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Sunday, September 20, 2020

Links - 20th September 2020 (2)

How you define racism may stop you from seeing it where it exists - "Some things are glaringly racist – being called racial slurs, being attacked for looking or sounding different, being mistreated because of skin colour. Most of us can probably agree these things are racist.These fit into the established understanding of racism – ‘the belief that one’s own racial or ethnic group is superior’ – as defined by the Oxford English Dictionary.But these basic definitions can miss crucial aspects of the true meaning of racism – power dynamics, prejudice, and structural racism.Professor Peter Wade, a sociologist from the University of Manchester, tells us how racism more complex and insidious than the traditional definition, explaining that it is a system of oppression that has historically existed and continues to do so against minorities and debilitating their lives in covert and overt ways... Changing the definition of racism could bridge the current disconnect between those oppressed and those doing the oppressing."
Is the "true meaning of racism" like the "true meaning of Christmas"?
Translation: grievance mongers need to keep seeing racism to keep themselves relevant
Considering that most minorities don't think they're discriminated against, this sort of Orwellian wordplay will just alienate the "oppressed" even more

Prof finds majority of minorities don't face discrimination - "The study, led by Professor Brian Boutwell, consisted of reviewing response data from a survey of more than 14,000 Americans, finding that the vast majority claim to have “never” or “rarely” been a victim of discrimination. The results, relatively consistent across racial lines, found that only 25 percent of Americans responded “yes” to ever experiencing discrimination... when asked about what they think caused unfair treatment, most respondents eschewed “race” as a motivating factor.  Rather, most instead chalked up their discriminatory experiences to “other” causes, such as personal appearance or political views"
So by obsessing about racism (which isn't a big issue) and stoking political partisanship, liberals are just increasing oppression

Brandon Orselli on Twitter - "*image* bUt ReAL wOmEn CaN't LoOk LiKe JrPg ChArAcTeRs"

Finnish reading dogs help kids learn and grow - "Fifth-grader Donita is reading aloud from a children’s book while a Bernese mountain dog called Hilma-Maria listens attentively. When Donita scratches Hilma’s chin, the big dog’s eyes close blissfully.Hilma is no ordinary dog – she’s a “reading dog,” on the job today at Hovirinta School in Kaarina, a town in southwestern Finland. Hilma’s mistress, Maarit Haapasaari, who is with her in the small classroom, started to use reading dogs in Kaarina in 2011, bringing the method to Finland for the first time.Reading to a dog can be a highly rewarding experience for kids in need of reading practice. “The idea is to encourage children with reading difficulties to read aloud,” she says. “Dogs will listen contentedly to a child, not caring if the reader makes mistakes or only reads slowly.”Kids who read to dogs experience a sense of fulfilment that boosts the children’s self-esteem and encourages them to pick up books more readily in future."... “Together with creative writing specialist Veera Vähämaa, we’ve also developed and registered a concept we call ‘Writing stories to tell to dogs,’” says Haapasaari. “Children write their own stories that they can then read aloud to a dog.""

Being Libertarian - UK - Posts - "Communism is about love. Love for humanity, your neighbours, your community. Without love, it's impossible to be a Communist, or at least a good Communist."
"Communism loved 50 million people to death in my country."

anjana on Twitter - "feminism is calling your landlord your owner. thank u for our rights UN"

Infographic: Fight Back Against Wokeness With More Gendered Language | The Babylon Bee

What Is Baby Shark? - Origins of Pinkfong's Viral Video - "The video isn't recent: It dates back to November 2015, uploaded by a Korean education company called Pinkfong. While it was pretty successful from the start, the video went really viral in Asia in August 2017, Forbes reports, when people began posting videos of themselves doing the dance moves and hashtagging it #babysharkchallenge"

Orwell & Goode - Posts - "The health director of Los Angeles is the most unhealthy looking person I have ever seen."
"False Information. Checked by independent fact-checkers"
"Lmao they fact checked an opinion"

Why J.R.R. Tolkien was denied the Nobel Prize in 1961 - "Tolkien was rejected because The Lord Of The Rings had 'not in any way measured up to storytelling of the highest quality'."

Antidepressants or Tolkien - "Can you guess if the word is an antidepressants drug or a Tolkien character?"

We Don’t Celebrate the USSR on Victory in Europe Day—Here’s Why - "when Americans, Britons, and Europeans celebrate V-E Day, we are not (or should not be) celebrating the number of Germans killed in the war or the magnitude of sacrifice made to ensure their defeat. We are celebrating peace; we are celebrating justice; and we are celebrating the kind of world order which the Allied victory made possible — a world order to which the Soviet Union contributed nothing."

Man inspired by Crimewatch programme jailed for Carousell scams - "Inspired by a Crimewatch TV episode about Carousell scams, an unemployed couple decided to commit the same offences.Muhammad Haadii Asmadi, 30, was jailed 10 months on Monday (18 May) after he pleaded guilty to nine out of 24 charges of cheating and abetting by conspiracy to cheat via the online marketplace platform, with the remaining considered for sentencing.His fiancee, Sushilawati Selamat, also 30, was earlier sentenced to eight months’ jail"

Doordash and Pizza Arbitrage - "Customers called in saying their pizza was delivered cold. Or the wrong pizza was delivered and they wanted a new pizza.Again, none of his restaurants delivered.He realized that a delivery option had mysteriously appeared on their company's Google Listing. The delivery option was created by Doordash... Doordash was causing him real problems. The most common was, Doordash delivery drivers didn't have the proper bags for pizza so it inevitably would arrive cold. It led to his employees wasting time responding to complaints and even some bad Yelp reviews.But he brought up another problem - the prices were off. He was frustrated that customers were seeing incorrectly low prices. A pizza that he charged $24 for was listed as $16 by Doordash.My first thought: I wondered if Doordash is artificially lowering prices for customer acquisition purposes.My second thought: I knew Doordash scraped restaurant websites. After we discussed it more, it was clear that the way his menu was set up on his website, Doordash had mistakenly taken the price for a plain cheese pizza and applied it to a 'specialty' pizza with a bunch of toppings.My third thought: Cue the Wall Street trader in me…..ARBITRAGE!!!! If someone could pay Doordash $16 a pizza, and Doordash would pay his restaurant $24 a pizza, then he should clearly just order pizzas himself via Doordash, all day long. You'd net a clean $8 profit per pizza... Some regional director would be able to show top-line revenue growth while some accounting line-item, somewhere, would not match up, but the company was already losing hundreds of millions of dollars. I imagined their systems might even be built to discourage catching these mistakes because it would detract, or at a minimum distract, from top-line revenue... Tricking businesses onto your platform and creating additional headaches for small business owners in the pursuit of Softbankian growth is a bad as it gets. Many restauranteurs were complaining about their Google listings being "hijacked" by Doordash, sometimes even usurping their own preferred delivery.These underhanded tricks aren't unique to Doordash though. In recent weeks there has been some great work coming out around a Yelp - Grubhub phone scam. This one is just priceless (seriously, read this Buzzfeed piece). Grubhub for their own sites generates a phone number for each restaurant that goes to a centralized, Grubhub owned call center. If someone calls in and orders via this number, the restaurant gets charged a fee. Apparently, some enterprising BD folks came up with the idea that Yelp could put the Grubhub phone numbers in place of the real restaurant phone number on the Yelp listing. Customers who think they’re “helping” their local restaurants by calling in the order are still creating a fee for Grubhub... What is it about the food delivery platform business? Restaurants are hurt. The primary labor is treated poorly. And the businesses themselves are terrible... Delivery can work. Just look at a Domino’s stock chart. But, delivery has been carefully built as part of a holistic business model and infrastructure. Maybe that’s the viable model... You have insanely large pools of capital creating an incredibly inefficient money-losing business model. It's used to subsidize an untenable customer expectation. You leverage a broken workforce to minimize your genuine labor expenses. The companies unload their capital cannons on customer acquisition, while this week’s Uber-Grubhub news reminds us, the only viable endgame is a promise of monopoly concentration and increased prices. But is that even viable?"

'I am Korean yet culturally black' - "Cindy Wilson, author of "Too Much Soul: The Journey of an Asian Southern Belle," was born I Wol-yang in Seoul and adopted by African-American parents in 1975 when she was a few months old. Her name was changed to Cindy and she was brought to America by her adoptive parents the following year.Unlike some other adoptees who have spent a great deal of time and energy to find their birth parents, Wilson has never tried to find her roots. She said she considers her adoptive parents, not birth parents, to be her true family.Raised in Mississippi, Wilson identifies as being part of the African American community, even though she is Asian."
Luckily she's not white

Most implicit bias training in health care lacks proper foundation, research finds - "An increasing number of medical schools and other health care organizations are starting to incorporate implicit bias training in their curriculums to help health care professionals recognize any unconscious prejudice and attitudes they may have toward certain groups of people. However, current training is not grounded in a framework where research findings translate to clinical treatment, raising a serious concern about the effectiveness of the training"

Idiotocin on Twitter - "Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix can shrug their shoulders as much as they like about their little movie but when the armed forces are preparing to deal with active shooters at screenings you might want to admit that you’ve made Citizen Kane for incels. To the people in my mentions... no, I do not want a shooting to happen so that I can be proven right, because I am not a psychopath. Funny that your minds went there, though.
Oh and I’ve muted this thread so you’re all just screaming at each other xoxo"
"Hello there, I'm just replying here to let you know that zero (0) acts of violence, be they white supremacist, incel, or otherwise, have been committed due to the 2019 film Joker starring Joaquin Phoenix and directed by Todd Phillips"
"@Philip_Ellis blocked you"
On Joker
Liberals like to pretend that no one is able to respond to their claims - because they block anyone who is
Comments: "Nananananah I can’t hear you! I win!"
"I know how concerned he was, so I think we should update him every month on the current number of shootings at joker screenings, both public and private, just to help assure him that people are staying safe I think it would mean a lot to him"

Chicago woman mauled to death by the French bulldog she rescued - "An animal rights activist was mauled to death in her Chicago home by at least one of her three dogs... All of the dogs appeared to be well cared for, Van Sickle told People. “It was evident to us this was a very loving home, a very pet-friendly home.”It is unclear why the attack occurred."
Damn bias against bulldogs!

Dog who viciously attacked, killed its owner in her Fox Lake home will likely be euthanized - "Lake County Animal Care and Control Spokeswoman Hannah Goering said that there is no evidence the dog, a 2-year-old male French bulldog mix named Blue, had been trained to fight.“Blue is in great health, no visible scars or torn-up ears”... Blue and Rocco both had blood on them but authorities believe Blue was the primary biter. He had previously bit Urso’s boyfriend on April 13 and April 21. Police were called to Urso’s residence on both of those occasions and Blue was seized by Lake County Animal Care and Control. The dog was returned to Urso after she requested it back... Blue will likely be humanely euthanized unless Urso’s family expresses interest in adapting him, which none of them have so far, Goering said. If they do express interest, the matter could end up in court and health officials would argue against the adoption because the dog is a public health risk."

Activist critical of police undergoes use of force scenarios

"We've seen protests all across the country after police officers have been accused of shooting people who aren't armed. Jarrett Maupin, a vocal critic of police during recent protests, went through force training with local authorities. FOX 10's Troy Hayden also went through the training and discusses the results."

Reverend Jarrett Maupin: "I didn't understand how importance (sic) compliance was, but after going through this, yeah, my attitude has changed. This is all unfolding in 10-15 seconds. People need to comply with the orders of law enforcement officers, for their own sake"


Kudos to him for being willing to challenge his beliefs. Of course most people who bash and/or hate the police would rather not see the reality of being in a dangerous situation with uncooperative suspects who could be armed.

Then again, since many think ACAB (All Cops Are Bastards), it is a good bet that they WANT more police to die, so this exercise wouldn't change their minds anyway.

Links - 20th September 2020 (1)

How to Record Vocals for Karaoke | How to Use Audacity - YouTube
With the current version you need to press Shift+R, not record (as one comment pointed out)

Matthew Higham on Twitter - "This power line happened to be laid straight through the skull of an Anglo Saxon woman buried in a previously undiscovered 6th century graveyard."
"@AventuraObscura This was actually my very first archaeological dig in Oakington, UK 2014. We named her "Piper." Took a bit to get that photo, but you can see some of the grave goods she was buried with (some beautiful brooches and a necklace)"

Recursive patterns in online echo chambers - "Despite their entertainment oriented purpose, social media changed the way users access information, debate, and form their opinions. Recent studies, indeed, showed that users online tend to promote their favored narratives and thus to form polarized groups around a common system of beliefs. Confirmation bias helps to account for users’ decisions about whether to spread content, thus creating informational cascades within identifiable communities. At the same time, aggregation of favored information within those communities reinforces selective exposure and group polarization. Along this path, through a thorough quantitative analysis we approach connectivity patterns of 1.2 M Facebook users engaged with two very conflicting narratives: scientific and conspiracy news. Analyzing such data, we quantitatively investigate the effect of two mechanisms (namely challenge avoidance and reinforcement seeking) behind confirmation bias, one of the major drivers of human behavior in social media. We find that challenge avoidance mechanism triggers the emergence of two distinct and polarized groups of users (i.e., echo chambers) who also tend to be surrounded by friends having similar systems of beliefs. Through a network based approach, we show how the reinforcement seeking mechanism limits the influence of neighbors and primarily drives the selection and diffusion of contents even among like-minded users, thus fostering the formation of highly polarized sub-clusters within the same echo chamber. Finally, we show that polarized users reinforce their preexisting beliefs by leveraging the activity of their like-minded neighbors, and this trend grows with the user engagement suggesting how peer influence acts as a support for reinforcement seeking."
This provides yet more empirical support for preference falsification and virtue signalling

Echo Chambers on Social Media: A comparative analysis - "Recent studies have shown that online users tend to select information adhering to their system of beliefs, ignore information that does not, and join groups - i.e., echo chambers - around a shared narrative. Although a quantitative methodology for their identification is still missing, the phenomenon of echo chambers is widely debated both at scientific and political level. To shed light on this issue, we introduce an operational definition of echo chambers and perform a massive comparative analysis on more than 1B pieces of contents produced by 1M users on four social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and Gab. We infer the leaning of users about controversial topics - ranging from vaccines to abortion - and reconstruct their interaction networks by analyzing different features, such as shared links domain, followed pages, follower relationship and commented posts. Our method quantifies the existence of echo-chambers along two main dimensions: homophily in the interaction networks and bias in the information diffusion toward likely-minded peers. We find peculiar differences across social media. Indeed, while Facebook and Twitter present clear-cut echo chambers in all the observed dataset, Reddit and Gab do not. Finally, we test the role of the social media platform on news consumption by comparing Reddit and Facebook. Again, we find support for the hypothesis that platforms implementing news feed algorithms like Facebook may elicit the emergence of echo-chambers."

Echo Chambers: Emotional Contagion and Group Polarization on Facebook - "we explore the interplay between emotional state and engagement of users in the group dynamics. Our findings show that communities’ emotional behavior is affected by the users’ involvement inside the echo chamber. Indeed, to an higher involvement corresponds a more negative approach. Moreover, we observe that, on average, more active users show a faster shift towards the negativity than less active ones."
The more active you are inside your social media echo chamber, the more upset you become

Extremists More Willing To Share Their Opinions, Study Finds - "People with relatively extreme opinions may be more willing to publicly share their views than those with more moderate views, according to a new study.The key is that the extremists have to believe that more people share their views than actually do, the research found.The results may offer one possible explanation for our fractured political climate in the United States, where extreme liberal and conservative opinions often seem to dominate... The average student's views were near the mid-point of the scale -- but most rated the typical Stanford student as more pro-alcohol than themselves... Take as an example a community that tends to be moderate politically, but leans slightly liberal.People with more extreme liberal views in the community may be more likely than others to attend publicly visible protests and display bumper stickers espousing their liberal views, because they think the community supports them."Everyone else sees these extreme opinions being expressed on a regular basis and they may eventually come to believe their community is more liberal than it actually is," Morrison said. "The same process could occur in moderately conservative communities."You have a cycle that feeds on itself: the more you hear these extremists expressing their opinions, the more you are going to believe that those extreme beliefs are normal for your community.""

Seeing racism everywhere is not OK - "Considering the amount of publicity they get, one could be forgiven for thinking that white supremacists are a major force on the political landscape... the OK hand sign, that near-enough universal finger-and-thumb indication of affirmation or assent, has now been appropriated by racists. That is according to the Anti-Defamation League... How have white supremacists, these merchants of hate, managed to reach such levels of prominence and power? Is it through great marketing? The promise of a fulfilling life burning crosses in the woods? Or perhaps their racist arguments now resonate with an ever-growing number of people? If it were any of those reasons, we would be justified in seriously panicking. But the facts tell a different story.The biggest white-supremacist protest in recent decades, in Charlottesville, Virginia, attracted only a few hundred people. Richard Spencer, the most prominent figure in the white supremacist movement, has 77,000 followers on Twitter (and presumably not all of them subscribe to his views). And the claim that the OK symbol is white supremacist started off as a joke, on an internet messageboard, intended to troll self-styled lefties. So who is artificially inflating this movement’s strength? Who is empowering it? Oddly enough, it is the very people who are dedicated to opposing it.Organisations such as the Anti-Defamation League, which are dedicated to monitoring and combating ‘hate speech’, need to point to instances of it in order to justify their existence... Campaigning organisations like the ADL will claim they are raising awareness of the far-right threat in our midst. But their headline-grabbing activity is having the opposite ‘boy who cried wolf’ effect. Moreover, by finding signs of racism everywhere, even in an innocuous hand gesture, they are bringing actual racists into the mainstream by proxy."

Investigators conclude hand gestures at Army-Navy game were not racist. - "Investigators at the Navy and Military academies came to the conclusion that cadets and midshipmen who flashed controversial hand gestures during a televised pregame show last week were playing “the circle game” and not expressing a white supremacist message"
Of course liberals were bashing the investigations as biased and a coverup

Covington 2: Newsrooms falsely accuse West Point cadets of flashing ‘white supremacy’ symbol - "the “OK” hand gesture attributed to white supremacists is right-side up (fingers pointing upwards). The hand gestures seen on national television this weekend at the Army-Navy game show the cadets’ hands pointing downward and sideways because they are playing the “circle game,” not pledging their allegiance to white supremacy, you unbelievable idiots.Amazingly, the United States Naval Academy and United States Military Academy have launched separate investigations into their cadets. The media, meanwhile, are treating the story as though they're near-certain the students flashed "white supremacist" symbols on television... “White power symbols,” said NFL columnist Mike Freeman. “From Army cadets. Knowing they are on live television. Trump emboldens this trash. He absolutely does. These guys should be kicked out immediately.”... “Whatever it used to mean,” said CNN contributing opinion writer Jeff Yang, “this symbol used in this fashion is now indelibly associated with white supremacist individuals and agendas, and these cadets are making it on national TV, behind the head of a cadet of color.”Put another way: Even if they didn't mean it, they're still guilty."

Following discovery of 'circle game' photos, OPRF will pay $53K to reprint student yearbooks - Chicago Tribune - "officials found 18 photos inside of students making an upside-down “OK” gesture. The school said the students flashing the sign were of “of various races, ethnicities, genders and grades.”"
I guess $53k is cheap to virtue signal

Shailja Patel on Twitter - "I keep seeing people I respect sharing that "Buy more books than you can ever read" BS piece in Fast Capitalism. What is it about the word "books" that casts a magic veil over naked commodity fetishism?
"Buy more food than you can ever eat."
"Buy more albums than you can ever listen to."
"Buy more art than you can ever look at."
"Buy more shoes than you can ever wear."
"Buy more cars than you can ever drive."
"Buy more houses than you can ever live in."
"Buy more buy more BUY"
I believe deeply in the value and power of books. That value and power lie in their circulation. Not in their accumulation.
I grew up in a home where books were luxuries. My parents owned very few books, and they were precious. School libraries and public libraries were everything to me. I want my book in the hands of everyone who needs to read it. Not sitting unread in private collections.
If you love books, and have disposable income to spend on books, please spend it on putting books into public circulation. On giving rather than hoarding books. On sharing rather than accumulating books. On getting books to everyone hungry to read them and be transformed."

The Rise And Fall Of The Comanche 'Empire' - "On what the raid on the Parker fort was like
"This is what Indians did to Indians and this just happened to be Indians meeting whites. But the automatic thing in battle is that all the adult males would be killed. That was automatic. That was one of the reasons that Indians fought to the death. The white men were astonished by it but they were assumed that they would be killed. Small children were killed. Very small children were killed. A lot of the children in say, the 3-10 range were often taken as captives. The women were often raped and often killed. And all of the people in those settlements back in those years knew what a Comanche raid was — knew what a Comanche raid meant. ... And it's an interesting kind of moral question as a historian about Plains Indians or American Indians in general. You have to come to terms with this — with torture, which they practiced all across the West — and these kind of grisly practices that scared white people to death."
On rewriting history to leave out Native American atrocities
"There was even an attempt at one point to deny that Indians were warlike. Comanches were incredibly warlike. They swept everyone off the Southern plains. They nearly exterminated the Apaches.""
On Pre-Columbian genocide which always gets ignored in order to shit on white people
Naturally a meme on this subject got wiped from "Archaeology/History Jokes & Puns (Or GTFO!)" - nothing can be allowed to challenge the liberal narrative

Iroquois Indians - Ohio History Central - "the Erie natives were related to the Iroquois. They lived along the eastern shores of Lake Erie in New York and Pennsylvania. The Iroquois Confederacy considered them enemies and wiped out the entire tribe."

Tuesday, September 08, 2020

Disney's Female Characters

A post on reddit that's been removed (naturally):

After seeing Mulan 2020, I'm noticing a pattern regarding Disney's female characters and it isn't good. : movies

"I saw Mulan yesterday and I was very disappointed with the character of Mulan. The movie wasn't all bad but I didn't like what they did to her character. It's the same as they did with Rey in Star Wars and I'm starting to see a pattern.

The problem with Rey in Star Wars is that she is unrelatable. And it's because she never needs any help. If you look at Luke Skywalker in the original Star Wars movies, he is the hero of the story but he's still human. In the first movie he needs Obi-wan's help in the desert and in the cantina, he needs Han's help during the Trench run. In the second he needs Han's help in the snow. He stops his training to help his friends, gets his ass kicked by Vader and in the end he is the one in need of saving by force calling Leia. Then finally in the third movie he is a fully fledged Jedi and he conquers evil. It feels earned. And that's why he is such a good character. He starts from nothing and is therefore relatable and it makes us root for him.

Contrast that to Rey who is a capable fighter from the start, can fly a 2 man ship solo and can't be beaten by Kylo in the first movie. In the second she doesn't actually need Luke's training and again Kylo can't defeat her. By the third movie she is confirmed to be the best pilot in the resistance, can heal people, bring people back to life etc etc. It just doesn't feel earned. Somewhere along the way they forgot to make her human. And it weakens a potentially great character.

Now we get to Mulan and I see the same thing. The new movie opens with her doing martial arts training and within minutes she does this slow mo supermove like she's in the matrix. She's a badass from the start, joins the army and she even has to hide her badassery. It isn't relatable. In the original Mulan she is just an ordinary girl. It isn't about her being a great fighter or whatever. She becomes a hero through wits and character. She joins the army even though she sucks at fighting. That is character. When she fires that cannon to the snowy top that isn't being an extraordinary fighter, it's using her wits. Then she finds out the huns are still alive and she warns everyone but no one believes her. But she still persists. And in the end when she's fighting the bad guy (forgot his name) on the roof, she's mostly running away. She isn't doing jedi leaps and keanu reeves moves. Any girl could be Mulan from the original. Even aside from all the girl in a men's world stuff she's relatable and that's why it's such a strong character. But the new one not so much. Nobody can be her. Nobody can do what she does.

I don't know what this is. Is it bad writing? Is it a hidden political agenda? Starting weak and then overcoming a powerful obstacle is a very basic thing in writing. It makes us invested in characters. You would assume the writers at Disney get this but they apparently don't. Or maybe they are not allowed to I don't know. But I really hope this doesn't become a trend with Disney movies because it makes their movies and characters weaker instead of stronger."


Ditto for Captain Marvel

This matches how masculinity is performative but femininity is innate

Someone: Hero's journey is for male protagonists

Feminist protagonists are already heroines, the problem is the world hasn't recognised them yet

So plots involving feminist protagonists usually revolve around the ignorant unwashed masses slowly coming to be enlightened by one-sided progressive dogma and stop repressing the feminist protagonist so she can achieve her full potential

The problem is innate value stories often aren't compelling because by definition the value is unearned

Especially if they try to shove it into traditionally male stories

Links - 8th September 2020 (2)

Noah Efron - "I have been nominated to post 180 Sumero-Akkadian cuneiform tablets that profoundly influenced me, at any point in my life. One each day, for 180 days. I was instructed to post each tablet without explanation."

Bzigo uses AI and a laser pointer to detect mosquitoes in your home - "Bzigo wants to make it easier for you to zap mosquitoes in your home. The U.S. and Israel-based startup combines artificial intelligence with a laser pointer and camera to autonomously track any mosquito inside your home... In the future, Bzigo plans to create anti-mosquito technology in the form of micro-drones that will eliminate mosquitoes autonomously and return to the base for recharging after carrying out their mission."

Lou on Twitter - "Interior design is my passion *Woman suspended from ceiling on lights, woman as furniture*"

@rezagt500eleanor - 🤣🤣🤣🤣 - "If your girlfriend visits you during lockdown. Don't marry her. If the government can't control her, what chance do you have?"

Meme - "DUCKFACE Started From Something"

A New Radical Centrism on Twitter - "Perhaps after reading the NYT's attack on white people who jog yesterday, you're considering a form of exercise that's less racistly racist. Why not take up hiking? It gets you outside, gets the heart rate goi... Wait, what's this?"
Daniel Povey on Twitter - "It's strange to me how white people don't see that it's odd that they are writing articles about the "unbearable whiteness of hiking", like being white is a crime. I can't find a historical parallel of an apparently dominant group being so eager to apologize for itself."
Related comments: "Better living through healthful pursuits is racist, clearly." "Being health conscious is, in and of itself, deeply racist."
"There have also been several articles since the great Awokening about how rock climbing, indoor and outdoor, is racist"

Meme - "Chloe, 19 Picture this. You log onto tinder, see a decent girl, a at best. Unsure whether to swipe right but you read her bio. You like it, it's captivating. Fuck it, you swipe right. BOOM. You match. You start Conversations are engaging. She listens, she cares, she's genuine. You bring her home for the holidays, your family love her. A couple years pass and you get married You found the love of your life on this app Cool story?
It's not going to happen, but I'll do anal"

Man blind for 20 years 'regains sight' after being hit by car at zebra crossing - "Janusz Goraj was able to see properly two weeks after the traffic accident after suffering from an allergic reaction that damaged the retina in his right eye while his other eye only registered shapes and light... Goraj, from the city of Gorzow Wielkopolski, suffered from an allergic reaction that damaged the retina in his right eye while his other eye only registered shapes and light."

I almost died! I found my mom's new "USB hub" sitting on her desk. *picture*

Wife told her husband she was attending a party at her boss's place. Husband asks her to send a picture of the food, she did. NSFW : HolUp

Cory Clark on Twitter - "People with higher cognitive ability are more supportive of free speech, more opposed to censorship, and more in favor of allowing individuals to teach from various social groups/ideologies, a pattern which has been consistent since at least the mid 1970s"
"And those with doctorates in Gender Studies and the like? In theory they're very educated but they tend to promote cancel culture and deplatforming."
"I feel confident that having a doctorate in gender studies does not correlate with “higher cognitive ability” in any way, shape, form, or fashion."
"One mechanism seems to be though intellectual humility (their rationale below) - they find that intellectual humility mediates the link between cog ability and support for free speech in their Study 3."

Remz Tolentino - "me: they probably use green screens for news programs
mbc news: bitch, u thought
pcr: Nguyen Viet Trung"

BBC Radio 4 - Thinking Allowed, Loss - "‘Let's imagine a workplace where workers enjoyed a well paid job for life, one where they could start their day with a pint of stout and a smoke and enjoy free meals in silver service canteens and restaurants. Imagine working in a building designed by an internationally renowned architect, spending your break exploring acres of parkland planted with hundreds of trees and thousands of shrubs and spending your evenings with a company theatre group or playing one of 30 sports. Imagine a place where the end of a working life you could enjoy a company pension without having to pay a penny. And that is the precise imaginative exercise recommended by Tim Strangelman, the author of voices of Guinness an oral history of West London's Park Royal Brewery. And it's an imaginative exercise with its roots firmly in reality, for it is no more or less than an accurate account of the working conditions enjoyed by employees at that West London Guinness brewery, from the 1930s to the 1980s’...
'In some ways you don't realize what you've lost until you've lost it. And I think many of the oral histories I undertook, they really uncover a sort of sense of people remembering a more gentler, more benign form of capitalism.'...
‘Right from the get go after the war, they're attempting to build what they call industrial citizenship amongst their workforce or Guinness citizenship. And they realized that people coming back into the brewery after the Second World War through the army and then national service being demobbed and what have you, they have to kind of reintegrate. So it's almost as if they're kind of sociologists, almost. They understand that you need to build the social. So they do this through various things, through clubs and societies, gardening clubs, sports was a huge thing there. There was something like 30 or 40 sports practiced at Park Royal, there was two theatre groups. It was actually trying to allow them to be the best versions of themselves. What they were trying to do is expand people's horizons. All the workers got three course meal every day if they wanted it, daily beer allowance… at least a couple of pints and it was a stronger, stronger brew… Guiness were very unusual because they recognized trade unions before all the other major London brewers did and in fact, Guinness was heavily criticized by the other brewers certainly in London for being so pro trade union. And again, it was a reflection of a kind of a very advanced paternalism’...
‘Despite all I have achieved and gained and all that I have in my life, recovery from anorexia still feels like living with a hole inside of me. A sense that something is missing. It also involves living with a significant sense of loss and an awareness of no longer having the things that anorexia once provided. My eating disorder was a private, cotton wool padded world of my own creation, where I felt strangely safe, secure, untouchable.’
‘I've never sort of thought about anorexia in those terms. But I mean, here is someone saying that the disappearance of anorexia left them feeling empty, there was something that had disappeared suddenly, which had been permanent and solid and reliable and known.’
‘Yes, and this is very much tied up with self identity because I mean, conditions like that and other people talked in similar ways about careers that were very important to their self identity, having to give something up or to surrender. It can leave you with a feeling of loss as if something has been taken out of the core of you. You've lost something really vital to your sense of self definition.’"

BBC Radio 4 - Thinking Allowed, Mixed-race families - "‘The mixed race population this country is growing. It's quite amazing. I mean, I read that round about 50% of black Caribbean men have partners, have white partners. The figure is just under a third for black women. It's, it's really striking quite how unremarkable mixed unions are now. And there's been quite a bit of psychological research looking at the identity of mixed race people who, for example, one parent who's white, another who's black, but you're interested in what happens when mixed race people have children of their own’…
‘Up to this point, all the research has been about mixed people who are children or adolescents, some in young adulthood, but they hadn't then looked at generational change. And this is a really important issue because we want to know to what extent, to the extent that most mixed race people, not just black white people in Britain, but other types of mixed race people partner with other white Britons. What happens for the generation down? Is it important to them to, that they transmit a minority ancestry? What does that one generational remove mean?… a lot of theories and categories and understandings about race are premised on this idea of, of, you know, not just being a single race, but also notions of intermarriage are premised upon the idea of some, you know, two distinct races. Coming together then to to form someone who's a mixed person. But all of those kinds of ideas and concepts start to break down I think when you look a further generation down, we don't have the conventions'...
‘Most of the people in this study, identified their children as mixed, including people whose children looked white.’"
So much for passing privilege

BBC Radio 4 - Thinking Allowed, Populism - "‘There's the nasty populist *Trump clip* Or, there's the Glastonbury hero *music festival clip?*’..."
‘You prefer to use the term populist rather than populism to characterize the contemporary political moment. An adjective rather than a verb. Why?’
‘It seems more useful because it draws attention to a certain style rather than a particular ideology. So populism is not an ideology anyone fights or dies for in the way that we have seen for socialism, communism, capitalism, and so on. It seems to be more a style of doing politics, which can be adopted by anyone anywhere on the political spectrum… we have to be mindful of the fact that there is a distinction between being populist and being popular, so you can be a perfectly institutional politician who respects institutions, comes through the ranks, gains power through democratic methods, and is immensely popular. Blair just after the 97 victory would be a good example, who's not a populist'"

BBC Radio Ulster - Everyday Ethics, Male Role Models and Ani Rinchen Khandro - "‘Do you believe there is a real issue here, why men decided against working with children, taking up these roles?’
‘Yeah, and I suppose already, that's why we organized the conference with the theme, celebrating boys, fathers and men in early childhood. Our organization represents over at 10,000 staff working in the early childhood sector. 30,000 parents, and invariably and as Nick said the percentage has remained at one to 2% for the last 10 years despite the fact that in other European countries, under their early childhood workforce development strategy, they've set targets. Norway, for example, now has 10% of men working in the early childhood field. And as Nick said, you know, the importance of this is having males as well as female role models for young children, and especially for boys who learn in a very different way from girls. And the evidence is suggesting that the feminization of the early childhood workforce is missing out on capturing the way young boys learn. Now we see this right into primary school as well. A lack of focus on whole body learning, kinesthetic movement, outdoor play. And, you know, some of the research, and I think we need more research on this issue, is suggesting that's why we're seeing boys not developing in the same way as young girls in the early years and in primary school.’...
‘Nowadays, it's not just that you need role models in schools, but a lot of the young children starting school, unfortunately, now, are not coming from a two parent family. And when that happens more often than not, there is not a male in the household. So these young boys are starting school and they've no experience of a positive male in their lives. And, and, at least, I mean, a teacher can't compensate for a parent but at least if you've got male, oh, a good mix of male and female teachers, they're saying that very positive behavior that they can model in the school and in the sports field. And, indeed, our schools now provide more social activities are seeing it in a social way as well.’...
‘Places like New Zealand have flipped the renumeration to ensure that those who work with young children are paid the most. And those who, who work at the university level in education are paid the least. And being, doing something structurally like that, you begin to create a workforce, an environment that is suitable for both men and women’"
No wonder New Zealand universities aren't that well regarded worldwide

A Genetically Informed Study of the Association Between Harsh Punishment and Offspring Behavioral Problems - "Conclusions about the effects of harsh parenting on children have been limited by research designs that cannot control for genetic or shared environmental confounds. The present study used a sample of children of twins and a hierarchical linear modeling statistical approach to analyze the consequences of varying levels of punishment while controlling for many confounding influences. The sample of 887 twin pairs and 2,554 children came from the Australian Twin Registry. Although corporal punishment per se did not have significant associations with negative childhood outcomes, harsher forms of physical punishment did appear to have specific and significant effects. The observed association between harsh physical punishment and negative outcomes in children survived a relatively rigorous test of its causal status, thereby increasing the authors’ conviction that harsh physical punishment is a serious risk factor for children."
Some anti-spanking guy (besides misrepresenting the literature I pointed to to debunk his claims) claimed that most cases of spanking were severe, so spanking was bad. But this study (besides replicating the other studies on spanking per se having no ill effects, found that of those who received punishment, 2/3 received mild punishment and 1/3 harsh. So the majority of spanking in the sample was not severe

On ascribing secular motivations to Muslims motivated by religion

"For the medieval Muslim, the significance of heresy was religious: it was related, that is to say, to differences of belief, opinion, or practice concerning divinity, revelation, prophecy, and matters deriving from these. These matters, in Islam, extended to include the whole range of public and political life, and any further explanation, beyond the religious one, was unnecessary, even absurd, for what could be added to the greatest and most important of all the issues confronting mankind? The grounds and terms of argument between opposing religious factions were almost invariably theological. That is not to say that Muslim polemicists always accepted the good faith of their opponents. Very often they accuse those whose doctrines they dislike of pursuing ulterior motives—but usually these ulterior motives are themselves religious. The commonest of them is the recurring theme of a plot to undermine Islam from within in favor of some other faith. This is usually connected with some more or less fabulous figure, of superlative malignity and perversity, who functions as a diabolus ex machina, to explain dissension and heresy in the community. This is in part due to the general tendency of Islamic historical tradition to attribute to the limitless cunning and multifarious activity of an individual the results of a long development of thought and action; in part also to the tactic, familiar in other times and places, of discrediting critics within the community by associating them with enemies outside the community...

The medieval European, who shared the fundamental assumptions of his Muslim contemporary, would have agreed with him in ascribing religious movements to religious causes and would have sought no further for an explanation. But when Europeans ceased to accord first place to religion in their thoughts, sentiments, interests, and loyalties, they also ceased to admit that other men, in other times and places, could have done so. To a rationalistic and materialistic generation, it was inconceivable that such great debates and mighty conflicts could have involved no more than “merely” religious issues. And so historians, once they had passed the stage of amused contempt, devised a series of explanations, setting forth what they described as the “real” or “ultimate” significance “underlying” religious movements and differences. The clashes and squabbles of the early churches, the great Schism, the Reformation, all were reinterpreted in terms of motives and interests reasonable by the standards of the day—and for the religious movements of Islam too explanations were found that tallied with the outlook and interests of the finders.

To the nineteenth century, obsessed with the problems of liberalism and nationality, only a struggle for national liberation could adequately explain the religious cleavage in Islam, the bitter controversies between doctrine and doctrine, the armed clash of sect with sect. The intuition of Gobineau and Renan, the insight of Dozy and Darmesteter helped to create a picture of Shi'ism as a liberal revival of the Persian national genius, as a resurgence of the Aryanism of Iran in generous revolt against the alien and committing Semitism of Arabian Islam...


Nevertheless this hypothesis is now generally abandoned. Wellhausen, Goldziher, Barthold and others have shown that the main centers of early Shi‘ism were among the mixed, predominantly Semitic-speaking population of southern Iraq; that Shi‘ism was first carried to Persia by the Arabs themselves and for long found some of its most enthusiastic supporters there among the Arab soldiers and settlers, and in such places as the Arab garrison city of Qum—even today one of the most vigorous centers of Shi‘ite religion in Persia. Though ethnic antagonisms played their part in these struggles—and the nineteenth-century scholars made a lasting contribution in discerning them—they were nor the sole or even the most potent factor. The accusations of the early polemicists are directed against the old Persian religion, not against the Persian nation—and the charges of Iranian dualist infiltration can be paralleled by similar tales of Jewish and Christian attempts to insinuate their own doctrines into Islam under the cover of Islamic heresy. It was in North Africa, Egypt, and Arabia that Shi‘ism won its earliest and mosr resounding political successes. Only two of the important independent dynasties of Muslim Persia professed the Shi‘ite religion...


The advance of knowledge and of understanding thus brought the abandonment of a theory which in any case had ceased wholly to satisfy. For the twentieth century, in the West at least, the problems of nationality and national liberation were no longer the main themes of the historic process. The expansion and contraction of societies, the clash of interests and classes, economic change and social upheaval, class war and cataclysm—these were the basic truths which the twentieth-century historian saw in the mirror of history. Kharijism, Shi‘ism, and the other movements in Islam were now interpreted in terms nor of national but of social categories, not of race but of class. In the first quarter of the twentieth century, the Russian progressive Barthold, the German conservative Becker, the Italian positivist Caetani, the French Catholic Massignon looked around them and achieved a new understanding of the revolutions of early Islam—both of those that succeeded and of those that failed...


It has been observed as a curiosity that the word “religion” does not occur in the Old Testament. This is not because the ancient Hebrews had no religion but because they did nor distinguish a separate part or compartment of their personal and public lives for which they might require this special term. Religion embraced the whole of life—man’s dealings with his fellow men, with society and with the state, as well as his dealings with God. Even the simple, basic acts of working and resting, eating, drinking, and procreation were sanctified as the fulfillment of a divine command and a divine purpose. Islam too has no words to distinguish between sacred and profane, spiritual and temporal, for it does not accept or even know the dichotomy that these pairs of antonyms express—the cleavage and clash of Church and State, of Pope and Emperor, of God and Caesar. The Islamic State is in theory and in the popular conception a theocracy, in which God is the sole source of both power and law and the sovereign His viceregent on earth. The faith was the official credo of constituted state and society, the cult the external and visible symbol of their identity and cohesion, and conformity to them, however perfunctory, the token and pledge of loyalty. Orthodoxy meant the acceptance of the existing order; heresy or apostasy, its criticism or rejection. The same sacred law, coming from the same source and administered through the same jurisdiction, embraced civil, criminal, and constitutional as well as ritual and doctrinal rules. The sovereign was the supreme embodiment of the Holy Law, maintained by it and maintaining it. Where Church and State are inextricably interwoven, so too are religion and politics, and religion provided the only possible expression, in public and social terms, of sustained opposition. Whenever a group of men sought to challenge and to change the existing order, they made their teachings a theology and their instrument a sect, as naturally and as inevitably as their modern western counterparts make ideologies and political parties."

--- The Significance of Heresy in Islam in Islam in History: Ideas, People, and Events in the Middle East / Bernard Lewis (also published as  Some Observations on the Significance of Heresy in the History of Islam in Studia Islamica)

Links - 8th September 2020 (1)

Let's stop romanticising nature. So much of our life depends on defying it - "Cormorants are hunting fish in the now clear waters of Venice. Wild boars roam the avenues of Barcelona and wild goats the streets of Llandudno. Above Los Angeles are blue skies. From smogless Delhi, you can once more glimpse the Himalayas.“The Earth is healing, we are the virus,” runs the meme spreading fast across the internet. It’s a sentiment echoed by many policymakers, commentators and celebrities... Perhaps Ferguson needs reminding that “taking back control” has meant condemning hundreds of thousands of people to death, hundreds of thousands more to losing their livelihoods, and threatening, in the words of the UN World Food Programme’s David Beasley, “famines of biblical proportions”.We should remind ourselves, too, that what is now seen as unnatural and sinful was, not so long ago, celebrated as natural and authentic. Ever since the pandemic broke out in Wuhan, Chinese wet markets have been denounced as despicable and vile. Yet when Alan Levinovitz lived in China, “wandering through the open-air stalls felt liberating and authentic, a welcome change from sterile supermarkets where the chicken lies behind glass, plastic-wrapped by faceless corporations”. Here was “meat in its natural state: unrefrigerated, unprocessed, unpackaged, uncooked and sometimes unslaughtered”... Concepts of “nature” and of the “natural” have, Levinovitz shows, become synonyms for “God” and the “holy”. Humans are sinners not because we have disobeyed God but because we have violated nature, our teacher, in whose wisdom we must discover the moral rules by which we ought to live.Such a moral appeal to nature has long been the means of justifying particular human laws and structures. From interracial relationships to homosexuality, certain activities are deemed as transgressing natural boundaries and so to be forbidden. A ban on interracial marriage, as a Pennsylvania judge observed in 1865, was necessary to prevent the “corruption of races”... How nature is becomes seen as a template for what humans ought to do. And yet so much of human life – from the aspirin we take to alleviate pain to the fridge that helps prevent milk from souring – is a recognition that natural processes often work to our disadvantage, and the moral stance would be to keep them at bay. The romanticisation of the “natural” is, Levinovitz notes, rooted in privilege. Only those who enjoy a lifestyle sufficiently protected from the ravages of nature have the licence to romanticise it... After reading in the New Yorker about how much better was the “natural” parenting style of the Matsigenka, a Peruvian Amazonian tribe, Levinovitz travelled to Peru to see for himself. He was disappointed that they lived not in a “state of nature” but with solar panels and mobile phones. He asked a local whether he was “happy about having electricity”. “He looked at me with confusion,” Levinovitz recalls: “‘Yes,’ he said flatly, as if explaining something to a child. ‘Now we can see at night.’”"
"Nature is healing. We are the virus" is a great example of the misanthropy of environmentalism 

BBC Radio 4 - Thinking Allowed, Universal Basic Income - "‘I've been a supporter of the principle for many, many years. I think it's no accident that it was one of the key demands of the women's liberation movement back in the early 70s, was an independent income. Because I think in a money based society, the condition of being economically dependent is is fundamentally demeaning. Whether you're a woman dependent on your husband's income, a disabled person, dependent on carers or or even an adult child dependent on your parents, because it can trap people in abusive relationships, but even in non abusive relationships, economic dependence makes, traps people into kind of relationships that are characterized by by guilt and by sense of obligation and by gratitude, and it means they’re not healthy relationships.’"  

 BBC Radio 4 - Thinking Allowed, Loneliness - "‘I was always fascinated by the fact that Jane Austen never describes any of her heroes as intelligent, the word doesn't appear’...
‘You argue that loneliness really only emerges as a term and perhaos almost a recognisable experience around 1800… prior to that, when it's used, it's used interchangeably with a rather lovely word, which is oneliness... all it means really is to be by oneself. So the Bible is full of accounts of Jesus being by himself and but doesn't necessarily have an associated emotional lack. And this shift towards the emergence of loneliness from around 1800 comes about because of different changes in society. Different ways of viewing the individual, industrialization, urbanization, a philosophy of the self, which is about the self as opposed to others, and the decline of religion'
‘And you also want to investigate, introduce the rise of the novel as well as as important to our understanding of loneliness’
‘Novels are fascinating. The difference between novels in the 18th century when they first came into being and novels in the 19th century and 18th century, something like Robinson Crusoe. There's not a single reference to loneliness. By the 19th century novels are full of lonely people. And that reflects those kinds of social changes… Wuthering Heights, where you have this desperate desire on the part of the heroine to find love, which is bundled up too in this sense of the self as not being complete without another, or Tess of the d'Urbervilles. And, and so Victorian fiction in particular tends to be full of women who are in search of the significant other and needing to find happiness and an absence of loneliness in the domestic.'"

Getting Pregnant While Pregnant: How Superfetation Works - "Grovenburg became pregnant twice, two weeks apart. Isn't that supposed to be impossible?Almost. There have been only 10 recorded cases of the phenomenon, dubbed superfetation. In Grovenburg's case, she became pregnant first with a girl (whom she has decided to name Jillian) and then two weeks later with a boy (Hudson). The babies have separate due dates — Jillian on Dec. 24, Hudson on Jan. 10"

Facebook Will Stop Labeling Fake News Because It Backfired, Made More Users Believe Hoaxes - "it will stop its short-lived practice of labeling misleading or false stories as "disputed," and will instead provide links to related articles that can give context or truth where needed. Facebook said its attempt to thwart fake news backfired, since the "disputed" label ended up making believers of fake news more defensive and more likely to insist on their version of the truth."

Woman finds out plant she's watered for 2 years is fake - "Caelie Wilkes shared the funny story on Facebook which has since gone viral. Wilkes said she found out the plant was fake while she was trying to move it into a new vase... The plant was originally a gift from the father of Wilkes' children, who also thought it was real"

Roger Scruton How Fake Subjects Like Women Studies Invaded Academia - "If you take a subject like women’s studies, now I know this is a controversial issue but perhaps it can be talked about freely in this room. You can’t talk about it freely in America on the whole. Anyway there – there is a subject, it’s very difficult to imagine and that you would succeed in that subject if you didn’t have either at the outset or certainly in the conclusion feminist opinions.And there is a – it’s a subject constructed around an ideology. It might be that this ideology is grounded in truth, who knows, but to question it is something which is essentially made impossible both by the curriculum and by the way of teaching it.And I think you’ll find that there quite a lot of subjects like that growing in our universities, in which conformity to an orthodoxy takes precedence over intellectual method... Maybe after all in the middle – in the middle ages maybe theology was like that, but the interesting thing about medieval theology is that it encouraged the intellectual method despite it’s requirement of Orthodoxy.We are now going through a time when truth itself seems to be increasingly marginalized from the – from academic scholarship... The most important figure here as you all know is Michel Foucault, who saw all his work as giving “une histoire de vérité” a history of truths. As though truths have a history, you know, something is either true or not true but nevertheless he wanted to rearrange the whole curriculum in such a way that when studying the thoughts of and writings of people of the past, we’re not really interested in the truth of what they say but in the power that speaks through it.That the only commodity, in the intellectual world is power, who has dominion over whom. And that way, of course you can turn any subject however impartial it seems and the outset into an instrument of ideological conflict by saying that you know, to date English studies has been an exercise of male power over the female gender."

Handjob Cabin Isn't a Real Movie, But We Wish It Were

Sexual Exploitation Was the Norm for 19th Century Ballerinas - "It’s not clear who Edgar Degas used as the model for the 1879 painting, L’Etoile, that depicts that tense moment. But it’s likely that she was a prostitute. Sex work was part of ballerinas’ realities during the 19th century, an era in which money, power and prostitution mingled in the glamorous and not-so-glamorous backstage world of the Paris Opera."

My grandma wanted some “creative” grad photos of my friend since we’re graduating at the same time. This was her least favorite : funny

I,Hypocrite - Posts - "Am I too stupid or is it actually saying that the concept of being straight is the normal is a white people thing"
"In what non-white majority countries do you see higher acceptance of lgbt? Africa? China? Maybe arab countries?"
"You've been permanently banned from participating in r/lgbt"
Minority rights are just a way to shit on white people
Comment: "Redditors defending people who would have them stoned without a 2nd thought. Truly amazing levels of cognitive dissonance."

‪Jimmy London - "You can walk into a room full of Muslims and ask whether Gay people should be executed for being Gay; a legitimate theological debate will ensue on why yes (sharia) & why no (reformist) ‪You could never ask a group of Gays if Muslims should be executed & expect 2 be taken seriously.‬ We just don’t have that hate in us. You would be condemned for even positioning the question & possibly ostracised. The Muslim debate on gay death can last HOURS. At some point the religious conservatives (pro death) will accuse the reformist (pro life) of perverting Islam & contorting the Faith, they will accuse them of not being Muslim. That accusation will never be levelled in the other direction. Because it is Sharia compliant, you can NEVER accuse someone of not being Muslim due to the belief that gays should be executed. Let the weight of that sink in. #notall"

Tony Hawk’s Twitter account is a goldmine of awkward interactions - "The legendary skateboarder is probably the most famous in his field to date. Hawk revolutionized the sport with his skateboarding video games, and he might be the only skateboarder any causal sports fan who doesn’t follow the sport can name.Or, at least he used to be... his Twitter account is full of awkward interactions he seemingly experiences every day."

I,Hypocrite - Posts - "92 out of the top 500 subreddits on reddit are controlled by just 4 people" "Sorry, this post has been removed by the moderators of r/interestingasfuck."

Being Classically Liberal - Posts - "Not a huge fan of Trump, but it's hilarious how the mainstream media has an overt vendetta against him and then they act like they are victims when he treats them like crap in response."

DADDY'S MAN CAVE - "*Man with T-shirt: "Fuck patriarchy" being handcuffed by policewoman*"

The Cringe Factory - Posts - "So this month for the first time my @OnlyFans bill was more than my rent. Ally achievement unlocked! #sexworkisrealwork #payforyourporn #feminist #onlyfans"
"Imagine endangering your finances to satisfy your porn addiction and then masquerading it as activism."

carol on Twitter - "my dad met my mom for a second, lost her number, remembered she was a nurse, and then called every hospital in the state to ask her out and I can’t even get a text back"

carol on Twitter - "Me: *Posts bikini pic on ig story*
Guy: hiiiiiiii
Me: not u"
carol on Twitter - "quarantine is really the perfect time to shoot your shot one of my friends just asked me out when this is all over I said no cuz he’s 5’8 but still"
carol on Twitter - "It could be worse, I could still be faking orgasms with my ex"

Lim Wen Jun - "The Singapore Story #hardtruths
"No, I don't have dreams. Dreams can never come true anyway."
Teo Zhixian - Year 1, Assumption Pathway School"

Saturday, September 05, 2020

Links - 5th September 2020 (2) (George Floyd Unrest: Statues)

Statue of Mahatma Gandhi, Parliament Square - Wikipedia - "In July 2014, Chancellor of the Exchequer of the United Kingdom, George Osborne, announced while on a visit to India that a statue of Mahatma Gandhi would be placed in Parliament Square, Westminster"
It is claimed that statues of Confederate generals should be taken down because they were traitors and the statues weren't contemporaneous. So since this went up 67 years after Gandhi died and he was a traitor to the Raj...

35 cops injured in further London violence as Gandhi statue defaced - "A statue of former UK PM Winston Churchill was also sprayed with the word "Racist"... The Indian high commission told TOI it would be raising the vandalism of the nine-foot bronze Gandhi statue, unveiled in 2015 by Arun Jaitley when he was finance minister, with the UK authorities."
First they came for the Confederate generals. Then they came for the slave traders...

Calls to remove 'racist' Gandhi statue in Leicester - "Prof Devji said Gandhi's "record is actually very mixed", and he was known to sympathise with Africans during the Boer and Zulu wars."Gandhi too was an imperfect human being, [but] imperfect Gandhi was more radical and progressive than most contemporary compatriots," he said.Former MP Keith Vaz, who was at the unveiling of the Leicester statue in 2009, called the Indian leader "one of the greatest peacemakers in history", and said he would "defend [the statue] personally"."

Equating Gandhi's imperfect anti-colonialism with imperialism and slavery is absurd - "Gandhi has probably done more than any other leader in the last century to dismantle the idea of White racial supremacy. There is, of course, no doubt that Gandhi was a flawed man with some ideas that seem questionable in contemporary times. But for some of this statements to overtake the work he did in discrediting the racism of the British Empire is self defeating. This absurd standard of perfection in progressive movements is only suited to people who do not want progressive movements at all...
Mahatma Gandhi statue in Washington D.C vandalized over George Floyd protest...
“King’s ability to unify – far from perfect – owed much to his ability to inhabit Gandhi’s legacy,” writes Nico Slate. “King’s connection to Gandhi strengthened his appeal to both Blacks and Whites. Gandhi represented courage, civil disobedience, and the rising colored world to many Blacks while symbolising non-threatening nonviolence to Whites.”... To say that oppressed people can only have perfect leaders and movements – is to argue that oppressed people should have no leaders and movements at all."
I doubt the author has such a holistic view of white "problematic" figures though

The monumental madness of toppling Gandhi - "We should judge people from the standards of the time they lived in, not by how we might feel today. Indeed, that means there will be many monuments to people we now think of as despicable. Public sculpture is a dialogue between the past and the present... A free society is not maintained by the brute force of easy answers, but with sometimes incredibly difficult compromises. Tyranny offers the easy answer – eliminating all the statues that displease us. But if we embrace the easy answer, soon there won’t be any statues left... While other social movements sought to win people over, this destruction in the name of tolerance creates an endless civil war that pits groups against each other. It stirs up division and hatred under the false facade of justice. Its only possible outcome is to force everyone to accept one myopic version of history while prohibiting everyone from having their own versions. Gandhi, like any human being, was fallible... In fact, that is what makes him more human and more inspirational... According to Mandela, ‘we are looking at the young Gandhi yet to become the Mahatma, when he would be without any human prejudice save in favour of truth and justice.’ If Gandhi goes, could Mandela and King’s statues and monuments soon face the same fate?"
Virtue signalling means championing uncontroversial propositions is useless. So Mandela and King will be next

Douglas Murray onTwitter - "Congratulations to everyone who guessed which founder of a major world religion was also a slave-owner. True there aren't any statues to him. Or many drawings. But perhaps the Woke mob can insist that anybody named after him just changes their name? That should do it."

Sadiq Khan will review all monuments in London to ensure they reflect city’s diversity - "Sadiq Khan has announced a commission to review statues, plaques and street names in London to ensure landmarks in the capital “suitably reflect London’s achievements and diversity”. The announcement comes after a statue of 17th-century slave trader Edward Colston was pulled down by Black Lives Matter protesters in Bristol at the weekend. The bronze monument was then pushed into the Bristol Harbour... When asked if he would consider taking down a statue of Winston Churchill which had the word “racist” sprayed on it during protests last weekend, Mr Khan said: “No – nobody’s perfect, whether it’s Churchill, whether it’s Gandhi, whether it’s Malcolm X."
So if you want to protect your history, never let your city/country become "diverse"?
In 10 years time it won't just be 'slavers' who get torn down. In 100 years time all the meat eaters might be non-kosher

Christopher Columbus statue torn down, thrown in lake by protesters - "At the height of the destruction, agitators attacked an NBC12 photographer, demanding he leave the scene. A small crowd of people waved boards in the photographer’s face, grabbed him and attacked his camera."
Must have been white supremacists who tore down the statue as a false flag, since they attacked the photographer!

VIDEO: UK #BLM Protester Calls for Removal of Statue of Person They Don't Know - "A short clip from a presenter interviewing Black Lives Matter protesters, reportedly in Oxford, asking two men why they were calling for the removal of a Cecil Rhodes statue went viral as the protesters did not know who he was... “Exactly the idiots protesting have know idea who the statues represent. Over 50% of young people think it’s Nelson Mandela on top of Nelsons column. The other half don’t even know who Nelson Mandela is”... King Leopold II, Queen Victoria, Winston Churchill, and Edward Colston all had their statues either torn down or defaced as protesters took a stand against what these historical figures purportedly represented."

Park Volunteer Outraged over Vandalism of Monument to Philadelphia Abolitionist: 'He Was BLM Before There Was A Slogan' - "Protesters have defaced a statue of Philadelphia abolitionist Matthias Baldwin, dousing the statue with paint and spray-painting the word “colonizer” on the pedestal... Baldwin argued for the right of African Americans to vote in Pennsylvania during the state’s 1837 Constitutional Convention, and helped establish a school for African American children where he paid teachers’ salaries for years.“He hired blacks in his shops when that was not the norm,” Walsh said. “He was BLM [Black Lives Matter] before there was a slogan.”Protesters also defaced Philadelphia’s Civil War Soldiers and Sailors monument with graffiti reading “BLM.” That monument’s inscription reads, “All who have labored today in behalf of the Union have wrought for the best interests of the country and the world not only for the present but for all future ages.”“The irony of vandalizing a monument to those who died to end slavery is lost on the morons who don’t know their history,” Walsh said."
Of course, since what they really hate is white people and not slavers...

The historical illiteracy of Black Lives Matter - "Activists have tried to rewrite the past by defacing the Cenotaph and the statue of Winston Churchill that stands by Parliament Square. In doing so, they have condemned those who did infinitely more than they ever will to combat fascism, all the while claiming to be anti-fascists.Of all the instances of historical vandalism, one of the most striking has been the attack on a statue of Abraham Lincoln. This is the same Lincoln who freed the slaves. To freedmen and women, he was a hero. Shortly after his death, he was depicted as a Moses-like figure, defiantly leading his people from bondage, or even as Jesus Christ. Yet today, he seems to have been dismissed as just another racist ‘white saviour’... Perhaps the problem is that Lincoln’s example challenges the racial myopia of Black Lives Matter. He demonstrates that white people can, in fact, be and do good (what a radical idea!), and that defining all white people as inherently damned by the original sin of whiteness is itself a bigoted generalisation... The focus on white people as being to blame for historic slavery is one such case. Slavery has been a feature of many societies throughout history. And yet, it is only Western countries’ names that come up when people talk about who is to blame... Societies have lived without the police before, so the argument goes. But do these people really want to return to the pre-police age? Do they know what it actually looked like?In the days before modern policing, ‘justice’ was enacted by vigilante crowds, local militias or by the army. Sometimes there was a fair trial. Often there was not. Those accused of witchcraft and heresy were burned. Might meant right. Does this sound like the peaceful, progressive society activists claim to be pursuing?"
Of course, we knew they would go for Abraham Lincoln eventually. Luckily soldiers were sent to protect the memorial in DC

Boston To Remove Statue Depicting Abraham Lincoln With Freed Black Man At His Feet - "Members of the Boston Art Commission voted unanimously Tuesday evening to remove Boston's copy of Thomas Ball's sculpture Emancipation Memorial from Park Square. The work depicting a formerly enslaved man at the feet of Abraham Lincoln has stood there since 1879... "This is a frozen picture. This man is kneeling, he will never stand up," Bullock said. "This image is problematic because it feeds into a narrative that Black people need to be led and freed. A narrative that seems very specific to us for some reason. Why is our trauma so glorified?"A Howard University student and Massachusetts resident named Hannah Bessette called the statue demeaning. "Regardless of what the intentions were," she said, "It is important to note the intentions were white based intentions. As it was a white created statue." A handful of people who spoke at the meeting were in favor of keeping the sculpture where it is and adding context. But, commission member Robert Freeman said he had changed his mind after listening to two mothers in another recent virtual meeting. They spoke of bringing their sons to see the sculpture. The boys immediately noticed the shirtless Black man with broken shackles on his wrists and ankles."And their son said, 'that statue looks like dad. And the other said it looks like me'""
It's all Abraham Lincoln's fault for being a slave owner!
The former slaves who funded would be happy

UW-Madison students call for removal of Lincoln statue, 'Just because he was anti-slavery doesn’t mean he was pro-Black' - "After protesters tore down two statues at the state capitol, attention is now turning to the statue of President Abraham Lincoln at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.The statue has overlooked Bascom Hill for more than a hundred years and is a staple of graduate photos, but what he symbolizes for marginalized students isn’t land-grant universities or even emancipating slaves.“He was also very publicly anti-Black,” said Nalah McWhorter, the president of the Wisconsin Black Student Union. “Just because he was anti-slavery doesn’t mean he was pro-Black. He said a lot in his presidential campaigns. His fourth presidential campaign speech, he said that he believes there should be an inferior and superior, and he believes white people should be the superior race"... “For them to want to protect a breathless, lifeless statue more than they care about the experiences of their black students that have been crying out for help for the past 50, 60 years, it’s just a horrible feeling as a student, as a black and brown student on campus””

Black Community Elders Shutdown And Shame Anti-Statue Protest - "While Black Lives Matters activists tried to chant them down, reenactors dressed as freed slaves of Capitol Hill and Frederick Douglass gave an abridged version of the dedication speech. When the organizer told the crowd that the older generation had failed them and had nothing to teach them, a black man in a “New York City” shirt followed, raising his voice to tell the crowd his great-great-grandfather is that slave (depicted in the memorial), and “this young upstarts” better show some respect for the suffering of their people."

Anita's Hall of Social Justice & Intersectional Feminism - Posts - "Doesn't matter if slaves built the pyramids or not, they were built by SLAVE OWNERS.Statues gone! Next? Egyptian & Roman monuments of slavery! my petition, let's do away with the Pyramids Of Giza.Egyptian Pharaohs were some of the busiest slave traders in history. Some racists who have spoken out against the Pyramids being demolished are saying that the pyramids were not built by slaves, they were built by low paid workers.What typical white privilege these historians are showing because Pharaoh's were STILL SLAVE OWNERS. Statues have already been removed for that reason, so why should the Pyramids be given any kind of free pass on the hate they represent?I've even had an archaeologist tell me that they are valuable, and I replied:"To who are they valuable? Straight white males like you?"I'm sick and tired of racist and transphobic history being discovered, just last week more fossils was discovered, again they were described as being "male", and "female", presenting problematic heteronormative transphobia and toxic whiteism. How about they just rebury them again along with their bigotry until they discover them to be on a spectrum of sex?It's time to address Egypt's slavery and tear down the pyramids of Egypt. Is it time to melt down the gold masks and give that money back to the ancestors of people of color who were enslaved in Egypt.The Pharaohs of Egypt enslaved black Nubian people and Jewish people and both of those groups are still doing terribly financially today because of Egyptian slavery. They are either living in ebola ravaged central Africa or coronavirus ravaged New York central park west apartments. Of course money raised from the melting down of Egyptian burial masks will help them.I asked demi-grey gendered non-binary BLM representative Monixi'que Tyroneberg from New York's Upper East Side:  "Well Anita, this is really quite simple. All statues that propagate racism and slavery have to go. You simply cannot keep something like pyramids, or the Sphinx, or even the Parthenon in Greece standing, because they are a testament to hate, slavery, racism and transphobia"."The Parthenon in Greece was build by slaves over 2000 years ago and Egypt was a slave economy until the 19th century and we have information coming in on the Aztec culture as well from AOC's office.""

Calls for redesign of royal honour over 'offensive' image - "Campaigners are calling for the redesign of one of Britain’s highest honours personally bestowed by the Queen because they say its badge resembles a depiction of a white angel standing on the neck of a chained black man.The Order of St Michael and St George is traditionally awarded to ambassadors and diplomats and senior Foreign Office officials who have served abroad... The imagery on the award’s badge portrays St Michael trampling on Satan, but campaigners say the image is reminiscent of the killing of George Floyd by white police officers in the US that led to worldwide protests... “This is a highly offensive image, it is also reminiscent of the recent murder of George Floyd by the white policeman in the same manner presented here in this medal. We the undersigned are calling for this medal to completely redesigned in a more appropriate way and for an official apology to be given for the offence it has given.” Bumi Thomas, a Nigerian British singer, activist and specialist in visual communications, said the imagery on the badge was clear. “It is not a demon; it is a black man in chains with a white, blue-eyed figure standing on his neck. It is literally what happened to George Floyd and what has been happening to black people for centuries under the guise of diplomatic missions: active, subliminal messaging that reinforces the conquest, subjugation and dehumanisation of people of colour... “For most black and brown people, there is nothing good about the empire. Most people will see this as an image of George Floyd on a global scale and a symbol of white supremacy.”The Order was founded in 1818 under King George III. It was originally created to honour service in the Mediterranean during the Napoleonic wars. The motto that surrounds the image is Auspicium melioris ævi, Latin for “Omen of a better age”."

Portland protesters topple statue of Thomas Jefferson, father of the Declaration of Independence, as culture war heats up (VIDEO) - "Although Jefferson was a slave owner, he is revered for his advocacy of religious tolerance and individual liberty – values which became foundational principles of the United States. For many, the act of vandalism was beyond the pale... demonstrators in Portland pulled down two statues honoring pioneers who settled in Oregon. It’s not clear what their motive was, but local media said that the landmarks had been targeted in the past for their alleged glorification of “white conquest.”"

Black Lives Matter protesters who toppled a statue on their own heads have created the perfect culture war metaphor - "Protesters in Virginia seriously injured one of their own when they pulled down a stone statue onto his head. This unintended tragedy sums up the irresponsible thoughtlessness of their actions.In summary, an excited crowd mounted a Confederate monument as part of the current wave of statue-felling and pushed a large stone figure onto a man who was standing underneath it, seriously injuring him and reportedly leaving him in a coma... in the minds of the activists their actions are consequence free, because all they are doing is pulling down the symbols of oppression and racism. It seems likely that a large part of the crowd had only very recently become aware that statues are to blame for, well, everything, but ultimately you don’t want the foot soldiers of revolution thinking too deeply when you’ve given them a sledgehammer and a target.This is just a smaller version of what’s happening on a larger scale. The calls to abolish police forces, cancel cultural icons and pick apart the historical myths that knot society together seem like a great idea in the fervour of an uprising, but at some point you have to deal with what comes after. For example, there are rumours those anarchists camped out in their own autonomous zone in Seattle are already running out of food, apart from some $6 hot dogs some nasty capitalists are selling. Which takes us to the unfortunate guy standing underneath the statue as it fell in the next part of the Virginia video. He could very easily be a symbol of what happens next; a victim of the good intentions of the mob.History shows that pulling down cultural icons can escalate into something very nasty.  Once you’ve pulled down all the statues, and cancelled all the TV shows that have upset someone, what comes next? What if everything isn’t perfect once you’ve purged society of all the elements that have been labelled problematic?Then you have to go after the real people who aren’t fitting in to the new world order, and where does that end? Well, it could end in someone deciding that YOU have questionable views and suddenly you’re the guy (or gal, or other) who one minute was trying to pull down the statue of hate, and the next minute being crushed underneath it. My metaphor doesn’t end there though, because keep watching the video and what do you see? The cheering of the wider crowd doesn’t stop immediately, because they are ignorant of what actually just happened. But look at those on the statue, the few that took it upon themselves to climb the edifice and bring it crashing down.They look down in disbelief at the stricken man, clutching their hammer to their chests, shocked at what they’ve just done. They didn’t see this outcome. They shout and gesture for him to be helped, but there’s nothing they can do now. They acted hastily and feverishly, they didn’t consider the consequences and now it’s too late."

Rioters Attack Police Officers In Chicago While Trying To Destroy Statue - "Far-left rioters attacked law enforcement officials in Chicago on Friday night who rushed in to protect a statue of Christopher Columbus that the rioters were trying to destroy... the extremists throwing all sorts of objects at the police officers, who were not wearing helmets or other riot protective gear. The extremists threw artillery shell fireworks at the officers, which can cause serious injury."... The attempt to destroy the statue comes as far-left rioters have destroyed numerous historical statues and monuments in recent weeks, including “statues of former Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Ulysses S. Grant,” as well as the attempted destruction of a “statue of former President Andrew Jackson before being stopped by law enforcement,” The Daily Wire reported. “Statues of the man who wrote “The Star-Spangled Banner,” a notable person from the Catholic church, and a Holocaust memorial have also been destroyed in recent days.”"

Wisconsin crowd pulls down statue of abolitionist who died fighting slavery - "Crowds outside the Wisconsin State Capitol in Madison tore down two statues and attacked a state senator amid protests following the arrest of a Black man who shouted at restaurant customers through a megaphone while carrying a baseball bat... Statues of Wisconsin’s motto “Forward” and of Col. Hans Christian Heg were dragged away from the statehouse. The statue of Heg, an anti-slavery activist who fought and died for the Union during the U.S. Civil War, was decapitated and thrown into a Madison lake by protesters... “Slavery was abhorrent to him, and the sincerity of his views was later to be proved by the supreme sacrifice,” a biographer wrote in 1920."
It's clear that many protesters want immunity from prosecution for black people, and just hate whites - and fighting injustice is just an excuse
"Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped."

Edward Colston statue replaced by sculpture of Black Lives Matter protester Jen Reid - "The statue of slave trader Edward Colston was replaced in Bristol on Wednesday morning – with a sculpture of one of the protesters whose anger brought him down.The figure of Jen Reid, who was photographed standing on the plinth with her fist raised after the 17th-century merchant was toppled by Black Lives Matter demonstrators last month, was erected at dawn by a team directed by the artist Marc Quinn... On whether there was an issue with a white artist being behind the work, Reid said: “It’s not even a question. If we have allies, it doesn’t matter what colour they are. He has done something to represent BLM, and to keep the conversation going.”A placard was briefly placed on the plinth reading “Marc Quinn loves money, not blacks” before it was removed by another member of the public to applause."
This is a great demonstration of the desire of SJWs to uncritically destroy the past due to narcissism (not least judging the past by their present standards)
It's only a matter of time before the leftist firing squad comes for this

Violence shows we haven’t moved on, says ANN WIDDECOMBE - "A hundred years before the birth of Colston Henry VIII was boiling traitors in oil. Hanging, drawing and quartering was still going on for many years after Colston's death. That was the society in which he lived and the values upheld by its law. Yet he was miles ahead of his time in philanthropy, spending his vast fortune on schools, almshouses, hospitals and churches. He had a social conscience. His association with the slave trade was through the Royal African Company, set up by Charles II and James II, which traded in gold, silver and ivory as well as slaves so it is not possible to estimate how much of Colston's wealth came from the slave trade itself. Not only was the company founded by Kings but investors included Samuel Pepys and John Locke, often called the father of English liberalism. In short it was highly respectable in the Britain of its day.It is about as logical to tear down Colston's statue as it would be to hold ceremonial burnings of Pepys's diaries"

Police line-up to guard Captain Cook statue in Sydney - "Australian Police have put big numbers out to stop a statue of Captain James Cook being vandalised in Sydney.A heavy police presence has turned out in Hyde Park, Sydney in response to a Black Lives Matter protest.What a contrast to the pathetic response seen in London and Bristol where far-left mobs were seemingly given free rein to vandalise memorials."

Hundreds gather to 'protect statues' at Glasgow's George Square as Black Lives Matter activists demand removal - "Hundreds of counter-protesters have gathered to 'protect statues' at Glasgow's George Square as Black Lives Matter activists demand the removal of a memorial to former PM Robert Peel."

Sean Davis on Twitter - "New York City, which was colonized by slave traders, is named after James Duke of York, who founded and ran a slave-trading monopoly that “shipped more African slaves to the Americas than any other institution in the history of the Atlantic slave trade.” #CancelNewYork""

Opinion | George and Martha Washington enslaved 300 people. Let’s start with their names. - The Washington Post
Cancel the Washington Post!

The Guardian facing calls to 'shut down' over founder's use of slaves and siding against Lincoln in US Civil War - "Originally called the Manchester Guardian, the paper was founded in 1821 by John Edward Taylor using profits from a cotton plantation that used slaves. After his death in 1844, the paper is said to have then demanded Manchester’s cotton workers be forced back into work.Now with a growing backlash against statues linked to slavery and racism, hundreds have signed a petition taking aim at the Guardian's history.This petition to shut the paper down has been organised by novelist Tony Parsons, who tweeted: “Shameful links to slave-owning Confederate south. Built on the profits of cotton fields. Shut down The Guardian Newspaper.”During the US Civil War the paper had sided with the southern Confederates against President Lincoln who wanted to abolish slavery.A leader piece said: “It was an evil day both for America and the world when he was chosen President of the United States.”On January 2, 1863, it accused Lincoln of having “no desire to abolish slavery except as a means of extrication from the difficulties of government”.A year and a half later it claimed: “Nor is Mr Lincoln's re-election by fraud, violence, and intimidation rendered a matter of comparatively small importance solely by the fact that it reveals nothing with respect to the real wishes and thoughts of the majority of his fellow countrymen.” The left-wing paper then responded to Mr Lincoln’s assassination by laying into his presidency... The newspaper has tried to address its past, with associate editor and columnist Martin Kettle trying to explain it in 2011... His piece suggests some things should not be judged by today’s standards."

A 2020 Presidential Candidate Once Used ‘Fine People’ in 1993 To Describe Supporters Of Confederate Statues. It Wasn’t Trump. - "a newly-unearthed clip of former Vice President Joe Biden from 1993 when he was a senator and serving as the Senate Judiciary Committee chairman shows him using the words “fine people” to refer to a group that also supported preserving Confederate statues — the United Daughters of the Confederacy (UDC)... When Biden launched his 2020 campaign, he stated of Trump’s 2017 remarks about Charlottesville, “And that’s when we heard the words of the President of the United States, that stunned the world and shocked the conscience of this nation. He said there were ‘some very fine people on both sides.’ Very fine people on both sides?”"

Texas Ranger Statue at Love Field Removed Over Concerns About Racist History - "Airport officials decided to remove the iconic statue of a Texas Ranger after a recently published excerpt from an upcoming book and image of the Ranger depicted in the sculpture came to light... “Jay Banks was involved in efforts in 1957 to keep black children out of a white school,” said author Doug J. Swanson. “Ranger Banks was only following orders but he was the face of resistance to integration in Mansfield in 1957.”"

Museum world rallies behind curator investigated for tweets on how to damage bronze statues - "UK arts professionals are voicing support for Madeline Odent, a curator at the Royston and District Museum and Art Gallery in Hertfordshire, who sparked controversy after discussing on social media substances that could be used to damage bronze statues. Odent posted a series of tweets to her personal account after Black Lives Matter demonstrators toppled a statue of slave trader Edward Colston in Bristol and historic statues worldwide come under scrutiny."
She better not complain if someone damage artefacts she treasures

Chief Seattle Owned Slaves.....Guess Seattle Must Be Renamed, Destroyed or Removed Like All Monuments Deemed Racist.

Roman Symposium - "Statue Julius Caesar in Velzeke, Belgium damaged ... Fingers right hand completely broken off by ripping off the spear (see further pictures)"

York Minster's Roman Emperor statue being 'looked at' following complaints - "The future of a Roman Emperor statue outside York Minster is being "looked at" following complaints and the Archbishop of Canterbury’s call for a review of controversial monuments... York Minster is understood to be reviewing the statue of Emperor Constantine, after it received complaints that the Roman Emperor supported slavery.The statue of Emperor Constantine is situated in the south piazza of the Minster, and is testament to the leader who declared an end to the persecution of Christians."

Antifa Member Arrested After Attempting to Topple Jackson Statue Also Reportedly Attacked Jack Posobiec - "An Antifa member known online for assaulting and harassing conservative personalities was arrested by federal law enforcement for his role in the attempted destruction of an Andrew Jackson monument near the White House; the accused has reportedly been identified as a “ringleader” in the attempt to destroy the monument. Jason Charter was arrested on Thursday morning by federal officials and charged with destruction of federal property... Charter self-identifies as a member of the Antifa movement which was recently designated a terrorist group by President Donald Trump... Charter, despite his involvement with the far-left group Antifa, was allowed to attend CPAC while several notable conservative media figures were banned due to accusations of being too far-right."
Strange. Liberals claim antifa doesn't exist

Junipero Serra Statues Fall as Protesters Question California Missions - "California protesters this week toppled several statues of Spanish priest Junipero Serra... While many Native Americans view the dismantling of Serra statues as progress toward dismantling the legacy of racism in the U.S., some Native Americans believe there are better ways to encourage change.“The proper way is to learn and teach rather than put a rope around the side [of the statue],” Cuevas said.Several California pastors have removed statues of Serra in order to protect them from vandalism.“The Church cannot support such violence imposed on any group, nor can it support the violent destruction of sacred symbols of any faith community,” Bishop Daniel E. Garcia wrote in a letter to the Monterey Diocese he oversees. “After exhaustive investigation it is clear St. Serra made heroic sacrifices to protect the indigenous people of California from their Spanish conquerors and soldiers.”"

Damage to Whittier statue causes ripples on both coasts - "Recent civil unrest appears to have led to the vandalism of a statue of the 19th century abolitionist poet John Greenleaf Whittier in Whittier, California... a vandal apparently sympathetic to the Black Lives Matter movement, tagged the statue of Whittier – a famous author and abolitionist – over the weekend in the California city named after him.Whittier is an eastern suburb of Los Angeles. The Whittier Daily News reported on Tuesday the Whittier statue had been tagged and had "BLM" written on it as well as "(expletive ) Slave Owners."... "People are posting a lot about how sad and disappointed that they are that someone would be willing to do this," Edmeier said. "They must have assumed, because he is an elderly, white person from that era, that he must have been racist. Someone at the Whittier Police Department also posted that they don't think this was someone from the Black Lives Matter movement. They think this may have been someone in some other group trying to start some trouble.""

Shaun King on Twitter - "Yes, I think the statues of the white European they claim is Jesus should also come down. They are a form of white supremacy. Always have been. In the Bible, when the family of Jesus wanted to hide, and blend in, guess where they went? EGYPT! Not Denmark. Tear them down."
So much for the "myth" of the slippery slope

Michael Tracey on Twitter - "Supposedly we live in this nightmarish fascist hell-state, but roaming bands of left-wing activists can just topple whatever historical statues they want seemingly without consequence"

'If Jews took down symbols of their oppression, no flag would remain in the West' - "Former MK Dr. Einat Wilf warned against defacing and removing monuments and statues of historical figures due to associations with oppression or racism following the vandalism of statues of Abraham Lincoln and Winston Churchill in England."If Jews took down the symbols of the discrimination, oppression, persecution, ethnic cleansing and genocide against them, not a stone or a flag would remain across the Western and Islamic worlds. Human history is mostly one of brutality and exploitation. To move forward we remember, not erase... "Swastikas are too easy [to spot], but the systemic oppression and persecution of Jews was made in the name of crosses and crescents and empires. Leaders across the Western, Slavic and Islamic worlds expelled Jews and closed their doors to us. The symbols are woven into those civilizations.""No monument is conceived by those who place it at that moment as overtly and explicitly celebrating persecution. It is from our historic and social [present] moment that these monuments are viewed as celebrating persecution. Some of our current heroes will also be so judged in the future""

Memorial to Holocaust Survivors Toppled - "A Holocaust memorial fountain in Santa Rosa, Calif., was vandalized this week"

VIDEO: Young Venezuelan Woman Warns America Where Destroying Statues Leads - "In Dallas, an unelected board decided on one day to remove a generic Texas Rangers statue from a local airport, and on the very next day, they removed it. No debate. No public comment period. Nothing. The little dictators removed it to who knows where. The media dutifully and uncritically reported it.The Natural Museum of History in New York, following no public debate or input, is removing the statue of Teddy Roosevelt. Cities are allowing mobs to pull down, vandalize, and destroy statues depicting all manner of historic figures. Yes, cities are allowing this. They could stop it if they choose to. No one in the mainstream media is asking any of them a simple question: Why? TV networks have canceled two shows that show police officers in action, COPS and Live PD... Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben’s Rice, and the Land O Lakes butter maiden have all been removed, despite the fact that the families connected to Aunt Jemima and Land O Lakes do not see them as racist at all.This young Venezuelan woman says she has seen all of this before and is warning Americans where it leads.Her name is Elizabeth Rogliani. She points to several steps Venezuela went through on its way from being one of the most prosperous countries in the Americas to a socialist police state and economic disaster:
Statues came down because socialist dictator Hugo Chavez wanted the history erased.
He changed street names for the same reason.
He changed the educational curriculum to erase history and substitute his version.
Some movies were banned, presumably for the same reason.
We’ve seen all of these happen in America just in the past few weeks... Cuban exiles tried to warn Venezuelans that they were seeing similar patterns and events they had suffered, but Venezuelans brushed them off saying they knew what freedom is and they would never surrender it."

Protesters Attacked a State Senator and Tore Down a Statue of an Abolitionist in Wisconsin - "Sen. Tim Carpenter, a Democrat, tweeted on Wednesday morning that he was observing the protests near the Capitol building on Tuesday night and was capturing a video of the incidents when he was attacked... The violent actions came after Black protester Devonere Johnson was arrested earlier in the day. Police say Johnson was captured on cellphone footage in a restaurant across the road from the Capitol, holding a bullhorn and a baseball bat, and calling customers “racist.”... Johnson resisted arrest, according to the incident report, before he was placed in a squad car. But he escaped and was eventually tackled by police.In response to Johnson’s arrest, a large group of protesters gathered in downtown Madison chanting demands for his release. The protesters tore down two statues in front of the Capitol building, one of which was of Col. Hans Christian Heg, an anti-slavery activist who fought and died for the Union during the U.S. Civil War. the protesters decapitated the nearly 100-year-old sculpture and threw it into nearby Lake Monona. The group also pulled down the Forward statue, which the Wisconsin Historical Society says symbolizes devotion and progress... Protesters also smashed lights and windows at the Capitol, and set a small fire at the Dane County jail... The Republican leader of the state Assembly, Rep. Robin Vos, called the protesters who knocked down the statues "thugs" and questioned why Gov. Tony Evers hadn’t taken more action.“This is absolutely despicable,” Vos tweeted. “I am saddened at the cowardice of Madison officials to deal with these thugs. Gov. Evers, are you going to finally do something about these protestors committing crimes on state property?”"

Statue Destroyed Of Famed Black Abolitionist Frederick Douglass On Anniversary Of Notable Speech - "A statue of famed black abolitionist Frederick Douglass was destroyed at Maplewood Park in Rochester, New York, over the weekend, which comes on the anniversary of a notable speech that Douglass delivered at an Independence Day event in the city in 1852."

France won’t ‘erase’ history by removing colonial-era statues, Macron says - "Amid calls for taking down statues tied to France’s slave trade or colonial wrongs, Macron said “the republic will not erase any trace, or any name, from its history ... it will not take down any statue”.“We should look at all of our history together” including relations with Africa, with a goal of “truth” instead of “denying who we are”, Macron said.Macron also said that the fight against racism became distorted when it became exploited by what he described as “separatists”.“It is necessary to unite around Republican patriotism. We are a nation where everyone—whatever their origin and religion—can find their place,” he said... the culture minister denounced the decision to cancel a Paris showing of “Gone With the Wind” — a film long criticized as romanticizing slavery — as contrary to freedom of expression. And he firmly condemned activists who tried to take a piece of African art from a Paris museum dedicated to artwork from former colonies."

Protesters tear down statues of Union general Ulysses S. Grant, national anthem lyricist Francis Scott Key - "Grant is widely celebrated as being one of the leading forces who helped the Union win the Civil War, bringing an end to slavery in the U.S... 'Grant did briefly own one slave he freed years before the war; but as a general he smashed the Confederacy, and as president he crushed the Klan. He presided over the ratification of the 15th Amendment. People going after Grant probably just want to break things.'... Feels like this is the slippery slope overreach —> — Matthew Yglesias (@mattyglesias) June 20, 2020" Yglesias deleted the tweet. I guess he didn't want to acknowledge that the "myth" of the slippery slope wan't one

Cities Protecting Statues By Disguising Them As Karl Marx | The Babylon Bee - "The move has proven extremely effective at deterring Antifa and other extremist groups, who are only looking for statues of old hateful white guys to destroy and not statues of communists. "As soon as enraged rioters see the statue isn't of a dangerous, murderous madman whose ideas killed hundreds of millions but is just of Karl Marx, they move on," said one city council member in Illinois as he put a Karl Marx wig and beard on a statue of Abraham Lincoln. "Well, first, they bow respectfully to their hero and then move on."Plaques on the statues with controversial quotes from the Founding Fathers are also being covered up with Marx quotes like "Let the ruling classes tremble at a Communistic revolution!" and "Workers of the world, unite!"Some towns are reporting that Che Guevara chin stubble and a beret also work wonders at saving the monuments."

Who’s behind the war on statues? - "At first, media reports stressed that vandals were concentrating on Confederate monuments. They presented the vandals as valiant avengers who were righting historical wrongs and ridding the US of symbols of its racist past. But it has quickly become clear that Confederate figures are not the only focus of these activists’ wrath. In Portland, Oregon, protesters recently tore down statues of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. Back in 2017, Donald Trump predicted that the people protesting against Confederate monuments would set their sights on Washington and Jefferson next. His critics scoffed, called him paranoid, and blamed him for stirring up division. But he was right... they also toppled a statue commemorating women’s suffrage and beat up a 60-year-old Democratic state senator. It seems that, in the battle against white supremacy, attacking any white person will do. After the attacks in Wisconsin and elsewhere, it is clear to see that these ‘activists’ across the country are irrational. Toppling statues simply offers them a nihilistic thrill. This is not a principled statement about racism in America.Watching all this, many people are asking: why is no one in authority stopping them? There are laws against such vandalism. Why aren’t city mayors and state governors enforcing those laws? The short answer is: because the political and cultural elite sympathise with the vandals. Indeed, some political leaders seem to be actively supporting the activists. In Philadelphia, Mayor Jim Kenney and district attorney Larry Krasner, after doing little to stop nights of looting and arson, pre-emptively removed a statue of former mayor Frank Rizzo. When rumors spread that they were about to do the same with a Christopher Columbus statue, people in the neighborhood formed an armed militia to protect it. Only then did Kenney and Krasner start evoking the law, and had the police disperse the Columbus defenders. Meanwhile, they looked the other way when a mob defaced a statue of Matthias Baldwin, a white abolitionist. The message from these politicos was clear: not only will we do nothing to prevent mobs from tearing down and damaging statues, but we will also crack down on anyone who tries to stop this from happening. It is wrong to view the extremists as isolated hotheads, or radicals bent on challenging the establishment. No, their outlook is shared with those in the highest echelons of society... The vandals are not just on the street, they can also be found in the boardrooms of our cultural institutions.And where did our street activists get the idea that all of American history, including statues of its leaders and heroes, is ‘problematic’ and needs to be eradicated from our sight? Most likely, from our elite universities and most prominent media institutions. When protesters in Portland toppled George Washington this week, they spraypainted ‘1619’ on it. That was apt, because the toppling of statues embodies the outlook of the New York Times’ 1619 Project – an initiative that claims that the US was founded for the purpose of entrenching slavery, and will never escape that legacy. The ideology of ‘1619’ is one that says burn it all down and start over.There is a parallel between the fervour and indiscriminate destruction we’re seeing applied to inanimate objects in city squares and a different kind of force being used on people in social life. The rapid spread of ‘cancel culture’ – where individuals are accused of racism and shunned from public life – is destroying careers, livelihoods and reputations. At the same time that mobs are raging on our streets, another type of mob is, with the same ferocity and recklessness, tearing apart people’s lives... those who say ‘they’re just statues, not real people’ are misguided. Our public monuments do matter, because they embody our cultural values and historical memory. They are part of what we call our civilisation... There will always be those who want to destroy rather than build. What’s unusual about the situation we find ourselves in today is that that outlook is widespread among people in positions of power. Those who are supposed to be leading society are instead tearing it down from within. As much as a street mob is a problem, our self-loathing and destructive elites in politics and culture are a far bigger problem."

WATCH: John Oliver mocked Trump in 2017 for suggesting Washington and Jefferson statues would fall - "Oliver then scoffs at Trump's "slippery slope" prediction: "I'll tell you where it stops. Somewhere! Any time someone asks, where does it stop, the answers' always f*cking somewhere. You might let your kid have Twizzlers, but not inject black tar heroin. You don't just go, 'Well, after the Twizzlers, where does it stop?'""

After Columbus Statue Destroyed, Pelosi Says ‘People Will Do What They Do.’ McCarthy Responds. - "Several days after vandals toppled a Christopher Columbus statue and then tossed it into Baltimore’s inner harbor near Little Italy, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) seemingly tried to present the act of destruction as a fact of life... House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) responded to Pelosi’s comments about the Columbus statue on Twitter, saying her “job is to write laws. Instead, she encourages mobs to break them.” He also accused her of being “complicit with criminal activity.”"

‘A Sign Of The Times’: Black Pastor Laments ‘BLM’ Vandalism Of Escaped Slave Statue - "A small-town Indiana church is reeling after their statue of Lucy Higgs Nichols, an escaped slave and Civil War nurse, was defaced with “BLM” graffiti"

Who would Black Lives Matter erect a statue to? - "these activists are unsure of what or who they prefer. This is partly because the criterion is ever moving, and partly because a lot of the culture cops are culturally and historically subliterate... Allowing monuments to stand isn’t legitimising anything. They are merely part of the fabric of the past woven into today... History cannot harm us, but if we turn our backs on it, it has a habit of sneaking up on us, and then we run the risk of going through it all again."

Move to replace Civil War statue for one of Mount Laurel’s Alice Paul is causing controversy in NJ - "Santos, a Democrat, said he’s concerned that the public has not been consulted about the proposed change. He also said he worries about the implications of state lawmakers appearing to favor one historical figure over another.“Is someone who fought for the Union and preserving the Union less important than someone who fought for women’s rights?” Santos said. “That kind of pitting one kind of historical figure against one another winds up pitting groups against one another. And I don’t think that’s the way history should be treated.”"

Iconoclasm And Violence - "More NFL players are taking a knee instead of standing for the National Anthem, because racism. At USC, some black students and woke fellow, um, travelers are damning the name of the school’s mascot, a white horse named Traveler, because it shares a name as Gen. Robert E. Lee’s mount. For that matter, according to an op-ed contributor for The New York Times, enjoying college football at all is probably racist... And our disease is spreading to England. The Guardian — of course — published someone calling for Nelson’s Column to come down from Trafalgar Square, because he was a defender of slavery.Lord Nelson, one of England’s greatest heroes. My God... Whether religious or political (e.g., French revolutionaries, militants in China’s Cultural Revolution), real iconoclasts are violent. The damage Reformation-era iconoclasm did to religious art in Europe was incalculable... That’s often what iconoclasm tries to do: erase cultural memory. The zealotry with which iconoclasts go after their targets has to do with their conviction that the image, and what it stands for, is so offensive that it cannot be tolerated, nor can its defenders be reasoned with. They can only be conquered by force.In the case of our present iconoclasts, what they are attacking are aspects of what leftist academic critics “whiteness”... The argument in favor of eliminating Confederate statues but not those of the slaveholding Founders is that we honor the latter in spite of their owning slaves, but the former have monuments built to them because they fought to preserve slavery. That’s a reasonable position to take, but it assumes that reason is driving this iconoclasm. Why is Columbus under siege, both in his monuments and in his holiday (e.g., the Oberlin, Ohio, city council just voted to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous People’s Day)? Why are vandals going after St. Junipero Serra and St. Joan of Arc?Because they represent European culture and civilization, which entails Christianity. Because, in the minds of the iconoclasts, they represent whiteness. This morning I picked up a book from my shelves that I haven’t looked at since it came out in 2004: the late political scientist Samuel Huntington’s Who Are We? The Challenges To America’s National Identity. It was startling to read Huntington in light of recent events, including most of all the Trump election. It was even more startling — and deeply dismaying — to read Huntington and consider that the odious white nationalists might have a clearer understanding of what’s going on now than respectable people. Let me explain.Huntington, who taught at Harvard, writes that the country has been losing a sense of coherent identity for some time now. It’s not that Americans were a homogeneous people, but rather that its Anglo-Protestant founding culture was able to assimilate immigrants. This has partly to do with strong belief in the “American Creed,” a commonly held set of assumptions about what the nation stood for: liberty, equality under the law, equality of opportunity (if not of result), individualism, populism, limited government, and free-market economics. These ideas, Huntington said, came out of Protestant England and its reception of the Enlightenment.On assimilation, the glaring exception, of course, were the descendants of the unwilling immigrants among us: those of African slaves, for whom the American Creed did not apply. Nevertheless: American national identity peaked politically with the rallying of Americans to their country and its cause in World War II. It peaked symbolically with President Kennedy’s 1961 summons: ‘Ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country.’ Starting in the 1960s, writes Huntington, “deconstructionists” of national identity encouraged “individuals were defined by their group membership, not common nationality.” Pushing identity politics was a time-tested strategy for colonialist regimes, for the sake of dividing and conquering subject peoples. But the governments of nation-states instead focused on uniting their disparate peoples. (Indeed, the Civil Rights Movement was about compelling the white majority to extend the promises of the Constitution and the Creed to black Americans — in other words, to fully unite them to the whole.)Huntington says that this did not start from below, but was imposed from the top, by American political, legal, and cultural elites. He writes, “These efforts by a nation’s leaders to deconstruct the nation they governed were, quite possibly, without precedent in human history.” By 1992, the liberal historian Arthur Schlesinger Jr. warned that all this had become “a cult, and today it treatens to become a counter-revolution against the original theory of American as ‘one people,’ a common culture, a single nation.” Huntington continues, talking about how the promises of the Civil Rights movement were turned on their head by racial preferences... If you want to talk about racializing American society, it didn’t start with Richard Spencer and his crew. Led by elites, America has been balkanizing along racial and ethnic lines since the late 1960s. Multiculturalism, that 1990s buzzword, led to colleges emphasizing ethnic studies and non-Western courses, and devaluing those in Western civilization... He who controls a culture’s memory controls the culture. Huntington says that if a nation “is a remembered as well as an imagined community, people who are losing that memory are becoming something less than a nation.”... “the new white nationalists” (the term is political scientist Carol Swain’s) will not be like the fringe extremists. They don’t advocate white supremacy, but rather “racial self-determination and self-preservation.” They will reject national identity, and locate culture in race. They don’t want white culture replaced by black or brown culture.Furthermore, whites attracted to these ideas will be those sick and tired of preferential treatment policies that violate the American Creed and disadvantage them. They will, Huntington predicts (remember, he wrote this in 2004), be stirred up by the loss of jobs and widening income inequality due to globalization. And they will hate the media for using what they consider to be bias against them. Finally, immigration may make them feel that they have their backs against the wall. Because of several sociological factors, Huntington says that middle class and lower middle class whites have come to see themselves as victims. He quotes another political scientist who says these whites feel that they have no real culture or identity, so they are embracing victimization.Whites, in sum, will start to act like any other ethnic or racial group in America... historically, American identity has involved four key components: Race, Ethnicity, Culture (especially language and religion), and Ideology. Race and ethnicity as a defining core of nation is long gone. Culture is “under siege” (even more so today than when Huntington wrote his book). All that’s left is ideology — that is, the Creed. Writes Huntington: “For the Creed to become the sole source of national identity would be a sharp break from the past.”He points out that the only other examples we have of creedal nations are the communist countries. This is not an encouraging thought. After the ideology failed and the coercive power of the state collapsed, those countries more or less came apart along ethnic lines. China is the great exception, but it held together, he says, because of the widely shared Han Chinese identity.Huntington concludes that because the American Creed emerged from Anglo-Protestant culture, it probably won’t survive its demise... the data Huntington cites would lead one to predict that the decline of Christianity in the US will also hasten the unraveling of the social and cultural fabric.If Christianity, with its universalist values, is declining, then something will take its place. Something will fill the vacuum it leaves. We should not at all be surprised if this turns out to be a heightened, even militant, racial consciousness. This is the logical outcome of identity politics. This is what I mean by constantly saying that Social Justice Warriors of the Left have no idea what kind of demons they are summoning from the Right. And American elites of all kinds have no idea what they are doing by pushing the “diversity is our strength” lie. We are seeing from this side of the Atlantic how the resolute refusal of the European political and cultural establishments to take the radical challenge from mass immigration seriously is opening up a big space for the radical right to flourish. It’s going to happen here too, for somewhat different reasons... an overwhelming majority of Americans reject white supremacy. The PBS/Marist poll from last week showed that only 27 percent of all Americans believe that Confederate monuments should be taken down. The racial breakdown is: whites 25%; blacks 40%; Latinos 24%.It is reasonable to assume that a nation in which over 80 percent of the people believe white supremacy is unacceptable, but only 27 percent believe the Confederate statues should come down, is not a nation that sees those statues as symbols of white supremacy... The disassembling of the American Creed has been a 50-year project of American elites, but we are all going to reap the whirlwind. You cannot destroy symbols of people’s identity without calling forth rage."

Houston man charged with trying to plant bomb at Confederate statue in Hermann Park - "The park ranger spotted him kneeling in the bushes by the 112-year-old Confederate statue, explosives in hand... The late-night confrontation at the statue of Confederate Lt. Dick Dowling — detailed in court records by a federal agent — led to the arrest of 25-year-old Andrew Schneck... After being confronted, he tried to drink some of the liquid explosives but "immediately spit the liquid on the ground ... then proceeded to pour the contents of the bottle on the ground next to him""

As Statues Fall, What's the Best Way to Evaluate History's Heroes - "The United States is in the midst of an orgy of literal iconoclasm... Are these long-overdue corrections in the name of social justice, or simply ideologically driven acts of anti-historical vandalism? The answer depends on how we judge the moral actions of figures from the past, a question that in turn requires us to consider the nature of morality itself... Newton wrote to Robert Hooke that if he saw further than others it was because he stood on the shoulders of giants. That was a medieval metaphor that went back to before the 12th century, when John of Salisbury wrote in his Metalogicon, “Bernard of Chartres used to compare us to dwarfs perched on the shoulders of giants. He pointed out that we see more and farther than our predecessors, not because we have keener vision or greater height, but because we are lifted up and borne aloft on their gigantic stature.”Medieval humility has been inverted in the modern era with the hubris that we are moral giants on the shoulders of the dwarfs of the past, wicked dwarfs who deserve our eternal scorn. As we tear down more monuments to former heroes and erase their names from our buildings, we ought to think about their blameworthiness by the standards and expectations of their own era. Those supposed moral dwarfs we now decry may have been giants of their time. And you don’t have to be a scientist to know that even the largest persons look small when seen from a distance."

America Has Problems. Tearing Down Statues Won't Solve Them - "Nelson Mandela himself wrote an essay for Time magazine about how much he admired Gandhi’s tactics and values... in the current environment, any claim or posture that’s seen as emanating from the Black Lives Matter movement, however indirectly, is taken as morally unassailable... In San Francisco, a school will spend $600,000 removing a mural depicting George Washington’s brutality toward Native Americans and American slaves—an especially odd move given that the Depression-era artwork had originally been lauded for showing the cruel and aggressive elements of early American history... it isn’t clear how any of the above-listed campaigns would materially improve the lives of African Americans, Native Americans or other disadvantaged groups... A 2017 poll conducted in the state where I live today, Virginia, found that 57 percent of registered-voter respondents supported leaving Confederate monuments in place. I doubt this means that nearly 60 percent of my neighbors believe in the cause of the Confederacy. They simply place more value than I do in these historical markers of the state’s history, tragically flawed as it is. A few miles north, at the National Mall in Washington, D.C., you can visit a memorial to the nearly 60,000 American service members who perished in the Vietnam War. The memorial lists the names of every one of them. What it doesn’t list are the names of the millions of Vietnamese and other Indochinese victims killed during the war. Many of those lives were smothered out by napalm, cut down by chopper fire, or massacred at My Lai. The war is simply described as “controversial” on the government website for the memorial... Whenever these controversies erupt, our first thought should be to add, not subtract... When I found out that US Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s former chief of staff, Saikat Chakrabarti, has a t-shirt emblazoned with the face of Subhas Chandra Bose, I was perturbed. Bose was an Indian nationalist who allied with the Axis powers during the war, even going so far as to meet with Hitler and organize an army of Indians who fought under the Imperial Japanese flag. Did Chakrabarti don a Bose t-shirt because he believed that the world would have been better off if the Axis won the Second World War? I’m very much guessing no—even if that would be the natural starting point of anyone who’d sought to get Chakrabarti “canceled.” The unfortunate fact is that Bose is today honored by some in India who view him more as an anti-British nationalist than an Axis quisling. (An airport in Kolkata is even named after him.)... To the extent we all care about the important underlying issues, such as fighting racial discrimination and promoting opportunity to all, we shouldn’t allow our culture wars over statues and symbols to dominate our discourse. To quote Mike Chase, a criminal defense lawyer who has written for years about the litany of absurd and unjust federal laws on the books, “Stop tearing down statues. Start tearing down statutes.”"

Graffiti vandals attack Robert the Bruce statue in Scotland branding him a 'racist king' - "Graffiti vandals have attacked a statue of Robert the Bruce in Scotland and branded him a 'racist king'.The monument at the Battle of Bannockburn site near Stirling was today found daubed with white paint which also read 'BLM', standing for Black Lives Matter.Another message defacing the statue's rotunda read 'Robert was a racist bring down the statue'... A campaign has sought to topple 100-plus 'racist' statues, with councils, schools and museums pulling some down without consultation to public fury."

BLM rioters destroy statue of anti-slavery immigrant who led Union troops in the Civil War - "Black Lives Matter rioters in Wisconsin decapitated and destroyed a statue of Colonel Hans Christian Heg, a Norwegian immigrant who spent his life fighting slavery before dying in battle while leading Union soldiers in the American Civil War."

Copenhagen's Little Mermaid branded 'racist fish'

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