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Saturday, May 12, 2007

My vote in the Youth.SG best blog award goes to thegreatsze (though his credentials as youth are questionable) for his previously-featured article on female mediocrity.

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If Agagooga is finding it 'really cold' then one imagines the rest of the delegation must be wrapped up in thermals. This is, after all, the boy who walked the streets of Washington DC in 6 deg C rain in just a T-shirt, prompting incredulous looks (and one comment) from the natives.

Come on, don't let the Inuit side down!
Name: Go fuck urself

E-mail: da86bomb@aol.com

From: italy

Message: Ya how u doin, I read all the shit you put up about halal meat and all ur reasoning the funniest was when Hindus cant eat halal so halal should be banned. Hindus can go fuck themseleves, they pulled there religion out there ass. Secondly I want you to bite the street curb and i wanna kick ur head in thats how fuckin stupid ur arguments were.....u smell me nigga!!!

Hurr hurr. This is retarded on so many levels I can't even start.
In Berkeley now.

Argh, seem to have left my sandals back at Palo Alto; hope the chambermaid doesn't dump it immediately since we're returning on Monday.

So much for the others doing a final check of the room.

Twas really cold today. I got out my coat for the first time (Macbeth wasn't counted, since that was outdoors at night).

Thursday, May 10, 2007

After coming back from downtown Palo Alto after dinner and buying a cheap, colourful book for the USP community (heh) I went to sleep. The other 6 were supposed to come down for a pow-wow but it didn't materialise. Hopefully the flight we want is still not too expensive.

Another corollary is that I was up at 5:30 and went to bathe; I love Spring except that if I step out of the room now without drying my hair I'm probably going to need to go to the hospital after a few hours, hurr hurr.

Stanford has a 'feminist studies' department. I heartily approve of the honesty of admitting the use of the paradigm rather than pretending to look positivistically at 'gender' (or slightly less disingenuously, 'women').

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The planning of the week-long extension has hit a few hitches, some expected and some unexpected.

The original plan was to have 4 people, including 1.5 drivers, in 1 car and driving around. However, the number of travelers soon became first 6 and then 7. The last addition bore the prospect of adding one driver, but it seems you can't rent (and presumably drive) a rental car if you're under 21 (the putative driver is 20).

More importantly, only one rental companies has a vehicle that can fit 7 people, and even then it'll be a squeeze with luggage. Perhaps more pertinently, it also comes with a princely pricetag of ~$250 per day (excluding under 25 surcharge and, I think, insurance and sales tax).

We were toying with having 2 vehicles, but that'd incur communication costs (not to mention very expensive rental, with the under 25 driver charge applying twice), and anyway 1.5 drivers can't handle 2 vehicles.

So it seems we're going to be traveling by Greyhound (which, contrary to admonitions about a bus a day, has 10 connections a day on the popular routes we're looking at; in any case, I have thus far defied predictions that I'd wish for death on a 13 hour bus ride, would die in Italy during the summer and the gods know what else, and Auntie YM says she's taken Greyhound before and it's alright), flying from Las Vegas back to San Francisco and taking tours to the nature areas.

Of course, I could always fly to Chicago to meet MFM, but then there's only museums and architecture to see there, and the CSO to listen to, I haven't been to the West Coast for 20 years and I'm eager to add Yosemite to my World Heritage list.

Bleah, it was so much easier planning for 4.
No black guys have followed us (at least not those I've been doing field research with) in vans yet, though the others said this white guy said hi to us while we were walking down the shady, tree-lined University Avenue because he thought I was a girl (the umbrella probably didn't help).

Apparently the Latina at the Shell earlier also thought I was a girl, after which I was advised to tie up my hair so black guys wouldn't assault us because they were jealous of my hair.

Monday, May 07, 2007

See the poignant adieu between Agagooga and his beloved here.
Despite my repeated nagging, most of them seem to be sleeping now.

They're all going to die tonight and tomorrow.
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