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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Links - 23rd July 2024 (2 - Joe Biden: Debate Fallout)

Meme - The Virgin Biden: "Get a cold and stays home for five days
Can't read words off a teleprompter
Lizzo eats all the food at his events
Showers with his daughter
Wears special shoes so he doesn't fall "
The Chad Trump: "Ignores the teleprompter and talks for 3 hours
Get shot in the head and does a convention 2 days later
Hulk Hogan shows up to his events
Showers his daughter with affection
Makes the Secret Service get his shoes after he's shot because they're so cool"

Meme - Donald J. Trump: "*Wheel of Fortune*
"Z_L_NS_Y. Ukraine President"
Joe Biden: "Putin!"
*Hysterical laughs*

Biden's gaffe has ruined months of our hard work, say European officials - "On stage, Emmanuel Macron and Olaf Scholz defended the president over a slip of the tongue in which he called Volodymyr Zelensky “President Putin”.  The US leader went on to call Kamala Harris “vice-president Trump”.  But roaming the corridors of the summit, aides were more frank in their verdict of the president’s performance.  “It was awful,” an official said, describing standing in the crowd as events unfurled. The consensus amongst diplomats and officials who spoke to The Telegraph, and were granted anonymity to speak more freely, was that it took less than a minute to change the narrative of an entire summit. The sources realised they would be forced to read about the gaffe on tomorrow’s front pages instead of stories of their successes.  “It’s taken the focus away from what has been a great summit for us,” a diplomat said.  Before the slip-up, officials and diplomats were overjoyed with the outcomes of the meeting, which marked the alliance’s 75th anniversary with a show of unity in defiance of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine."

Biden is a danger to the free world – he should resign now - "It hardly bodes well that Beltway insiders now see every press conference announced by the White House as a potential signal that the president is about to announce his withdrawal from the Democratic candidacy... He certainly took waverers off the fence: forget the candidacy, it is now increasingly doubtful whether Biden should even remain in his position as elected president now. If there were ever a time to invoke the 25th Amendment, this is it.  Trump’s team could hardly believe their luck: more humiliating soundbites showing Biden’s now unmistakable cognitive decline, with just enough arrogant defiance to indicate he won’t be backing out of the race willingly anytime soon. Suggesting that at least one person at Biden HQ has MAGA sympathies, an official Biden campaign social media account even made the decision to highlight the humiliating Zelensky interaction. Democratic operatives find themselves in a nightmarish position, unable to admit publicly their fears that Biden is now unfit to serve (a fact many of them were aware of long before the disastrous June debate) and afraid that their private urgings on the president to stand down are falling on deaf ears.  But that’s not good enough. This is no longer a domestic issue. Our Prime Minister had already insisted earlier in the week that Biden is “on really good form”. The demands of diplomacy are evidently more powerful than the demands of reality. Still, with the enemies of the West searching for any sign of weakness, we cannot afford to have the president of the most powerful nation on earth babbling about his nap time at Nato. Special Counsel Robert Hur’s assessment of the president back in March - “a sympathetic, well-meaning elderly man with a poor memory” – was, if anything, too kind. Well-meaning? Biden’s 36 years in the Senate and two unsuccessful presidential campaigns were spurred by two deep-rooted emotions essential to understanding Biden’s mindset: ambition, and burning resentment.  His first presidential run more than 30 years ago ended in scandal after it was revealed that he had plagiarised a speech from Neil Kinnock. Perhaps we ought to ask the former Labour leader to draft a new speech for Biden’s benefit: standing down from public life."

Meme - Stephen L. Miller @redsteeze: "Here is the press conference from April 26th, 2023. Listen to LA Times WH reporter Courtney Subramanian's question, and then look at the notecard Biden was photographed holding at the time.   @Kelly0  has never explained this, while accusing others of making a false charge."
Kelly O'Donnell @KellyO: "To those who make the false charge, the WH press corps does not provide questions in advance.  The president has a list of media who are credentialed in advance.  His team knows who will be in the room and chose reporters from news wires, TV, print, and radio including a Polish journalist. We did not know who would be selected in advance."

Joe Biden latest news: Democrats plot to push Biden out of White House - "The money is on hold at the biggest pro-Biden political action committee, Future Forward... Plans are underway by critics of Mr Biden to push him out of office amid renewed calls for him to step aside after a Nato press conference in which he referred to Kamala Harris as Vice President Trump. Some of Mr Biden’s closest allies from his long career, including Barack Obama, are also said to be concerned about him staring in the race. But Mr Biden’s team gave a robust defence of the president overnight and appear to be digging in to keep his campaign alive."

George Clooney's Hollywood propped up Joe Biden. Now it could now destroy him - "Michael Douglas, who in April hosted a Biden fundraiser at his home and was complemented by the President on the success of his fictional administration in his 1996 film The American President, said that Clooney had a “valid point” and he was “deeply, deeply concerned” about Biden’s prospects.  Fahrenheit 9/11 director Michael Moore said that the Democrats were committing “elder abuse” by having the President run again, while Rob Reiner claimed that “we lose our democracy” if Trump wins, and novelist Stephen King said that Biden ought not to seek re-election “in the interests of the America he so clearly loves”. Ari Emanuel, chief executive of talent agency Endeavor and brother of Biden’s ambassador to Japan, Rahm, put it most bluntly. “We are in f— city,” Emanuel told Tina Brown at the Aspen Ideas Festival last month and suggested that he would like to see an upper age limit imposed on the presidency. “I’m pissed off at the founding fathers. They had the start date of 35 years old… and well, everybody died [back then], so they didn’t have to give the end date.” Emanuel has also accused Biden of “self-aggrandising delusion on a Trumpian scale” by not withdrawing from the race. Unlike in Britain, where celebrities getting involved in politics are dismissed as bleating luvvies, Hollywood’s heavyweights have played crucial roles in election fundraising and have genuine influence. Steven Spielberg has been roped into the campaign to help “tell the President’s story” at next month’s Democratic National Convention in Chicago.   Nobody holds more sway than Jeffrey Katzenberg, co-founder (with Spielberg) of animation studio DreamWorks and the man behind films such as Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Lion King and Kung Fu Panda. Katzenberg, a 73-year-old billionaire, is co-chairman of the President’s campaign team and has the twin role of helping craft a compelling narrative and encouraging deep-pocketed donors to open their wallets... “Age is his superpower,” he has said about the President and drawn parallels with sprightly octogenarians such as Harrison Ford and Mick Jagger. Until that debate, the strategy worked: at the end of May Biden had raised almost $220 million, $20 million more than Trump’s campaign. “I don’t think George Clooney alone is going to change President Biden’s mind [about whether to run],” says Kathryn Cramer Brownell, professor of history at Purdue University and author of books on Hollywood’s relationship with politics. “But celebrities like Clooney speaking out sustains attention on the issue and creates more opportunities for more people to jump in and create momentum.” Brownell also tells me that if donations to Biden’s campaign continue to dry up that would be “really significant” and would force the party to confront the Biden challenge head-on. The importance of Katzenberg to the Biden project is hard to overstate. Steve Ross, a history professor at the University of Southern California and author of Hollywood Left and Right: How Movie Stars Shaped American Politics, told American news site The Wrap that if Katzenberg pulled his support, “then you’re going to have a very serious problem, because how is [Biden] going to fund his campaign in the last few months?”... After support for Biden from the likes of Clooney has dribbled away, all eyes are now on Spielberg and Katzenberg, neither of whom have publicly commented on Biden’s campaign since that disastrous debate with Trump – though the latter led an unsuccessful effort to kill the actor’s New York Times piece. The pressure is building on Katzenberg, especially, who has been variously accused of “agewashing” the President and lying “about the whole Biden thing”. As one insider put it: “everyone in town is furious with him”."
I guess “self-aggrandising delusion on a Trumpian scale” means Joe Biden is no longer "the far better human and it's not even close." The NPCs need to update their programming

On private call, Democrats weigh 'comatose or dead' Biden and alternatives - "While Carville offered them advice on pushing Biden out and Begala stayed neutral on the question, Biden had one advocate. Mehlhorn, whose key patron LinkedIn founder Hoffman has been a staunch advocate for sticking with the president, argued that Biden should stay in the race — if in the darkest possible terms.  Swing voters, he said, already believed Biden is feeble — but they like Vice President Kamala Harris even less.  “Kamala Harris is more threatening to those swing voters than a dead Joe Biden or a comatose Joe Biden,” he said. “So if Joe has to go, it’s gonna be Kamala and if it’s Kamala, it’s gonna be harder.”"

Biden’s Lapses Are Said to Be Increasingly Common and Worrisome - The New York Times - "by many accounts, as evidenced by video footage, observation and interviews, Mr. Biden is not the same today as he was even when he took office 3½ years ago. The White House regularly releases corrected transcripts of his remarks, in which he frequently mixes up places, people or dates... Last week’s debate prompted some around him to express concern that the decline had accelerated lately. Several advisers and current and former administration officials who see Mr. Biden regularly but not every day or week said they were stunned by his debate performance because it was the worst they had ever seen him. “You don’t have to be sitting in an Oval Office meeting with Joe Biden to recognize there’s been a slowdown in the past two years. There’s a visible difference,” said Douglas Brinkley, a presidential historian. “I’ve been amazed on one hand,” said Mr. Brinkley, who has not seen the president in person in a year. “The president can zip around the country like he does. But the White House may only be showing the Biden they want us to see.”... Mr. Biden’s trips to Europe were marked by moments of sharpness in important meetings — including a complex session on diverting income from Russian assets to aid Ukraine — mixed with occasional blank-stared confusion, according to people who met with him. At some points, he seemed perfectly on top of his game, at others a little lost... There was an awkward moment when Mr. Macron made sure the president got safely down the ramp, then came back up to shake all the veterans’ hands. Mr. Biden had been expected to stay for the handshakes, though aides said he was leaving to lay a wreath.  During a meeting the next day with President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine, Mr. Biden spoke so softly it was almost impossible to hear and said a new burst of aid was meant to reconstruct the country’s electric grid when it was not."

Nate Silver on X - "This isn't normal or acceptable for an American president. It sounds like a story from an authoritarian country."
Christina Pushaw 🐊 🇺🇸 on X - "This is even worse than most authoritarian countries. At least in authoritarian countries, the leader is usually a competent and mentally alert (if malevolent) individual. What we have in the White House now is rule by anonymous unelected unaccountable staff. Antithetical to democracy and incompatible with rule of law."
Angry and stunned Democrats blame Biden’s closest advisers for shielding public from full extent of president’s decline - " Even before Biden made remarks that night, whispers of concern rippled through the audience at the Peacock Theater about the president who had just arrived from a long flight from Italy. Some of the biggest donors at the $30 million fundraising event, who had waited in line to take pictures with Biden, expressed unease at how the president looked and carried himself.  “He was less cogent than usual,” said one attendee, who was surprised that during a smaller meeting with donors before the main event, Biden barely spoke. Instead, this person said, he left virtually all of the talking to former President Barack Obama, which struck some guests as unusual for a loquacious politician like Biden.  Biden’s appearance in California struck attendees as starkly different from a fundraising gala he attended in March at Radio City Music Hall in New York, one Democrat guest told CNN, when Biden appeared on stage with Obama and former President Bill Clinton.  “There is a marked difference in the president from the spring to the summer,” a senior Democrat told CNN. “He’s just not the same.”  Back in Washington, there have been clear signs throughout his term of Biden being increasingly stage-managed, with lists of talking points, names of questioners and drawings of where he should walk presented to him by aides. Ahead of closed-door Cabinet meetings that Biden attends, it is customary for Cabinet officials to submit questions and key talking points that they plan to present in front of Biden ahead of time to White House aides, two sources with direct knowledge told CNN. “The entire display is kind of an act,” one of those sources told CNN. “They would come and say, ‘Hey, the president is going to call on you about 25 minutes in, and ask this question. What are the bullet points you’ll respond with?’”  The second source, who echoed that same description, said when Biden attends Cabinet meetings, they are “not free-wheeling, and pretty well-orchestrated.” And the meetings themselves are infrequent, with one Cabinet secretary telling CNN they are uncertain of Biden’s condition because they so rarely see him.   In fact, the last full Cabinet meeting took place on October 2, 2023. Sources also said Cabinet meetings during the Obama years, which Biden attended as vice president, were not pre-scripted this way...   That Democrat was blunt about how the president’s closest advisers have responded to any criticism or concerns expressed about the president – including his age and fitness: “Everyone who expresses any level of suspicion or contrary views? They call everyone and they beat the s*** out of them and say: ‘Stay on message.’”...   Bursts of activity are often followed by planned downtime which is fiercely protected on the president’s schedule.  The practice of planned downtime extends to overseas trips as well.  French officials involved in the planning of the June state visit said that the Biden team had requested two days of rest during the five-day trip...   When he arrived in Italy days later, one European diplomat mentioned that his exhaustion was apparent, as it had become in many recent encounters."
Clearly, if you don't vote for Biden, you're a danger to democracy

Milwaukee radio station says it agreed to edit interview with Biden - "Civic Media, a Wisconsin-based progressive talk-radio network, said Thursday it had agreed to make two edits to an interview with President Joe Biden at the request of his campaign before the broadcast aired, a decision the station said fell short of "journalistic interview standards." Still, the station said, it stands by its popular host Earl Ingram, who conducted the interview with Biden... The two edits, according to the station, were:
At time 5:20, the removal of “...and in addition to that, I have more Blacks in my administration than any other president, all other presidents combined, and in major positions, cabinet positions.”
At time 14:15, in reference to Donald Trump’s call for the death penalty for the Central Park Five, the removal of “I don’t know if they even call for their hanging or not, but he–but they said [...] convicted of murder.”...
Ingram, a longtime Biden supporter, told ABC News last weekend, "Yes, I was given some questions for Biden."... Trump recently canceled an interview with a news outlet after learning what questions the reporter planned to ask. He also previously agreed to an interview with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel during which he did not receive topics or questions ahead of time."

Meme - "Smile... For even in death, you have become Children of Thanos."
Joe Biden: "You tell Darkseid he can go f**k himself" *raises hands in triumph*

Seth Moulton: Why Biden should exit the race - "I saw him in a small group at Normandy for the 80th anniversary of D-Day. For the first time, he didn’t seem to recognize me. Of course, that can happen as anyone ages, but as I watched the disastrous debate a few weeks ago, I have to admit that what I saw in Normandy was part of a deeper problem. It was a crushing realization, and not because a person I care about had a rough night but because everything is riding on Biden’s ability to beat Donald Trump in November."

Union support for Biden weakens amid calls for him to step aside

End Wokeness on X - "Biden dropped out over 4 hours ago, yet we literally have ZERO evidence that he knows about it. Not even a photo. The paperwork has already been filed. The campaign cash is being transferred. Endorsements for Kamala are pouring in. Yet, we have no clue who sent that post."
Bill Ackman on X - "If this were a hostage situation, that letter would not qualify as proof of life."
Name Redacted on X - "A sitting President doesn’t end his reelection campaign through a social media post on a piece of paper without official White House letterhead. He would hold a press conference or make an Oval Office address to the public. This is a coup. Who’s running the country right now?"

Republicans float conspiracy theory that Biden won't be on the ballot
From October

ADVERSAREAL on X - "There is no announcement on https://t.co/69Idnq9e0e or https://t.co/9hSSnWhD6u. It would be hilarious if this was a coup executed by a single social media manager – because even if that was the case, it would simply be too irrecoverably joever for him regardless. There is an episode of The Thick Of It where a party apparatchik is slowly memed into disgrace by his own party and the coup de grace to get rid of him is they release a resignation letter to the news. (No point in him going out there to say that he didn't write it, he was done.)"

Ross Douthat on X - "Resigning by letter and tweet when there are questions about your mental and physical condition inevitably raises further questions about your mental and physical condition."

POLITICO on X - "Biden's announcement stunned White House and campaign aides, who up until this afternoon were insisting he'd stay in the race. "We’re all finding out by tweet,” said one Dem. “None of us understand what’s happening.”"

Jacqui Heinrich on X - "Ran into Steve Ricchetti tonight as he was getting out of an elevator. I asked, “Are you ok? Is he ok?” “He’s ok,” Ricchetti said with a slight nod and a tight smile, and kept walking.  Ricchetti helped Biden write his withdrawal letter in the overnight hours according to the NYT. Biden did not notify his VP, campaign manager, or chief of staff until this morning - and the rest of his staff didn’t find out until a minute before he posted the letter to social media."

Jeff Blehar is *BOX OFFICE POISON* on X - "Joe Biden has not been seen in public since he boarded a plane, in extremely unsteady health, on Friday.  He resigned the nomination in a poorly-written statement clearly penned by a subordinate.  He "endorsed" Kamala Harris only in a tweet (A TWEET) later sent by a social media account (!) he does not control or use.  He has not been seen in public since then. Kamala Harris is speaking this morning before he has even explained why he's stepping back to the American people.   He is in a parlous state right now, is my guess. How parlous? You guess that yourself."

toddstarnes on X - "Something smells.  Why would President Biden announce such a momentous and historic decision on a Sunday afternoon on a social media platform? The letter he posted was not written on White House stationary. And his signature appeared to be photoshopped. Also, Biden's signature was underlined and typically he does not underline his name.  His staff only found out once the message had been posted on X. And Cabinet members were notified by the Chief of Staff -- not Biden.  The last time the public saw Biden he feebly walked down the stairs of Air Force One and had to be physically assisted into the presidential limo. He has not been seen in public since.  How do we know Biden wrote that letter? And how do we know that Biden posted the letter on his X page? There wasn't even an official White House photograph of the moment.  His brother, Frank Biden, told CBS News that health "absolutely" was the deciding factor in the decision. And then he told CBS “Selfishly, I will have him back to enjoy whatever time he has left."  Is President Biden still alive? Is he awake and alert? Is he in command of his faculties? With respect, we need to see proof of life."

End Wokeness on X - "In the end, the Party Elites always win: In 2016, they rigged it for Hillary by using superdelegates against Bernie. In 2020, all the candidates dropped out, endorsed Biden, as soon as the primary momentum was building for Bernie. Now they forced Joe Biden out despite RECEIVING 87% IN THE PRIMARY.  This is not how democracy works."

David Sacks on X - "Let’s review. Joe Biden said repeatedly that he didn’t want to step aside. Then came reports that Democrat Party insiders led by Nancy Pelosi would ratchet up the pressure until they drove him out of the race. We still don’t know what pressure they used, but Biden suddenly announces his resignation as nominee via a tweet, with no address to the American people. Even his own campaign and White House staff are caught by surprise. We still haven’t seen or directly heard from him hours later. For all we know, someone hacked his X account. But the entire Democrat Party and MSM are praising the situation, acting like this is completely normal. Apparently they have no interest in finding out what changed. “Democracy” just means falling in line with a new X handle, with no questions or transparency about how this happened."

Christopher F. Rufo ⚔️ on X - "I love that the Left has spent more than a year trying to destroy X, but when it came down to it, announced the most important news of the decade right here on the timeline. Well done, @elonmusk."

Matt Walsh on X - "A poetic way to end this year of reckoning with the madness of DEI. It concludes with the DEI Vice President likely becoming the nominee despite not receiving a single vote. Very fitting that the first black female presidential nominee was handed the job and didn’t earn it."

FischerKing on X - "Comparisons of the USA to late USSR communism are overdrawn, but true in one clear way. The regime lies to us, we know they're lying to us, the regime knows we know, but we go about like it's all true.  Biden will now be praised to the heavens for a brilliant career that ends in honor. When in reality it was a backroom knife fight full of threats, bribes and corruption. The one redeeming quality of all this is that it's faintly amusing. The level of cynical dark humor in the USA now also is reminiscent of the USSR."

Collin Rugg on X - "Trump was ridiculed by the media earlier this month when a hidden video camera captured him saying he beat Biden so badly in the debate that Kamala Harris would be replacing him.  Today, that became a reality.  "How did I do with the debate the other night? Kicked that all-broken-down pile of cr*p. He just quit.""

David Burge on X - "I genuinely feel empathy for Biden. I watched my own beloved Grandma deteriorate from dementia & Alzheimer's for over a decade, and I wouldn't wish that fate on anyone.  At the same, the idea of him as a truth telling, unifying healer is ludicrous. His whole 50 year career in DC was based on being a self-aggrandizing, blowhard attack dog from a safe seat, first volunteer to smear anybody.  While I sincerely wish him and his family the best in their difficult times ahead, I won't be participating in the effort to rehabilitate him into some sort of Rushmore-worthy statesman."

Vivek Ramaswamy's Biden Exit Prediction Video Goes Viral, Elon Musk Reacts - "In the video, Ramaswamy says, "I also want to close with one message to the Democrat Party. End this farce that Joe Biden is going to be your nominee. We know he's not even the president of the United States. He's a puppet for the managerial class. So have the guts to step up and be honest about who you're actually going to put up. So we can have an honest debate. Biden should step aside and his candidacy now so we can see whether it's Newsome or Michelle Obama or whoever else. Just tell us the truth so we can have an honest debate."

Jimmy Dore on X - "Feels like this was the party’s plan all along. Which is why they didn’t allow any debates or a real primary and why they had to make sure they forced RFK out of the primary because he would be next in line for the nomination in this situation.  doing it this way only loyal establishment Party delegates would be selected for the convention so when the party finally forced Biden out they would have only establishment loyal delegates to choose the new nominee assuring an establishment nominee.   So the Democrats rigged another primary, which makes that three in a row, from the party who says that democracy is on the ballot! Lol!   once again, the Democratic party doesn’t have elections, They have a selection for the presidential nominee and you’re just gonna have to take it."

End Wokeness on X - "Rosie O'Donnell, on the verge of tears: The therapist isn't helping me to cope with the election. Our democracy could die before Thanksgiving."
mirax on X - "But zero concern about "who" is running the country right now. It isnt that senile bloke elected president. The USA is already a banana republic. Funny no one seems to have noted that."

Wesley Yang on X - "Two things that aren’t a coup:
— Party elites strong arming an incumbent president to drop out of a race he was losing
— a disorderly and delusional protest at the capitol with zero means or plans to prevent the presidential succession"
It's only not a coup if he agreed to stand down

Charlie Kirk on X - "Got a weird lead on a story that people should look into. I got a call from a source close to Las Vegas Metro. The official story was that Joe Biden's trip was cut short last week due to COVID. However, according to this source, US Secret Service informed LV Metro that there was an emergency situation involving Joe Biden and to close necessary streets so that POTUS could be transported immediately to University Medical, which they began to do in earnest. Then, mysteriously, there was a stand down order and the USSS informed local Vegas PD that they were going to "medivac" POTUS to Johns Hopkins, which they presumed meant fly him back east ASAP. Apparently the rumor mill in the police department was that Joe Biden was dying or possibly already dead.  I didn't think too much about this lead, seemed too wild to be true, but given that Joe Biden has been out of public sight for days and dropped out of the race via an 𝕏 post, and his brother James indicated health was a factor, I'm beginning to grow more curious if COVID or something else has been more serious than reported. If anyone with LV Metro has information, please email Freedom@CharlieKirk.com. I want to hear if there is more to the official story than what they're telling us."

gfodor.id on X - "I’m gonna sound like Alex Jones but I legit think they ran a coup on Joe. Here’s what I suspect we will find out to some degree or another (probably never confirmed fully.)   I understand the coup they ran on Trump with the FISA warrant so I’m cynical enough to imagine they would do this.  They threw everything at Biden get him to drop out. They tried to destroy his character (set him up with the debate, all the other character assassination.) Then Hunter and Jill put up a wall. The remaining avenue was to bribe them. I’m guessing they offered them pretty much anything.  But the issue to me fundamentally is you can’t offer something to the First Lady better than another term, and you can’t offer something to a father better than pardon power if he has a son whose past crimes are not fully understood and who may be entangled with things that lead to future crimes.  So where you end up is you have to reach deeper into the toolbox.  The way I think this goes is you realize that the way to finally get capitulation is to have the public believe for a news cycle that Biden has dropped out of his own accord, but hasn’t. In this scenario, it can’t be walked back (run it through.)  So to run this play you really just need two things: you need a way to distribute an ostensible resignation from a credible source, and you need the candidate to be maximally incapacitated to respond.  So, you flip the right comms people who can post to X and other social media.  Then (this is dark), you send people into the White House with COVID. This is where crimes may have occurred but it is basically a perfect crime.   Then, once the candidate tests positive, you do a dry run to see if your flipped comms people end up getting blowback for posting something the candidate would never allow. (“I’m sick”)  You also now leak fake stories to the press that the candidate is imminently going to drop out. You line up party leadership to agree that if Biden resigns they will line up the way you want.  If things look good, you wait until the day the candidate is maximally ill during the course of COVID and blast out a resignation. As long as you have a solid cycle where the candidate can’t even physically react, and his family knows that the game theory now is against them.  The public and even the party leadership is now set up entirely to accept the resignation, and many people who flipped have insane counterincentives to accept any claims by the candidate it was not intended.  And the candidate, of course, wakes up a day later, and realizes if they dispute the resignation they lose everything. Instead, they now take the deal, with the entire world already aligned on the new reality."

Shipwreckedcrew on X - "I've mentioned here a couple of times my long-standing antipathy towards Joe Biden going back to my time in the mid-80s living in DC and watching him in his role a Senator from Delaware.  Now that he seems to finally be about to rid the country of the long national nightmare that has been his prominent position as an elected member of the Democrat Party, I want to summarize in bullet point fashion what his 6 decades DC have represented:
1. He a despicable human being. He has exploited the accident that claimed the life of his first wife and daughter, falsely attributing fault to the truck driver she collided with.
2. At the age of 35 he marries Jill, 26 at the time.  But Jill was first married in 1970, and Jill and her husband worked on his 1972 Senate campaign. After Joe's first wife was killed, the 21 year old Jill started helping babysit Joe's sons Beau and Hunter.  They have both lied through the years about having first met on a blind date after her first marriage ended, but that has always been BS to help keep the real story covered up.  The 31 year old Joe started an affair with a 22 year old who was then married.  31 year old Joe had the hots for the babysitter barely out of her teens.
3. With the exception  of Beau, his children are trainwrecks.  Hunter starts an affair with Beau's grieving widow and turns her into a crack addict like he was.
4.  Joe gets nicknamed "Senator MBNA" -- a "bank" that is really just a credit card issuer based on Delaware, part of an industry he could never find it within himself to say "No" as long as the campaign funds kept coming.  Did I mention that Hunter's first job out of law school was as a "Vice President" at MBNA?  Cashing in on the power of his elected office was never a problem -- it has been a Biden family vocation/tradition for 50 years.  He sees NOTHING WRONG WITH IT.
5.  He has ALWAYS been a liar, braggart, and blowhard who is the central actor in the fantasy life he has fashioned for himself in his brain.  He is the walking embodiment of the "Walter Mitty" complex.   This was made plain by the story just published last week where he lionized himself as the "most influential" politician in the world -- "Ask anyone!!!" -- who had put NATO back together, blah blah blah.  Yet US citizens remain as hostages held in Gaza and he never mentions their existence.
6.  He was DONE with politics after being a distant also ran for the Dem. nomination of POTUS in 2008 -- his third try.  After 36 years in DC, he polled at less than 5% nationally.  He withdrew after receiving less than 1% of the vote in Iowa.  Some guys never take the hint.
That should have been it for him.  But Obama wanted a VP who did not have the initials HRC.  Biden had the attractive quality of being someone they could park in the corner and tell him to be quiet.  That is the ONLY reason at 81 years old we've been consumed by the drama of "Will he or won't he" in the 2024 race.  The two epitafhs he deserves to have on his headstone are:
1. Robert Gates writing in his book that Biden had been "Wrong on nearly every major issue" involving foreign policy for 40 years.
2. Obama's comment "Don't underestimate Joe's ability to fook things up."
In my lifetime he has been the single worst politician in the country -- both as a person and on issues of consequence. Good riddance Joe Biden."
Of course, "He is the far better human and it's not even close"

Kyle Becker on X: "Let's recap this historic day:
• Joe Biden suddenly *RESIGNS* via @X
• White House staff find out ONE MINUTE later
• Joe Biden "resignation" letter not on official letterhead
• Biden "signature" suspect (underlined?)
• Steve Richetti helped write letter
• Jill Biden tweets *heart emoji* response
• White House *WIPES* Biden's schedule
• WH Chief of Staff calls Cabinet, manages Comms
• Frank Biden confirms health a factor
• Family suggests Biden may have terminal illness
• Joe Biden holds no LIVE Press Conference
• Where is Joe?
Just another perfectly normal day in Biden's America."

Melissa Chen on X - "These pundits think voters are stupid. They’re spinning Biden’s withdrawal - though curiously he’s not resigning from the Presidency - as a courageous, heroic act. Democratic Party insiders did everything they could to shield Biden from anything resembling a democratic process. There were no debates, and Biden was not subjected to scrutiny and competition as insiders manipulated the rules in real time to ensure popular candidates who challenged his cognitive fitness were marginalized (see RFK Jr and Dean Philips). The Democratic parties in Florida and North Carolina canceled their primaries altogether, declaring Biden the winner. Wisconsin left Phillips — a sitting member of Congress — off the primary ballot and had to be sued all the way to the state's Supreme Ccourt to add him back. The Democratic Party didn’t just shut out independent voters, Dem voters were robbed of the opportunity to play a meaningful role in the nominating process. Everybody was robbed of the ability to ascertain for themselves whether Joe Biden was really mentally capable of running for Office and serving as leader of the free world for the next 4 years. In what way exactly, Ezra, is dropping out after being anointed by party leaders in an uncontested primary process and then anointing your veep without democratic input, heroic? It’s been a total farce and puts America in a weak, vulnerable position. It is the opposite of heroic."

White vs Black Women / Police Militarisation / First Graders vs Seniors

"White women be like *single woman with tons of cats*
Black women be like *single woman with tons of kids*"

"WHEN DID THIS BECOME THIS? *smiling police officers, masked sheriffs with rifles*
Somewhere around the time that... THIS BECAME THIS *Black men in suits* *Black gangsters*"

"Kay *** with her First Graders 2002 *7 black kids, 13 white kids*
Now her first graders are Seniors 2013 *9 white kids*"

Links - 23rd July 2024 (1 - Housing)

Globe editorial: How changing an old rule about stairs could unlock a lot of new housing - The Globe and Mail - "Apartment buildings of three or more storeys require two exits. This has been part Canada’s building code since 1941. It was rooted in fire safety, which made sense decades ago. Like parking and development charges, the rule makes less sense today. It also makes Canada a global outlier.  Single-stair buildings – also known as point access blocks – are common around the world, and in accordance with modern fire-safety standards. In countries such as Germany, single-stair buildings of up to seven storeys are permitted.  Such designs, whether there’s an elevator or stairs, allow for more family-friendly housing with multibedroom homes, something the missing middle is supposed to deliver. The homes are grouped around a stairwell, without the long hallways familiar in North America, and those dwellings have more windows, for light and ventilation. Single-stair buildings can also be built on smaller lots. Requiring two staircases forces builders of apartments to a hotel-style layout, that long hallway with homes on either side. The result is usually a row of one-bedroom homes.  It also means builders have to assemble more land to make a project feasible. Like parking and development charges, two staircases can quietly make housing more expensive – and the homes less pleasant to live in... B.C. is the first province to consider the change... The California state legislature last year passed a bill to start work on updating building standards to include single-stair designs. In Ontario, the idea is on the table, proposed in early 2022 by an expert panel, but no further action has occurred. One of the leading voices for reform is Conrad Speckert at LGA Architectural Partners in Toronto. He grew up near Zurich in a single-stair building and after moving to Canada was surprised to see the “hostility with which small apartment buildings have been actively discouraged in this country.”  A century ago, apartments flourished in Canadian cities – before strict zoning rules disallowed them on most civic land. In recent years, apartment buildings have been unfairly consigned to busy arterial roads. The same thing continues to happen, as Toronto city council this week debated allowing small apartment buildings on what it calls “major streets.”"
Clearly this rule is necessary for safety and to prevent greedy developers from exploiting poor people and profiting off their deaths. The rest of the world is inhumane for not having this rule.
Greedy developers only want to build one bedroom condos for investors.
Joel Kotkin: Urban sprawl, the environmentally friendly answer to expensive housing - "you cannot blame the left entirely for these conditions. In many places, governments that identified as conservative have embraced such things as “urban growth boundaries”  and greenbelts that restrict new housing on the fringe; according to research by demographer Wendell Cox , virtually all the most expensive places in the English speaking world — Australia, New Zealand, the U.S. as well as Britain — have imposed such policies, with similarly awful results... Another assertion commonly made is that high density appeals overwhelmingly to younger people. To be sure, there has long been a niche market for dense urbanism, particularly among the young. Yet as they enter their 30s and family formation years, they are turning out to be as attracted to the periphery as older generations, with more than eight out of ten young Canadian families preferring suburbia. In the U.S. two thirds of millennials , before the pandemic, favoured lower density neighbourhoods and consistently shifted towards suburban areas . The pandemic and the rise of remote work accelerated this trend. For many millennials, working at home addresses issues, according to a Conference Board survey, like work-life balance. At the same time, the decline in office use has made locating in a dense, often expensive, place near the central business district far less compelling. As dense living loses some of its appeal, planners and their real estate allies increasingly rest their case on the notion that suburbs are bad for the planet. But in reality, according to projections for California by the Terner Center at UC Berkeley , working under the assumption that housing development would be limited to infill (no greenfield development), the emissions savings of 1.8 million tons would contribute only one percentage point to the mandated state reduction by 2030... many new suburban areas, as MIT professor Alan Berger suggests, are being designed in consciously more sustainable ways, employing sophisticated systems for controlling energy and water use, make suburban and exurban communities ever more environmentally sustainable... Urbanized land in the United States is about three per cent of the total which, notes demographer Cox, is about the same in Canada, calculated by government statistics, when you exclude the largely frozen north. Australia is even more empty." Leigh Beadon on X - "Really it's because they *don't* truly intend for their pro-development policies to lead to lower rents Here's the explainer from the California Yimby website saying that if rent ever gets pushed down... it's a problem and developers must be able to rapidly raise it soon after."
wanye on X - "This is very silly for two reasons:
1. First of all, what they’re saying here is that rents in new construction cannot be artificially constrained below what it costs for developers to recoup their investment. It’s actually beneath intelligent people to have to explain why that’s the case.
2. By extension, it should be clear that nobody is saying it would be bad if rents fell overall. The statement here is about new construction. The existence of new car models every year, by analogy, probably does a lot to push down the price of used vehicles, but a law that made new model year vehicles unprofitable would stop that entire process in its tracks."
*blocked by commie*
wanye on X - "Predictable. You know, on some level it’s beneath communists to try to make economic arguments. They have no idea what they’re talking about and practically everything they argue for is easily refuted on basic logic grounds. They should really just stick with the “don’t you hate rich people?” stuff. That’s embarrassing, in its own way, but it’s less embarrassing than their economic arguments." Baltimore Wants to Sell Hundreds of Vacant Homes for $1 Each - "Baltimore plans to sell boarded-up houses for $1 each in an attempt to revive neighborhoods that have been plagued by crime and disrepair.  The program backed by Mayor Brandon Scott will offer more than 200 city-owned vacant properties to residents who commit to repairing and living in them. A city board approved the measure on Wednesday.   Vacant homes are a decades-long problem in the Maryland city, which has one of the highest crime rates in the US concentrated within a few high-poverty neighborhoods. The measure evokes Baltimore’s “dollar house” program from the 1970s, which offered properties for a buck to homesteaders if they fixed them up. A similar effort has also been attempted in Newark, New Jersey. "
They'll become vacant again in a matter of time Liberal NIMBYism: the most despicable form of hypocrisy? - "In staunchly liberal enclaves all over the country, citizens who profess to progressive environmentalism in the abstract are thwarting local efforts to increase the sustainability of their immediate environment. Whether it’s suing over bike lanes in Park Slope, Brooklyn, or blocking a bus rapid transit system in Berkeley, Calif., the children of the summer of love appear to have grown up, grown old, and grown immune to the needs of their descendants.  Ryan Avent, online economics editor for The Economist, says that there is something even more damaging to the environment than efforts to block sustainability initiatives within cities. Perhaps without even realizing it, city dwellers are pushing to keep their neighborhoods expensive and inaccessible by preventing new dense, vertical real estate development within them... Net emissions fall a lot more when someone from Houston moves to New York than when someone from New York starts biking. By preventing highrises and putting whole neighborhoods off limits for historical reasons, residents of America’s most beloved cities are in effect pricing others out of those cities. This means more sprawl on the outskirts, more transit by car and a higher average per capita carbon footprint for everyone." Stephen Hoskins 🔰🏗️🧦🪩 on X - "The median American voter somehow believes all of these things at once:
- I am entitled to own a quarter-acre plot of land within close proximity of a city
- The judicial system should recognize my ownership of that plot
- The police should defend my plot from trespassers
- The military should defend my plot from foreign invaders
- The government should prevent my neighbors from building things I dislike on their land
- That plot should be serviced by roads, water infrastructure, good schools
- Those public services which give my plot its value should be funded by taxes on workers, not by property taxes
- The plot's value should steadily increase as society improves around me
- If I do have to pay property taxes, they should increase very slowly
- When I retire, those property taxes should be capped
- When I die, I should be able to pass the plot to my children, tax free
- When I take a big mortgage to buy this plot, the government should insure it to make sure I get a low interest rate
- That interest rate should not change over 30 years
- Any mortgage interest I pay should be able to be deducted from my income taxes
- If this system produces homeless people, the government should clear them away so they don't harm my property value
- If a public project increases my property value, that's mine
- If a public project reduces my property value, I deserve compensation" A Luxury Apartment Rises in a Poor Neighborhood. What Happens Next? - The New York Times - "New apartment buildings often look to activists like precisely the problem. Let developers build more housing, particularly in poorer neighborhoods, and tenant groups and neighbors fear the market will heat up and their rents will rise. Economists, on the other hand, tend to see new buildings as the solution. The only way to ease a housing shortage that’s pushing up rents, they say, is to build more housing. Construct enough of it — even if it’s high-end housing — and rents in general will fall... Researchers at N.Y.U., the Upjohn Institute and the University of Minnesota have all looked at what happens immediately surrounding new large-scale apartments that are market-rate (no rent restrictions). Many studies already show that regions that build more are more affordable (and regions that restrict new housing are less so). These latest studies ask if that pattern holds when we zoom in to individual blocks. Taken together, their findings suggest that new housing can ease rising rents in other buildings close by... “Renters don’t like new high-rises because they see new high-rises and rents going up at the same time,” said Xiaodi Li, a doctoral fellow at the N.Y.U. Furman Center who has studied the effect of new housing in New York City. Neighbors may assume that the high-rises cause the high rents. That’s plausible if new buildings attract much wealthier residents, who in turn attract higher-end amenities that make a neighborhood more desirable. “The key question here,” Ms. Li said, “is what’s the net effect?” She finds in New York that new buildings do attract more restaurants and cafes nearby. But she concludes that any effect those amenities have pushing up local rents is swamped by the power of new supply to push rents down. On net, she finds, for every 10 percent increase in housing supply, rents for properties within 500 feet drop by 1 percent, relative to other high-demand areas... Neither study means that rents actually fall. Rather, they suggest that new buildings slow the pace of rent increases in the kinds of neighborhoods that developers have already identified as hot. By the time those developers arrive — particularly with plans for large-scale projects — rents are most likely already rising rapidly."
Left wingers think the world is static, not dynamic, and also think prices are arbitrary and are set by "greed"
This guy who hated apartments claimed that low income people couldn't afford high rise apartments, then when I posted evidence that new high rise apartments reduced rent, professed to be shocked that "projects decrease the property value of surrounding areas". When you want to have it both ways...
New apartment buildings in low-income areas decrease nearby rents - "Previous research from Mast showed that building new multi-unit buildings helps keep rents down across a metropolitan area as people vacate their old homes to move into new buildings, setting off a ripple effect that opens more homes. That may be true for the region, skeptics countered, but surely specific buildings make the blocks around them less affordable... The researchers call it a “simple story of supply and demand”: blocking home construction will not keep rich people from moving to a neighborhood. Instead, the rich will just outbid residents for existing housing. The opposite happens when rich people choose a brand-new unit instead: rents decrease and more renters have more choices." American Dream of Homeownership Is Falling Apart With High Mortgage Rates - Bloomberg - "Historically, those able to afford the upfront costs of buying a home were able to lock in a cheaper monthly housing bill — including property taxes, insurance and mortgage payments — than renters. That changed in 2022, when mortgage rates rose at the fastest clip in decades, with owners last month paying 35% of their income on housing compared to just 29% for renters, according to real estate brokerage Zillow Group Inc. In fact, it's now cheaper to pay for an apartment than to own the typical home in all but one of the 35 major metros in the US, Zillow data show... A popular mantra among real estate agents may have encouraged some to buy beyond their means: “marry the house and date the rate.” Some lenders sweetened deals with offers to refinance for free. But it’s not just borrowing costs. Soaring insurance premiums and higher property taxes have Americans spending more on their homes than ever before."
This doesn't stop left wingers claiming that if you're able to pay rent, you should be able to qualify for a mortgage The Death of the Dining Room - The Atlantic - "The dining room is the closest thing the American home has to an appendix—a dispensable feature that served some more important function at an earlier stage of architectural evolution. Many of them sit gathering dust, patiently awaiting the next “dinner holiday” on Easter or Thanksgiving.  That’s why the classic, walled-off dining room is getting harder to find in new single-family houses. It won’t be missed by many. Americans now tend to eat in spaces that double as kitchens or living rooms—a small price to pay for making the most of their square footage. But in many new apartments, even a space to put a table and chairs is absent. Eating is relegated to couches and bedrooms, and hosting a meal has become virtually impossible. This isn’t simply a response to consumer preferences. The housing crisis—and the arbitrary regulations that fuel it—is killing off places to eat whether we like it or not, designing loneliness into American floor plans. If dining space keeps dying, the U.S. might not have a chance to get it back... This is partly a response to shrinking household size. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the share of one-person households more than tripled from 1940 to 2020. A dedicated dining space might feel wasted on someone who lives alone. And for young, unmarried apartment dwellers with only a roommate or two, developers typically sacrifice a common dining space in order to maximize personal space.  As households and dining spaces have contracted, the number of people eating alone has grown... Stephen Smith doesn’t buy that the death of dining space is purely a function of consumer preferences. In most U.S. cities, he told me, building codes mandate double-loaded corridors—or two rows of apartments along a hall—making larger units difficult to build. “When you can only build small apartments with one wall of windows, rooms will naturally disappear,” he said. “Nobody wants a dining room without a window.” In cities across the country, apartments are shrinking, even as single-family homes continue to grow. The difference is that many of the former are subject to arbitrary zoning rules that limit the total amount of floor area that can be built—in places where apartments can be built at all. Combine an acute housing shortage with tight zoning rules (as in cities such as New York and Los Angeles), and you end up with a lot of tiny apartments and few dining rooms." How Zoning Broke the American City - The Atlantic - "Between mandating parking garages and banning apartments, it has made infill development prohibitively difficult in many American cities. And in suburbs across the country, it has made the starter homes we so desperately need—think townhouses and homes on small lots—effectively illegal to build. If Americans want a fairer, more prosperous nation, zoning has got to go. The housing-affordability crisis is, at its most basic, a problem of supply and demand... In nearly every major U.S. city, apartments are banned in at least 70 percent of residential areas. San Jose prohibits apartments in 94 percent of its residential areas. The most a developer can build in these zones is a detached single-family home. Beyond apartment bans, a host of other zoning regulations limit housing supply. Rules such as height limits, minimum setbacks, and floor-area ratios curtail the development potential of most residential areas. In San Luis Obispo, the “High-Density Residential” zone—the most liberal residential district in the city—limits buildings to a 35-foot height and mandates large lawns. Where apartments can be built at all, these specifications mean the complexes won’t host many units. Apartments aren’t the only type of housing snarled by zoning. In cities, many zoning codes ban single-room occupancies (SROs)—better known as boarding or rooming houses—in which residents rent a furnished private bedroom with a shared kitchen and bathroom. Where they’re allowed, SROs serve as a housing safety net, providing exceptionally affordable accommodations to low-income singles. In the postwar period, however, many cities—including New York—modified their zoning to ban them. Manufactured homes⁠—trailers or mobile homes⁠—once filled a similar niche in suburban and rural communities. Yet, as with SROs, many zoning codes ban manufactured housing. In fact, some Florida municipalities incorporated themselves specifically to prohibit it. Manufactured homes⁠—trailers or mobile homes⁠—once filled a similar niche in suburban and rural communities. Yet, as with SROs, many zoning codes ban manufactured housing. In fact, some Florida municipalities incorporated themselves specifically to prohibit it. But banning affordable housing doesn’t make expensive housing more accessible. By putting a floor on housing markets, zoning has merely locked out everyone who cannot clear that floor. It’s a system that puts those with means on a treadmill of ever-rising rents, and puts those without means on the streets. Absent zoning reform, the situation is only going to get worse. For every zoning rule prohibiting new housing, a half-dozen rules inflate the prices of the housing that actually gets built. Consider minimum lot sizes, which require developers to set aside a certain amount of land for each home. These rules are common in single-family zoning districts, where lot size is a key driver of costs. Although they serve a health-and-safety function in rural areas—where, for example, sewer hookups may be unavailable—these rules serve no such purpose in most cities and suburbs. Ample research has shown that minimum lot sizes are a major culprit for rising housing costs... Minimum parking requirements do similar damage in cities. These mandate that for each new unit of housing, a developer must also build some number of off-street parking spaces. While developers have both the incentive and local knowledge to determine how much parking a project requires—too few spaces and the units won’t sell; too many spaces and the developers waste money—minimum parking requirements supersede their judgment with often-arbitrary standards.  In my hometown of Lexington, Kentucky, for example, a single-family home must provide one off-street parking space. But a duplex must provide four. And an apartment building must provide 1.5 spaces per unit or 0.9 per bedroom—whichever is greater. In other words, the city’s zoning mandates more off-street parking for the kind of housing—urban and affordable—whose residents are least likely to own a car. Call that what you will, but it’s not planning... At best you get a more expensive home. At worst, the project proves too expensive for developers, and you get nothing. Why did zoning get so restrictive? Until recently, zoning constituted a relatively minor check on overall housing construction. Through World War II, many American zoning codes remained flexible by modern standards, even though they were often designed to be exclusionary. Land-use categories remained broad, density restrictions were largely limited to height and lot coverage, and most development occurred without much fuss.  This has unraveled over the past 50 years, as cities and suburbs across the country have aggressively expanded use segregation, tightened density rules, and imposed months of additional public review.  What changed? The most compelling theory holds that a mixture of rapid inflation and generous federal-tax policy encouraged homeowners to treat their house as an investment, providing a strong incentive to oppose new construction. If true, this suggests a bleak future for zoning... Consider America’s lone unzoned major city. Houston twice put zoning to a citywide vote, where it lost because of opposition from working-class voters of all races. As a result, land-use regulation in Houston is largely focused on regulating actual nuisances, like noisy neighbors or slaughterhouses; the city’s few zoninglike regulations, such as minimum lot sizes and parking mandates, are on the way out. Blocks that want stricter rules can voluntarily opt into them through private deed restrictions. But they can’t just show up at public hearings and shout their preferences into law.  The results speak for themselves. Houston builds housing at 14 times the rate of peers like San Jose. And it isn’t just sprawl: In 2019, Houston built roughly the same number of apartments as Los Angeles, despite being half its size... To be clear, Houston has made its share of planning mistakes. But, free of zoning, the city can constantly remake itself. That Houston is now one of the most affordable and diverse cities in the country is no accident. Even in a post-zoning world, we will need planners to facilitate subsidized housing, protect natural areas, and map out safe streets and parks—all issues where Houston is improving at a faster clip than most American cities. Perhaps if planners weren’t compelled by zoning codes to micromanage strip malls or keep fourplexes out of cul-de-sacs, they could do some actual planning."
It's simpler to blame capitalism, investors, foreign buyers, greedy landlords, big companies buying up housing etc. Clearly in places with less regulation where housing is cheaper, it's because there's less "greed"
Simplistic left wing static thinking strikes again
White House Funds to Convert Offices to Housing Find Few Takers - Bloomberg - "Citing lengthy delays and red tape, developers have been slow to tap a Biden administration program designed to finance office conversions near transit...
Located about a block from Pittsburgh’s Union Station, Gulf Tower is the exactly the kind of project USDOT had in mind, at least on paper. But Stauber soon discovered that the White House program wouldn’t be workable for him. For one, he said getting approval for funds would take 18 to 24 months. “In a typical real estate financing deal, you’re closing that loan within 60 to 90 days,” he says.  Others who have tried to tap this financing report similar barriers. Lengthy approvals, strict environmental reviews and tight credit criteria — standards designed with interstate rail projects in mind — have put this financing out of reach for many developers. And a requirement that projects be located within a half-mile of a train station, not just local forms of transit, potentially disqualifies entire cities. So far, no transit-oriented development loans have closed under these Build America Bureau funds, though three projects are currently in an active underwriting phase... In a plea for assistance, the Pittsburgh City Council issued a proclamation in January calling on the White House to ease regulatory burdens around RRIF. The city recommended amending the closing period from 18 months to six and dropping the NEPA review for a traditional environmental report, among other items."
Corporate greed strikes again. Proof we need even more regulation! Meme - wanye @wanyeburkett: "I keep telling you: people don’t get supply and demand. They really struggle with it. It’s not just ideology. They really struggle with the concept."
Charlotte 🇵🇸 @charlottor: "Someone please explain to me, like I am a five year old, precisely what the incentive is for the private sector to build houses in such quantities that the amount of money they can charge us for those houses goes down"
Charlotte has a trans flag as well as a Palestinian flag in her profile, and lists pronouns, so that explains it Stephen Hoskins 🔰🏗️🧦🪩 on X - "🚨Wake up babe, new study of market-rate housing just published🚨 (Spoiler: it's a banger) 🧵 Xiaodi Li found that when a new luxury apartment is built in NYC: 📉 nearby house prices fall 📉 nearby rents fall 🧑‍🍳more restaurants open up & ⚖️low-rent units do not see rent hikes"
Do new housing units in your backyard raise your rents? - "There is a growing debate about whether new housing units increase rents for immediately surrounding apartments. Some argue new market-rate development produces a supply effect, which should alleviate the demand pressure on existing housing units and decrease their rents. Others contend that new development will attract high-income households and new amenities, generating an amenity effect and driving up rents. I contribute to this debate by estimating the impact of new high-rises on nearby residential rents, residential property sales prices and restaurant openings in New York City. To address the selection bias that developers are more likely to build new high-rises in fast-appreciating areas, I restrict the sample to residential properties near approved new high-rises and exploit the plausibly exogenous timing of completion conditional upon the timing of approval. I provide event study evidence that within 500 ft, for every 10% increase in the housing stock, rents decrease by 1%; and for every 10% increase in the condo stock, condo sales prices decrease by 0.9%. In addition, I show that new high-rises attract new restaurants, which is consistent with the hypothesis about amenity effects. However, I find that the supply effect dominates the amenity effect, causing net reductions in the rents and sales prices of nearby residential properties."
This won't stop left wingers hating "luxury" apartments and insisting that only "affordable" housing should be built

Monday, July 22, 2024

Links - 22nd July 2024 (2 - Migrants: Canada)

Canada's foreign student push 'mismatched' job market, data shows - "Canada's recruitment of international students has tilted strongly toward filling spots in business programs, while doing little to meet the demand for workers in health care and the skilled trades, according to a CBC News analysis of federal data.  CBC obtained figures from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) showing the fields of education chosen by foreign students who received study permits from Ottawa to attend college or university in each year since 2018. Experts say the figures demonstrate that neither federal nor provincial governments — nor Canadian colleges and universities themselves — focused international student recruitment squarely on filling the country's most pressing labour needs.  "What we're seeing with this data is that oversight was really lacking," said Rupa Banerjee, an associate professor at Toronto Metropolitan University who holds the Canada Research Chair in the economic inclusion of immigrants. The figures, which have not previously been made public, show that business-related programs accounted for 27 per cent of all study permits approved from 2018 to 2023, more than any other field.   Over that same time period, just six per cent of all permits went to foreign students for health sciences, medicine or biological and biomedical sciences programs, while trades and vocational training programs accounted for 1.25 per cent. Banerjee says the data shows far too many foreign students were lured to Canada for post-secondary programs with little prospect of a good job in an in-demand field.   "Instead of really trying to bring in the best and the brightest to fill the labour market gaps that need to be filled, what we're doing is bringing in low skill, low wage, expendable and exploitable temporary foreign workers in the form of students," Banerjee said in an interview... The industries with the highest job vacancy rates and the largest absolute numbers of job vacancies have been generally consistent since 2018, both before and after the COVID-19 pandemic began: construction, health care and accommodation and food services, according to Statistics Canada data.  Yet from 2018 to 2023, the growth in the number of international students coming to Canada for business programs far outpaced the growth in any other post-secondary field... At the time, officials from several colleges with large foreign student enrolment told CBC News that they ramped up their international recruitment — at the urging of both federal and provincial governments — to fill the country's need for skilled workers... The Trudeau government was warned about the misalignment more than a year before it finally clamped down on international student numbers.   A September 2022 report from RBC questioned whether Canada was doing enough to match its recruitment of international students with demand in the labour force.  The report described a "misalignment between the study programs pursued by international students and labour market needs" and called for numbers to rise in health care, some trades and services and education... Economist Armine Yalnizyan, the Atkinson Foundation's fellow on the future of workers, says there appears to have been "no rhyme or reason" to the pattern of international student recruitment.   "It's selling a false bill of goods to the [students] that are coming here, because we don't need that many people that have expertise in business," Yalnizyan said in an interview.     "We need much closer scrutiny of what skills we are trying to build through our post-secondary institutions," Yalnizyan said... Singh says recruiters for Canadian colleges based in India strongly encouraged students to apply for business programs, telling them that admission to the program and jobs after graduation would be easy to obtain.   He says to his knowledge, none of the students in his cohort actually found work in business-related fields... business programs are relatively cheap to run, especially in contrast with clinical and technical courses."

Miller tired of people 'blaming immigrants for absolutely everything' - "Federal Immigration Minister Marc Miller said Tuesday he was “quite tired of the fact that people are always blaming immigrants for absolutely everything,” after Quebec Premier François Legault attributed “100 per cent of the housing problem” to the increase in the number of people arriving on a temporary basis... Article content  “The increase in mortgages, in mortgage prices, has nothing to do with immigrants,” he said."
Supply and demand are xenophobic

Marc Miller says he's tired of people 'blaming immigrants for absolutely everything' : r/canada - ""Eventually democratic societies will promote racist assholes to positions of power because they'll recognize their survival depends on it. If liberals won't enforce borders, fascists will, and liberal societies will elect fascists to do that."  -Sam Harris"
Marc Miller says he's tired of people 'blaming immigrants for absolutely everything' : r/canada - "It’s sad but as a lifelong ndp voter I probably will be voting ppc this next election.  I’d rather a whacko that loves Canada  Than a nice person who is willing to watch it burn to the ground"

Millions of Canadians would rather be somewhere else - "Barely a decade after British Columbia was emblazoning its licence plates with the slogan “best place on Earth,” a new poll finds that one third of the province doesn’t want to live there anymore. Article content  And British Columbians are not alone. Among the many bad economic indicators plaguing Canada right now, one of the more prescient is that millions of Canadians would rather be somewhere else.  An Angus Reid Institute survey of British Columbians released on Monday found 36 per cent agreed with the sentiment “I’m seriously thinking of leaving British Columbia because of the cost of housing here.” Similar polls have emerged from Canada’s major urban centres. In April, a Leger poll commissioned by Postmedia found that more than half (54 per cent) of Metro Vancouver residents have considered moving out of the region — with 24 per cent “very” or “somewhat” likely to leave within the next five years... Last year, a report by the Ontario Real Estate Association found that more than 40 per cent of recent post-secondary graduates were thinking of leaving the province due to affordability concerns.  As far back as 2018, another Angus Reid Institute survey found that 58 per cent of renters in the Greater Toronto Area would consider leaving if they could. The cited reason at the time was high shelter costs, which have increased dramatically in the six years since the study was conducted. The average Toronto renter was paying $1,370 per month in 2018, according to the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation. As of the latest count, that had risen to $1,830. These sentiments appear to be playing out in real time, as Canadian migration to the United State reaches new highs.  New figures from the U.S. Census Bureau found that 126,340 moved to the United States from Canada in 2022... About 50,000 of this exodus were Canadian-born, with the rest being a mixture of American expats returning home and Canadian immigrants pulling up stakes for greener pastures. Even though Canada’s rate of in-migration remains at all-time highs, it has corresponded with a notable increase in disappointed newcomers who immediately start making plans to leave. Article content  In March, a survey of recent immigrants by the Institute for Canadian Citizenship found that as many as one fifth of respondents wanted to leave. Among recent immigrants under the age of 34, 30 per cent said they were “likely” to leave within the next two years... The post-COVID years have seen a wave of interviews in Canadian media with recent immigrants expressing their shock at how expensive it is to survive in their new home.  Oleksii Martynenko, a refugee from the war in Ukraine, told a Bloomberg News reporter in November that he’s needed to work seven days a week just to afford basic and shelter.  “I’m tired all the time now. I want to go back to Europe because it’s such a difficult life in Canada,” he said.  In February, a feature by the BBC noted the phenomenon of the Indian state of Punjab receiving a return tide of one-time migrants to Canada.  “Everything was so expensive. I had to work 50 hours every week after college, just to survive,” was how one 28-year-old Punjabi described his life in Toronto. He was one of a dozen “reverse migrants” who told the broadcaster that the “Canada craze” was over. Amid high numbers of Canadians wanting to live somewhere else, they also don’t seem tremendously pleased with where they’re working.  In March, a report by the recruitment multinational Hays found that 71 per cent of Canadian workers wanted to leave their jobs within the next 12 months, as compared to 61 per cent who had said the same the year before."

NDP, unions urge Trudeau to introduce program letting undocumented migrants stay - The Globe and Mail - "The NDP urged the government not to cap the number on who could apply."
What passes for a "workers' party" these days

The economics of Canadian immigration levels - "In the hope of addressing chronic labour shortages and sluggish economic growth, the Canadian government plans to increase immigration in the coming years to per capita levels not reached since the 1920s. We argue that economic immigration in the Canadian context should aim to boost GDP per capita in the full population including the newcomers. We then examine the potential for increases in Canadian immigration levels to achieve this objective. Our analysis suggests that Canada is not well-positioned to leverage heightened immigration to boost GDP per capita owing primarily to weak capital investment and quantity-quality tradeoffs in immigrant selection. We conclude by providing a framework for identifying the optimal level of economic immigration...
Economics research suggests that interpersonal comparisons among the people we most closely associate matter more in determining satisfaction with one’s personal income than comparisons with oneself in the past (Clarke, Frijters and Shields 2008). This suggests that with time in the host-country the relative deprivation of newcomers in the host country may be more important in determining their sense of economic well-being than their economic gain from migration. Consistent with this idea, longitudinal data reveals Canadian immigrants’ self-reported health status tends to decrease with time since arrival in Canada (Fuller-Thomson, Noack and George 2011), as does their likelihood of reporting they would not make the decision to come to Canada if they had to make the decision again (Houle and Schellenberg 2010)... A social welfare function (SWF) is a method of aggregating individual well-being in a population into a single number to evaluate the desirability of social policies. No reasonable SWF will imply immigration is socially optimal if it increases inequality in the population and makes the population poorer on average. What is too often overlooked in appeals to the immigration surplus is that it rests critically on the exclusion of immigrants from the host-country’s SWF. This might be justifiable in the context of a guest worker program, such as that in the United Arab Emirates, but it is in our view anathema to the ethos of Canadian immigration and egalitarianism and the reality that new Canadian permanent residents have full access to all the rights and privileges of individuals in the existing population, including citizenship."
In other words, excessive immigration makes immigrants worse off too

Effet méconnu de l’immigration: 64 000 hommes de plus que de femmes au Québec : r/QuebecLibre - "Les meilleures dates, par expérience, ont été avec des femmes immigrantes.  C'est pourquoi que je demande au gouvernement plus de rigueur dans la sélection lol"
Effet méconnu de l’immigration: 64 000 hommes de plus que de femmes au Québec : r/QuebecLibre - "Mes échanges avec plusieurs cultures d’Amérique-latine m’amènent à dire que la plupart du temps, les femmes immigrantes arrivent déjà en couple avec leur mari. Les célibataires ne veulent pas se mettre en couple avec un latino. Quand un couple se sépare, l’homme va avoir beaucoup de misère à trouver une Québécoise et va finir avec une autre latina ou s’en retourner chez eux.  Évidemment c’est la règle du pouce, mais j’ai beaucoup d’exemples de ça dans mon entourage chez des Mexicains, Colombien, Dominicains, Vénézuéliens, Costaricains."
Effet méconnu de l’immigration: 64 000 hommes de plus que de femmes au Québec : r/QuebecLibre - "Immigration massive de femmes célibataires de moins de 30 ans svp!  Les filles du Roi 2.0 pour repeupler le Québec! 😎"
Effet méconnu de l’immigration: 64 000 hommes de plus que de femmes au Québec : r/QuebecLibre - "Un deal pour les asiatiques gay bottom"
Effet méconnu de l’immigration: 64 000 hommes de plus que de femmes au Québec : r/QuebecLibre - "Je travail avec des indiens qui passent leurs temps à traiter toutes les femmes québecoises (plutôt ''western womens'' je devrais dire) de tous les noms que vous pouvez vous imaginer...  Ils pensent qu'ils vont se trouver une bonne petite trad wife un jour. Bonne chance les amis! XD  Perso je pense que ca vient surtout du fait qu'ils sont barrés du marché du dating et qu'ils projettent leurs frustrations sur les autres. Ca fait peur de voir qu'on se cultive une grosse poussée d'incels."

Quebec Premier : We can't welcome 300000 people in 2 years. Mass immigration needs to be controlled, or you will get extreme reactions. Look at what's happening in France. : r/canada
Quebec Premier : We can't welcome 300000 people in 2 years. Mass immigration needs to be controlled, or you will get extreme reactions. Look at what's happening in France. : r/canada - "I've always wondered why it's only the Quebec nationalists who have been pointing out the problem with extreme immigration."
"Quebec has a culture they care about, and its politically correct for them to care about it. In the ROC we are racists and bigots if we express any wish to preserve our culture."
Quebec Premier : We can't welcome 300000 people in 2 years. Mass immigration needs to be controlled, or you will get extreme reactions. Look at what's happening in France. : r/canada - "Oh, we get called racists, but when you're only 7-8 million speakers and dwindling, knowing that it only takes 2-3 generations to wipe your entire culture out of the planet, you fight a little harder."
"Not to mention that we're also undermining Canada's indigenous people. Know how I know? I make it a point to ask Indian TFWs (let's face it, 7/10 of them are from India) how they feel about Indigenous Canadians. It's UGLY."
Quebec Premier : We can't welcome 300000 people in 2 years. Mass immigration needs to be controlled, or you will get extreme reactions. Look at what's happening in France. : r/canada - "They get called racists ALL the time. They're constantly compared to nazis and other distasteful things. They've just been called that for so long they got desensitized."

At this point our only option to get rid of the immigration crisis is to vote purple. : r/CanadaHousing2 - "The funny part is the Liberals and NDP used to be AGAINST high immigration, cause back in the day they supported unions. I find it hilarious how the "workers party" NDP is currently supporting the largest migration numbers the country has ever seen. It makes absolutely no sense to anyone with a functioning brain."

Half a billion to clear backlog of some asylum seekers: PBO - "Clearing the backlog of foreign nationals who have claimed asylum in Canada over the last five years — a “great number” of which the immigration minister says are Mexicans — will cost Canada an estimated half a billion dollars, a report from the parliamentary budget officer has found... Asylum claims from that country reached a record high last year, but more than 60 per cent were either rejected or withdrawn... In 2016, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau lifted the visa requirement for Mexican nationals coming to Canada. Chris Alexander, who served as immigration minister under Stephen Harper, said that was a mistake in an interview with Global News last month. “The professional advice in the department was against it. The criteria we had set as a country for lifting visa requirements were against it,” said Alexander. The PBO only reviewed the eTA stream, which accounts for 17 per cent of asylum claims. The overall number of asylum claims has risen since 2016 and reached a record high of 144,860 last year."
Western countries need to accept unlimited numbers of asylum seekers, because that's the thing decent human beings do

Ottawa considering buying hotels to house growing number of asylum seekers - The Globe and Mail - "In its most recent budget, the federal government allocated $1.1-billion over three years, starting in 2024-2025, to municipalities and provinces to meet the rising cost of housing asylum seekers through Ottawa’s Interim Housing Assistance Program. The program is designed to prevent homelessness among asylum claimants... Before MPs went home for their summer break, MPs on the Finance Committee voted against proposals in the government’s omnibus budget bill to toughen up Canada’s asylum regime and speed up the processing of refugee claims.  NDP and Bloc Québécois MPs voted to quash the government’s proposed asylum reforms, including the suspension of refugee proceedings if the claimant is not in Canada."
If you don't welcome unlimited numbers of asylum seekers, you're a far right monster

Canada's immigration crisis - "By lowering its immigration standards, Canada created insurmountable obstacles. Foreign nationals arriving on student visas are the biggest driver of Canada’s dramatic population growth. Student visa holders, many of whom obtain diplomas from uncredited schools, are eligible for a Canadian green card within three years; at the fourth year they can apply for citizenship assuming they have met permanent residency requirements... Mikal Skuterud, a University of Waterloo economics professor who specializes in immigration policy, said the federal government appears to have “lost control” of temporary migration flows, a reference to the student visa holders and migrant workers influx... While workers are leaving Canada in droves, former U.S. ambassador to Canada Bruce Heyman told a national security conference on June 3 that if Trump wins in November, “These people [U.S. illegal immigrants] aren’t just going to sit there and wait to be rounded up.” Should Trump win, Heyman said, they will immediately begin making plans to leave, and they will not go south, but north.  Like their U.S. expansionists’ soulmates, Canadian advocates like to parrot that more immigration lifts GDP, true but deceptive, and not the major factor in quality of life. More immigrants — more people — automatically creates a larger economy but depresses per capita income. If population growth drove economic growth, then countries like Canada and Australia that have among the highest rates of immigration and resulting population growth should vastly outpace a country like Japan, which has relatively little immigration and whose population actually declined over the last decade. Canada’s GDP per capita has fallen 0.4 per cent a year since 2020, the worst rate among 50 developed economies."

Meme - "Canada's International Student doesn't have money to buy $10-15 fan. Fraudulent financial documents is the reason why we have 30+ students living in a single house."
Newcomers in Canada: "Hello I am an international student and looking for a fan. I don't have enough money to buy the fan so if anyone have extra please let me know really in a need. Thanks"

Why isn't Canada cracking down on this Indian student visa scam? | The Spectator - "It’s no secret that Canada is one of the most desirable countries in the world for people seeking to relocate. However, not everyone who wants to move here can make the cut, which has given rise to a shady industry of international students coming to Canada to attend colleges in the hope of securing a path to Canadian citizenship upon graduating. The government made it all too easy for would-be students to apply for international student visas, with nearly 50 per cent of all new visas being granted to Indian nationals in 2022 alone. A good number of these arrivals have come from the states of Haryana and Punjab in India, boosting the overall number of Sikhs residing in Canada.   The appeal of relocating to Canada has inevitably led to some trying to game the system: hundreds of international students from India were recently accused of having come to Canada on bogus acceptance letters. The federal government ordered their deportation. Many of the students, however, have managed to stay put, at least for now, claiming that they were victims of fraud themselves and had unwittingly used the services of a shady visa agent in India who was ultimately held responsible for the scandal. Many Canadians are supportive of the students: they think these youngsters have done nothing wrong and should be allowed to stay in Canada. But back in Punjab, it is clear that many people are trying to game the Canadian students visa system. In India, men and women are agreeing to ‘contract marriages’ with the aim of immigrating to Canada through the international student-to-resident pipeline. Some Punjabi men without a high school education or any in-demand skills are putting out adverts in their hometowns looking for an ‘IELTS (International English Language Testing System) bride’: Punjabi women who are increasingly more educated and qualified, as compared to the men, in securing a highly coveted international student visa to Canada. As part of the marriage agreement, the groom and his family pay for all expenses related to applying for and sponsoring the bride to get to Canada. They then continue to support her financially as she completes her studies – typically at a ballooning number of for-profit colleges — and then subsequently applies for permanent resident status, after which she can sponsor her husband from Punjab to join her in Canada. In an ironic twist of faith, some of these men who sent their contract brides to Canada are now finding themselves on the receiving end of a fraud. In these cases, the wife cuts contact with her partner after finishing her studies. She then applies for a Canadian PR for herself, effectively ghosting these husbands and denying them their golden ticket to Canada. Even for those men who are able to successfully move to Canada, the marriage can soon disintegrate, with both husband and wife living largely separate lives once they’re reunited in the promised land.   All this is being orchestrated right under the Canadian government’s nose, which is why, last week, Canada’s immigration minister announced changes to how international students apply for (and get accepted to study at) Canadian institutions. However, the new policies won’t do much to address the growing number of international students coming here with sham contract marriage funds only to sponsor their spouses who don’t have much to offer in addressing Canada’s labour and skills shortage. Trudeau’s government, however, doesn’t seem to care much about cracking down on this loophole."

PP: "I'll remove gatekeepers to allow faster immigration" : r/CanadaHousing2 - "Please note that this tweet is around 2 years old and he now has a different stance.  Thanks u/itsme25390905714 and others for pointing it out. Remember this when you see that video of him speaking in Surrey with his glasses on too. As far as I can tell, he changed his stance of immigration when he lost the glasses, correct me if that's wrong.
Edit:  No, we will NOT ban you or delete your post if you post about JT, PP, JS, MB or any other politician in a positive or negative light. You are free to discuss them, good or bad. What could lead to a ban is if you post any *isms or misinformation without sources.  Since the tweet in this post, he has changed his stance. If I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt (which I would NOT give to a politician - but for argument's sake), immigration levels were low during the pandemic, and so he went around saying we need more immigrants; I don't know the context for why he was at a lot of these events, nor do I really care to - what I really care about is what he'll put in his platform. He's free to go around saying whatever to get people on board, and he also has the right to change his mind on things as new information comes in, or how the people he's trying to get votes from react to what he says. Just like any politician. This is their job if they want to get elected. Be wary if someone is telling you "XYZ said this" if it's not in their platform, and since the conservatives haven't released their election platform, as far as I'm concerned, anything they say is subject to change. I would suggest you follow this line of thinking too.  He has not mentioned how much he will decrease immigration or what his immigration numbers will be. He has however said:
He will decrease the amount of immigration (link above).
Tie immigration to the amount of houses built and healthcare.
Speed up immigration processing times (this is a good thing if you want less temporary residents here)
As always, if a politician says the sky is blue, go outside and look up to see what they're lying about. "
Clearly, nothing will change because the people who claim nothing will change just hate Conservatives

Recent immigrants suffer in Canada’s weakening job market - The Globe and Mail - "Newer immigrants are struggling as the Canadian labour market goes through a rough patch.  The unemployment rate for recent immigrants – those who became permanent residents within the last five years – was 12.6 per cent in June, an increase of four percentage points from a year earlier, according to Statistics Canada. (All figures in this piece are three-month moving averages, unadjusted for seasonality.)  It’s a very different story for those born in Canada. Their unemployment rate was 5.5 per cent last month – up slightly from 5 per cent in June, 2023. The gap in jobless rates between these groups is the largest since August, 2014. The labour market has softened over the past two years year as companies struggle with higher interest rates, making them more hesitant to hire. At the same time, the Canadian population has soared – largely because of strong immigration – and led to an infusion of job seekers."
Clearly, if you think there shouldn't be open borders because it's bad for migrants too, you're just xenophobic and hate immigrants

Meme - Riley Donovan @valdombre: "Population growth in Canada from 1991-2023. Red is after Trudeau was elected.  In 2023, 97.6% of our population growth was from immigration.  Unsustainable."
"Annual Population Growth, Canada 1991-2023
Annual average 2001-2015 320,600 persons
Annual average 2016-2023 612,300 newcomers"
So much for the cope that it was just as bad under Harper

Pelletier: The government should do more of what works - "In 2022, emigration from Canada to the United States reached a 10-year high, with 126,340 people leaving the country, a whopping 70 per cent increase over the past decade... This could be just the early stages of a mass exodus of Canadians, as I am receiving numerous calls from entrepreneurs, doctors and farmers asking about options to relocate following the numerous tax changes targeting them in 2019 and again this year... Since 2015, Canada has seriously lagged the United States in terms of gross domestic product per capita. Provincial labour productivity figures rank in the bottom quartile when compared against American states. Meanwhile, the fastest-growing sector in the country is now the federal government. Foreign direct investment has turned negative, meaning capital is flowing out of the country, leaving Canada’s wealthy as the sole remaining source of capital for economic investment. But the Trudeau government has decided this is the time to increase capital gains taxes on them. How will this help motivate them to deploy capital into the economy?... there’s the personal tax rate on Canadians living in Ontario and making more than $246,752 at 53.5 per cent, which Trudeau has increased from the 46.4 per cent charged in 2011. This puts their tax rate at seven to 18.5 percentage points higher than Australia, China, the U.K., Germany, Japan, the U.S. and Mexico. One problem with this is that the minimum income required to qualify for a mortgage on the average house in Canada is roughly $200,000. As a result, only those who the Canadian government calls the wealthiest for tax purposes can qualify to buy a home here. Instead of acknowledging the problem, Calgary’s mayor recently said the prospect of never owning a home and becoming a forever renter is a liberating experience. Perhaps I should be liberated from my property tax bill, which I opened last week to discover that it has doubled from the previous year despite doing zero renovations."

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