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Friday, October 14, 2022

Links - 14th October 2022 (2 - Women)

Meme - "Dear men, Please moan. We like it. I like it. Do it."
"Why is there always dirty dishes in the sink when I get home?"

Meme - Blaze: "Hello @Eva , I noticed you have a profile picture of a very beautiful (but also intelligent looking!) female, and I am under the presumption that this goddess is you? It is quite astonishing to see a female here in the Pummel Party Official discord. I am quite popular around here in this server, so if you require and guidance, please, throw me a mention. I will assist you at any hour, day or night. And, before you are mistaken, I do not seek your hand ina romantic way; although, I am not opposed in the event you are interested in me, as many women often are. I am a man of standard, and I do not bow to just any female that comes my way, unlike my peers... So rest assured that I will not be in the way of your gaming and socializing experience. Consider me a Player 2..a companion, a partner, and perhaps we can enjoy some video games together some time. I see you play pummel party, and are you good at mini games? I am a mini-game aficionado, so I would be happy to assist you in games. Platonically of course, unless you (like many others) change your mind on that. I look forward to our future together (as friends of course.)"

Meme - "Jennifer Lopez Says Men Are 'Useless' Until They Turn 33
Ric Adkins: By all means, let's give a damn about relationship advice from a woman that collects engagement rings like she's Thanos"

Meme - "Photo update on my bbl 1.5 years later. I went to Dr. Omar Jimenez private practice in Culiacan. I am 5'2 120 lbs. I feel so confident now, if you're hesitating about getting a bbl, it's so worth it! My confidence has changed, my love life has changed, the way value myself has changed. I used to date broke drug dealers and now I'm dating (two) millionaires in New York City!! We will see when I get that diamond ring haha. First they see my body and confidence, and because of that they get to know me and see my heart which is what truly matters."
bbl = Brazillian Butt Lift

Meme - Dani Aylsworth: "Hi friends! Happy July 3rd! Today is a memorable day for me. Last year, on this day, my divorce was finalized. Yes, I am 34, and have been married 3 times. (If anyone needs a good example of how childhood trauma can present itself in your adult life... 3 marriages by 33 is a var..."

Meme - "Alexa 33
Pansexual Woman
Lives in Livermore
49 miles away
About Me
Here is the situation... I need someone to come over, discreet as shit... And cum in a bowl for me so can make fried chicken and test a theory... No you don't have to eat it and no it's not a sexual thing but I'll jack you off if that's what you need. Cum is protein right? And protein can bind shit... So... Instead of eggs... Cum... Makes sense to me but will it work."

Meme - "A dog and a cat are having an argument on who is the favorite of humans. The dog says, "Humans like us more. They have even named a tooth (canine) after us. Naming such an important body part after us shows that they like us more." The cat smiles and says, "You are really not going to win this one you know.""

Meme - aleeeechay @Goldchinaa: "65% of woman cheat but 85% of the time it is the mans fault. Eg. Women tend to cheat Bcos they feel lonely for long periods of time in a relationship and so might lean on another male for support and accidentally have sex with them."

Meme - "Girls after being called 'pretty' several times in one day
Boys remembering that one time someone called them 'handsome' years ago and it was not their mom"

Meme - Tykreeshrina Jaxon @MzTyJaxon: "Be careful who u call ugly in middle sckool *ugly girl, ugly woman*"

Meme - "I have good news and bad news"
"Bad news first"
"Our son made a mess in the toilet"
"We don't have a son"
"*Miscarriage* Meet Baxter"
The original was a dog

Meme - "Hey how are u doing today"
"i'm genuinely really sad and lonely
but here's my butthole"

Meme - "Porn is degrading for all women involved
That's why Hentai is more ethical because it doesn't involve human trafficking or "Real" Women"

Meme - "Hi"
"U like big dicks?"
"Yeah ;) why?"
Sorry for wasting your time"

Kai Peter Chang's answer to What is it like to date a stripper/dancer? - Quora - "Some men may think that fashion models/actresses are the apex of female beauty. They are wrong. Having dated actresses and fashion models in my past, I have observed firsthand how hard the battallion of makeup artists, hair stylists and post-camera photoshop specialists work to bring her face and figure to perfection for the final cut.  A dancer at a strip club is the beneficiary of none of these things, yet she is judged by exactly those same harsh beauty standards, and her earnings are directly influenced by how well she can conform to those expectations. This is a vocation where every extra pound of excess fat can literally costs you thousands of dollars a week in forgone earnings... dancers who can successfully earn a living at it for 6+ months are, for the most part, unusually beautiful, command incredible core strength (every dancer I've been with had better abs than me and can easily beat me in a situp competition) with above-average sexual charisma.   Does this stamina translate into the bedroom? If you ask me this question in person, I will reply with a wicked smile and a half-shrug and say "what do you think?"...   On the topic of other men, one of the major downsides of dating a dancer is that her beauty draws a lot of attention. This goes double as an Asian guy with a beautiful White woman, which is something that is so infrequently seen, that it draws an unbelievable amount of curiosity. Many guys will subtly "test" you - see how you react to mildly flirty behavior. Do you nervously grab her hand or engage in other weak mate-guarding behavior, or are you confident and relaxed? One of those will lose the girl. The other will make her cling tighter to your side.   I liken the experience to parking a nice sports car on the street in a mixed-urban setting - it's inevitable that random people will try your car door to see if it is unlocked (and if so, they will ransack your glove compartment) but few are brazen enough to shatter your window on the off chance there may be something worth stealing in your vehicle... This may be politically-incorrect to say, but in my observation, Black guys tend to be the most brazen in straight-up attempts to hit on her directly/extract her from me...   If you wish to date a dancer, you must be like the eye of a hurricane - a calm center around the swirling chaos of sexual energy that surrounds her. The moment you get insecure or defensive/jealous, the spell is broken."

Meme - "Unmatched, she found my Facebook and sent me this."
"You unmatched me? Lol. You're a little bitch. Your loss."

Meme - "My husband likes that I have gotten fit and toned after losing 50lbs, but I want to be single and focus on enjoying life now. Should stay married or file for divorce so we both don't waste each other's time?"
"Get a divorce. He stuck with you through thick and thin (pun intended). He's earned a lifetime of fidelity and respect. He's not going to get that from you. The fact that now that times are good you are bailing speaks tons to your character. Don't worry about wasting his time...you already did, and it is too late now. If vows mean nothing to you, and his sacrifice for you means nothing, no amount of him begging you to stay will change that. You should leave. Just don't take the high road...you haven't earned it. You're not being selfless by staying with him or offering to leave. You want to enjoy life? Go ahead. But the honorable thing is to build a life of enjoyment with him, because he stood by your side. I'd wish you the best, but it sounds like you have it and don't want it. Good luck."

Meme - "Me getting ready for work when there's a chick selling her farts in jars for 50k a week"

Meme - "Woman calls out long list of male celebrities she claims rejected her on exclusive dating app Raya"
"I always find it hilarious how flabbergasted women are when someone doesn't want them. It doesn't even occur to them that it's possible."

Meme - "Do u have your own spot? Car? And job?
Sorry for the interrogation lol I'm Just not into dating losers I'm sure you can understand"
"I definitely understand and absolutely i bought a house a while back my dad helped me out alot, but yeah have a house, I have a full time job and 2 cars lol one for strictly work one for pleasure"
"Sounds like you got it going for you"
"thanks love
So how about you?"
"How about me what?"
"Car? Crib? Job"
"Why would I need one?
That's why I'm looking for a man to take care of me and my kids men are providers didn't your mom ever teach you?
I live with my mom I get child support and no car yet

Meme - "This is Sally and her flatmate"

Meme - "Bread
Garlic bread"

Meme - "Girls: OMG why isn’t he texting me back?
Boys trying to figure out how to reply to "lol""

Meme - "Being a single guy over 30: FAT GIRLS. STEP DAD. SINGLE FOREVER"
One solution is to go for girls under 30

The Booty Slapping Championships - Introducing Russia's brand spanking new sport - "Thought you'd seen the weirdest, most wonderful new sport in Russia with the Male Slapping Championships? Meet the 'Booty Slapping Championships' - a competition where women strike each other on the backside until one falls over... The winner is the first to administer a slap hard enough to the other's behind to knock them off balance, causing them to fall over or step forward, avoiding any serious harm, which is in stark contrast to the men's version."

Meme - "Kris Jenner: I 'never paid a bill' while married to Robert Kardashian"
No1ahDem @SkeeAlii: "And she still cheated. What did we learn?"

Meme - "When your coochie game is so strong, it scares the devil"

Teen mum who couldn't find a babysitter for prom night takes toddler as her date - "Melissa Mccabe fell pregnant at 14 and gave birth to one-year-old Arthur in November 2020."

Meme - "My boyfriend's 19yo daughter moved in my house w/us. She's disrespectful and promiscuous; I caught her w/a boy and she begged me not to tell her dad. I did. He raged. She revealed she's his sidechick, NOT his child. They sleep in MY bed and refuse to move out. HELP. #SBCCHAT"

Meme - *Obese Black Woman*
Liberal Woman: "YOU'RE GONNA DIE ALONE MR. 5'8"

Meme - "Lmao. Guys we found her. *Trad Girl / Tradwife*"
Eva Vlaardingerbroek on Tucker Carlson Today

Meme - ">scrolling through fap material
>find photo of a particularly average goth girl
>not ugly, just overall plain, no curves, small tits
>just a painfully normal girl like you'd find at the supermarket
>this sparks my curiosity
>reverse search the pic
>find her reddit account
>hundreds of posts
>she tried to pander to a million communities and fetishes
>goth, cosplay of dozen of characters, weed, feet, monstergirls, giantess, everything under the sun, you name it
>despite this, almost none of her pics can get past 10 upvotes
>no one ever leaves a comment, even the most simp-filled communities totally ignore her
>sometimes she comments herself, always 0 replies
>find her twitter
>endless posts, almost no interactions
>find out she has an onlyfans
>she's selling a pack with hundreds of photos for a mere 3$
This made me inexplicably sad. This random girl tried everything to whore herself out but literally nobody in the planet gives a fuck. Something in her life led her to sell her dignity for possible fame (or at least a bit of money), and she got absolutely nothing in return."

Meme - "Q1. Dated an older man, (6mos) his wife passed last year. He had her pics in the house & it made me feel uncomfortable, so I left. I came by again unannounced, and the wife was there, ALIVE. Huge fight. He says he has Alzheimer's & don't remember me. I'm pregnant. Help."

Meme - "When I was graduated from college, I started an online lingerie store and all my friends laughed at me. Later I am married to one of my buyers, who buys G-Cup bras"

Men Marry Women with the Hope They Will Never Change. Women Marry Men with the Hope They Will Change – Quote Investigator - "The earliest solid match to the statement known to QI occurred in the play “Cynara” by H. M. Harwood and R. Gore-Browne which was performed in London in 1930. The drama moved to Broadway in 1931, and it was included in a compilation of “The Best Plays of 1931-32”. The character John Tring offered the following insight about marriage. The phrasing differed from the quotation under examination, but the underlying idea was the same... “Women marry men hoping they will change, and men marry women hoping they won’t. And each is inevitably disappointed.”"

PayPerView: Comparison of Vaginal Shapes in Afro-American, Caucasian and Hispanic Women as Seen with Vinyl Polysiloxane Casting
Comparing black, white and hispanic women, among those who had had one child, hispanics had the widest vaginas, followed by blacks, then whites. Among those who had not had children, blacks were very slightly smaller than whites (there were no hispanic women who had not had children). In black women their vaginas became wider with more children, in whites they became narrower (?!). In hispanics they may have gotten narrower

Meme - "What kind of ABG are you?
Asian Baby Girl @vickibaybeee
Asian Boba Girl @brokeandcooking
Asian Bible Girl
Asian Basic Girl @leendadavenue"

Meme - "When you weren't in a good place to be in a relationship so he moves on and doesn't want you back when you're ready"

Meme - "Nikki 31
SEN classroom assistant
I'm 51" so you're all tall to me.
Just looking for a genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist who enjoys makine metal suits in his spare time"

Meme - "Gjorja 20
I teach special Ed so you know I have patience and I don't mind being spit on"

Meme - "Penny
hey girl I should be able to make it tomorrow but may need you to pick me up from dance rehearsals. Do you still have that shirt I left there last time, that's pretty much my sex shirt for every time we are with your dog. Max scratches too much when he mounts me lol"
"Wtf who are you"
"OMG I am so sorry!!
Wrong Hayley"
"I dont even know what I've just seen"
"please delete it, I am so sorry"
"Just please hit the block button i do not want to know what you do in regards to your friends animals"

Meme - "There's nothing more satisfying than being prettier than your ex boyfriend's new girlfriend"
"Fact that he's not going for just looks anymore means you taught him a valuable lesson."

Meme - "You think you can hurt me? When I was 22 my husband woke me up in the early morning to make sure I knew he was ending his life, running to him as he pulled the trigger"

Meme - "I love to fantasize about a group of white men coming into my village and raping me in front of my tribe using my tight red pussy for their own enjoyment while my elders watch me get filled up with white cum"

Meme - Nadine Dorries @NadineDorries: "Wow, amazed to discover The Four Streets still #1 Bestseller on Amazon, must be weeks now - around 120,000 copies E + P sold in six weeks"
Gerry Hassan @GerryHassan: "Think u have misread bestsellers. Is no 1 in sagas. Listed as no. 3,931 on Amazon!"
@NadineDorriesMP: "shall I wait for your apology Gerry?"
Gerry Hassan: "You said ur book was #1 bestseller. It isnt. It is no. 3,931. Maybe a little less self-promotion/deception."
Nadine Dorries: "blocked because you are obviously some kind of cyber bullying misogynist"
Telling a woman she is wrong (when she is) is "cyber bullying". This puts the alleged numbers on women being harassed online in perspective

The biggest vagina in the world belonged to Anna Swan(1846-1888) Canadian women and it measured a circumference of 19inch which is approximately 48cm. She is also recorded to have the biggest newborn in the whole world. : lastpodcastontheleft

Meme - Michelle @fatnutritionist: "If you ever wondered, "Are diet and wellness culture rooted in eugenics and white supremacy?" the answer is YES"
"Dietitian, will write books for money. Contact: Suzanne Brandreth, The Cooke Agency"

Meme - "I dated a Chinese guy, a French guy, and an American guy. Broke all of their hearts That's for Vietnam"

Meme - Kate Livingston @gr8kate: "My husband once said if he got cat called, he'd take it as a compliment instead of being offended. To teach him a lesson, I got some women from work to catcall him during his jog today and he came home so happy and confident that now I can never tell him the truth"

Elon Musk says paparazzi pic of his pale belly has motivated him to work out and sunbathe - "Musk was recently pictured on vacation in Mykonos, Greece on a luxury yacht with a small group of friends... The billionaire has been praised for his attitude and his ability to poke fun at himself when he faces being bullied online."
Meme - "The perfect use of the golden ratio doesn't exis..."
Men vs women on "body shaming"

Wisconsin Sass on Twitter - "Once, a guy fucked the crease between my thigh and labia, thinking he was in my vagina, and when he finished he asked if I got off. I had to break it to him that he just fucked my leg. This is what I think of when men act like they’re equipped to make laws about women’s bodies."
Women demonstrating their excellent communication skills again. What would happen if someone suggested that this one anecdote of dodgy provenance was why women should not be allowed to make laws?

Meme - ciara tobin: "men honestly are something else"
"Do u have a paper clip"
"On the floor by my file cabinet"

Meme - "Difficulty coping with passing For the first time in my life I'm being seen as a man, something I've dreamed about ever since I realised I wasn't a tomboy, but a trans guy. Part of me feels great, the relief after years of treatment etc, finally feeling like my true self. The other part is swimming in a sea of emotions, trying to cope with my new reality. I feel invisible, like I died and came back as a ghost. It seems like everywhere I go, there's this dramatic shift in how people treat me, even my closest friends have become distant. Im bi (mostly attracted to women) but right now I feel sexless. Previously I had people approach me, send me messages, now nothing, like a light switch. I eventually worked up the courage to ask out a girl I know (with some help from my guy friend) and her reaction was something like disgust mixed with pity. I walked away from that in tears, questioning everything, feeling like just a cog in a machine instead of a human being. used to look in the mirror and envision myself as this confident, strong man who can just live his life. Now I see a short, effeminate, weak boy, who can't stop himself breaking down at least once a day. Does anyone know what I can do? I just feel so crushed."
Male privilege!

Meme - "YouTube: 15 minutes of riding the NYC subway"
"I wish I was a man"
"Excuse me, where's grand street?"
"Chad, this manlet just breathed in my direction"
Tinder: "Hi!"
"Fuck off. Thx"
*blows brains out*

Meme "I'm FTM, I often feel like de-transitioning because my life was much easier when I was a woman. Heightism and the Male Experience.
I'm a 5'3 ftm transgender man. At first I was happy when I transitioned, but I never knew how bad the male experience would be in society. One example is heightism. When I lived my life as a woman, I wasn't really aware of heightism men face to be honest. When I was a woman, I felt uncomfortable in my own body. Now that I've transitioned, it's society who makes me feel uncomfortable of my body. Sure now they see a man, but in their minds, they see a man who's not a real man. From feeling powerless and smaller compared to others of my gender, to some people wanting to treat me as a punching bag of a friend group. People who I barely just met will make rude comments or jokes about my size, and I know if I respond with a similar comment about their weight (which I would never do anyways because I don't like body shaming of any kind) I know I would be considered an asshole, but yet it's ok for people to make fun of mens height. Dating was going to be hard for me anyways since I'm a man with no penis, but when I used to be a lesbian I had more dating options, but now that I'm a guy, plenty of women will reject me just for my height alone, before I even get a chance to tell them I'm trans. The worst past is that height body shaming, or the hurdles I have to face for my height just simply isn't taken as seriously, so it feels I'm battling something all alone, when I try to be confident some people hate short guys with confidence for whatever reason. They see it as a person who doesn't know their rightful place. In general it just seems being a man is a colder world. I get accused of privileged and on top of that I don't even benefit from the privileges the average man gets since I don't even meet the standard of the average man. Even studies will show you how height really affects men, they get paid less, suicide rate goes up, more likely victims of crimes, seen as less attractive, and so on. don't know what to do. Is it worth feeling more comfortable in my body if society is going out of it's way to tell me I'm not a real man for my size? At least when I was living in my past body, society didn't treat me like shit. They respected me more as a tom boy woman, than me now as a fully transitioned man. I'm just venting. I just feel alone. often feel like de-transitioning, just to not be treated like shit."

Meme - "Girls socializing: *Fake Compliment* *Another fake compliment*
Boys socializing: *Fake insult* *Another fake insult*"

Meme - "$160 - Original Nintendo bundle"
"I can't take 100, but thank you for the offer"
"It's ok I'm A single mom"
"That's why I offered that"
"What does that have to do with my Nintendo?"
"Money is super tight for me"
"Ok, me too, why do you think I'm selling my Nintendo"

Meme - "guys will say "male privilege doesn't exist" and then go on a walk at midnight"
"And then get robbed like kings"
"Girls will say female privilege doesn't exist" and then pay their rent with pictures of their butthole."

Against judicial activism

From Adrian Tan, President of The Law Society of Singapore: 

Don't litigate.

I'm talking about asking a judge to change laws made by the legislature. I'm talking about that type of litigation.

Normally, if people are unhappy about a law made by their legislature, they ask their elected representatives to change the law.

Those representatives debate the law openly in the legislature. They discuss the views of the community, special interest groups and national policies affected by the law. If the law is repealed, it's because it is in the national interest.

That's democracy.

That's why, in many countries, when people want to effect change, they ask their elected representatives to do so. Doing it this way is the norm.

But in the United States, it’s common for people to ask the court to strike down laws passed by their elected representatives. There, litigation is used to fight social issues, such as abortion. The US has its own historical reasons for using the court in that way.

Let's be clear: when people ask a judge to strike down a law, they are expressing doubts about their own democratic process. They are saying that they don't trust their politicians, or their elections, or their legislative process. That's why they seek to effect social change through litigation.

But there are problems when people ask a judge to strike down a law passed by the legislature.

Problem 1: If a judge strikes down a law, it may affect other people who did not have a say in the decision.

Problem 2: A judge generally focuses on technical stuff, such as whether the law is constitutional. The judge typically won’t consider the wider, non-legal implications of striking down that law. That's not the judge's job.

This brings me to Section 377A of the Penal Code, which criminalises male homosexual conduct.

People have asked the court to strike down 377A. In the latest case, our highest court didn’t strike it down, but said that in future cases, it might do so.

In response, the Government said it will repeal 377A and pass laws to protect the definition of marriage. It will be done in Parliament.

That's a democratic way of changing the law. I made this point at a panel discussion on 377A (link below). I didn’t offer my personal views on 377A and marriage: that’s for another post.

But what if, after Parliament passes those laws about marriage, someone goes to court to challenge those laws? Well, Parliament can pass a law to say that those laws can't be challenged in court.

Well, what if someone goes to court to challenge that law that says that the law cannot be challenged in court? What if someone goes to court to challenge whether 377A should be repealed at all?

You see where I'm going with this?

We shouldn't adopt the US approach. We shouldn't ask the court to rule on social issues. We should effect social change through Parliament. The court isn't meant to be a surrogate Parliament.

We shouldn't import the tactics of the culture war from the United States into our country.

#law #society #lgbtq

Links - 14th October 2022 (1 - Feminism)

Meme - "The idea that 1950s housewives led happy, fulfilled lives is so thoroughly ahistorical it's almost shocking. By 1952, an estimated 50,000 mostly female patients in the United States and Canada had been lobotomized, and millions of women were prescribed "Mother's little helper"- barbiturates for anxiety and depression."
The history of barbiturates a century after their clinical introduction - "Barbiturate use in the pre-benzodiazepine period was such that, in the USA alone, production of these drugs reached, in 1955, the quantity necessary for the treatment of 10 million people throughout an entire year"
In 1955, the US female population was estimated at 83.2 million so there were enough barbiturates made for 12% of the female population (assuming no men took them). From 2015-2018, 17.7% of US adult women used antidepressants in the last 30 days. Clearly women are better off being housewives

Twitter and the UN screeched obnoxiously at people to "stop interrupting women" and were rightly trolled into oblivion
Interruptions, gender, social media, and confirmation bias - "Interruptions are common in most conversations, but is there are general trend among those talking as to who interrupts whom? Recently David Schmitt tweeted about a paper called “Influence of Communication Partner’s Gender on Language” (Hancock & Rubin, 2014). It gained some traction as it featured a graph purporting to show women interrupt other women more than men. It implies there is an interaction between the gender of the speaker and the gender of the communication partner, with women interrupting other women a lot more than they do men and men interrupting either gender about as frequently. Given the generally widely held belief that men interrupt women more than other men, this stirred quite a bit of interest as it seemed to provide evidence against this idea. But what do the results show?"
At the very least, we have some evidence that men don't interrupt women more

Meme - "How the richest men in the world got their wealth:
Elon Musk: years of hard work
Jeff Bezos: years of hard work
Warren Buffett: years of hard work
How the richest women in the world got their wealth:
MacKenzie Scott: Divorce
Julia Koch: Husband (now deceased)
Francoise Bettencourt Meyers: inheritance from deceased grand-daddy"

Affinity Magazine on Twitter - "Amy Schumer has arrived and we’re hoping she leaves soon."

Tyler Todt on Twitter - "Feminists in 2022:
•I don’t cook
•I don’t clean.
•I don’t want kids.
Uhhhh where are all the good men?!?
They are:
At home with their wives that are cooking, cleaning & raising their kids being great moms.
I’m sorry you were lied to but it is what it is."

Meme - ""The family structure is the source of psychological, economic, and political oppression." ~ Feminist Shulamith Firestone
She died alone in her home at sixty-seven of starvation, with her body left undiscovered for days."

Stonetoss Comics on Twitter - "remembering that one time where a villain from the Powerpuff girls was literally just an annoying feminist. unthinkable today.
the message of the episode was still unambiguously feminist. however, you can't find even the modest critique the episode had anywhere else in mass media today"

Facebook - "American women and Hillary supporters? where is your jubilation for Lizz Truss becoming the UK's Prime Minister? After all, as Madeline Albright said, there's a special place in hell for women who don't support other women."
They can't even define a woman, so

‘Hilarious And Sad’: Hollywood A-Lister Mocked For Saying Tucker Carlson Haunts Her Nightmares - "Lawrence said that she had been “trying to heal” after feuding with her own family over politics, and said that recurring nightmares about Tucker Carlson had even been a topic of discussion between the actress and her therapist."
These are the people who go on about "white fragility"

Meme - "I have nightmares about Tucker Carlson" *Jennifer Lawrence being friendly with Harvey Weinstein on 4 occasions*

FC Dallas under-15 boys squad beat the U.S. Women's National Team in a scrimmage
Reactions as Arsenal U-15 team beat Women's team 5-0 in friendly fixture [Video] - "The result that has surfaced on social media revealed that it was a one-sided affair as the U-15 team completely dominated the Women's team from start to finish.  The 5-0 score-line according to several reports is not an indication of the game played as the U-15 team missed several chances to score more goals."
Australian women's national team lose 7-0 to team of 15-year-old boys
Athletic Club Youngsters Beat Women's Team 6-0 In Friendly - "Athletic Club youngsters played against the Basque outfit's women's side and it ended in a 6-0 win for the team of teenagers. The Cadete A team, made up of players who are 14,15 and 16 years of age, dominated the 90 minute friendly fixture in what was ultimately a resounding victory"
One cope I saw about the first was that the women's team let the boys win. Weird how women's teams across the world keep letting the boys' teams win
Should boys' teams be paid as much as women's teams?

Meme - "I don't want to be a "strong independent woman" anymore... I WANT LOVE!!! I knew from a very young age that I'd always wanted to settle and have a family to call my own but instead, I threw myself so deep into my "career life" which has kept me quite busy and happy but lately it's been really hitting me how lonesome I am. I feel like I'm just going through the motions and I'm so desperate for affection that I constantly find myself seeking closeness through my interactions with others and lately, it's gotten worse At night, I can only fantasise and dream of being held and cuddling my child but then reality hits and the pain replays itself again. I'm going crazy out of my mind because I feel like I have to upkeep this facade of being a "strong independent woman" because I'm so afraid that the other persons intentions aren't the same as mine. Nowadays, it's so difficult to find people who genuinely want the same thing. I just really hope this year I will be strong and ok enough to allow myself to be vulnerable with someone so that I can finally experience what I've always wanted. I'm a hot mess, and there's a lot more to my story but who has the time for that?"

Jennifer Lawrence Says She'll Always Make Less Than Male Co-stars
Jennifer Lawrence to be paid $8m more than Chris Pratt for Passengers
Hilariously, I saw women try to justify her being paid more than Pratt while still pretending that she was a victim of sexism for being paid less than diCaprio

Meme - Rachel Sennott: "Going on a date tonight with $11 in my bank account let's hope he's not a feminist lol
Hahahahaha he said in the first 3 minutes of the date "I follow u on twitter don't worry I've got u covered""

Meme - John Tremain @johnntremain: "No comment"
Danish ship collides with U.S. Navy ship Sunday in Inner Harbor" - Sep 12, 2022
"There's some sort of Danish Government sailing ship in harbor for fleet week that appears to be crewed entirely by women" - 4 days ago
Christian Schaffer on Twitter - "NEW: Video shows the Danish ship Danmark colliding with the USS Minneapolis-St. Paul, as the Danmark was being tugged out of the Inner Harbor #fleetweekfail"

ZUBY: on Twitter - "Saying women are generally better than men at some things is called 'facts', but saying men are generally better than women at some things is called 'misogyny'. 😂"

Meme - *Man and Woman racing*
Woman: *imagines barriers in her way when there are none, and the man has 2 hurdles*
Man: "What's the matter? It's the same distance!"

No Charges for Biker Who Fatally Shot Woman After She Hit Him With Car - "Andrew Derr, a 40-year-old motorcyclist, was cleared of any wrongdoing in the fatal shooting of Sara Morales, a 35-year-old library assistant who allegedly intentionally hit him with her car.  In November, Morales hit Derr with her blue Kia and fled the scene, according to the Orange City, Florida, Police Department. After failing to get her to pull over, Derr and other motorists followed her home, where she allegedly obtained a gun and pointed it at Derr. The 40-year-old then took out his own firearm and fired multiple rounds, fatally wounding Morales."
Of course there were SJWs bitching about "misogyny". Men have no right to self-defence against women, and women can do hit-and-runs on men with impunity

Meme - "Poor guy tries to break the ice. She responds by posting paragraphs on the internet."
Kari Byron: "A man just stopped me to ask if I'm a car mechanic. My first thought was "oh no does he need jumper cables?". Then I realized it's because I'm wearing my coveralls. I said, "No, these are my eatin' pants, can't fit in my skinny jeans no more". He laughs without detecting any sarcasm. I'm pretty sure this is the same guy that wants you to name three songs of the band shirt you're wearing, from the concert you went to, but as a girl you clearly couldn't have loved. Just another day being a woman justifying your existence. #mansplaining"
He didn't even try to explain anything to her. Once again, mansplaining is when a man says something a woman doesn't like
"I was a member of Mansplain me harder, daddy. My favorite thing to do was take screenshots of women "mansplaining" block out the name, post it to the page, let the rage build, then share the unredacted version of the screenshot to show the women was the perpetrator. It ended in me getting banned by the admins 🤣 "

Feminists Freak Out After Discovering Men Don’t Want To Date ‘Woke’ Women - "The problem all started with British drama star, Laurence Fox, who declared, on the BBC, that he does not believe criticism of Duchess Meghan stems from racism, and then followed up his transgression against social justice by insisting in the pages of one of the United Kingdom’s top newspapers that he does not date woke women.  That is all just too much for feminists, it seems, who, despite swearing off men so often it’s practically their pledge of allegiance, want desperately to have the pick of men to partner with — and to deny them such a variety is, apparently, oppressive, sexist, and, for good measure, very “Donald Trump.”... Fox’s lack of woke bona fides is actually causing an entire generation of woke women mental harm... The author says she could go to great lengths to prove just how wrong Fox is — that “white privilege” exists, and that “institutionalized racism” is effectively eliminated by, say, including a single Sikh soldier in a movie about World War I, but she won’t, because Fox is clearly mentally ill (he does, after all, like arguing with feminists on Twitter, so she may not be wrong). And she could joke about Fox’s lack of wokeness, but in perhaps the most feminist line in the entire article, she insists that there’s nothing about his behavior that’s funny.  She simply says he should be deplatformed before his ideas creep into the psyches of other males, who then start refusing to date feminists, too. But unfortunately for her, it’s already happening. To illustrate her point, she writes, in what can only be “hushed tones,” about the men she and her friends have matched with on dating apps who say “openly sexist and misogynistic things” in their Tindr bios (like “I hate big eyebrows” or “no psychos,” two terms the author unintentionally reveals to be effective at weeding her out of the dating pool), and who hold “right-wing views” even if they consider themselves liberal.  There’s even a rash of men, she writes in horror, who have read Jordan Peterson, who has suggested that “white privilege” is a lie and that pursuing “social justice” is a pointless and toxic endeavor. These men, she says, then have a tendency to group together which, she posits, is how humanity got “incels” and online white supremacist chat rooms, though without any evidentiary support. Men who don’t like feminists should not be allowed to associate with anyone else, she seems to suggest, lest they share wrong ideas... The good news is, these men who refuse to date woke women are responsible for everything from the murder of a Labour MP several years ago before Brexit, to the rise of Donald Trump, to the continued oppression of the entire female gender (to the extent that gender still exists), to “Megxit” — Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s decision to leave the UK to find a new life in Canada — to the rise of right-wing media. But if this all sounds as though the author is demonizing these men who simply wouldn’t consider her for a date, rest assured, she is. After all, despite devoting thousands of words to the subject of being these men’s sworn enemy, she is not, in fact, an enemy at all, except in their imaginations."

Mothers’ low productivity hurts overall pay for women - "Policymakers should pay heed to the gender gap’s complexity and the interplay of factors that impact how much men and women are paid before deciding how best to proceed...   The backbone of the equal pay movement — equal pay for equal work — assumes that men and women are equally productive in the same job. But the evidence does not support this claim.  Using Danish data, I studied the relative output of firms employing more men compared to firms employing more women and found that productivity differences explain about two-thirds of the gender pay gap. On average, women are 8-percent less productive than men, so we would expect them to be paid 8-percent less... Put simply, firms don’t seem to be making tons of money by hiring women to do as much work as men but then underpaying them. This means that if equal pay legislation really forced firms to change the pay of women, we may expect many firms to stop hiring women or to change the way they classify the jobs women do...   I find that motherhood alone drives the gender productivity gap: Mothers are substantially less productive than men, and their lower productivity completely explains their pay gap.   Where does this lower productivity come from? I could tell you a few personal stories (and had to keep myself from sharing these with potential employers when they asked the same question), but they all come back to hours worked...   In contrast to mothers, women without children are as productive as men, but they are also paid less than men. For these women, the gap between pay and productivity is concentrated in their prime childbearing years.  Why are these women underpaid? A natural explanation is that employers pay young, childless women less than young, childless men because they expect these women will soon have children and reduce their hours.  To avoid reducing a female employee’s pay as soon as she has children (which would be an unattractive HR decision for a variety of reasons) firms may pay women less in anticipation of childbirth.  Consistent with this hypothesis, the gap between pay and productivity is larger for women who will have children within the next three years compared to other women."
The author is a woman, so that means feminists can't dismiss the facts and arguments with their usual sexism

The effect of maternity leave extensions on firms and coworkers - "While a large literature is devoted to understanding the impact of maternity leave on children's outcomes and the careers of women, less is known about the consequences of maternity leave at the workplace. This paper studies the effects of maternity leave on firms and coworkers by examining a 2002 Danish reform which increased the length of parental leave by 22 weeks. The timing of the policy change gives random variation in the length of leave available to women who gave birth around the time of the reform. I find no detectable effect of the reform on the earnings or promotions of coworkers in any of the five years after the reform (point estimates are about $100) and can reject differences in yearly earnings larger than $425 overall and differences larger than $280 for female coworkers. While there are some costs for coworkers in the same occupation as women who give birth in the sample period, these costs are 1-1.5 percent of earnings. I also find evidence that the reform increases the probability of firm shut-down by about two percentage points five years after the reform, concentrated among relatively small firms. Conditional on survival, I find no impact of the reform on firm value added."
You can't legislate productivity. Someone has to pay the piper. Of course, according to liberals, the system is rigged in favour of big companies

The Long-Run Effects of Wage Replacement and Job Protection: Evidence from Two Maternity Leave Reforms in Great Britain - "This paper examines the effects of maternity leave coverage on women’s employment and career trajectories in Great Britain using data from the British Household Panel Survey. Using a difference-in-differences identification strategy and two changes to the national maternity leave policy, I distinguish between the effects of expanding access to wage replacement benefits and the additional effects of providing job protection benefits. Access to paid maternity leave increases the probability of returning to work after childbirth in the short run, but has no effect on long-run employment. Expanding the amount of job protection available to new mothers results in substantial increases in maternal employment rates and job tenure more than five years later. However, job protected leave expansions lead to fewer women holding management positions and other jobs with the potential for promotion. Although these maternity leave policies have large employment effects on the extensive margin, there is little evidence of effects on average earnings."

Meme - Wei Wu @WuWei113: "in class, professor tell me im "oppressed" because i'm women and asian. I say who cares. Teach Engineering. I pay much money to learn good education. stop wasting time to be stupid. I pay money to learn math, not penis this, vagina that, oppressed this, victim that"

Meme - Rangermonk: "They killed a woman in Iran because her hair wasn't fully covered. This trick hasn't had a pumpkin spice latte yet this month."
rosanna arquette: "I stand in solidarity with the women of lran ..we are not that far away from them in the fight for freedom"

Not him, too | The Spectator - "Over a drink recently I sat next to a man who announced, barely before he’d taken his first sip, that he was a feminist. ‘Like you,’ he added ingratiatingly.  Like me?!?  Poor sap. Did he imagine that this creepy statement would actually endear me to him? That I admired his courageous stand and was prepared to hang on his every word? Not a bit of it. From that moment, I despised him.  Firstly, I’m no feminist and never have been. Like Mary Wollstonecraft, I’m an equal-but-differentist, or would be if such a thing existed. And I have no desire to get my own back on women’s oppressors, if indeed, today, in western society, they are oppressors. I’ve never experienced them as such. I come from a family of women who endlessly smashed their way through the glass ceiling. My mother was completely self-sufficient — a professor — as were my not-over--privileged great-aunts, one a surgeon in Delhi in the early 1900s, with her sisters variously a doctor, a headmistress and a mathematician.  Of course there are women all over the world who have been and still are being cruelly oppressed. Young girls are forced into prostitution by male sex gangs (but there again, so are young boys). In the Middle East there is an entirely patriarchal society, criticism of which frequently prompts defensive references to ‘cultural differences’ — an excuse that’s never wheeled out for the benefit of white working-class men... there are men who have been completely cowed and often terrified by their womenfolk. Data from the Crime Survey for England and Wales show that men make up about 35 per cent of domestic abuse victims each year... There are three reasons men declare themselves feminists. Firstly, they’re frightened... There’s another category of men who simply hate themselves. Little do they know how unattractive this is to women as they announce, thinking they’re being honest, that they’re actually loathsome, vile human beings, horrible people who can’t help thinking about sex all the time, slimy abusive toads, worthless fantasists who, if it weren’t illegal, would, at the drop of a hat, love to be popping out from behind bushes to assault passing women. They go along with the idea that men are the oppressor class, attributing collective guilt to an entire category of human beings. And we all know where that kind of thinking leads. And finally, there are the ones who declare themselves feminists in order to establish male superiority. They know we’re weak and vulnerable, and they want to take care of us and protect — all of this with the deeply patronising assumption we need protecting... Speaking personally, from my youth onwards, I, like many of my contemporaries, felt extremely pleased to be wolf-whistled in the street and I’ve always walked even taller after the merest mutter of appreciation. Rather than stop men wolf-whistling at women, what about encouraging women to wolf-whistle at men?... Of course we want to be loved for our hearts and minds. But to be appreciated as a sexual object — why not? Admiration is always welcome. The more the merrier.  We women are quite powerful enough not to need men to protect us, like princesses in fairy tales. The reason some men have taken up the feminist cause is precisely because latter-day feminists actually espouse an anti-feminist movement, because in defining women as ‘victims’ or ‘vulnerable’, they infantilise them, making them out to be like characters in a Victorian novel.  No wonder some men want to join them."

Thread by @KnowlandKnows on Thread Reader App – Thread Reader App - "Over 1,500 societies have existed.  Here's what feminism has got wrong about all of them:
’Defining matriarchy as the mirror image of patriarchy, I would conclude that no matriarchal society has ever existed.'  - Gerda Lerner, 'The Creation of Patriarchy' (OUP, 1986), p.31
This is because patriarchy serves women and children best... In no society has the role of caring for small infants been mainly male... women are the limiting factor in reproduction, giving them POWER.
Everywhere sex is something that females have that males want.’  - Symons, 'The Evolution of Human Sexuality' (OUP, 1979), p.253.
Female prostitution is ubiquitous.  Male prostitutes usually end up servicing homosexuals. As Darwin said, ‘males are almost always the wooers’.  Hence nuptial gifts are common in nature.  Males have to give something.  But the female IS the gift.
Women are much less likely than men to engage in
- 'sex' with animals
- 'sex' with inanimate objects
- homosexuality...
 Monogamy isn't about men oppressing women.  Being the limiting factor in reproduction lets women choose their preferred mating strategy.  And it’s always monogamy. The idea that oppressive males at the top of ‘the patriarchy’ would suppress female sexuality makes no sense.  They would be the ones women would be likely to cheat on their partners with. FGM, veiling and foot-binding are mainly inflicted on women by women.  By suppressing female sexuality, women maintain a chronic shortage and hence high prices. The more a society attempts to drift away from patriarchy, ironically the less control of men women have... The more radical feminism seeks freedom from family for women, the more they free men from the provider role... s Betty Friedan pointed out, feminists *underestimated* the power of the women’s sphere.  Ultimately, feminism is misogyny because the only power it values is male power.  It tells little girls to follow their dreams - UNLESS that involves being a housewife."

Gender Gaps at the Academies - "Historically, a large majority of the newly elected members of the National Academy of Science (NAS) and the American Academy of Arts and Science (AAAS) were men. Within the past two decades, however, that situation has changed, and in the last 3 years women made up about 40 percent of the new members in both academies. We build lists of active scholars from publications in the top journals in three fields – Psychology, Mathematics and Economics – and develop a series of models to compare changes in the probability of selection of women as members of the NAS and AAAS from the 1960s to today, controlling for publications and citations. In the early years of our sample, women were less likely to be selected as members than men with similar records. By the 1990s, the selection process at both academies was approximately gender-neutral, conditional on publications and citations. In the past 20 years, however, a positive preference for female members has emerged and strengthened in all three fields. Currently, women are 3-15 times more likely to be selected as members of the AAAS and NAS than men with similar publication and citation records."
Paul Hünermund on Twitter - "I teach in my causal inference class that you shouldn't condition on post-treatment variables (here: publications and citations) to determine gender gaps. But 3–15 times seems high to be explained purely by differences in ability (endogenous sorting)."
One cope I saw was that women are discriminated against in publication and citation, so this doesn't mean there is a bias against men

Dr. Jane Clare Jones 🦕 on Twitter - "FFS - I am reading one of the foundational sex denialists texts and they are actually arguing that humans can't be distinguishing between men and women on the basis of secondary sexual characteristics because they are "far from being dichotomous, at least when compared to those markers in other species (e.g., plumage in birds)." (Kessler and McKenna)  So because peacocks are REALLY different from peahens humans couldn't have evolved to very easily distinguish between the sexes OF THEIR OWN SPECIES.  U-huh. Here it is: 'Everyone must pretend sex doesn't exist or we wont be able to get rid of gender oppression because we cannot conceive of a difference that doesn't produce a hierarchy." YOU DANGEROUS FUCKING IDIOTS."
Neil Garratt AM on Twitter - "My experience as a parent is that children can tell men from women from an incredibly young age. Eg the classic extension of "mummy" to mean "woman" and "daddy" to mean "man", among their very first words c. 1 year old. No one really teaches children this distinction, not at that age, it appears to be intuitive. I wonder if there's any research to identify at what age and with what accuracy children distinguish? I feel it's "before 2 and high"."

Meme - Flexghost @flexghost1: "Dear angry, preachy, judgey, butthurt conservative men who can't find a woman willing to date you: The free market has spoken."
The Dangerous Rise Of Anti Woke Men
Also, from her Twitter, she is angry, preachy, judgey & butthurt

Meme - "My wife made a point the other day that all of these devices with assistants (Alexa, Siri, etc.) all come as women by default so we're training a whole new generation to see women as "staff" and I can't stop thinking about that."
"If the voices were male by default, feminists would bitch about underrepresentation. There is no winning. This is a zero sum game."

Why computer voices are mostly female - "Scientific studies have shown that people generally find women’s voices more pleasing than men’s.  “It’s much easier to find a female voice that everyone likes than a male voice that everyone likes,” said Stanford University Professor Clifford Nass, author of “The Man Who Lied to His Laptop: What Machines Teach Us About Human Relationships.” “It’s a well-established phenomenon that the human brain is developed to like female voices.” Research suggests this preference starts as early as the womb, Nass said. He cites a study in which fetuses were found to react to the sound of their mother’s voice but not to other female voices. The fetuses showed no distinct reaction to their father’s voice, however...   When automakers were first installing automated voice prompts in cars (“your door is ajar”) decades ago, their consumer research found that people overwhelmingly preferred female voices to male ones, said Tim Bajarin, a Silicon Valley analyst and president of Creative Strategies Inc.  This may explain why in almost all GPS navigation systems on the market, the default voice is female. One notable exception has been Germany, where BMW was forced to recall a female-voiced navigation system on its 5 Series cars in the late 1990s after being flooded with calls from German men saying they refused to take directions from a woman...   Look no further than examples of automated or artificial-intelligence voices in sci-fi movies and TV shows. Voices of authority or menace tend to be male: the homicidal HAL 9000 computer in “2001: A Space Odyssey,” the computer program in “WarGames,” or Auto, the spaceship’s autopilot function in “Wall-E.” More subservient talking machines, such as the onboard computer from the “Star Trek” TV series, skew female... transit systems such as the San Francisco Area’s BART often use higher-pitched voices because they are easier to hear over the clatter of the train cars."
The power of "patriarchy"!

6 Reasons Most People Trust a Female Voice Over Male Voices - "Female voices were deemed the most trustworthy...
Pitch: The higher pitch of the female voice instilled more confidence in listeners than the lower-pitched male. One super-low-pitched male voice was overwhelming voted the least trustworthy of all.
Inflection: Female voices that dropped at the end of a word or phrase indicated a degree of certainty, something that made people automatically trust them.
A recent Harris Interactive poll found 46 percent of participants ranked female voices more soothing than male voices...   The clear, melodic nature of the female voice can also play a role in the trust it instills, as can the fact that female and male voices are processed in different parts of the brain... People are more inclined to trust, and follow, women CEOs over male CEOs. They are also more inclined to buy from those they trust, and they trust women sales people over their male colleagues"

Thursday, October 13, 2022

Links - 13th October 2022 (2 - General Wokeness)

Halloween killer Michael Myers is branded 'homophobic' for murdering gay couple in new movie - "Outraged horror fans pointed out that Myers kills everyone he comes across  — with the exception of children... Others argued that it would be homophobic if Myers didn't kill the gay couple because then he wouldn't be treating them equally."

Why does every other room rental/roommate listing have "Indian female only" or "Punjabi students prefer" or "vegetarian girl only" as a requirement. : ontario
Some people are defending this. Of course, if you're not a white male, anything is okay

*Nice painting by António Gómez*
*Ugly image* Proud to be indigenous"

Facebook - "“When white people demand the privilege to sit comfortably in restaurants and theaters…without having to consider the violence that pervades their society…they invoke a consumer-capitalist tradition that stretches back to colonial times.” Last month my therapist recommended Andre Henry’s book to me as homework. It hit a lot of feels but also made me think about our relationships with whiteness— with others and ourselves. I read it in one sitting. It was medicine. I recommend it for burnt out organizers working in a lot of white spaces or spaces where white supremacy is upheld."
"All the White Friends I Couldn't Keep"
The hate and stigmatisation continue
When you burn yourself out with your racism and hatred

Meme - "2010: "No one is coming for your children. We just want to get married.'
2022: Children's section at the public library:"
The "myth" of the slippery slope strikes again

Why can’t gay or lesbian twins have sex with or marry each other? Why is incest wrong between same-sex siblings?
From 2018

Meme - "Singapore Ballet's triple bill is beautiful but misses the mark Masterpiece In Motion feels overpowered by the voices of white men... This triple bill, unaltered from its original plan, appears unfortunately backward as it is overpowered by the voices of white men - figures who have traditionally held power in the world of ballet. This lack of diversity is an issue being addressed in ballet companies internationally, with more attention and opportunities given to female voices in choreography and leadership inthe past decade. As Singapore Ballet seeks to cement its new identity as a force in professional ballet, it is important that it makes strides forward into this new world" Ironic. Ballet is already a western art form. Plus, ballet is all about the women

Meme - Steve King @SteveKinglA: "I just learned Merrick Garland is a Jew. Therefore, I withdraw all my previous criticism of him. I cannot withstand another wave of charges of anti-Semitism like I received for criticizing Soros. BTW, that's how I learned Soros is a Jew."

Focus on the Family defends relationship workshop, says most students rated it well - "More than 85 per cent of the students polled had rated it as "Very Good/Good" while 89 per cent of students gave the overall presentation of our facilitators as "Very Good/Good"...   Focus on the Family Singapore's relationship workshop had come under scrutiny this week, after Hwa Chong Institution student Agatha Tan criticised it for being sexist and perpetuating gender stereotypes in a letter that has since gone viral on social media... Agatha had taken issue with a booklet given out to all students, which had lines such as "guys are all out for one thing", and girls "need to feel loved". Said Mrs Koh-Hoe: "It's unfortunate that what was meant to be a light-hearted workshop to engage students was taken out of context and misinterpreted."  She added that the particular section of the booklet Agatha had taken issue with was meant to "help participants understand more about the opposite sex, so they are better equipped to communicate and interact with them."  Hwa Chong students had also rated that part as the most helpful section of the workshop...   While Focus on the Family Singapore is a pro-family Christian charity, Mrs Koh-Hoe said the relationship workshop was developed to "ensure it carries no religious content"."
From 2014. The perils of listening to a small, unrepresentative woke minority

Science must respect the dignity and rights of all humans | Nature Human Behaviour - "people can be harmed indirectly. For example, research may — inadvertently — stigmatize individuals or human groups. It may be discriminatory, racist, sexist, ableist or homophobic. It may provide justification for undermining the human rights of specific groups, simply because of their social characteristics.  Along with other Springer Nature colleagues, we led the development of new guidance that addresses these potential harms and is incorporated in our research ethics guidance"
Lysenko would be proud
If you don't "follow the science" you are ignorant and a "denier"

PoliMath on Twitter - "Nature: Science must respect the dignity & rights of all humans
Me: Yes! And that human dignity originates from the imago Dei and extends to all humans, regardless of their status in or out of the womb, right?"
The Black Horse on Twitter - "Nature saying the quite part out loud: "Reality is racist/sexist/bigot/homophobe, so we won't publish reality""
Thiago Marzagão on Twitter - "Disgraceful @Nature editorial calling for research to be censored when it doesn't adhere to woketard guidelines"
Dr S Maitra on Twitter - "Nature Journal, now in favour of religious tests on scientific inquiry. Bet Dawkins, Pinker, Hitch and Harris never thought they'd be flanked like this from the left."
Marshall Herskovitz on Twitter - "This new policy by Nature is insane. Wherever you are on the political spectrum, poisoning of science with ideology spells the death of the scientific method, and thus of the Enlightenment itself."
John A. Boudet on Twitter - "Nature warns potential blasphemers: “academic freedom is not unbounded.”"
Mixy Pisa on Twitter - "And if it does not? If the truth offend thee, cast it out? This statement from Nature is a greater offence to human dignity than anything science could ever cause."

Tako Fall on Twitter - "Scientific American is publishing more and more partisan garbage dressed up as science  It is embarrassing to watch the scientific community debase themselves at the altar of their political gods" "A once serious scientific magazine falling is one thing. The loss of Nature to this BS is another."

Analysis: Minneapolis schools racial layoff policy will have trouble withstanding legal challenges - "A new Minneapolis Public Schools policy that would protect teachers of color from layoffs despite seniority is being challenged in court.  That policy was part of the new teacher's union contract and has sparked national interest.  Constitutional experts tell KARE 11 news that this policy, which explicitly involves race-based decisions made by a government entity, will have trouble standing up in court. But it might not be the lawsuit that overturns it.   After striking for three weeks in March, when Minneapolis teachers and the district reached a new contract agreement, they announced protections for teachers of color.  During district-wide layoffs, the new contract says "teachers who are members of underrepresented populations" are "exempted" from the last-hired, first-fired approach. That means a white teacher with more seniority would be laid off instead... Now a lawsuit claims the provision violates the state's Equal Protection Guarantee — Minnesota's version of the U.S. Constitution's racial discrimination clause in the 14th Amendment — and asks a Hennepin County judge to stop Minneapolis schools from implementing it...   The teacher contract included language anticipating legal challenges. It states the purpose of the policy is to "remedy the continuing effects of past discrimination by the District."  But Hasday says the courts would need actual legal claims of past racial discrimination."

Merseyside Police apologise over incorrect 'offensive' claim - "Merseyside Police has apologised for claiming "being offensive is an offence" as part of a campaign to encourage people to report hate crime... It was widely condemned on social media, with one person describing it as "chilling" while another called it a "horrible look"."

Drew Barrymore is marked as racist for posting innocent video of herself frolicking in the rain - "Drew Barrymore was branded racist over a TikTok clip of herself enjoying a rainstorm - after woke killjoys claimed she'd copied a trend dubbed 'black men frolicking.'    The accusation comes from an angry fellow TikTok user with the handle @amushroomblackly.  She said Barrymore was an example of a colonizer 'who disrespect and dismiss the boundaries that black creators have set' because the video resembled a 'frolicking' trend started by black TikTokers earlier this year... She went even further and said Barrymore 'cosigned people who just go out of their way to disrespect and dismiss the boundaries that black creators have set'"
Apparently black TikTok has never heard of Singin' in the Rain. Presumably becuase they're so narcissistic they think all culture comes from black people, so they never care to expand their horizons

Meme - "Arachnophobic huh
you must secretly want to fuck spiders"

Meme - BlackSageD Sony Steam Cen... @Black: "Remember when people made kids cartoons, to entertain children, instead of validating grown adults insecurities?"
musicalinspication @musicalinspira: "LGBTQ+ REPRESENTATION IN BIG NATE! #BigNate"
"Thank god for anime. Holy shit..."
"They're coming for that next."

Meme - "Stop using animal examples to justify your fetishes"
"But but patagonian yellowbirds rape and eat their young, therefore-"

Meme - "What show is this"
"Game of thrones"
"Something about a white women saying this to a black women just don't sit right with me."

Young Turks changing its name to avoid links to Armenian genocide - "A record label home to artists such as Arlo Parks and The XX has changed its name, over its potential links to Armenian genocide"

Ready to hear a woke preacher pray to the "god of self-acceptance" and "the source of all equity" whose "queendom" brings forth "the intersection of queerness and faith"? 😩

Butt taps of 16-year-old Sara Bejlek prompt US Open outrage - "A teenage tennis player’s Grand Slam debut at the 2022 US Open is being overshadowed by lewd chatter on social media.  Sara Bejlek, a 16-year-old athlete who hails from Czechia, made headlines after a close greeting with her father and coach went viral following a qualifying match victory.  After she defeated Heather Watson of the UK on Friday, the Twitterverse lost its collective mind over footage of Bejlek celebrating with her father, Jaroslav Bejlek, and her coach, Jakub Kahoun, in which the athlete’s backside appeared to be patted repeatedly...   “It is pretty common in Czechia,” another person tweeted, per Daily Mail. “Not something I would do, but many men just don’t think about it in a sexual way. Google our Easter traditions, you might be shocked.” Another added that the embrace is “perfectly normal in some cultures and households. One sees what they want to see.”"

Stephen L. Miller on Twitter - "More people need to be talking about Jackson, Mississippi. The city ran out of bottled water to give residents yesterday. It’s the largest city in Mississippi. It’s 80% Black. Their water system is failing because of years of neglect. This is environmental racism."
"Democrat control since 1989.
That's where this conversation ends btw, just like police malfeasance in Minneapolis. We can't hold the party in power accountable, so the entire country must be structurally racist instead.
"It's structural environmental racism and definitely not Democrat mayors and legislatures appropriating funds meant to keep up the water filtration system and slushing it through public union delegates and social justice advocates instead.""

Stephen L. Miller on Twitter - "The reprehensible and morally contemptible racial slurs and threats aimed at Rachel Richardson and her Duke Volleyball teammates last Friday at BYU were beyond unacceptable."
"Turns out this didn't happen. Will ESPN issue a retraction now that you've brought their network into it?"

Jamie Foxx says his new film might not see the light of day because he had Robert Downey, Jr. play a Mexican guy and the woke mob would go nuts - "The funny thing is, Foxx specifically hired Downey, Jr. because of the Tropic Thunder role"

Meme - "The Maori arrived in New Zealand around 1250 AD (184 years after the Norman conquest of England) & are considered the indigenous people of New Zealand. The English peoples have been in England for 10,000 years but aren't considered indigenous to England"
Though that's the Celts

People of color at 'New York Times' get lower ratings in job reviews, union says - "An analysis of comprehensive data for roughly 1,000 The New York Times employees conducted by members of the union that represents its newsroom found that Black and Latino staffers are far less likely than their white peers to receive strong job ratings.  There are financial consequences to job ratings because they influence the size of employee bonuses, the NewsGuild union says. But staffers tell NPR the differential is even more important because it indicates an underlying systemic problem that the paper is failing to address. It is demoralizing, they say, and contributes to the premature departure of some colleagues... white workers were consistently assessed as outperforming their peers.
Clearly, even woke bastions are extremely racist. This cannot possibly have anything to do with real performance

Column: Why do Mexican Americans defend Speedy Gonzales? - Los Angeles Times - "Speedy turned into a pariah in the decades after his heyday, placed by Hollywood executives and pundits in the same racist purgatory of Old Hollywood as Stepin Fetchit, “We don’t need no steenkin’ badges,” and Charlie Chan. ABC banned him from its airwaves during the 1980s “because the title character presents a stereotypical image that is not offset by any other Latino television characters,” according to a 1981 Los Angeles Times story. The Cartoon Network did the same in the late 1990s. Recently, New York Times columnist Charles Blow said Speedy cartoons “helped popularize the corrosive stereotype of the drunk and lethargic Mexicans.”  And yet time and time again, Mexicans — the very group you’d think would hate Speedy the most — rose to defend his honor. During the 1990s, college students cast Speedy as a proto-Zapatista who fought against American imperialism before it was cool to do so. In 2002, the League of United Latin American Citizens asked the Cartoon Network to free Speedy from his jail — a spokesperson told Fox News, “How far do you push political correctness before you can’t say anything about anything anymore?” In the wake of Blow’s columns, Mexicans famous and not spoke out on social media against those who dared decry their man. “U can’t catch me cancel culture. I’m the fastest mouse in all of Mexico,” tweeted comedian Gabriel Iglesias, who’s voicing Speedy in the upcoming “Space Jam” reboot. “We LOVE Speedy because he’s smart and fast,” wrote Eugenio Derbez, another comic who will voice him in his upcoming Speedy feature... He danced our dances and dressed like a jarocho (a native of Veracruz) and sounded like my country cousins, to be honest. He was the only Mexican in Hollywood I knew who never lost — well, him and Cheech and Chong.  I love Speedy so much, I keep a large painting of him in my home office. His kind smile and brown skin takes me back to my childhood — and reminds me of where we as Mexicans exist today... Mexican American animators worked on nearly half of the 47 Speedy Gonzales shorts, at a time where they were a rarity in Hollywood. In Latin America, audiences continue to love Speedy with little compunction because they accept him at face value — a Mexican mouse who makes a mockery out of Yankee pussygatos again and again. “That’s not an excuse or a justification for ‘Oh, well if a Mexican American did something problematic, it, it’s all fine”"
Minorities have no voice and need white liberals to speak for them

Cancel Speedy Gonzales? Not so fast, Latinos say - "In 1999, Speedy Gonzales was banned from the Cartoon Network after it decided the cartoon was too offensive and reinforced negative Mexican stereotypes like speaking in a heavy accent and wearing a sombrero. The network reinstated him three years later after fan outrage.   The League of United Latin American Citizens, a Latino anti-discrimination organization, helped get Speedy back on the air after Cartoon Network shelved him.   “In Mexico we grew up watching Speedy Gonzales,” Eugenio Derbez, told Deadline at the time. “He was like a superhero to us, or maybe more like a revolucionario like Simón Bolívar or Pancho Villa.”...   Speedy Gonzales was always the underdog hero, zooming around helping hungry Mexican mice get to cheese guarded by Sylvester, the gringo cat. Sylvester is constantly outsmarted and humiliated by the clever, funny, little mouse."

Liz Truss to appoint cabinet featuring no white men in four great offices of state - "The new Prime Minister’s likely top team is also being described as the most right-wing government in a century. Ms Truss is expected to make long-term ally, neighbour and Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng her Chancellor. If that happens, he would be the fourth non-white occupant of that office in a row, following Sajid Javid, Rishi Sunak and Nadhim Zahawi. Attorney General Suella Braverman is poised to move to the Home Office and James Cleverly to the Foreign Office – the two other traditional great offices of state.  Ms Braverman would become the third ethnic minority Home Secretary, after Priti Patel, who quit last night, and Mr Javid."
Clearly evidence of the power of white patriarchy. Of course this won't stop the grievance mongers

Atlanta: Police arrest suspect after swastikas found painted on Atlanta's Rainbow Crosswalks
Atlanta homicide rate climbs in 2022

Meme - "Off-campus UC Berkeley student housing bans YT people from common areas
Berkeley co-op Person of Color Theme House bans white guests from common spaces - "Students move into the POC house ‘to be able to avoid white violence and presence,’ rules state  White guests are banned from the common spaces at the Person of Color House...   Under a section labeled “Guests in Common Spaces,” it states: “Guests are allowed in common spaces but please be mindful if there are house members in the room beforehand. White guests are not allowed in common spaces (see intro).”  The POC House intro states in part that many members moved in “to be able to avoid white violence and presence.” When students do bring a guest, the rules direct them to announce it in the house guest chat and note “if they are white.”  But it’s not just white guests who are unwelcome.  “Avoid bringing parents/family members that express bigotry,” the rules continue. “Queer, Black, and Indigenous members should not have to avoid common spaces because of homophobic or racist parents/family members.” The Person of Color Theme House, a five-story, 30-room home that can accommodate up to 56 students, exists to serve “low-income, first generation, immigrant and marginalized students of color.”  It’s part of the Berkeley Student Cooperative, a nonprofit housing cooperative established to provide affordable housing to Bay-area college students.  Since it was established in 2016, the POC house has faced its share of internal problems.  One former member wrote in a Medium article that the house has become known for its “call-out culture” perpetuated by “the lack of intersectionality.”  “Several members have been criticized for being white/white passing, aligning themselves with whiteness, or allowing white violence in the house”...   The official BSC anti-discrimination policy states that access to residential facilities may not be restricted on the basis of “age, color, disability, gender, height, marital status, national origin, political persuasion, race, religion, sexual orientation, veteran status or weight.”"
The circular firing squad of the left means that though they see the "far right" and "fascists" everywhere, nowhere is truly safe - even their own echo chambers are forever rife with infighting

Professor blocked for tweeting ‘all men are created equal’ files First Amendment lawsuit - "  A professor who was blocked on Twitter by a University of Oregon account after he tweeted “all men are created equal” at the account has filed a First Amendment lawsuit.  Portland State University Professor Bruce Gilley’s lawsuit names the campus administrator who blocked him as the defendant in the federal lawsuit"
To the left, humans are not created equal, and white men are the lowest of the lower

Facebook - "Nigeria wants to keep its attention on its homegrown talent as far as TV commercials are concerned, which is why they are said to be banning foreign models from appearing in televised adverts and voiceover work. The decision was made after a previous study revealed how foreign talent had quite literally dominated the advertising market — but the country is now hoping to rectify this by only allowing its own kind to front upcoming commercial projects.
Steve Babaeko, who is Nigeria’s President of the Association of Advertising Agencies, expressed to The Sunday Times, “Britons accounted for about half of models and voiceover artists in Nigerian commercials a couple of decades ago.” British accents, in particular, had led most of the market up until recent years where more Nigerian locals were hired to front TV commercials.
But starting this October, as part of the “policy of developing local talent,” foreign models and voiceover artists will no longer be featured in TV ads. Furthermore, Babaeko believes that there has been “some kind of renaissance” in the country that has seen a lot of rising talent emerge, particularly among young people. With that in mind, Babeko added, “There are about 200 million of us. Are you telling me you could not find indigenous models for this commercial?”"
Third world xenophobia is good

Meme - Parenting Decolonized @prntgdcolonized: "Hating/disliking children is s form of ableism. So many of the reasons adults dislike kids are things they can't control becauseof their bodies and brains. They're new humans learning how to navigate the world and instead of understanding they get disdain."



Facebook - "I'm so disappointed in LeBron for allowing his son Bronny to take that girl to the prom. The girl is stunning, she is gorgeous. However, I'm sick of seeing our sisters and daughters not put in position of  elevation when it is possible from our own that have access to generational wealth. This is an unspoken message to our young black kings that our daughters are not good enough."
Being against miscegenation is good when you're "pro-black women"

The ‘World’s Largest Bookstore’ Gets Into the Censorship Business - "Just a week ago, I received an email from Ryan Anderson, who was recently tapped to lead the Ethics and Public Policy Center in Washington, D.C., and who wrote When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Moment for me at Encounter Books back in 2018. A reader who had tried to order his book from Amazon reported he was unable to find the book listed on the site. I looked myself and, yes, that reader was correct. Other books by Anderson are listed, as are various books on the “transgender” phenomenon, including a now out-of-print title that purports to rebut When Harry Became Sally. But the book itself is nowhere to be found... It was not just that a book that had been listed and sold by Amazon for the last three years was “out of stock” or “unavailable.” It had disappeared without a trace, more or less like Nikolai Yezhov standing next to Josef Stalin in that notorious photo by the Moscow Canal. One day he is seen smiling next to the great leader. The next day he is gone, airbrushed from history... We’ve heard a lot about “cancel culture” recently. Here was the latest example. The delisting, without any sort of warning, notice, or explanation of a serious, well-regarded book because . . . because, why? After multiple inquiries, we were informed that the book was removed because it violated Amazon’s new “content guidelines” against “offensive” material or “hate speech.”  Not for the first time, I was reminded that the wokerati of Big Tech and Big Media have become drunk with power and, emboldened by the Democratic sweep of the levers of power, have begun to regard Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four as a how-to manual instead of what it is, a scarifying warning about the dangers of totalitarianism.   Amazon, which presides over more than 80 percent of the book sales in the United States, decides to erase a book, ostensibly because it violates a nebulous policy regarding offensive content but really because it violates today’s standard of political correctness. After all, Amazon has no problem selling Mein Kampf, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, or the lunatic, anti-Semitic ravings of Louis Farrakhan. I very much doubt that whoever made the decision to remove When Harry Became Sally from Amazon is a secret admirer of the book, but I did wonder. The immediate effect of the ban was to spark a run on the book. We instantly sold out of the 2,000 copies we had in stock and, as of this writing, we have orders for some 3,000 more.   If Amazon hoped to bury the book, they made a big mistake...   At times, it seems surreal. February is Black History Month, but Amazon nevertheless decided to cancel Michael Pack’s award-winning documentary about Justice Clarence Thomas because Thomas, although black, is apparently not the right sort of black... I will end with another observation from George Orwell. “If liberty means anything at all,” he wrote, “it means the right to tell people things they do not want to hear.”"
These are the same people who claim removing books from curricula or school libraries is "banning" them

Ian Miles Cheong on Twitter - "Manchester Police have released video footage of a Sikh priest being brutally attacked and left for dead on the street and are asking for the public to help identify the attacker. They blurred out the attacker's appearance."

Stephen L. Miller on Twitter - Robert Reich: "From Flint, Michigan to Jackson, Mississippi to West Baltimore, a combination of poor infrastructure, the climate crisis, and racism have contributed to a lack of clean drinking water in some of America’s most predominantly Black cities. This is by design."
"What do all those places have in common? I'll hold. It will come to you."
Ironically someone replied to Reich: "vote blue". The lack of awareness is astounding

Fake Daughter OnlyFans

A story in three parts.

The third was an ifunny reject so I didn't try with the others.

Clarence the 5th: Filled with Dividen... @valuepunk "My daughter turned 18 today and I helped her launch her first OnlyFans profile. She is skipping college to focus on being a founder and entrepreneur. I am a very proud father.
This is my daughter @abellamariposa
Woah these photos of my daughter are *fire x3* *eggplant x3*"

(he's been banned, presumably for "harassment")

Abella Mariposa @abellamariposa: "Fuck this guy for telling people he’s my father & starting a riot"
"You will become a local hero after this... you will be famous soon. Praying you get a ton of new subscribers and then you buy me a $250 steak dinner"

Abella Mariposa @abellamariposa: "Now I can’t call me BF daddy when he fucks me 😑 twitter ruins everything"
Frenly Brian @FrenlyBrian: "Maybe you should repair your relationship with your actual father instead rather than seeking validation from horny men to fill the void?"

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