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Saturday, October 20, 2001

It gets boring if I'm the only one who posts. I shall look for new souls to initiate into the mysteries.

Did Andrew get his rubber chicken after all?

I'm upset with myself. I haven't used "air!" for a looong time.
Who's the commander?
I'm the commander. Nyahahahah! Actually, the commander is an econs teacher in RJC, so named because of a certain quote you can find on GSSQ's website.
[Ed: "I say when I talk, I am the Commander"]

About the "Para Para thing":
Agagooga finally managed to get me to post again, about my "para para thing". Its actually a song from Digi Charat called Party Night, Hyper Para Para remix version. If someone can tell me if there's a non-remixed version I'd be very grateful. Its sung by Megumi Hayashibara (I didn't know her voice was this versatile) and Okui Masami. I haven't actually WATCHED Digi Charat (can't find it) and I'm not sure if I want to watch it (it being pseudo-shoujo cutesy and all, or maybe I'm just repressed). Anyway, the song is pretty upbeat and bubblegum pop-ish, as befits a Hyper Para Para song. I first encountered it when playing Beatmania at a friend's house (the PC version, done by a few japanese fans. I believe that the Koreans have gotten into this too and have their own webrings as well. Its also quite popular in America as well, apparently.)

Anyway, I must admit to being one of the usual positive-neutral types who talks (too much, maybe) about how wonderful my life is (which can be summarized like this:
Friend: How was your day?
Yours Truly: It was fun. Can't you tell? I spent today sitting around the house and studying, in roughly equal amounts. )

Wait, maybe I'm not, after all. I guess I must fit into the depressed suicidal kind. Now, if only I had could work up the guts to jump off the top of my flat... naaaah, it's too ugly a way to die.

Interesting things:
If anyone wants to know about Beatmania, here's a site to get started with:
Bemania Weblinks.
Its in Japanese, though, but the main piece of software may be found at Kikuchan's webpage (BM98). You may want to check out BemaniaDX as well, it's the most graphically impressive one.

Friday, October 19, 2001

Ooo, endorsement:
"hey i'm seriously impressed
and i like your style alot alot... coz it's light-hearted and funny, not like the usual positive-neutral types that only talk about how wonderful their lives are... nor like the depressed suicidal kinds that make you think it's the end of the world...
i keep telling my fren that your style's real unique... it's a very refreshing style

but who's commander lim guat ching???"

and more:
"more endorsement/ego boosting compliments...
yours is the *only* journal i bother reading nowadays...
coz the other day i was reading this suicidal journal and felt really depressed after tt
so i switched to a +'ve neutral one ... the author was fussing over coming in second place in a competition instead of first... complaining that she only got $300 as a prize instead of $500...
so what do you think? I got even more depressed...

ah-ha, then i read yours... and as usual it made me laugh
just don't ever stop writing k?"

Tay Wee Yang only spotted 2 of the 6 things I wrote on the Free Expressions board today. Damn, I can't remember the last...

Update: I remember all of them now - Raffles Guys School, Flesh Parade, 3266354 (Jeffery Au's Number), Agagooga, "air"! in Chinese and I am Yaodong.
Open House today. Quanxing was ogling at Sec 4s :)

He asked me drop a bomb bag, which I did. When it exploded, a girl yelped and he laughed, whereupon he was scolded, "it's not funny!".

Act Cute 2 was being trailed by a horde of guys! ACS guys.

Geraldine's taller than Mariko. I'm sure she's quite delighted.

And Tay Lai Ling thought that Geraldine was my sister.
"Your sister?... Cousin?... Show her around, make her comfortable, get her to come here..."

And 2 Flesh Paraders were walking around, making everyone gag at their overapplication of a cheap, strong scent. (Why is everyone in Flesh Parade? This was the friend of Ball of String and Blank Faced Girl's Understudy, who was in Raffles Guys Choir, like the latter)
Eek. The binding and strings at the back of the 1999 yearbook is visible. I think I pressed the spine too hard down.

Up to 140! About 80 left.

Thursday, October 18, 2001

Found 16 bomb bags which had been hidden. They smell of cinammon.

I saw some Flesh Parade-rs practicing today, for the first time in a few months, and I still found it funny. Maybe it's the moves. Twirling around. Holding an arm in front of them, palms facing out, fingers pointing up, and moving forward in that odd way which involves smiling, at the same time turning your head to your left or right then forward repeatedly, while moving forward by raising one leg such that the knee is bent and only the toes touch the floor, then bringing it down and repeating with the other leg.

There were 2 of them. Both had the A03 look, one more intensely.

I don't understand why Flesh Parade likes to practice in half-u. It doesn't really take much effort to change, and prancing in a skirt is quite disgusting. Or maybe that's the point.

(Jane says: in rg dance is strictly the art kind, they have decent leotards for practice. cheerleaders do the kind that you describe)

The council has dropped its sterile, goody image! In preparation for open house tomorrow, pasted on the door of a male toilet was a banana cutout, while 2 female toilets got a smiling cat.

My sister says that in her time (1988-1989) A03 had a lot of sluttish girls. Geography humanities scholars were lumped in A01, so *technically* she wasn't in A03. Most of her (female) classmates (What's it with girls and Geog?) complained incessantly about their weight (what's new?) and joined Flesh Parade. She also claims that in her time all guys in Dance were gay, and all the girls were vain.

Up to page 120 of ~220. More than half done! And more than 100 people've visited http://rgsyb.tripod.com/

Wednesday, October 17, 2001

Passed the Muslim School in the 111 on the way to school today.

It looked like there were a disproportionate number of Malays. Maybe it really *is* a Muslim School. It's odd because it's the only girls school with shirts, and the only with shirt pockets, at least as far as I know. One girl had stuff in her shirt pocket. Strange. Did she feel no discomfort? There *is* a reason why girls schools' uniform have no blouse pockets, and blouses in general have no pockets. And all of them had black (or brown) legs. Maybe they run too much.

There was also this ~25 year old guy on the 111 wearing a RJ PE T-Shirt (complete with the disgusting font at the back and the drab red and yellow crest at the front). He still keeps his shirt?
The Commander's comments at the bottom of Ho Ying Chiat's essay are very funny:

"I like your style of writing : succinct + evaluative. gue_d future for you as you have the potential to be a great Economist!"

Monday, October 15, 2001


"o yah... i thk i recalled...
tt time we had tiz GP tok by lim boon heng..
den Ms bala was saeing sthg like...
"when u wana ask qn,.. plse intro urslf... etc etc...
only 1 qn... n not argue wif the guest over certain issues..
we dun want a repeat of wat we saw at Scube"..
she said alot more.. but u noe she speaks so fast..
only got the main idea.. cant rem the exact words..
but she made it sound rather funny...
n everyone was luffing..:)"
Raffles Guys Watch:

I went to Carrefour today and there were 2 Raffles Guys, probably Lower Secs, by the look of it. One strike (loitering in uniform).

Contrary to the assertations of many people about the attractiveness of Raffles Guys (except my Sec 3 - JC 1 Chinese tuition teacher, who observed, or was told that students from good schools look better), they were not ugly.

One was wearing hot socks (Second Strike!), and the other borderline ones (half a strike).

They gripped the arms of this older woman periodically. Sisters? Cousins?

And they got rid of the Carrefour Beng! ... And replaced him with an almost as irritating Lian.

My source in the School With The Most Indecent Uniform In Singapore Bar One says that Sec 2s wear green nametags. Ah well. She claims her hair is long enough to tie, even though she's not a dancer :0 Anyway she's Sec 2, so back to short hair next year.

Sunday, October 14, 2001

maybe she's in chinese dance and it's in preparation for an upcoming performance.

Maybe it's a wig. Eeeeeeuuuugggh!
How does one tell?

Yesterday, around New Xiang Ji at Farrer Road, I saw one of the fabled Nanyang Girls with Long Hair. Apparently they are restricted to black hair accessories, just like those at Raffles Guys School are, but I guess long hair is already a great concession. Was this person Primary 6? Or Lower Secondary? There was a green nametag, the only clue I've got. Didn't manage to see the socks to see whether they said "NYGH" (are those compulsory for all from the School With The Most Indecent Uniform In Singapore Bar One?)
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