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Wednesday, November 28, 2001

Think Long Hair on guys is against singapore regulations. Or at least civil servant regulations.

Woohooo~@@***!~ A levels over! Went to watch harry potter with class. As usual, things screwed up- we left school barely 20 minutes before the show started at 12, gals disappeared on mysterious errands, thus necessitating the change of ticket booking, adam was stranded outside the theatre when we went in and he went off on a food run, and further disintegration after the movie- apparently the mysterious errand was an urgent visit to the toys department, Taka.

Movie was pretty good. Loved the special effects, floating candles and pumpkins, (watch out for the moving portraits and the myriad looks/expressions exchanged between teachers/students throughout the show). Snape does a wonderfully dry impression that is so brit, Maggie Smith is imperious. Though everyone (excepting Oliver Wood) has much less of brit accents than expected- some of them sound suspiciously New yorkish (though i'm no expert). Owls are sooooo cute! (as are sorting hat and Fluffy). Think the kids playing Hermione and Ronald are such great character actors.
(I just realized I'd spoilt the movie for some of you, you have my sincere apologies if you've come this far)
Apparently some key character development bits were cut and the passage from Fluffy to the philosopher's stone was shortened for length (some obstacles not mentioned).

Ah well, JMS (producer of Babylon 5 and spinoff Crusade) claimed that in producing episodes for TV dramas, the first to go at post-production editing was the humour bits, then the character development bits. Which happened to to be hallmarks of B5. And shows how zai B5 was.

Think i'm inexorably and inexplicably inquisitive about female prom-fashion. The bits i've already heard piqued my interest.
[Ed: Gowns, gowns, more gowns. Booring.]
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