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Saturday, June 28, 2003


Hotmail Popper has been updated to version 2. It finally supports SMTP, and it's still free. It seems faster than what seems to be its only competitor, Izymail, and the company coding the latter has recently been making its standalone application more and more expensive and crippled so people take out a subscription to its online service, thus ensuring the company a continuous cash flow. Cunning.

Other POP3/SMTP gateway clients (only the AOL one is not free) for Yahoo and AOL available on the same page I found out about Hotmail Popper 2.

Remote Operating System Build in Netscape (Robin) is
"a window manager using DHTML, Javascript, XUL and some crazy hacks". With it, you can play, among other things, XulMine, Mozteroids, Pagman, Snake, Xultris and MozInvaders.

A new twist on an old concept. I first heard the WAV many years ago, in Lower Secondary if my memory serves me right. All thanks to Tim, of course.

Oh, and apparently the artist is this guy called Dennis Leary. I always knew it wasn't Monty Python (just like many of those "Weird Al Yankovic" mp3s aren't by him), but I never got down to finding out who that guy with the sonorous voice was.

The Straight Dope on 2B, B, HB and other types of pencils.

Harry Potter and the Meaning of Life - Gah. It's just a book. Just like The Matrix is just a movie.

I can't believe there is anyone who can read this (An Interview With Ann Coulter) without cringing or feeling sick. Many forms of conservatism are just sick.

A virtual glass ceiling in 'EverQuest'?

Thursday, June 26, 2003

More Search Referrals

8 year old singaporean kid makes porn site - That's a big young, isn't it?

"raffles girls" "lesbian" - I thought it was the franchise school that was famous for this sort of thing.

"Muslims want to take over the world"

muhammad satanic paedophile

pictures of young girl drinking one liters of cum - Won't she choke?

"ong chiau jin"
"rosie smith" ri - :)

what does zaogeng mean - Interestingly, this is no longer the only coherent site you get when you search for "zaogeng". Guess everyone likes to talk about it nowadays. Maybe they got inspired after searching for zaogeng and finding little of relevance. Also, some psycho set up a poll about which HCJC girl zaogengs the most - "We all know jc gals like to zaogeng a lot! Dun be selfish! Let's share with us all your peeping experiences from your 2 yrs in hjc!!!". Right.

bestiality and sars - That's a really sick thought.

pretty rgs girl

Seven Habits of Ah Beng - Erm. 1. Scratching their ears with their little fingers 2. Wearing gold chains 3. Perming their hair 4. Speaking bad english 5. Squatting 6. Perpetually walking around on the handphone, or with the hands free set draped around their necks 7. Beating people up

sweaty scgs uniform
uniform fetish scgs - I'm not surprised

HPFterror.mov - It's spread so quickly.

tomoko fuck - Interestingly, a new version of Hentai Simgirl is out. They've completed one of the girls and added 2 more. Anyhow, I gave up after a while. I couldn't find a way to talk to the girl they'd finished.

naked sundal - I believe "sundal" means "prostitute" in malay or some Indian language.

serbee rjc culottes - See! I'm not the only one who noticed!!!

Argh, somehow the Ho Poh Fun video played at the same time as "Mountain Battle II" from Baldur's Gate II. Strangely appropriate. Or maybe not :0
I've finally been moved to Dano. It's looking good. Yeh!

On those ridiculous OB markers (though I wonder why there's a need to refer to the economic aspect of stifling free thought and speech in the headline):

Why have OB markers?

I REFER to the Insight articles on OB markers revisited (ST, June 21). What concerns me are the consequences of having out-of-bounds, or OB, markers.

In such an environment, is it any surprise that there is a stifling of entrepreneurial drive? The idea that some things cannot be challenged is surely not the mentality of a risk-taker.

Sterility and a lack of creativity are surely tied to the decision to tell people what they can and can't think about. Not to mention a feeling of being an alien in one's place of abode.

Are apathy and lack of awareness among the public not clearly linked to being told what one can or cannot think about? After all, if you are not interested in what I have to say about the most important of issues, why should I bother saying anything at all?

Shall I limit my comments to bus-fare hikes and the new train line? Indeed, these are the sort of discussions which engage the nation presently.

Is a lack of social cohesion a surprise? Avoiding public discussion of what are considered explosive issues only means that the society never gets a chance to grow in understanding. How long are people supposed to be protected from their own supposed irrationality?

The idea that one should not think about some things because otherwise there will be trouble stems from a patronising view of the mass of society. Maybe it is valid. I really can't say I know.

But again, not discussing things openly does not mean that people don't have opinions. It does not mean that issues will go away. All it means is that there is an artificial environment of people living beside each other but not with each other.

Strange ideas grow in strength because they are not challenged in open discussion. For what is not aired in open discussion will be whispered among like-thinking people in corridors. Woeful it will be when somehow these ideas gain momentum despite attempts to control the ideas that can be circulated.

When I think about the basis for a belief in the need for OB markers, what comes to mind is a father with a brood of children who aren't really able to think straight and make the right choices. So the father draws lines and says, thus far but no farther.

Whether this is a true portrayal of Singapore society, I cannot say. I do know that I am not a child and have little interest in discussing things when treated like one.

As for the rest of the society, as long as the father goes on treating them as children, he can only expect that they will behave like children. To treat them as children and then expect them to be creative, entrepreneurial individuals with passionate opinions on issues seems misguided to me.


Wednesday, June 25, 2003

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What is whichbook.net?

whichbook.net gives readers an enjoyable and intuitive way to find books to match their mood.

Instead of starting from the overwhelming choice of books available, whichbook.net starts from the reader, and enables each individual to build the elements of that elusive 'good read' we are all looking for but don't quite know how to define.

The standard way of organising books for choice, on shelves in a library or a bookshop, or on the web, starts from the products available - the authors, titles, publishers or genres. Using innovative software from Applied Psychology Research Ltd, whichbook.net enables, for the first time, the choice of book to start from the individual reader and what he/she is looking for...

Instead of looking for a crime novel, you can look for a book that is unpredictable, very romantic and a little bit sad. Or a challenging book that's also funny with plenty of sex. whichbook.net will find titles which match your preferences. If you don't fancy any of the books offered, change your choices and try again - there are 20 million different individual permutations possible!
He Who Must Not Be Named is really insufferable.

Not content with the various little niggly ways in which he spreads Death, Famine, Plague and Prestilence throughout the world, he has this annoying habit of seeking to ruin people's enjoyment of various things that they have not yet seen. Case in point: Star Wars 2, Harry Potter 5.

Now, I am by no measure a rabid fan of either of these over hyped series, but at the time at which he spoilt them for me, I was planning to getting down to watching/reading them.

I am sorely tempted, at this juncture, to block him, to prevent further aggravation as well as pictures of nude sumo wrestlers, but he does provide some small measure of amusement on lonely winter nights when the coals in the fireplace have gone out. I was also tempted to reveal - horror - his name, so his adoring fans can go adore, stalk and lynch him, but I decided, at this juncture, that it wasn't quite the time to do so.

Anyhow, the castigation and ostracism that he has enjoyed, is enjoying and will be enjoying in the Past, Present and Future, are sufficient punishment for him - though I suspect that, like a true-blue masochist, he revels in flagellation, and especially in griping about his sad tales of how he is despised.

For those who are eager to find out how lucky they are not to be bothered by said person, a transcript (of sort) follows below (highlight the text to read it):

mindgame: have you read order of the phoenix?

kimberly: no
should I?

mindgame: i have

kimberly: how?
no don't spoil

mindgame: during my sojourn in singapore, i had some spare time

kimberly: in that 'spare' time you finished all of it?

mindgame: so i guess you don't want me to tell you that ron weasley dies:)
i read fast.
and borders has comfortable seats

kimberly: i hate you
anyway that's a rumour that was quenched by a friend
her friends flipped to the end and found that he was still talking

mindgame: oh fine, fine.
it was mcgonagall.

kimberly: whatever
for all I know it could have been draco
aww. no more slash stories

kimberly: anyway I'm not a rabid fan
and anyhow, you wonder why people dislike you?

mindgame: hahah
okay. seriously it was sirius black. he got nailed by the Death Eaters at the climax when the prophecy about Voldemort being Harry Potter's uncle was revealed.
i have been enjoying myself telling rabid fans at my office who died

kimberly: I should put you on ignore or something
anyhow I won't let you spoil what's left of my day

mindgame: bwahhahaha
once again, darkness has prevailed over light

kimberly: I know what I will do
I will shame you publicly

mindgame: *shrugs*
slander me on your website, if you will
it doesn't change the fact that aunt petunia is actually a witch in denial

Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Woah. Word spreads fast.

No less than Mr Brown has now highlighted the Ho Poh Fun video.

Methinks the subject of the video has heard of this by now! Good luck to the camera man. Maybe he can film part 2 :0
I'm a bright!
Since my 6 months' excuse (given thanks to a certain MO) has ended, I have run SOC twice - once in clean fatigues and the second with everything on, under test conditions. My regression since last October or so is clear - my balance, confidence and fitness are all much worse now, resulting in greatly magnified agony, and greatly decreased performance when throwing myself against this figurative brick wall. Hell hath no fury like my Ops Sergeant when confronted with a definite IPPT/SOC failure with no way to exclude him from the rankings. I trust that fate will lead me to the prophesied Final Solution. As do the Powers That Be - for some reason, they scheduled me for the SOC test -before- I'd passed IPPT, even though it is definitely harder to pass the former.

Being a cheapskate in some areas and not really caring about how my hair looks, I risked the 42 SAR barber again. Only this time, I caught him napping. Now, I wouldn't have wanted to wake him, but a drill lesson was scheduled later in the week, and I had no care to trudge up to his shop again, so I woke him up as gently as I could. He shaved around my ears and trimmed a little slope at the back of my head, then proclaimed the job finished. Feedback from someone: "A bit wai1... Here a bit short, here a bit flat". Now, even for my wretchedly low standards, this sort of haircut is unacceptable, so in my disgust, I did not tip him $2 as I was about to do, more out of pity than anything else.

I am surprised that MINDEF came clean to the public about 1st Commandos being disqualified for this year's Best Unit Competition (one of the worst ideas to sprout in the SAF ever). Actually, on a closer reading of the tell-all article, one can intuit why - the Defence Correspondent heard the rumour on an internet chat room and then queried MINDEF, which didn't have the heart or the wherewithal to stonewall. I wonder how many more open "secrets" are going to leak out next! Considering that everything is given a security classification one level above what is sensible, it probably wouldn't be much of a loss. As a reservist told me, "Restricted stuff will embarass the SAF if it is leaked". Or as I put it, "Restricted stuff is just classified for the heck of it".

Ever since moving bunk, we've had the same number of people in fewer bunks, with fewer toilets and corridors. Infuriatingly, however, our area cleaning chores have multiplied like the heads of a Hydra. We now have to clean all sorts of odd, faraway areas. For example, I (and I alone) got saddled with the canteen and the corridor above the squash courts which is shrouded in darkness in the morning, so nowadays I might as well go for breakfast.

It seems there are 2 Inet terminals in my canteen and 1 in my cookhouse, but they're never open. Tut tut. In other news, the food stall at my canteen - All Ranks Canteen - has opened again, in anticipation of the new recruits. I wonder how long it'll be before the recruits realise that the 42SAR canteen definitely isn't the best canteen to spend your canteen breaks in.

My cookhouse served "Spanish Omelette" one day. Intrigued, I tried to make enquiries, but no one had anything useful to tell me, the most I got out of the SFI staff being, "The Spanish Omelette was cooked by Spanish people". (...)

I bought, for $1, an artificial potted plant to brighten up my Docu Table. Now we know how $1 shops make money. Meanwhile, I came to work one day only to find that my trusty fly swatter was broken! I assume people were hitting each other with it too often. Oh well, it's only $1. At the same time, the pin of my fragile and lousy Number 3 "Agagooga" nametag fell out, so I can't pin it to my black slingbag anymore. Gah.

Our ceiling fans were spirited away one day, leaving us with only 2 standing fans that our CSM kindly acquired for us. As such, the bunk was a furnace at night. Yet, someone could still sleep with a blanket on. Argh. Thank god for my Secret Garden.

Some time ago, I meditated and got a revelation about the Holy Trinity, the Holy Trinity that keeps all of us safe, protected and out of trouble. Simply, no one Knows, no one Checks and no one Cares. May it always be that way :)

Irritating quotes seen inside a toilet in my unit:

"The significance of a man lies in not what he attains but rather what he longs to attain" : In that case, madmen and megalomaniacs would be very significant. Or how about if I aspire to be a god? Ahh, then I would have lots of significance, wouldn't I?

"The thoughtless are rarely wordless" - Howard W Newton : So by implication, those who speak the most are the most daft. How about those who have a "meaningful" or "inspirational" quote for every situation, and then some?

Melvin and I finally saw one of Ban Xiong's unspecified friends! He went off with her for half an hour, then came back looking pleased - a "quickie", according to the former. At least one of them is now specified. Unfortunately, he will continue to shroud his actions in an impenetrable cloak of secrecy, meeting unspecified friends in unspecified locations at unspecified times for unspecified periods of time doing unspecified things (Ooh, delicious line).

It seems RI has changed their PE T-Shirt again. Not satisfied with giving all the boys left nipple abrasions with the ironed on crest (as opposed to the former printed one), it seems that the Powers That Be have now decreed that the word "Raffles" on the back of the T-shirt, with the black bars be moved higher to be near the neck of the wearer. Eech!

I was killing time in Choa Chu Kang Community Library and I noticed that it was awfully noisy. I think the former RJ librarians should be sent there - they'll go nuts.

I was playing Dungeons and Dragons, Shadow Over Mystara for the first time since I completed it with Marc at Segaworld Sydney (free play is the -only- way to go for this sort of game unless you're filthy rich!), and I realised that it's more complex than I thought. For example, you can whack enemies who are prone on the floor. And I found out how to Turn Undead! Only problem is that there's some key jamming problem - sometimes when one player presses his magic/use item button, the other player's magic is activated. Oh, and Synn has this cheapskate move where, in dragon form, she can deplete your full health bar, and she does it 2-3 times.


[Me to an RP: Do you want to see my camp pass?] No, I want to eat your Long John's

[Fellow medic to me: Where is the coastal margin?] Let me see... Costal margin. 'Coastal' is by the sea

[Someone on the Documentation Room: All the other tables, don't have zhar bor {pinned underneath the glass}] Wang cannot. Wang put there, jialat. Everyday sit there and wank. Grab the table.

Sunday, June 22, 2003

Completed Age of Mythology. Very fun. Of course, now I've had enough of Real Time Strategy Games for at least 3 months.

I think one reason they've moved to 3D engines is to save money on cut scenes - you can just manipulate the game engine and add narration for your 'cutscenes'. Bah.

I've also taken a fancy to "A Cat Named Mittens" (the main theme).

I bought action figures of the Black, Pink and Yellow Space Rangers on impulse in times of yore. Sadly, Cassie lost her face piece some time back. On the up side, the toy makers endowed her and Ashley with unnatural bosoms.

Become Smarter by Bombarding your Brain with Electro-Magnetic Waves (New York Times, registration required)
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