "Dr Reed Richards, Dr Bruce Banner, Dr Charles Xavier, hell even Black Panther has a doctorate!"
"Yes, as long as we omit Doctor Strange and Captain Glory. "
"What about Captain Boomerang"
"So what is Dr. Fate then? "

doomer on X - "“marine, what is that button on your armor?”
“a nofap button sir”
“and what is that youve got written on your helmet?”
"’born to goon’, sir.”
“‘born to goon’ and nofap? is that some kind of sick joke?”
“i think i was trying to suggest something about the duality of man, sir”"

sebastian castillo on X - "it’s catholic canon that in the garden of gethsemane jesus christ saw every sin committed by human beings which means that he watched a guy blasting rope to waluigi hentai and still decided to sacrifice himself for humanity. absolute legend"

Meme - Guy texting: "Yea...but I'm kind of a fatass."
Woman texting: "I don't care... I love fat guys!"
Guy texting: "**BLOCKED** She prolly gon try eat my fries and shit."

Meme - "Every Hong Kong office organisation chart
The boss who doesn't do a thing except shout at people and monitors 'what time you arrive/leave office
The secretary who knows everything and gossips to everyone
The colleague who minds their own business and gets their shit done without bothering people
The colleague who comes in at 10:30am and chats until lunch time
The colleague who is always cold
The one expat who asks if you want to grab a coffee every 2 hours
The intern who has Excel open on the big screen but is playing games and making lunch time memes on their phone
The local bro who hits the gym at lunch time"

Meme - Richard Hanania @RichardHanania: "What can we conclude from this other than liberal governance has failed? I'm sure weather matters, but it doesn't explain South Dakota picking up people and Hawaii losing them."
"Figure 1: Net domestic migration, 2022-2023
*Top 3 gains: Florida, Texas, North Carolina. Top 3 losses: California, New York, Illinois*
The Matthew Principle: "California also has pretty nice weather, from what I hear."

Children deny that God can change fundamental moral principles, study finds - "Emerging at age 4, children consistently denied that God could alter fundamental moral norms, such as turning morally wrong actions into morally right ones. This belief persisted across different age groups, indicating that from an early age, children view certain moral norms as unchangeable, even by a supreme being like God. Interestingly, while children’s beliefs about the immutability of moral norms remained stable, their views on physical phenomena shifted with age; older children increasingly believed that God could alter physical realities.   These findings challenge the assumption that religious socialization leads children to believe that an all powerful God would be capable of changing any aspect of reality, including morality. Instead, the study found that even within a cultural context where belief in a higher power is prevalent, children maintained that certain moral principles were beyond even God’s ability to change. This suggests a deeper, perhaps innate, understanding of morality as a domain distinct from other norms, that is resistant to change and rooted in widely shared human consensus.  The study, “Children deny that God could change morality”, was authored by Madeline G. Reinecke and Larisa Heiphetz Solomon."
Sensus divinitatis strikes again!

'I'm not a role model': Therese Coffey questioned over smoking and weight as Health Secretary - "Therese Coffey has admitted she is "not the role model" when it comes to her personal health after being questioned about her weight and smoking."
There're downsides to making the personal political and emphasising lived experience and symbolism

WALLAZE⭐ on X - "Condom companies are killing their future customers 🤲😂"

Turkey - Which Is Healthier, White or Dark Meat - Really - The New York Times - "Health authorities have long advocated choosing white meat, saying it contains less fat and fewer calories. But the nutritional differences between the two are not so great. In general, what makes one cut of turkey — or any other type of poultry — darker than another is the type of muscle it contains. Meat is darker if it contains higher levels of myoglobin, a compound that enables muscles to transport oxygen, which is needed to fuel activity. Since turkeys and chickens are flightless and walk a lot, their leg meat is dark while their wing and breast meat are white. Many people choose white meat over dark because of its lower caloric content. But according to the Department of Agriculture, an ounce of boneless, skinless turkey breast contains about 46 calories and 1 gram of fat, compared with roughly 50 calories and 2 grams of fat for an ounce of boneless, skinless thigh.  But dark meat has its benefits. Compared with white meat, it contains more iron, zinc, riboflavin, thiamine, and vitamins B6 and B12. Both have less fat than most cuts of red meat, so you can’t go wrong either way."

Meme - "There is no way to make the showing of middle finger even more offensive
People on the internet: *Hitler doing Nazi salute with swastika armband*"

Largest empire by percentage of world population | Guinness World Records - "By share of population, the largest empire was the Achaemenid Empire, better known as the Persian Empire, which accounted for approximately 49.4 million of the world’s 112.4 million people in around 480 BC – an astonishing 44%. Originating in modern-day Iran, the empire was first established by Cyrus the Great and included parts of Central Asia, the Mediterranean, North Africa, and even European territories such as ancient Thrace and Macedonia."

hello i love your work on Tumblr - "the main thing that puts me off of playing chess is that there is 2000 years of gameplay that hundreds of people with higher IQs than me have spent thousands of hours studying the history of, so much so that when i put the pawn forward they say “ah i see youre going for the bulgarian somersault” and then i try to take their bishop with my knight and they go “aw, rookie mistake, youve played the frenchmans cumsock, and in approximately 37 moves i’ll have won”"

Meme - "don't move. I'll get you a towel, babe. *smiley face cookie with frosting*"

Meme - White guy spanking: "Who's your daddy baby?"
Black girl: "Stop! I don't know!"

Meme - "Found this work of art at my local Five Guys Burgers and Fries
White woman on couch surrounded by 5 black guys: I love five guys!"

Rod Blackhurst on X - "In 1992 I was 12. My dad and I were in the Newark airport. I saw Joe Pesci and recognized him from HOME ALONE. I went up to him to ask for his autograph. Joe asked me who my favorite actor was. I said he was. He handed me a crisp $100 and said "That's the right answer, kid"."

Meme - "So I ordered a burrito "to go" with no olives. This was on top of the box *bread pointing to "no olives" sign and 2 dejected / disappointed olives*"

Meme - Danielle: "Never in a million years did I think this was going to be the topic of the vent"
"I need to vent"
:Hit me"
"There's a pregnant stingray in NC and there was male stingrays in the enclosure. They think she either self reproduced (sting Jesus) or one of the 2 male sharks in the encounter got her knocked up (shark ray)"

Meme - "Americans will use literally anything except the metric system
242 dicks

What does eternal life smell like? A Danish museum has the answer - "A museum in Denmark is giving visitors a chance to inhale what it calls “the fragrance of eternal life” or “the scent of eternity,” after scientists succeeded in recreating the smell of an embalming oil used more than 3,500 years ago to mummify Senetnay, an Egyptian noblewoman. It smells good."

Bleeding-Heart Horror Fans: Enjoyment of Horror Media Is Not Related to Lower Empathy or Compassion - "The horror genre portrays some of the most graphic and violent scenes in media. How and why some people find enjoyment in such a graphic genre is an age-old question. One hypothesis is that people lower in prosocial traits such as empathy and compassion are more likely to enjoy horror. We found evidence against this hypothesis across three studies. Study 1 demonstrated that enjoyment of horror movies was unrelated to affective empathy, negatively associated with coldheartedness, and positively associated with cognitive empathy. A preregistered follow-up study found that measures of empathy and coldheartedness were unrelated to how many horror movies a participant had seen. In Study 3, enjoyment of horror movies was unrelated to the amount of money a participant decided to donate to a less fortunate participant. These findings contradict beliefs from the public about horror fans possessing lower levels of prosocial traits such as empathy and compassion. They also put into question findings from older studies about the relationship between empathy and enjoyment of horror media."
This has implications for "violence" in media too

Meme - "origin of philosophy
what people think: hmm I wonder what constitutes existence, what does it all mean? why are we here
reality: I wasn't always smart, I was actually very stupid in school ... [T]here was a boy who was very attractive who was even stupider than I was. And in order to ingratiate myself with this boy who was very beautiful, I began to do his homework for him-and that's how I became smart, I had to do all this work to just keep ahead of him a little bit, in order to help him. In a sense, all the rest of my life I've been trying to do intellectual things that would attract beautiful boys. -Michel Foucault, 1983"

We Wuz Kangs / DignifAI going too far / Slipping into people's DMs to insult them


"#DignifAI has gone to far! *Hitler in Lederhosen* *Hitler in pants*"
Keywords: DignifAI has gone too far

Kimberly Alicia Geraway: "*photo of OP* Imagine looking like that and then having the audacity to talk about how women look? Do y'all just not own mirrors?"
"imagine looking like that and having the audacity to message someone about how they look *photo of her*"

Links - 30th March 2024 (1 - Women)

Meme - "Tinder needs a filter:
- no ugly guys
- not too short
- sexy voice
- tan
- strong and muscles and abs
- not too much of a douche
And if you're uglier then your tinder profile. I'm gonna stop talking to you"

Meme - Girl: "Ha, I have a hole and you can't fuck it"
Guy: "okay"
Girl: "incel"
Lucy Mac: "It's basically the female version of when a dude is rejected and then says shit like 'fk you ugly b**** I never wanted you anyway'"


Meme - "What's that? You made some solid arguments against something I believe in? Yeah? Well, guess what I have a hole and YOU CAN'T FUCK IT What now incel??"

Meme - "Oh lord. Gotta do the potato test. Say potato if you're real"
"Heyy! you are my first match. I dare you to try to make a better first message ahaha"
"Say potato Elizabeth"
"And btw, if you don't mind me asking this, why are you on Tinder ? Personally I think I'm not much into serious stuff ahaha"

Meme - "r/TrueOffMyChest
I told my friend why guys don't wanna date her
To start with I 19(M) have a really good 20(F) friend. My friend has a well known history of sleeping around at our small college. Recently she decided to stop that part of her life and started seeking a relationship. Sadly though she hasn't been able to find anyone despite her being really sweet. A couple days ago tho she came up and asked me why guys do want to commit to her. I asked if her she wanted to hear the truth which she replied yes. I proceeded to tell her that most men don't want to be with someone who has 25 past partners she clearly got visibly upset but didn't say anything. A day ago she blocked me on snap and one of our friends told me what I said really hurt her. I shouldn't have been truthful with her :("

Meme - DOLLY!**: "my first time havin anal i accidentally shitted on my mans dick, had to get up real up and suck that shit off before he saw it"

Woman jailed after posing as man and duping partner into sex - "A woman has been sentenced to 10 and a half years in jail for sexual assault after pretending to be a man to dupe a woman into sex using a blindfold, a sex toy and a “wholly fake persona”.  Blade Silvano, 41, met the victim on the online dating site Plenty of Fish in November 2016 and they got engaged as man and woman, Cambridge crown court heard.  She was found guilty in May of two counts of assault by penetration, and was sentenced on Wednesday for what the judge said was not a case of “gender dysphoria” or “anyone’s sexuality”, but about “deception, skilfully carried out and maliciously maintained”. Using a fake name, Blade Mendez, Silvano presented herself as a man throughout a two-year relationship with the victim, who was a mother of small children. She would send the victim photos of herself shaving her face and would pretend to urinate standing up. She also lied about having cancer treatment and being trampled by cows when she in fact was on holiday, the court was told. When she and the complainant were intimate, in December 2016 and February 2017, Silvano refused to be seen naked, wearing a long sleeved top and pulling her jeans down only slightly, before turning away to pretend to roll on a condom, Mr Justice Philip Grey said on Wednesday.  She would not allow the victim to touch her genitals, claiming to be “body conscious due to injuries sustained in the army”, the prosecutor, Julie Whitby, told Cambridge crown court.  The judge said Silvano used “either a strap-on penis or double-ended dildo” to penetrate the woman, who went to the police after uncovering Silvano’s deception after finding her on Facebook in September 2018 “in a completely different living situation”. Another partner of Silvano’s later told the woman “You are not the first and won’t be the last”, the court heard.  Silvano also lied about being a vet, about having a PhD and about being a British army veteran, the court heard.  The woman said that her family did not believe that Silvano had cancer, but she stood by “him”, only to realise her family were right all along... The victim only discovered Silvano’s true sex through Facebook nearly two years later after they had postponed a planned wedding because of the defendant’s supposed illness. By this point the victim had already paid a deposit on the venue and tried on wedding dresses, the judge said.  After February 2017, their relationship continued solely online, with Silvano repeatedly cancelling meetings for increasingly far-fetched reasons, claiming to have been diagnosed with cancer and cystic fibrosis. On one occasion she invited the victim to an army officers’ ball, only to cancel at the last minute after claiming to have been trampled by cows.  The victim turned up at the hospital once, only to be told by nurses that no one called Blade Mendez was there. Silvano then told her that her name would have been withheld “for security reasons” because she was in the army, Grey said. The woman told the court: “I consented to having sex with a male for the penis. Not a female penetrating me with something – I’m still unaware what it was. They took that right away from me, when they could have been honest with me from the start and I could have made an informed choice.” She said she suspected Silvano had duped others. “The way Blade was so fluid and confident around me and my children, even walking into my oldest child’s bedroom, now makes me feel like I wasn’t the first person Blade has potentially done this too.” She was especially convinced of this, she said, after receiving the message from one of Silvano’s other partners, saying: “I’m not the first and I won’t be the last.”"
She was too stupid to claim she was trans

Meme - Alexander @datepsych: "Someone is very angry today, but our results are pretty consistent with the Bivona & Critelli paper and other past research on rape fantasies. They are simply very common - and probably more "rapey" than most people realize (lots of these fantasies are actually about strangers). We'll have the article up on this soon."
meltingshining @meltingshining: "rape culture bullshit. I knew you were a sly rapist. You are a disgusting sexologist and your true colors always show.
The study is fake because they are leading questions. You put the thought in people's minds. Better if you asked, what are your fantasies? And then see how many say oh yea...rape...you stupid fake scientist and so is everyone who fucks with on the real. This is psuedoscience.
Yeah of course they are close. You plagiarized everything. Who are the people you asked and how did you ask them? This is stupid rape apologia at a time when we don't need that shit. Fuck off.
I fucking hate this @datepsych rapey douchebag pushing out a Jenny Bivona classic, "Women love to be raped!" Bullshit study that conflates and leads with questions with a questionable audience. The controls in the study are shit. The questions are shit."
Alexander @datepsych: "Data from our recent survey on nonconsensual sexual fantasies: about 60% of both men and women have them. These figures are close to past research on the topic (eg Bivona & Critelli, 2009)."
What an incisive critique! I'm sure they will be very helpful in peer review


Meme - "Women: Babe I love you not the money
Men: OK and sign this prenup

Meme - "Hey is this James's girlfriend?"
"Girl if you're coming to me as a woman about my man please we'll sort this out later Valentine's Day is too close"
"Well yes this is about Valentine's Day if you let me land girl"
"You can see him on the 15, the 14th is reserved for ME"
"Babe he booked you our free hair and makeup bundie, I don't want your man girl"
"OMG fr??!???!?? This is awkward I'm sorry and THANKYOU. my man my man my man"
"No problem girl I'll send you the time and address now"

Leigh-Anne Pinnock of Little Mix: ‘Being Black is my power. I want young Black girls to see that’ - "She felt “invisible”, and would regularly cry in front of her manager. “I just couldn’t seem to find my place, and didn’t know why,” she said in a magazine interview in 2018. “I didn’t feel like I had as many fans as the other girls. It was a strange feeling.” She had, at that point, finally realised what the trouble was. “I know there are girls of colour out there who have felt the same as me,” she said. “We have a massive problem with racism, which is built into our society.”
If you're not as popular as other girls, it must be racism

Meme - "4 years at UC Berkeley
2019: *pretty blonde with shoulder-length hair, white top and jeans*
2023: *shaved head with neck tattoo [?]*"

Meme - "This is Natasha Grubenhauf. Natasha is the 2017 World Trampoline Champion. Her father bought the family a trampoline when she was 5 years old and she practiced every day for 22 years until she won. *droopy breasts*"

Meme - "This is like buying a movie ticket to a movie you've already seen 100 times
Mia K. @miakhalifa: "onlyfans.com/miakhalifa""

💋 on X - "my pussy so wet no child in africa would be thirsty again if i just squirted over the entire continent 😩💯"

Meme - "Learn to Train your wife in 5 easy lessons...
FREE booklet shows you how!
Teach her to:
Fetch your slippers and pipe
Massage your feet
Serve you ice cold beer and snacks
Sit quietly while you browse your favorite television stations
Respond to non-verbal cues such as the snapping of fingers
Answer "Yes, dear" to any and all requests
Greet you at the door wearing nothing but celophane wrap""

Meme - "When you're in a zoom class and see your crush."
"But, with a 1080p webcam and a professional lighting set up"

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Friday, March 29, 2024

Myth-making Isn’t the Right Way to ‘Indigenise’ Our Universities

Myth-making Isn’t the Right Way to ‘Indigenise’ Our Universities

"An Aboriginal academic from Queensland who was a staff member at the University of Tasmania (UTAS) presented a seminar on Aboriginal spirituality. Central to her presentation was the claim that Uluru, the large sandstone formation in the middle of the country (once known as Ayers Rock), was the foundational hearth of all Aboriginal spirituality, and the site from which all ancestral beings emanated before spreading across Australia. These original beings, she proclaimed, were the cloud and rain spirits known as Wandjina.

In the subsequent discussion, it was pointed out that belief in the Wandjina was a regional (and comparatively recent) phenomenon, confined to Western Australia’s remote northern areas; and so it was unclear how the Wandjina could be the forebears of all other older, ancestral beings. The academic, Tjanara Goreng Goreng, responded by saying that she spoke “the truth,” and she knew it to be true because it was traditional knowledge handed down from her mother, who had learned it from her mother. More unsettling than the presentation of such self-proclaimed truths in an academic context was the apparent credulity of the non-Indigenous academics in the audience.

In her 2018 PhD thesis, titled in part, The Road to Eldership: How Aboriginal Culture Creates Sacred and Visionary Leaders, the academic made similar claims...

The academic’s claims did not follow any one Australian Indigenous tradition, but reflected a jumble of incongruent mystical belief systems from widely scattered parts of Australia. (Aboriginal societies throughout the continent manifested locally, with each group having its own spiritual beliefs, languages, laws, and so on.) And so even by the lights of Indigenous spiritualism, her claims didn’t make a lot of sense. Yet this kind of academic presentation (and the credulous response it elicited) is not an isolated phenomenon. Myth-making of this sort has been proliferating on Australia’s campuses over the last decade, reflecting ongoing efforts to “Indigenise” the university sector, a project that often requires that academics suppress conventional modes of scepticism and inquiry.

The dynamic is reflected too, in the story of Bruce Pascoe’s 2014 non-fiction book Dark Emu: Black Seeds: Agriculture or Accident?, in which the well-known Australian writer makes a number of claims about Aboriginal people and society that are refuted by history and science, but which are now popularly accepted (such as the claim that Aboriginals have lived in Australia for 120,000 years, roughly double the actual figure). 

The Australian Society of Authors (ASA) was apparently unconcerned about the accuracy of Pascoe’s claims when awarding him its prestigious biennial medal, in 2021, for his “vital [work] in this age of truth telling”—this despite the fact that it isn’t even clear if Pascoe (now a senior academic at the University of Melbourne) is Aboriginal. (It was only when Pascoe was in his 30s that he came to believe he had Indigenous ancestry, having remembered that an uncle had once told him about an Aboriginal relative.)

This tendency to propagate dubious mythologies about Indigenous cultures and people, and the attendant marginalising of real scholarly knowledge, stems from well-intentioned impulses. But it misdirects policy-making that might actually help Aboriginal communities. Moreover, we expect the tendency will only become more pronounced following the recent election of a Labor government in Australia, as its progressive members tend to favour this myth-making project; and are more invested in the professional class of academics and activists who purport to speak for all Aboriginal people.

While “Indigenisation” is defined in many ways, most of its proponents generally exalt it as a political movement that promises to liberate Indigenous people from racism, white supremacism, and the alienation that comes from living within a European-descended political society. In its Great Guide to Indigenisation of the Curriculum, Central Queensland University (CQU) describes Indigenisation as an utterly transformative project that will “valorise and strengthen Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander knowledge systems.”

In keeping with analogous trends in Canada, this transformation roughly breaks down as a three-stage process, involving a symbolic element, inclusionary policies, and a substantive revision of the university curriculum. In Australian universities, the symbolic portion includes the prominent display of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art, flags, land acknowledgements, and welcome statements at public events, lectures, and meetings. (Torres Strait Islanders, inhabitants of islands situated between Australia and New Guinea, are considered distinct from Aboriginal Australians.) Inclusionary policies manifest in employment targets and reserved positions (quotas, some might call them, but this sort of explicit term tends to be avoided) particularly at senior management and professorial levels.

But it is the third stage—which affects the actual content of university education—that is of most concern to us. Australia’s higher-education umbrella organisation, Universities Australia, expects that curricula will become “inclusive of, sensitive to, and conducive to the aspirations of Indigenous Australians,” and that “all students will encounter and engage with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture as integral parts of their courses of study.” Each university is required to develop a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) to guide their operations, with reconciliation in education being depicted as an endless and deeply personal process of spiritual cleansing: a “journey [of] learning, unlearning, and relearning … without an end-point [that] must be continuously worked towards.” Accordingly, universities are giving greater prominence to Indigenous cultural and spiritual values, personal experiences, traditional knowledges, stories, art, music, science, architecture, literature, law, education, health and social work; as well as in dedicated Aboriginal Studies courses.

To include Indigenous epistemologies, universities are employing more Indigenous staff and promoting pedagogies such as yarning circles and storytelling, as at the Universities of Sydney and Melbourne. Indigenisation includes courses to improve the cultural competencies of trainee professionals such as nursing and midwifery students at Monash University and education students at UTAS, which would ideally be professionally useful to graduates serving a diverse clientele.

Indigenisation also privileges Indigenist research ethics, protocols, methodologies, standpoint, and epistemology, so as to ensure that the subjects of academic research in Indigenous communities are consulted, that the research is of clear benefit to them, and that the data will be returned to their control—an extrapolation of the larger Indigenous Data Sovereignty movement, which aims to correct past practices that treated Indigenous communities as mere test subjects for white academics. Principles and expectations regarding this worthy objective are detailed in widely circulated documents such as the Guidelines for Ethical Conduct in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Research (published by the National Health and Medical Research Council) and the Code of Ethics for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Research (Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies).

Many units also integrate far more dubious (and faddish) studies of “whiteness,” so as to denaturalise the purportedly false universalism of scientific knowledge—even if this kind of effort often is couched in deliberately hazy language that obscures the obvious tension between science and spiritualism... 

It should be said that some aspects of Indigenisation reflect a commitment to a traditionally liberal (Enlightenment-based) approach to open inquiry, reasoned debate, evidence gathering, and critique. This approach to Indigenous issues reflects new post-colonial ideas that emerged in the late 20th century, well before the idea of “Indigenisation” had been popularized, and includes revisionist histories of inter-cultural contact, such as contained in Henry Reynolds’s 1981 The Other Side of the Frontier: Aboriginal Resistance to the European invasion of Australia. The approach not only remains valid, but vital, since Aboriginal and Islander people remain immersed in a profound and enduring socio-cultural interface with non-Indigenous people around the country. The interface presents all Indigenous people—from those in remote traditional communities to urban-dwelling professionals—with challenges that require informed and delicate negotiation.

A liberal approach to Indigenisation recognises the injustice and violence of colonisation, and the on-going structural determination of unequal life opportunities that has resulted. It acknowledges that “whiteness” (to such extent that term is useful) and its associated values are not universal, that they can affect individuals’ capacity to negotiate the world, and that an unbridled individualist ethos can serve to marginalise collective cultural identities. The approach also confronts the fact that earlier research often ignored Indigenous experiences and considered the research subjects as secondary to the development of (white) science and researcher careers. It also accepts that a rebalancing of power in the research relationship (as embedded in the Whole of Community Engagement initiative, led by Charles Darwin University) can help Indigenous people build a healthy sense of identity, and that the judicious embedding of Indigenous perspectives in the curriculum can be genuinely helpful toward advancing reconciliation.

This approach to Indigenisation, currently under pressure from more radical and politicized variants, is based on empirical evidence and deals in good faith with alternative viewpoints. And it includes Indigenous voices and their Western counterparts alike, without pronouncing one or the other as beyond critique. We took this approach in our own research and teaching of Aboriginal Studies at UTAS from 2000 to 2020, and in the process prepared many Indigenous and non-Indigenous students for work across Australia as teachers, nurses, administrators, youth workers, lawyers, and museum staff. Other universities have put this approach into practice, too, one example being Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in the early 2000s, which explicitly presupposed critical engagement with the two dominant knowledge systems and cultural perspectives. It acknowledged the complexity of the Indigenous situation, and the possibility of change in Indigenous perspectives.

Unfortunately, this critical liberal approach to Indigenisation is being overtaken by an identity-based form that stigmatizes normal academic debate and critique as a form of harm visited upon Aboriginal minds. Activists who hew to the American-influenced social justice movement routinely emphasize postmodern doctrines that cast knowledge as entirely subjective in nature, and science as inherently racist and exploitative. They have translated these understandings into a totalising focus on the injustices done by the dominant capitalist structures of Australian society to working class, female, gay, non-white, disabled, and transgendered individuals. The university is presented as an inherently colonial and oppressive institution that must be overhauled to prioritise belief, feelings and subjectivity over evidence.

In our experience, this identity-based and illiberal approach to Indigenisation is primarily championed by an academic elite whose members are predominantly drawn from regional and urban backgrounds in Australia’s south and on its east coast. It’s a professional clique whose members often have little authentic connection to heritage culture—so much so that several have been accused of having no Aboriginal ancestry whatsoever.

Within this academic/activist subculture, there is an oversized level of attention paid to public symbols and details of language—especially those that are deemed microaggressions. In keeping with their counterparts in other parts of the English-speaking world, they co-opt American social-justice parlance by agitating for “safe spaces” and “trigger warnings,” denigrate whiteness, and promote a mythologized version of Indigenous culture and beliefs that casts Aboriginal people as perpetual victims and strips them of agency. At UTAS, Indigenisation has led to the denigration and replacement of an entire discipline-based critical Aboriginal Studies program with a single first-year unit that consists of a “country tour guided by Palawa Elders and Knowledge Holders,” whose content predictably blurs the line between academic instruction and political sloganeering.

Some of Indigenisation’s most visible proponents have offered grand but spurious claims about Aboriginal history, such as the idea that Aborigines were farmers, invented bread, and developed a transcontinental system of government and “sophisticated writing system”; and that Aboriginal societies were human-rights paradises that were strangers to sexism, homophobia, and all other forms of bigotry and discrimination. They have also claimed that because Indigenous people engaged in tens of thousands of years of diplomatic relations with one another, their experience should be central to Australian foreign policy (advice that the new government appears to be taking seriously); that the boomerang led to the invention of propellers and drones; and that (at UTAS) an Indigenous perspective should be included in Antarctic Studies.

Particularly in the Australian island state of Tasmania, where Indigenous people have become deeply disconnected from customary knowledge, it has become possible for self-appointed experts to advance all manner of politicized claims. One notable example is the assertion that building a cable car on Mt. Wellington, near Tasmania’s capital, would constitute a desecration of sacred land—notwithstanding an archeological report to the effect that “the development does not involve an Aboriginal heritage site as defined under [federal law].” At one point, the claim that the mountain contained “secret caves” was advanced in a local newspaper (without evidence)—which accords with the image that many gullible white Australians have of ancient Australia as a sort of paradise.

One ahistorical theme that runs through this activism is the portrayal of “whiteness” and Aboriginality as monolithic binaries, each characterized by their own stereotypes. Yet in reality, at the time of colonisation in the late 18th and 19th centuries, the Aboriginal population was divided into roughly 250 distinct language and cultural groups, many of which regarded one another as hostile. The various groups also went on to have different experiences with colonisation, and the notion of a pan-Aboriginal community emerged only during the latter part of the 20th century.

One reason these ahistorical and reductionist stereotypes of early Aboriginal societies are accepted by so many academics is that they read back to us our own mythologized visions of communal, pre-industrial life. In this imagined world of peace and harmony, the elders are universally respected repositories of timeless, spiritually understood truths that exist beyond the scrutiny of science (or even the comprehension of outsiders). This is the kind of “pseudo-profound bullshit” (as one academic paper has described it) that was evident in a recent ABC Science dispatch produced by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, in which an Indigenous academic explained Indigenous spirituality as a sort of proto-environmentalism in which “everything is connected and needs respect—not just humans, animals, trees and rocks—but land and sky, and past and present.”

Such utopian visions often are juxtaposed with an equally simplified white world, which is cast as alienating, racist, and oppressive. Insofar as problems within Indigenous communities are discussed—in health, education, arrest rates, incarceration, suicide, and the rest—they often are laid at the feet of racism or society’s “colonising discourse” (with any disputation of this presumption being decried as an instigation toward yet more racial hatred).

Marcia Langton, a professor at the University of Melbourne’s School of Population and Global Health, told ABC TV in 2018 that “Aboriginal men did not [before contact] treat Aboriginal women in the way they have been taught by white people. They’ve adopted a very white Australian attitude towards Aboriginal women.” Another Aboriginal professor, Bronwyn Carlson of Macquarie University, similarly claims that there was no violence against women in pre-contact Australia. There is also an effort to ignore evidence of a “rape culture” and homophobia in remote Aboriginal communities. (Of course, violence against women has existed in every part of the planet. For an evidence-based counterpoint to these dubious claims about Aboriginal societies, see Peter Sutton’s 2009 book, The Politics of Suffering: Indigenous Australia and the End of the Liberal Consensus.)

To their credit, some Aboriginal intellectuals have been prepared to expose the lived realities in their communities. One example is Noel Pearson, whose home on Cape York in Far North Queensland hosted weekly binge-drinking parties, during which “young children [emerge] out of the houses, as if from a war zone [with some] sitting on the kerbside at 3 a.m. … simply too scared to go home.” Others include Warren Mundine, Anthony Dillon, and Jacinta Nampijinpa Price. But in academic circles, this kind of candour runs afoul of the preferred in-house ideology, and so any focus on Aboriginal agency and individual behaviour is generally eschewed.

It is equally unfashionable to point out that some of the statistical indicators taken to signal structural racism actually point to more complex (and sometimes even progressive) developments—as noted in a 2021 Australian essay by Price, a Warlpiri woman...

'From the beginning authorities were reluctant to incarcerate, or punish in any way, Indigenous Australians for violent crimes against other Aboriginal Australians...

The extension of full citizenship rights to Aboriginal Australians has resulted in the recognition of their right to expect the full protection of the law—including from violence inflicted on them by other Aboriginal people. Since then, incarceration rates have skyrocketed.

At the same time, Indigenous lives lost due to criminal activity outside of custody outstrip those lost in custody. Yet no concern is expressed for these lives when the cause cannot be blamed on racism or colonisation. Between 1989 and 2012, 951 Indigenous lives were lost to homicide. Of these, 765 were killed by Indigenous perpetrators, and 67 per cent of those were classified as domestic homicides. Where is the outrage?'

As one might expect, the idea of Indigenisation has filtered down from the level of pronouncements and manifestos to everyday politics. At Griffith University in South East Queensland, Professor Regina Ganter withdrew from teaching a first-year Aboriginal Studies course in 2019 after a single Aboriginal student alleged that her lectures were “propagating a white supremacist history.” Something similar happened to Indigenous Studies staff at Murdoch University in Perth. At UTAS, a non-Indigenous anthropologist was uninvited from a panel discussion on the film Samson and Delilah when it was decided that only Indigenous people could participate. In 2013, non-Indigenous students at Queensland University of Technology were censured for accessing a computer room that was tagged as Indigenous space. In 2011, the staff kitchen of the equivalent space at UTAS was claimed by a senior Indigenous staff member as “cultural space,” not to be used by non-Aboriginal people. Several years later, an academic with an office nearby one such support unit was aggressively questioned as to whether she had been inside the unit, which by then featured locked doors overlooked by a security camera. What had been imagined as an open and welcoming part of the campus had become a militantly policed segregated enclave.

Meanwhile, the amount of substantive and accurate knowledge concerning Indigenous Australians that is actually transmitted to students seems to be decreasing thanks to Indigenisation—because many university administrators are principally concerned with advancing the politics we have outlined (and their own reputations as champions of reconciliation). In a 2019 public apology to Tasmanian Aborigines, for instance, the University of Tasmania acknowledged its “role in wrongdoings towards Tasmanian Aboriginal people,” yet university officials were apparently unable to articulate what those wrongdoings were when requests for information were made by Tasmanian historians. And the apology was commemorated on a plaque that noted that Tasmanian Aborigines “possessed these lands for sixty millennia”—i.e., 60,000 years—a figure completely at odds with the scientifically agreed figure of 35,000 years.

We have observed the elimination of Aboriginal-Studies tutorials on the basis that the critical debate that might unfold therein would be culturally “unsafe.” Circulated texts often require community approval, which means students receive material that is more propaganda than educational. In some cases, staff are even advised to avoid the scientific evidence of the Aboriginal arrival in Australia, and instead discuss creation myths that present the Aboriginal presence as dating “from the beginning of time.” The academic beneficiaries of this trend often include those with dubious credentials, such as the above-referenced Bruce Pascoe, and Tyson Yunkaporta, who believes that faith in animist rock spirits can help “save the world.”...

As academics, we’ve witnessed the manner by which Indigenisation (as it is now implemented) has damaged the basic intellectual tools that we’ve long relied on to understand and communicate about the world around us. Aboriginal students need to learn these tools if they are to succeed. As Sutton noted in his book critiquing Dark Emu, we need to have a “wider debate about the status of scientific methods … the values of secular reasoning and scientific method and the use of doubt in a proper way. Those values are under threat … We’re running a technological society … which depends for its efficiency and its functioning on science.”

Our goal should be to bring the same thoughtful, critical perspective to bear on Indigenous issues that we bring to every other subject... it won’t do anyone any good—especially Aboriginal people themselves—if we insist that making amends for past wrongs requires us to renounce considered debate and the disinterested search for truth."

Links - 29th March 2024 (Trans Mania)

Homicide Rates of Transgender Individuals in the United States: 2010–2014 - " The overall homicide rate of transgender individuals was likely to be less than that of cisgender individuals, with 8 of 12 RR estimates below 1.0. However, the homicide rates of young transfeminine Black and Latina residents were almost certainly higher than were those of cisfeminine comparators, with all RR estimates above 1.0 for Blacks and all above 1.0 for Latinas."
One TRA claimed that the details refuted my claim that trans people are not murdered at a higher rate than the general population. Apparently one black person earning more than one white person proves that it's a myth that black people earn less than white people
Good luck if you point out that this suggests that blacks and latinos are more transphobic than the general population

Man Legally Changed Gender to Gain Custody of His Kids. Trans Groups Are Concerned. - "A cisgender man in Ecuador legally changed his gender to female in an attempt to gain custody of his two daughters. But LGBTQ groups are concerned about the man’s use of a law designed to promote transgender rights, and what effect it could have in the future.  René Salinas Ramos, 47, told local media that the change was not related to his sexuality or identity, but rather that the Ecuadorian legal system gives preferable rights to mothers over fathers when it comes to the custody of children... the man’s legal change from male to female has surprised and concerned LGBTQ activists who fought to have Ecuadorian laws changed in 2015 to allow the change of gender.  “This man’s private matter, to obtain custody of his daughters, isn’t the spirit of the law,” Diane Rodríguez, one of Ecuador’s most prominent trans activists and the national director of the Ecuadorian Federation of Organizations LGBTI, told VICE World News... Rodríguez explained that the 2015 law created an unintended consequence because while it allowed people to legally change their gender on Ecuadorian documents, it didn’t allow them to change their sex on government issued documents that are recognized globally such as passports. This in effect, meant that trans people needed to have two different legal documents, one that defined their preferred gender identity, and one that defined their sex by birth.   In May, trans activists reached a major milestone when the assembly ratified a previous 2018 legal decision that allowed a trans man to legally change his sex."
Weird. TRAs claim that suggesting that someone being dishonest in claiming trans identity is transphobic, and you can't have any form of gatekeeping
Weird that we're told that sex and gender are different and only ignorant people don't know that, but if you don't let trans people change their official sexes, that is transphobic bigotry and discrimination

We’re being hunted, say Edinburgh University lecturers - "Academics at Edinburgh University claim they are teaching in a climate of fear with some lecturers allegedly “hunted down” because of their failure to comply with the “unchallengeable orthodoxy” of gender identity theory... The university made headlines last year when it stripped the name of the Enlightenment philosopher David Hume from a tower block after campaigners highlighted a racist footnote in his essay Of National Characters. Last month it began an investigation into the conduct of Dr Neil Thin, a senior lecturer and opponent of the Hume decision, after students accused him of being racist, sexist and “problematic”. Scores of academics, many claiming to be from the Russell Group of leading universities, shared their anonymised experiences on GC Academia. One part-time lecturer at Edinburgh said a sense of intellectual freedom had been supplanted by a culture of fear... Another Edinburgh staff member said that mention of biological sex was deemed “bad” and “certain people will actively hunt down and harass those who [mention it]”. One critic of the university wrote scathingly of the “authoritarian bullies of the Staff Pride Network,” adding: “The postmodern thought and language police are very active in my subject area.” They added: “Their latest is an instruction to check our course materials for ‘cis-normative’ [a gender identity which matches their biological sex] assumptions and monitor ourselves, our students and each other for ‘micro-invalidations’.” This was a reference to guidance published by the university to help staff recognise and counteract “microaggressions against trans and/or nonbinary people”. It urges staff to refrain from using phrases such as “all women hate their periods” and “all people think about being the opposite gender sometimes”. Critics of the university are outraged by the document, which compares “transphobic campaigners” to Islamophobes and antisemites. A spokesman for Edinburgh University said it was “a safe place for difficult conversations,” adding: “We are committed to defending freedom of speech and expression, as long as it is carried out within the law and in a respectful manner."

Unenlightened Edinburgh caves in to trans tyranny - "An 80-year-old woman arrives at a university lecture hall to watch the screening of a feminist film and her entry is barred, first, by masked protesters.  Flora Brodie has become an unwitting poster girl for women’s rights after a video clip showed her trying to stand up to extremist gender bullies attempting, and succeeding, to block the film, Adult Human Female, for the second time at Edinburgh University.  The university, which had agreed to show the film, caved in quickly over “safety concerns”. But watching the video of Brodie more closely, it is the university’s own stewards who obstructed her.   I counted three protesters, hiding behind face coverings, in the melee and, at one point, five people in red jackets surrounding the pensioner.  They could just as easily have escorted her safely inside the building where the film was to be shown but, either on instruction from campus bosses or on their own volition, they sided with the mob...   The toxic atmosphere resembles that at Sussex University two years ago, when the feminist philosopher Kathleen Stock was hounded out of her job, as much by colleagues as students.  But there have been encouraging signs since then that trans zealots have lost the momentum and that some organisations, even universities, are belatedly rediscovering the value of debate in a democracy.  Stock herself was allowed to speak at the Cambridge Union last autumn, where her motion – “This house believes in the right to offend” – won the day.  Stock is also scheduled to speak at the Oxford Union next month, after it rejected moves by the LGBTQ+ Society to no-platform her.   Although the culture wars are far from over, leading academics and people like Oxford’s recent vice-chancellor, the fearless Louise Richardson, have helped counter the cult of censorship by challenging trans tyranny.  But in Edinburgh, elderly ladies can still be manhandled out of a film viewing by a bunch of mostly male misogynist thugs. Is it because of the political backdrop, fomented by Nicola Sturgeon, that prioritises the radical theories of trans ideologues over the interests of the majority of women?   Sturgeon is no longer in power, her controversial trans legislation is in limbo, and her successor, Humza Yousaf, normally so in awe of her, has come out for freedom of speech in the wake of the Edinburgh protests."

Transgender and Gender Diverse Children and Adolescents: Fact-Checking of AAP Policy - "The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recently published a policy statement: Ensuring comprehensive care and support for transgender and gender-diverse children and adolescents. Although almost all clinics and professional associations in the world use what’s called the watchful waiting approach to helping gender diverse (GD) children, the AAP statement instead rejected that consensus, endorsing gender affirmation as the only acceptable approach. Remarkably, not only did the AAP statement fail to include any of the actual outcomes literature on such cases, but it also misrepresented the contents of its citations, which repeatedly said the very opposite of what AAP attributed to them."
Trust the "experts"! Trust the "science"!

The Ranks of Gender Detransitioners Are Growing. We Need to Understand Why - "Readers of such articles might not realize that data regarding the medical transition of children and adolescents is limited. As Dr. James Cantor wrote in a peer-reviewed journal article published last month, there are few studies examining adult outcomes for children who present as transgender; and those few studies indicate that the majority of pre-pubescent children who present as transgender eventually drop their trans identity and desist to their natal sex. NBC reports that “in a 2015 survey of nearly 28,000 people conducted by the U.S.-based National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE), only 8 percent of respondents reported detransitioning, and 62 percent of those people said they only detransitioned temporarily.” Even if this 8 percent figure were accurate, that would certainly merit attention and concern, given the rising numbers of minors who now present as transgender. But the actual figure is likely much higher than 8 percent, because the referenced study is based exclusively on survey respondents who identify as transgender. Many of the detransitioners I have spoken with, by contrast, have cut ties completely with the transgender community, and certainly don’t identify as trans. A second study cited in the NBC report, titled An Analysis of All Applications for Sex Reassignment Surgery in Sweden, 1960-2010: Prevalence, Incidence, and Regrets, applied more robust methodology. These researchers found that only about 2 percent of the studied patients expressed regret. But the study was confined only to the small subset of trans Swedes who applied for both legal and surgical sex reassignment. This strict selection criteria would not capture the much broader class of trans-identified individuals who transition socially but have not undergone surgical transition or applied for a change in legal status... some detransitioners are living with significant mental and physical health issues as a result of their transition, and so taking steps to publicly revert to their original gender markers is not a high personal priority. Most of the individuals covered in the Swedish study transitioned before the recent dramatic rise in young people self-identifying as transgender... The population transitioning in recent years is also qualitatively different from predecessor cohorts. For one thing, many of those now transitioning are much younger. In the UK, there was an increase of more than 1,000 percent in the annual rate of natal male children and adolescents seeking specialist gender services from 2009 to 2019, with a 4,400 percent increase among natal female children and adolescents—from 40 in 2009-10 to more than 1,800 a decade later. Similar increases have been noticed in other Western countries. Until recently, those seeking transition generally were subject to extensive assessment by mental health practitioners. These stringent guidelines were relaxed in recent years because they were perceived as impinging on patient autonomy, and were considered burdensome and intrusive. According to this new trend, so called “gatekeeping” practices should give way to a model based on “affirmation” of a patient’s announced perception of his or her gender identity. And so many people have been able to access transition interventions after only minimal evaluation. This rush to “affirm” patients has outpaced the clinical data that would support such an approach. Therefore, it seems reasonable to expect that protocols aimed at fast-tracking treatment for trans individuals would increase the rate of false positives... Dr. Turban encourages journalists and politicians to talk to “transgender people and the physicians and researchers who actually study this topic,” rather than “cisgender [i.e., non-trans] political pundits and people who don’t care for trans youth.” In keeping with Dr. Turban’s suggestion, I offer my own perspective. I’m a Philadelphia-based clinician who treats detransitioned individuals. Though my sample size is small, I have seen a number of common themes emerge among clients.  The detransitioners I see in my practice are all female, and they are all in their early twenties. At the time they became trans-identified, many were suffering from complex social and mental health issues. Transition often not only failed to address these issues, but at times exacerbated them or added new issues. These young women often became derailed from educational or vocational goals during their period of trans identification.  Since detransitioning, they have lost the support of the trans community, often both online and in person. Some report that they are vilified if they speak about their experience as a detransitioner. And so, in addition to suffering from their pre-existing conditions, they also now suffer social isolation and a lack of peer support. The young women with whom I have worked became trans identified during adolescence. They frequently did so in the context of significant family dysfunction or complex psycho-social issues. Sexual assault and sexual harassment were common precursors. A majority had an eating disorder at the time they became trans identified. Since detransitioning, most now understand themselves to be butch lesbians. In our work together, they traced complex histories of coming to terms with their homosexuality. Some faced vicious homophobic bullying before they announced their trans identification. All of these young women report that their experience of gender dysphoria had been sincerely felt. According to their recollections, they were as “truly trans” as anyone. In some cases, they received a formal diagnosis of gender dysphoria from mental-health clinicians. Others attended informed-consent clinics, through which they were able to access testosterone after only a brief discussion with a health provider.  For most of these young women, identifying as trans worsened their mental health. Although some report that starting on hormones initially brought an increase in confidence and well-being, these drugs eventually seemed to make some of them more emotionally labile, and intensified depression and suicidality. Some of the women who underwent surgeries such as mastectomies or hysterectomies found that these procedures brought no relief from their suffering and instead resulted in nerve damage, regret and, in some cases, life-long dependence on synthetic hormones... none of the women with whom I have worked would likely be counted in the studies cited by trans activists. Indeed, most of them are still likely counted by their transition doctors as examples of “successful” transition stories, since they have simply stopped reporting for treatment."
TRAs keep citing the NCTE study and claiming very few trans people detransition (and that most detransition due to social pressure). This is like surveying churchgoers and claiming that the data show that  very few people leave Christianity

The Myth of “Reliable Research” in Pediatric Gender Medicine: A critical evaluation of the Dutch Studies—and research that has followed - "Two Dutch studies formed the foundation and the best available evidence for the practice of youth medical gender transition. We demonstrate that this work is methodologically flawed and should have never been used in medical settings as justification to scale this “innovative clinical practice.” Three methodological biases undermine the research: (1) subject selection assured that only the most successful cases were included in the results; (2) the finding that “resolution of gender dysphoria” was due to the reversal of the questionnaire employed; (3) concomitant psychotherapy made it impossible to separate the effects of this intervention from those of hormones and surgery. We discuss the significant risk of harm that the Dutch research exposed, as well as the lack of applicability of the Dutch protocol to the currently escalating incidence of adolescent-onset, non-binary, psychiatrically challenged youth, who are preponderantly natal females. "Spin" problems—the tendency to present weak or negative results as certain and positive—continue to plague reports that originate from clinics that are actively administering hormonal and surgical interventions to youth. It is time for gender medicine to pay attention to the published objective systematic reviews and to the outcome uncertainties and definable potential harms to these vulnerable youth."

Stop erasing women from women’s healthcare - "In an age of gender-fluidity, ‘woman’ has become a dirty word. Healthcare providers are now being urged to purge it from their language, even from invitations to smear tests. Otherwise, they may discourage trans men from attending, according to a new study. It used to be obvious that it was women who needed a cervical smear test. So to get around this, the study’s authors propose a new way to find out: ‘a body-organ checklist.’ This would allow doctors to keep a record of which patients have which organs. This would allow patients to ‘opt out of reminders they find triggering’. References to women are fast disappearing from the NHS. One hospital trust said earlier this year that it would use more ‘gender-inclusive language’ in its maternity care, including terms like ‘chestfeeding’, ‘human milk’ and ‘birthing parent’ as alternatives to ‘breastfeeding’, ‘breast milk’ and ‘mother’. NHS pregnancy advice recently claimed that ‘eight in 10 people under 40 years old will get pregnant within one year of trying by having regular sex without using contraception’. Yes, eight in 10 people. This gender-neutral language is supposed to be inclusive. But it will actually exclude women. Almost 50 per cent of women don’t know where their cervix is, according to a survey from 2020. Referring solely to women’s organs and not to women themselves would inevitably mean that women would miss screenings"

Yet another feminist burned at the stake - "I have heard from a number of feminists living in fear of losing their income as a result of being called to task for a) refusing to add pronouns to emails b) liking a JK Rowling tweet c) questioning whether single sex workplace toilets should become free-for-all, and d) refusing to use language in official documents such as ‘cervix havers’ and ‘chest feeders’. All of these examples are real. These women are all currently under investigation and risk being made unemployed and unemployable.  In the current climate where the trans-led Queer ISIS has the first and last word on anything to do with feminism, women are losing their jobs, reputations, university education and livelihoods. Many of the women affected at present are of colour, such as the Black lesbian barrister Allison Bailey for speaking at an event deemed to be TERF, and the Indian feminist filmmaker Vaishnavi Sundar who has questioned extreme trans activism. The likes of Owen Jones and Billy Bragg insist that cancel culture doesn’t exist. Those hard Left elitists over at Novara Media would have you believe that anyone complaining about voices in the transgender debate being silenced are merely rich white folk who are upset that young people are ‘calling them out’ for expressing offensive views.  Nothing could be further from the truth when it comes to the trans issue. Feminists, many of whom have spent their lives campaigning to end male violence, are the ones being bullied and hounded in the name of ‘intersectionality’.  This has nothing to do with bigots being held to account for spouting heinous opinions, it is all about silencing women who expose misogyny."

Mia on X - "Who’s Afraid of Liv Hewson?  Me. I’m afraid. I’m afraid because I know that these glam shots glorifying her medically unnecessary bilateral mastectomy are going to trigger a wave of teenage girls and young women going down the same destructive path.  Just as Princess Diana’s bulimia triggered a wave of women binging and purging, Karen Carpenter’s anorexia triggered an epidemic of anorexia, and Jazz Jennings unleashed a flood of “trans kids,” this photoshoot is going to set off a cascade of young women seeking mastectomies as the remedy for their misery.  The role of the media is crucial in these contagions. This ghastly photoshoot will plant the dangerous idea in the minds of vulnerable teenage girls that if they hate their developing breasts, having them amputated is the perfectly natural and healthy solution.  In the 19th century, there was an epidemic of hysteria, and one remedy was the surgical removal of healthy ovaries. Women who had imbibed the cultural narrative of the age would fixate on their ovaries and plead with surgeons to perform the surgery.  Today, we find ourselves witnessing the same horror, with vulnerable women, swept up in the epidemic of our time, believing that the surgical removal of their healthy breasts, and sometimes the ovaries and uterus as well, is the miracle cure for their unhappiness.  Young people no more need trans role models than they do anorexic, bulimic, or hysteric role models, and every media outlet that glamorises the demolition of healthy bodies in this way sacrifices countless young people to this medical crime."

Meme - uplift trans voices: "Photos PLEASE SHARE THIS Ok guys. This is serious so please read and pay attention because my life is currently in danger. One of the trolls has discovered my legal personal information. I am now having to get police involved. Places of employment have been contacted for the main aggressors, every person who has laughed at my posts have been logged, and I have a private investigator hired to seek out all who have sent me d.e.a.th threats or made t.h.reats on my life. Them discovering my information doesn't just put me in danger but the entirety of my family, my exhusbands family, And my friends. I have thousands of screenshots of people within the group saying how they 'want to take care of me'. I I plan on getting a lawyer involved, after a police report is filed and issued for the main instigators. I'm sorry it's come to this, y'all know I don't like the police, but this has gotten out of control. So to the lovely group that I know is reading this, go ahead and share this. If this goes any further, I may have to start taking donations for legal fees because I'm not above getting a lawyer who will contact Facebook itself. This has gone beyond banter, some of these people want me .d.e.a.d. And to the faceless troll accounts from that group, continuing Will only make it worse for the people who's info I do have."
Imagine being so triggered over laugh reacts, and imagining that thousands of people care so much about you that they want to endanger you

Meme - "The "be kind" crowd isn't about being kind. They want us to serve narcissists and men with fetishes. Otherwise they want to see us women beaten, raped, silenced, erased, oppressed and mass murdered."
"Pov you're cis on #TransDayOfVisibility and we are going to beat you up for it"
"It wouldn't matter if there was a slight spike..." Sophie Grace Chappell, talking about the possible murders of women due to self-ID."
"Nobody should ever be pressured into dating, or pressured into dating people they aren't attracted to. But if you find that when dating, you are writing off entire groups of people, like people of colour, fat people, disabled people or trans people, then it's worth considering how societal prejudices may have shaped your attractions." Nancy Kelley CEO Stonewall UK
"She'll find out ... Behold The Dildo Of Consequence! *spiked bat*"

ripx4nutmeg on X - "The first Trans Pride in London involved ceremonies depicting the hanging of women who believe that boys who like pink are just gender non-conforming boys, and not girls who need to be medicated. 'Right side of history'"
Meme - Tearer Mac: "So because a bunch of TERFs from reddit and fb raided our event page, the page for the venue, AND the page for the trans org that was hosting the event, we were forced to removed "terfs will be hung" from our event description, sad reacts only *hanging from the Handmaid's Tale*
From Trans Pride"
Meme Girl de Rais @Femme_Fhtagn: "Inaugurating the first London Trans Pride with the ceremonial Hanging of the TERF *person at scaffold with rope around neck*"
MTFs are so violent. It's almost like they're men

Meme - "This what rape culture looks like. Every time women stand up for their rights trans activists violently threaten us with rape in the name of "trans surpremacy", they reduce us to our body parts, they fetishize us, they objectify us and they use us as punching bags. Women simply don't behave like this. Only men with fetishes and toxic masculinity do this. Yet they still insist they're the good guys and the victims. It's infuriating."
"At the center of sissy porn lies the asshole, a kind of universal vagina through which femaleness can always be accessed... distilling the femaleness to its barest essentials—an open mouth, an expectant asshole, blank, blank eyes. Sissy Porn did make me trans". Andrea Long Chu Trans-Identifying Academic 'Females'
"There is something about being treated like shit by men that feels like affirmation itself, like a cry of delight from the deepest cavern of my breast... To be the victim of honest, undisguised sexism possesses an exhilarating vitality." — Grace Lavery Trans-identifying academic
*Various pictures of MTFs threatening violence against 'TERFs'*
Your Goddess @TransElevation: "An estimated 1 in 5 cis women experience sexual assault in their lifetimes. Under trans supremacy, we can raise that number to 1 in 2 or maybe even a full 100%!"
Albert Einstein II @_reincarnate_: "You're gonna get raped SO BAD that your uterus is gonna be FULL OF BLOOD from internal bleeding."

𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐑𝐞𝐬𝐭 𝐨𝐟 𝐔𝐬 on X - "So,let me get this straight. If you're a woman and you speak about women's anatomy you have to apologize. If you're a man and you say being a woman is "an open mouth and blank eyes"/"being fucked like a woman" etc. you get publishing deals and can dictate what politicians can say"

Supreme Court says the word 'woman' is confusing, unfortunate - "The Supreme Court of Canada ruled in a recent sexual assault case that it was “problematic” for a lower court judge to refer to the alleged victim as a “woman,” implying that the more appropriate term should have been “person with a vagina.”... Justice Sheilah Martin wrote that a trial judge’s use of the word “a woman” may “have been unfortunate and engendered confusion.” Martin does not specify why the word “woman” is confusing, but the next passage in her decision refers to the complainant as a “person with a vagina.” Notably, not one person in the entire case is identified as transgender, and the complainant is referred to throughout as a “she.”  The case was R. v. Kruk, which involved a 2017 charge of sexual assault against then 34-year-old Maple Ridge, B.C., man Charles Kruk...  this decision may well be the first time that the phrase “person with a vagina” has ever appeared in a Canadian judicial decision. A search of the term on a database maintained by the Canadian Legal Information Institute yields only Martin’s decision on R. v. Kruk... Perhaps ironically, a decision that casually dismissed the word “woman” as being confusing was touted as a test case for the principle of judges employing “common-sense assumptions.”"

Denise Batson's answer to What's so hard to accept about the word 'cis'? It just means 'non-transgender' and cis means 'same'. - Quora - "Because we as the majority don’t need a label. Saying that we are non transgender is obvious. So why does every description have to be about transgender. The actual transgenders are .03–05% of the population. But all of a sudden, everything is about them.  The world doesn’t revolve around them. Just because we aren’t transgender doesn’t mean we have to be labeled as cis or non transgender. As I said, we are the majority. The only ones who need a label are those who don’t fit as straight, normal, or natural.  The whole transgender thing has gone to far and it is being rejected by most of society because it has gotten to the point where it is downright ridiculous and insane. They scream about being accepted, but at the same time showing nothing more than outlandish claims that most of society can’t go along with.  We are not cis and we are not non transgender. We are normal everyday people."

Jag E's answer to What's so hard to accept about the word 'cis'? It just means 'non-transgender' and cis means 'same'. - Quora - "Do you ask for caffeinated coffee?  No, you ask for coffee, or if you want the other kind of coffee, decaf.  People who don’t have gender dysphoria don’t need a special qualifier for themselves, that’s just normal."

Kellie Steinke's answer to What's so hard to accept about the word 'cis'? It just means 'non-transgender' and cis means 'same'. - Quora - "You demand the right not to be “misgendered”. You demand a certain pronoun. You claim victimhood, and declare that speech can be offensive and aggression. And then? You go and label us with an extremely offensive, made-up, derogatory label and express surprise when we tell you to stop it? Wtf?! Where are OUR rights, my dear? By your own rules, we should have you thrown in jail!"

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