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Saturday, March 15, 2003

Our cookhouse seems to be very taken with the merits of Minestrone soup for the times they have Pseudo-Western food. Well, it's minestrone in name only; it's been getting worse as time passes and now it's more like Cream of Tomato soup with noodles and chili. They should just have gone back to the previous fixation with Cream of Chicken.

It's very sad. Ever since I started imitating him, Kiong hasn't been laughing his inimitable laugh! How to describe it? It's starts as a rasping sound in the throat and then proceeds to sound like a vocal exercise I used to do during choir, one where you hit the top note and then glissando your way down.

An interesting consequence of my JC friends all either being Officers or in OCS, studying overseas, or downgraded (and many from both categories being in stayout, non-operational units) is that I seem to have cornered the market for English writing. So from time to time, I'm asked to smoke up something suitably impressive for someone's use. Somewhat flattering, actually, especially when I see people salivate over the results :) Oh dear, I better not grow too big for my boots.

Someone, as a joke, told me to tell someone else that he was cute, had kissable lips, was well hung and that he could blow him the whole day. The latter's response: "Tell him if he does that I'll go and fuck him... [realises his mistake] Tell him if he does that I'll go and whack him". Haha.

Many people in camp seem to have a powder fetish. I attribute this partly to the touting of the merits of powder during talks in BMT. I've always been skeptical about the benefits of applying powder, and the few times I -have- tried it have left me wanting. Especially repellent is Prickly Heat powder. Perhaps for the same reason people love to trick their mouth and tongues into thinking that they are on fire by eating foods with chili, people love to feel the vulgar, faux-cool/heat that comes from a liberal application of that wretched substance, which has a most vile odour about it, to boot. Those most guilty of this sin are Yongsiang and Melvin (who always has powder around his collar - tut tut). I wouldn't mind if people engaged in powder baths everyday, really, but the thing is all the powder emitted into the atmosphere inevitably lands on my artefacts. And I've no way of knowing where the powder was previously. For all I know it could have been caressing someone's gonads before landing on my bedsheet!

I realise that, apart from the Airport, I haven't seen a Starhub payphone anywhere for a long while. I wonder if they finally recognised the futility of the whole enterprise.

I was discussing our Chief Justice's sentences with someone, and neither of us could recall an instance where he didn't increase someone's sentence on appeal. Probably this is because such cases aren't reported, but I do think it's a little unfair to increase people's sentences just like that, especially when he doubles (or worse) their sentences. Appeal courts aren't supposed to punish you even harder than you have been.

I notice the police didn't arrest the "Lettuce Ladies" from PETA even though they didn't have a permit. Ahem.

I'm quite pissed out (even more than usual) with the tack that those companies offering Breast Enhancement services are taking nowadays. "Local men encouraging wives to take up bust enhancement program". I think we should boycott PrettiSlim and its PrettiBosom program!

The International Criminal Court is finally up. Of course, the USA is not participating because many lawmakers are unreasonably paranoid that the court will be used to persecute US soldiers. It's interesting to see how the USA has been paranoid in many regards, in cases like these. Usually it's only Communist Regimes that are this insecure and neurotic. This, combined with the arrogance coming from being the pre-eminent state in the world today, and the fear that some people are trying to put America down (some are, surely, but the paranoia exhibited is plain ridiculous) goes some way towards explaining much US foreign and domestic policy of dubitable utility.


[Me: Let me weight myself] Weigh yourself? Wait, this I must see.

[On my recording of someone's laughter] His laugh is even more bone-chilling

[On my recording of someone's laughter] It sounds, like Diablo

[On kicking the wall during Unarmed Combat to practice the sliding side kick] And now, gentlemen, I teach you how to vandalise the SAF property (I'll, SAF)

[Me: Your uniform looks very very fresh] It's always been. [Me: How do you keep it so radiant and vibrant?] Ask my maid.

GP car hai2 shi4 (Translation: or) admin vehicle? [Driver: GP car] Yes! Yes! [Sings] I love GP car

[On going somewhere on official business] Bye. I'm off to the zoo.

You can't come in. *** is masturbating.

[On my CPL rank being sewn on shoddily] Jialat. Yours is even worse than mine. Nevermind. This one is called, 'I fucking don't care'. Right? I respect you.

Derrick requests the pleasure of your presence in Room 4 [People start laughing]

[On my chocolate] I want! Can give me one?... Eee, what happened to the colour? (Can you)

You should aspire to be a spec [Specialist]. Then you can do important things like conducting warmups.
Had a department barbeque yesterday. We were supposed to gather at Big Splash at 3pm, or at the pit at 5pm, for those who couldn't make it at 3pm, but Ban Xiong and I were the only idiots there at the time. Sergeant Melvin came a while later, at 3:15, so we had many hours to stone, since Boon Wei came only at 5:30 and the rest at 6:30! At least we got a treat from him at Viking Hotdog :)

Big Splash is a very boring place. Apparently it's been charging no admission since someone died there a few years ago, but the biggest, meanest slide is closed, so it's no wonder no one wants to go there. The whole place, too, looks so 1970s. I wonder if the sales of overpriced drinks and ice cream is not nearly enough to keep the whole place afloat.

While we 3 were waiting at the BBQ pit, we were bored so we alternately slept on the stone tables at the pit and watched a sideshow taking place a way away from us.

Now, this couple from ACJC was frolicking in the sand. The guy was still in his uniform, but the girl had changed out of her skirt into gray jeans. From a far distance, the blue inner lining of their collars was visible, which was how I identified them and did an IFF (Identification Friend or Foe). It was only 5 plus, not even 6pm, but they were already turning up the heat on the beach; petting and cuddling on the sand. Later, they moved on to french kissing and necking, and though we could only see them from the back, we could conjecture which targets the guy's hand and mouth were seeking. When sunset came, the two moved up and down the beach, finally settling at a spot further from our location.

Ban Xiong remarked that it was no wonder one of his friends from ACJC was a father. I was intrigued, and on making further enquiries, I discovered that this ACJC father - in our year - was not the same ACJC father that I already knew. What a happening school, to have at least *2* fathers in one year! We also speculated on why the ACJC blouse was so much more transparent than the ACJC shirt. Perverted uniform makers, maybe. Geraldine claims ACJC girls wash the blouses more, but I doubt that's the reason (maybe they do wash them more, but not to keep them clean...). Apparently there was other action going on around us, from other players, but I didn't see it.

I saw a male toilet cleaner in a female toilet at East Coast. Go Men's Lib!

The food at the BBQ was rather well bought/prepared, with a wide variety and high quality of food. I think it's one of the better barbeques I've been to recently, really.

While we were eating, troops in Full Battle Order from 10SIB suddenly appeared and marched past us. It must've been a torture seeing all the barbequers eating and enjoying themselves while they were slogging, but at least they were marching at night, when it's cooler. Even when we're out of camp, we're not free from reminders of bondage! Gah.

As Chinx said in the Days of Yore, there is always too much food at barbeques. And for some reason the organisers always feel compelled to try to finish the food, so they attempt to stuff everyone to bursting point. Then later people throw some away, bring some back and feed the rest to the cats, who play with the sausages. I suggest that, when BBQs are held near beaches, the food be buried. I buried some myself and I think crabs are now feasting merrily.

Maybe because he's going to ORD, and because the night was cool and we were full, the person who has some degree of animosity with me was talking to me yesterday. We effected a sort of rapprochement, I think. I am glad :)


You should write: AC blouses are see-through. [Me: You didn't know that?] You can even see the colour of her bra... Perverted uniform makers.

Ohh... sand got in her blouse. And he's taking the opportunity to help himself. Under the watchful eyes of Gabriel Seah.

Nothing is happening at the sideshow. The show has not started yet. [Me: No, there was a show just now. Now they're taking a rest.]

When the sun goes down, they'll go where the sun don't shine.

He's on top of her [Me: Wishful thinking. He's lying beside her] Now he's beside her. In 30 minutes he'll be on top of her.

[Me: The sideshow has moved to the table] Both sitting on the table? That's not right. [Me: What, one {should be} sitting at the table and one kneeling in front?] I didn't say that.
I was going to mark this month's anniversary - my halfway point - 3 days ago, but forgot. Dear me.

50% of (full time) slavery finished!

Wednesday, March 12, 2003

[a sneak peek]

Skepticism and Christianity

1) Disclaimer

2) Why do people need religion?

3) Personal history and the stimulus of the Sabah retreat

4) First principles - Is there a God? Brief meta-physical discussion, since I've no training in philosophy/meta-physics.

5) Rebutting the untenable claims and ludicrous beliefs of literalists.

6) Circular arguments and inescapable flowcharts in finding God etc

7) Some fundamental precepts of Christianity - eg sin, sex as a sin. This is not a book, merely an essay so a short discussion will suffice.

8) Questioning applied religion - assumptions and interpretation.

9) Goings-on of the retreat, personal reflections

"If cows and horses or lions had hands,/... Horses would have drawn horse-like gods, cows cow-like gods,/ and each species would have made the gods' bodies just like their own" - Xenophanes

I wonder if I'll manage to complete this essay. I'll try to exercise essay discipline this time to stop it from becoming a vaguely linked collection of ranting paragraphs :) And to keep to my self-imposed 1-2 week deadline! Hopefully I'll have it done by Sunday.

My computer (or at least the area around the monitor) has been infected by ants for the longest time. Gah!

Monday, March 10, 2003

Oh yeah.

I got an A1 for GP!!!

The insult to my honoured clan has been avenged. The winds howl their approval. The lightning streaks from the clouds above.

Wth. What's this doing in my mailbox?

NB: Personal particulars have been blocked out to protect the sender's privacy

"Subject: The Uncertainty Principle Is Untenable

please reply to ***@***.***
thank you.


By re-analysing Heisenberg's Gamma-Ray Microscope experiment and the ideal experiment from which the uncertainty principle is derived, it is actually found that the uncertainty principle can not be obtained from them. It is therefore found to be untenable.

Key words:
uncertainty principle; Heisenberg's Gamma-Ray Microscope Experiment; ideal experiment

Ideal Experiment 1

Heisenberg's Gamma-Ray Microscope Experiment

A free electron sits directly beneath the center of the microscope's lens (please see AIP page http://www.aip.org/history/heisenberg/p08b.htm or diagram below) . The circular lens forms a cone of angle 2A from the electron. The electron is then illuminated from the left by gamma rays--high energy light which has the shortest wavelength. These yield the highest resolution, for according to a principle of wave optics, the microscope can resolve (that is, "see" or distinguish) objects to a size of dx, which is related to and to the wavelength L of the gamma ray, by the expression:

dx = L/(2sinA) (1)

However, in quantum mechanics, where a light wave can act like a particle, a gamma ray striking an electron gives it a kick. At the moment the light is diffracted by the electron into the microscope lens, the electron is thrust to the right. To be observed by the microscope, the gamma ray must be scattered into any angle within the cone of angle 2A. In quantum mechanics, the gamma ray carries momentum as if it were a particle. The total momentum p is related to the wavelength by the formula,

p = h / L, where h is Planck's constant. (2)

In the extreme case of diffraction of the gamma ray to the right edge of the lens, the total momentum would be the sum of the electron's momentum P'x in the x direction and the gamma ray's momentum in the x direction:

P' x + (h sinA) / L', where L' is the wavelength of the deflected gamma ray.

In the other extreme, the observed gamma ray recoils backward, just hitting the left edge of the lens. In this case, the total momentum in the x direction is:

P''x - (h sinA) / L''.

The final x momentum in each case must equal the initial x momentum, since momentum is conserved. Therefore, the final x momenta are equal to each other:

P'x + (h sinA) / L' = P''x - (h sinA) / L'' (3)

If A is small, then the wavelengths are approximately the same,

L' ~ L" ~ L. So we have

P''x - P'x = dPx ~ 2h sinA / L (4)

Since dx = L/(2 sinA), we obtain a reciprocal relationship between the minimum uncertainty in the measured position, dx, of the electron along the x axis and the uncertainty in its momentum, dPx, in the x direction:

dPx ~ h / dx or dPx dx ~ h. (5)

For more than minimum uncertainty, the "greater than" sign may added.

Except for the factor of 4pi and an equal sign, this is Heisenberg's uncertainty relation for the simultaneous measurement of the position and momentum of an object.


To be seen by the microscope, the gamma ray must be scattered into any angle within the cone of angle 2A.

The microscope can resolve (that is, "see" or distinguish) objects to a size of dx, which is related to and to the wavelength L of the gamma ray, by the expression:

dx = L/(2sinA) (1)

This is the resolving limit of the microscope and it is the uncertain quantity of the object's position.

The microscope can not see the object whose size is smaller than its resolving limit, dx. Therefore, to be seen by the microscope, the size of the electron must be larger than or equal to the resolving limit.

But if the size of the electron is larger than or equal to the resolving limit dx, the electron will not be in the range dx. Therefore, dx can not be deemed to be the uncertain quantity of the electron's position which can be seen by the microscope, but deemed to be the uncertain quantity of the electron's position which can not be seen by the microscope. To repeat, dx is uncertainty in the electron's position which can not be seen by the microscope.

To be seen by the microscope, the gamma ray must be scattered into any angle within the cone of angle 2A, so we can measure the momentum of the electron.

dPx is the uncertainty in the electron's momentum which can be seen by microscope.

What relates to dx is the electron where the size is smaller than the resolving limit. When the electron is in the range dx, it can not be seen by the microscope, so its position is uncertain.

What relates to dPx is the electron where the size is larger than or equal to the resolving limit .The electron is not in the range dx, so it can be seen by the microscope and its position is certain.

Therefore, the electron which relates to dx and dPx respectively is not the same. What we can see is the electron where the size is larger than or equal to the resolving limit dx and has a certain position, dx = 0.

Quantum mechanics does not rely on the size of the object, but on Heisenberg's Gamma-Ray Microscope experiment. The use of the microscope must relate to the size of the object. The size of the object which can be seen by the microscope must be larger than or equal to the resolving limit dx of the microscope, thus the uncertain quantity of the electron's position does not exist. The gamma ray which is diffracted by the electron can be scattered into any angle within the cone of angle 2A, where we can measure the momentum of the electron.

What we can see is the electron which has a certain position, dx = 0, so that in no other position can we measure the momentum of the electron. In Quantum mechanics, the momentum of the electron can be measured accurately when we measure the momentum of the electron only, therefore, we have gained dPx = 0.


dPx dx =0. (6)

Ideal experiment 2

Single Slit Diffraction Experiment

Suppose a particle moves in the Y direction originally and then passes a slit with width dx(Please see diagram below) . The uncertain quantity of the particle's position in the X direction is dx, and interference occurs at the back slit . According to Wave Optics , the angle where No.1 min of interference pattern is can be calculated by following formula:

sinA=L/2dx (1)

and L=h/p where h is Planck's constant. (2)

So the uncertainty principle can be obtained

dPx dx ~ h (5)


According to Newton first law , if an external force in the X direction does not affect the particle, it will move in a uniform straight line, ( Motion State or Static State) , and the motion in the Y direction is unchanged .Therefore , we can learn its position in the slit from its starting point.

The particle can have a certain position in the slit and the uncertain quantity of the position is dx =0. According to Newton first law , if the external force at the X direction does not affect particle, and the original motion in the Y direction is not changed , the momentum of the particle int the X direction will be Px=0 and the uncertain quantity of the momentum will be dPx =0.

This gives:

dPx dx =0. (6)

No experiment negates NEWTON FIRST LAW. Whether in quantum mechanics or classical mechanics, it applies to the microcosmic world and is of the form of the Energy-Momentum conservation laws. If an external force does not affect the particle and it does not remain static or in uniform motion, it has disobeyed the Energy-Momentum conservation laws. Under the above ideal experiment , it is considered that the width of the slit is the uncertain quantity of the particle's position. But there is certainly no reason for us to consider that the particle in the above experiment has an uncertain position, and no reason for us to consider that the slit's width is the uncertain quantity of the particle. Therefore, the uncertainty principle,

dPx dx ~ h (5)

which is derived from the above experiment is unreasonable.


>From the above re-analysis , it is realized that the ideal experiment demonstration for the uncertainty principle is untenable. Therefore, the uncertainty principle is untenable.

1. Max Jammer. (1974) The philosophy of quantum mechanics (John wiley & sons , Inc New York ) Page 65
2. Ibid, Page 67
3. http://www.aip.org/history/heisenberg/p08b.htm

Author : **** *******
Postal address : P.O.Box ***** ****** ****** ****** *****
GuangZhou 510800 P.R.China

E-mail: ****@***.***
Tel: **---**---******"


The site for Guys and their Guts

"Q: How can I get fat ... NOW? ...OR... I have too high a metabolism. I can't gain, can I?
A: The answer can be given in one word: EAT! Your body makes fat to store up the energy from any extra calories you may consume. So, since it takes 3,500-3,600 calories in excess of the amount your body requires to gain each and every pound ... you must EAT. Eat more than what is required for your body. Eat it every day! If you live a lifestyle that requires that you consume 3,000 calories per day to maintain your current weight - then you must eat at least 700 extra calories each and every day to put on a pound per week.

Now, although that sounds simple, remember, even the very act of eating and digesting those 700 extra calories will cause you to burn more calories.

Your body requires more calories when it is cold than when it is warm - stay warm after each meal.

Your body will use the food in your digestive track first, then go to your fat reserves for the calories it needs. Don't exercise right after eating. The digesting food will be used by the body instead of your fat reserves. That sounds backwards....but the body is more efficient when it uses stored fat, than when it uses digesting food. You want all the calories in your digestive system to turn to fat and then get used. In the long run, you'll get fatter this way."

Back from Sabah.

Tim was right. The retreat actually *was* very good. It forced me to examine many issues and questions that I'd been ignoring (conveniently) for a long time, being a semi-skeptical non-denominational Christian, and to reflect. I still need some time to meditate on everything, though, but for now, I'd classify myself as a hopeful skeptic.

Naturally, I took copious volumes of notes (about 4 A4-sized sides, in my usual spidery handwriting). Look for the essay to come up in 1-2 weeks.
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