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Saturday, February 15, 2003

Retreat that Tim recommends highly and which I will probably go for in March. Perhaps it will answer some questions, resolve some doubts and address some issues I have.

I have a feeling that I won't be wholly converted to his point of view even then (perhaps the most contentious of my various liberally, religiously incorrect beliefs being that homosexuality is not proscribed).

I can just imagine what he will come up with to explain how I am wrong *then*.
Nice stuff from Daypop(why am I highlighting popular stuff?)

A whole new spin on 404 pages.

Google Watch
A look at how Google's monopoly, algorithms, and privacy policies are undermining the Web.

The Muslim World - An Average American's View

Terror alert status!

And to round it off, a well-written speech from Robert Byrd, a US Senator who soundly opposes war.

Thursday, February 13, 2003

93.3 FM keeps playing a desecrated Chinese version of "On My Own". Ack. At least it's not as bad as the Chinese version of the Ketchup Song...

Learning from the Europeans, the folks at Channel 5 have started their version of Interactive TV. During American Idol, there was this service by which you could SMS them messages about the show and it'd appear at the bottom of the screen... Except that most people were sending Valentine's Day greetings. I was reading them rather indulgently on TV Mobile on the 65, and would've sent something about Wo-Hen Nankan, like "Tuan Anh rulez!!!" but by the time I composed a message, I'd reached my stop.

I had the misfortune of standing behind 3 SRJC girls on the MRT today. They smelt worse than the PJ girls of yesteryear, and to make matters worse, their inane and senseless giggling and nothing in particular (a gender defect, I maintain) would've put Zixuan to shame.

Melvin somehow got Dengue Fever - must be an allergic reaction to 1SIR - so some of us went to visit him. He was a little weak, but still robust enough to unleash his usual double entendres. Meanwhile 'Chew' was feeling touchy, exploding at the mention of the word "Valentine's" or the sight of flowers and chocolates. Well, Andrew and I don't have dates either, so. :)


[To me] Why're you folding your sleeves? You're an RGS girl?

Can I touch your belly? Yeh... Now I've good luck

I think we should compose our own song. Call it the haram song.

[On a man in a bathroom] There's a man in there. He's washing his cock. [To his mother: There's a man in there. He's rather long.]

And more praise, this time from Gail:

"i always suspected you were insane but i just found the proof in balderdash. which reads a bit like an incoherent mindmap. the kind you might get if you gave the brain (of pinky etc fame) a lobotomy.

why would *anyone* be boh liao enough to scan in a few years' worth in rg yearbooks? (and incidentally... do you have the air rifle one for 1999/8? :))"

I identify more with Asian Prince, than Pinky, really :)

Benjy sent me this Psychic Mind Reader. Can you figure out how it works? :)

Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Happy Valentine's Day!

16 months left!
The Speak Good English Movement (SGEM) - Speak well. Be misunderstood, see blur faces, get labelled pretentious, "jiak gentang" and having "powderful england"

How can hawkers manage to crack eggs with such ease and not have any eggshell in their cooking?

Re: Class of 1999 GEPpers Gathering centred around Rosie Smith - Why is it when people who, at a point in the past shared some denominator meet up, they tend to spend most of their time reminiscing about the past? Most of the time was spent talking about adventures in the Age of Innocence. Right.


You know what Nanyang Girls need? A shaver. Each and every frickin' one of them.

Tuesday, February 11, 2003


Praise, of sorts, from a senior whom I know (of):


"people who i vaguely know and know me not, making me qualified to pass judgment on.

gabriel: person with strange and scary page to read at 2 am in the morning."

I feel vindicated :) If you think that's bad, try Balderdash!

Senseless giggling at nothing in particular is a gender defect. (Re: Screwed Up Girl, Yaoi Girl and friends before Play - RJC Band Concert - 2003)

Xephyris has defected from Phoenix to Opera! Tut tut. Boo hoo.

New Blogger link button courtesy of http://www.1greeneye.net/free/logbuttons/

Monday, February 10, 2003

The Other News

It seems someone has been cataloguing and posting all the weird stories that come out in the Straits Times and the New Paper which relate to sex (well, most of them) and Singapore. How cute. We can rival Ma-laysia now!

Among them:

- the 15 year old boy who, in 2000, died from auto-erotic asphyxiation while clad in shorts and his sister's sports bra (a search for that, after discussing with someone the possibility of accidentally commiting suicide by playing with a gun) was what led me to find the page in the first place)
- the police finding 1,200 blue tapes... in the police quarters at Pearl's Hill Terrace
- A US doctor advocating male genital mutilation for all male babies
- Parents sending Private Investigators to spy on their children

George Bush unmasked!

A Singaporean Personal Blog makes the top 40 of Daypop!

Australians bare all in anti-war protest - More than 700 women have posed nude in Australia in a mass protest against their country's support for possible military action against Iraq.

Hahaha - Gulf War 2: The Reckoning - ROFL.

A poem a senior of mine wrote:

"The second poem is the distillation of my love of my national service experience."


And if I ever go to war
I'll kill my bloody enemies
My bloody fucking enemies
Are those that try to get me killed

And first and foremost in their rank
Are those that send me out to die
And first and foremost of that scum are those above me high in rank

The men of bars, the men of stars
The old men ruling by the vote
For love of country scream for death
My death my death my death my death

I'll rend their guts and flay their bones
No matter which side they are on
My bloody fucking enemies
Are those that try to get me killed
Word of the day: "voluptuary" (see also: sybarite)

It's been a while, but I got stomach cramps again - this time from doing 150 crunches after a morning run (well, it was a walk for me). And they lasted 3 days. Ouch. I think even Mr Poon isn't quite so brutal!

Sometimes, I wonder what went wrong between me and one of my colleagues. I'm sure he's a nice person in his own way, but what event(s) caused him to dislike me so much? Maybe he doesn't like to see people "slacking" when he sees himself working so hard. Well, I am not as slack as I appear, though I *do* admit my job is rather easier than some's *g* It's probably a summation of many small things. The straw that breaks the camel's back. As always. Now, where have we heard that before? :) I also wonder occasionally who else dislikes me but is less open about their loathing. Hmm.

I finally went to confront the barber, and he wasn't happy. He admitted, in a roundabout way, that we didn't have to pay him another $2 when we actually got out hair cut, but dismissed his ongoing con job with the words (in chinese), "Some people who want to give me more, so I let them. Sit down!" and proceeded to cut my hair extremely quickly and shoddily, taking 1/3 the time he took on the person before me (though oddly it was, actually, better than the second time I'd gone to him and had paid him $2, when Jason remarked that I looked like a Dragonball Z character.)

As he predicted, Qingru has been posted to my unit. And he's been forced to cut his hair to a ridiculous length. Heh heh heh. Apparently he also hasn't applied overseas, though he intends to. At my rate, I think in the end I just won't bother.

There was a stray dog running around when we were running at East Coast (I love my battalion - we rarely stay in camp on Saturdays. I can probably count on 4 fingers the number of Saturdays I've spent in camp since late June) - well, it wasn't really a stray dog. It was tame, well groomed, didn't bite and had a collar. Anyway, a "captain" security guard was trying to slip a noose around its neck (too lowly a job for the "generals" I suppose) but it kept eluding him, even up till the time I left. I wonder why stray dogs are frowned upon, but people let stray cats wander with abandon? :(

I'm at the History section of Fast Food Nation at this point in time. I finally get to find out about the stupid "Colonel" Harland Sanders! Alas, he *was* a real person, though somewhat of a kook.


"This kind of reminds me of the time back in Primary 6, when we looked at the black gunk and pus oozing out of our newly-formed BCG scar, and we offered some of it to Peggy and made her cry. Sometimes I don't see how I've changed at all in the last 8 years."

Yuck! Eww! Gross! Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh.

Charmian on law: and if this is encouragement, there are really very many chio bus in law...
and save they're more assertive and demanding than arts gals, i think it's a better deal for a guy coz the ratio of gals to guys in law higher than gals to guys in arts ha!

Wah lao.

[Nametag in McDonalds] Uncle Chan

[On the commissioning of officers] All of them say, "level up"... Add one point to Yucheng. Intelligence - 4... [Me: It should be 'Wisdom'] Actually I wanted to say 'Charisma' but he has some kind of idiot charm.

[On me losing weight] You stuffed yourself during Chinese New Year? (starved)

[On why guys do not rather read unabashedly pornographic magazines like Playboy, Hustler and Penthouse instead of those with a veneer of social acceptability like Stuff, FHM and Maxim] Sometimes you think, ah, things that cannot be seen is more beautiful


kimberly: oh don't be silly
you're spouting nonsense again

crystal: what since when since when!

kimberly: gah
I should deal with you so forcefully your curly hair will straighten :P

crystal: that sounds so kinky!

kimberly: gah
why you little...

Sunday, February 09, 2003

Deja vu, the unipolar world - All that talk about the US being the first hyperpower isn't totally correct.

When morality is lethal - A blow against mindless moralists.

Report human rights violations online!
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