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Thursday, April 11, 2002

Just had a fruitful mugging day in preparation for the first written test since A levels- my health practice long-answer 1-hour test tomorrow. Yay! Mug! Yeah, right.

I'm told the prince of brunei is studying 2nd yr dentistry in melb uni.... would that be azim from RI? As in the one who always ran around with whatzizname from raffles voices... the one who carried an umbrella around? Anyway, some corny guy came up with a nickname for him... "fresh prince of...".... (du-uh!!)

Andrew gan

Tuesday, April 09, 2002

Was reallly really down today.... the weight of impending uni decisions. And I'd be knocked out if anyone posts sarcastic replies to this so hold off. Verrrrry down. Decided that giving out candy during college tute would cheer me up (vicariously i mean) but barely 5 people came for tutes so that faaaaaaaaaaailed.

Called mum and dad but got the feeling i wasn't understood (oh gosh now i'm free-falling into angst-) he went on on his tangent of "i think u should just study hard and slowly think abt it over the next few weeks/don't see why you're so worried abt it"

Wanted to call other pple but contemplated i might just break down on the phone like when i was leaving singapore.

Retreated to terry pratchett until 9.30, shuffled off to McFarland singers. At least that cheered up a bit. Though doing "shine on me" and "let's go"- both gospel songs- for what, 4 weeks running?- is Eeeeerritating. I added a new twist to "shine on me"- collapsing into giggles and interrupting Ts and As somewhere in the humming- suddenly a roomful of pple all going "MMmhmffmm-mhmhfhm-mhmhhmmfhfhmmmhm" seemed sooooo hilarious!!

And now i'm on a down again.

Andrew gan
*wheeee* Put a link from my uni homepage at
to my homepage (which i haven't updated since leaving singapore in February, apologies everyone i'm not as conscientious as Gabriel but will not consign it to dust eternally like Another homepage!!)

oh yeah, and i think "nice" is a sugar-coated euphemism for "pushover".

Andrew gan

Sunday, April 07, 2002

Oh this is absolutely ridiculous.
I am currently procrastinating packing for tomorrow by ironing. Or attempting to, at any rate.

Cartoon of the day:

A Raffles Guy Girl kills an ACS boy with a chopper.

Things you learn: Tze Li's former ICQ nickname, Caduceus, is actually the name for the symbol of the medical profession.
Stuff from Friday:

I finally went to get a proper belt, at John Little. The men's department was filled mostly with women.

At the Mandarin's lobby, some man was taking a picture. Notwithstanding the fact that it wasn't a very scenic place to take photographs, the photographer was facing a mirror, so he will be seen in the developed photo.

[Grafitti on the overhead bridge outside CHIJ St Theresa's] CHIJ sux! RGS rulz!

'Qoo' or the company that owns it, at least, is organising a national cheerleading and aerobics championship. Uh-oh. Associate Flesh Parades from all over Singapore?

New disgusting things: 'Holeman' a white (except for his face) Kenny [from South Park, which I do not watch] rip-off.

At night, I went to watch some ACJC drama, Cyrano de Bergerac, with Screwed Up Girl, Engineer and Adela. There were many totally unnecessary and out of place ACish dance sequences, complete with yelping and clapping. This is Drama, not the Dance Club!

There were also the usual fake accents, or rather stage accents. It'd be okay, but they frequently lapsed into their normal accents. And many of the actors spoke so fast. At least this was much better than the usual plays about teenage angst, which are infuriatingly common in Secondary Schools especially.

There were also quite a few girls dressed as men, and they -had- to choose the long haired ones. And the ushers were all female. Probably AC drama has too many girls.

Speculation on why why theatre is usually incomprehensible: It helps them to sell programmes!

This post is rather insipid and uninspired because I am still moping over what is to happen to me tomorrow. I don't even feel like griping about my parents' numerous superstitions. I could always gain 20KG though, to bring my BMI to 35.
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