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Saturday, January 13, 2024

Links - 13th January 2024 (2 - Claudine Gay at Harvard [including Harvard Extension])

Christopher F. Rufo ⚔️ on X - "It’s like Harvard’s boosters have no sense of narrative. Attacking me as an outsider, a plebe, a mafia-stained ethnic, makes my scalping of Harvard’s president even more delicious. Americans love the underdog, the Will Hunting archetype, the kid who exposes the sneering frauds."

Thread by @wokal_distance on Thread Reader App – Thread Reader App - "There's an element of @realchrisrufo's strategy no one has picked up on yet. It's this:  Almost nobody outside universities reads academic papers, so the papers radical activist professors write in which they defend absurd ideas don't get read by the general public.  So... Leftist acadenics are free to use academic journals to advance their social and political goals in the academy and no one notices because no one outside the academy reads it.  This dynamic allows leftist profs to make absurd claims on behalf of leftist dogma and pay no price. Since no one outside academia reads these journals, activist profs could claim truth does not exist, everything is about power, men can become women, and other such wild claims, and the general public was unaware that academia had been hijacked by a political agenda.  But.... Now @realchrisrufo has started a plagiarism war in academia. And you what that means?  It means people are now looking for plagiarism in academia, and in order to do find plagiarism gues whst they are going to have to do?  That's right...they have to read academic journals. And when they read those journals they are going to find paper after paper denying objectice truth, papers claiming racial identity matters more than facts, papers that claim lived experience is more important than evidence, and papers claiming children can pick their gender. What @realchrisrufo has done by starting the plagiarism wars is to get people outside academia to actually READ all of the insane nonsense that's being produced by activist professors.  Now regular people, even those who hate Rufo, will be forced to confront the fact that the universities have been hijacked by activists who are using the universities as a vehicle to advance the political and social goal of the left.  It's brilliant.  @realchrisrufo has figure out how to out people in a position where they HAVE to read the papers... And when they do they will quickly see that he was telling the truth about political corruption in our academic institutions."

Chris Brunet on X - "Gary King, Claudine Gay's mentor, describes how affirmative action admissions work, or used to work, at Harvard's PhD program in political science:  "Then, according to departmental custom, we admit, in a separate Affirmative Action category, any minority applicant who we believe would complete the program if admitted ... if we applied the same rule we are required to use for our Affirmative Action list (admitting those we think would graduate) to all applicants, we would admit 200-300 students a year.""

Opinion | The Persecution of Harvard’s Claudine Gay - The New York Times - "When I spoke with the U.C.L.A. Law and Columbia Law School professor Kimberlé Crenshaw last year about the battle in Florida over the teaching of Black history, she warned that this scapegoating of academics would spread to D.E.I. efforts beyond academia, including in corporate America. “This thing will not be satisfied by one victory,” she said. “This is just one skirmish in a wider, broader battle” to make discussions about the legacy of racism in this country taboo and “to contain the power of Black folks, queer folks, women and pretty much everybody else who doesn’t agree to the agenda of reclaiming this country that the MAGA group claims.”... At a time when Black women are ascendant in the culture, they have become, for some, the emblems of unwelcome change; their presence in positions of power represents a threat to the power traditionally clustered in the hands of a few.  As such, Black women see their credentials relentlessly attacked, their characters impugned, their lives scoured. The issue is not that the bar is lowered for them to succeed but rather raised so that any imperfection can be inflated into a fundamental flaw. These women are trapped in prisons of others’ demands for perfection... The Democratic governor of California, Gavin Newsom, committed to appointing a Black woman to the Senate if Dianne Feinstein’s seat became vacant. After she died, one headline from the far-right publication The Federalist blared, “Dianne Feinstein’s Senate Replacement Will Be Defined by the Racist, Sexist Criteria She Fits.”"
Zero tolerance for plagiarism is an unrealistic standard. The cope is that universities, which up until now have been very clear about plagiarism, selectively apply these standards on black women
Saying that you're hiring based on race and sex is racist and sexist is wrong when black women are the beneficiaries

A university president resigned after a recent plagiarized speech. It's not the first commencement address lifted - "The resignation of University of South Carolina president Bob Caslen for plagiarizing remarks in a commencement speech is the most recent example of the awkwardness faced by educators and school leaders when higher-ups find inspiration in the wrong ways."
As someone noted, he didn't meet the Wonder Woman standard either

Ida Bae Wells on X - "Let’s be real. This is an extension of what happened to me at UNC, and it is a glimpse into the future to come. Academic freedom is under attack. Racial justice programs are under attack. Black women will be made to pay. Our so-called allies too often lack any real courage."
Whateverdear on X - "You're saying that plagiarism equals academic freedom?"

Christina Buttons on X - "Former Harvard president Claudine Gay has been accused of over 50 instances of plagiarism throughout her career, some of which have been confirmed by left-leaning sources. She is responsible for the choices she made to commit academic fraud.  Despite this, progressives have flooded X with posts gaslighting the public by suggesting her resignation is due to racism, white supremacy, anti-blackness, and being the target of a “right-wing attack.”  This is how Critical Social Justice activists sustain their ideology and enforce universal adoption of DEI — by trying to convince people that racism and prejudice exists where it clearly doesn’t, and that you need their special “critical” insight to see it.  I have a message from the majority of Americans: we are fed up. Take your race-baiting bullshit and shove it. DEI is done."

Timur Kuran on X - "The American professoriate owes a debt of gratitude to conservatives such as Elise Stefanik and Chris Rufo. By grilling the presidents and highlighting evidence of plagiarism, they have forced professors to confront the double standards, hypocrisy, and harms of DEI. Professors who wouldn’t touch DEI matters with a ten-foot pole are now talking to each other about DEI truths that they’ve long understood but avoided discussing. Many are recognizing that, as leftists, they have less in common with progressives than they thought. Many leftist professors now see as never before the absurdities of DEI’s oppressor/oppressed binary. They understand that double standards in hiring, promotion, and the selection of leaders are destroying the legitimacy of US universities.Ultimately, then, much good may come from the spectacle of the presidents’ congressional testimony and its ongoing repercussions. They are setting the stage for long-overdue honest public discussions about DEI’s compatibility with core missions of American universities."

Josh Kraushaar on X - "NEW ⁦@J_Insider⁩ via ⁦@matthewkassel⁩: “Former President Obama privately lobbied on Harvard President Claudine Gay’s behalf as she faces growing scrutiny”"
Oilfield Rando on X - "The DEI-zation of every institution is so vital to the communist movement that it warrants a personal call from the God King of community organizers when it gets in trouble"

Claudine Gay Is Not the Real Story - The Atlantic - "The conservative activist Christopher Rufo, who helped kick off this controversy when he and fellow conservative Christopher Brunet leveled a round of accusations against Gay last month, has spent the past 24 hours doing a victory lap. It is this unseemly context that many academics are hung up on: In their minds, a college president succumbed to conservative pressure. And this fact is melting their brains and obliterating their standards for professional conduct... The true scandal of the Claudine Gay affair is not a Harvard president and her plagiarism. The true scandal is that so many journalists and academics were willing, are still willing, to redefine plagiarism to suit their politics... Rufo won this round of the academic culture war because he exposed so many progressive scholars and journalists to be hypocrites and political actors who were willing to throw their ideals overboard. I suspect that, not the tenure of a Harvard president, was the prize he sought all along. The tragedy is that we didn’t have to give it to him... the historian David A. Bell wrote that the language games some progressives are currently playing are positively Trumpian. “What bothers me most about this whole affair is the fact that Gay herself has not taken responsibility for the plagiarism,” Bell said, “and that so many have supported her in not doing so.” A Harvard alum who’s an academic acquaintance of mine offered a similar summary: “Sitting here watching people I respect say ‘We all do this all the time; nothing to see here’ actually hurts me a bit. I feel gaslighted, in the parlance of our time.”... Those who rushed to characterize her resignation as the outcome of a “bullying” campaign designed to oust Harvard’s first Black president omit an inconvenient detail: She was clearly guilty. The bullying worked because the facts were too difficult to massage. That didn’t stop many of my fellow academics from trying. A day after McWhorter called for Gay’s ouster, the Renaissance scholar, climate-change activist, and New School affiliate faculty member Genevieve Guenther shared a disturbing story on social media about a professor who, she claims, stole her ideas and then went on to great acclaim and success. She added, “And EVERYONE KNOWS HE’S A PLAGIARIST.”  Guenther was a graduate student at the time, and the abuse she alleges is terrible. But her thread ends with a bizarre twist: Strangely, the lesson Guenther draws from this experience is that we need to “Support Gay. Support DEI. Support antiracism.” Rather than hold everyone accountable or even suggest that we revisit our punishments for misdemeanor-style plagiarism like the former Harvard president’s, the thread ends in a tacit call to obliterate academic standards in the name of politics. What is galling about this kind of defense is that it is perfectly possible to maintain that Gay shouldn’t have been fired while also conceding that she’s guilty of serial, if low-stakes, plagiarism. But many progressives have been deeply reluctant to admit that Gay did anything wrong or unusual at all. Rather than use the P-word, Guenther describes Gay’s’s plagiarism as “repeating banal phrases”—yet another polite euphemism to be added to the Orwellian pile. Not until yesterday did she concede that at least one of the examples (arguably the most egregious) did amount to an example of plagiarism. Not to be outdone, the CNN reporter Matt Egan was at pains to note that Gay had not stolen anyone’s ideas. An important and mitigating distinction to be sure, but Egan goes on to add, “She has been accused of … copying other people’s writing without attribution. So it’s been more sloppy attribution than stealing anyone’s ideas.” Again, “copying people’s writing without attribution” is just a way of saying “plagiarism” in five words rather than one. Harvard’s plagiarism policy doesn’t contain a waiver for “sloppiness,” nor have the policies of any institution I’ve ever attended or taught at. Others have attempted not simply to minimize but to actually normalize the kind of language theft practiced by Gay. A number of professors on Twitter have suggested that every academic would be found guilty of plagiarism were their scholarly record subject to sufficient scrutiny... Guldi had insisted that it is not Gay who should be condemned, but the other professors who accused the president of plagiarism. These claims are preposterous on their face: One needn’t be an expert on text mining to look at two nearly identical paragraphs and determine that plagiarism has taken place. Whether or not Big Tech tools were used is entirely ancillary to what was found, and what was found was straightforward theft... Using watery euphemisms to refer to blatant plagiarism debases our profession, and the assertion that everyone plagiarizes if you just look hard enough debases it further. The media are currently distracted by the shiny bauble of Harvard’s ousted president, but we should be far more concerned about the crisis of academic culture that this incident has exposed. For all the talk of “glass ceilings,” Gay is a Cambridge woman through and through: Born to a family that runs a Haitian concrete empire, she was shot out of America’s most prestigious boarding school before being educated at Princeton, Stanford, and Harvard. As the first Black woman to lead America’s most prestigious university, Gay may have changed the color of the mold, but she sure didn’t break it. The idea that clear and long-established criteria for plagiarism should have been thrown out to save the elite-born president of an elite university, solely on the basis of her skin color, is not only preposterous; it’s that old soft bigotry."

Jennifer hochschild on X - "On Rufo: what do integrity police say about his claim to have “master’s degree from Harvard,” which is actually from the open-enrollment Extension School? Those students are great - I teach them- but they are not the same as what we normally think of as Harvard graduate students"
Apparatchik-Fil-A on X - "He wrote this a month ago. It’s not like he was trying to hide it:"
PoIiMath on X - "Imagine thinking that a Harvard professor attacking Harvard's Extension School hurts Chris Rufo more than it hurts Harvard"
Cernovich on X - "It is a masters degree. If you claim otherwise, then Harvard has engaged in false advertising and is subject to a lawsuit for fraud. Is it your claim that Harvard has engaged in fraudulently advertising?"
Based James Polk on X - "“We laugh at the Harvard Extension students who work 40+ hours a week, have a family and take classes on the side to get their degree.” Says the grad student who went to class, did some homework, smoked weed and caught the Celtics game."
🏛 Aristophanes 🏛 on X - "You're a "Professor for African and African American Studies" which is as worthless as tits on a bull, why would absolutely anything you say matter to anybody?"
J. Obeseya Ph.D. on X - "What I find hysterical is that these people know nothing of African culture; tell me about Shaka Zulu…Who? What about Egypt? Uhh, wrong kind of Africa since they’re Arabs… These programs are a cover for leftist activists to pander to American blacks. Wake up America."
Conor Friedersdorf on X- "Shouldn't you be asking about Harvard's integrity here as they are the ones selling the degrees knowing that a large part of their value comes from the brand name attached to them?"
Gina Cho on X - "This is not very good advertising for the online program... and I guess some of your students will now know you don't value them as much as other students. Unbelievable... You just devalued some of your students, as an educator, in public, for the world to see."
Pixel Grid on X - "This Harvard Professor just flippantly undermined the future of 14,000 students of the Harvard Extension School—an institution that has been in existence for over one hundred years."
Aaron Sibarium on X - "Jennifer Hochschild’s books include “The American Dream and the Public Schools”—which argues that “policies to promote individual success too often benefit only those already privileged by race or class”—as well as “Bringing Outsiders In.”"

Benjamin B@dejo on X - "Professor Hochshild (@Jenniferhochsc2 ): if you do not retract your ill-advised statements about Harvard Extension School, some HES students who paid for their studies with federal student loans will formally apply for Borrower Defense Loan Discharge (as in, formally dispute their obligation to repay their loans) via the official @usedgov  Borrower Defense process, citing fraud. They will use your tweets as evidence, and they will win... Professor Hochshild’s statements have now put @Harvard  in a very awkward position. If the university ignores her comments and she does not retract them, Harvard will be inviting mass discharge of HES alumni federal loans.   But if the university formally rejects her comments in order to avoid that outcome, the university impliedly will be siding with @realchrisrufo …again. The university may also then have to reluctantly yield to longstanding demands of HES students and alumni for their degree to no longer be called a  “Master of Liberal Arts in Extension Studies” degree and agree either to clearly specify the particular area of study on the diploma or to make it a Master of Arts degree outright (which will make the degree nearly  indistinguishable from degrees earned through Harvard’s Graduate School for Arts and Sciences.)"

Sohrab Ahmari on X - "Do you want to know why there’s been a “de-alignment” between the left and the working class? Behold the shocking number of self-proclaimed leftists who are sneering at Rufo’s “Harvard night-school degree.”"

Steve McGuire on X - "Here’s how the Harvard Extension School advertises itself:
-“The best of Harvard”
-“A Harvard education”
-“The weight of that reputation and lineage on your resume.”"

🏛 Aristophanes 🏛 on X - "This is hilarious, Harvard is basically burning down their own extension school out of spite, portraying it as being worth about as much as Trump University, all because that's where Chris Rufo got his graduate degree."

Rob Henderson on X - "The clucking about whether Harvard Extension is the real Harvard reminds me of George Orwell in The Road To Wigan Pier explaining how upper middle class snobs "while theoretically pining for a classless society, cling like glue to their miserable fragments of social prestige.""

Richard Hanania on X - "First they say everyone plagiarizes each other in academia to own Rufo. Now they say Harvard Extension School isn’t real, it’s a scam akin to Trump University, once again to score points against Rufo. Liberalism has been increasingly failing the marshmallow test."

Armand Domalewski on X - "Harvard Extension is such a funny little scam, because it relies on everyone involved having contradictory assumptions:  1) Attendees believe it is “really” Harvard or that other people will think it is   2) Harvard alumni want you to know it’s “not really Harvard” because anyone can get in  3) Harvard administrators want group 1 to think that so they get paid but group 2 to think that so their prestige isn’t undercut and they still donate
the scam isn’t the school, the scam is the way Harvard talks out of both sides of its mouth about it...
no, Harvard very much tells people who attend Harvard Extension that it’s “really Harvard” and then insists they explicitly list “Harvard Extension” on their resumes afterwards"

moonman on X - "I’ve been laughing all morning. This Rufo guy has somehow managed to get Harvard alum, staff, and supporters to come out and slam the extension program, which all extension students can see, despite Harvard openly advertising it as Harvard. They’re getting dogwalked."

Jeremy Carl on X - "The notion that @realchrisrufo , who has singlehandedly strategically outmaneuvered the mandarins of the elite left for several years, somehow needs a Harvard degree to validate his work is hilarious.  When I was doing a mid-career Masters at the Kennedy School, the then-Dean of Students said that she loved working with the Mid-Careers because Harvard got to take credit for all of the great things they had already done (or would do-- one of my classmates became Prime Minister of Bhutan and another is the Prime Minister Designate of Singapore).  That Dean showed way more awareness of the real situation and the real value of a "Harvard Degree" than any of these idiots sniping about "Extension School.""

Melissa Chen on X - "Liberal elites touting their progressive credentials in support for Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) policies sniveling at Chris Rufo for listing his affiliation with Harvard via the Harvard Extension School sounds pretty exclusionary to me.   If you want to gatekeep the elite brand of Harvard, by definition you can’t be inclusive. Also.. it’s not Chris who taints the Harvard brand. It’s Claudine Gay and every plagiarism apologist.   Ever notice that it’s the people who roam the halls of the most exclusionary spaces publicly genuflecting the most about how much inclusion matters? See: TED, Hollywood, Met Gala, etc..   It’s entirely by design.    Harvard Extension purportedly exists to democratize access to a Harvard education. You would think a progressive Harvard Law School grad wouldn’t turn down her nose at it"

Lomez on X - "The guy who went to Harvard Extension and is being ridiculed for it is very obviously outmaneuvering and outsmarting all of the people from actual Harvard, which tells you everything you need to know about this whole affair. The proof, as they say, is in the pudding."

Peter Spiliakos on X - "1. In a sane world, Rufo being a very effective political activist would improve the brand value of Harvard Extension School. 2. Being a plagiarist doesn't make you a fraud, but going to night school while balancing parenthood and a day job does is definitely a set of values."

Geoffrey Miller on X - "The debate over whether 'Harvard Extension School' is 'really Harvard' provides a good pretext for reminding everyone to read the @bryan_caplan  book 'The case against education' (2018).  Caplan contrasts the 'signaling view of education' (it's a reliable signal that you had the IQ & conscientiousness to get in to a certain institution, even if you don't learn much there) versus the 'human capital' view of education (that you actually learn good & useful things once you're admitted, increasing your 'human capital').  tldr: The signaling view is largely correct.  (As I also argued in my book 'Spent' (2009), Chapter 11)  This is why the 'real Harvard' people (who passed through a much more selective admissions process) are so pissed off about HES (which is much less selective -- and which thereby waters down the signaling value of their 'real Harvard' degree.)"

Geoffrey Miller on X - "One irony here is that Harvard Extension School (HES) _actually_ embodies the values of diversity, equity, & inclusion, by admitting a greater diversity of students with regard to age, class, background, & ideology, by advancing more equitable outcomes, and by being more genuinely inclusive.  So of course all the 'real Harvard' grads who say they believe in DEI, but who actually believe in ideological homogeneity, class favoritism, & credentialist exclusivity, are outraged about @realchrisrufo  et al."

A.J. Delgado on X - "Yep. And when I, or others, who spend THREE YEARS in freezing Boston, away from our families, not sleeping, grinding to class.. say "Wait a minute..." it's all, "WHY ARE YOU SUCH A BITCH?""
Fusilli Spock on X - "THREE YEARS in Boston. Are you fucking kidding me. Going to college in one of the worlds greatest cities is some sort of fucking hardship. This is some first world whining to the next level. I mean leaving Earth's orbit level."
Sotales (aka Adam Bretey) on X - "Wait until she learns about the people who live there all their lives."

Thread by @sfmcguire79 on Thread Reader App – Thread Reader App - "“Claudine Gay was in Rome on a family vacation on Dec. 27 when Penny Pritzker, the leader of Harvard University’s governing board, called to ask: Did she think there was a path forward with her as the school’s president?”  Informative account of Gay’s resignation in the NYT.Dr. Gay was planning a “spring reset,” but some board members thought the plan “showed that she didn't understand the urgency of the expanding crisis.” The first member of the Corporation to turn was Timothy R. Barakett, the treasurer.  (Others joined him, as we know, after having dinner with members of the Council on Academic Freedom at Harvard.) Board members received a fresh round of input from friends, family, and acquaintances over Christmas vacation. And finally the pressure got to them"

James Lindsay, anti-Fascist on X - "Suddenly, intent matters again. LOL. This is a new play: they're going to trying to argue that "unintentional plagarism" should receive no disciplinary action. Guess who will judge what is "intentional" or not? They'll grant themselves an immunity carveout—for Leftists only."
Paul Rossi on X - "They always judge themselves based on their intentions (“trying to build a more just world” etc). They only ever judge their enemies based on impact, and through a lens darkly."

Christopher F. Rufo ⚔️ on X - "A full-blown “plagiarism war” will turn the Right’s major disadvantage in academia—being outnumbered ~10:1 on elite university faculties—into a massive asymmetrical advantage. Game on."
Jason Busch on X - "3 things in favor:  1) Numbers game (faculty demographics based on political orientation) — academy is 85%+ left (if not more)  2) Progressives are lazy thinkers (since they act as NPCs regurgitating the same stuff). Likely greater incidence of plagiarism  3) Established codes of conduct at each institution specify the penalty for students (no back-tracking on that now)  Game on indeed"

Christopher F. Rufo ⚔️ on X - "Let's talk prestige, scholarship, degrees, DEI, affirmative action. Let's have a full-blown plagiarism war. The more attention focused on elite academia, the more people will see the incompetence, the psychopathologies, and the ideological rot. Accelerate!"

So is it nature not nurture after all?

From 2018:

So is it nature not nurture after all?

"Traditionally, those on the left have tended to see the environment as the critical factor because it ties in with notions of egalitarianism. Thus inequalities, viewed from this perspective, are explained not by inherent differences but by social conditions.

Similarly, those on the right have leaned towards a more Darwinian conception, in which different social outcomes are accounted for by differences of suitability to the environment...

In common with many other scientists, Plomin believes that Freud sent society looking in the wrong place for answers to the question of what makes us as we are. The key to personality traits does not lie in how you were treated by your parents, but rather in what you inherited biologically from them: namely, the genes in your DNA.

He finds that genetic heritability accounts for 50% of the psychological differences between us, from personality to mental abilities. But that leaves 50% that should be accounted for by the environment. However, Plomin argues, research shows that most of that 50% is not attributable to the type of environmental influences that can be planned for or readily affected – ie it’s made up of unpredictable events. And of the environmental influences that can be moderated, much of it, he argues, is really an expression of genetics.

As Plomin writes: “We now know that DNA differences are the major systematic source of psychological differences between us. Environmental effects are important but what we have learned in recent years is that they are mostly random – unsystematic and unstable – which means that we cannot do much about them.”

Plomin has been waiting 30 years to write Blueprint. It has taken him that long to conduct the research – much of it based on long-term twin studies – necessary to prove his case. But there was another reason for the delay, he admits: “cowardice”. For a long time, he says, it was “dangerous” to study “the genetic origins of differences in people’s behaviour and to write about it in scientific journals”...

“Genetics articles – I mean it was verboten, really, in the 1970s. Everything was environmental. Even schizophrenia was thought to be due to what your mother did in the first few years of life. It seems ridiculous now, but that was the orthodoxy back then. And to mention genetics was just beyond the pale.”

Within the world of science and psychology, he says, there is no longer any problem. But if you move out into other disciplines – he cites education as an example – “genetics is still the devil”. That said, he says brightening, it’s been decades since he’s been called a Nazi.

Ever since the development of genetics a century and a half ago, the discovery of DNA’s double-helix structure 65 years ago, and the mapping of the human genome 15 years ago, there has been an awareness that science was delving into secrets of Promethean flammability. While there has always been widespread acceptance that genes determine our physiology for good and bad, much greater controversy has surrounded the subject of our psychology – our behaviour and personality traits...

Plomin’s argument is that, in a society with universal education, the greatest part of the variation in learning abilities is accounted for by genetics, not home environment or quality of school – these factors, he says, do have an effect but it’s much smaller than is popularly believed.

Another problem that Plomin encounters with explaining his findings is that people often confuse group and individual differences – or, to put it another way, the distinction between means and variances...

“The causes of average differences,” he says, “aren’t necessarily related to causes of individual differences. So that’s why you can say heritability can be very high for a trait, but the average differences between groups – ethnic groups, gender – could be entirely environmental; for example, as a result of discrimination. The confusion between means and variances is a fundamental misunderstanding.”

For much of the relatively brief history of genetic science, there has been an even greater misunderstanding – the notion that the presence or absence of single genes is the determining factor that accounts for illnesses, abnormalities, dysfunctions, etc. Hence, some environmentalists have demanded to be shown the gene for various complaints and, when it is not produced, declare that there is no genetic explanation. But single-gene conditions are rare and, as far as anyone knows, nonexistent in psychology.

The big breakthrough in the past few years is polygenic testing, which is able to correlate multiple genes – often thousands – with behaviour differences...

“We’re explaining more variance in GCSE scores than you can predict with anything else, including parents’ educational level and socioeconomic status,” says Plomin...

A further argument made in Blueprint is that even those effects that are environmental may also be genetically influenced. This is what Plomin refers to as the “nature of nurture”. If we look at the correlation between parental socioeconomic status and their children’s educational and occupational outcomes, the tendency is to see it as environmental – better-educated parents pass on privilege, thus limiting social mobility.

But genetics, writes Plomin, “turns the interpretation of this correlation upside down”. Instead, the socioeconomic status of parents might be viewed as a measure of their educational outcomes, which are heritable. So children benefit from their parents’ genes more than from their socioeconomic privilege.

James believes that if, as a society, we accept the heritability argument, then it will lead to blaming the poor for their own plight and privileging the rich for their good fortune. He’s not alone. The Guardian ran an editorial earlier this year in response to a paper that Plomin (and others) published in which they stated that: “differences in exam performance between pupils attending selective and non-selective schools mirror the genetic differences between them”. The editorial described Plomin’s ideas as “pernicious and incendiary”...

“There are no necessary policy implications of finding that genetics is the major systematic force making us who we are. Rightwing values might lead someone to say that we should educate the best and forget the rest, but my view is that the intellectual capital of a society depends on the many not just the few. Leftwing values might lead someone to say that we should put whatever resources are needed to bring children who didn’t draw good genetic cards at conception up to minimal levels of literacy and numeracy needed to participate in our increasingly technological world.”

If we do manage to iron out environmental differences, Plomin notes, we then have to accept the genetic differences that remain. Because, the more we reduce environmental differences, the more we highlight genetic differences. In other words, if we want equality of opportunity, then the price is having to acknowledge a genetically loaded inequality of outcome.

The psychologist believes that we have to go with the science, not settle on a story that suits our political sympathies. “It’s better to be right than wrong,” he says.

Perhaps the most radical aspect of Plomin’s findings has little to do with the issue of equality, but instead seeks to rethink our treatment of mental health. At the moment, mental health follows the classical medical model by diagnosing a disorder and then seeking to deal with its cause. But genetic research suggests there are no clear lines in mental disorders, rather a spectrum on which we are all genetically placed...

Plomin believes that psychiatry is already adjusting to the findings by reclassifying some disorders as spectra; for example, schizophrenia spectrum disorder and autistic spectrum disorder. “Spectra,” he says, “is another word for dimensions.”"

Too bad it's now dangerous again. And now talking about genes determining even physical differences can be dangerous too, as with trans mania (not that it wasn't in 2018 - saying that certain ethnic groups do better in some sports because of genes wasn't kosher then either)

Links - 13th January 2024 (1 - Hamas Attack Oct 2023)

Omar D. Foda 🇵🇸 on X - "You've got to understand in Arab culture murdering 8000 kids is very bad"
Richard Hanania on X - "You wouldn’t know it from how they react to every other conflict in the world that doesn’t involve Jews."

Meme - "Hamas leader Musa Abu Marzouk releases statement after Ahmed Barca, 11year old Palestinian boy was shot dead in Gaza by Hamas, while trying to access the aid.
"The aid that comes to Gaza must be distributed to the resistance fighters, and what remains, distribute it to the people. The attempt of some citizens to seize aid, as happened today in Rafah, will be fought with all force, and the people must offer what is expensive and what is cheap for the sake of the resistance, not steal the food""
Damn Zionists! Israel is so heartless!
Hamas openly proclaims that "aid" is basically supplies to enable it to continue its terrorism. But terrorism supporters will continue to gaslight everyone

Is Gaza Really the World’s ‘Largest Open Air Prison’? - "Even as America increasingly highlights humanitarian suffering in Gaza, planning for the “day after” there will require re-examination of past misconceptions, such as calling the Strip the world’s “largest open air prison.”  That moniker, often promoted in press accounts and pushed hard by the Qatari-owned pan-Arab network Al Jazeera, led to unprecedented foreign aid to the Palestinian territories. While Arabs in Syria, Yemen, Sudan, the Sahel, and other war-besieged territories were clamoring for outside help, Gaza received lopsided attention. “Suddenly we discovered that Gaza, which is inhabited by 2 million people, has 36 hospitals,” Hoda Jannat writes on his widely followed X Arab-language account. “There are Arab countries with 30 million citizens that do not have this number of hospitals.”   The writer notes that before the war, Israel supplied water, electricity, gas, and fuel to Gaza, while no other Arab country enjoys such outside aid. Gaza, he adds, was lavished with cash, including $30 million a month from Qatar, $120 million a month from the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, $50 million a month from the European Union, and $30 million a month from America.  “There are Arab countries drowning in debt and cannot find anyone to help them even with one million dollars,” the writer notes. Contrary to widely held belief, he adds, Gaza was not besieged: goods came in, residents were traveling through Egypt to other countries, and outsiders came in.  “Suddenly we discovered that Gaza was living better than many Arab countries, and its people were living better than many Arab peoples,” Hoda Jannat concludes. A “programmed lie,” he argues, clouded people’s minds, pushed by “Muslim Brotherhood media” — a reference to Al Jazeera.   Global sympathy to what is known at the UN as “the occupied state of Palestine” and its Gaza component seems disproportionate to its needs. Suffering in the Strip is caused by poor management, graft, and — most blatantly — Hamas’s investment in war preparation, as opposed to the welfare of residents.   Late last week, in the last act of the UN Security Council for the year, a new bureaucracy was created to ensure that, as the war goes on and for the foreseeable future, aid to Gaza would pour in. At the same time, Gazans clamor to receive goods that already reach the Strip.  Hamas men often block access to aid deliveries, even shooting at crowds. In some cases, Gazans are maimed, and even killed. Hamas has the power to decide where aid is directed and who should receive it. Gazans increasingly complain that Hamas members “steal” food, medicine, and fuel intended for civilian use...   Unrwa was formed to assist Arab refugees from Israel’s 1948 war of independence. Unlike another UN agency, UNHCR, which tends to all world refugees, it is solely dedicated to Palestinians. In Gaza, it is the most lucrative enterprise and the largest employer.  Israel Defense Force troops in the Strip daily discover Hamas tunnels, missiles, arms, and rocket factories inside Unrwa facilities. The agency’s schools teach aggressive anti-Israel and anti-Jewish curricula. “Hamas has their hands on Unrwa administration workers, and it manages Unrwa,” an unidentified Gazan told an Israeli soldier in a phone conversation posted by the IDF. “The administration of the agency is Hamas.”   Several European countries, including Switzerland, have recently suspended aid to the UN organization. President Biden renewed American financial support to Unrwa after it had been cut off by President Trump."
Gaza needs more hospitals so Hamas and other militants can use them to launch attacks against Israel, then play the victim when Israel counter-attacks

Visegrád 24 on X - "The UNHCR needs 19,000 employees to take care of 29 million refugees worldwide UNRWA needs 30,000 employees to take care of 6 million Palestinian refugees Given the efficiency discrepancy, UNRWA should be dissolved, and the Palestinians should come under the care of the UNHCR"
No wonder the UNRWA supports terrorism

Dr. Eli David on X - "🚨 Breaking: Assisted by @UNRWA, Hamas terrorists again take control of aid trucks today before they reach civilians 👇 Civilians in Gaza are starving despite hundreds of aid trucks entering every day. Meanwhile most Hamas terrorists are obese."
Why would Israel seize aid meant for civilians?!

Meme - How it started: @selwan_i: "The event is great and scary, but by God, my happiness is limitless. Gaza - Palestine. 7.10.2023"
How it's going: @selwan_i: "I Lost everything ."

Olia on X - "Post from Amir Tsarfati:
Did you know that in a flak jacket on a body of a Hamas terrorist we killed on October 7th we found a head of a baby he just beheaded that he wanted to take back home as a souvenir?
Did you know that young Jewish men were found dead with their genitalia cut off and shoved inside their mouth?
Did you know that a young Jewish girl was savagely raped and then the a gun was shoved into her genitalia and the bullet that was fired came out of her head?
Did you know that In every home in Gaza we find either shafts that leads to terror tunnels, firearms and rockets and/or printed material about hating and killing Jews? Hamas isn’t in Gaza.
Hamas is Gaza!
Gaza isn’t hosting Hamas.
Gaza is Hamas!"

Are We Capable of Learning From the Murders of the Past? | Opinion - "it's not that the genocide of Jews is in any way worse, in any way more heinous than the genocides or slaughters of other peoples. They are all equally abhorrent. The outrage brought to the fore since Oct. 7 is that there are people, educated people, presumably fundamentally decent people, for whom the hatred of Jews that can lead—that has led—to the genocide of Jews is somehow less loathsome than the hatred of other peoples and groups.  I do not believe that the presidents of Harvard, University of Pennsylvania, or M.I.T., or of any other reputable American college or university for that matter, would have tolerated calls for any sort of violence, let alone genocide, against African Americans, or Muslims, or Asian Americans, or Latino immigrants, or women, or the LGBTQ community on their campuses even for a second. I do not believe that they would have hesitated to categorically repudiate any glorification of the Ku Klux Klan, even for a second."

Hamas Terrorists Have Genocide In Their Hearts. They Say So Themselves | Opinion - ""Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it," reads the Covenant of the Islamic Resistance Movement, more commonly known as the Hamas Covenant, adopted on Aug. 18, 1988. Replete with antisemitic tropes, the Covenant asserts as a premise that "Israel, Judaism, and Jews challenge Islam and the Moslem people." Quoting from the Quran, it warns "those who believe not, Ye shall be overcome, and thrown together into hell." The Charter makes abundantly clear that Hamas is determined not just to obliterate the State of Israel but to ravage and kill the Jews living there as it did on Oct. 7.  Hamas leaders have reiterated this non-negotiable intention repeatedly over the years. "Palestine is Islamic, and not an Islamic emirate, from the river to the sea, that unites the Palestinians," declared Khalil al-Hayya, a member of Hamas' politburo, in 2010. "Jews have no right in it, with the exception of those who lived on the land of Palestine before World War I." Two years later, Abdel Aziz al-Rantisi, a co-founder of Hamas who was killed in 2004, reiterated the organization's genocidal goals. "By God," he said, "we will not leave one Jew in Palestine. We will fight them with all the strength we have. This is our land, not the Jews' ..."  This year marks the 75th anniversary of the adoption of the Genocide Convention by the United Nations General Assembly. It defines the crime of genocide as any of a number of delineated acts (including murder) "committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such."  There can be no doubt whatsoever that Hamas intends to destroy–that is, kill or forcibly evict–virtually all if not all Jews living in the State of Israel. This falls four-square into the Convention's definition of genocide."

Dr. Eli David on X - "🚨 Breaking – Head of Hamas, Ismail Haniyeh: “Israel's assassination of Saleh Arouri is an act of terrorism” You can't make this up 🤣🤣"

AG on X - "Getting upset over Israel taking out multiple senior terrorists responsible for countless innocent deaths and also wanted by the US is a pretty good way to confirm that your real complaint is not the way Israelis are defending themselves, but that they are doing so at all."
We're still told that no one is pro-Hamas

Joel Mowbray on X - "Take note of all the "Pro-Palestinian" accounts decrying IDF killing of Arouri & two other top Hamas leaders.
If you're against killing Hamas leaders, you are FOR:
 - Raping Israeli women.
 - Murdering Jews (& Christians, Muslims, etc)
 - Beheading babies
 - Slaughtering Jews"

Boris Johnson condemns the Met Police for investigating Israel over alleged war crimes in Gaza as he says the force's appeal for witnesses to the conflict indicates a 'worrying politicisation' of the force - "counter-terrorism police have put up posters in British airports telling travellers they can report crimes relating to events since the Hamas attacks of October 7 as part of an International Criminal Court probe... The posters explain that the Met – which has a war crimes team – is supporting a long-running investigation into Israel by the International Criminal Court in the Hague, which is looking into events since the Hamas attacks of October 7... It comes after the Met failed to arrest pro-Hamas demonstrators for glorifying terrorism on the streets of London. Two officers were also pictured removing posters calling for the release of Israeli hostages, while others stopped the Campaign Against Antisemitism displaying images of kidnapped children on an electronic billboard... Gideon Falter, chief executive of the Campaign Against Antisemitism, said: 'This poster campaign is utterly surreal. At a time when protesters are marching in London every week wearing Hamas-style headbands, shouting genocidal chants, calling for jihad against the Jewish state and inciting violent intifada with apparent impunity, the Met is concerned with acts of terrorism and allegations of war crimes halfway around the world, potentially even in contravention of the stated position of the British Government.'"
Laurence Fox on X - "The ⁦@metpoliceuk⁩ should be investigating the 30% increase in knife crime on our own streets instead of trying to get involved in foreign wars. No wonder crime in London is off the charts. Do your job."
When you let the left take over your institutions

Meme - Drew Paviou: "Just checking in on the "anti-racist" left and it seems they are calling for some kind of Jew registry"
@dakhterakhier: "This has become terrifyingly more clear to me with time. Like I said before, we need a green book."
saira rao @sairasameerarao: "Realizing how many American doctors and nurses are Zionists and genuinely terrified for Palestinian, Arab, Muslim, South Asian and Black patients - even more than usual. And usually it's bad."
JonoRose @SirJonoRose: "I'm all for encouraging them to boycott Jewish doctors, drug companies that originated or even do business in Israel, surgical procedures invented by Jewish doctors, medical devices invented in or even sold in Israel, etc. etc. etc."

Meme - "What's happening here is that Saira's business model of white guilt stricken ladies paying for struggle session dinners is running dry, so she's trying to test the waters to see if there's a market for "self hating Jewish doctors willing to pay for struggle session dinners"
Readers added context: "This is a classic antisemitic trope. Throughout history, Jews & Jewish doctors have been accused of intentionally doing harm or plotting to do harm to non-Jews (esp children & people in power). Israeli doctors provide care to Palestinians all the time. Even terrorists."

Meme - Marina Medvin @MarinaMedvin: "The most antisemitic psychopaths are coming out of the woodwork. But-- let's give her what she wants no medical care from any Jewish doctors. Dear Jewish Doctors, please take note she does not want you to treat her when she is ill."
Rupa Marya, MD @DrRupaMarya: "The presence of Zionism in US medicine should be examined as a structural impediment to health equity. Zionism is a supremacist, racist ideology and we see Zionist doctors justifying the genocide of Palestinians. How does their outlook/ position impact priorities in US medicine?"

Thribhu Chevva on X - "This is exactly what people were doing to the Muslim community post-9/11. Muslim Americans had to put big American flags in front of their homes or on their cars to prove they weren't the 'bad' Muslims. You're already starting to see similar narratives about 'good' Jews and 'bad' Jews."

False bomb threats to Jewish institutions are believed connected, originated from outside US, FBI says - "The false threats come just days after the end of Hanukkah and amid a spike of threats against the Jewish community documented since the start of the Israel-Hamas war in Gaza."
Clearly, this is not anti-Semitism but anti-Zionism because all Jews are responsible for what Israel does. But if you criticise Israel, that cannot possibly be anti-Semitism

Gaza is plagued by poverty, but Hamas has no shortage of cash. Where does it come from? - "The unemployment rate in Gaza is 47% and more than 80% of its population lives in poverty, according to the United Nations. Hamas, however, has funded an armed force of thousands equipped with rockets and drones and built a vast web of tunnels under Gaza. Estimates of its annual military budget range from $100 million to $350 million, according to Israeli and Palestinian sources... Hamas leaders have publicly acknowledged Iran’s ongoing financial and military support.   In an interview this month that appeared on Russia Today TV, senior Hamas official Ali Baraka said that “First and foremost, it is Iran that is giving us money and weapons.” Last year, Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh told Al Jazeera that Iran paid $70 million to the group to support its defense plan."
Gaza is a poor concentration camp because of the Zionists!

Marina Medvin 🇺🇸 on X - "A Hamas leader was attempting to flee Gaza with suitcases full of cash. That’s US cash in there. You’re welcome, taxpayers."

BLM activist Shaun King's Instagram account blocked amid anti-Israel posts - "Controversial Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King — who had claimed he aided in the release of two US citizens that were kidnapped by Hamas and has accused Israel of genocide — had his Instagram account blocked... King has repeatedly bashed Israel for invading the Gaza Strip and shared Hamas propaganda videos claiming the hostages were being treated well. “The account was disabled due to multiple instances of praise for designated entities in violation of our policies,” a Meta spokesperson told The Post... King was accused of fabricating claims that he played a role in the release of two Americans who were freed from Hamas captivity.  The 44-year-old King appeared to take credit for the release of Natalie Raanan, 17, and her mother, Judith Tai Raanan, who were taken hostage and held captive by Hamas for nearly two weeks.  “First and foremost, we make it clear that he is lying! Our family does not and did not have anything to do with him, neither directly nor indirectly. Not to him and not to anything he claims to represent,” Raanan family members wrote in a statement.  Separately, King has come under fire for spending lavishly on homes and security despite his reputation as being a champion of the poor and disenfranchised. In 2021, King moved from a luxury two-bedroom apartment in downtown Brooklyn to a five-bedroom, 3,000-square-foot home in North Brunswick, NJ, according to public records.  King has been dogged for years by allegations of shady dealings in his charitable efforts in movements he has founded — including a lack of transparency in money he has raised for several criminal justice initiatives he has backed."
Peter Boghossian on X - "We've been warning Social Justice advocates that they should not advocate policies they wouldn't want applied to themselves. We have continuously reminded them that their views won't always be popular. That day is upon us."

Pro-Palestinian protesters out to cancel Christmas as they storm NYC again - "Hundreds of pro-Palestinian protesters converged on Midtown Monday, lugging a blood-red mock Nativity scene and chanting, “Christmas is canceled here.” “Long live the intifada,” the crowd of about 500 demonstrators yelled, using the Arabic word for “rebellion” or “uprising,” as they mobbed the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree, where revelers were enjoying the holiday... A few scuffles broke out in the crowd after nightfall, including outside St. Patrick’s Cathedral, which sent cops running through the mob.  At least six arrests — four for disorderly conduct, one for menacing and one for graffiti — were later reported near Grand Central Station and Union Square, as protesters and cops clashed, according to law enforcement sources... It followed a pro-Palestinian car caravan that disrupted Christmas carolers at Washington Square Park Sunday night, blaring music to douse the holiday spirit in the neighborhood...   On Nov. 29, hundreds of demonstrators — at least one spotted carrying a swastika — stormed the Sixth Avenue building after police blocked them from Rockefeller Center during a well-organized “Flood the Tree Lighting for Gaza” protest... News Corp was labeled as a target for radical protesters in a disturbing map that claimed the company was one of several sites identified as “an enemy of both the Palestinian people and colonized people all over the world.”  That call came from Within Our Lifetime, a pro-Palestinian group."
The left are still pretending that the War on Christmas is a right wing lie

Chaya Raichik on X - "Remember when the @nytimes journalists lost their minds and a chief editor had to resign because they ran an op-ed by a sitting US Senator? Well now the New York Times is running opinion pieces written by Hamas. Are their journalists outraged? 🤔 NYT showing their true colors!"

Thread by @AGHamilton29 on Thread Reader App – Thread Reader App - "If you want to understand how Hamas propaganda is created on here and spreads, let me show a perfect example.  21 year old Mia Schem was taken hostage by Hamas on 10/7. She had her arm blown off. She was released as part of the ceasefire exchange. While she was still in Hamas captivity, they had her film a hostage video in October.  Then, right before her release, they had her film another video under gunpoint where she said she was treated “very good” and people in Gaza were “very kind” to her. The main anti-Israel propaganda accounts on here then promoted that video for millions of views suggesting Hamas was treating the hostages very well. And then you had certain people with media platforms, like Briahna Joy Gray, use such propaganda to dismiss the possibility of rape andclaim that the hostages faced “humane treatment”. All of that leaves a lasting false impression. Then we get to now when she has had a chance to recover and is sharing the real story on how she was treated, which is the complete opposite of humane. Here Mia talks specifically about the video cited above by propagandists on here that Hamas made her record.  “Just before heading home, a Hamas terrorist with a camera confronts you and tells me, say that the people of Gaza are nice. Say kind things” Mia explains that she was treated like a zoo animal. She says that she believes the only reason that the man from the family who watched her 24/7 prior to being taken to the tunnels didn’t rape her was that his wife was always outside the door w the kids."

Marina Medvin 🇺🇸 on X - "Muslims are driving around New York waiving Palestinian flags as they call for “intifada,” as well as decorating their cars with upside-down red triangles and the phrase “long live the resistance.”  Intifada is a series of Palestinian terrorist suicide bombings and stabbings that killed well over a thousand people, including children. This is “the resistance” that they so proudly boast.  The upside down red triangle is a Hamas symbol used to designate their intended target — it’s an assassin’s target marking.  So all in all — the car is an all-out celebration of Palestinian terrorism. They’re calling for terrorism. In New York."

Andy Ngô 🏳️‍🌈 on X - ""May Allah burn the Jews and those who have allegiance towards them"  Ayman Alamari, an armed Muslim private security guard who works at @ShopGrapevine  in Grapevine, Texas recorded a video of himself cursing Jews. The translation has been verified."

katie smith on X - "NOW: Protestors set off red smoke bombs on the Brooklyn Bridge while chanting “Israel bombs, USA pays, how many kids did you kill today?”"
J.D. Haltigan, PhD 🏒👨‍💻 on X - ""A sizeable percentage of the revolutionary extremists I have dealt with have been clinically ill; and this is not my lay judgement, but is based on discussions I have had about them with university psychiatrists, and on the medical histories of some of them. In situations of social instability people who are themselves messed up psychologically can attain positions of great prestige and prominence." -- Searle, 1972"

Meme - White Guy: "I'm unvaccinated."
Palestinian: "I'm literally going to kill you."
Soyjak: "Assalamu alaikum, brother!"

Visegrád 24 on X - "BREAKING: Anti-Israel protesters physically attack the 2 Iranian former political prisoners and refugees @SalmanSima and @sadeghinoor. They also try to steal their Lion and Sun flag. The anti-Israel protesters side with the Islamist regime in Tehran."

Dr. Eli David on X - "Hamas terrorist: “I will not feel sorry for any Israeli child, and I will not regret even if it is a nursery full of kids.”"

Aviva Klompas on X - "The @nytimes is now just making shit up. This headline reads "Gaza Deaths Surpass Any Arab War Losses in 40 Years." One whole second of Googling found this: The UN Human Rights Office estimates more than 306,000 civilians were killed over 10 years in Syria conflict (2011-2021)."

Oli London on X - "Palestinian 🇵🇸flags flown from houses throughout an entire street in Leicester, England. Not a single British flag in site. 🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿"
Meme - Fr Calvin Robinson @calvinrobinson: "How do we resolve this? The UK has been captured by liberals who have invited the barbarians in. We have been conquered without a fight. What diplomatic means do we have to reverse this mess? It seems democracy has failed us. *houses in a long row, all with Palestine flags"
DITCH YOUR SMART PHONE @Garry44650280: "Imagine a row of houses displaying the Union Jack and the reaction 'Racist Street' would be plastered all over the press"

Taxi driver loses appeal to display Cross of St George - MP calls for change in flag policy - "John Brockhurst, a taxi driver and military veteran from near Market Drayton, was told to remove the flag, along with a Union Jack and regimental logo, from his hackney carriage back in October.  The decision, from Shropshire Council, was because the authority said it did not comply with the advertising policy that hackney carriages must not feature any "symbols, flags or emblems". It has now emerged that Mr Brockhurst, who runs Basil's Taxi, has lost an appeal against the decision.  North Shropshire MP Helen Morgan said she has now written to Shropshire Councillors asking them to change rules which ban the display of national flags – including the St George’s Cross and Union Jack – in taxis across the county.  The MP has pointed out that the council's own policy says the Union Jack should be flown "on a daily basis unless otherwise directed" at council buildings."
Welwyn and Hatfield council homes face flag ban
Patriot games: how toxic is the England flag today?
We are still told that liberals don't hate their countries

Friday, January 12, 2024

Links - 12th January 2024 (2 - Claudine Gay at Harvard: Bill Ackman)

Paul Yacoubian on X - "I’ve been following @BillAckman  since 2012 across his many activist campaigns and I think shining a light on the derangement and corruption of our finest universities is undoubtedly one of the lowest risk, highest reward opportunities to improve America’s future.   It’s one thing to say “oh colleges are worthless and won’t exist in the future” and another to say “you know what, we should expect greatness and if they won’t oversee themselves in a prudent way, maybe I can do something to help”.  This is an incredible opportunity to catalyze much needed and long overdue change. These institutions can be great again. And young people absolutely need to have the ability to get valuable first principles education from people who have achieved. And we owe it to them to ensure they get their money’s worth and that the product is truly world-class.  Plagiarism is long hanging fruit evidence. I suspect there is an equivalent of the Twitter files to be uncovered in email records.  Bill, don’t stop. Transparency is the best disinfectant."

Bill Ackman on X - "My wife, @NeriOxman , was just contacted by Business Insider claiming that they have identified other plagiarism in her work including 15 examples in her dissertation where she did not cite Wikipedia as a source.    Business Insider told us that they are publishing their story this evening.  As a result, we don't have time to research their claims prior to publication.  It is unfortunate that my actions to address problems in higher education have led to these attacks on my family.  This experience has inspired me to save all news organizations from the trouble of doing plagiarism reviews.    We will begin with a review of the work of all current @MIT  faculty members, President Kornbluth, other officers of the Corporation, and its board members for plagiarism.  We will be using MIT's own plagiarism standards which can be found here:  https://integrity.mit.edu/handbook/what-plagiarism  We will share our findings in the public domain as they are completed in the spirit of transparency."
Melissa Chen on X - "Let’s fuckin’ go!!!!! 👏 👏 👏 I saw MIT slowly give in to woke nonsense. It was still fine when I was there in 2014. Slowly but surely it got corrupted.. The way they dealt with Prof. Dorian Abbot and Prof. David Sabitini respectively was when I lost all hope"

Bill Ackman on X - "Ms. Long of Business Insider did not send anything to me.   Fran McGill, who heads communications for us, received an email from Ms. Long at 5:19pm which he brought to my attention when he tracked me down around 20 minutes later. The email was about 12 pages long.   Ms. Long said in the email that BI would be publishing its story this evening.  They did so at 7:15pm.   Note that they chose to send the email after sundown on Friday night to a family that celebrates Shabbat dinner together.   And also note that they are attacking the Israeli wife of the protagonist in this situation.   Think about that and think about why they chose to wait until 5:19pm.   Now also consider why is it that Business Insider published this story. Probably because other news sources turned it down.   Who picks BI for a “scoop” in any case?  Also, how can one check whether Wikipedia was used as a source for anything?   Wikipedia changes minute by minute. The authors are unknown. Is it even copyrighted material?  How do we know that Wikipedia didn’t plagiarize from someone else?   Who is accountable for accuracy at Wikipedia?  Who are the authors?  Does Business Insider strike you as a first class source of news trying to get to the truth, or is it a gun for anyone’s hire.   What do you think?"
Bill Ackman on X - "Not only did Ms. Long not contact me. I have never spoken to her in my life.   How can she be paraphrasing something I said if she never spoke to me?  Clearly, she had already written her article prior to contacting Fran, our head of communications at 5:19pm when she told him they would be publishing shortly this evening, which they did around 7:10pm.   The only ‘blasting’ here was Business Insider and their so-called journalists trying to destroy other people’s reputations.   Who would advertise on such a site?  Who would work at BI?  This is the worst form of so-called journalism.   I predict that Business Insider will go bankrupt and be liquidated. It is just a matter of time."

Bill Ackman on X - "A few questions:  How can one defend oneself against an accusation of plagiarizing Wikipedia for a dissertation written 15 years ago in 2009?  Isn’t the whole point of Wikipedia that it is a dynamic source of info that changes minute by minute based on edits and contributions from around the globe?  Has anyone (other than my wife) ever been accused of plagiarism based on using Wikipedia for a definition of a word?  Is Wikipedia copyrighted? If so which version? The most recent one? The previous version?  Is it plagiarism when you use an online dictionary for a definition of a word or term?  How can one defend oneself when one learns about a 12-page plagiarism accusation at 540pm on Friday night when one celebrates Shabbat and you are told the article  would be published shortly, in this case at 7:10pm?"

Wilfred Reilly on X - "I'll just say the obvious: 10% of...everyone's writing is going to turn up as "slightly paraphrased definitions from Britannica and Wikipedia." Why? Because those are the literal fuc*ing definitions."

Bill Ackman on X - "It has been the case since as far as I can remember in business and in media that family was off limits, unless of course the family is directly involved in the business.   The code of the road was that you can attack the protagonist as much as you want, but not his wife and not his kids.   The same is true in business dealings. You never go after someone’s family to get at a business person. This is a sacred code that I have never seen violated.   Business Insider broke this sacred code on Thursday and again on Friday when they went after my wife, @NeriOxman . And they are working on another story about her. They are calling her former students as we speak.   Inspired by the code being broken, a journalist from Bloomberg reached out to my kids on their cell phones this weekend for a story she is working on. The reporter’s name is Kathy Burton. I had respected her until now.   Do we want to live in a world where journalists go after your life partner and your kids?  In that world, one would respond to an attack on one’s wife and family by going after the owner of the media company and his wife and family.   Ask yourself, who would want to advertise on a media property where they go after people’s families?   No one.   Because eventually they will go after your family.   The Editor of the Investigative group of Business Insider who is leading the attack on my wife is John Cook.   He is a known anti-Zionist. My wife is Israeli. That might explain why he was willing to lead this attack and others turned down the source when they were looking for a media outlet.   How would John feel if someone went after his life partner and kids?  How would Joe Bae and Scott Nuttall feel if it was their wives and kids rather than mine?  How would Henry Kravis and George Roberts react to this experience?  How would Mike Bloomberg?  We need to decide what kind of world we want to live in.   I want to know the answer to that question today because it is a really important question, and it affects society at large and our future."
Peter Boghossian on X - "In the course of one of my inquisitions, l learned that a DEI bureaucrat was asking my current and former students if they knew anything about me beating my wife and family. This is what they do. This is who they are."
Billboard Chris 🇨🇦🇺🇸 on X - "It amazes me how moderate Democrats are just now learning about the tactics of the Left.  Going after family members is nothing new. One of the first things these child-abusing radical leftist losers did when I started campaigning was try to get my wife fired.   I’m glad Bill Ackman is becoming aware. Hopefully he puts his resources to use and fights back."

Melissa Chen on X - "“We got here because of cowardice. We get out because of courage.” said @bariweiss, about the “woke revolution” that ushered in moral myopia under the guise of DEI. @BillAckman’s courage has led to real victories. The DEI regime can be challenged and torn down. Keep at it!"

Yellow Lab Life Capital on X - "Bill Ackman has never been more relatable than this “You brought my wife into this and now I shall burn MIT’s faculty to the fucking ground” “The husbands of America should take notes” - Mrs. Koala"

Bill Ackman on X - "Last night, no one at @MIT  had a good night’s sleep.  Yesterday evening, shortly after I posted that we were launching a plagiarism review of all current MIT faculty, President Kornbluth, members of MIT’s administration, and its board, I am sure that an audible collective gasp could be heard around the campus.  Why? Well, every faculty member knows that once their work is targeted by AI, they will be outed. No body of written work in academia can survive the power of AI searching for missing quotation marks, failures to paraphrase appropriately, and/or the failure to properly credit the work of others.  But it wasn’t just the MIT faculty that did not sleep last night. The @Harvard  faculty, its governing board members, and its administrative leadership did not sleep either. Because why would we stop at MIT?  Don’t we have to do a deep dive into academic integrity at Harvard as well?  What about Yale, Princeton, Stanford, Penn, Dartmouth? You get the point.  While we are going to do a detailed review of plagiarism at MIT, we are not going to be the only ones who do so... Consider the inherently irreconcilable conflicts of interest. Would you trust today’s university president to do an examination of their faculty? What are the chances that the reviews would be weaponized to go after faculty members whose politics were not favored by leadership?  We have seen this before with other tools used by university presidents and their deans. Consider the weaponization of MeToo accusations, speech codes, and the other tactics of cancellation that have destroyed free speech on campus, and many faculty members’ reputations, careers, and their families.  By analogy, who would trust even our most credible corporations with auditing their own financial statements? There is a reason why all public companies have independent auditors who are carefully examined by regulators to ensure they maintain quality, standards, accuracy, and independence.   And what if a plagiarism review turned into an incredible embarrassment for the entire university? It could lead to wholesale firings of faculty. Donors terminating their donations. Federal funding being withdrawn, and a massive litigious conflagration where faculty members and universities sue one another about what is plagiarism, and what is not. Think about the inevitable destruction of the reputations of thousands of faculty members as it rolls out around the country, and perhaps the world.  And maybe that’s a good thing... The HES can affect what’s taught to toddlers and what is taught in elementary and high schools, as ed schools train the next generation of teachers and superintendents, and design the curricula they teach.  The HES can convince a generation that some of us are oppressors, and others are the oppressed, and provide justifications for what kinds and what degree of violence and terrorism are appropriate tools to address this perceived oppression.  The HES can affect our medical establishments and the ethics of medicine, e.g., some of our most controversial procedures and medicines, and the advisability of their use on children, and so on. You get the point, I am sure.  The HES affects our legal system, our ethics, and our basic understanding of right and wrong.  It affects how we think about capitalism and our economic system, and how we address wealth inequality, taxation, monetary and fiscal policy, and consider universal basic income and other alternatives.  It also affects religion and how it is practiced and no longer practiced around the country.  It can advance a monetary theory which states that the U.S. as a sovereign nation has effectively no limit to its spending because it can just print new money without any consequences or loss of solvency.  And then, of course, the graduates of our education system over time become the judges, the Supreme Court justices, the politicians, the members of the media, and the other people that influence and determine our way of life, and help us understand the truth, but whose truth? you might ask.  The HES influences how our national voting system should be administered; the standards for eligibility to run for office; how the primary system works, and what it takes to qualify to be on a ballot in a state... Over the last few weeks and months, I have literally received hundreds of emails, texts, hand- and type-written letters and cards, and phone calls of support (and 10s if not 100s of 1000s of posts and replies on X) – from friends and strangers, alumni, faculty and students, senior leaders of foreign countries, U.S. senators and members of congress, high profile members of the media, and several presidential candidates – for my efforts to help address the problems at Harvard, MIT, Penn and the higher education system at large. All of that said, most have been pessimistic about the opportunity for necessary change, as nearly everyone believes that it will take decades to fix the problem because of the life tenure system for faculty...   The weaponization of AI for plagiarism has become the tactical nuke of the U.S. higher education system. That is potentially good news as the more I have learned about the HES, the clearer it has become that tactical devices and other powerful weapons may be required to win this war... I do believe that intent matters with plagiarism as it does in the securities laws... So far, I have only been accused of racism against Black people as a result of my advocacy for all three stepping down from their roles. I have not yet been accused of misogyny as far as I am aware. I have been ecumenical and color blind in my advocacy here. Please also note my post last night about why I believe the Chairman of MIT must resign for apparent tax fraud. I note that he happens to be a Jewish man. Am I am also an antisemite?"
This was even longer than the previous longest tweet I'd ever seen (also by him)

Bill Ackman on X - "The reporter told Fran that she was going to publish her story shortly thereafter that evening so it was clear to the reporter and to us that we would not have time to respond. In one of my previous posts, I got some of the timing slightly wrong. It was worse than I thought.  Fran received her email at 5:19pm. He found me and Neri about 10 minutes later. A few minutes after Neri and I began to read the 12-page email, we realized that there was no way we could investigate the plagiarism allegations in an hour or two, let alone days without access to all of the underlying documents and a careful review of the relevant papers and sources. As you know, plagiarism allegations are no joke and often take months to adjudicate.  With no possibility of responding in time, I posted at 6:01pm that we would launch a review of @MIT ’s faculty. I am sure you remember that post. At 6:51pm (I had originally thought it was 7:10pm or 7:15pm), Business Insider posted their story,  one hour and 32 minutes after the reporter’s 12-page email was sent.  Reporters don’t like it when you respond to their stories publicly before they are released. I have never done so before. However, this circumstance was so incredibly egregious, I felt that I had no choice.  A reporter was attacking my wife yet again, a woman who is totally uninvolved in my advocacy on higher education, but they thought attacking my family would cause me more pain. Even the mafia operates with more dignity and respect for family, and I apologize to the mafia for the comparison. Business Insider gave us no time to respond, and acted with actual malice and bad faith.  For further info, please review her posts where she alleged that she had spoken to me and was trying to help me understand the BI plagiarism allegations. I have never spoken to this person and never will. I have addressed her false statements in two responses to her posts. I encourage you to read them if you care to learn more.  Earlier today, Neri heard that Business Insider is now calling her former students for whatever story it is working on now. You might ask yourself:  Why is Business Insider reviewing and attacking Neri Oxman’s life and career?  In my 36-year career, I have never had the experience of a journalist and their employer attacking the life partner of a subject of any story, even a big one. Even Herbalife and the journalists that covered that escapade chose to stay away from attacking my family. Perhaps I am just lucky or perhaps Business Insider is a disgusting and unethical journalistic operation.  I had forgotten Axel Springer had acquired Business Insider. Axel Springer is now controlled by KKR. I am therefore incredibly shocked by the conduct of a company controlled by KKR, a firm that I have had enormous respect for over the years. I hope they have no idea what is going on in their Business Insider subsidiary, but I am going to look into it. My best guess is that the incentives for management of BI are designed poorly, or as I have been told, the Editor of Business Insider’s Investigative Division has an agenda that he is pursuing against my wife or something else is going on.   I would greatly appreciate if the X community can help figure this out.  Other journalists sadly are playing the same game. They call OXMAN for comment, which as a start up in stealth mode doesn’t have a communications person, and the office manager takes a message. The message is then passed to Neri who is, of course, focused on her work. By the time Neri has a chance to field the inquiry, the story is already published in most cases, literally minutes later. This has to stop.  Last night, a reporter at Bloomberg, let’s call her Kathy, left messages on my kids’ cell phones that she was writing a story on me and asking them to call back so they could answer her questions.  I am an enormous fan of the Bloomberg company. I advocated for Mike Bloomberg for president such is the respect I have for him. I know this reporter and I can’t believe that she called my children on their cell phones.  Kathy, WTF is going on?  Lastly, if X was not independently controlled and governed by a free speech absolutist, Neri and I would not have had the ability to respond in a rapid fashion in a public forum where free speech is allowed, encouraged, and respected. I would also not have had the ability to reach millions of people with what I believe are important messages.  And I would not have been able to be nearly as effective in my campaign to help save the higher education system in our country, and I represent just one of hundreds of millions of grateful users.  So thank you @elonmusk  !!! and thank you @lindayaX  for holding strong.  I am going to stop here even though I have a lot more to say. The good news is that you don’t run out of ink on X.  I am grateful for your taking the time to read this missive if you have made it this far, but don’t worry I am sure I will have an excuse to write again."
Karol Markowicz on X - "You dared take a position against the left. That's it. That's all it takes. It's a cultural revolution and dissenters will be punished. There are no rules."
This is also why the left hate Elon Musk so much for buying Twitter and allowing free speech, since it threatens their agenda

ᴍᴇᴅ ɢᴏʟᴅ 🐒 on X - "In case people don’t know what Bill Ackman does, he isn’t just a hedge fund manager. He’s an activist investor. Which means he buys massive shares of companies to gain enough influence so they have to do exactly what he says. He often fires their executive team and runs the place as he sees fit. Given he just left Harvard with a black eye — he probably isn’t the kind of man you want to fuck with, particularly with his wife. These people are retarded."
Andrew Ruiz on X - "He’s also the kind of guy who spends hours looking at spreadsheets due to the nature of his work. Real mind-numbing tedious work unless you enjoy it. Sort of like checking for plagiarism. So by the looks of it, it looks like they just gave him a brand new hobby lol."

Meme - Robert Sterling @RobertMSterling: "Going after @BillAckman ’s wife is one of the dumbest moves I’ve ever seen. MIT and Business Insider don’t understand the force of nature that’s about to come after them.  This guy literally beat out Brad Pitt competing for his wife. While you were losing sleep over not having toilet paper during Covid, he was making $2.6B shorting the entire economy. The dude is just built different.  Ackman is righteously pissed off. He’s motivated. He’s rich af, and he’s got some of the best research analysts in the world working for him (I worked in military intelligence, and DOD/IC analysts don’t come close to Wall Street short-sellers when it comes to autistically meticulous research).  You think Gen Z clickbait journalists and MIT deans more comfortable in chemistry labs than in tense board-room proxy fights are ready for a guy like this once he gets on the war path? Yeah, right. *Ackman as Roman soldier*"

Gummi Bear on X - "The hit job on @BillAckman suddenly makes sense @johnjcook, Gawker ’s former editor, is the exec editor at Insider Beyond his role in the disasterous Hulk Hogan scandal/lawsuit, he’s also long been considered an anti-zionist Some people never learn…"

Billionaire Ackman Slams Business Insider Over Plagiarism Reports, And Musk Suggests Lawsuit - "Axel Springer issued a statement saying the “facts of the reports have not been disputed” but that the company has received concerns about the “motivation and the process leading up to the reporting.”"
Weird. I thought the liberal rule was now that bad faith attacks meant allegations couldn't be true. But of course that only applies to their side
Notably, Oxman quickly apologised for missing quotations marks and will submit corrections and no one pretended this was anti-Semitism or misogyny. This is very different from what happened with Gay

Yehuda Teitelbaum on X - "Just 56 more cases of plagiarism and say that calling for the genocide of Jews depends on the context and you guys will be even. I'll leave it to the scholars to figure out the severity of this but it smells like a witch hunt."

Harvard, Claudine Gay and the Education of Bill Ackman - WSJ - "“I think diversity, equity, inclusion are wonderful things, OK?” Mr. Ackman says. “Small ‘d,’ small ‘e,’ small ‘i.’ But when you capitalize them in turning into a movement, the way that it’s applied at places like Harvard, it’s not about true diversity, equity and inclusion.” He concedes that “it takes, frankly, a little bit of study to understand this. I’m not up on campus. I didn’t understand the details, the implementation, and the philosophical backdrop.” He likens DEI to ESG—environmental, social and governance, self-righteous nostrums by which many corporations abide. “Well-intentioned movements like ESG can have catastrophic consequences for the world. Europe’s loss of energy independence was a contributing factor in Putin having the confidence to invade Ukraine.”... One is tempted to say the attack on Ms. Oxman backfired. But while it only emboldened her husband, it may intimidate other would-be critics from joining the public fray. Friends ask Mr. Ackman how he has so much time for social media. “ ‘What about your day job?’ they say. And my answer is, my big posts are at night, on weekends, or on vacation like last week.” He sees his efforts against DEI as a public service—and good for business. “We have $18 billion invested for the long term in our country’s best companies,” he says. “The good news is my business interests and my patriotic interests are perfectly aligned.”"

Hamas October 7th Attack Edition: Shani Louk as a Prostitute / Israel vs Hamas actresses / What gets protesters out

Ridvan Aydemir | Apostate Prophet @ApostateProphet: "This is how they treated her.

This is how they will treat YOU.

Daniel Haqiqatjou @Haqiqatjou: "Isn't it hilarious that the #1 thing the TradCons are citing to justify their diehard support for Israel genociding Palestine is one 5 second clip of some rave prostitute?

Plenty of footage of traditional families, modest Palestinian women, mosques, churches being kidnapped, murdered, and destroyed by Israel's belligerence.

But what moves the TradCons is a rave prostitute. They even share her almost naked insta pics to garner more sympathy for the Zionist cause."

"Israel biggest movie actress *Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman* Hamas biggest movie actress *Mia Khalifa doing porn (eating a 'sandwich')*"

"Dr. Eli David @DrEliDavid: "No mass protests in European capitals. Nobody cares."
"ISIS burned 19 Yezidi girls alive for refusing to convert to Islam and be sex slaves.

Not a single Muslim marched for them!""

Links - 12th January 2024 (1 - Pitbulls)

done pit bulls pitbulls

This post consolidates past pitbull-related links not residing in dedicated posts (all the way back to 2011) for easier location of links. I have also created a new label for this subject, "pitbulls".

Addendum: This is no longer available, but it was propagating the nanny dog myth

Are Pit Bulls Dangerous - "A five-year review of dog-bite injuries from the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, published in 2009 in the journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, found that almost 51 percent of the attacks were from pit bulls, almost 9 percent were from Rottweilers and 6 percent were from mixes of those two breeds. In other words, a whopping two-thirds of the hospital's dog-attack injuries involved just two breeds, pit bulls and Rottweilers. Other studies confirm these statistics: A 15-year study published in 2009 in the American Journal of Forensic Medicine and Pathology revealed that pit bulls, Rottweilers and German shepherds were responsible for the majority of fatal dog attacks in the state of Kentucky... there's considerable evidence that owners of pit bulls and other high-risk dogs are themselves high-risk people."

Man whose penis and testicles were eaten by bulldog 'was alone in room with the animal' - "Olde English Bulldogges were bred in the early 1970s in an attempt to recreate the historic Bulldog breed but with a less aggressive temperament. Bulldogs were popular up until the 19th century at the peak of bull baiting and had previously been used by butchers to immobilise the animals so they could be slaughtered. The original Old English Bulldog breed, historically popular for bull baiting, is extinct. They were used for blood sport but declined in number along with the fall in popularity of bull baiting after the Cruelty to Animals Act was passed in 1835. Its modern descendant, the Olde English Bulldogge, was bred in the US in an attempt to recreate the muscular and athletic animals with large lower jaws but without their vicious tendencies or health problems."
"Stereotypes" about a relative of the pit bulls

Pit Bull Advocate Killed By Her Pit Bull - "Her husband, Greg Napora, says the last time he saw 32-year-old Darla Napora was when he was leaving for work. She was sleeping in the bed with their two pit bulls — Gunner, a 2-year-old male and Tazi, a 6-year-old female.When he returned home at around 12, he found Darla laying on the ground covered in blood with Gunner, also covered in blood, hovering near her body... Darla was an avid pit bull lover and supporter of Bay Area Dog lovers Responsible About Pit Bulls, or Bad Rap, a group that tries to change negative attitudes toward pit bulls derived from stories in which pit bulls chew off the face of the pregnant women who raised them.Gunner was not neutered, a fact that some believe played a role in provoking the attack... Greg has forgiven Gunner for taking the life of his wife and his unborn child and is doing everything he can to get Tazi back..“They are the most loving animals I have ever had in my life. Whatever happened right now was not the breeds fault,” he said. In fact, the couple loved the pit bulls so much, Gunner’s ashes will be buried with Darla"

Father of Pregnant Pacifica Woman Killed by Her Pet Pit Bull Writes Letter - "People have said “She was white trash and that she must have abused her dog.” or “She fell off a ladder and the dog didn’t attack -- it only was trying to awaken her.” and “Her husband trained the dog to attack Darla.”"
Cognitive dissonance!

Three children attacked by pit bull as Ontario moves to legalize the breed - "Just one week after legislation was tabled to scrap a controversial dog breed ban in Ontario, a man from Wingham has been charged in connection with pit bull attack that sent three children to the hospital.The Ontario Provincial Police said on November 13, an American Staffordshire Terrier, a banned pit bull breed in Ontario, slipped its collar and immediately ran to a nearby church and private school located on John Street West in Wingham where it began attacking the children. Police referred to the animal as “out of control” and “vicious.”... Information about the dog attack comes at an awkward time for Chatham Kent Leamington MPP Rick Nicholls, who introduced a private member’s bill in the legislature on November 19 to reverse the ban on pit bull-type dogs...   Nicholls added that the amendment has strong support, however, not everyone is happy with the idea of ending the province’s 15-year ban on pit bulls. National Pit Bull Victim Awareness (NPBVA), a coalition of over 70 pit bull victim groups across the U.S. and Canada, has urged the province to keep the breed-specific ban in place. According to the victim advocacy group’s statistics, pit bulls have killed 52 people in Canada and the U.S. since the start of 2018.  Ontario is the only province that has a province-wide ban on pit bulls."

Meme - "When a pit nutter is mauled by their own dog and are still trying to explain how it's a good boy and misunderstood"

Justice for Bullies - Posts | Facebook - "We do NOT support the nanny dog myth. American Pit Bull Terriers have never historically been referred to as nanny dogs. You can do an internet search of this to confirm. If you are going to argue and say this is not a fact please come equipped with something that validates your statements."

Meme - "The outpouring of love from fellow Pit Mommies has been AMAZING! Together, we will teach these Pitphobes that it's their dead kids that are to blame for Pibbles naughty behaviour. #LoveWins"
James Steele: "It's OK that your scared of dogs"
Definitely Only Liberal Opinions Here, Don't Worry Zuck: "I LOVE your creative use of your! Yea, people who don't keep an animal that will kill their children if they pull its tail are insane! All good children are raised in homes with nanny dogs."
Ash Nicole: "children deserve to be bit if they're antagonizing the dog"
Definitely Only Liberal Opinions Here, Don't Worry Zuck: "I agree!!! It's so important to have lethal animals with hair-trigger tempers around babies and toddlers. I know that if my animal mauled my child, the first thing I'd be thinking is "what did he do to deserve it""

Did George the Dog Give His Life to Save 5 Kids from 2 Pit Bulls? - ""In memory of 'George,' who gave his life on Kauae Street, 29th April 2007 protecting children from two savage dogs."...   On April 29, 2007, George, described as a "plucky" 9-year-old Jack Russell terrier, helped to hold off two pit bulls from attacking five children in Manaia, New Zealand. Unfortunately, he was "so severely mauled in the fight" that a decision was made for him to be put down... George received two honors after his death. New Zealand's main animal welfare agency, the Society for the Protection of Animals, awarded George with a bravery medal. On top of that, an American Vietnam veteran who had read the news of George's actions to protect the children sent one of his Purple Heart medals to George's owner... In the July 2020 video, the updated plaque on the statue read: "In memory of 'George,' who gave his life on April 29, 2007, protecting children from two savage dogs. He was posthumously awarded the PDSA Gold Medal, in recognition of his bravery.""

Meme - "Plz trust me around your child."
"Pitbulls, Drag Queens"

Racism and the American Pit Bull
Presumably the statistics showing pitbulls are responsible for a large proportion of attacks are racist

Brooklinn Khoury Shares Photo of Face Immediately After Being Mauled by Dog - "Brooklinn Khoury is giving her fans a look at the severity of her injuries immediately after she was attacked by a pit bull in 2020... The model was standing in the kitchen when she went to pet her cousin's dog, an 8-year-old blue nose pitbull named Diesel, who she had met many times before."

Medical Studies of Pit Bull Injuries and Deaths in the USA and Canada - National Pit Bull Victim Awareness - "NPBVA lists medical studies published in peer-reviewed medical journals (also known as refereed or scholarly journals). Before publication, each study is scrupulously examined by an anonymous panel of experts. Articles are examined for proper use of research methods, population sampling, significance of the paper’s contribution to the existing literature, and proper integration of previous work on the topic (including citations). In many cases, several re-writes and numerous clarifications are required before a study is accepted for publication. Unlike papers published by organizations, studies published in medical journals are the most authoritative sources of information on a topic."
Addendum: "Medical doctors in the U.S. and Canada are sounding the alarm about pit bulls, calling them a “public health crisis.” From 1989 to 2014 there were 16 peer-reviewed medical studies documenting the impact of pit bulls on our healthcare systems, and since 2015 the pace has quickened, with an additional 25 studies being published. The consensus concludes that compared to attacks by all other types of dogs combined, pit bull attacks are both greater in number, and also vastly disproportionately greater than what the actual breed phenotype population numbers would actually merit. In addition, pit bull attacks cause more damage and death, require more extensive medical intervention and incur substantially higher costs to healthcare systems. Most attacks are unprovoked and unforeseen and therefore unpreventable."

‘Emotional support animal’ mauls 5-year-old girl at Portland airport, $1.1 million lawsuit says - "The mother of a 5-year-old girl mauled in the face by a pit bull at Portland International Airport has filed a $1.1 million lawsuit against the Port of Portland for allegedly letting a dangerous “emotional support animal” into the airport without a carrier."

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