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Saturday, January 12, 2002

Quickie (seen on Just Eat Me):

"Melissa: "There's this Econs teacher, she's a short old woman, I'm not sure what her name is-"
Melissa: "Yeah, that's the one. Back to equilibrium! Back to equilibrium!"

Nice to know some things don't change."

"You might like to know- The bio lecturer (didn't quite catch his name) mentioned you and your JC review..."

and corroboration:
"if i remember correctly he said it was quite accurate... then he started convincing us to drop bio."

And something else:
"haha I'm thinking of going to RJ miss all the RGS girls..." - some VJ guy

Sunday, January 06, 2002

hmmm ive been repeatedly asked to post here.. so here's my post..

*post* =)

julian must be busy playing daoc still.. he hasnt posted in ages, i havent seen him online (not that im home much).. but then lucky fellow only has a 7 day induction course into ns.. =(

hmmmm ns.. i attempted to lead the 2nd stanza of a song during a march, and got mixed up with my np-version of the song.... went all out of tune and stuff =P heheheh...

food.. is still relatively good...
section mates r nice..
platoon mates r ok...
Went to watch "Spirited Away".

Eye candy galore. I was intensely irritated by the plot (close to none). Things happen for no reason, there are inconsistencies and many things are not explained. The show's just a jumble of loosely connected (putting it charitably) events.

Yong Lin: "but the story is not the point of the show..."


In other news, Fierce Girl is the coach of the RGS debate team! Woo!

ACJC people are allowed to use their handphones anywhere, anytime, except when the teacher is talking. Bah.
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