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Friday, April 16, 2004

Gabriel!!!!! When are you coming back???!!!! Miss you!!!!

Thursday, April 15, 2004

Went horseriding over easter. Yippeee!!!! Sarah (final yr vet student) told me the horse i was riding on, Dolly, was a warm-blood (i.e. a cross between a hot blood and a cold blood- appellations given to different breeds of horses).

In other news, i was wandering around the woods at the campsite at night and walked into the branches of a tree (they were at face-level) and they gave me 3 super-unglam scratches over my temples. Can you imagine people coming up to andrew and asking "How did you get those scratches?" and andrew answering "I walked into a tree last nite"??? Okay. You probably can and are rolling in laughter right now.

Gosh.... the last few days flew past so quickly. But some things never change - i have my precious (i mentioned my precious!) bowl of mixed nuts within arm's reach, my faith (though that, or the facade that it had been, has been replaced with something sturdier than anything else). And i may be quitting the uni dance group thingy- provocative lyrics of the songs used and provocative choreography being the reason if i do.
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