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Saturday, September 23, 2023

Links - 23rd September 2023 (2 - Antifa)

Ian Miles Cheong on Twitter - "Antifa crashes an anti-pedophilia event in Ireland, attacks attendees as fascists."

BREAKING: Portland Antifa member indicted over 2019 Andy Ngo attack | The Post Millennial - "Footage from the incident shows John Colin Hacker snagging Ngo's phone at a 24 Hour Fitness after dumping a liquid on Ngo. Staff members attempt to separate Hacker from Ngo. As Hacker successfully grabs for Ngo's phone a second time, he can be heard telling Ngo, "I will break your f*cking phone."... Hacker was arrested in September of 2020 for charges unrelated to the attack, including interfering with a police officer and harassment, but was quickly released on his own recognizance. Ngo has been repeatedly attacked both in real life and online for his coverage of Antifa both in Portland, and across the country. Ngo was attacked in June of 2021 by Antifa once again after being chased by Antifa in Portland. Ngo sought refuge in the Nines Hotel lobby after being tackled and punched by Antifa members.  Shortly before midnight, Hacker began asking Ngo questions, to which Ngo didn't respond and attempted to walk away. A group of people dressed in black began to surround and follow him, before one person managed to remove his mask. "That's Andy. Get him!" they yelled."
Damn Proud Boys! Willing to attack a fellow Fascist as a False Flag!

Conservatives staging free speech rally attacked by critics in San Francisco - "A free speech demonstration staged by conservative activists quickly fell apart in downtown San Francisco on Saturday after several hundred counterprotesters surged the area, outnumbering and attacking those gathered, including knocking one in the mouth...   Philip Anderson, the organizer of the event, posted photos to social media of his bloody mouth with a front tooth missing and another hanging loosely. He said anti-fascist protesters attacked him “for no reason."... The San Francisco Police Department said three officers suffered non life-threatening injuries when they were assaulted with pepper spray and caustic chemicals. One officer was taken to a local hospital for treatment... No arrests were made, the department said."

Portland police chief says officers won't intervene to protect residents from Antifa rioters | The Post Millennial - "Portland Police Bureau Chief Chuck Lovell signaled ahead of Antifa's announced direct action Sunday that local law enforcement won't intervene to protect residents from the riotous activity expected to take place."

Rob on Twitter - "when you realize that "anti-communist" is just a codeword for "fascist" a lot of previously confusing stuff about the last few decades becomes very clear"
When you realise that to antifa, anyone not a communist is a fascist, all becomes clear

Suspicious Fire Destroys Trump Supporter’s Garage, Truck; Pro-Biden, BLM Graffiti Left At Scene - "The FBI and ATF have been called in to investigate the fire at Denis and Deana Molla’s home... The family’s garage, trucks and trailer were burned just after 3 a.m. Wednesday. Graffiti on the garage read, “Biden 2020,” “BLM” — shorthand for Black Lives Matter — and the anarchy symbol of an “A” with a circle around it. Two 3 x 5 Trump flags were on the trailer and truck."

MALCOLM: Trudeau government has a blind spot for left-wing extremism - "A government document obtained by True North shows that the Department of Public Safety did not provide any records whatsoever to the Minister on a long list of Antifa-affiliated groups who operate in Canada — this despite a long rap sheet of violence and incitement — when compiling its terror watch list.  Antifa openly calls for violence, although they disguise it in Orwellian language by calling it “direct action” or “self-defense.” Their violent rhetoric is given a platform by left-leaning journalists who treat them with kid gloves, give them fawning news coverage and downplay their intentions by calling them “counter-protestors” and “anti-fascists.”...   Canadian British journalist Chris Tomlinson has been covering Antifa for years and documenting their terrorists tactics. Last year, he reported on an Antifa guidebook that gave instructions on building bombs, sabotaging infrastructure and evading the police.  Here in Canada, Antifa and its affiliated groups have been implicated in a wide range of criminal activists, including bombings, assaulting police officers, destroying private property and uttering threats. One of the groups listed in True North’s information request was Resistance Internationaliste, which claimed responsibility for a number of bombings between 2004 and 2010, with targets including an oil and gas executive in Montreal and a Canadian Forces recruitment centre in Trois-Rivieres.  Another group, Hamilton Against Fascism, has been involved in a number of violent attacks that have led to many arrests. In late 2018, ring-leader Cedar Hopperton pleaded guilty to mischief over $5,000 and counseling to commit mischief after he led a riot that caused significant property damage.  Yet neither of these groups were at all mentioned in the Public Safety documents.  Herein lies the double standard.  Conservatives routinely condemn and disavow violent groups who subscribe to right-wing ideas, but Liberal and NDP politicians are rarely if ever asked to condemn left-wing violence. This allows violent groups like Antifa to act with impunity. Earlier this year, the Trudeau government added 13 new extremist groups to the Criminal Code list of terrorist entities. The list included a number of groups that purport to operate on the far right, including neo-Nazi groups and the Proud Boys. A new section dedicated to “right wing extremism” was added to Public Safety’s report on the terrorist threat to Canada.  Meanwhile, there is no reference to Antifa or left-wing extremists associated with urban rioting and bombings. The term “left” appears zero times."

Facebook removes Trump ads with upside-down red triangle symbols once used by Nazis - "Facebook has removed campaign ads by President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence that featured an upside-down red triangle, a symbol once used by Nazis to designate political prisoners, communists and others in concentration camps... In a statement, Trump campaign communications director Tim Murtaugh said the inverted red triangle was a symbol used by antifa so it was included in an ad about antifa... “But it is ironic that it took a Trump ad to force the media to implicitly concede that Antifa is a hate group”"
Once again anti-fascists reveal themselves to be fascists!
Comment (elsewhere): "So instead of calling out Antifa for using it, they call Trump a Nazi. Lol"

Antifa Member Lectures D-Day Veteran On How To Fight Fascism | The Babylon Bee - "Dobbins, who risked his life in 1944 to stop the spread of a totalitarian regime bent on destroying freedom and democracy, listened intently as Cruikshank instructed him on the finer points of fighting the fascist rule of free enterprise. He explained his goal of liberating Americans from the tyranny of democratic elections and private property ownership.When Captain Dobbins asked how he hoped to triumph in such a great crusade, Declyn replied that he and his friends dress up in uniforms, march into a city to destroy shops and businesses, and intimidate others into shutting up and accepting their superior point of view.“You’d better get on home, old man,” the anti-fascist warrior said, holding a brick. “It’s going to be a Night of Broken Glass, or as we like to say, a Kristallnacht. Down with Fascism!”"

Facebook - "Comparisons of Antifa to the US forces at Normandy are especially grating. A vigilante group instigating and escalating civil violence and suppressing freedom of speech is not the same thing as the Allied Forces in World War II fighitng a just war against a military aggressor.And if Antifa are nonetheless the spiritual descendants of any "anti-fascist" military forces in World War II, it is not the American ones, it is the Stalinist ones. They are expressly tankie communists in their ideology and their practical intentions. Talk to them, they'll be happy to whitewash Stalin's reputation by pointing out that he fought Hitler.It is not enough to be anti-fascist. One must be anti-totalitarian. Antifa is just one side of an old intramural fight between the totalitarian fascists and the totalitarian communists. Oppose fascists. Oppose antifa. Oppose totalitarianism. Oppose the suppression of freedom of thought and conscience and expression everywhere.
I should also note that the scope of people they attack as "fascists" is unconscionably large and indiscriminate. Even those of you who think that perhaps real fascists don't deserve protection of the law should take a look at just how many people Antifa classifies as fascist and harasses before you go on taking flak for them."

Meme - "eat the rich! burn things! burn things! constitution bad!"
"help! constitution! my rights!"
"Life comes at you fast, Antifa"

When Antifa’s Barbarism Offends Worshipers of the Hindu God Kali - "The crazed protester (really, worshiper), with blood splattered on his face and clothes, then shouts out repeatedly, “I’m on fire!” before rolling to his back.Then, with his right hand clutched, he begins to yell (along with others), “Kali ma! Kali ma!” (They also yell out, “[Expletive] Trump!”)This perverse video has even come to the attention of the people of India, with a headline in OpIndia reading: “Watch: Antifa anti-Trump protesters spread Hinduphobia, eat US President’s heart in symbolic ritual while chanting ‘Kali Maa’.” Indeed, “The whole incident appears to be a remarkable demonstration of Hinduphobia and the individuals here do not come across as people with control of their mental faculties. They are clearly using Goddess Kali to justify their own antisocial behaviour. In the process, they are insulting the faith and religious sentiments of Hindus with impunity.”And where, pray tell, did these demonized protesters get the idea of ripping out someone’s heart while shouting, “Kali Ma”?The answer is obvious. It is from the movie Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom."

Corryn on Twitter - "Antifa Leftist Movement Seeks Peace Through Violence CNN is essentially corroborating with Antifa & fostering their strategy."
From 2017. Of course the more recent liberal claims that antifa doesn't exist and that all the violence is by the Proud Boys can't have anything to do with increasing antifa violence that can no longer be swept under the rug and an actual murder

Antifa 'commander' with flamethrower cried when he was arrested - "An Antifa leader known as Commander Red was busted carrying a flamethrower to a Wisconsin Black Lives Matter rally — and “dropped into the fetal position and began crying” when stopped by cops, officials said.  Matthew Banta, 23, is “known to be a violent Antifa member who incites violence in otherwise relatively peaceful protests,” a criminal complaint in his Green Bay arrest record insisted... He was carrying stickers and a flag for the controversial group — the name of which is short for “anti-fascist” — along with “military-grade 5-minute” smoke grenades, fireworks rockets, and a flamethrower... “It’s worrisome when people associated with Antifa come here to Green Bay from out of town … for the purposes of committing violent acts,” Green Bay Police Chief Andrew Smith told the station."

BREAKING: Antifa show up for non-existent 'Proud Boys' rally in Philadelphia—attack media instead

Rogue Snow Groyper on Twitter - "We call ourselves the Anti-Bad Guy Squad and we label our opponents the Bad Guys. How can people not understand this? We can never be terrorists because we're fighting the Bad Guys. It's so simple to understand. Everything we do is justified because of our name."
All the liberals who defend antifa must be Pro-Life and think the Democratic People's Republic of Korea is very democratic

Meme - 1945: "ANTI-FUTURE
*Antifa*: "DIE NAZI" *punches WWI veteran in wheelchair
*Sign*: LOVE IS LOVE <3"
On the left trying to hijack World War II - all while slandering WWII veterans as Nazis and even attacking some

Affidavit reveals 3 arrested over looting at Austin Target store belonged to 'self-identified Antifa group' - "Three people have been arrested in connection with looting, burglary and property damage at a Target store in Austin... The district attorney’s office said the three people arrested are “known members” of a local self-identified "Antifa" group... Austin police "knew several of the group members belonged to the former Austin Red Guards, which is a self-identified communist/socialist Antifa group."
This liberal first claimed that there was no evidence that leftists had been destroying stuff, then pivoted to claiming that the riots didn't indict the whole of BLM or everyone identifying as antifa, then immediately pivoted again to claim that there was no proof BLM or antifa participated in the riots

RAMZPAUL on Twitter - "I am forming a political party called Do Good Things. We plan to commit arson, riot, loot, physically attack and intimidate anyone who disagrees with our platform. What? You object? How could you object to good deeds? IT LITERALLY IS IN OUR NAME!"

Gad Saad on Twitter - "I went for a belated NYC run this morning, and am sorry to report that I saw very few black-clad anarchists. Also, the city is not yet in flames"
"@paulkrugman I hear you hero. They keep talking about the atomic bombs that were supposedly dropped on two Japanese cities. No one in Tokyo saw those bombs so sorry but it did not happen in Japan. If I don't see it, it did not happen. [I'll retweet.]"

WATCH: Anarchists unpack U-Haul truck filled with riot gear in Louisville after Breonna Taylor verdict - "Antifa and BLM protestors could be seen unloading shields, riot gear and signs from the back of a U-Haul. Many were dressed all in black bloc as they clamored around to get the gear... Democrat lawmakers have claimed both that Antifa doesn't exist and that there are no highly organized efforts to facilitate street violence in America. In this clip, captured by Daily Caller's Shelby Talcott, the high level of organization of this supposedly non-existent group is clearly visible.  The shields taken from the U-Haul were then used on the front lines of a protest march. This confirms that the street actions taking place in America are not as the media has portrayed, spontaneous acts of protest but in fact, well-funded and organized actions."

Antifa 'commander' with flamethrower cried when he was arrested - "An Antifa leader known as Commander Red was busted carrying a flamethrower to a Wisconsin Black Lives Matter rally — and “dropped into the fetal position and began crying” when stopped by cops, officials said.Matthew Banta, 23, is “known to be a violent Antifa member who incites violence in otherwise relatively peaceful protests,” a criminal complaint in his Green Bay arrest record insisted"... He was carrying stickers and a flag for the controversial group — the name of which is short for “anti-fascist” — along with “military-grade 5-minute” smoke grenades, fireworks rockets, and a flamethrower... He complained that the officer got on top of him, which police denied... At the time of Saturday’s arrest, Banta was out on a $10,000 cash bond after being accused of pointing a loaded gun at a police officer as well as biting and kicking a cop at a protest earlier this month... A condition of his bond was that he can’t have a dangerous weapon... He was one of 15 arrested at Saturday’s Black Lives Matter protest that turned violent in the city and was deemed an unlawful assembly"

Contextual Insurgency: Lessons From a Week Observing Portland Black Bloc - "The course of the nightly action against the PPB followed a fairly predictable pattern: a contingent of notional BLM protesters rendezvoused with a group of antifa black bloc at a public park close to their objective. As they moved towards the police building which was their target, “corkers” -a sort of bicycle-mounted blocking force- closed off side streets and the scouting line -typically on mopeds- moved ahead and on the flanks. Behind them came the main contingent of black bloc. Upon arrival at the PPB the streets were blocked with vehicles and burning dumpsters, with the “corkers” stationed to direct traffic away from the action and the scouts setting up a picket line extending out several blocks, watching for police reinforcements and creating the strong impression of antifa control of territory.The black bloc then engaged in an steadily-escalating level of vandalism and property damage directed at their target, including unguarded police vehicles parked nearby. If uninterrupted, this quickly escalated to arson and serious destruction to the facilities.By this point the scouting line often detected the flanking lines of riot police and a riot was formally been declared. Blocs armed with shields deployed defensively to allow time for the rest of the rioters to disengage. These “shield walls” provided a tempting target for a police “bull rush”, video of which can then be used for propaganda purposes. Behind the shield wall other bloc members threw commercial fireworks, frozen water bottles, and paint-filled balloons. The paint balloons are often mixed with sand or abrasive material that scratches clear shields and visors when cleaning is attempted damaging expensive riot suppression equipment. Meanwhile the main element of the antifa black bloc continued to retreat into bordering residential areas.Antifa chooses the residential areas for specific reasons. As the police deploy flashbangs, tear gas, and assorted non-lethal munitions in order to control the ongoing riot, the disruptive effects are experienced by the local residents. Additionally, as the action moved further into the poorly-lit neighborhoods, small groups of rioters and black bloc would break off to either escape, or engage in vandalism against the original PPB target (if left unguarded) or other nearby targets of opportunity... In the days following the action, antifa-affiliated medic collectives canvased the affected neighborhoods, passed out hand sanitizer, basic medical equipment, and flyers with tips on how to respond to tear gas exposure and ways to minimize contamination during the action. These efforts aimed at direct community engagement –combined with traffic blockades and attempts to move community members away from the action as well as the images of alleged “police brutality” published by a sympathetic press- seeks to drive home the claim that the police are an invading force and the real source of tension and unrest.The dilemma action put the police in a conundrum: police have a responsibility to enforce order and control space, so doing nothing and allowing antifa to occupy and destroy property causes them to appear weak and ineffectual, thus inciting further acts against police. If they appear to respond too aggressively however -or intercept the march before it reaches its location, giving grounds for claims of a first amendment violation- they risk facing allegations of being tyrannical and overbearing.It is best to think of the ongoing situation in Portland not as a series of otherwise conventional riots, but rather as an insurgency taking place between dueling narratives. Antifa seeks to displace police and steal for itself the mantle of “community defense,” while pinning upon the police the blame for disruption they themselves have caused.  The ultimately successful party will be the one that consistently pressures their opponent into playing the assigned role as “the bad guys.”"

Are antifa and Black Lives Matter related? - The Washington Post - "Out of nearly 14,000 racial justice protests in 2020, antifa was identified in just 37, or 0.2 percent. That would not qualify as an infiltration of the Black Lives Matter movement.  Antifa activity in racial justice protests was limited mostly to the Pacific Northwest, California and D.C. More than one-third of antifa’s protest appearances occurred in Oregon and Washington. When antifa did attend protests, the incidence of violence was extremely high compared to the level at protests it did not attend. Of the 37 racial justice protests where antifa appeared, 11 — or 30 percent — involved injuries to the crowd; when antifa did not appear, only 2 percent of the protests involved crowd injuries. With antifa present, 14 percent of protests involved injuries to police; without antifa, only 2 percent did. When antifa showed up, 27 percent of protests involved property damage; without antifa, only 4 percent did. And when antifa appeared, 30 percent of protests involved arrests, while only 7 percent of the antifa-free protests did.  In other words, antifa appearances at racial justice protests greatly increased the risk of violence. But antifa shows up primarily when it wants to counter a right-wing group’s appearance. So, were right-wing groups the real source of the violence? That’s not what our research found. We saw no difference between events in which antifa was facing off with a group such as the Proud Boys or the Three Percenters and when they were protesting unopposed."
So much antifa claiming they're only there to counter right wing violence. This suggests that antifa causes trouble itself - there is no interaction effect

Detgrim on Twitter - "Yesterday an antifa in France decided it was a good idea to pick up a grenade and attempt to throw it at the police. Except the grenade exploded and he completely lost his right hand. Now he's a TRUE lefty."

Andy Ngô 🏳️‍🌈 on Twitter - "The masked #Antifa person who was trying to intimidate women & families at the #Portland, Ore. "Jesus March" event over the weekend is Justin William Bowen. He's been arrested multiple times at the BLM-Antifa riots from 2020–21. His violent cases were dropped by @DAMikeSchmidt's office."

ANDY NGO REPORTS: No prison time for pedophile Portland Antifa member who pleaded guilty to stabbing black conservative at 2020 riot - "A Portland Antifa member who spent years in prison for a child sex crime conviction pleaded guilty this morning to stabbing a black conservative livestreamer during the 2020 BLM-Antifa riots.  Blake David Hampe, 46, pleaded guilty in a sweetheart deal to felony second-degree attempted assault. He will serve no prison time, instead getting three years of probation. The charge is downgraded from the original felony second-degree assault charge. A felony charge of unlawful use of a weapon was dropped in the plea deal... Duncomb was hospitalized and narrowly survived being paralyzed as the blade pierced inches from his spinal cord...     In an account he operates on Reddit under the username, “br0k3nr0b0t,” Hampe posted about his diaper fetish. In a 2019 post after this reporter was beaten by Antifa and hospitalized for a brain bleed Hampe posted about being there and “pointing” me out to the black bloc.  “I pointed him out to Black Bloc and the shakes started to fly,” Hampe wrote. “He also got smacked upside his head with a Slow sign. His blood was real.”"

Virginia man pleads guilty to assault of a federal officer and destruction of government property - "Richard Tyler Hunsinger has pleaded guilty to assault on a federal officer and destruction of government property stemming from his use of a homemade explosive device during a protest which threatened the lives of two federal officers during the summer of 2020... On July 23, 2020, Hunsinger began organizing a protest titled “Rally Against Fascism.” The event was scheduled to occur at the Atlanta-Field Office of the Department of Homeland Security, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (the “DHS building”).  On July 25, 2020, at approximately 11:30 p.m., a crowd gathered at the DHS building for the rally and protested outside a fenced area in front of the building.  Hunsinger and others, wearing dark clothing and face coverings, breached the fences and began vandalizing the building.   While the DHS building was occupied by at least two federal employees, Hunsinger smashed at least four windows of the front entry of the structure and then lit and threw a Molotov cocktail into the building through a smashed glass door.  At the same time, other individuals utilized rocks, cinder blocks, modified fireworks, more Molotov cocktails, and additional materials, to cause extensive damage to the building totaling more than $46,000.00."
Clearly the government are fascists, since only fascists oppose anti-fascists. The fact that he was sentenced to 2 years in prison shows that the US is a fascist state

Andy Ngô 🏳️‍🌈 on Twitter - "HATE HOAX EXPOSED: #Antifa, leftists & media have been spreading claims that a gay San Diego man was set on fire by homophobes. Scott Rowin says he was called a fa—ot by two men before being set aflame in Hillcrest, San Diego's gay neighborhood.  @SanDiegoPD  are investing & have disclosed that CCTV footage captured Rowin beating a pregnant woman, bloodying her & causing injuries that required hospitalization. Rowin fled the scene. The footage shows it was she who set him on fire during the attack.
Scott Rowin spoke to San Diego media about being the victim of a gay bashing where he was set it fire. It was a hoax. CCTV captured him beating a pregnant woman until she was bloody. She set him on fire & he fled. Nevertheless, many on social media fell for the hoax & said it was evidence of fascism & white supremacy."

Meme - Calvin Hall: "If you are curios what the Antifa crowd is made up of, here are 3 arrestees from last night in Portland. A preschool teacher, a Social Work Grad Student, and a Band Teacher. All college graduates. Assaulting police, arson, destruction of property, intimidation. Attempting to burn down a Federal Courthouse with Federal employees inside. I hope they will get familiar with the inside of both the Federal Courthouse, and the Federal Prison before all this is over. They information on these individuals was from Andy Ngo via Twitter. If you want to keep a pulse on the Antifa/BLM rioting and violence, he is a great source. He has been documenting them for years now and knows the players and organizations and how they work."
"Hannah Rose Fewster, Rebecca Saunders, Jacob Soto"

On the Myth of Muslim Spain's Tolerance of Jews

The author has an interesting argument: institutionalised and prescribed Islamic religious discrimination against Jews precluded worse forms of anti-Semitism.

"In the nineteenth century there was nearly universal consensus that Jews in the Islamic Middle Ages—taking al-Andalus, or Muslim Spain, as the model—lived in a “Golden Age” of Jewish-Muslim harmony, an interfaith utopia of tolerance and convivencia. It was thought that Jews mingled freely and comfortably with Muslims, immersed in Arabic-Islamic culture, including the language, poetry, philosophy, science, med- icine, and the study of Scripture—a society, furthermore, in which Jews could and many did ascend to the pinnacles of political power in Muslim government. This idealized picture went beyond Spain to encompass the entire Muslim world, from Baghdad to Cordova, and extended over the long centuries, bracketed by the Islamic conquests at one end and the era of Moses Maimonides (1138–1204) at the other.

The idea stemmed in the first instance from disappointment felt by central European Jewish historians as Emancipation-era promises of political and cultural equality remained unfulfilled. They exploited the tolerance they ascribed to Islam to chastise their Christian neighbors for failing to rise to the standards set by non- Christian society hundreds of years earlier.

The interfaith utopia was to a certain extent a myth; it ignored, or left unmentioned, the legal inferiority of the Jews and periodic outbursts of violence...

The image of the Golden Age remained dominant among scholars and in the gen- eral public throughout the nineteenth century, as Jews in Europe confronted a new, virulent strain of political anti-Semitism, reinforcing a much older feeling of aliena- tion and persecution in Christian lands...

In the twentieth century, Muslims appropriated the Jewish myth of the interfaith utopia as a weapon against Zionism and the State of Israel. They expressed this both in political broadsides and in books and articles about Jews or about non-Muslims in general in the Middle Ages. The leitmotif of these writings is Islamic “tolerance” (Arabic samāḥa or tasāmuḥ), often contrasted with the persecutions of medieval Christian society. Characteristically, these writings soft-pedal the legal inferiority of the Jews and gloss over, or ignore, episodes of violence that call the harmony into question...

The most useful way to understand Jewish-Muslim relations in the Middle Ages is to compare the Muslim world with the Christian world of Northern Europe. The choice of Northern Europe is dictated by the fact that there relations between Jews and Christians, reasonably tolerable in the early Middle Ages, declined precipitously later on to become the worst in Europe, leading the way in persecuting and ulti- mately expelling the Jews from Christian society. By choosing this case to compare with the Islamic world, one is able to isolate the specific factors determining how Jews were treated by the majority of society. In this way, this comparative study also constructs a paradigm that can be used to explain Jewish-gentile relations in pre- modern times in general.

If Islam seems to have been more tolerant than Christendom, this is true only in a qualified sense. In the Middle Ages, tolerance, in the modern, liberal meaning of full equality, was not considered to be a virtue to be emulated. Monotheistic religions were by nature mutually intolerant. Adherents of the religion in power considered it their right and duty to treat the others as inferiors rejected by God, and, in extreme cases, to treat them harshly, even to encourage them (in some cases by force) to abandon their faith in favor of the faith of the rulers. Though the religious minori- ties (Jews living under Christian rule; Jews and Christians living under Muslim rule) were hardly happy with their second-class status and legal inferiority, let alone the occasional persecutions, for the most part they accepted their inequality and subordination with resignation. As long as they were allowed to live in security and practice their religion without interference—this was “toleration” in the medieval sense of the word—they were generally content. For them, as for their masters, the hierarchical relationship between chosen religion and rejected religion, between superior and inferior, between governing and governed, was part of the natural order of things. The subjugated people may have dreamed of a reversal of the hierarchy, in history or in the messianic era, but for the time being, generally speaking, they bore their fate with a certain amount of equanimity.

The paradigm that results from this comparative approach delineates five interrelated factors that explain why anti-Jewish violence was so much less prevalent in the Islamic world than in Northern Europe. Violence was related, in the first instance, to the primacy of religious exclusivity. Historically, religious exclusivity characterized both Islam and Christianity. But anti-Jewish violence was more pronounced in Christendom because innate religious antagonism, present from the first decades of Christianity, was combined with other erosive forces. The second component of the paradigm is legal status; namely, the evolution of a special law for the Jews and a system of baronial or monarchical possessory rights—though varied in character and uneven in its application in different times and places—that could be manipulated in an arbitrary manner. This law frequently clashed with its competitor, papal policy, and the Jews were frequently caught in the middle. The third element concerns the economic circumstances that excluded the Jews from the most respected walks of life.

Religious exclusivity, a special, arbitrary legal status, and economic marginalization interacted with another adverse factor, the fourth element of the paradigm: social exclusion, which steadily robbed the Jews of their rank in the hierarchical social order. Last, the gradual replacement of the ethnic pluralism of Germanic society of the early Middle Ages by a medieval type of “nationalism,” paralleling the spread of Catholic religious exclusivity to the masses and the rise of the crusading spirit in the eleventh century, contributed to the enhancement of the Jew’s “otherness” and to his eventual exclusion from most of western Christendom by the end of the fifteenth century. Before that, the Jews survived among Christians—were “tolerated” in a manner of speaking—in part because they performed useful economic services for Christian rulers, such as importing precious spices and other goods from the East and paying taxes from the proceeds of commerce and moneylending; and in part because of a doctrine of Saint Augustine that proclaimed that the Jews played an important role in Christian salvation history as a fossil religion: witnesses, by their abjugated state, to the triumph of Christianity, bearers of the Old Testament, and ultimately by their conversion to Christianity at the time of the Second Coming of Christ.

In the Islamic world, the erosive factors described above were less severe. Religious exclusivity was modulated by the multiplicity of non-Muslim religions, primarily Jewish, Christian, and Zoroastrian. The Qur’an itself, for all its harsh language referring to Christians and Jews, contains the nucleus of a kind of religious pluralism. A Qur’anic verse, “there is no compulsion in religion” (Sura 2:256), was understood to mean that the non-Muslims were not to be forcibly converted. Moreover, as venerated “People of the Book” (Ahl al-Kitab), Jews and Christians were allowed to live securely in their autonomous communities and to develop: they were not fossils. Legally speaking, Jews shared with other non-Muslims the status of dhimmīs, or “protected people.” In return for security, freedom of religion, and communal autonomy, they were obligated by the Qur’an to pay an annual poll tax. They were also subject, in theory, to regulations prescribed in the so-called Pact of ‘Umar and kindred documents, which imposed limitations on their conduct. New houses of worship were not to be built and old ones could not be repaired. They were to act humbly in the presence of Muslims. In their liturgical practice they had to honor the preeminence of Islam. They were further required to differentiate themselves from Muslims by their clothing and by eschewing symbols of honor. Other restrictions excluded them from positions of authority in Muslim government.

De facto, however, these discriminatory regulations, most of them originating outside Islam, were largely honored in the breach, often with the tacit approval of Muslim rulers. The rules limiting the free practice of religion were frequently overridden in practice by the more pragmatic policy of the conquest treaties, which protected houses of worship and guaranteed freedom of religion. The discriminatory restrictions were likely adopted by Christian converts to Islam serving in Muslim government who wished not to be confused with their former coreligionists. Many of the rules of differentiation, it has recently been shown by the historian Milka Levy-Rubin, imitated discriminatory practices in Sasanian society aimed against the lowest class of Zoroastrian society. Whether they originated in Byzantine or in Sasanian practice, however, many of these foreign practices conflicted with the pragmatic spirit of “live and let live” of early Islam and so could often be overlooked or ignored in the day-to-day realities of Muslim and non-Muslim coexistence.

This coexistence is particularly evident in economic life. Jews were not limited to a small range of pursuits isolated from the rest of the population in deplored professions like moneylending, as in Europe...

Jews lent money to Muslims, but the reverse was also true. When, after about the twelfth century, Jewish economic circumstances declined, this was not a confessional phenomenon alone, but one that Jews shared with the Muslim majority, though as a minority group they naturally experienced greater hardship.

Speaking in social-anthropological terms—and this provides an important corrective to the view that Islam is fundamentally oppressive, if not persecutory—the rules of the Pact of ‘Umar and other restrictions served as a means to create and preserve a “natural” hierarchy, in the sense that it characterizes most religious societies in premodern times. In the Islamic hierarchy, everyone had a rank, including non-Muslims, who occupied a low rank, to be sure, but a secure rank nonetheless. Jews occupied a permanent niche within the hierarchical social order of Islam, and, though marginalized, they were not ostracized or expelled. The original and long-lasting ethnic and religious pluralism of Islamic society encouraged a certain tolerance of diversity. The diffusion of hostility among two and in many places three “infidel” religions helped mitigate the Jews’ “otherness” and prevent the emergence of the irrational hatred we call anti-Semitism. As humiliating as the restric- tions in the Pact of ‘Umar were (when successfully enforced), Jews and other non- Muslim People of the Book seem to have grudgingly accepted them because they guaranteed their security, and because they, especially the religious leaders, wished to maintain a separate identity for their own communities. In such an atmosphere, Jews—and not just the philosophers and the physicians among them—fraternized with Muslims on a regular basis with a minimum of hostility. This sociability constituted an essential ingredient in the cultural interchange between Jews and Arabs in the high Middle Ages.

For all these reasons, the Jews of Islam had substantial confidence in the dhimma system. If they kept a low profile and paid their annual poll tax, they could expect to be protected and to be free from economic discrimination—not to be forcefully converted to Islam, massacred, or expelled. To be sure, the system occasionally broke down. A ruler, goaded by pious Islamic clerics, might crack down on the dhimmīs for ignoring the regulations of the Pact of ‘Umar. But serious persecutions were exceptional. The most infamous one occurred in the mid-twelfth century, when the fanatical Muslim Berber Almohads, the “Islamists” of their time, destroyed entire Jewish communities in North Africa and Spain, and forced thousands of Jews and Christians to accept Islam, even as they imposed their own stringent form of Islam upon impious Muslims. Also notorious, because of the rare preservation of detailed Islamic and Christian sources, was the destruction of houses of worship and forced conversions ordered by the “mad” caliph al-Hakim in Egypt and Palestine at the beginning of the eleventh century. Violent, too, was the assassination in 1066 of the “haughty” Jewish vizier Joseph ibn Naghrela, successor of his more illustrious father as head of the Jewish community in the Muslim principality of Granada, Spain, and the subsequent “pogrom” against the Jewish quarter of the city, with great loss of life. The incident was apparently triggered by an Arabic poet who wrote a poem in which he called the Jews “apes and pigs,” quoting a Qur’anic motif (e.g., Qur’an 5:60) and excoriating the Jews for violating the code of humility vis-à-vis Islam. Exceptional as it was in targeting the Jews per se, the sorry episode is regularly cited by proponents of the “neo-lachrymose conception of Jewish-Arab history” as a typical example of Islamic anti-Semitism.

During these rare episodes, Jews felt the impact of violence no less than the Ashkenazic Jews of Europe, but they did not preserve them as part of a collective memory of suffering the way their Ashkenazic brethren did. They recognized these as temporary lapses of the dhimma arrangement and trusted that forced conversions, a violation of Qur’anic law, would be reversed after the initial zealotry faded. Doubtless this is one factor among others that explains why Jews in Islamic lands under threat favored “superfi cial conversion” (like the Islamic taqiyya recommended for Muslims faced with persecution for heretical beliefs) over martyrdom, unlike their self-immolating Ashkenazic brethren, who had little hope of being officially allowed to return to Judaism after their baptism. In this respect the Jews of Islamic Spain and other places in the medieval Islamic world where occasional acts of intol- erance threatened Jewish life anticipated the response of Jews in Christian Spain— the so-called Marranos—who converted to Catholicism rather than accept a martyr’s death during and after the pogroms of 1391.

The paradigm summarized here helps explain not only Muslim-Jewish coexistence but also why Jews were so open to Arab-Islamic culture"

--- The “Golden Age” of Jewish-Muslim Relations: Myth and Reality / Mark R. Cohen

Links - 23rd September 2023 (1 - Covid-19)

Addendum: Google deleted this for "misleading content", but reinstated it on appeal

Thread by @JeninYounesEsq on Thread Reader App – Thread Reader App - "In a historic ruling, Judge Doughty held that Plaintiffs--@DrJBhattacharya @MartinKulldorff @akheriaty @HealthFreedomLA --are likely to succeed with their claim that the federal Government's involvement in social media censorship violated their First Amendment rights
The judge noted that during the Covid pandemic, the Government "seems to have assumed a role similar to an Orwellian 'Ministry of Truth.'" It's unusual for a court to issue a decision on a federal holiday: I suspect Judge Doughty sought to make a point"
Damn far right judge! He's a covid denier and needs to be fired!

Pelham on Twitter - "The Globalists are panicking… they realize they have caused an awakening. The same people that said…
- The virus came from a bat in a Wuhan market
- Covid-19 wasn’t airborne
- Mandated masks that never worked
- Enforced lockdowns that destroyed economies
- Mandated a vaccine that caused myocarditis, blood clots, strokes, heart attacks…
- Told everyone you can not transmit Covid once you’re vaccinated…
Want to stop misinformation on the internet…🤯"

Michael Shellenberger on Twitter - "Biden Is Breaking The Law By Not Releasing Intel On COVID-19 Origins... Science magazine published an article quoting Hu and other researchers strenuously denying that they had been sick with COVID-19.  However, neither the author of the Science article, Jon Cohen, nor anyone else with the magazine contacted us for comment before publishing the article. Cohen did not quote a single person critical of the theory that COVID-19 came from nature. And Cohen’s article suggests that the scientists who believe a lab leak is the most plausible origin of the pandemic are partisan Republican conspiracy theorists."

Wuhan clan: we finally know the identity of the scientists in the lab linked to Covid | The Spectator - "That a pandemic caused by a bat coronavirus started in the city with the world’s largest programme of research into bat coronaviruses was always intriguing. That among the first people to get ill with allegedly Covid-like symptoms in the month the pandemic began were three scientists working in that lab was highly suspicious. Now that we know their names, we find one of them was collecting what turned out to be the closest cousins of Sars-CoV-2 at the time, and another was doing the very experiments that could have created the virus. These revelations make it almost a slam dunk for the coronavirus lab-leak hypothesis."

Eight Persistent COVID-19 Myths and Why People Believe Them - Scientific American - "1 The virus was engineered in a laboratory in China.
3 You don’t need to wear a mask.
4 Wealthy elites are using the virus to profit from vaccines.
There is no evidence that Fauci or Gates has benefited from the pandemic or profited from a vaccine"
Pfizer Vaccine Bonanza slows, but Bill Gates sold early, made huge profits
From 2020. So much for Trusting the Science

Unvaccinated parents banned from seeing their own sick KIDS in hospital Western Australia - "Mr McGowan has promised to make life 'very hard' for those who refuse the jab, and has further ostracised himself from the rest of the country by extending the state's closed borders beyond the February 5 re-opening date he had promised... The WA CHO noted these rules are already in place in several other states including New South Wales, South Australia and Queensland."
From 2022

Canada: Unvaccinated father loses right to see his child
From 2022

Abir Ballan on Twitter - "A brief history of the PCR fiasco of the Pandemic that can't seem to end. It all started on Jan 10th 2020, when WHO reported that there is an outbreak in China caused by a novel coronavirus... “you have to recognise the body of the work that they presented is not something you can do in a week that looks like maybe 2 months worth of work, which of course begs the question of who tipped them off to making this, early, prior to actually being a pandemic.”
The paper was not peer-reviewed. It was approved in one day. It takes on average 179 days to peer review an article. @Kevin_McKernan
Conflict of interest was not declared: a) Drosten and his co-author Dr Chantal Reusken happen to be members of the editorial board of Eurosurveillance.
b) Olfert Landt, of Tib-Molbiol, the company that developed the PCR test being used, was also a co-author of the Drosten paper. “they distributed these PCR-test kits before the publication was even submitted” They were already in business before the pandemic started...
In March 2020, the pandemic happened. The more we tested, the more cases we got, the more we assigned any death with a positive test to #COVID19. The world went into lockdown based on a fear of rising cases, asymptomatic transmission, widespread susceptibility, lack of pre-existing immunity, & lack of acquired immunity after Covid, with complete disregard to the fact that 80% of cases had no symptoms or mild symptoms and that mortality followed an age gradient. All these fears were not justified and contradicted our accumulated scientific knowledge. Basic immunological facts were put to question to disinform and confuse the innocent public.
Countries adopted an umbrella approach despite the fact that the profile of the vulnerable population was very clear since March 2020: older individuals with multiple comorbidities were at high risk of developing serious disease that could culminate in a negative outcome.In June 2020, the casedemic happened. As the prevalence of C19 decreased & herd immunity approached, we started to tally up false (+) ‘cases’. The test was more likely to detect viral debris at this point than an infectious virus, especially with cycle thresholds above 30. The WHO & Corman-Drosten protocol recommended a Ct of 45 cycles. Studies that conducted viral culture showed that with a PCR test Ct > 30, the tests were not detecting an infectious virus anymore. Yet governments turned a blind eye to these findings & never revised their Ct.
On the 27th of November 2020, 23 scientists finally reviewed the Corman- Drosten paper. Three of these scientists are @PanData19 members. @MichaelYeadon3 @ClareCraigPath @Kevin_McKernan
They site 10 errors in the paper: Here are a few
a) “The test cannot discriminate between the whole virus and viral fragments” making it a poor diagnostic tool for infection.
“Laboratory results should always be interpreted in the context of the clinical presentation of the patient” Unfortunately, tests were treated as conclusive evidence of disease regardless of whether the patient presented with clinical symptoms or not.
b) the test doesn’t specify the “Ct value at which a sample is considered positive and negative” So everyone assumed that a (+) test regardless of the Ct cycle is a true (+) test.
c) “the E gene used in the PCR test, as described in the Corman-Drosten paper, is not specific to SARS-CoV-2.”. The E gene is found in other SARS viruses, which means we can’t rule out that the test is detecting genetic material that doesn’t belong to SARS-COV-2.
d) The test doesn’t have a Standard Operational Procedure which allows all laboratories “to set up the exact same test conditions”, in turn making “the comparison of data within and between countries” impossible...
This has been Big Pharma and biotech fiasco enabled by scientists that lack integrity and are after fame and greed. On the back of this fiasco, power-craving politicians seized the moment and dug their claws into the lives of regular people like you and me"
From 2020

Study: Myocarditis risk 2 to 3 times higher from Moderna than Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine - "Males under age 40 who received the Moderna vaccine were shown to have the highest rates of myocarditis, and the researchers said the study's findings support the idea of recommending specific vaccines for certain populations to maximize benefits and minimize adverse events."

Should Women Be Using Sex To Manipulate Men Into Getting The Vaccine? - "Call it what you will, but any behavior that resembles even an inkling of manipulation is manipulation, and it does more damage than good. It starts small and innocent at first, but repeated actions can lead to toxic behaviors. Why play with fire in the first place?... Often, it may not even be about getting a man to do what you want. Deep down, you want a real man – someone who leads, protects, and provides – not someone who caves and caters to your every whim"
From 2021

WHO warns a coronavirus vaccine alone will not end pandemic - "World leaders and the public must learn to manage the virus and make permanent adjustments to their daily lives to bring the virus down to low levels, WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said during a news conference from the agency’s Geneva headquarters. “At the same time, we will not, we cannot go back to the way things were.”... “In particular, the Covid-19 pandemic has given new impetus to the need to accelerate efforts to respond to climate change,” he said. “The Covid-19 pandemic has given us a glimpse of our world as it could be: cleaner skies and rivers.”... Tedros said there was no “silver bullet” to the coronavirus and “there might never be.”  He said world leaders can stop new outbreaks by practicing the “basics” of public health and disease control. “Testing, isolating and treating patients and tracing and quarantining their contacts. Do it all. Inform, empower and listen to communities. Do it all”"
From 2020. When covid is a good excuse to push through your agenda

Kevin Bass PhD MS on Twitter - "Just a year and a half ago, 30% of Democrats believed that children should be taken away from unvaccinated parents. This is what a totalitarian ideology looks like."
In January 2022, more than 40% wanted to "fine and imprison critics of vaccine" and "send unvaccinated to quarantine camps". More than 50% wanted to "fine the unvaccinated" and almost 60% wanted to "lock unvaccinated at home"

Teen changing identity constantly - "I am an avid reader of all the Slate advice columns, and generally find myself in agreement with most of the responses. However, I have noticed a recent trend in the answers given to questions regarding COVID vaccination refusal and family/friend relationships. Overwhelmingly, the responses are to end, temporarily or permanently, relationships with people who refuse to be vaccinated. This is, I think, an extreme overreaction, and is most likely not in the best interest of anyone involved.  For some context, I have a doctorate in a medical field and have family members who have and have not been vaccinated, all of whom I see regularly. Myself and my spouse got our vaccines as soon as we were eligible, and we have a young daughter who is still ineligible. Thankfully, children and infants, the only demographic not currently able to be vaccinated, are at very low risk for serious illness. Everyone else can and should get the vaccine, and is therefore safe from serious illness or death. Are there exceptions? Sure. Everything in life has exceptions. We cannot live in a zero-risk society.  Unfortunately, though, your focus on the risks of COVID overlooks an additional serious risk: The pandemic has destroyed or weakened many people’s social support systems and led to a massive mental health crisis. I myself have lost many friends due to the prolonged separation and trauma of this ongoing event. Advising people to end or jeopardize their remaining relationships to potentially stave off a small risk of minor illness is frankly bad advice. Now more than ever we need to reaffirm our social support systems and be thankful for those relationships which remain. Although I am left-leaning politically, I find it appalling that vaccines have become politicized by the right and the left, and your columns’ ill-given advice to blow up people’s support networks over vaccine refusal is exactly that—an unnecessary politicization which is designed to punish those who refuse the vaccine or keep company with refusers. Please recognize that mental health is just as important as physical health and stop sowing divisiveness around this issue."
From 2021. Cults want to cut off their members from other social groups, after all. Hilariously, the reply talks about the risk of exposing infants to the unvaccinated because the unvaccinated are stupid and so unsafe for kids to be exposed to (of course, there is a clause for "medical racism"). He even goes on about "morally indefensible" choices

Mimi Jiang · Diary: In Shanghai · LRB 22 April 2022 - "In Chinese, positive and negative test results are translated as yang and yin. Yang shares the same sound as the word for sheep, meaning that sheep have become the most disliked animals of all. All sheep sculptures in public spaces have been covered with black plastic bags. Small talk has changed from ‘have you eaten?’ to ‘how many sheep are in your building today?’ The strangest thing about this phase of Covid control has been the discrepancy between the results given by staff at Disease Control and the app that gives you your PCR results. Many people have received calls from Disease Control saying they are positive even though the app results are negative. This has led to verbal and even physical fights as police ask the ‘sheep’ to join the ‘quarantine herd’ and the ‘sheep’ bleats back, citing the app. Finally, the government decided to use another app for mass testing, but it crashed on the first day and had scanning problems on the second."

Chinese Control of the WHO: How It Made the Epidemics Worse - "China persuaded the World Health Organization (WHO) in January to delay sounding the alarm on COVID-19, giving Beijing time to stockpile medical supplies purchased all over the world. Before the WHO declared a health emergency, on January 30, China had imported from abroad, between January 24 and 29, more than two billion face masks.  The figure comes from China’s General Administration of Customs, and the WHO delay allowed Xi Jinping’s government to emerge as the controlling force in the crucial international market for masks, dictating its prices and distinguishing between friends and foes in a “mask diplomacy” that often amounted to blackmail.  But why, exactly, was the WHO subservient to Xi Jinping? The story is more complicated than many believe. While the world’s attention has focused on the current director general of the WHO, the former Ethiopian foreign minister Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, in fact China’s attempts at controlling the organization started at least ten years before he was elected in 2017. In 2002, SARS hit the world and, well before the current COVID-19 epidemic, the CCP was accused of having delayed the world response to a deadly virus because of its reluctancy to admit it originated in China.  In 2006, the first allegations that the CCP was harvesting organs from Falun Gong prisoners of conscience were published by mainline international media. Former Canadian parliamentarian David Kilgour and human rights lawyer David Matas formed the first commission investigating the issues. All of a sudden, China’s image was tainted by two accusations against its health system: that it had put the world at risk by not sharing information on SARS, and that it was advancing its transplant industry by harvesting organs from prisoners of conscience. On both issues, the role of WHO was crucial, and potentially catastrophic for China.  China reacted timely, and assembled a coalition of countries that in 2007 elected a Chinese officer, Margaret Chan, as the new secretary general of the WHO. She was reelected in 2012 for a second five-year term. She effectively torpedoed any attempt to make WHO investigate the organ harvesting issue or China’s responsibility for SARS. When in 2016, Tsai Ing-wen, perceived by Beijing as anti-CCP, was elected president of Taiwan, Chan terminated the participation of Taiwan as an observer to the World Health Assembly (WHA), the WHO’s main decision-making body.  In previous years, Chan and China had maneuvered to exclude Taiwan from the WHA meetings where the most important decisions were taken. Chan also made several crucial appointments, and several of her appointees maintains their positions today. In 2017, Tedros was elected, once again, by a coalition where China had a key role. Not only Ethiopia has close ties with China, but Tedros showed immediately his true colors by appointing the former dictator of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe (1924–2019), as WHO Goodwill Ambassador... Tedros’ praise of China and President Xi Jinping has been consistently extravagant and embarrassing. As late as January 28, 2020, Tedros was meeting Xi Jinping and praising “the advantages of the Chinese model” in terms of “effectiveness, speed” and, yes, “transparency.”... Taiwan informed the WHO of the presence in Wuhan of a lethal pneumonia caused by a SARS-like virus. Authorities in Taiwan acted immediately on this information. In the evening of the same December 31, they started checking the health of visitors coming from Wuhan, which saved Taiwan from the worse consequences of the virus. The WHO, however, ignored the information from Taiwan for no other reason that it came from Taiwan."

Households in Singapore to receive six ART kits from Jul 17 - "The distribution will last until Sep 30 and the kits will be drawn from the national stockpile which was built to mitigate supply chain disruptions and sudden surges in usage, MOH added in a press release.   The current batch of ART kits have a remaining shelf life of about six months, as the stockpile needs to be refreshed to maintain resiliency...   The ministry added that the usable period of the ART kits can still "cover the year-end", coinciding with the Northern Hemisphere winter season, during which respiratory viruses including influenza and COVID-19 may spread more easily globally.  "Many also take overseas vacations during this period and the kits will help families to take additional precautions where needed."  With the shift towards COVID-19 endemicity, MOH advised Singaporeans to take measures to protect themselves and their families, especially seniors and medically vulnerable people.  It added that people who test positive with an ART test "should regard themselves as being infected with COVID-19".  They should avoid close contact with others while still symptomatic and return to normal activities when their symptoms resolve."
From July 2023. They're still playing this game

The Postillon: Sweet revenge: scientists infect bat with human flu - " “We started our research as soon as it became clear that coronavirus had jumped from bats to humans,” explains Professor Ian Levitchov. “It was clear to us that what humanity needed now was revenge, sweet revenge, and it appears that we have achieved that.”...  Those bats suffering with the flu are now due to be released into the wild on several continents as quickly as possible. In the best-case scenario, they will infect other members of their species, triggering a pandemic in the medium term with the potential to kill hundreds of thousands of bats."
From 2020

Botched Tests, $1,200 Checks for Dead Marred U.S. Virus Response - Bloomberg - "The federal government’s quick action to issue stimulus payments in the wake of the coronavirus crisis led to more than a billion dollars of fraudulent payments"
From 2020. The people denouncing misspent government funds are often the same people complaining government is too slow to act

Meme - NPC: "Elon Musk isn't a doctor. Joe Rogan isn't a doctor, RFK isn't a doctor."
Normal person: "Bill Gates isn't a doctor"
NPC: *upset*
Not like covid hystericists cared for doctors who challenged the status quo anyway

Democrats remain more confident than Republicans in medical scientists; ratings fall among both groups | Pew Research Center
Naturally, the fall in trust in science among Democrats is the fault of Republicans

Covid-19’s Wuhan cover-up: Anthony Fauci downplayed scientist suspicions of Chinese lab leak | The Australian - "America’s top infectious diseases adviser, Anthony Fauci, deliberately decided to downplay suspicions from scientists that Covid-19 came from a laboratory to protect his reputation and deflect from the risky coronavirus research his agency had funded, according to his boss, one of the most senior US health officials during the pandemic.  In an exclusive interview, Robert Kadlec – former assistant secretary for preparedness and response at the US Department of Health – told The Weekend Australian that he, Dr Fauci and National Institutes of Health director Francis Collins privately discussed how to “turn down the temperature” on accusations against China in the early days of the pandemic while they were trying to encourage Beijing to co-operate and share a sample of the virus.  But the senior US health official – who worked for George W. Bush and Donald Trump and went on to lead American efforts to develop a Covid-19 vaccine – said Dr Fauci mostly kept his knowledge of virologists’ concerns about a lab leak from Wuhan to himself.   The Weekend Australian revealed in 2021 that the National Institutes of Health and other US agencies funded 65 scientific projects at the Wuhan Institute of Virology over the past decade, many involving risky research on bat coronaviruses... US congressional investigations in the past month revealed how scientists worked to silence concerns about a lab leak.  “I think Tony Fauci was trying to protect his institution and his own reputation from the possibility that his agency was funding the Wuhan Institute of Virology researchers who, beyond the scope of the grants received from the National Institutes of Health, may have been working with People’s Liberation Army researchers on defensive coronavirus vaccines,” Dr Kadlec said... Dr Kadlec, in his first ever media interview, added: “We think vaccine research resulted in the pandemic – that vaccine research was the proximate cause.”   In an extraordinary admission, Dr Kadlec said they decided to try to encourage a group of leading international scientists to calm down speculation on the origins of the virus... scientist Kristian Andersen who expressed concern that SARS-Cov-2 may have been genetically engineered, because of its unusual features. In an email, Dr Andersen said “some of the features (potentially) look engineered” and several leading virologists “all find the genome inconsistent with expectations from evolutionary theory.” Dr Kadlec said Dr Fauci kept these suspicions, privately expressed by leading virologists that the virus had been engineered in a laboratory, mostly to himself.  The full extent of those suspicions is now laid bare in emails subpoenaed by US congress and published in recent weeks. In those emails, some scientists discussed the “shit show” that would eventuate if anyone serious accused China of, even accidentally, starting the pandemic. They also discussed the impact such an accusation would have on scientific research and international relations. But, publicly, they insisted the possibility of an inadvertent laboratory leak was a conspiracy and authored a paper published in Nature Medicine, that argued SARS-Cov-2 was almost certainly a natural virus...   Dr Kadlec accused the scientists of having personal agendas that might have influenced their decision to author a paper that suggested a laboratory leak was a conspiracy theory. “Their initial opinion was likely shaded by their personal professional equities or the belief that what was going on in the US – statements by political leaders- could be problematic for world relations for China but also their professional interests in science”... Dr Kadlec alluded to the febrile political atmosphere in the US under Mr Trump as a likely influence on the scientists... The scientists are facing allegations that they embarked on a campaign of subterfuge that has rocked Washington... Gain-of-function research was banned by the Obama administration but lifted during the Trump era. Dr Kadlec says this was at the behest of the NIH. “Francis Collins and Fauci both had a similar world view which was scientists know best and there should be few restrictions on research,” he said.  The Wuhan Institute of Virology and EcoHealth Alliance drew up a proposal for grant funding for coronavirus research, which international scientists now believe could be the “blueprint” of Covid-19. Dr Kadlec chaired a committee to authorise whether gain-of-function could proceed. The proposal from the Wuhan institute was bouncing around US Government agencies, in search of funding, but it never went through his committee. “It shows you the fallibility or vulnerability of the oversight system,” he said.  Dr Fauci has denied his agency funded gain-of-function research, but Dr Kadlec said this wasn’t true. “It’s evident NIH supported research that has the potential for, and it at least one case resulted in gain of function”"
Damn conspiracy theories and misinformation! Kadlec needs to be deplatformed!

Trudeau receives international condemnation for his pandemic failures - "A scathing new editorial and series of reports published by the British Medical Journal (BMJ), one of the world’s most respected peer-reviewed publications, takes Canada to task for its many pandemic failings — going so far as to recommend Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s most abhorred three-word phrase: independent public inquiry. The reports paint a bleak picture of a country that managed to avoid more disastrous outcomes, not due to competent leadership, but thanks to a signature combination of good luck and the goodwill of Canadians. This shouldn’t provide anyone with comfort, as luck always runs out when faced with systemic dysfunction, and government actions — or lack thereof — left many Canadians disenfranchised, disillusioned and rightfully angry. On the surface, Canada could be mistaken for a COVID-19 success story. “An evaluation two years into the pandemic said the country had lower COVID case and death burdens and higher vaccination coverage than most other G10 countries, despite Canada’s low hospital and critical care capacity and its vast geographical area that makes care delivery challenging,” reads the BMJ’s editorial.  However, deeper analysis reveals a country that skated by in spite of its elected leaders. From the near complete collapse of long-term care homes (LTCHs), to data vacuums, fragmented government co-ordination and communications, playing politics with vaccines and allowing for vastly unequal outcomes that took the largest tolls on the most vulnerable populations, especially First Nations communities, Canadian leaders have a lot to answer for...  “Canada’s long term care homes — including residents, their family and friend caregivers, and staff — experienced among the highest proportion of deaths among all COVID-19 deaths worldwide,” reads one of the BMJ reports.  No one can say they weren’t warned. “This crisis was predicted in more than 100 reports and inquiries over the 50 years preceding the pandemic,” write the authors. “Indeed, pre-pandemic mortality in Canada’s LTCHs was among the highest in the world, almost 50 per cent over one year.”... Canada’s COVID shortcomings didn’t only affect us, but people around the world. The BMJ reports spotlight the wide gap between how our federal government portrays itself on the world stage and what it actually does. While Trudeau publicly committed to share vaccines with lower-income countries, he never followed through in any meaningful way.  Quite the opposite. “Internationally, Canada contributed to devastating COVID losses by not sharing enough COVID vaccine and disrupting global supply, and it was named the world’s chief hoarder”... Even now, nearly 20-million vaccine doses in Canada are set to expire by the end of 2023. Most will go unused, yet there’s no sign of a plan to share them with countries that could use them...  The pandemic should’ve been a wake-up call that all the virtue signalling and moral grandstanding in the world can’t replace effective policy. But this is a lesson the Trudeau Liberals still refuse to learn."

Friday, September 22, 2023

Links - 22nd September 2023 (2 - Trans Mania)

Addendum: Google deleted this post for "hate speech", but on appeal it's been reinstated

Wesley Yang on X - "The NC legislature overrode vetos of bills banning child sex changes, the teaching of gender cult dogmas to k-4 children, and boys playing girls sports. R's obtained a veto-proof House supermajority after the defection of a key D legislator who had fought against the bathroom bill that resulted in a capital strike against the state back in 2016.   Notable that the proliferation of such laws has not seen a repetition of such capital strikes in any state: the public understands the issue far better today than it did in 2016, and by all indications, so does corporate America ...."
Of course, liberals are upset at this, though they keep claiming that no kids are undergoing sex changes. How peculiar.

What Polls Reveal About America’s Attitudes on LGBT Issues - "For more than a decade, public polls documented the steady growth in support for gay rights and the rising acceptance of LGBT people. The steady trajectory led many to assume that public support for LGBT equality would move inexorably upward. Few public policy debates are ever definitively settled. Yet, when it comes to gay rights, polling seemed to suggest that the American public was speedily approaching consensus.   Until it wasn’t.  A Wall Street Journal poll conducted earlier this year found that forty-three percent of the public—a plurality—said that the US has gone too far in accepting transgender people, a view that only 15 percent of the public expressed just three years earlier. Last month, Gallup recorded a substantial drop in the number of Americans who believe that “gay or lesbian relations” are morally acceptable. The 2023 poll found that just shy of two-thirds (64 percent) of Americans believe same-sex relationships are morally acceptable, a seven-point drop from the previous year. That’s a significant reversal of a long-running upward trajectory over the last 20 years. It wasn’t that long ago—2002—that only 38 percent of Americans believed same-sex relationships were morally acceptable. Much of this recent decline was driven by Republicans, but not entirely.  These findings have led some to suggest that we’re experiencing a backlash. After years of rising support same-sex marriage, the public has now suddenly become more conservative. But I think what recent polls are showing is something different: an unsettled public responding to emerging policies that are extraordinarily complicated, and about which many people feel conflicted. In the years leading up to the legalization of same-sex marriage, most polling focused exclusively on this issue—giving us a false sense of what Americans believe when it comes to sexuality and sexual identity... Beyond same-sex marriage, however, support for policies related to gay and lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people have always hinged on the specific context or cases involved. Americans appear fine with allowing gay and lesbian people to teach in elementary schools, but what’s the appropriate age for students to read books featuring gay and lesbian characters and themes? Nearly half of Americans, and fully half of parents, say they would be uncomfortable with the inclusion of gay and lesbian characters and stories in elementary school library books. What’s more, only about one-quarter of Americans say it’s important for students to learn about LGBT identity and experience.  When it comes to transgender issues there is also plenty of evidence of substantial disagreement. How should we think about fairness when it comes to the participation of transgender athletes in high school sports? Americans strongly reject discrimination against transgender people, but the lengths they think society should go to in order to accommodate transgender athletes is less clear-cut. Polling reflects this sense of conflict... A new poll from PRRI finds that more Americans now say that gender is binary, and the increase is especially pronounced among young adults. In fact, no generation shifted more dramatically than Generation Z. In 2021, just 43 percent of Gen Zers thought that gender was binary. Today, that number has increased to 57 percent—a 14-point increase over the last two years."

Wesley Yang on X - "NJ is suing three school districts for refusing to violate parental rights by hiding psychosocial interventions that teachers have no competency or right to undertake on their children. The policy is an abomination."
Wesley Yang on X - "This affidavit was written by Erica Anderson, the first transgender head of the US affiliate of WPATH, noting that social transitions undertaken without parental involvement cannot succeed."

Trans Reddit Mod Under Fire for Inviting Minors to Their Home for Hormone Shots, Behind Parents Backs - "Trans Reddit moderator Ianna Drew Urquhart is facing scrutiny for allegedly having minors come to their apartment to take hormones and puberty blockers — apparently without their parent’s knowledge or consent.  In a post on Reddit, Urquhart joked that “with the number of trans girls that have come thru my apartment, I need to rename it Drewie’s House of Wayward Trans Girls.”... Reddit fired a controversial new-hire, former Reddit moderator and U.K. politician Aimee Knight.  Previously known by the surname Challenor, Knight, who is also transgender, was suspended by the U.K Green Party in 2018 for hiring their father on to their campaign. Their father was charged with taking indecent photographs, false imprisonment, rape and sexual assault of a child in November 2016.  Knight’s ties to pedophiles don’t end there.  The following year, Knight was suspended by the Liberal Democrats, the next political party they attempted to join, when people noticed that their husband Nathaniel Knight has been writing and sharing child rape fantasies online."

Meme - Gay Army: jace @hawkinshop: "Full offense but if your son lays awake at night wishing he was dead because you insist he's your daughter, or if your daughter lays awake at night wishing she was dead because you insist she's your son, you have failed as a parent."
Juicy Tolkien memes: "Agreed. But not in the way intended."
Lucy Pirelli: "Absolutely. You should get them help."

Meme - "r/trans
I was feeling sad today so I asked chat gpt to write a fake biblical passage about Jesus accepting trans people
Here's what it came up with:
And a woman, whose heart was divided between spirit and body, came before him. In quiet despair, she I come to you estranged, for my spirit and body are not one. How shall I hope to enter the kingdom of God?' Jesus looked upon her with kindness, replying, 'my child, blessed are those who strive for unity within themselves, for they shall know the deepest truths of my Father's creation. Be not afraid, for in the kingdom of God, there is no man nor woman, as all are one in spirit. The gates of my Father's kingdom will open for those who love and are loved, for God looks not upon the body, but the heart."

Misgendering Should Be a Crime, According to Millennials - "According to the survey by Redfield & Wilton Strategies, 44 percent of those aged 25-34 think "referring to someone by the wrong gender pronoun (he/him, she/her) should be a criminal offense," versus just 31 percent who disagree. The remainder "neither agree nor disagree" or "don't know."  This view remains popular for those aged 35-44, among whom 38 percent think misgendering should be illegal, whilst 35 percent disagree and 26 percent either don't know or didn't express an opinion."

I told my husband I now use they and them pronouns after 15 years together. We are both learning how to not misgender me. - "Fifteen years later, we're still happily married, but boy, did we grow. I now identify as a bisexual, nonbinary person, and my family is learning to adapt... I began by telling him what I was about to say wasn't going to change anything — that this was about me and what I had realized about myself.  When I finally came out, his first question was: "If nothing is changing, why does it matter?"... None of my discoveries changed anything on the surface of my life. My world looked the same from the outside, so I have the privilege of passing — of living without daily threats or abuse. But this also means I'm forced to come out over and over. It's far less harrowing, I know, but it's definitely weird at 40... I was giving a speech at a grad-school reunion. I nervously introduced myself as the former student known as "that girl who sings."  My horror set in quickly. How could I misgender myself after making sure everyone in my life referred to me properly? I worried that maybe I was not really nonbinary.  But then I realized memory, time, and language could be tricky. I lived as "she" for 40 years, and society still sees me as "she." That's part of who I am. In that sense, I understand when people make an honest mistake and refer to me with those pronouns, but I still prefer "they/them." It's beautiful when someone refers to me as "them.""

Highest-paid female CEO used to be a man - "Martine Rothblatt, a 59 year old entrepreneur and space lawyer, is the highest paid female executive in America. She made $38 million last year as the CEO of United Therapeutics (UTHR); a $6 billion biotech firm she founded to find a treatment for pulmonary hypertension after her daughter was diagnosed with the disease."
Trans women are women. So the fact that they keep achieving more than cis women shows that they are superior to them!

Meme - "MtF trans stuck in airport and cannot dilate. Humiliated and Broken
My name is Charlene, and I am stuck in the airport and cannot dilate as there is nowhere for me to do so. I also do not have my dilator, since I thought would be able to make it home for my night time session. I was reduced to going to a breast feeding room in the airport with a banana I had purchased at the Chuck's convenience store in Terminal K. I had to at least attempt my dilation session with whatever was on hand. Upon the first 10 minutes of the session, I got blood on the floor (which I intended to clean up!). 10 minutes later a fellow female who was nursing came in, and went berserk on me, saying I'm disgusting and that the whole room smelled of feces. I ran out scared and am crying in the woman's bathroom. I am beyond upset, angry, and humiliated. These delays are ridiculous and unexplainable, and now I'm having a mental breakdown in the woman's room. Thanks. Never flying again
-Charlene Sneed"

Meme - "When you want to abandon your wife and kid but don't want to be called a. deadbeat.
Just live your tRuTh
*Kris Tyson*"

*Futuristic cities*
WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENS *drag queens with children, twerking, modern art (banana stuck to wall) and Cuties*"

North Carolina school faces fallout for letting drag queen straddle student: 'Where are the adults?' - "A North Carolina community college is looking to "revise campus policies" after coming under fire last week for a video showing a drag queen straddling a female student sitting in a chair during an LGBTQ+ pride event on campus.  Critics say Winston-Salem area Forsyth Technical Community College, which offers two on-campus high school programs allowing students as young as 14 to enroll beginning in the ninth grade, poses larger concerns over minors being exposed to sexually explicit behavior."
Girl straddled by drag queen sparks outrage at North Carolina school - "“Parents of children under 18 were not notified of this event in advance,” Paula Dibley, the school’s chief officer of student success, told FOX. The student’s name and age were not immediately clear."
Addendum: Weird. Liberals keep insisting that drag performances for students are child-friendly, and you're in more danger at church than at a drag performance, and if you believe otherwise you're a conspiracy theorist.

Meme - "They got me guys.
>be me
>playing fallout 76 last night
>it's an mmorpg for anyone who doesn't know
>hanging out at my base camp
>female player enters the room
>she be looking good though
>she just stands there, not using the workbenches or anything usual
>not sure what to do so I drop some items for her
>she picks them up and does the heart symbol
>I heart back
>she starts taking her armor off(unequipping stuff)
>she still has on a cute hat and glasses
>no idea what to do so I take all my stuff off
>she crouches down right by my waist and starts moving back and forth
>basically a virtual bj
>I do the same for her
>she lays down in my bed
>crouch on top of her and move back and forth
>whole thing is pretty intimate and exciting but wasn't expecting it at all
>she gets dressed and leaves
>go visit her camp just out of curiosity
>there are four huge trans pride flags
>it was 100% a guy"
I remember the old days when guys just played girls without being trans

Meme - "What are the children being taught here? *Pride parade with children and human pups*"
I saw people defending this by claiming that kids go on all fours all the time
Mirror (without text)

Muslim educator subjected to online abuse for opposing gender ideology - "A prominent voice among Muslims opposing gender ideology in schools says she’s receiving abusive messages from progressives online – but won’t be silenced.    “You cannot imagine the amount of threats, insults I am getting just because I am saying I want my children to be educated without gender ideology,” said Bahira Abdulsalam, an educator and Toronto mother.  “They are trying to silence me, and they are trying to scare me.”... Many include xenophobic comments, telling her to go back to the country she emigrated from... Other users have taken it a step further by telling Abdulsalam, who is also an engineer, that they’ve filed a complaint with the Professional Engineers Ontario licensing body...   Abdulsalam also said that receiving hateful messages “makes me feel more determined to continue” advocating against gender ideology. She believes the activists pushing for gender ideology in schools are part of “a very fringe minority,” and that they feel threatened when people like her challenge their narrative."

NORWAY:  Male Student Changes "Gender”To Gain Admission To Esteemed NTNU Program Which Prioritized Female Applicants - "A male student in Norway took advantage of the nation’s lenient gender self-identification laws to gain admission to the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). The student said changing his gender for the purposes of gaining extra admission points was “about as easy as switching mobile plans.”...   “It took approximately 7 weeks for the gender change to be completed,” the student said, also stating that other male students have also “changed their legal gender” to secure their own spots in the University.   Despite the revelation, NTNU’s Faculty of Economics Dean Monica Rolfsen spoke to Khrono and said she had no intention of following up on the matter. Rolfsen maintained that the gender change was legitimate, and that the school has no place to intervene... this year, out of the 252 students admitted to Industrial Economics and Technology Management at NTNU this year, 170 claimed to be women.  Rolfsen also says that the proportion of women has reached 40% of the school’s overall population and the “gender points” system will be reevaluated in the fall."

Meme - "Cindyy Tran 27
A loving heart will find a true love and I believe in destiny
I'm not transgender , Tran is just my name"

Elliot Page Was Groomed And Sexually Abused As A Minor In Hollywood - " In Elliot Page’s new memoir, Pageboy: A Memoir, the star reveals that he was groomed and sexually abused by multiple people as a teenager working in Hollywood... a woman who was a crew member on a separate, unnamed film preyed on him after volunteering to take him house-hunting at the start of the shoot...  Elliot also admitted that he didn’t discuss the assaults with anybody at the time because he’d been conditioned to believe that this was the norm... “one of the most famous actors in the world” threatened to have sex with him to teach him that he was wrong about being sexually attracted to women."
Damn stereotypes!

Saskatchewan family speaks out over pronoun and name changes - "Fornwald, an early-childhood educator at a public school in Regina, is concerned about Saskatchewan’s new changes requiring parental consent when children under 16 years old want to change their names or pronouns.  She said because kids will need their parents to sign a consent form, it would likely result in some having to go back into the closet... Saskatchewan Education Minister Dustin Duncan announced the changes he said stemmed from concerns he heard from some parents and teachers. He said he also wanted to standardize policies across all school divisions.  Duncan also announced parents could pull their children from all or some sexual education courses, and that third parties can no longer teach those courses.  “If we are requiring school divisions to get parental consent to a half-day field trip to the science centre, I think we need to be treating this issue with the same amount of seriousness,” Duncan said.  Fornwald balked at that comparison.  “This is different, this is identity,” she said. “This is something essential, a protected right.”...   Duncan said teachers would be required to address students by their birth name if their parents did not provide consent, something human rights groups say is also harmful."
They should get teachers to encourage trans and non-binary identifying kids to reidentify as cis and the sexes they were "assigned" at birth, as well as bring in conservative groups to conduct sex education, and see how quickly liberals change their tune

Meme - "Hard to swallow pills
Refusing to indulge another person's psychosis is not phobia"


Meme - "Supposedly this man's wife died and then he became her."

Company Fires Florida Catholic for Marking His Pronouns ‘Assigned by God’ - "When a password management company asked its employees to share their preferred “gender” pronouns, software engineer Chad Scharf responded with “Assigned by God.” He was later fired.   Scharf was vice president of software engineering at Bitwarden, a password management company with a location in Jacksonville, Florida. He oversaw over 50 employees—until the company asked him for his “preferred pronouns” on Slack, a business messaging app...   Unwilling to speak against his Catholic beliefs, Scharf opted out of the LGBTQ schema of “gender identities.”  “Leaving it blank was, for me, acquiescing to it. Putting your head in the sand and ignoring it,” Scharf told CatholicVote. “It was three or four months later, I got a call from HR asking me to remove it. There were no complaints, but she felt that it ‘didn’t sit right.’”   Scharf refused, explaining that removing it would violate his beliefs. “It had been on there for well over a year before it came up again, just before I was fired.”  “They gave me the option, ‘Take that down and you can keep your job.’”  On May 25, 2023, Scharf filed a lawsuit against Bitwarden for allegedly violating his Title VII rights against religious discrimination.   He alleges that he was fired after requesting “accommodation for his religious beliefs and because he raised objections to Bitwarden’s ‘inclusivity’ initiative.”"
Weird. I thought all pronouns were valid

The World of School-Aged Furries: - "I did a brief survey of parents with school aged-children that I know and every single parent said that their child’s school had children acting as furries and that it has been normalized in the schools.  Which brings us to the “all knowing” fact-checkers. Reuters does a sneaky thing in this fact-check. Note the wording: “children identifying as animals and disrupting classrooms.” That phrase “and disrupting” is always placed as context through out the article. Because “furries” are now very common in schools throughout the USA and Reuters knows it.  So common that Gov. DeSantis is working hard to stop the spread of this behavioral pathogen. At least in the UK, newspapers are being more honest about this growing and disruptive trend in school-aged children... Another article wishes to convince the reader that furries are nothing more than children involved in role-playing or cos-play. That this is all very natural."

Fact Check-No evidence that U.S. schoolchildren are self-identifying as animals and disrupting classrooms (Jul 2022)
Emails show JeffCo school administrators knew "furries" were an issue but publicly denied it (Oct 2022) - "One month after Jefferson County school administrators denied that kids were dressing up as so-called "furries" at school, CBS News Colorado has obtained emails showing the district was aware of the issue and yet denied it was happening.  Darlene Edwards is among the parents who wrote in. She says when her 14-year-old son came home from school and said classmates were dressing up in animal costumes, she initially urged him to just ignore them.  "It got progressively worse," Edwards told CBS News Colorado. "He said, 'but mom they're scratching hissing and barking.' He was getting agitated overwhelming frustrated." Edwards says her son - who is on the autism spectrum - became so upset that she sent an email to the JeffCo school district saying, "He does not see the fairness of these students being able to act inappropriately and dress in a manner that is disruptive to learning."  According to her 6th grade niece, she told the district, the kids also "walk on all 4s in the hallway... eat with their face in their food" and refer to themselves as "animal avengers." An open records request shows Edwards is among at least two dozen parents who've written the district over the last eight months. Most of them refer to the kids as "furries."  But it wasn't until Republican gubernatorial candidate Heidi Ganahl raised the issue in a radio interview - saying "kids are identifying as cats" - that it erupted in controversy. Ganahl is the latest in a string of Republican candidates nationwide to condemn furries... Kimberly Eloe, executive director of communications for JeffCo Schools, issued a statement at the end of September saying, "there is absolutely no truth to this claim. There are no furries or students identifying as such."  But through an open records request, CBS News Colorado found earlier emails that appear to contradict that. In one email, from August Superintendent Tracy Dorland asks, "Who is going to respond to the emails about furries?"  In another email, Deputy Superintendent Kym LeBlanc-Esparza says, "We have all received the emails about the furries in schools.."   And in yet another email, Tara Pena, chief of family school and community partnerships, wonders, "If it [would be] helpful to mention that calling into question students dressing or "identifying" as furries is part of a larger, national political platform to further marginalize our transgender and lgbtq+ students."... School Board Member Susan Miller asked the same question: "We can see in the emails our parents raised issues with it and I don't think we should be saying our parents are lying." She says in a district where enrollment has dropped by 30,000 students and where most kids are not reading or doing math at grade level, Miller said they need parental involvement and can't afford distractions... CBS News Colorado asked Eloe to explain why she denied furries were an issue, despite emails showing otherwise, but she wouldn't answer the question"
Damn misinformation! Not to mention all the other fake news stories about this phenomenon

Kentucky school district: Students are dressing and acting like cats - "The Meade County School district is dealing with an unusual situation: a group of high school students is attending school acting like and dressing as cats."

‘Literally Did Almost Kill Me’: Elliot Page Discusses Wearing Dress To ‘Juno’ Premiere Before Coming Out As Trans
These are the people who go on about "white fragility"

We need to talk about Ellen Page - "With eye-swivelling speed, Ellen was erased. IMDb now tells us that the lead star of Juno (2007) was Elliot Page (though in parenthesis it says, rather riskily, ‘as Ellen Page’). Juno was ‘their breakout role’, it says. But it wasn’t ‘their’ breakout role. It was Ellen Page’s. We all saw the movie. It was about a teenage girl who got pregnant. Elliot Page didn’t play that teenage girl any more than Caitlyn Jenner won gold in the decathlon at the 1976 Olympics. It was Ellen, and the gold-medal winner was Bruce. Although if you ask Google ‘Who won gold in the decathlon at Montreal in 1976?’, it says: ‘Caitlyn Jenner.’ Which is a lie. They’re lying about the past now."

Transgender Teen Testifies About Regretting the Transition, Lefties Lose Their Minds - "Chloe Cole started reading trans activism posts on Instagram when she was 11. She decided she was transgender at 12. Chloe started taking puberty blockers and testosterone treatments when she was 14. Her mom gave her the injections, and in the next two years, Chloe would have a double mastectomy. Now, at 17, she is going back to being herself and is speaking out against allowing kids to transition. Needless to say, the lefties are going bonkers. Cole appeared in court to oppose California bill SB107, which would allow kids from other states to travel to California for transitioning purposes, making California a “sanctuary state” for transitioning kids.  In her testimony, Chloe mentions how doctors kept urging her parents to allow the transition, dangling their daughter’s potential suicide as a possible outcome if they didn’t allow her to proceed. Needless to say, leftist prags are attacking Chloe for wanting to be who she really is... Cole testified that she “didn’t understand” the consequences of what she was doing."
Do not transition your kids' is message from former trans girl, 17 - "Chloe Cole opened up about how taking puberty blockers and having surgery 'irreversibly and painfully' damaged her body from the age of 13.  She said it has left her unlikely to be able to have children and unable to breastfeed if she can because she had a double mastectomy. She also told how she could be at risk of certain types of cancer - such as cervical cancer - due to her invasive treatment... The teen said: 'No child should have to experience what I have. My consent was not informed.'  She said therapists told her prior to transitioning she did not understand the ramifications... The youngster was 'medically transitioned' between the ages of 13 and 16, having her mastectomys at 15 in June 2020...  it was her exposure to LGBTQ+ activism on Instagram at age 11 that she pushed her toward transitioning.  She said: 'I started being exposed to a lot of LGBT content and activism.  'I saw how trans people online got an overwhelming amount of support, and the amount of praise they were getting really spoke to me because, at the time, I didn't really have a lot of friends of my own.'... In May 2021, she said she stopped taking her testosterone injections. Cole her senior year was rough as she de-transitioned, saying 'the gay side of my school hated me.'"
Weird. Liberals keep telling us minors never undergo surgery, and they get upset when you point out that some people transition because of social pressure and to get affirmation and attention

Meme - Ray Tier @RayisaGrrrlAPT: "Chloe Cole can fuck right the hell off."
Chloe Cole @ChoooCole: "I got angry pretty easily when I was trans too. Get well soon."
Lived experience the left hates

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