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Saturday, June 15, 2002

While chatting with him,

Melvin_T: no i'm a non-sexual person... really.
I just went shopping! Spent morning in queen vic market with sarah, she was showing me all the good bargains and where to go marketing next time. Went to chadstone shopping centre!! But it would have been more enjoyable, if certain 2 people had been on *talking terms*. Miffed. Sigh.

I bought a nice yellow fleece jacket (by icebox) ! "So bright!" "So nice!!!" "So andrew!" I love it i love it i love it!!!

Friday, June 14, 2002

Bunny Killer:

"i was thinking of buying these pig ears for you (for yr inordinate love of pork and its haram qualities)... but i figured they wouldn't keep well. "


And more ringing endorsements:

"i just read this phrase on someone whom i know's friend's friend's website and thought it was amusing.
'raffles guys' school'

woah. i just read gabriel's biography on his site, and he must be an extremely brave person, because if i'd led a life like that, i wouldn't paste it on the internet. "

Yeh maybe I'm an exhibitionist.
First choice [too much attitude?]:

On re-taking... (*squeal* my favourite ! Although as i understand The Gap is Despised in US/UK where it is widely available)
The wonderful SAF forgot to indent dinner for us, so they let us off on a night off even though we had night training (which was wrapped up very quickly) :)

And I present the story of the RMUN logo, being bo liao (and very sad) in the extreme!

"I was heading the Administration Department of the Raffles Model United Nations Conference in 2001 and took it upon myself to make a new logo, because the old was very sucky. As was usual, I had very little time to do everything.

Original, terrible RMUN logo, used in 2000, 1999 and probably a few years before.

Logo I stole from the UN website

The world has been professionally deleted and the background filled with blue

I stole this from the RJ homepage.

And wallah, nice logo!

Thursday, June 13, 2002

Yaaaaay! I can't wait till tomorroww. "Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow/ You're only a day away"

Rupert Everett Colin Firth Judi Dench Frances O'Connor Reese Witherspoon hyperventilate hyperventilate hyperventilate hyperventilate hyperventilate Hollywood should just stop producing 19/early 20th century remakes of novels/dramas with stars, just drives me mad everytime one comes out.

And I'm gonna watch Waking Life, with or without company. It sounds like too fabulous a movie to miss.


Straight from Inforgrames:
The PC version of Neverwinter Nights will ship to retailers before the end of June.

I'm still in shock. There goes most of my life. What's left of it anyway. Again.

Wednesday, June 12, 2002

I'd make a To-Read list but it'd grow out of control and I'd never get down to reading 10% of the books even.

Damn, Problem Oriented Casualty Management takes a helluva lot of energy outta you. I feel very drained.
Now in addition to my workload and post-exam shopping i have 8 books competing for my attention-
a) The Dune encyclopedia
b) Rincewind trilogy- Sourcery, Eric and Interesting Times, Terry Pratchett (I borrowed it to read Eric)
c) Garden of Rama, Arthur C Clarke
d) Magic, Neil Gaiman (Comic. Not *graphic novel*)
e) Lady of Avalon
f) The Illustrated Man, Ray Bradbury
g) Australian First Aid, Volume 1
h) Australian First Aid, Volume 2

Oh darn. Was supposed to get in touch with albert/jer fuu/chris abt discussing pbl here before tomorrow. Darn darn darn.

Tuesday, June 11, 2002

"i want to be broadened not narrowed by habit and tradition, i don't want to segregate my emotions into one box and medical interactions into another"-
Jennifer, topclass.
-- I hope jennifer doesn't mind --
Just finished my Health Practice paper. It's the sociology subject plus psychology subject with a leaning towards health related topics. And it's the essay paper. And it's over!! 2 more to go!

I have a craving for peaches! peaches! I'm in a peachy mood!

Going shopping after exams!!

I've been having nightmares. Pretty mundane ones- the ones I had before O's/A's were me failing O's/A's respectively (ny A's nightmares involved me attending physics remedial conducted by Mr. Raufie, which is, like, *so likely*). Anyway. Last last nite's one was that after i found out about ralph's condition, ian and bryan promptly went Missing in Action in ns. Or dead. Or something. And i had to hunt around the RJ staffroom (only it was renovated and very big/corporate chic/cool/stylish- white and blue hues, wide corridors, no cubicles/partitions, spiral staircases in the middle; not dingy/cramped) to get their contact numbers from teachers' desks, only dr. chan kept on bugging me about why i was suspiciously hanging around the staff room. I woke up terrified- about ian and bryan i mean, not about dr. chan.

Last nite's one was that i auditioned for RJC chorale- and got rejected! I became very angry with ken anderson (nb. no current association between chorale and toh ban sheng) and immediately started complaining to all the chorale members starting with waiyi! And i got so mad about it.
When i woke up i suddenly remembered that one year and a few months ago waiyi was pressing me to re-join chorale because they were short of guys and it was an syf year.

Monday, June 10, 2002

I don't want to be a pair of Doc martens. (Actually I don't mind.) I Want a pair of Doc Martens.

(oh yeah. Forgot about Dunman "the uniform with the buttons" high )

Sunday, June 09, 2002

I'm disturbed too! Not right to call 13-yr-olds adults or even "new independent women".
Methinks geps already tend to be socially inept to some degree ... but then again there's the tendency for the top 10 schools to be single sex (rvhs is the exception is it?)
Lack of influence of seniors? why? Seniors would rarely converse with juniors about *latent tendencies* (winces and washes his hands after typing)

Rodin's here!!


Is this good? (I know it's local- i mean Despite that) Any ideas anyone?
Tim and I were looking at some journals and we came away rather disturbed, him a bit more than me.

Perhaps the "public expression of the New Independent Woman" is not what were were used to. Or rather, we don't think we were that, worldly, at that tender age (13-14).

From the same person who came up with the New Independent Woman thing: "my hypothesis is that putting people in single sex schools for an extended period of time turns them nuts. ". I concur, especially for GEPs. :)

Perhaps it's just internet literate, vocal geps? Maybe the internet lets them talk with like-minded people, which intensifies latent tendencies. And add to that the influence of their seniors. So each generation builds upon the last and becomes more and more angsty (It's more than that, but I lack a better word).

Tim thinks that it's going to collapse soon, and gives it a year and a half, but I'm not sure it will be that soon.

At least one of them was not in a dark brooding colour scheme!

Maybe my junior's insight sums it up best - "erm her blog is completely sex crazed

erm how did u get to know her?? she's nuts!" HAHA. [Disclaimer: I do not know this person]

Or, better yet, "pple are just reaching puberty earlier that's all... sec2 there were some of us who were kinda lidat liao wat"

Let's see who comes away offended :) Seeing as I did not refer to anyone in particular (then again, I don't even know them). Hmm.

On a lighter note,

"hahahaa... she looks pretty good for a gep u noe

i saw 2 fotos... both of the girls were pretty gd-looking wat..... so sad they're darn vulgar n polluted :p"

"anyway i just noticed the "clever" little bit of graphic editing on the rmun handbook. they put their hideous rj badge (which is, revolting as it is, the same motif used for ri - which i take in my foul mood as another sign of chauvinism) between the twin olive(?) leaf thingies that's usually around the globe that makes up the UN symbol. it wasn't even particularly well done. the rj badge is far more grainy than the leaves. hah! lousy HISSOC. "

Hey, I think I -did- that logo! *Grin* Well my graphics skills are not up to par, and my source material wasn't very high quality.
Ahh.... question on coagulative necrosis:

Coagulative necrosis is associated with:

A. digestion of the cell nucleus (karyolysis) following the release of of lysosomal enzymes.
B. degradation of intracellular membranes following activation of phospholipases
C. an acute inflammatory response in the surrounding tissues.
D. altered staining characteristics of the necrotic cells, with increased eosinophilia.

1. Only A,B,C are correct
2. Only A and C are correct
3. Only B and D are correct
4. Only D is correct
5. All are correct

Meet up okay jane/sheila/crys/kai/gabriel? I hope i didn't miss anyone out. When are you all free?

And my pronunciation got corrected (twice; once i was wrong, once They were wrong)
First time-
Andrew: ... am i still an a-DO-lescent?
someone else: it's A-dolescent.

Second time-
Andrew : ...incidence of these would be quite scarce.
Tutor: What?
Andrew: .... Scarce. (rhymes with farce)
Tutor: Could you repeat yourself?
(someone else from the back): Sc�rce (rhyming with care)
Tutor: Oh....
(andrew fumes)

btw, i got "bard" too for the FF job class quiz
Btw about the muppet quiz, I'm Kermit. But I refuse to post the code thingie :)

I went for my platoon chalet just now!

On the way there, I discovered to my horror that some guy in the MRT had as his ring tone Singapore's National Anthem.

At the chalet itself, it was a touch boring, but there were more interesting bits. A large proportion of people were topless, supposedly because it was very hot. Attendence seemed dismal, but in the end most turned up, just that they all came very late. And 4 people brought their girlfriends. Or, as someone speculated, they brought people and claimed that they were their girlfriends. Though most of them looked very lian (and maybe got their clothing from This "Lian" Fashion).

2 units away, first a woman and then her daughter were using some hair dryer like contraption to try to start their fire. Willie made some remark about little girls nowadays being too spoilt, haha.

Since we have quite a few smokers in our platoon, they were smoking all over the chalet. And cigarette ash got onto the food. Coupled with the overcooking... I don't want to know how carcinogenic that was. Maybe that was why my stomach felt funny after a while.

Me on Tiger Beer: It tastes like shit.
Jeremy: Fuck you lah.

Yes, I did imbibe alcohol, albeit only a few drops of Tiger Beer, Red Wine, Vodka and Martell each, if only to see if alcohol was really as disgusting as I remembered. The first 2 still suck, as I recall. And the last 2 are more horrible than I could have ever imagined. The vodka feels cold on the lips

They played the game that Kairen told me about from his days in 1SIR, the one where you take a cup of beer, place a piece of tissue over the rim, put a 10 cent coin in the middle and take turns to burn holes in the tissue with a lighted cigarette. And the one who makes the coin fall in gets to drink the mixture.

We got to taupok the sergeants on the chalet beds. Yeh. Rare opportunity.

Roy gave me, Khairuldin and Daniel a lift to Orchard. There was a sad episode where they 'checked out' this girl walking by the side of the road, when Roy slowed the car down and all but me craned their heads to look at the girl. So now I know how sad people in cars check girls out. Daniel rolled down the window and spat, and the spit landed on the back window. Yeech. Conversation along the way was, sadly, about things like their experiences in visiting high class prostitutes, where you have to pay for alcohol, and where one person spent $500 for some Vietnamese girl. Or something. And I learnt about 'Bapoks' (Transvestites), about their relative merits (they "give head" "better and faster" and let you fulfill Greek pederastic fantasies) and demerits (they are expensive and sometimes will lapse into their male voices). I'm just happy that I don't live a life where I come into regular, nay, any contact with this sort of stuff. I don't want to live in that world.

I don't see the big deal about driving lessons, and why everybody is taking them. Probably peer pressure.

I keep old movie ticket stubs, partly out of laziness to throw them away, but Tze Li does something better - he writes the names of the people he watched the movie with on the back. Now, why didn't I think of that?

Even after I've checked up the pronunciation, my sister and brother in law still are obstinate and insist that one of the correct pronunciations is wrong. How annoying. Grr.

I keep tripping over the wire charging my phone and it keeps flying onto the floor. I hope it doesn't get damaged. But then again, a Nokia phone -has- survived the 11 storey drop from my sister's window :)

More accolades: "Gabriel's Homepage damn farni. go visit. big big site. so what if he's not interested in cheem web design.. go for the content. he writes really well too, has a blog. i suggest you start with the homepage, and don't forget his apt RJC review. " Though I don't think I deserve the praise :)

Of all the disgusting things. Now we have a weblog with a layout based on. Sanitary Napkins. Please excuse me while I hit my forehead.

Something I forgot to put in my bookout post just now:

Just before booking out after guard duty, someone peed in the water bottle of someone whom most of the platoon dislikes. I feel quite bad, but I think I couldn't have done anything anyhow.

C�est magnifique, mais ce n�est pas la guerre.� Admirable, but not according to rule. The comment of Marshal Canrobert on the charge of the Light Brigade at Balaclava.
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