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Saturday, November 15, 2008

"A bore is a man who, when you ask him how he is, tells you." - Bert Leston Taylor


Japan trip
Day 12 - 17th June - Miyajima
(Part 2)

Karamon of Daiganji Temple


Path and flags

Peace Kannon

He gets a sign. Wow.

Exit of Itsukushima shrine

I saw a guy selling Chinese-style chestnuts - cooked in the charcoal roast machine. These probably taste better than how the other Japanese cooked them (roasted over an open flame IIRC).

The Unmovable God

Device to keep deer out of toilet

Pagoda and Shrine. Notice how much the tide has gone out in just 1.5 hours.

Deer trying to break into building. One deer peeked into the building but the guy shooed it out.


Curved bridge

Shrine from rear

Rice scoops in shop. According to Wikipedia: "A style of wooden spoon used to serve cooked rice, without impairing the taste, is said to have been invented by a monk who lived on the island. This style of spoon is a popular souvenir and there are some outsized examples around the shopping district."

Biggest rice scoop in the world

Me and rice scoop

Slimy, Korean-looking food

"Deer may bite... Please pay special attention to your babies" - Baby-eating deer!!!

Snacks. I had Yubari Melon ice cream and fried oysters. There was some sign about Yubari being the best melon.

I then decided to ascend Mount Misen to look at scenery and Buddhist stuff. I could've walked but decided to save time and energy on the ropeway.

"Wonderful scenery is seen by least."

Ropeway ads: it's a two-stage ropeway.

Sights at the top, some dedicated to Kukai (Kobo Daishi). He was everywhere!

Misen's Seven Wonders. I love how one is the alleged sound of a wooden clapper ringing out at midnight.

It's the little things that make the difference: this apparatus blew cool air into my cable car while it was waiting to move out from the station

Going up


"Operation may be stopped if a wind becomes strong. Beforehand, please get on after consent."

Second stage

View of the Inland Sea

"Do not attach a hand to the door. Cautious of the door"

Monkey signs:
"We do not like to be stared at our eyes. If you do so, we are not responsible for what will happen.
We do not hope to be such a monkey. Please, refrain from feeding us.
You had better deposit your baggage into the charge free lockers or it will be ours. But we are not interested in your camera."

Destination on the other peak, with the observatory

View of Inland Sea. A bit cloudy, but it was still breathtaking.
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